Canadian Professor Under Fire For Allegedly False Claim of Indigenous Ancestry

University of Saskatchewan is embroiled in a controversy over “self-identification” of ethnic or cultural status. According to news reports, Carrie Bourassa of the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology has claimed Indigenous/Native American heritage, but is “entirely [of] European descent.”  Self-identification has long been accepted in many universities and recently The Hill ran a story that over one-third of white students may have lied about their race on college applications.

Bourassa has been accused of changing prior claims of being Métis by arguing that she “was adopted into the community by a Métis friend of her grandfather” and that “elders who support her do not rely on ‘blood quantums’ to assess Indigenous identity.” She admits that there is no proof that she is Métis or Tlingit by birth.

That has caused tension at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research where Bourassa serves as scientific director of the Indigenous health. The CIHR insists that “On the question of Dr. Bourassa’s identity, we recognize that Indigenous identity is complex, multifaceted and deeply personal and we support Indigenous self-identification.”

That creates a situation not unlike the Elizabeth Warren controversy where the senator insisted that her false claim of Native American ancestry was not the basis of her being hired or promoted at law schools. She later claimed a 1/32 link, which many do not consider sufficient.

There is merit to the position of the universities in both the Bourassa and Warren cases.  The false claim of Indigenous ancestry may be an honest mistake or a knowing falsehood.  It is hard to confirm such intent or scienter to support termination. Moreover, while knowingly false statements are considered unethical conduct, they are rarely the sole basis for termination (particularly on issues that do not touch upon published research or academic functions).

Nevertheless, Indigenous academics, such as Raven Sinclair from the University of Regina have objected that keeping Bourassa employed is “untenable.”

The controversy again raises whether self-identification is truly sufficient for faculty members or students to claim racial classifications. That is the current approach on applications for most colleges and universities.



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  1. Enigma claimed that only in America were the children of slaves also slaves.

    That seems to be something he learned in one of those silly and erroneous CRT courses designed to foment racial hostility over things that are not true.

    He did not respond when I gave him a link to Roman slavery and mentioned serfdom in Europe, both of which saw children also being slaves and serfs.

    The same was also true in ancient Greece

    Enigma likely will resent the fact that these slaves were Caucasian and so can’t be milked for grievances by American race hustlers.

  2. Maybe, the best solution is to ban questions of race and ethnicity on all documents.

    1. That won’t happen. Some orchestras will audition performers behind screens so their ability can be measured only by quality rather than race or sex. The race hustlers are demanding the screens be taken down to achieve diversity.

  3. Let’s say that you go to work for an employer and you receive higher pay because you put on your application that you are a college graduate. It is the found out that you did not graduate from a University and you were fired. The best description of you would be that you are a grifter. Just think what heights you might have attained if you had just put as much energy into your education as you did into your scam. You should have believed your parents when they told you that there are no shortcuts in life. Then again, maybe your parents forgot to pass on such wisdom because they too were the cut in line types just like you. I guess they didn’t listen when they heard that no cutting in line would be allowed. Of course the bullies would cut in line anyway.

  4. What are the requirements for the position of Scientific Director of the Indigenous Health? I suspect an applicant didn’t need to identify as indigenous, but rather their qualifications would be enhanced by such an identity over other equally qualified applicants without that identity. If it was in fact a requirement for the position, then there must be some measurable feature of that identity that can be tested beyond making such a claim.

  5. Anonymous

    You never miss an opportunity to talk about yourself.

    Whether you are telling shaggy dog stories about your great grandmother or piteously whining about being censored, you never stop posting about yourself.

    Get a life.

  6. She’s trans-indigenous. There, fixed it for you. Seriously, since the whole minority-preference system is a scam, I don’t have a problem with someone who plays a bit loose with the facts.

  7. The problem is that there is no way to prove or disprove Indian ancestry. There are no banks of Amerindian DNA so genealogists use DNA from Mexico as markers. As for tribal recognition, tribes use whatever criteria their elders decide on. A good example is the Cherokee. They use the Dawes Roll which is a roll of the Cherokee who made the trip from Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama to Oklahoma. Yet there were Cherokee and part-Cherokee who stayed where they were and assimilated into white society, as some of my ancestors did. They were no longer considered Cherokee even though by blood they were. It appears i this case the woman claims to have been adopted into the tribe. Maybe so. After all, Sammy Davis Jr most definitely wasn’t born a Jew.

    1. The problem has nothing to do with proving or disproving her claim. The problem is that there is a benefit available dependent on belonging to some group.

    2. Not true. Native American DNA % can be estimated using the genetic makeup kits like 23 and Me. It is more distinct from Eurasian-African DNA variants because of 13,000 years of reproductive isolation. If there were a bona-fide occupational requirement (that part is dubious), the scientific methodology is available to assess it.

    1. So if a non-white person complains about racial preference, that is okay, but if a white person complains, that is not. Is that your point? Congratulations on being a racist.

      1. If a white person is blind to all the inherent advantages they have while b*tching about the advantages other people they have, while watching daily how laws and policies are depriving people of color. That is not on;ly complaining about something that doesn’t exist, it’s ignorance at a almost unimaginable level.

        1. Your people have been free since 1865 to leave the “racist” white Americans behind and go back home to Africa. Yet since 1865 you have chosen to stay, and we know why. It is because you have understood that if you divorced yourselves from the awful “racist” white Americans and went to live in an all-black society, your standard of living and your longevity would drop like a rock. Today there are 26 countries on earth with a per-capita gross domestic product of less than $1,000 per year. 22 of them are in black Africa, and also there is Haiti. Not very enticing – is it? We whites don’t need you, but you would sink without us. Yet you gripe and criticize…………..

          1. I’m glad you singled out Haiti. You no doubt have no idea why Haiti is broke. France could tell you, so could Thomas Jefferson and every US President since the Haitian Revolution. They dared to win their freedom and scare the hell out of every American plantation owner.
            You have no knowledge of American history, world history, or the impact of colonization, systemic racism, and what came after 1865 (hint: The Black Codes, Jim Crow, thousands of lynchings, racist policies, mass incarceration). Please find someone that has a clue, of course if you did, they would recognize white supremacy for what it is.

            1. Enigma re Haiti “They dared to win their freedom and scare the hell out of every American plantation owner.”

              The black leaders, mixed race, of the revolt turned around and re-enslaved the bulk of the black occupants.

              It was less an opposition to slavery than a fight over who can be the master.

            2. There were “thousands of lynchings” of white men in the old west. Horse thieves, cattle rustlers, murderers, rapists, and all kinds of criminals were lynched because courts and judges were few and far between in rural areas. Lynching doesn’t belong to black people, nor does slavery, which has existed throughout the world in all of recorded history. People of all colors have been slaves, and still are. Black Americans need something to hang onto to attempt to escape the fact that they can’t get their sh*t together and are surpassed in short order by every immigrant group that sets foot in this country. I’m damned glad that I haven’t taken on the role of defending black Americans, because you have an uphill battle and people aren’t buying it, except maybe some rich white airhead at a liberal college, but they’ll eventually grow up. Try selling your sob story to the Mexicans who come here and take on the bottom most jobs and within 20 years own their own businesses and homes. 🤣

              1. Chattel slavery as practiced in America existed nowhere else. America invented Partrus Sequitur Ventrum which made slavery follow the female bloodline, making children of female slaves also slaves when they would have been born free anywhere else in the world. I(t also legalized the rape of enslaved people and made sure that white fathers bore no responsibility for their children. Yeah, I can see why some unbrainwashed white people might feel bad about their history. You would rather it be covered up. The funny thing is that white America will be trying to coverup 2016-2020 to pretend America isn’t still a racist nation.


                1. But then there were those benevolent Arab slavers (that black Americans love to name their children after, hahaha), who CASTRATED their sub-Saharan African male slaves. Napoleon briefly outlawed the practice when he was in Egypt, but it soon reappeared after he left.

                2. So what? The children of slaves have been slaves pretty much everywhere throughout history. In Africa captives could be eaten.

                  1. ” The children of slaves have been slaves pretty much everywhere throughout history”

                    This is an example of you making things up that sound good so you can ignore facts. Though CRT is being taught almost nowhere except at a graduate level, you make the case that it should be.

                    1. The question about whether CRT is being taught translates into this simple question:

                      “When you stand in front of a group of American students, how do you answer the question “Are all Americans equal regardless of race?”

                      “You either look them in the eye and declare, “All of you are equal citizens under the law and by present social custom, and you should approach every situation with that expectation”. “It wasn’t always that way, but it has been for 3 generations, and that isn’t going to change.”


                      You start out by telling the students that there is a racial pecking order with whites at the apex, immediately telegraphing to minority students that they shouldn’t expect as much as white students. You just blew it royal, and don’t deserve a perch in front of an American classroom.

                      I consider any curriculum that sends students a message of inequality by race in the current context, whether directly or implied, to be spreading the poison of CRT.

                      Those that set an unflinching expectation of racial equality, and counsel students to go forward with that expectation, and the responsibility to live up to it at all times, is not CRT.

                    2. Enigma says “Though CRT is being taught almost nowhere except at a graduate level…”

                      PROVE it.

                3. “I(t also legalized the rape of enslaved people and made sure that white fathers bore no responsibility for their children.”.

                  Much like in the Black Community these days right….Children born out of wedlock to absentee Fathers.

                  Where is the Racism in that situation?

                  What played the largest role in the destruction of the Black Family?

                  Moral decay…or Democrat Agenda policies down through the years?

                  1. “Where is the Racism in that situation?”
                    Mass incarceration to begin with, there are dozens of systemic reasons that contribute to the situation, instead of resolving them, you blame the affected. The reason there are geographic Black communities are due to racist policies like segregation, redlining, the inability to get VA and FHA loans, steering. Just brush that all aside and ignore it. It’s what you do.

            3. Unless you’re a history major, the Haitian Revolution of 1791 – 1804 was a hell of a long time ago and doesn’t explain why, after gaining their freedom so long ago, that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Demographics, anyone?

              1. Notice that Enigma is strangely quiet about existing black slavery in Africa. Mali is an example. Black on black slavery apparently isn’t a problem.

                1. Because neither Mali nor any of the African, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Central or South American countries that enslaved Sub-Saharan blacks are going to give them any money. So they’re keeping up the drumbeat in the U.S. in hopes that the left-wing beta males will knuckle under and give them freebies. The problem is, 90% of them are like Rodney King. Los Angeles gave him $5 million dollars and he died broke.

              2. France decided Haiti owed them reparations for the loss of income, America and other European nations issued partial boycotts and tariffs. White people created a debt for Haiti that was impossible to dig out of.

    2. enigma:

      Address the issue of why so many whites claim minority status, yet few blacks are outed for falsely claim white status.

      Given a choice (Obama being 50/50), most chose to identify as black.

      Maybe they perceive benefits to minority status?

      1. Your questions are based on untrue things. The percentage of white people claiming to be minorities to obtain benefits is minuscule. On the other hand, peoplethat could pass for white often did in American history. Turley cited Warren’s claim of being 1/32 Native American as not being enough by some standards. He didn’t mention the “one drop rule” which in American History was enough to make yo nothing but Black. Obama could not claim to be white because of his appearance. He had no choice. The people who called him an ape and claimed he was born in Nigeria and made false claims of findings by private detectives in Hawaii, they had choices.

        1. Errrrr….I thought it was Kenya not Nigeria….as his kin folk and Father were Kenyan.

          At least the Man who is said to be his Father was a Kenyan.

          1. You’re right, the primary lie is that he was born in Kenya though I have heard Nigeria. When one lie is disproven, just create another. He still had no choice other than being Black!

      2. Forgive me for not fully addressing why white people pretend to be Black. They do it in cases where they pretend to be minority owned businesses to take some of the pittance allotted to M/WBE companies that were previously excluded. Some falsely believe it will improve their chance when all it means is they will be thrown in the barrel with the other crabs while the largest portion is set aside for white people. Do you have any clue how the middle-class developed in America. The major factor was VA and FHA loans to allow other than the wealthy to profit from real estate ownership. For decades, those programs were almost exclusively available to white people. Try playing Monopoly without being able to buy properties or hotels. Keep crying about how bad it is to be white. It just makes you look stupid.

    3. And There’s a whole lotta cryin’ coming from black folks who say they cried themselves a river. But there is no such river. Only in their minds. Just let go of it, bro, -you do more harm to your reputation with the dry tears. Let’s all just get along and move ahead. All of human history includes various forms of slavery–involving virtually all races/ethnicities. You are a fool to deny it. I agree with others’ comments that try to enlighten you (irrespective of Fisk credentials?)

      1. I am not concerned with your excuse other people did it. I care about the CURRENT laws and disparities like the 18:1 sentencing disparity between types of cocaine that are racially biased, voter suppression, housing, schooling, etc.

        1. I am an attorney/litigator who worked in Detroit for years. I sat in the courtroom for hours listening to Black plaintiffs trying to argue that they weren’t hired or promoted, -or were terminated-because they were Black. Such nonsense. Truth be told, most employers were LOOKING for minorities,but they weren’t going to lower their hiring standards/ requirements. Your negative attitude is a real turn-off, and your seeming hatred is seething out like onion juice. I’m glad you are not opposing counsel, or I would whip your butt in court, exposing your bias and crybaby nonsense–then you would say we doscriminated against you! Get over it. This is not 1964.

          1. We’re making progress. Some idiot claims things were good after 1865, you have granted 1964 though the Voting Rights Act wasn’t passed until 1965 and was gutted in 2013. The Fair Housing Act wasn’t passed until 1968 but there are ways around many of the provisions. Your view of the country is your view, you never had to live it from a different perspective. If you paid attention, many people are saying out loud what they wouldn’t have had the nerve to say in 1964. You can read the comments on this board to see the racism you choose to ignore. Have a nice day.

    4. Black supremacy is evident and undeniable.

      Can we get rid of unconstitutional matriculation affirmative action, grade-inflation affirmative action, employment affirmative action, quotas, welfare, food stamps, minimum wage, rent control, social services, forced busing, public housing, utility subsidies, WIC, SNAP, TANF, HAMP, HARP, TARP, HHS, HUD, Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Labor, Energy, Obamacare, Social Security, Social Security Disability, Social Security Supplemental Income, Medicare, Medicaid, “Fair Housing” laws, “Non-Discrimination” laws, etc., now?

      Exactly how much “assistance” can one supreme race need?

  8. I’m leaving on a jet train ..
    Don’t know when I’ll get back again.
    My dad’s in a jailhouse.
    He lived in the Whitehouse.
    He was a slave y’all know.

  9. If it’s now acceptable for one to chose to identify with a gender contrary to their biology surely it must be acceptable to identify with whatever race, ethnicity or national origin one chooses at a particular point in time, thus negating the concept of lying on applications. The State Department just recently began issuing passports without gender identification, when requested, which would seemingly set a new legal government precedent in conflict with the U.S.code regarding falsification of official documents. Today Shakespeare would be wrong that a rose by any other name is still a rose.

  10. Cases like these (especially Sachem warren) make me wonder when people will get fed up and start self identifying as a minority. Sachem warren, as a leader of the democratic party, strenuously advocates for affirmative action to help oppressed minorities. Then as white women used affirmative action to get hired – most likely at the expense of harvard hiring a true minority. None of this seems to matter, but people will only buy the BS for so long.

  11. For all the claims that we are a white racist society oppressing our “citizens of color”, there seem to be an awful lot of people who falsely claim that color.

    Obama who is 50/50, certainly focused on and relied on being identified as black.

    Perhaps there are advantages to be a minority.

    Perhaps being a minority in America isn’t as terrible as the Lefties make out.

    1. monumentcolorado — More than we think. I recently read a tweet by Ibram Kendi complaining that so many white students are misnaming their race on college applications because they know that colleges give preference to minorities. Of course, he quickly deleted the tweet after people pointed out that it undermines his claim that America is racist.

  12. I’m betting that Elizabeth Warren never paid back the scholarship money she took saying that she was Native American. Works for some. But, isn’t ironic to consider white privilege when whites have to lie about their race in order to get financial support or gain positions designated for the “oppressed”?

  13. Two points:
    1. Any racial preference is, by definition, racist and should be condemned and abolished.
    2. If the white race is privileged in America, why is it that some whites pretend to be non-white but non-whites do not pretend to be white?

  14. Honestly, who cares what the person’s ancestry is? Does this have any bearing on who the person is? No, and this is another stupid left wing position that should be ignored.

    1. It is only an issue because universities and others grant preferences to people who claim to belong to non-white races. No one pretends to be white.

  15. Okay then. My new self-identity is Batman. Someone please deliver the Batmobile to my house ASAP

  16. If sex is nothing but a social construct, surely ethnicity has to be an invention. Not something definable.

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