NFL Star Richard Sherman Arrested and Denied Bail For “Burglary Domestic Battery” and Other Offense [Updated]

11 thoughts on “NFL Star Richard Sherman Arrested and Denied Bail For “Burglary Domestic Battery” and Other Offense [Updated]”

  1. Here the poor, sweet, misunderstood lad calling his father-in-law a beeatch and daring the 60something year old him to fight as an unidentified female screams in terror. Alcohol doesn’t explain this. Yep Sherman I saw pure human trash.

  2. Sounds like a really sad turn of events for a player equal parts legendary and challenging on many levels…

    In other news, Trump scared the pants off of anyone around him in the White House during the closing days of his presidency. The military was concerned he was was going to try to pivot into the Insurrection Act to declare an emergency big enough to postpone transfer of power. In other words, they had him on coup watch.

    His aides had to actively ignore things Trump wanted them to do. Trump was crazy and they knew it. That was the reality of his entire four years in the oval office.

    And the Republican party are utilizing his methods to squash the democratic republic in the U.S. No biggie. Carry on. Nothing to see here.


    1. Trump did these things ACCORDING TO THE PEOPLE WHO WROTE THE BOOK. That does not mean that he actually did those things. It means, clearly, that the people who wrote the book wanted to sell a book. It may man anything other than that, or it may mean nothing. People wrote a book about him being a Putin puppet, too, but when asked for proof of their allegations they came up empty.

  3. Liberal Washington state… they’ll find some liberal puke of a judge who says he has ptsd from something, or a head injury from football and he’ll get community service. When it comes to Washington liberals both DC and the state… laws mean nothing or something depending on who you are. Concrete barrier, relatives house… next we will hear about the canine abuse done to a man just because he was black.

  4. Often in these situations alcohol is involved, and the person commits a small driving error, then seized with police paranoia, overreacts and commits something more serious hoping for escape/coverup. He has lots of friends, tho which ones do you call at 1 am? Who won’t sell their tidbit to TMZ?

  5. Blah, blah, blah, Richard Sherman has been arrested and notably denied bail in King County, Washington after a bizarre series of events overnight. The man was arrested in connection to a hit-and-run but charged with burglary domestic violence, a charge that might not be familiar to many of our readers. It is a very serious charge and explains the initial denial of bail. Blah, blah, blah.

    There, the rest of it is immaterial.

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