“The Enemies of the State”: The New York Times and The Fluidity of Advocacy Journalism

We have been discussing the rise of advocacy journalism and the rejection of objectivity in journalism schools. The New York Times has been at the forefront of this shift away from traditional reporting but has increasingly found that the fluidity of advocacy journalism leaves it without any clear framework or standards. Consider the latest scandal at the Times. Justice Department reporter and MSNBC contributor Katie Benner went on a rave about Republicans and called Trump supporters “enemies of the state.” She also made a not-so-veiled call for readers to vote against them. The Times has been in total radio silence over what, just a few years ago, would have been viewed as an outrageous violation of journalistic standards. Yet, just recently, it fired another reporter for a comparatively mild tweet supporting Biden. Professional ethics, it seems, has become entirely impressionistic in the age of advocacy journalism.

Notably, many of us denounced Donald Trump for calling the New York Times and other media outlets the “enemy of the people.”  The media was aghast and the Times publicly condemned such rhetoric as “inflammatory.” Now, however, journalists like Benner are engaging in the same inflammatory rhetoric and the Times is conspicuously silent.

We have have been discussing how writerseditorscommentators, and academics have embraced rising calls for censorship and speech controls, including President-elect Joe Biden and his key advisers. This movement includes academics rejecting the very concept of objectivity in journalism in favor of open advocacy. Columbia Journalism Dean and New Yorker writer Steve Coll has denounced how the First Amendment right to freedom of speech was being “weaponized” to protect disinformation. In an interview with The Stanford Daily, Stanford journalism professor, Ted Glasser, insisted that journalism needed to “free itself from this notion of objectivity to develop a sense of social justice.” He rejected the notion that the journalism is based on objectivity and said that he views “journalists as activists because journalism at its best — and indeed history at its best — is all about morality.”  Thus, “Journalists need to be overt and candid advocates for social justice, and it’s hard to do that under the constraints of objectivity.”

Benner tweeted on Tuesday during the first hearing of the Democrat-led Jan. 6 select committee was underway: “Today’s #January6thSelectCommittee underscores the America’s current, essential natsec dilemma: Work to combat legitimate national security threats now entails calling a politician’s supporters enemies of the state.” The MSNBC contributor also declared:

“As Americans, we believe that state power should not be used to work against a political figure or a political party. But what happens if a politician seems to threaten the state? If the politician continues to do so out of office and his entire party supports that threat?”…That leaves it up to voters, making even more essential free, fair access to the polls.”

Benner’s comments are indistinguishable from the Democratic members that she is covering.  The problem is that, while the Times has embraced advocacy journalism, its has not updated its guidelines which state that “Our journalists should be especially mindful of appearing to take sides on issues that The Times is seeking to cover objectively.”

While the tweets were deleted, the Times refused to respond to other reporters asking about the tweets.

Just recently, we discussed the firing of Lauren Wolfe, who was fired for saying that she had “chills” in watching Biden land at Andrews Air Force base. Wolfe later penned a column declaring “I’m a Biased Journalist and I’m Okay With That” — a full-throated endorsement of the new journalistic model of open bias and advocacy.

I was critical of Wolfe but the two cases leave many completely confused on the standards applied by the Times.  The confusion has been growing for years.

A year ago, the New York Times denounced its own publishing of an editorial of Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) calling for the use of the troops to restore order in Washington after days of rioting around the White House.  It was one of the one of the lowest points in the history of modern American journalism. While Congress would “call in the troops” six months later to quell the rioting at the Capitol on January 6th, New York Times reporters and columnists called the column historically inaccurate and politically inciteful. Reporters insisted that Cotton was even endangering them by suggesting the use of troops and insisted that the newspaper cannot feature people who advocate political violence.

While insisting that it will never again publish someone like Cotton, it has published columns from figures like one of the Chinese leaders crushing protests for freedom in Hong Kong. Cotton was arguing that the use of national guard troops may be necessary to quell violent riots, noting the historical use of this option in past protests. This option was used most recently after the Capitol riot.  Yet the Times has no problem publishing someone called “Beijing’s enforcer” who mocked pro-Democracy protesters as her government beat them and arrested them.

Likewise, almost on the one-year anniversary of its condemning its own publication of Cotton (and forcing out its own editor), the New York Times published an academic columnist who previously defended the killing of conservative protesters.

If none of this makes sense to you, that is because it does not have to make sense. Starting with the Cotton scandal, the New York Times cut its mooring cables with traditional journalist values. It embraced figures like Nikole Hannah-Jones who have championed advocacy journalism.

The problem with Benner was not that she is actively supporting Democrats or viewing Trump supporters as enemies of the state. The problem is that she said it a bit too openly. There remain slight sensibilities to be observed even the age of advocacy journalism. So she deleted the tweet and no one is much interested in how such biased reporters continue to cover such stories. Indeed, just this week, NBC’s Chuck Todd denied that there is a problem of biased journalism despite the long criticism of his own overt partisanship on the air.

In the end, it does not matter what happens to Benner. The lesson for others is to confine any such bias to framing coverage rather than directly calling for votes for Democrats or joining in on the condemnations of Trump supporters. One must keep up appearances even in the age of advocacy journalism.




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  1. We’re all enemies of the Deep State (whether we know it or not) and, of course by the transitive property, also its propaganda arm, the New York Times.

    1. Mespo,

      You draw that Deep State conspiracy theory from something Turley has written? Cuz, if you have, I missed it. I am not aware that Turley has ever stated explicitly or implicitly that he believes in a “Deep State,” correct me if I am wrong. Standing by…

  2. How convenient that due to it’s impeccable journalistic standards Fox News and it’s contributors has never warranted similar examinations of it’s practices by contributor Turley – and I mean NEVER!

  3. What is News? Seems on the surface a simple answer, what happened or is happing in the world. What the reader or listener hopes for are the truths of the facts being layout for them to consider. Should a bias of the facts skew the report, is that considered News? Today it seems the news is shaded with blinders to obscure the facts, casting a shadow cynicism on the report. Benjamin Franklin wrote “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see”, which today may well read “believe none of what you read and half of what you see” or further if you viewing a cable news outlet you dislike “none of what you see”. With the advocacy reporting in Newspapers, Television and the Net it’s hard to decipher what is fact or irrational advocacy of the reporters or news organizations bias. It seems the sides of most issues have retreated to their respective corner and left the middle of the ring full of discontent, distrust and wonderment where do I go for the truth.

    1. George W,

      Well, there was one piece of information which one could always rely upon as being truthful be it broadcasted by Fox or the MSM- the Weather Report.

      That is, until Trump got out his sharpie….

  4. Ethics? We don’t need no stinking ethics! –The New York Times

    1. The New York Times needs to bring back Jayson Blair and make him editor-in-chief at the New York Times. There was more honesty and credibility in his articles than can be found anywhere in today’s New York Times.

  5. “If none of this makes sense to you . . .”

    Ditto for all things Covid.

    Don’t ask questions. Don’t demand reasons or consistency. When the “Authorities” speak, you submit.

    That is *not* the Founders view of what it means to be a “Patriot.”

  6. Again Turley shows his hypocrisy on always complaining that somehow the press is being unfair to the right-wing. Turley works for FOX who makes no bones on the fact that they do NOT practice objectivity and are in fact advocates FOR the right-wing. Being able to yell fire in a crowded theater when in fact there is no fire is not suppression of free speech. One man and his party have yelled to the top of their lungs that there is fire, reporting that there is no fire is not advocacy journalism.

    1. You make his point: The NYT is still claiming (untruthfully) to have an objective standard in reporting the news. Fox News Channel has offered objective news reporting but has never claimed their opinion programs are anything but. If FNC is totally biased to the right, why do you think so many conservatives have denounced it since the 2020 election? Makes no sense.

        1. Give me examples of extreme. The usual responses I get to that question turn out to be objections to constitutional tenets. So tell us what exactly is extreme

  7. All the news that’s fit to print.

    Anyone recall that statement by the NY Times?

  8. Yesterday my wife and I watched Woody Allen’s Amazon piece “Crisis in Six Scenes.” The play, which is set in the Sixties, is about a New Yorker who gets mixed up with a young radicalized white woman played by Miley Cyrus. She shot her way out of prison and killed a guard. She seems refuge with Woody’s character’s wife, who knew her as a girl. Lenny was radicalized at Berkeley by her Jewish and black boyfriends and has become an advocate of armed revolution to establish a Marxist Utopia. She’s attempting to escape to Cuba. Before the play ends, she has radicalized Woody’s wife, her book club and the young (4F) student who lives with them. Only Woody hasn’t fallen under her spell but he’s willing to help her to get her out of his house. In one scene, the Cyrus character outlines the revolution’s goals, as outlined by Chairman Mao, her hero. Two of those goals are to take over the newspapers and schools. That’s exactly what they’ve done, starting at Berkeley.

  9. It appears to me the average age of a New York Times employee is 10 years.

  10. Who reads Pravda on the Hudson anymore except for die hard Lefties seeking confirmation bias?

  11. This issue was addressed many years ago.

    “… the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.”

    ― Thomas Jefferson

  12. Thanks for attaching the Fox clip of constipated white people, Jon. It was awesome.

    Here’s the thing about electing a president who is wildly unfit for the job…, it’s impossible to cover that president without pointing out they’re unfit for the job when they’re doing things every single day to prove they’re unfit for the job. And then to continue on after they lose and are gone is like, wow, I’m not sure there are even words for it…

    Your cohorts at Fox howl about how trump was covered, as if you can cover someone who is an idiot and who terrifies his own subordinates with his insane ideas as if they’re normal. Trump was not normal. He wanted to create a covid colony at Gitmo and buy another country. He wanted to treat covid by injecting bleach. He came into office saying he wanted to ‘drain the swamp’ and proceeded to chug swamp water by having the most corrupt administration in modern history…, and that took some work.

    You didn’t condemn trump’s saying the press were the enemy of the people loudly enough, Turley. Instead you chose to work for the network that has progressively adopted the ’emperor has no clothes’ theme as its primary journalistic guideline. There are only so many ways to repeatedly say something is awful, and the country crossed that threshold immediately with trump.

    Let’s take a sampling of the base you’re catering to here on your blog…, this is from iowan2…

    [Notably, many of us denounced Donald Trump for calling the New York Times and other media outlets the “enemy of the people.”

    Yes you denounced, Ignoring the fact that the media is the enemy of the people , They are propaganda purveyors.
    Lets see how the vaunted NYT handles the facts around the new CDC mandates. Now we know the “science” used to drive the new mandates is sourced in a study from India, that involves vaccine not used in the US, and was rejected after peer review.

    Science indeed]

    This commenter is clearly not buying your attempts to tightrope the line while trying to do damage control around the fact you chose to work at Fox. In the markets, the way to get out of a bad trade is to…, wait for it…., *get out of a bad trade*. If you continue to hang on through some sort of cognitive dissonance that you can slip this disaster you’ll find out it just keeps working less every single day. Iowan2’s sentiment is just the beginning of how it’s going to play out….

    I don’t know, Turley…, it’s like you need an intervention or something.


    1. BTW…, Chuck Todd in that interview was talking about how mainstream press outlets bought the right’s constant screaming about liberal press bias talking points enough to create space for trump to not be adequately questioned in the ’16 election. A rather obvious, yet stunning, admission from someone who occupies such a position as he does.

      My point?

      You’r spin game is not working anymore, Jon. It’s dinosaur. It’s designed for a different era in which conditions on the ground were much different. NBC followed its own internal mandates to give trump air time in the campaign because they were convinced he couldn’t win and they wanted to pump up viewership for the Apprentice (which was entering the late stages of its existence). In the process they created a monster, someone incapable of handling the job of president. You tried to capitalize on the trend. It’s not working.


      1. Anonymous eb

        More verbal diarrhea.

        I know that Turley’s blog is where you seek catharsis, but normal people don’t enjoy watching you bare your neurosis.

        Plus, edit. Sometimes less is more.

        1. Said it before a million times, I don’t write for you. Full stop. Seems for someone constantly complaining about what I write you read an awful lot of it. i can’t help it if i’m right and you can’t stop from checking in with it.


          1. Now now now, you know the rules on this blog, only tell them what they want to read. Free speech is only for them and their views, everybody else is to stand down and shut up.

      1. I’m paying attention to Biden and finding his skill at the job more than a bit refreshing.


        1. Biden’s lack of skill and incompetence:

          Inflation rising: 5.4%
          Immigration not controlled
          Covid increases especially in areas where Feds have dumped illegal aliens with Covid
          Public satisfaction: rapidly falling
          Foreign affairs: American security fading
          individual freedoms: Disappearing
          Internal security: Swalwell being protected by those who are elected to protect America

          America will not be defeated by its enemies. It will be defeated by the fools who were given so much, but were too foolish to recognize it.

              1. In a strictly academic sense the only point cited in the alt right push piece you posted that can even approach being fact (rather than opinion) is the stat on inflation. And as Natacha pointed out to you inflation is being driven by reaction to the economic wreckage trump created.

                The rest are talking points that are opinion driven (not that you would know the difference).


                1. “the only point … is the stat on inflation. …inflation is being driven by reaction to the economic wreckage trump created.”

                  Bug, you demonstrate complete contempt for the truth. That you won’t back up what you say is a given. You say whatever fantasy or convenient lie comes to your mind, which is pretty stupid. You can tell us that Trump did nothing to seal the borders, and Biden is doing a great job.

                  What can anyone say when the only thing one expects from you is nonsense. Go ahead keep making yourself look like a fool. I won’t stop you. In your world, diarrhea of the mouth is an asset.


          1. “Inflation rising: 5.4%”

            Double that:

            “And if you extrapolate the monthly acceleration in the CPI gains, it would come to something like 13% by the end of the year.

            “Peter [Schiff] said he doesn’t expect the CPI to accelerate at this pace all year, but he does expect the 2021 CPI to come in above 5%. And a 5% increase in CPI means consumers are actually paying a lot more than that.

            For the CPI to reveal 5% you know that the actual rate is probably north of 10%.”


            The Dems’ profligate spending, plus Biden’s productivity-killing regulations, plus The Fed’s head-in-the-sand: A prescription for inflationary disaster.

            So much for Biden’s claim that he would *not* raise taxes on the middle class.

            1. Sam, I think we will see inflation exceed the Jimmy Carter years while the US economy will be in worse shape to fight it.

              Seniors and anyone on a predominantly fixed income are going to pay through the nose.

              Questions of age discrimination will rise to the surface as the young see their dollars going to senior’s social security and Medicare. I expect Medicare to be drastically cut in terms of services to the senior community. Once again, the government will attempt to assess quality of life and deny services to those whose numbers don’t meet the requirements.

              I expect unemployment to rise, and instead of take-home pay increasing as it did under Trump, it will fall.

              If we leave that inflationary period in one piece, I expect the standard of living for most people on this blog to be reduced significantly from what it would have been.

              Will government find the need to restrict essential services such as energy? Some states are already doing so. Example gaming machines use a lot of power, and a whole group of them are banned from sale in some states. That is top-down thinking. Not enough energy, ration supply hurting those that are not well to do. The market way is to create more energy.

              The future doesn’t look bright for our children and grandchildren.

            2. I’m always genuinely impressed with the abstraction math the right spits out when Dems have to clean up another Repub economic disaster.


                    1. trumpers, stop being so cray and making me have to do it! lol. All y’all so cray.


          2. Inflation is 100% Trump’s fault for botching the pandemic. Because of COVID, factories had to shut down shifts or sometimes entire plants. The supply chain got behind and hasn’t caught up. Economists agree that once the supply chain catches up, inflation will be under control For example: products using foam rubber, like furniture cushions and car seats and auto parts. Foam rubber production is behind by months or years. If you don’t believe me, try to purchase a new custom-made sofa. Used cars have never had a better market. There are container ships languishing in or near ports because there aren’t enough trucks and drivers to distribute the products. Trucks need replacement parts, too.

            Trump didn’t “control” immigration, either. No president has. Illegals were told by “coyotes” that Biden wouldn’t kidnap and incarcerate their children, so more of them came than when Trump was stinking up the White House. So, the surge is also Trump’s fault. Separating children from their parents as a deterrent (this is according to Jeff Sessions) is immoral.

            COVID cases: all peaking in red states, the redder the state, the lower the vaccination rate and worse the infection rate. Louisiana and Mississippi are vying for the lowest vaccination rates and highest surge in COVID cases, deaths and hospitalizations. All unnecessary and all Trump’s fault because he has politicized vaccination to try to sabotage Biden’s presidency. The “Feds” test every illegal for COVID and isolate the positive cases. Many states and the CDC have recommended masks for indoors, even for the fully-vaccinated, because the Delta variant is 1000 times more virulent than the Alpha strain we had at the beginning of the pandemic. I know alt-right media lies to its viewers by trying to make it sound like the CDC and Dr. Fauci don’t know what they’re talking about by returning to recommending masks, but the science didn’t change: the virus changed–it mutated to a more-dangerous, more easily -transmissible version that makes victims sicker, faster and more likely to need hospitalization. Even vaccinated people can carry the virus in their nasal passages and spread it to others, so masks are needed because the Delta variant is now the dominant strain in every state. Every time the virus replicates, the risk of a vaccine-resistant strain increases. That is a threat to America’s entire future–not just our health, but our economy. Sadly, Republicans like McCarthy continue to pander to Trumpsters by opposing wearing masks. Members of Congress routinely return to their districts, some of which have vaccination rates in the thirty percent range, and are therefore likely to pick up the Delta variant even if they are vaccinated (and many of them are not) and could spread it on flights to and from Washington and to other members of Congress. Yet McCarthy goes on a rage about mask-wearing. Nancy Pelosi is right: he is a moron. The Congressional attending physician is the one who mandated wearing masks, but alt-right media will still attack Nancy Pelosi, because that’s what they do.

            Foreign affairs: our allies are reassured that there is a calm, empathetic, competent person at the helm, and our relations have improved. Public satisfaction: Biden still enjoys a higher approval rating than Trump was ever able to achieve, and there is more optimism.

            What “individual freedoms” are you speaking of? Some perceived “right” to refuse vaccination, but go around spreading a lethal viral illness without wearing a mask? What about the “freedom” of the rest of us to live a normal life span, the “freedom” to have our health insurance premiums not skyrocket to cover the cost of hospitalization for Trump disciples who get sick and end up in ICU? How about our “freedom” to get our economy back on track, which the surge in the Delta variant is threatening? What about the “freedom” of children to return to in-person classroom learning without having to wear masks to prevent COVID?

            All of the lies you listed come from alt-right media, and they are LIES.

            1. “Inflation is 100% Trump’s fault for botching the pandemic. ”

              Trump secured the vaccines for the American public. Biden did almost nothing except to confuse the American public about the value of the vaccine.

              As usual I won’t comment on the rest of your nonsense.

              1. You won’t comment because you can’t comment. And the first thing the Biden administration had to do was order enough vaccines because the trump administration didn’t.


                  1. Sadly, I can see your lack of comprehension is certainly problematic for you. My sympathies.


            2. Natacha — please let us know why there is not a new mask mandate in the Dem Senate. It appears to be only on the House side. Why? Because Pelosi is a tyrannical you-know-what.

            3. Natacha – the Delta variant is more transmissable and less virulent. Do you know what may be the CAUSE of the variants now infecting fully vaccinated people? ADE. Have you heard about it?

              1. “Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., M.S.„ a distinguished physician who discovered RNA transfection and invented mRNA vaccines, was on Steve Bannon’s War Room Weednesday with some alarming news–new data indicates that people who have taken the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are at greater risk of getting Covid than someone who is not vaccinated.

                Before you watch the video, you need to understand the term–Antibody-Dependent Enhancement aka ADE…”


              2. “ Natacha – the Delta variant is more transmissable and less virulent. ”

                No, that’s it how it works. When a virus is more transmissible it becomes more virulent. A more transmissible virus means it has the capacity to infect more faster hence its higher virulence. That in turn increases the chances of a new more potent variant emerging where the vaccine won’t be effective.

                If that happens it is guaranteed that the next vaccine created to combat the new variant WILL be mandatory. Thanks to kooks and NYT jobs in congress and right wing media spreading misinformation.

                We already have people secretly getting the shot because they don’t want their nut job friends to find out they no longer buy into their BS.

                1. “When a virus is more transmissible it becomes more virulent.”

                  Some people don’t grasp the distinction between “transmissible” and “virulent.”

                  And they don’t grasp that the issue is *not* cases, but lethality.

                  And they blithely ignore the entire issue of comorbidities.

                  And they are militantly ignorant about age and health “risk factors” (especially for children).

                  Then they try to convince us that mass migration of unvaccinated, untested individuals is not a superspreader event, and that some riots are not superspreader events

                  Then to justify masks, they cite a study that was rejected by peer reviewers and a science journal. Then that journal deletes that fact from its website, to kowtow to the CDC and the Biden tyrants.

                  They invoke “the science” when it serves a political purpose. And ignore the science when it does not.

                  They are *not* the pro-science party. They are the anti-science party.

                2. Svelaz writes: “A more transmissible virus means it has the capacity to infect more faster hence its higher virulence. ”

                  Of course, he is wrong, but that that is usual. If a very transmissible common cold virus quickly spread among the population but killed no one, Svelaz would say it had a “higher virulence.”

                  When you are ignorant of facts, definitions and concepts, it is best to shut your mouth.


                    1. when I just clicked on the link the video popped up…it is just a factual argument to build the southern wall as high, thick, deep and as long as necessary…look at East and West Germany…North and South Korea…walls WORK!!!

              3. ” what may be the CAUSE of the variants now infecting fully vaccinated people? ADE. “

                Though now deleted, anonymous, probably ATS did a fact check to prove this contention wrong. I am not taking issue with the opinion or the counter opinion. I am only taking issue at the fact-checking, which had more to do with checking the actual quotes than the science. I think ATS got confused about what the fact check was saying.

            4. “[O]nce the supply chain catches up, inflation will be under control.”

              Sometime during the first, or the third, Five-Year Plan?

    2. Eb,

      By virtue of the fact that Turley has seen fit to become the go-to Constitutional scholar for Republicans, one can presume that he is persona non grata at his overwhelming Democratic law school. Is it any wonder then that he has become embittered by the Liberal pushback by students, faculty and professional colleagues. Consequently, he has become an advocate for defending Conservatives at all institutions of higher learning. He scours the country looking for any and all examples of liberal bias in order to make his case that he too is a victim.

      Turley has not lost bearings. Instead, he has made his bed, and now he must sleep in it. It’s not unlikely that Fox was the only cable network willing to employ him these days. For all we know, he took the job while holding his nose. Given his selective criticism of only Leftwing media outlets (Funny he can’t find anything untoward to criticize Fox’s Rightwing competitor, Newsmax!), it’s incontrovertible that he has a contractual blind spot regarding Fox’s “journalism.”

  13. There is are differences between the phrases “enemy of the state” and “enemy of the people” and there are differences between why those phrases are used. In fact from the point of view of the person presenting the phrases, they are truthfully accurate statements.

    The reason the phrase “enemy of the state” is being used is Republicans are literally trying to stop the progressives ideological agenda movement and progressives consider their ideological agenda as being the only acceptable and valid ideology and therefore by default it’s the ideology of “the state” and anyone that opposed that ideology is an enemy to that ideology and therefore and enemy to their perceived “state”. To these people, it is not acceptable under any circumstances to oppose their ideology, these people are so bigoted that a conservative Republican is wrong by default and should not be heard in public, period, end of story.

    The reason the phrase “enemy of the people” is being used is the media is intentionally distributing partisan advocacy based propaganda instead of fully accurate unbiased journalistic news making them a literal “enemy of the people” because they are lying, lying by omission, or actively twisting the facts that they deliver to we the people in pure advocacy propaganda. Their advocacy propaganda is an intentional attempt to psychologically manipulate the population and any such attempt is literally an enemy to we the people.

    There is are fundamental differences between the mindset of the people that state these phrases. Notice that one is all about the state and the other is all about we the people. The progressive political left is now all about pushing their totalitarian state that infringes on everyone and everything and the Conservative political right is about maintaining the rights, the core principles and liberty of we the people. Keep this in mind when listening to the rhetoric from the progressives that have consumed the political left, they will choose the state over we the people and our individual rights every time and they will say anything to promote their version of the the state, it’s Orwellian.

    1. Many of us believe outfits like Wapo/NYT/NBC/ABC/CBS/PBS, etc. are still operating under and enlarged govt Operation Mockingbird with embedded intel workers building narratives/stories,etc., for propaganda effects.

      Plus in order to sell the People’s Nation out to the Globalist Coup using such programs as flooding US with illegals, bring in a Healthcare Tyranny though healthcare agencies like the CDC.

      You can read on the CDC’s own site of their building/operating Gulags/Concentration Camps in this country, believed by many of us to arrest & hide from the public those who are not supportive of the Commie/Nazi type aholes that are currently running leadership of this nation.

      Just search: CDC Greenzone & read……


  14. Notably, many of us denounced Donald Trump for calling the New York Times and other media outlets the “enemy of the people.”

    Yes you denounced, Ignoring the fact that the media is the enemy of the people , They are propaganda purveyors.
    Lets see how the vaunted NYT handles the facts around the new CDC mandates. Now we know the “science” used to drive the new mandates is sourced in a study from India, that involves vaccine not used in the US, and was rejected after peer review.

    Science indeed

    1. Iowan2,

      Unlike you, Turley is a Never Trumper. I have a lot more in common with him than you will ever have. Remember that.

  15. Honest reporting of the news without any bias does not exist today anywhere in the world…sad but true…it’s all just propaganda from both sides…thank God I am educated and old enough to know exactly what I believe to be the truth!

  16. Yet we are blamed for not trusting them, as if the population just got this crazy idea one day, not to trust the media for no reason except maybe Trump mind control,

  17. “I deplore… the putrid state into which our newspapers have passed and the malignity, the vulgarity, and mendacious spirit of those who write for them… These ordures are rapidly depraving the public taste and lessening its relish for sound food. As vehicles of information and a curb on our funtionaries, they have rendered themselves useless by forfeiting all title to belief… This has, in a great degree, been produced by the violence and malignity of party spirit.” –Thomas Jefferson to Walter Jones, 1814.

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