Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween appears to be back!  Despite the ongoing pandemic, the kids were back this evening — a testament to the healing power of candy.  We bought a dozen bags of candy and we have had to run to the store twice due to the crowd. There are hundreds of kids outside. It is Halloween with a vengeance! 

As usual, I bought my favorite candy (Reece’s Peanut Butter cups) as well as an assortment of other candies. 

Here are some of our understated decorations this year featuring a wedding:



12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!!”

  1. Amazing….Kids can still have a good time, gobble down way too much candy, laugh, giggle, walk the streets with their parents, connect with neighbors….oh how the Left must feel on such a happy event.

    I suppose Covid is killed by candy wrappers and is scared off by Hobgoglins!

    Is this the tipping point folks?

    1. Prof Turley, you’re brilliant and yet have some fun with Halloween. I read your posts everyday. Thank you for sharing your brilliant, Unbiased and honest thoughts on a host of issues. You are truly one of the finest legal minds of our generation. Happy Halloween.

  2. “I bought my favorite candy (Reece’s Peanut Butter cups)”

    Mine, too! Those or a grown-up, velvety, coffee-laden chocolate bar.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Ours was on Thursday. We had a total of 20 kids, which may be a record for our little rural neck of the woods.

  4. Happy Halloween and blessings to all of our ancestors, family, friends and associates on All Souls’ Day! Remember the excitement and wonder felt as a child on this night and other holidays, like Christmas and Easter?!? Well, that is what we all want to SURVIVE in our Democracy! 💗🙏🏼👍🏼

  5. I agree! I was pleasantly surprised to have a number of Trick Or Treaters. It felt quite normal. We’re back !!!!!

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