YouTube Censors Sen. Rand Paul for Speaking Against Mandates

YouTube has continued to enforce and expand its censorship of opposing views on its site — enforcing what it considers to be the truth on various issues. The latest subject is Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who has been suspended from the site for expressing his opposition to Covid mandates. One does not have to agree with Paul on his view of Covid or mandates to see the danger of such corporate control over public discourse in the United States. However, politicians (including President Joe Biden) are calling for even greater censorship to silence those with opposing views on such subjects.

Rand posted a video on Sunday in which he lashed out at the calls for mandates and the “petty tyrants and bureaucrats” supporting them, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden. He called for people to stand up against these efforts:

“It’s time for us to resist. They can’t arrest all of us. They can’t keep all of your kids home from school. … We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and bureaucrats. We can simply say no. Not again.

Nancy Pelosi, you will not arrest, or stop me or anyone on my staff from doing our jobs. We have either had Covid, had the vaccine, or been offered the vaccine. We will make our own health choices. We will not show you a passport. We will not wear a mask. We will not be forced into random screenings so you can continue your drunk with power reign over the Capitol.

“President Biden, we will not accept your agencies’ mandates or your reported moves towards a lockdown.”

YouTube took down the video leading Paul to post a response to the censorship.  That response was also reportedly taken down but can be viewed on Rumble.

Sen. Paul has been criticized for this and other statements on Covid but many agree with him. This is part of our political debate. People have a free speech right to oppose the mandates and question the science cited by the government. In this case, a corporation is preventing a major political figure from being able to use its platform to engage others on this subject. It is picking and choosing who can speak and what they can say. It has a right to do so as a private company but it is wrong to do so. It is a denial of free speech and we need to address the corporate control over political speech in the United States.

I have previously and repeatedly said that I believe people should be vaccinated. I and my family are vaccinated. However, I will not accept arguments that my public health concerns should negate the free speech rights of others, including Sen. Paul. I also do not accept that these corporations should hold such a strangle hold over public debate.

The rise of corporate censors has combined with a heavily pro-Biden media to create the fear of a de facto state media that controls information due to a shared ideology rather than state coercion.  That concern has been magnified by demands from Democratic leaders for increased censorship, including censoring political speech, and now word that the Biden Administration has routinely been flagging material to be censored by Facebook.

This is why I have described myself as an Internet Originalist:

The alternative is “internet originalism” — no censorship. If social media companies returned to their original roles, there would be no slippery slope of political bias or opportunism; they would assume the same status as telephone companies. We do not need companies to protect us from harmful or “misleading” thoughts. The solution to bad speech is more speech, not approved speech.

If Pelosi demanded that Verizon or Sprint interrupt calls to stop people saying false or misleading things, the public would be outraged. Twitter serves the same communicative function between consenting parties; it simply allows thousands of people to participate in such digital exchanges. Those people do not sign up to exchange thoughts only to have Dorsey or some other internet overlord monitor their conversations and “protect” them from errant or harmful thoughts.


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  1. Free to Choose is the libertarian mantra. Make all the data available. Make the points of conflict among experts prominent. Don’t trust any paper which does not acknowledge and address the experts who disagree. Then we each make individual choices; hopefully informed decisions. And, in the course of human events humans will make errors. Humans, being human, will look for someone to blame for their erroneous decision.
    Nature is predictably unpredictable. Proverbially so.

  2. It’s difficult to know what to make of these stories. After all, we heard very much the same thing during March, April, and May of 2020. Local governments were building makeshift hospitals in convention centers—yet they went unused. Memphis’s overflow hospital was closed down after an entire year of never housing a single patient. In late 2020, after months of media reports that New York hospitals were utterly overwhelmed, Andrew Cuomo announced New York hospitals “were never overwhelmed.” Colorado built a twenty-two hundred–patient overflow hospital. It was never used. Last spring, a $17 million overflow facility in Houston was dismantled without ever being used.

    Now we’re being told that this time, they really mean it and hospitals are on the verge of overflowing.

    1. And there’s this: “The children! The children! They’re being hospitalized in droves. The unvaccinated, the unmasked, and the unvaccinated with natural immunity — they’re killing our children!”

      Yet the facts are these:

      There is an increase of children going to emergency rooms and being hospitalized — with RSV.

      Children are going to the hospital for medical procedures, e.g., a broken arm. Then they test positive for Covid antibodies, and are reported as being hospitalized “with Covid.”

      And, yet, the public health “authorities” wonder why we wouldn’t trust them if they told us that the sun rises in the east.

      1. Bongino showed data on Thursday or Friday that more children had died from seasonal flu (about 4 month period) than had died from Covid in 18 months.

        The party of science functions like this:
        1. Identify a goal
        2. Develop a hypothesis
        3. Run an experiment
        4. Examine the data
        5. Make the data appear to prove the hypothesis
        6. Repeat until the goal is achieved
        7. If step 6 fails, block FOIA requests, “lose” the data, delay through the courts, utilize Big Tech and media allies to blame all the usual suspects: Republicans, Conservatives, Whites, Christians, capitalism, etc.

        (This goes especially for elections)

        Anyone still trusting the government to tell the truth is an absolute fool. Their trust account is massively overdrawn.

        1. “Anyone still trusting the government to tell the truth is an absolute fool.”

          “The government” often hides the truth. Anyone who thinks that it’s something new “is an absolute fool.”

      2. One might also wonder how many kids having respiratory issues due to wildfire smoke crossing the continent are now called Covid cases (Cases! Cases!) so the hospital can recover extra compensation.

  3. So I will admit I’m a little concerned lately about this visceral reaction to anyone daring to even question anything to do with the virus or the approach taken to supposedly combat it, and the idea of mandates compelling vaccination. The entire discourse is being framed to paint anyone who doesn’t wish to be vaccinated or who may doubt the “official” story we’re being fed, a conservative, or a “trumper”, dumb country bumpkin, anti-vaxxer, anti-science, etc. But that’s just not the case. I’m none of those things. … ok maybe the dumb country bumpkin thing but none of the rest. Never once have I ever been a “Trumper”, although I did once write on social media that to me his most presidential moment was when he told people to not be afraid or let themselves be controlled by fear or panic on the virus. Because that’s what a good leader does. He rallies the people to courage, not fear. Now our “leaders” are running around like a collective of chicken littles, telling everyone to be very afraid the sky is falling. And anyone not willing to be cowed into panic over the virus is labeled a heretic basically, and it seems as if they are ginning up hatred against us.

    I saw an article today on my browsers feed that actually said “rural white men won’t get the vaccine because they don’t want to appease democrats”. Being a white, rural man I’m wondering how they get away with that. It was a generalized statement, made apparently by some health official. I am a white rural man, and I could give a crap about sticking it to the democrats, or anyone for that matter. I don’t want the vaccine because I haven’t forgotten basic biology that was taught in this country up until last March, when suddenly everything we knew was suddenly called a conservative lie. Never mind it has always been understood that a vaccine doesn’t protect you from anything, it infects you with a small amount of it so that your bodies own autoimmune system activates and creates the necessary antibodies to fight the infection. The idea being to give the vaccine to those with compromised immune systems that don’t activate so easily, sort of like jump starting a car. Once your autoimmune system activates its assumed it can handle it from there.

    But if you are a healthy adult between the ages of 18 and 60 it has always been understood (and stated to us) that you do not a vaccine. Your immune response if normal, will handle that on it’s own. And you will build up antibodies naturally when exposed. But now they’re trying to imply that none of this time proven science we’ve all known and that is proven in countries where no mask mandates, shutdowns etc occurred, like Sweden, or Holland where the ministry of medicine actually stated officially that masks have been shown in repeated control studies to not work, we’re being told this basic tenet of science is now not true. And anyone repeating it is lectured by net-nanny-busy-bodies who act like they know what they’re talking about, and you don’t. And of course they’re censored on social media. I’m afraid to even talk about it on most of my social media pages like FB, Youtube, etc. I use these for my professional career so being banned for talking against the virus would more than inconvenience me. But I went ahead and posted an article tonight I got in my newsfeed saying that the actual studies have shown masks to not work, on twitter. We’ll see if I get blocked like Senator Paul.

    But I’m going to opine some more, since I got started here. Sorry this is so rambling but got a lot of problems with this whole entire thing, and I came home from work early because of the heat today so I’m taking this out for a spin.

    So the reason I don’t want their vaccine is because I don’t want anything to do with them (modern commercialized medicine) . Has nothing to do with anything political and I bet its that way for lots of folks. I simply avoid doctors and medical centers like the plague.

    I’m 60 about to turn 61 in a few weeks and I’m healthy, active and do not need their experimental vaccines which is what these all are, (the fact they keep announcing new side effects and new reactions and new effectiveness, etc The story keeps changing on them, and has since day 1 last year. Why? Because we’re the control group. We’re the study group. And I’m not signing up for any medical studies. And I am healthy so I don’t need it. My body is capable of fighting off the infection,

    I know because I had it I am pretty sure, back in Jan of 2020. I wrote about it on my fb page for 6 weeks, talking about this “strange upper chest cold I couldn’t shake”, that made me sick as heck for 3 days, then turned into a cough with white mucous but wasn’t that bad after the first 3 days. It just hung on for 6 weeks then finally I was better, haven’t been sick a day ever since. So I think it was this corona virus, and I’m sure that’s why I haven’t gotten it since. Because I got it, beat it and have solid antibodies to fight it. You don’t have to have the antibodies present in your blood by the way as I am sure most realize even though they act like we have to, those are present only when your autoimmune response encounters the virus. You don’t go around with antibodies active in the blood for everything, you create them when exposed. And most healthy humans, will. Only those with compromised immune systems already, like the old or very young or those already ill, risk dying from it, like they do from ANY OTHER virus, like common influenza. In fact last Jan the CDC website told us that 80k Americans died from influenza in 2019, then the number kept changing until apparently everyone with pneumonia has covid 19. Of course its not covid 19 killing them, its the pneumonia they get from it, and then having a brain frying chemical coma induced then sticking you on a ventilator for a week or so blasting raw oxygen into your lungs until the linings of them finally give out.

    Our reaction has killed more people I believe, than if we’d done nothing at all and went about our business. I know the millions starving to death overseas due to the food slowdown created by our reaction to it, would concur.

    So yea, no thanks. I could go on and on about things wrong with this entire covid reaction which appears to be nothing more than opportunism by people in power to make money, control the population and stick it to republicans and conservatives and anyone not supporting their not-so-brave new world. But I am getting worried as I’m finding myself, or at least what I apparently represent now to liberals and progressives and anyone else buying into the idea that we have to shut down the world for a virus that only kills a tiny fraction of the people it infects, being lambasted in the media I see in my feeds daily as some kind of kook or loon for not being afraid like them. And of course that by not letting them stick me with their experimental virus that I am somehow killing everyone’s grandma.

    I’m not, I’m healthy and spreading nothing. Of course we all spread viruses and germs daily which is why we have autoimmune systems to handle them. By declaring the only way the human body can develop antibodies is by being vaccinated is a lie and goes against all medical science and biology as we’ve known it for the last century.

    We all certainly don’t all need to be vaccinated, in fact its a way of weakening the herd, making us dependent on them. We need to let our systems function normally.

    And this sterilization of everything we come in contact with, its mass insanity and likewise weakening the herd. Its like we’ve turned into a nation of Felix Ungers. Or Howard Hughes. We know that if we hide from germs, our immune responses shut down like muscles not being used. That’s fact, not opinion. The only way to stay healthy is to maintain regular exposure to dirt and germs. The sick ones are the ones sterilizing everything. Always has been.

    So now they have people scouring everything including themselves, wearing face masks to walk around in public with and even in their freaking cars, and so they get exposed to no germs almost. And their immune systems auto response shuts down, as its not needed.

    Then when they invariably get exposed to the virus, because its a fools errand to think you can hide from bacteria and germs, they don’t have the natural ability to respond, and they get sick. Then go to the hospital, panic which makes them have trouble breathing, sign the forms they give them that say “yes you can place me in a chemical coma and pump raw oxygen into my lungs until they collapse”, and then we know the rest. They check in but don’t check out. And of course their families can’t see them, they’re hidden from sight, die alone and the hospital gets a bonus because someone they treated had covid.

    Anyway enough out of me, I’ll go on all night about it, the point of my comment, if there was one is its not a “republican \ democrat” disagreement on this, and its not a political argument. Its about the rights of we the people to make our own health care choices. And that nonsense, mindless braindead argument that they berate you with for speaking up, “not when your health affects others” is a complete lie and a mantra they’re using to shut people up. If you don’t get the vaccine, you’re not killing anyone. And its not a political decision to not get one, at least not for me and I am sure a lot of people. Its a health care decision, based on my 60 years of caring for this body I occupy by staying the hell away from these moneygrubbing institutions that have replaced our hospitals.

    1. Sorry, I need to say one more thing (quoting Lincoln from the movie, “like the preacher said, I’d write shorter sermons but once I start I get too lazy to stop”) now that I’m going on this. I saw the undercover video taken at Elmhurst hospital in NY, the “epicenter” hospital and as she was known “the epicenter nurse”. She was a decorated nurse and medic having served in the military overseas, rising to the rank of sgt which I imagine isn’t easy for a combat nurse, and she went on to work in the top hospitals on the ICU floors and the Covid “death floors”, and she took a pair of google glasses or something similar into work with her one day onto the “death floor” and actually showed us her dying patients computer charts and how her patients had tested negative for Covid but were being listed as Covid positive by the hospital, and being ventilated then dying. She told us how her only patient that survived was a young drug addict in his 30s who was so used to opium that their chemical cocktail didn’t keep him out, and he literally woke up, pulled the tube out of his throat and crawled out of the room and to an elevator escaping the hospital.

      She said he’s fine now. Only one.

      But keep in mind its not just about what she claims. Its about what she shows us on camera. Its about the other duty nurse who walks in and they’re talking together and the duty nurse thought the patients had tested positive and was shocked to see they had not, but were being listed and treated as Covid positive. She called it “presumptive positive”. Its about what we SAW with our own eyes on that video she risked everything for to make, before Youtube and everyone else CENSORED it and deleted it, trying to hide it from the pubic.

      So please, don’t any busy body trolls lecture me on facts, listening to Fox news (which I don’t, although on this they’re right) or on being duped by Trump or the republicans or anything else. I can see with my own eyes. And what she showed us, should have put the brakes on the whole thing right then and there. At least until a board of inquiry or bipartisan commission of some kind could examine this information being censored and we could get some real answers.

      Most people won’t see her video though, I was lucky enough to see it before it got pulled. But I can’t find it anywhere these days. And its so important people do see it. Because its not just her talking, or her opinion. Its actual undercover video, whistleblower video, and it shows us exactly what people suspected was happening.

      Dr Scott Jensen said the same things about the ventilators, and about the coaching he received as a practicing physician at a large hospital, on how to list covid negative patients who die as covid positive.

      But we’re not seeing any of this, and its all being ignored because they censor this very important information. Whether you believe it or not isn’t important. I believe you have a right to see it. It frightens me to think that some of you out there believe I don’t have that right, and worse you have the right to keep it from us.

      Seriously, how dare you?

      For the people who may be interested in that video, the “Epicenter Nurse” wrote a book when they shut her down, and thank God Simon and Schuster were willing to publish it. Good on them I say. Here’s a link, I think its an important read to anyone with doubts about this smoke and mirrors show they’ve been feeding us for the last year.


    2. Chris, you just might be the long lost relative I didn’t know I had. Great response throughout, touching on each point using only common sense. Indeed, the reaction to this outbreak compared to others is alarming in it’s breadth, depth, and exercise of political power. Never before were healthy people of an entire population ordered to shelter in place and close their businesses ‘to flatten the curve’ and ‘slow the spread’ of an infection that’s 99.99+% recoverable for healthy people. Yes, people with compromised immune systems were hit harder, including our aged folks and people with comorbidities. But that information was reported by supposed learned medical professionals as something new and unique to what is now called CoVid-19. Forgotten very quickly, ignored, or intentionally hidden perhaps, was the more than 100+ years of medical knowledge, training, experience, and protocols that demonstrate EVERY pathogen is potentially lethal to some and expected at higher rates for our elderly and sick members of society. Talking and touching one another came to a grinding halt, not based on scientific evidence but due to a single, poorly programmed computer model that claimed this outbreak would spread and kill farther and faster than any that came before it. A computer model that was treated as proof-positive “Science” in it’s calculation. Well, the computer did indeed calculate – it’s what they do – but the data fed into the program was so far away from real clinical data gathered to that point the machine had no other option than predict a 10% or higher mortality rate. But the Feds and Blue state governors bought the bogus calculations and used it to declare immediate emergency powers, ‘yay more power we can use politically!” they quietly nodded to each other in agreement. Since then, regardless of how wrong the computer prediction actually is/was, regardless that clinical data from on the onset indicated a contagion no more dangerous or deadly than seasonal flu for nearly everyone, regardless of the evidence that shutting down the country for two weeks didn’t move the hysteria needle down in any measurable way let alone the number of “cases”, regardless of new mitigation measures (including masking up an entire population for the first time while simultaneously ignoring the same 100 year old evidence that masks have never proven to thwart airborne viruses from being spread – simple physics says nano-sized particles have always and will always mostly-pass through a micro-sized weave of the best made masks available), and the newly-coined term “social distancing” of six feet (another miscalculation not based on any other ‘science’ other than on a 14-year-old’s science project), regardless of the seemingly ineffectiveness of new, emergency use drugs being ‘this close to being mandated everywhere for everyone’, regardless of the reports that testing and lab results are based on a method that regularly reports false positive AND false negative exposure and widely-varying measureable amounts of viral loads considered to be contagious, regardless of every previously proven historic measure that one size does not fit all when it comes to healthcare… the political, chattering classes in major media, and their True Believer member keep on telling you and I that we’re just plain wrong and should be censored for having unapproved thoughts and opinions. Having said all that, I see hope on the horizon in the form of the next couple of generations. Many have reasoning skills taught by their parents and grandparents. If they choose to run for office, they’ll have the integrity needed to keep the proverbial ship off the rocks. I mean, look at the credibility ratings of government and media. Both are in the crapper now and will be unable to sustain that high level of required smug before the kids behind us realize they’ve been had. Trust me, they’re not going to ‘just take it’ like we’re seeing in the panic-stricken populous today. Cheers and good health to you, Chris, and everyone reading this, too.

    3. So the reason I don’t want their vaccine is because I don’t want anything to do with them (modern commercialized medicine) . Has nothing to do with anything political and I bet its that way for lots of folks. I simply avoid doctors and medical centers like the plague. — Chris Weber

      We agree…

  4. Funny that the so-called eye “doctor’s” wife has had major investments in vaccine makers for 18 months. Hypocrisy, America’s most important product.

  5. Many of the left-wing claims are false. Many of the claims being censored due to lack of agreement with false or not proven claims are not false. That is where anyone intelligent in science recognizes those engaged in this type of behavior are not seekers of the truth. In fact, many that we hear today on the news or this blog are non-stoop liars.

    Back to masks and vaccines:
    Claims regarding masks and vaccines have not been scientifically proven one way or the other. What we see from knowledgeable folk are competing theories and ideas.

    Svelaz has written on the subject countless numbers of times, but his statements disagree with one another. Why? Firstly, he is an ideologue who has no concern for the truth. He has lied about things even after they have been proven accurate.

    Secondly, Svelaz has no understanding of science. Science requires constant reevaluation and the ability to deal with conflicting opinions. It is good when opposite poles of science are debated because it forces scientists to think deeper. Sometimes, the digging process unearths a new understanding. Everyone could be wholly or partially wrong, but that debate triggers the development of the unknown.

    Svelaz can’t deal with uncertainty, so he locks onto a singular thought he doesn’t even understand. Anything that conflicts with that thought, according to the mind of Svelaz, is untrue. It is a stupid mindset that our best professors wish to wipe out of the scientific community. That mindset leads only to ignorance. That is where Svelaz’s degree left him.

    Thirdly, Svelaz is not a logical thinker. He can point to two things approvingly without realizing what most see right away. The two things conflict with one another. That conflict makes an ordinary person think, but in Svelaz’s case, he defends both at the same time. That can be due to his propensity to lie or his total lack of logic.

    Many more things need to be said, but Svelaz has difficulty handling two items at a time, so the three I have provided are probably more than he can appreciate.

    Following is a brilliant explanation of what science is by one of the most intelligent men of the 20th century. High school students can understand it, so hopefully, Svelaz can benefit from it though I doubt he will take the time to learn better what science is and how it advances.

    Due to time restraints at this time, I may or may not respond to the older earlier comments.

    1. S. Meyer seems to think he’s being smart about his arguments. He’s trying to salvage stupid arguments by attacking the credibility of others. You know when S. Meyer can’t make a cogent argument when he devolves into a “I’m the most logical knowledgeable individual on this blog” diatribe. It’s pretty amusing really.

      1. Svelaz, I am mostly looking at your arguments that are a combination of lies, conflicts and lack of knowledge. You don’t learn from your mistakes so you repeat them. When lies are proven wrong you will repeat them as well.

        i don’t make you non-credible. You do that all by yourself.

        Did you bother to improve your mind and read what science is all about? Doubtful. Go and find a paper that says science cancels out alternative opinions. If you do you might find such an idea in Stalin’s Weekly on how to cancel all disagreement by sending those that disagree to Siberia.

        1. S. Meyer. Your problem is that you “think” you know what you’re talking about.

          Projection is certainly your strongest value. You’re suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect. You’re the clearest example I’ve ever seen.

          In case you don’t know what that is,

          “It’s people who don’t get don’t know they don’t get it”

          The first rule of the Dunning-Kruger club is you don’t know you’re a member of the Dunning-Kruger club. That describes you in a nutshell.

          1. Svelaz, keep copying what others write about you. It is the only way you will get the words and syndromes right. The other way is for you to get a dictionary so you finally learn what you are talking about.

    2. Many of the left-wing claims are false.

      I may be mistaken, but in our federalist system, I thought the idea of the states being incubators of democracy was to not repeat what has failed. Democrats act as though it wasn’t bad policy, just poor implementation. They’re like the egomaniacal mad scientist that will keep killing his subjects until he runs out of subjects or is locked up. For the party of science, they suck at analyzing data. And now to make matters worse, the Biden administration has gone all in doing at the federal level what the worst are doing at the state and city level.

      The previous comments were being generous, assuming Democrats really do love our country and it’s governing systems.

      1. let’s average everyone’s hourly pay rate, confirmed by paystubs…then I will tell you mine…you all contribute to my bank account the difference every month…DEAL…see that’s socialism and everybody will lie anyway…that’s why I am not a lawyer

      2. The country cannot have the rights we expect unless the federalist system is maintained. There is a direct relationship in the decline of individual freedoms and the decline federalism.

  6. One of Rand Paul’s most trenchant criticisms of the health care “authorities,” is their refusal to consider the efficacy of *natural* immunity.

    “In one extensive recent study in The Lancet, Dr. Florian Kramer of the Icahn School of Medicine noted: ‘the findings of the authors suggest that infection and the development of antibody response provides protection similar to or even better than current used SARS COV-2 vaccines.’”

    And to add:

    — Those who contracted SARS (c. 2003) continue to show robust immunity.

    — Those infected with influenza (c. 1917) continued to show robust *natural* immunity — some *70* years later.

    Both the history and the *science* of natural immunity prove that it is robust and enduring. Yet the public health “authorities” (and some posers on this blog) evade it. I wonder why.

    Finally, public health “experts” (and sundry politicians) used to tout the goal of “herd immunity.” Now they ignore it. Why? Because that goal has already been reached (at about 80% for the adult population, which is the only population that matters for *this* virus).

    Those “authorities” are *not* changing with the science. They are changing the “science” to fit their desire for control, unearned money and fame, and submission.

    1. What Sam said. If it weren’t for opposing medical opinions and hundreds of years of both protocol and practice being censored out of the conversation in most media, “The Experts” on television would have lost their credibility long ago.

      But nay, there was a political fellow that had to be defeated, no matter the cost to the healthiest among us. “Close your businesses and hide in your basement, it’s for your own good! Trust us! We’ll get our haircuts for you! And just you nevermind those stats that say 99.99+% of people who get infected and may have few to zero symptoms yet recover fully. They, just like Orange Man Bad, have nothing to say that we want to hear! You rubes, you don’t know half of what we know is for your own good. So just obey us, whether you suffer any consequences from these new Big Pharma drugs we’re demanding YOU TAKE NOW (but not our good friend, the CEO of Pfizer – And don’t you dare listen to your inner self, let alone your family physician who says to wait until the final studies underway are complete before taking the plunge. You’re all wrong!”, is probably something they’d say when the cameras are turned off.

      1. The CEO of Pfizer has been fully vaccinated, as is Trump.

        ‘”That report is categorically false,” Pfizer spokeswoman Sharon Castillo told USA TODAY via email. “Dr. Bourla has been fully vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.”‘

        Mar 10

        Excited to receive my 2nd dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech #COVID19 vaccine. There’s nothing I want more than for my loved ones and people around the world to have the same opportunity. Although the journey is far from over, we are working tirelessly to beat the virus.”

    2. Sam:

      Vaccines in essence mimic infection to provoke the human body to build immunity.

      I cannot understand why there is this policy that discriminates against those who have recovered from Covid-19, compared to the vaccinated, as if naturally acquired immunity does not count.

      The goal should be to have as many people immune as possible. Both vaccination and acquired immunity from infection should count.

      And I really don’t like the “papers, please” mentality of the vaccination passports.

      1. Disclaimer, the following comment is Opinion: This might be the appropriate point to remind everyone…there’s a difference between ‘herd mentality’ and ‘herd immunity’. Up until the experimental vaccines were distributed, “herd immunity” through natural and vaccinated means was the goal to achieve. After the new drugs…”herd mentality” is now the unstated goal. “Health Officials” have never given an estimate of the number of people who have natural immunity to Covid and never seem count them as part of herd immune to The Covid, but they’re more than eager to report cases, Cases, CASES!! in the effort to get you to ‘trust and obey’ them TODAY! (HURRY! A skeptic’s life depends on YOU! Duh, gee, Tennessee, if you say so). If you don’t get their preferred drugs, your fully-recovered immune system doesn’t count toward ‘herd immunity” and it never will, at least not until the next ‘health official’ changes the definitional goalposts – again. Don’t believe me, want me to prove it? (I’ve certainty shot my mouth off enough about it today, right?) That’s certainly possible because the video evidence of America’s Savior, Dr. Fauchi’s, ever-changing opinion on the percentage considered “herd immunity” is all over the map and the interwebs, too. All you have to do is seek them out, watch them in chronological order, and believe your ever-lying eyes. Unless, of course, the older videos from waaay back in 2020 have been deleted for being ‘misinformation’ as defined today: something that was true then isn’t true now because we say so, thhhhbbbpt! Prediction: few who already know to what I’m referring (including the cartoon comment) will nod along. The unconvinced suffering from Jeffforbrains, (don’t worry Jeff, it’s a term of endearment, just like Trumpist, Trumpster, and Trumpism) know what I said makes sense – from a historic perspective, but might be so blinded by their own political truther-ness to even wonder, let alone possibly admit, that loudmouth C. Observer just might have a point. (Opinion concluded) I truly do wish each of you good health – mind, body, and soul (even the atheists among us) – and no, I can’t prove it – you’ll just have to trust me.

    3. Sam,

      “ One of Rand Paul’s most trenchant criticisms of the health care “authorities,” is their refusal to consider the efficacy of *natural* immunity.”

      Problem is that natural immunity is short lived. This is why you’re seeing previously infected people get reinfected with the delta variant which is more virulent and more aggressive. The majority of people have already had COVID. but those infections were well over a year ago for the majority of those who developed a natural immunity. Natural immunity offers little to no protection from a new variant. This is why you’re seeing the unvaccinated being hit the hardest. Those who are unvaccinated tend to be those who believe their prior exposure gave them a natural immunity. It only lasts so long before you need another boost and that’s where the vaccines comes in.

      Mama people who thought they had natural immunity are now in the hospital or the ICU.

      Those who are vaccinated are getting infected, BUT they are not getting sick enough to need hospitalization.

      Children who got that “natural immunity”. are now getting sick with the delta variant because their natural immunity is no longer effective.

      All the proof you need is right in the states where Covid is raging and with full hospitals and children’s wards.

      1. “Problem is that natural immunity is short lived. This is why you’re seeing previously infected people get reinfected with the delta variant which is more virulent and more aggressive. The majority of people have already had COVID. but those infections were well over a year ago for the majority of those who developed a natural immunity. Natural immunity offers little to no protection from a new variant. ”

        Svelaz makes five critical errors in three sentences.
        1) He makes an unproven assumption
        2) He makes a logical error
        3) He uses the wrong word.
        4) He makes an error of fact.
        5) He makes another unproven assumption.

        Svelaz makes more errors in those three sentences of a lesser nature that I won’t mention.

        How can anyone trust anything this guy says? I have used some of Svelaz’s thoughts to demonstrate to children why they need to learn critical thinking skills and have a dictionary on hand. Uncle Svelaz, as they call him, is an example of what they do not want to be.

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