“Let Them Die”: Fairfax PTA and NAACP Officer Under Fire For Attack On Parents Who Oppose CRT [Updated]

As many on this blog are aware, I have long been an advocate of public education and we feel deeply fortunate to have sent all four of our kids to public schools in Alexandria and McLean in Fairfax County.  I still have one child in the Fairfax system. I was therefore shocked like many Fairfax parents to see the videotape of Michelle Leete, Vice President of Training at the Virginia PTAVice President of Communications for the Fairfax County PTA and First Vice President of the Fairfax County NAACP as she lashed out against those who oppose critical race theory and identity divisional lessons in school. What was even more unnerving is the applause from other parents to her “let them die” declaration.

The video was taken by a Fairfax parent, Asra Nomani, whose son recently graduated from Fairfax County Public Schools and helps run the watchdog group Parents Defending Education. The speech was reportedly held at a counter-protest a meeting billed as “STOP CRT RALLY.” Nomani included the video in her posting below.

Leete railed against those objecting to the identity-based lesson plans. Notably, Leete fell back on the same shaming of parents with opposing views — accusing them of hating everything and everyone because they do not want this material to be taught to their children.  Keep in mind that this would encompass the majority of parents according to recent polls.

“So let’s meet and remain steadfast in speaking truth, tearing down double standards, and refuting double talk. Let’s not allow any double downing on lies. Let’s prepare our children for a world they deserve. Let’s deny this off-key band of people that are anti-education, anti-teacher, anti-equity, anti-history, anti-racial reckoning, anti-opportunities, anti-help people, anti-diversity, anti-platform, anti-science, anti-change agent, anti-social justice, anti-healthcare, anti-worker, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-children, anti-healthcare, anti-worker, anti-environment, anti-admissions policy change, anti-inclusion, anti-live-and-let live people. Let them die. Don’t let these uncomfortable people, don’t let these uncomfortable people deter us from our bold march forward.” 

The unhinged attack on parents opposing these lessons is all-too-familiar in our age of rage. It is not enough to disagree on what is appropriate for our schools, you have to paint the other side as bizarrely opposing the environment, workers, “help people,” inclusion, healthcare, LGBTQ, and of course children. Fairfax has become a major battleground over CRT and race-based programs. 
That debate has reached out Thomas Jefferson High School, ranked No. 1 among all public high schools nationwide by U.S. News & World Report. TJ is a source of pride for the county as an elite school that offers advanced courses for our best students. However, as with other jurisdictions where meritocracy  and standardized testing have been declared racist, school officials have moved to drop actual grades and scores as the critical qualifications for entry in order to increase African American participation. 
The race-blind entrance exam was successful in picking the best students in the county and the school serves as a wonderful goal for students who need advanced school work. So the school board went to a “holistic” approach to increase diversity. The primary racial group targeted by the board was Asian students. The result was that this year Asian-Americans admitted to TJ dropped to 54% this year from 73% last year. These students were no longer admitted entirely on their academic achievement on tests and scores. Their race was the motivating factor in changing the entry requirements.

In some ways, Fairfax is still better than many jurisdictions that are eliminating elite schools and advanced courses because of the race of the students in those programs.

It is incredibly sad to see this type of reckless rhetoric in our school district. Many of us came to Fairfax because it has always been viewed as a district that put academic excellence as the highest priority. We have found the schools in McLean to be terrific and the teachers to be incredibly supportive. I hate to see that long-successful approach swamped by the unrestrained rage and divisions of our contemporary politics.

Update: The PTA has announced that it has accepted Leete’s resignation. The Virginia Parent-Teacher Association declared that

“Today, the Virginia PTA executive committee requested and received the resignation of Michelle Leete, who served as Vice President of Training. The actions & rhetoric of Ms. Leete & all of the like-minded partisan supporters of the SB are deeply disappointing. It evinces a deep lack of concern for children & parents, particularly where the wellbeing of children & families clash with political considerations.” 

There is no statement from the NAACP or any of the many parents applauding Leete’s diatribe.
According to The Washington Post, Leete said she intended to wish death on the various “ideals” from parents, not the parents themselves.

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  2. First of all, the WHOLE HUMAN RACE CAME OUT OF AFRICA – at least 15 different species of human primates. The variances we have today in skin color have more to do with nature – the people who migrated from Africa and went North needed lighter skin to absorb more Sunlight and the accompanying Vitamin D in the colder climate. Other variants resulted from geographical isolation and the genetic dominance of certain genes over time. Like it or not we are all ONE BIG HOMOGENEOUS SPECIES WITH A FEW VARIANTS – THAT’S ALL FOLKS! GET OVER THE RACE THING.

    1. Sounds nice, but not accurate. In any event you will have to get black people to “get over the race thing”. Whites largely adopted the dream of MLK and hoped for a society like that. But the media and academy and race hustlers have been stirring up racial division for years. I don’t know why. It is very destructive.

      So, go pitch your thesis in Baltimore or Darkest Chicago and see how it goes. Maybe it will work but I don’t think so.

      1. Just the fact that you speak of “black people” monolithically in your first sentence is oblivious to MLK’s wisdom to see and categorize people by character traits, not race. Some 40-50% of African-Americans are post-racial in their outlook, which translates roughly into “I’m not going to make anything out of your race if you will do the same for me”. These are (excluding professional race-baters like Sharpton) the middle and upper-class American blacks.

        The lower-class blacks, when they encounter frustration in a meritocracy (which everyone needs to expect) blame their status on racism…it’s becomes an excuse for not investing in self-improvement.

        If you had real-life contact with black folk, you’d at least see that there are two distinct African-American populations….divided by class, middle vs. lower. Then, you’d be more hesitant to overgeneralize based on a superficial like skin color.

    2. By the way, the genetic distance between some people, say Khoisan and Japanese, is greater than the distance between known sub-species of tiger. It is not a simple matter of skin color. We are not as homogeneous as you think.

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