Sonoma State Professor Faces Calls For Termination Over Failure to Include Trigger Warnings in Film Course

We recently discussed the inclusion of “trigger warning” as an oppressive term. However, the failure to include such a warning is the basis for a campaign to fire Sonoma State University film Professor Ajay Gehlawat. Gehlawat has opposed such required warnings and later was targeted for failing to include such a warning on an assigned film that depicted as rape scene.

Ghelawat is an expert on international cinema and film theory as it relates to popular culture and cultural identity with a primary emphasis on non-Western cinemas like Bollywood. He screened the documentary “India’s Daughter” which includes a brutal gang rape and murder of a young medical student in India. The movie is celebrated for further exposing patriarchy and chauvinism in India. Indeed, it has been banned in India.

petition against the professor garnered 1,000 signatures. A Title IX investigation was opened at the university. The petition objects to how Gehlawat taught his class and allegedly did not value or actively denigrated the comments of female students:

Despite the fact that one of his courses was titled “Feminism in Film” his synchronous class was far from a positive feminist environment, in fact many might consider it anti-feminist or mysoginisit in the deepest and most covert ways. After requiring the students to watch traumatic images of women and graphic sexual violence against women- class discussions continued to denigrate women. He focused more on the bodies and sexuality of the women in the films than the content of their minds and character. When female participants would provide their perspectives on the films in the discussion, many times their opinions would be undermined or disregarded altogether. Meanwhile, the male perspectives would be acknowledged and even celebrated.

During Gehlawats class, students experienced sexual discrimination and harassment in many ways. We were required to watch emotionally disturbing films, without trigger warnings, that involved rape, sexual harassment, killing, violence, etc. After we watched these films, we were required to write papers on them and proceed to have 2 hour and 40-minute seminars on the disturbing content. There was no explanation as to why we were learning about this explicit material and how it supported our education. There was absolutely no context for requiring this type of material to be viewed, written about, or discussed in the class.

The treatment of female students is separate from the material assigned in such a claim. The latter issue touches on academic freedom, including the issue of whether trigger warnings are now not just mandatory but grounds for termination if omitted from such assignments or screenings.

The problem with mandatory warnings is that it can prompt sharply differing views on what is considered potentially traumatic or harmful. Is that a question that remains in the judgment of the professor? Moreover, many professors may have objections to trigger warnings, particularly in the arts. Some may view such warnings as either unnecessary or inimical to the experience of observing art.

Cambridge this month faced a different issue of whether to post signage around its Greek and Roman sculpture to explain the appearance of “whiteness.” So professors have reportedly balked about being told to post  “content warnings” with lectures and reading materials on the issue.  The warning will address a “misleading impression” of the whiteness and “absence of diversity” of the ancient world.


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  1. The title of the class, “Feminism In Film” is a trigger warning in itself. The disclaimer should read, may include nudity, bad language and smoking just to make sure all the bases are covered.

  2. The media reports that a Catholic Cardinals plead guilty to sexually abusing a child. The Cat O Lick Church does oppose the death penalty. Give this guy the death penalty. Cut his genital off and let him bleed to death. Mafia: Come and kill him.

  3. I was at the u.s. supreme court today. Behind a door a group were yakking. A lady came and went through the door and was carrying a live rooster. The lady then sang this tune:
    In days of old when Knight’s were bold…
    And rubbers weren’t invented.
    They tied a sock…around the cock.
    And babies were prevented!

    Then a Justice shouted: Thank the Party of Lincoln!

    1. Oh. Then the lady came back out with the rooster and it had a foot sock tied around it’s neck.

  4. The CDC has been warning us that ivermectin is for livestock, like cows, and unless you are a cow you shouldn’t be taking it.

    The CDC is reportedly providing ivermectin for Afghan ‘refugees’.

    Why are we bringing so many Afghan cows to America?

    Or is the CDC just another lying piece of crap federal agency?

    1. It is a sign of how unserious the FDA and CDC have become. To argue that Ivermectin is used in livestock ignores the salient fact that aspirin, cortisol, Benzodiazepines and insulin are also used in livestock, dogs and cats. They really have lost all credibility.

      Incidentally, the FDA recently approved remdesivir (originally intended for Hepatitis C) for use in COVID-19 but the World Health Organization does not. There is a rea$on for that.

      1. Estovir: “To argue that Ivermectin is used in livestock ignores the salient fact that aspirin, cortisol, Benzodiazepines and insulin are also used in livestock, dogs and cats.”

        I think it is worse than ignoring those facts; they are peddling a partial truth to promote a falsehood. They truly have lost all credibility.

        I looked at a map showing Covid death rates in Africa. In countries that regularly use Ivermectin for various parasitic diseases the Covid fatality rate is practically flat. In African countries that don’t use it the Covid rates look like everyplace else. India has discovered the same.

        I would say that the public isn’t so silly as to not realize that many drugs used for people also have multiple veterinary purposes, but you can see the same insane arguments posted here.

        1. There are lots of complexities.

          The average age of the world population is 31, the average age of the US population is 43, the average age of the african population is 23.

          We know that the mortality rate of Covid increases exponentially with age. Countries with few people over 50 will be minimally impacted by Covid.

          As Early as April of 2020 it was reasonably well understood that Covid was going to be far more of a problem for countries with aging populations, and long lifespans – developed western countries.

          If we tried to deliberately design a disease that would target the developed western world – it would likely be much like Covid.

      2. Re: Ivermectin

        Cow,Horses & Hogs all breath Air & drink Water so it only makes that all leaders that are still promoting the mRNA Death Jabs should stop breathing air & drinking water according to their logic.

  5. Does Harvard Med give “trigger warnings” to students of brain surgery, or liver or heart transplant procedures?

    Does the Police Academy give “trigger warnings” to candidates regarding the exposure of first responders to recently disarticulated appendages and brain matter at the scenes of vehicular collisions?

    If particular subject matter requires “trigger warnings” for students, that subject matter should be removed from society as a whole; what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    I would proffer an alternative to the sensitive little students: Quit! Shut The [Heck] Up and Quit!

    Universities appear to be “educating” students to the preposterous and deleterious falsehood that the world, nay, the universe is about them.

  6. This is a thought that should have occurred to all of us but I didn’t think of it.

    What if the Afghanistan fiasco wasn’t down to mere stupidity but instead to blackmail?

    Given what was on Hunter’s laptop that seems all too obvious an explanation now and one writer has brought it up.

    Even thinking of this would not be possible if federal law enforcement had investigated Hunter’s laptop and allayed worries. Now, with it more or less buried officially, there is a very wide field for both responsible and irresponsible speculation. That is another significant failure in government.

    The same speculation would be unlikely if a General Marshal were Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, we knew him as an honorable and proud soldier. Instead, we have General Milley.

    What a mess and it may be worse than we think. If blackmail was involved, we have to wonder what the Geezer is going to give up next.

    1. Whom do you think was blackmailing Trump to get him to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners and draw down the troops from14,000 to 2,500 BEFORE most people got out? That IS what you meant–right? Yesterday, there was a story that one of the people Trump wanted released was the current Taliban leader, so he could cut the piss-poor deal with him that Biden got stuck with.

      There’s NO “Hunter laptop” story except on Fox News. Giuliani made this up as a diversion because Trump flopped so badly in the first debate with Biden, thinking that if he confronted him with phony allegations about Hunter, Biden would choke.

      1. Trump wanted released was the current Taliban leader,

        One of the current Taliban leaders is a man released from Gitmo, by Obama. That makes President Trump a Genius, just like Obama

      2. Nastycha ; TDS on the noggin yet again. Your broken record of knee jerk excuses for our senile worthless leader of current is painful to read …again and again and yet again. You are the proverbial one trick donkey.
        None of Pres. Trumps children are money laundering corrupt degenerate whore mongering drug addicts…not a single one. Yet old babel mouth’s son is all that and quite more. The fact that foggy bottom baizou biden likely does not know what day of the week it is , coupled with his glorious racist and documented so past should have had people like yourself outraged at his ascending of power to head the zeig heil demoratzi party. But nope you are more than willing to drink the koolaide and lock arms with such racist and tainted people …the ends justify the means kind of vultures amongst us.

      3. “Trump to get him to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners . . .”

        If you’re going to recount a story, tell the *entire* story. It was a prisoner *swap*.

  7. I wouldn’t give students any warning on required film assignments.

    Students will pay for some shock tease. Then comes the end term exam.

  8. Here is the most accurate information that I know of regarding the photos of the dogs in crates at Hamid Karzai Airport:

    Kabul Small Animal Rescue, run by Charlotte of TN, was working to evacuate contract working dogs, pets of Americans and Afghan visa holders, and even a few strays.

    The CDC implemented a ban on the import of dogs from countries with high risk of rabies, due to an increase in fake rabies certificates.

    The SPCA applied for an Emergency Exemption, but so far have not been successful.

    A private Veterans group was permitted to remove 51 working dogs, but were not allowed to take any more. The military did not take the dogs. Private aircraft chartered to transport the dogs were not given permission to land.

    The rest were left behind in cages. Charlotte was told to go back to the shelter. She was allowed to carry one puppy in her arms. As the Taliban escorted Charlotte off the tarmac and back to KSAR, she was told they would be set loose on airport property. Before the military pulled out, she asked them to please open all the bags of dog food and dump them on the ground for them to eat. Video on Twitter shows some German Shepherd dogs roaming around at the airport.

    The condition of the dogs is not currently known.

    The Biden Administration could truthfully deny they were not military dogs, because contract working dogs and pets are not property of the US military. The working dogs were under contracts that included the US military. So, like our interpreters, they were dumped. They could accurately say they were not left in crates, because they opened the crates and turned them loose. Pets are now strays in a country hostile to dogs. American Humane has informed the Biden Administration that leaving these dogs behind was a death sentence.

    So, just like our government couldn’t manage to get a cleared flight path for the Americans and visa holders left behind, waiting at airports, they also couldn’t figure out how to get an exemption to a CDC rule meant to prevent fake rabies certificates. Or just get them all revaccinated in situ.–kabul-small-animal-rescue-ksar?fbclid=IwAR0VmMabLPGWz8Flppr7OtSQdHxMHu7X_-9F8vjOfHhJu6-IwL1lHzdX_pc

    1. Hold on whether any contract working dogs were evacuated. Conflicting reports on whether the group was successful. They might still be there, too.

      One of the groups that owns the dogs that were contracted to work for the military is GardaWorld. The many services they provide include Explosive Detection Canines.

      Twitter account for Kabul Small Animal Rescue (KSAR):

    2. Video posted to Twitter of Hamid Karzai airport in shambles, with some German Shepherd Dogs meandering around.

      Article from 9/1/21 detailing Charlotte Maxwell-Jones staying behind in Afghanistan to try to rescue contract dogs working for the military, pets of American citizens and Afghan visa holders, and some strays, out of the war zone.

      Note that since some of the dogs worked under contract for the military, they are not deemed official Military Working Dogs.

      She was given the opportunity to leave, and in fact armed Taliban told her to leave, but she’s refused to abandon the dogs to be killed. She’s got a heck of a lot more grit and honor than many decision makers in charge of this rout in Afghanistan. She’s sticking to her convictions, even though it might cost her life, or lead to assault. This is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women right now, most especially American women.

    3. “An American who founded an animal rescue clinic in Kabul is still in Afghanistan, trying to persuade the Taliban to let her retrieve animals released by the U.S. military and airlift them out of the country with the clinic’s employees.
      Charlotte Maxwell-Jones was unable to board a military evacuation flight with the animals or charter a private aircraft before international troops left earlier this week.
      The U.S. military released the clinic’s animals from their cages in an enclosed area at the Kabul airport that had previously been used by the former Afghan army, Maxwell-Jones and a Pentagon statement said.

      Maxwell-Jones founded Kabul Small Animal Rescue in 2018 to rescue strays, provide veterinary services and help ship animals abroad for adoption. American service members who befriended animals during their deployments and wanted to bring them home have been among her most steady clientele.

      The Tennessee native has vowed to stay until she secures the evacuation of her staff, their family members and up to 250 cats and dogs. Maxwell-Jones said she has had eight charter planes canceled in recent days, costing her a substantial amount of money in nonrefundable deposits.
      The entire group arrived at the airport together last week, but Taliban guards initially allowed only Maxwell-Jones and the dogs to enter. The employees were told to wait with the cats, she said.

      In the end, only nine of the over 125 people associated with the clinic made it through the gates and left Afghanistan, she said. The cats returned to the clinic with staff members…

      “Despite an ongoing complicated and retrograde mission, U.S. forces went to great lengths to assist the Kabul Small Animal Rescue as much as possible,” Army Lt. Col. Karen Roxberry, a spokeswoman for U.S. Central Command said in a statement Tuesday.
      But Maxwell-Jones said the military provided a lot of “unnecessary pushback” once she was inside the airport.

      “All the service members on the ground were very nice,” she said. “They helped take care of the animals; they took them out; they cuddled them. They were really, really great.
      “But some of the higher-ups were like: ‘You’re using our resources. We need to get people out. Do you care about animals more than people?’ I didn’t ask to move animals instead of people. I said let’s move them in addition.”
      The animals likely would have ridden in cargo spaces, she said.

      The fate of the animals, about 50 of which Maxwell-Jones described as working dogs left in her care by contractors who supported the U.S. mission, remains unknown.
      “There’s a decent chance that most of them are alive,” she said Tuesday in a phone interview, adding that she intends to work with the Taliban, who now control the airport, to retrieve the animals.
      She remains hopeful of getting both animals and staffers out of Afghanistan in the coming weeks.
      And while the employees wait to depart, they will continue to work, with an extra emphasis on rescuing more contractor working dogs that are believed to have been left behind, Maxwell-Jones said.”

    4. Karen: do you do anything else with your life than attack Democrats, President Biden and defend Trump? The lying, fake story about military dogs being left behind was put out by FOX. It was a LIE. The dogs belonged to contractors and others. “Our interpreters” weren’t “dumped”, either.

        1. Thanks, Foggy.

          For those who don’t understand what I wrote, let me sum up.

          Here is what I actually wrote:

          “Kabul Small Animal Rescue, run by Charlotte of TN, was working to evacuate contract working dogs, pets of Americans and Afghan visa holders, and even a few strays…

          The Biden Administration could truthfully deny they were not military dogs, because contract working dogs and pets are not property of the US military. The working dogs were under contracts that included the US military. So, like our interpreters, they were dumped. They could accurately say they were not left in crates, because they opened the crates and turned them loose. Pets are now strays in a country hostile to dogs.”

          “Note that since some of the dogs worked under contract for the military, they are not deemed official Military Working Dogs.”

          The dogs were not the property of the US Military. Some of them were under contract to work for the US Military. The rest were pets and strays.

          “The CDC implemented a ban on the import of dogs from countries with high risk of rabies, due to an increase in fake rabies certificates.

          The SPCA applied for an Emergency Exemption, but so far have not been successful.”

          Everyone, if the plight of these dogs and cats moves you, please contact your representatives and urge them to clear safe passage and get that exemption from the CDC.

          As people can multitask, we can urge our government to rescue stranded Americans and Afghan allies with Special Immigrant Visas at the same time that we also express concern over the fate of these animals, and Charlotte of the KSAR.

      1. Contract working dogs means the dogs were under contract to work, for the military, for example. This does not refer to the pets of Americans and Afghan contractors. Those are referred to in the story as “pets.”

        GardaWorld owned many of these contract working dogs. One of the services they provide is Explosive Detection Canines.

        None of the job descriptions of any of the contract working dogs, or any individual information, has been made available yet.

        There is a story circulating that a private veterans group managed to get 51 contract working dogs out, but Charlotte of the KSAR in whose care they have been placed have no idea if any made it out. There has not been a confirmation or denial of what happened to that sub group.

        All we know is that the military released the dogs that were housed in crates onto airport property, and that the Taliban is now in control of the country, including the airport.

      2. Nastycha… Thanks for the laugh…you are the pot calling the kettle black…but one more observation…you do it ALL the time.

    5. In a parallel animal airlift, former Royal Marine Paul “Pen” Farthing ran an animal charity in Afghanistan called Nowzad. He got permission to evacuate around 200 animals, via “Operation Ark”, plus his American and Afghan staff. The UK did not have a similar hard wall on importing the rescues as the US did.

      However, when they arrived at the airport, they encountered the Taliban checkpoints. Inexplicably, the US decided to allow the Taliban to control who can enter and leave the airport, and restrict US military to airport property. The Taliban refused to allow Farthing’s Afghan staff to enter the airport, even though they had their paperwork and visas in order. The Afghans were not allowed through, and the military would not fetch them, so they were left behind. This was not because the humans were worth less than the people. Since the animals were slated to fly cargo, they did not take any seats meant for humans. No human being was prevented from leaving Afghanistan because an animal took their seat.

      There is currently a “Rescue the Animal Rescuers” campaign raging in the UK, in which accusations are flying. Farthing got out every human and animal that he could.

      Now either the military or private organizations need to rescue those left behind.

      This is an entirely different situation, involving different people and different countries, than the Kabul Small Animal Rescue run by Charlotte of TN. Those two missions will probably get confused at some point.

      It is inexplicable negligence to have allowed the Taliban to control ingress/egress to the only airport evacuating people. Many will be raped, tortured, and murdered because of this decision.

      Hold them accountable.

  9. The question is WHEN AND WHERE DID THESE YOUTH ASSUME THAT LIVE IS FAIR, WITHOUT WORDS WHICH YOU’LL FIND INSULTING OR THOUGHT THAT MAY NOT CONFORM TO THEIR IDEAL WORLD? Where were the parents of these neophytes, or did the parents also hold the similar beliefs that words or thoughts could harm you, and must NEVER be spoken or written. Before much longer we will not be able to preface any argument or thought.
    “The situation of our youth is not mysterious. Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. They must, they have no other models.” James Baldwin “Nobody Known My Name”

  10. The simplest solution will rub salt in people’s feelings. Boo boo. Just like cigarettes cancer warnings, have the “Trigger” nonsense plastered on everything. Feelings which we all experience from childhood must be addressed and should be taught in prerequisite courses prior to adult analytical reasoning which acknowledges the power of feelings, separates them from the clinical analysis of the subject matter. Magicians ignore the show and study the performance.

  11. However do these people read a newspaper or learn about world events?

    Oh, wait, they don’t.

    These American women college students are insulated from the plight of women worldwide, and then they naively travel to Pakistan for a lone woman bike tour across the country, never to be seen again. Or they walk alone at night in South Africa.

  12. Trigger warnings. These students need to get over themselves.

    When I went to college, we were expected to act like adults. And adults can handle uncomfortable topics and discussions.

    If someone suffers from PTSD, where certain images or topics of discussions can trigger a panic attack or mental breakdown, then meet ahead of time with your professors. Discuss the syllabus and see if you need to miss certain days or get excused from certain assignments.

    Don’t expect the entire world to revolve around what might make you uncomfortable, and conform to your needs with zero effort on your part. And, no, getting professors fired does not count as exerting yourself.

    Honestly, this is the most entitled generation we’ve produced as a nation. They have abandoned reason, and cling tightly to emotion. Emotional arguments. Emotional reactions. The world must be careful of their fragile psyche.

    The world doesn’t care and will grind on regardless, even if it’s over you.

      1. Natacha, do you have any idea how completely insane you sound, pretending that you know anything about my education? You are a complete and total stranger who likes to troll. You’ve never met me.

        This obsession you have with lying about my education, and with me in general is weird. You sound like a very unhappy person. See a doctor.

        You don’t even realize how this makes you look, do you?

        1. Karen S

          Natacha is a loon; makes up facts and invents stories.

          Internet attracts people like her.

  13. I’ve always said that there are people in every country of the world who would make great citizens of the United States. They would ascribe to our values, follow our laws, and love our country. You just have to identify them.

    I’ve also said that we don’t want a random cross section of the population in countries known for human rights abuses, or you get human rights abusers.

    Yet, somehow, inexplicably, our government got this maxim backwards.

    Thousands of Afghans with Special Immigrant Visas got left behind in Afghanistan, along with many American citizens, under threat of death by the Taliban, while an apparently undifferentiated, unvetted thousands of Afghanis got evacuated. Many of their stories didn’t match up, but they were released anyway. Afghanistan is now back to a third world country, under the rule of a terrorist regime. It’s not like we can LiveScan them now.

    But those SIV/green card holders? They proved their loyalty for years. They risked their lives to help our military. They were educated men and women working in STEM fields. They underwent a rigorous background check conducted when the US had operations and intelligence infrastructure in the country.

    And to thank them for their service, for undergoing that background check, we abandoned them.

    We allowed the Taliban to control who could get into Hamid Karzai Airport, and guess what? Afghan greed card holders were not allowed in.

    So we took a bunch of people who likely include terrorists, men who beat and kill women for not wearing “proper garb”, men who kill gays, and men who would rape women they find immodest, and we left behind those who proved they would be a perfect fit, an asset to our country.

    This isn’t just idiotic. It’s dishonorable.

    We need to settle the unvetted thousands into the specific neighborhoods of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, et al. There are thousands of our military ready and willing to go in and repeat Pineapple Express, yet again, to get our own Afghan people out. They are ours. They are American citizens or green card holders who proved our loyalty to the country, and we don’t leave people behind.

    God bless the veteran military who went to Afghanistan and saved who they could, when the Biden Administration fumbled, created chaos, and behaved dishonorably. Get ‘er done.

    1. More of you trying to wax philosophic about things you know nothing about. And, no one cares what you say, either. Where’s the proof of women getting raped?. More of your stupid attacks on President Biden and Nancy Pelosi. The Biden Administration didn’t “fumble”–that was your hero, who drew down our troop strength from 14,000 to 2,500 and released 5,000 Taliban prisoners BEFORE anyone got out. Stephen Miller, appointed by your fat hero, intentionally slowed down processing of SIV applications because he hates Muslims. Many thousands of them could have gotten out before but for Miller’s conduct. And, why didn’t your hero withdraw us from Afghanistan during the 4 years he was stinking up the White House, like he promised? You never have any philosophic comments, much less response, about Trump, his ridiculous agreement with the Taliban, the effect of drawing down our troops and releasing Taliban prisoners, failure to remove equipment when our troops were drawn down, or any of the other stupid, arrogant things he did. I guess that’s because Hannity and Fox don’t cover these topics.

    2. The Taliban promptly restarted the practice of treating women as sex slaves, and prizes of war. They are forcing young women to marry their fighters against their will.

      “A senior Taliban figure also ordered that all women over the age of 15 and widows younger than 40 should be married to the insurgent fighters after the group took the Rustaq district of the northern province of Takhar in late June, the report said.

      A local man told the Journal that he was then summoned to hand over his 15-year-old daughter, and that he fled to Kabul, the capital, which fell to the Taliban on Sunday.”…

      “Experts told the Journal that the open demand for “wives” for its fighters shows the Taliban have grown even more extreme than when they ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, and that they have likely been influenced by ISIS, which imposed widespread sexual slavery on women in Iraq and Syria.”

      Rape and forced marriage in Afghanistan has long been a problem, now escalating. The Taliban’s denials equals taqiya. They think as long as they force the young woman to marry them, they can rape them with impunity.

      In early July, after Taliban leaders who took control of the provinces of Badakhshan and Takhar issued an order to local religious leaders to provide them with a list of girls over the age of 15 and widows under the age of 45 for “marriage” with Taliban fighters. It’s not yet known whether they’ve complied.

      If these forced marriages take place, women and girls will be taken to Waziristan in Pakistan to be re-educated and converted to “authentic Islam.”

      This order has caused profound fear among women and their families living in these areas and forced them to flee and join the ranks of internally displaced persons, adding to the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Afghanistan…

      Offering “wives” is a strategy aimed at luring militants to join the Taliban. This is sexual enslavement, not marriage, and forcing women into sexual slavery under the guise of marriage is both a war crime and a crime against humanity.

      1. Here is an account of what the Taliban did during an insurgency back in 2015:

        Women human rights defenders from Kunduz spoke of a “hit list” being used by the Taliban to track down activists and others, and described how fighters had raped and killed numerous civilians.
        “The harrowing accounts we’ve received paint a picture of a reign of terror during the Taliban’s brutal capture of Kunduz this week. The multiple credible reports of killings, rapes and other horrors meted out against the city’s residents must prompt the Afghan authorities to do more now to protect civilians, in particular in areas where more fighting appears imminent,” said Horia Mosadiq, Afghanistan Researcher at Amnesty International.

        According to local activists, Taliban fighters also raped female relatives and killed family members, including children, of police commanders and soldiers, especially those working for Afghan Local Police (ALP). The Taliban also burnt down the families’ houses and looted their belongings.
        The relative of a woman who worked as a midwife in Kunduz maternity hospital told Amnesty International how Taliban fighters gang-raped and then killed her and another midwife because they accused them of providing reproductive health services to women in the city.
        The Taliban released all the male prisoners held in Kunduz and gave them arms to fight against government forces. Female prisoners were raped and beaten, then the Taliban abducted some and released others.

  14. unhappy time when standards are controlled by another party.

    Unfortunately, the administrative state is far left of center. Even if congress switches to veto proof Republican control, in the next election, the people minding the gears and levers of power are against them.

  15. While ideas about what may be triggering can and do differ, I’m pretty sure that gang rape and murder would be pretty high on the list. Sounds to me like a profoundly misogynistic professor who gets his jollies by forcing female students to participate in this stuff. It’s a shame that the trigger warning thing has been so abused because this is one case where it is fully justified.

  16. Absence of diversity in the ancient world? Are they seriously that ignorant of ancient history, archeology and every other cross-cultural discipline? Do they really believe we can retrofit ideologies and values? Should e cancel the entire past because it isn’t “woke” enough for today’s imbeciles? One of the most frustrating thing in dealing with the “woke” mob is the sheer depth of its ignorance. You can’t explain things to a rock, and this mob is just as dense and inert.

  17. Lefties are intellectually dishonest in that they support free speech when a professor advocates white suicide, but then seek to punish another professor that they dislike.

    They don’t want justice, they want power.

    But power is slippery, they are setting the stage for an unhappy time when standards are controlled by another party.

    1. They do not need power to fall into the hands of their enemies. Those on the left will suffer as power concentrates among their own.

      In the real world people are not equal. We can not make them equal by force. All of us benefit when each of us meets our individual potential.

      If you are traumatized by a scene in a film you will not do very well in the real world.

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