The New Federalist Party: Biden Moves Forward With the Greatest Federalization Push Since Adams

President Joe Biden has long pledged to “build back better” but in the last few months it has become clear that his transformative plans go beyond mere infrastructure and extend to our very structure of government.

From abortions to elections to rents, Biden is seeking to federalize huge areas to displace state law. Not since John Adams and his Federalist Party has the country faced such a fundamental challenge to our system of federalism.

Some of the claims made by Biden recently would make even Adams blush. What is most striking about these claims is that Biden and his aides have indicated that they know they are operating outside of constitutional limits.

Take the recent controversy over the vaccine mandate. Biden and aides like chief of staff Ronald Klain claimed before the inauguration that he would impose national mandates in the pandemic, only to be told that a president lacks such authority over the states. Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other Democratic leaders then denied that they would impose such mandates, often acknowledging the constitutional limits placed on presidents.

Then came last week, when Biden suddenly announced that he would impose a national vaccine mandate through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Klain admitted that the OSHA rule was a mere “workaround” of the constitutional limit imposed on the federal government. White House press secretary Jen Psaki preferred to call it a “pathway” after admitting “we do not have the power to inform each American you need to be vaccinated.” 

Whether a “workaround” or a “pathway,” the move would allow the federal government to dictate public health measures in every state – a claim that will face major federalism challenges in court.

Under this interpretation, OSHA could impose a federal mandate for any measure that impacts workers, including public health measures not directly linked to a given workplace or job. That may be more of a sticker shock for some on the federal bench, including some justices.

The move came on the same day Attorney General Merrick Garland announced an equally sweeping claim of federal jurisdiction over abortion rights in challenging the Texas law.

Garland announced that the federal government would appear in court not as an amicus (or friend of the court), as has been its practice in past cases. Instead, it will sue directly as a party in interest because the law is viewed as countermanding a constitutional right. Indeed, Garland claimed such authority in defense of any constitutional right that could be abridged by any state law.

In his remarks, Garland indicated that the government would claim federal preemption in whole or in part over the abortion area. That is another sweeping claim that could make many judges uneasy. The Supreme Court has always recognized state authority in this area. The question is where to draw the line. The filing will add a new basis for pro-life challenges based on federalization.

The filing against the Texas law followed a call from Biden for a “whole of government response” that was obviously directed at the Justice Department. It is not the first pressure exerted by the White House on agencies for such legal claims.

The Democratic Party has now emerged as the new Federalist Party and Biden is seeking to outdo John Adams in supplanting state authority.

Previously, Biden called for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to impose a nationwide moratorium on the eviction of renters. Biden admitted that his White House counsel and their preferred legal experts told him that the move was likely unconstitutional. Despite that overwhelming opinion, he listened to Professor Laurence Tribe at the urging of Pelosi. Despite the pledge to return to a respect for the “rule of law,” Biden openly suggested that they could use the litigation to get as much money out of the door as possible before being barred by the courts. They lost in court, as many of us predicted, but Biden wanted this small agency to effectively dictate rental payments across the country.

These moves follow new evidence that the Biden administration had concluded that a farm debt law was unconstitutional before putting it into the pandemic relief bill.

There has been little media attention to the impressive litany of losses of the Biden administration in court or the open pressure by the White House on these agencies. The media covered such pressure extensively during the Trump administration and legal experts objected that the Trump White House was attacking the independence of the Justice Department and other agencies. In these measures, Biden is demanding dubious federal actions that are being promptly taken by his agency heads with poor outcomes for the executive branch.

The move on abortion is particularly reckless. The Texas law is already being challenged so there is no need for a federal action. However, the White House wanted such a filing for political reasons and Garland relented. In so doing, he risked potentially damaging new precedent on federal jurisdiction in a lawsuit that is redundant and unnecessary.

Roughly 200 years ago, the Federalist Party faded from political dominance in the United States and, with it, his vision for a dominant federal government. The Democratic Party has now emerged as the new Federalist Party and Biden is seeking to outdo Adams in supplanting state authority. It is not an act of building back as much as breaking down a system designed to protect liberty by preventing the concentration of authority in our government.

The question now is whether this “workaround” the Constitution will actually work with the courts.

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  1. “The Democratic Party has now emerged as the new Federalist Party . . .”

    No. It has emerged as the New Fascist Party.

    Use the correct concepts. Define them properly. That’s how you win the political debate.

    1. The New Fascist Party.

      The New Forcible Overthrow Party

      The New American Communist Party

      “The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.”

      – Karl Marx

  2. I had questioned your opposition to the rent moratorium extension based on the human and compassionate side of argument. I felt that it was ok to push it through with a wink and a nod in order for the greater good. I still feel it was important to keep millions from being displaced and I also felt it was important that landlords be compensated by the govt for this. But in my zeal I dismissed the constitutional argument in favor of the compassionate one. In retrospect, I was wrong. A better approach would have been for the govt to redirect funding from other programs that are unnecessary, like paying off student loans (how does paying off student loans during a pandemic help people survive? It helps people who took out loans maintain credit ratings while not paying, but a wiser approach to that would have been to offer tax incentives to lenders to postpone payments till after the pandemic). That money along with other areas of cuts could be redirected towards literally paying these renters payments to the rental agencies and property owners during the pandemic. The justification for such an expense being its the govt that threw the wrench into the business community costing millions their jobs, small businesses, etc.

    My argument was a humane one, and the spirit of it I still stand by. If the govt decided to shut down businesses and force millions of small business owners to lose their businesses in turn laying off millions of workers, along with the large businesses impacted, then its the govts responsibility to see that the millions of people they just made lose their jobs (and no other jobs available to the majority of them especially in the inner cities) then its the govt’s responsibility to supplement them until the economy can recover from the mess the govt created.

    My intent erred on the side of compassion, but where I erred was in how they went about it.

    Circumventing the Constitution opened the door for more circumventing the Constitution. And now we see once the precedent is set, at least in the culprits minds, that the gloves come off and it becomes easy to poke holes in it wherever they see a “need”. I was wrong, and sadly I am reminded as Sagan once prophetically stated “once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back”. (Carl Sagan; “The Demon-Haunted World”)

  3. Biden sure gets credit for others works….something he has managed to do for his entire career in government….and college days.

    This is. not Biden’s doing…..the question is who behind the scenes is calling the shots….the real hands on guy or group that is trotting out all of these over-reaching violations of the Constitution?

    We need to see them exposed in public…and. made well known to the entire Nation and be held accountable for their actions.

    This is not “Federalism”….this is an attempt to take control of the Nation and deprive the People of its authority set forth in the Constitution.

    In time….we shall see that it is not going to be the Courts that decide this larger matter… will be when the People see the need to reject centralized control of the Nation which is contrary to the Constitution.

    The Radical Left better slow down and remember how many of us have taken Oaths to defend the Constitution….something the vast majority of us think is not a Time Limited promise.

    1. Ralph Chappell,

      I agree but suggest “cease” is more appropriate than “slow down” in the last paragraph.

      Additionally, the most frightening aspect of the push by those actually in control of the administration is that they do not seem to care (they must know) that political violence (not staged antifa / blm, womens’ marches) and revolutions result when all discussion is ended.

      Which may suggest that they want to incite a revolution in order to suspend the Constitution, but I do not see how such a strategy benefits any other than one or more outside enemies of America. The only viable enemy is the CCP which owns so many elected officials today. I discount Putin because I judge he is too smart to destroy the balance of power with America – erode America’s standing and shift the balance: Yes; destroy America in one blow: No.

  4. This has been Silicon Valley’s operational MO for years: involve a third party as a fall guy, be legally accountable for nothing. Still wonder why it was a scary thing to have Google in the White House? With Trump it was largely hyperbole. The current administration may actually destroy our country. A test, indeed.

  5. Nothing says “unity” like totalitarianism. And if we’re not there yet, that is where we’re headed. People need to get over their feelings about Trump and decide, left or right, jabbed or unjabbed, if they want to live under a communist totalitarian government. Because all these people who are about to lose their jobs, health care workers and cops and firefighters, and one day, their homes, will leave a void and that void will be filled by chaos. And after a year of utter chaos and mayhem, a totalitarian state might start to look pretty good. We are checking off all the boxes on the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Communism and we refuse to see it because we are all locked in our delusions. Because we have never known anything but freedom, we don’t value it and we are throwing it away hand over fist. God help us.

    1. We are checking off all the boxes on the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Communism and we refuse to see it because we are all locked in our delusions. Because we have never known anything but freedom, we don’t value it and we are throwing it away hand over fist.

      Follow the science. Survival of the fittest states that those who are not fit, do not survive. We are a society that enables people, particularly the unfit. Better answer would be to bring back the dinosaurs.

      God help us.

      We knew the rules but we got too fat and sassy.

      “They say the meek shall inherit the earth”

    2. An echo of Karen S’s efforts to try to sway opinion that Democrats are totalitarians, ignoring the facts of Trump’s Big Lie, ignoring the fact that he cheated to get into office, ignoring the fact that Republicans refused to remove him from office despite trying to leverage aid to Ukraine in exchange for creating lies to smear Biden, despite fomenting an insurrection in a vain effort to try to prevent Congress from accepting certified vote totals, despite every Secretary of State certifying Biden’s win, despite Bill Barr’s and Chris Krebs’s assurances that the election was free and fair and there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Trump still won’t stop lying and Republicans still refuse to speak out against the Big Lie. Republicans refuse to acknowledge Trump’s lousy agreement with the Taliban as the reason for insecurity during the Afghanistan evacuation because they think they can score political points, just like the FL Republican did today, in a disgraceful display of photos of those who died, lying about Biden manipulating intelligence, based on NO evidence whatsoever. He wasn’t even asking questions of Antony Blinken–just a partisan political effort to leverage the grief and loss of families who lost brave young people by lying about Biden manipulating intelligence, as if anyone could predict in advance, much less stop a suicide bomber. This is about as low as it gets in politics. Republicans ARE liars. That is no delusion. They are NOT patriots. They are power-hungry and will do anything to stay in power.

      You say people need to “get over their feelings about Trump”–but how can we when he won’t go away or shut up? Even before the California recall vote, Trump is claiming it is rigged, and only because the Republican candidate is predicted to get his clock cleaned. And, when it happens, he’ll continue sowing seeds of doubt about election integrity with no facts whatsoever. Republicans still won’t speak out. Yesterday, Harvard and Yale educated Ron DeSantis stood at a podium with a FL resident who claims that COVID vaccines alter the RNA of recipients–something that is not only a lie, but DeSantis KNOWS it is a lie. Did he respond to this man and correct this statement? No. He let the lie stand for political reasons.

      The Republican Party continues to lose the support of the majority of the American people, and have pulled all stops to try to get and maintain power, including manipulation of the grief of military families. Today’s display was disgusting. The “utter chaos and mayhem” are the fault of Trump and the Republicans. Biden was handed an agreement with the Taliban that the Afghan government wasn’t even involved with, and Trump had already drawn down troop strength from 14,000 to 2,500, and cut loose 5,000 Taliban to boot. But, if things were chaotic at the Kabul Airport, it must be ALL Biden’s fault, and he MUST have manipulated intelligence–right? If that’s the narrative that Republicans think will score political points, then they’ll say it because there is no longer any bottom to which most of them will stoop. As if members of Congress get the same intelligence briefings that Biden received, or that Biden would ignore the advice of military commanders. And you Trumpsters lap it up every single day.

      1. It *is* BIDEN’s fault. EVERY last screwup that happens during Biden’s administration is on Biden and his band of incompetents. Biden himself says “the buck stops with ME.” Uh, Joe, that means YOU stop blaming the last guy for what is YOUR responsibility. Doofus.

  6. Prof Turley missed the most chilling parallel of all: between the Sedition Act of 1798 and the current Domestic Anti-Terror bill.

  7. This isn’t federalism, it is a federalist Trojan Horse. The left doesn’t care about federalism, just remember when Trump when after states regarding sanctuary cities. The left doesn’t want federalism if the feds were for mandating IDs at the polls. They want power and since they have power today they are trying to pass rules and regs that make it harder for them to lose elections going forward. If they lose power in 2022 and 2024 you will see resist coming back along with states rights.

  8. The primary question to ask and the 900 pound gorilla in the room is,”Who is really running the White House?”

    The 46th President is having a good day if he can read his teleprompter message or remember his note cards. The corporate press is complicit in hiding the truth about his diminished capacity. He rarely has more than two to three official items on his schedule. How is that possible?

    The border is an historic emergency and the actions of the military leadership are shameful, this administration is hell bent to destroy our economy.

    The second question is, “What is “their” end game?”

    This will not turn out well. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

      1. Wen, Astute observation. There appears to be a deeper strategy and this certainly fits the description of our current affairs and explains the crisis at the border and the disparity in workers willing to work and jobs.

        I am tempted to see how many jobs I can get in one day. I think it would be from 15-25. There are help wanted signs virtually in every business.

    1. Nicholas, not enough people are talking about what McConnell did for the country by keeping this moonbat of the SCOTUS. Garland is a nightmare as AG and thankfully he will only serve 4 years.

  9. Immunity = naturally acquired immunity from recovery from Covid + vaccinated + naturally immune.

    This claim that those who recovered from Covid who don’t want the shot are some sort of lepers is not based on any science. It’s, once again, an emotional argument. Naturally acquired immunity is equal to or greater than vaccine acquired immunity.

    The risk/benefit analysis just doesn’t make any sense to get vaccinated if you’ve already recovered from Covid. Not even a titer of declining protective antibodies would indicate a booster shot is needed, as the immune system has a memory.

    We are standing idly by while Democrats create a caste society.

    We are also witnessing one of the most bungled government communications efforts of all time. The contradictory messaging about Covid and vaccines is indefensible. The vaccine protects you from serious illness. It used to protect you from getting infected at all, but unfortunately, SARS-CoV2 is a highly mutable virus. It constantly creates new variants. Immunity selects out resistant variants. It doesn’t matter if that immunity was generated by a vaccine or Covid itself. Only variants that can circumvent our defenses will be able to find hosts to proliferate. The older variants can only infect those who are not immune, such as the unvaccinated who never had Covid-19. The newer variants can infect everyone, including the vaccinated, although so far at a lower rate.

    You get vaccinated to protect yourself from disease. Yet Kamala Harris just pronounced that the unvaccinated need to get vaccinated to “protect the vaccinated.” Um, what now? The vaccine protects the vaccinated. That’s why I went through the extreme lethargy and tachycardia from the vaccine, to get protection from the disease. The unvaccinated and non immune need protection from the disease.

    Joe Biden has been hammering states with Covid breakouts, yet at the same time he’s let in over a million illegal immigrants, many of whom are infected with Covid. Meanwhile New Zealand slammed its border shut with a clang, throwing the keys into shark-infested waters, and Iceland strictly enforces a 14 day traveler quarantine, but here’s Joe Biden, “helping” Americans by dumping a million more unvetted illegal immigrants into our country struggling with a pandemic.

    These people are driving home a message that the vaccine is pointless, and then complaining about people not wanting to get vaccinated. We need Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in a crisis like you need a clown show while fishing at dawn.

    They are also taking government overreach and abuse of power to truly frightening levels.

    1. Karen you made two excellent points about the either hypocrisy or duplicity of the messages and policies coming out of the WH. If the vaccines work (which I wholeheartedly believe they do) then they should tell the unvaccinated that instead of saying the vaccinated are in danger. It makes no sense. If the vaccines work the vaccinated don’t need protection and if they don’t why bother making others get it?

      On the border, if you are causing people to lose their job due to not being vaccinated then how can you allow in over a million unvaccinated foreigners? Suddenly unvaccinated AMERICANS are the enemy (frankly I think they are dumb and unhelpful) then why not attack a leak at the border? Why treat AMERCIANS worse than FOREIGNERS?

    2. More of Karen playing doctor again. The CDC recommends vaccination even for those who have had COVID. This advice is based on studies proving that vaccines provide superior protection. The “natural immunity” argument is just another excuse to placate the anti-vaxxers who are following the Trump/Republican Party meme of trying to keep the pandemic going to prevent the economy from recovering. Karen’s advice is based on watching Hannity. More of her “caste society” nonsense, even thought I have corrected her at least twice. She doesn’t even understand what a “caste society” is or that one can never leave the caste of their birth. That has nothing to do with people who refuse vaccination and refuse to wear masks but believe they have some right to go around spreading a dangerous virus, prolonging a pandemic and preventing the economy from fully recovering. And, make no mistake about it: the reason Trump/Republicans are discouraging vaccination is purely political. Just yesterday, DeSantis, educated at both Harvard and Yale, one of which is a law degree, stood by at a podium and allowed a man to put out the false narrative that COVID vaccination alters your RNA. DeSantis knows better and didn’t correct this person. The reason is purely political. Today, a FL Republican took over the mic and instead of asking Antony Blinken questions about the Afghanistan withdrawal, displayed photos of those who were killed, falsely accused Biden of “manipulating intelligence”, and claimed that families of the deceased are entitled to “answers”. Politicizing the deaths of brave military members and leveraging the grief of their families is immoral. Republicans did not speak out against this because they believe it will provide them with a political tactical advantage, and they’ve never commented on Trump’s responsibility for setting the stage for chaos in Afghanistan by drawing down troops and releasing Taliban prisoners. Republicans are despicable people.

      And, there’s nothing “bungled” about COVID advice, either. Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson all said that the vaccines do not completely eliminate COVID, and that efficacy against serious disease, hospitalization is in the high-90% range. Everyone needs to get vaccinated and to wear masks to protect everyone else. If COVID doesn’t have hosts, it cannot replicate or mutate into vaccine-resistant strains. This is how measles and smallpox, both highly contagious virus diseases, were all but eliminated. And, vaccination against these diseases have been required for school children for decades, so mandatory immunization is nothing new.

      What is “truly frightening” is the extent to which Trumpsters like Karen believe themselves sufficiently qualified to contradict the advice of physicians, epidemiologists and public health officials when they don’t have the education or medical licensure to inform anyone of anything. It’s this mentality that I don’t understand, along with the gullibility of those who put their faith in a proven, habitual liar over election officials, over courts, over the former AG and head of cybersecurity and over the rulings of dozens of courts.

      1. “The ‘natural immunity’ argument is just another excuse to placate the anti-vaxxers . . .”

        When the Left says “follow the science,” what they really mean is: The science is whatever the government Authorities (Fauci, the CDC) say it is. (Who are you, peasant, to question. Shut up and obey.)

        This is particularly evident on the issue of natural immunity — the efficacy of which has been known for decades. And is now proven for Covid:

        “The natural immune protection that develops after a SARS-CoV-2 infection offers considerably more of a shield against the Delta variant of the pandemic coronavirus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine . . .”

        The Israeli study is “‘a textbook example of how natural immunity is really better than vaccination,’ says Charlotte Thålin, a physician and immunology researcher at Danderyd Hospital and the Karolinska Institute who studies the immune responses to SARS-CoV-2.”

        To anticipate a stupid response: The study is *not* an argument against vaccination or for hosting an “infection party.” It’s an argument for the efficacy of natural immunity.

      2. Following the “science” would sound like this: If you have had covid and recovered from it, you now have robust, durable and complete immunity against the virus. Your immunity cannot be improved upon by taking the vaccines or booster injections!

      3. Natacha says we all must vaccinate the unvaccinated in order to protect the vaccinated with the very thing that did not protect the vaccinated in the first place! Follow the “science”!

      4. Fact is these vaccines are proving neither safe nor effective.

        Check out the VAERS database and have a look at the number of deaths after receiving the “vaccine” shots and the over one million reports of adverse “events” causing serious injury and harm, including permanent disability AFTER taking the experimental injections they call “vaccines”. VAERS reports are certified by the CDC and the database is closely monitored by FDA.

        NIH recently awarded five research grants for researchers to study the now alarming number of reports of abnormal menstruation in women both too young to be bleeding, too old to be bleeding, and those now experiencing very abnormal bleeding being reported AFTER taking the vaccine shots. NIH is now funding research into whether there is a link. OF COURSE THERE IS!

        Just as they discovered myocarditis IS connected to getting the jabs!

      5. Natacha writes: ” The CDC recommends vaccination even for those who have had COVID. This advice is based on studies proving that vaccines provide superior protection.”

        PROVE it. Link to those “scientific” studies right here. Provide the links.

        1. FACT: Natural immunity provides broad, robust, durable and complete protection against the virus that CANNOT BE IMPROVED UPON.

          Any suggestion otherwise is ANTI-science.

  10. From abortions to elections to rents, Biden is seeking to federalize huge areas to displace state law. Not since John Adams and his Federalist Party has the country faced such a fundamental challenge to our system of federalism.

    Some of the claims made by Biden recently would make even Adams blush. What is most striking about these claims is that Biden and his aides have indicated that they know they are operating outside of constitutional limits.

    Jimmy Carter must be LOL at Hunter Biden’s papi. Biden has no electrical activity in his brain other than perhaps artifact from his adderall meds. Biden- Pelosi team is spearheading a monstrous tax increase

    Here Comes the Biden Tax Bill

    As a share of GDP, the House proposal is still the largest tax increase since 1968. It also doesn’t account for the Senate Finance Committee, which has floated a paper with multi-trillions in tax increases to choose from.


    The House proposal will hit small businesses that pay taxes through the individual code especially hard. They’ll pay the higher individual rates, including a new 3.8% surtax on small business income, and they’ll pay on more of their income because the Democratic proposal eliminates the 20% deduction on qualified business income.

    … the economic literature is clear that corporations don’t pay taxes. They are merely the collection vessels for levies that are passed along to some combination of employees, consumers and shareholders. Much of the $900 billion will be paid in smaller wage gains for workers who are already paying a Biden tax from higher inflation.

    – WSJ
    Sept 13

    At this rate of Biden’s disastrous occupancy of the White House at less than 9 months, Governor Ron DeSantis looks like a winner. Hopefully a majority of US House Democrats will lose their power. Optimistically, Republicans will grow a pair when they win the US House and Senate, and hit Dems harder than how Dems hit Trump and GOP. DeSantis has the right idea, former USN JAG Corp attorney that he is

    DeSantis says if Biden spent ‘less time talking about Florida and more time doing his job’ US troops might not have died

    If you watch Biden, he always has to talk about Florida loves talking about things that we’re doing down there,’ DeSantis said Sunday. ‘If he spent a little less time talking about Florida and more time doing his job as commander in chief, we might not have 13 service members who were killed in action in Afghanistan because of his ineptitude and dereliction of duty.

    Daily Mail
    Sept 13

    1. It’s clear to many of us that the Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer/McConnell/McCarty rest of the pack of DC scum are in such a panic & they are throwing everything including the kitchen sink at us hoping to distract us.

      A friend Prof Turley & other Americans should tell them, Hey Look, Squirrel!

      The Sedition & Espionage, 1/6/21 + was/is committed by many of the imposters leaders currently in the DC Fed Govt.

      BTW: Nice of them to give the Ph’in Islamic whack job Taliban all those US Citizen paid for assets/ air bases/arms/ Humanitarian Aid & flying over here there GD Islamic Brothers into the US.

      So after 20 years we can longer afford to fight them over there so all the current leaders think it’s cheaper for us to fight those evil aholes over here.

      And hey, look, Squirrel, nothing going on at the Southern US Border other then a Full Scale Invasion of the US!

  11. Are you sure it’s just federalization the Democrats are after and not totalitarianism?

    1. -Giocon1,
      I think they are trying to dress it up as benign, benevolent, “we are you betters, just shut up and listen to us and do as we say,” warm and fuzzy totalitarianism.
      And half of the country is doing exactly that, while cheering them on.

      1. To: UpstateFarmer, September 14, 2021 at 9:40 AM
        Careful, now—Emperor Biden has proclaimed that “his patience is wearing thin”—the “warmth & fuzziness” may not be lasting much longer.

  12. “The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.”

    – Karl Marx

    General Secretary Joe Biden casts off the shackles of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    “[Freedom], we don’t need no stinking [freedom]!”

    – “Gold Hat”

  13. This is not Federalism — it’s authoritarianism. Joe Biden and this admin are working closely with their counterparts in the CCP. These relationships have been gradually exposed over the past 8 months. Elites in the US have essentially merged with the elites in China to create a Great Reset for the U.S. government. Unless citizens fight back we will soon have digital identities, digital wallets controlled by the government, and a social credit score based on what’s “good for us” by the Klaus Schwabe’s and Xi Jinping’s of the world.

    1. I agree, but understand in their abject ignorance and insularity that is precisely what a great many young Americans *want*, and if one doesn’t think it matters, look no further than the likes of AOC. Her district isn’t ever going to vote her out, for example.

  14. Two trends coming together that should terrify Americans:

    (1) The dominance of Federal “justice” over state justice (just look at the success rate of Federal prosecutions – few can defend against a Federal indictment); and

    (2) The ability of Federal agencies to ruin lives (look at Lois Lerner of the IRS or the various recent FBI “investigations”).

    The Biden administration is reducing American freedoms.

  15. Adams was much smarter than Biden, tho. Adams could read Greek, not all that uncommon for the well educated in that era, while Joe has problems with basic English

    1. re: Liberty2nd

      The 10th Amendment – preceded by the 9th Amendment – would make Jim Crow practices illegal and unconstitutional. Racists exploited and cherry-picked the 10th Amendment illegally. Not a single amendment can legally be used to deny constitutional rights, as was done during Jim Crow.

      The 10th Amendment (when used legally and properly) can be used to expand women’s rights, LGBT rights, immigrant rights, restrict unconstitutional domestic spying by federal agencies and allow marijuana legalization by states.

      1. There would have been no Jim Crow if “Crazy Abe” Lincoln would have followed the law. Upon the issuance of the unconstitutional emancipation proclamation, the freed black slaves must have been deported as the Naturalization Act of 1802 was in full force and effect requiring citizens to be “…free white person(s).”

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