Verdict First, Funds Second: GoFundMe’s Red Queen Policy on Rittenhouse

GoFundMe appears to have lifted its ban on fundraising for Kyle Rittenhouse . . . after he was acquitted.  Of course, those funds were most needed to put on a defense and many demanded that the site cut off access to fundraising. The site yielded to the pressure and refused to allow people who believed Rittenhouse to be innocent from donating on its site. GoFundMe has been repeatedly criticized for political bias and conservative sites have objected that the site continued to allow fundraising for Black Lives Matter protesters accused of rioting. The company appears to have embraced a Red Queen policy from Alice in Wonderland: This “sentence first — verdict afterwards.”

GOFundMe issued a statement.

“If someone is acquitted of those charges, as Rittenhouse was today, a fundraiser started subsequently for their legal defense and other expenses would not violate this policy. A fundraiser to pay lawyers, cover legal expenses or to help with ongoing living expenses for a person acquitted of those charges could remain active as long as we determine it is not in violation of any of our other terms and, for example, the purpose is clearly stated, and the correct beneficiary is added to the fundraiser.”

Previously, Twitter and Facebook also blocked those who defended Rittenhouse. For its part, GoFundMe declared in a prior statement that “GoFundMe’s Terms of Service prohibit raising money for the legal defense of an alleged violent crime. In light of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, we want to clarify when and why we removed certain fundraisers in the past.”

The company previously blocked parents who were opposing CRT being taught in public schools. It has also barred fundraising for police officers.

The GoFundMe policy is facially absurd. A criminal defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. GoFundMe presumes guilt until proven innocent . . . for some defendants.

A criminal defense in any case (let alone a high-profile case with ramped up prosecution teams) is hugely expensive. That financial threat can prompt some to plead guilty. That is why people want to help fund such defenses to guarantee true access to a fair trial. GoFundMe did everything it could to block such efforts.

Of course, as I noted recently in a column, Rittenhouse is likely to need additional funds for the next chapter of litigation that could range from federal investigations to civil lawsuits.

It is a familiar pattern on Internet sites which were once largely neutral platforms for people to communicate and organize. Now these companies are actively engaged in shaping public opinion and creating barriers to free speech and free association. I am an unabashed Internet originalist. I have long opposed the calls for censorship under the pretense of creating “an honest Internet.”  We have have been discussing how writerseditorscommentators, and academics have embraced rising calls for censorship and speech controls, including President Joe Biden and his key advisers. The erosion of free speech has been radically accelerated by Big Tech and social media companies. The level of censorship and viewpoint regulation has raised questions of a new type of state media where companies advance an ideological agenda with political allies.

213 thoughts on “Verdict First, Funds Second: GoFundMe’s Red Queen Policy on Rittenhouse”

          1. Explain to us why you American Hating type people are being supportive of Pedos & assorted criminals?

            Getting money selling America out to Chinese on a Cobalt Deal are you Pedo lover?

            1. My family built this country, bubba. Great Uncle Fordyce was VP of Kodak in the 30s and 40s and was head of Optical Physics for the National Defense Research Comittee – the agency that developed radar and the atomic bomb and many other fiendish thingies.

              My grandfather was also a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project and was at the first test at Alamogordo.

              We don’t hate America or Americans, what we hate are no-brain prole American idiots who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground or how to properly use capitalization.

                  1. You Commie/Nazi type people are supporting a bunch of Pedos that Azz Rape young boys! Please explain to normal US Citizen Stakeholders, Mr “Pulling a Toobin” PhD.

                    1. Hey Prune Picker,

                      The days of the you Commie/Nazi supporters of Azz Rapers of young boys & girls is about over.

                      Your positions won’t even sell to most all of the millions of your illegals flooding our borders.

                      If it wasn’t for Vote/voter Fraud you people would have no support at all.

              1. “My grandfather was also a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project and was at the first test at Alamogordo.”

                Ben Marcus proves that intelligence from one generation is not a guarantee for the next.

                  1. Arguments don’t generally jump into bed. For one who considers himself a writer, your way with words is lacking.

              2. “Great Uncle Fordyce was VP of Kodak in the 30s and 40s and was head of Optical Physics for the National Defense Research Comittee – the agency that developed radar and the atomic bomb and many other fiendish thingies.

                My grandfather was also a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project and was at the first test at Alamogordo.”
                Aren’t borrowed wings grand?

              3. My Grandaddy was a horse their. This fact has no more to do with me than Bengamin’ Grandaddy being a nuclear weapon manufacturer has do do with him. His arguments are made on the backs of borrowed valor.

  1. A policy of prohibiting fund raising for violent crimes is a red queen policy, but they did apply to Matthew Dolloff and others. They could subscribe to the narrative that the BLM riots were mostly peaceful – which would not be surprising. The violent crime policy does not appear to be strictly partisan. The CRT policy – whatever it is – is partisan.

    1. #1. The Minimum Age Permitted to Join the Military

      In all cases except for the Navy Reserve, the minimum age permitted is 17 with parental consent in writing.
      Those 18 and older are permitted to join the military without parental consent.
      The Navy Reserve minimum age is 18.

  2. What would happen if a leftist went to a bank and was refused a loan because of his political persuasion. The leftist would be justified in suing the bank and Rittenhouse will be justified in suing Go Fund Me for the same discrimination. Go Fund Me has the top step on the awards podium for the “stupid” gold medal based on their use of discriminatory redlinning.

      1. Should GoFundMe allow a defense fund for the moron who drove his red SUV through a parade and killed five people?

        If you have to ask, then you are the moron. Yes. Innocent until proven guilty through our justice system.

        1. GoFundMe is a private organization.

          If they object to something on moral or common sense grounds, that is their right.

          Like Twitter and Facebook banning Trump.

          You don’t like it, don’t use it.

          They took a stance.

          IT was the right stance.

          You don’t like it, go piss up a rope.

          1. GoFundMe is a private organization.

            Bwahahahahaha! And there you have it. You lost the argument on principle, so now we’re back to the *uck your American system of justice principles. 🤣

            1. No it’s just F stupid people.

              The smarter half of America are tired of watching and listening to the idiot behavior of the prole 50%.

              From Trump bragging about grabbing pussy to a dumb kid walking down a street with an AR15.

              Stupid is as stupid does and a lot of people are tired of it.

              The people who run Facebook and Twitter and GoFundMe are tired of it.

              It’s their company, they can do what they want.

              IF there are consequences, they will suffer from them.

              This country is divided right down the middle.

              1. From Trump bragging about grabbing pussy to a dumb kid walking down a street with an AR15. Stupid is as stupid does and a lot of people are tired of it.

                You apparently are not in that supposed smarter half. The smarter half don’t support abandoning the rule of law, our bill of rights and our justice system. They also know that stupid people have always existed and will always exist. What they are tired of is these stupid people electing one of their own to any position of power. That’s right, that’s you and your ilk and the Democratic party.

              2. “The smarter half of America are tired of watching and listening to the idiot behavior of the prole 50%.”
                Prole as in 1984? As in those oppressed by the lying ruling elite; as in the ones Winston envies for their happiness; as in the ones that are truly free of the Party? Those proles???

            1. Answer the question: Should GoFundMe allow a fundraiser for the guy who was escaping a knife fight and drove his red SUV at speed through a crowd of people and killed 5 of them and injured a couple dozen?

              He hasn’t been found guilty yet, but clearly was stupid.

              Should GoFundMe support that?

              Same deal with Kyle Rittenhouse.

                    1. Well, you’ve been guessing on everything else, with a big 0fer to your credit. So why not add another big fat 0 to your win column. Keep up the good work. At least you’re consistent. 😏

              1. You’re buying the knife fight? Hehe okay Mr Credulous. Everyone speeds away from a knife fight, I mean these things can hit sub-sonic speeds and can automatically load another round of knife in the hands of the thrower. To survive that kind of knife fight you need a SUV, damn the crowd of people because those knives can travel several thousand feet, you need lots of distance to survive.

                1. You’re not answering the question: Should GoFundMe allow a fundraiser for the person arrested for driving a TrumpeRed SUV through a crowd of innocent people and killing at least five of them?

                  Answer the question.

                  1. You do know that the SUV had nothing to do with Trump, the driver was a black guy trying to get going as a rap artist, who’d posted disparaging remarks about the Rittenhouse verdict, right?

                    And you want to blame Trump?

                  2. Brooks might have been driving a red SUV but he is on the left side of the aisle. Just listen to his video. It is your side that breeds people of his nature, one you seem to be proud of, especially since he killed so many children efficiently. You will make all sorts of excuses for Brooks. That is the kind of guy you are.

                    The rest of us on the other side of the aisle, the right side, will mourn the death of those children despite the racket you are making while exposing your true self to the audience.

                    1. Im not defending him. I wish Kyle Rittenhouse had shot him.

                      I hope the people of Kenosha break into the jail and tie up the sheriff and lynch the piece of s@#$.

                      Im just arguing: Should GoFundMe support someone that irresponsible and stupid?

                      Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t quite that irresponsible or stupid, but he still shouldn’t be supported.

                    2. “Im not defending him. I wish Kyle Rittenhouse had shot him.”

                      What you seem to be saying here is that we need more Kyle Rittenhouse’s.

                      What you are not saying is that he shot 3 violent people that were attempting to kill him. Those three were of similar nature to the guy driving that red SUV killing a lot of children. When you talk of common sense, that is a good thing. Maybe one day you will find it.

                2. Ben Marcus sounds like an idiot. That is what was proven the last time he was here. He is back to prove it again.

              2. Benjamin:

                There are Go Fund Me campaigns to help with legal fees for guys in prison. Convicted. In prison.

                There was actually no evidence at any time that Kyle Rittenhouse was the aggressor. The problem with Go Fund Me censoring his legal defense fundraising was that it essentially declared him guilty and unworthy without evidence. When the evidence came out, Rittenhouse was exonerated. He sure could have used that fundraising for his legal defense BEFORE he was acquitted.

                I wonder how popular it would be for Go Fund Me to take down fundraisers to help a black teenager who claimed he shot in self defense?

                Democrat politicians did away with law and order, told police to stand down, and then watched cities burn. People lost their businesses. Some were assaulted and killed. Guess what happens next? Residents are forced to organize their own defense. If there are no cops, you’re on your own.

                Guess what the minimum age is to join the military? 17. Think it’s weird that a 17 year old would feel a desire to go help the wounded, and protect the community of his father and grandparents? Because that’s what motivates many 17 year olds who join the military. It’s a common, protective motivation.

                Most of us would not want a 17 year old we loved to be out there, facing a vicious Leftist mob, driven insane by false media reports, that’s been allowed to riot, loot, commit arson, and assault people for the past year. Different people, different cities, same mob violence. But that’s what happens when cops are told to stand down to allow criminals free rein to reenact The Purge.

                Kyle Rittenhouse was attacked by a convicted pedophile who’d sodomized boys between 9 and 11. He was attacked by a repeat domestic violence offender who bashed his head and neck with a skateboard, brining him down. Someone illegally carrying a firearm pointed it at Kyle’s head. Your having a problem with Rittenhouse defending himself speaks more about your character than Rittenhouse’s. You say it was stupid to bring a gun? It would have been stupid to face a violent Leftist mob unarmed and just hope your defenselessness would generate gentleness.

                It’s ironic that the Left has engaged in violence, looting, riots, arson, assaults, murder, and is responsible for the loss or reduction of policing in neighborhoods, causing massive spikes in murders, but the Left wants to paint Trump as the bogeyman. They seek to deflect responsibility for the carnage they wrought.

                1. It was stupid for him to be there in the first place.

                  The stupidity was multiplied by him having a gun.

                  In California he’d be in jail just for carrying that gun.

                  Wisconsin is backward.

                2. Karen says:

                  “Most of us would not want a 17 year old we loved to be out there, facing a vicious Leftist mob, driven insane by false media reports, that’s been allowed to riot, loot, commit arson, and assault people for the past year.”

                  Which is why the Congress is investigating the vicious Rightist mob, driven insane by false media reports, that stormed the Capitol which Turley himself described as a “desecration” and argued for the Congress to CENSURE Trump for his “reckless” 1/6 speech.

                  I’m glad we share the same attitude in condemning false media reporting which drives people to riot.

              3. It’s a left right issue / politics, and not a decision regarding right and wrong. Since you wish to make it political and the right takes Rittenhouse, that means you take the driver in the red SUV. You like criminals and those that kill children. He’s on your side of the aisle with your type of thinking ability.

                Sounds a bit moronic, but that is what you look like.

    1. Rittenhouse wasn’t denied funding because of his political affiliation.

      He was denied funding for his lack of common sense and/or humanity.

      A 17-year-old kid with an AR15 Mass Shooting Special walking into a riot at night is nothing to be supported.

      Even if he hadn’t shot anyone, it was still incredibly stupid.

      Again: Would you allow a 17-year-old child to take a weapon to a riot?

      Politics got nothing to do with it.

      Common sense does.

      1. What’s wrong with you people, are you Pedos, or just like pulling a Toobin while watching that sick Pedo crap?

        Go Fund Me, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, NBC, etc., & a bunch of others Corpes always seem to support the Dem/Rino type Demonic Satan Worshipping Pedophile Types like Ghislaine, Maxwells & Epsteins, & if they are not Creeps every one of them should go public & say they are not a bunch of Anti-American Pedo Loving Trash.

  3. If you don’t like the way GoFundMe does business, don’t use it.

    The people behind GoFundMe could not – in good conscience – allow support for a 17-year-old dunderhead walking into a riot with an automatic weapon.

    Anyone with any brains or common sense knows how stupid that was, and GoFundMe could not support it – regardless of guilty or innocent.

    Should GoFindMe allow raising money for a defense fund for the idiot who drove his idiot through the parade in Waukesha?

    No, they shouldn’t because that was stupid too.

    Don’t support stupid.

    Rittenhouse got off because he is in Wisconsin.

    He is going to get annihilated in civil suits, which have a different burden of proof.

    1. Benjamin, if you don’t like living in a country that presumes people are innocent until proven guilty and has a jury system that protects the rights of the accused you don’t have to use the nation and you don’t have to stay here. Your only concern is that you are not discriminated against and to hell with the other guy.

      1. Should GoFundMe allow a defense fund for the idiot in the red SUV who ran down people in Waukesha?



        Is that act not outwardly dead wrong and should not be encouraged?

        Same with Rittenhouse.

        It is never, ever acceptable for a kid with an AR15 to walk into a riot.

        Not under any circumstance, ever, and it should not be encouraged.

        1. Who needs a jury? We can just ask Go Fund Me if someone is innocent or guilty, worthy of help or not.

          1. Whether or not he was guilty of murder or manslaughter or whatever, he was guilty of being 17 years old and walking into a riot with an AR15 over his shoulder.

            That’s just stupid, and GoFundMe wanted nothing to do with that kind of stupidity.

            It’s their right.

            You don’t like it, use Kickstarter.

    2. Benjamin, when will the likes of you decide to educate yourselves on guns? Very, very few private citizens own “automatic” rifles. Kyle certainly did not have one on that night. The fallacies, and outright lies that have been promulgated by the media and individuals who don’t do any research themselves is breathtaking. He also never walked into a riot, he was protecting business and people and helping them no matter what their political stance was. When will you guy’s start living by the truth? Additionally, since you are now an expert on civil suits, you might want to consider your forecast that Kyle would be found guilty. You are going to lose again Hoss, you guy’s always lose.

      1. Semi-auto, whatever.

        The AR15 is the weapon of choice for mass shootings.

        Look it up: Sandy Hook to San Bernardino.

        It was illegal for a 17-year-old to carry a weapon like that, and also a crime against common sense.

        If you think the streets should be patrolled and controlled by prole children with weapons, please stay in whatever backward state you’re stuck in and stay out of California.

        If a kid walked down the street with an AR15 in California, the SWAT team would be on him with helicopters.

        And he would go to jail: don’t pass GO, don’t collect $200.

        I sat at Malibu Kitchen with a bunch of high-end attorneys yesterday and they all think Rittenhouse will lose the civil suit.

        You voted for Trump and bet on the Astros, didn’t you?

        Yeah you did.

        1. Typical reply, especially since there’s no difference between a hunting rifle and a AR-15. None whatsoever. And guess what Mr snotty pants? The Second Amendment allows anyone to carry a gun, just like the First Amendment allows anyone to say absolutely stupid stuff, which you definitely understand. I think that analogy help’s you get it now. It must bite that you can get so butt-hurt over established law, since the common law of England, on how self-defense works. Maybe you should run for Congress and try to change all of that, good luck.

          1. Well if all the prole idiots with guns shoot each other it will be like the Taliban and ISIS killing each other with left behind American weapons.

            The world will be a better place.

        2. Your problem is you don’t even know where you are. This didn’t happen in California. What about the three that had and used weapons? They were guilty of attempted murder intercepted by a bullet. Kyle’s gun was used defensively. The other three were using weapons offensively.

          You need to learn the difference between legal action and criminality. You must suffer from TDS because you have so much difficulty in thinking these things out.

        3. I sat at Malibu Kitchen with a bunch of high-end attorneys yesterday and they all think Rittenhouse will lose the civil suit.

          The same high end lawyers thant said Sandman had no civil case?

          (not that anyone believes you hang out with any lawyers. What with all the law you have gotten wrong this afternoon)

          1. A friend invited me today to go shooting at an outdoor private gun club where he is a member. He is mixed ethnic race, married, 3 daughters, Mensa member and has been a gun aficionado for years. I took my AR15 and Glock, with ammo, and he took two AK47 rifles, AR15, several guns and red dot. First time I shot with an AK47. Now I am hooked! Had a blast, and thought of ANTIFA BLM anarchists the whole time.

            The Second Amendment is what separates us from Cuba and Marxists in America.

            1. I would think Australians wish they knew how to use a rock, a club or even their minds as a weapon as they were so stupid as to give up their fire arms a few years back & now it looks like they are about to get hauled off to the modern day Commie/Nazi style Death Camps like some of those that have going up in the US of all places.

              Those Aussies ought to read up on what to do.

              (As an aside I was in a car & saw one of those US German prison camps a few times from the outside when I was a kid. It was in Neodesha Ks. Looked about like the German ones of WW2 vintage.)


              DYSTOPIA DOWN UNDER: Australian Military Summoned to Relocate COVID-19 Positive and “Close Contacts” to Quarantine Camps
              By Jim Hoft
              Published November 22, 2021 at 2:29pm

              They’re really going for it!

              The Australian government is now moving to relocate people in the Northern Territory with COVID-19 and their “close contacts” to quarantine camps or what people mostly called the ‘concentration camps’.




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        4. Benjamin, most shootings occur with handguns. Not rifles of any kind.

          An AR-15 is not a weapon of war. It’s just a semi automatic rifle with a bit easier recoil, lightweight, and a pistol grip. It “looks” miltiaryish, but is actually nothing of the sort. Activists who don’t understand anything about firearms have latched onto the AR-15 to target and destroy.

          With the Left’s long slide into Fascism, I’d vote for a trained ferret before ever voting Democrat.

          Why are you name dropping Malibu Kitchen? You like sandwiches that much? And you’re lucky Malibu Kitchen is still standing after all the Malibu fires. You and your attorneys are free to opine on Rittenhouse’s chances in civil court. I would personally love to see how Grosskreutz is going to make his case that when he pointed a loaded pistol at his head, he should have had the right to blow Rittenhouse’s head off, and that Rittenhouse did not have the right to defend himself. The guy’s yelling “Friendly!”, running towards police, saying he needs to turn himself in, and most importantly, he’s running past thousands of people without shooting them. Yet Grosskreutz is going to have to sell that he thought he was an active mass shooter. The world’s most passive mass shooter, passing one target after another, and showing zero aggression.

          When faced with someone who actually is an active shooter, the crowd screams and scatters. They don’t hem the armed man in.

          You voted for Biden, didn’t you? Your reasoning indicates that you care more about emotion than facts, and that you’d vote for someone with cognitive decline who’s created massive inflation, has passed mandate policies that will lead to the loss of up to 37% of truckers, a hefty chunk of police, fire, and healthcare staff, as well as many employees, which will lead to empty shelves, delayed emergency medical and fire response, and plough the economy into the ground.

          Good one.

          1. Karen reveals her hatefulness:

            “With the Left’s long slide into Fascism, I’d vote for a trained ferret before ever voting Democrat.”

            You are a class act, darling.

        5. “I sat at Malibu Kitchen ”

          You ate at Malibu Kitchen known for rudeness and poor food. What more do we need to know about you? Your personal story only goes downhill.

          1. Oh yeah Malibu Kitchen is renowned for bad service but the food is actually very good.

            Try the ceasar con carne.

            The grumpy owner broke his hip two days ago and is out for awhile, so the zeitgeist has improved.

            Seinfeld goes there all the time, and Leno is there every Sunday.

            Terrible service, like Dick’s Last Resort, but for real.

            Everyone thinks the owner inspired the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld/

            Not so, but the guy who wrote the Soup Nazi episode is always there with Seinfeld.

            The procession of hot cars in and out of there is educational.

            An interesting place and I guarantee it’s more interesting than any coffee shop in Podunk, Whereveryou’refrom.

            1. I see you get pleasure from the voyeuristic activities of watching a few of the rich and famous. Essentially you are like a dog eating off the floor that their masters drop.

              1. I like talking to the rich and famous and I am often surprised they have read my stuff.

                Had a good chat with Todd Phillips after he didn’t win the Oscar for Joker.

                And others.

                I’m more productive than most.

                1. When you are done, do they pat you on the head and ask the waiter to take you outside to do your thing?

                  1. No they ask me to sign books and invite me to watch them shoot.

                    Years ago I go to fly out of Coronado on the COD flight and did an arrested landing on the Indy and watch John Milius shoot Flight of the Intruder.

                    Hung out with Willem Dafoe and some others, talking to John about Apocalypse Now and Big Wednesday, got shot off the next day.

                    Doing a book right now with the husband and son of the woman who played Daphne on Frasier.

                    I got to watch her shoot Hot in Cleveland at CBS Radford and made her a custom crossword puzzle.

                    What do you get invited to? Seventh Day Adventist meetings?

                    Youre just an angry, dumb nowhere American – one of millions.

                    1. “No they ask me to sign books>>>”

                      You make other leftists on the blog sound sane.

                    2. Not a leftist or a rightist. People who think like that are idiots.

                      You’re am idiot.

                      There’s a whole layer of America who are – because of brains or money or just common sense – above the whole stupid right/.left thing.

                      It’s the opiate of the dumb asses.

                      That whole layer watches you idiots riot and raid the Capitol and fight over meaningless things you don’t understand.

                      And throw peanuts at the proles.

    3. But Go Fund Me can use their funding mechanism for BLM rioters, arsonists and looters.

        1. Maybe you know Go Fund Me better than we thought. What you just said was that GFM would support the purchase of Molotov Cocktails for “BLM rioters, arsonists and looters”, but not for a defense fund for someone innocent but made to look guilty by a malignant media.

          1. KR isn’t innocent. He’s a 17 year old kid who walked into a riot with a gun on his shoulder.

            That’s as dumb as it gets and the only reason he was found innocent is he was in a Red State.

            In California he’d be in jail.

            As he should be.

            But then this is all dummies on the left shooting dummies on the right so who cares?

            World needs less dummies.

            1. Now you are telling us that those attacking others are innocents, while those defending themselves are guilty.

              Look in a mirror and make sure you mouth hasn’t exchanged positions with the other end.

              1. Rittenhouse is guilty of carrying a semiauto into a riot.

                He had zero business being there and hopefully the civil suits will hogtie him and his family and anyone connected with him.

                You people are like the dorks who used to defend slavery.

                Just as dumb, just as wrong.

  4. Well golly gosh, the people at GoFundMe objected to the idea of a 17-year-old kid walking into a riot with an AR15 over his shoulder.

    What is wrong with them?

    If some kid walked down a street in California with an automatic weapons over his shoulder, he would have SWAT and helicopters in his business in no time.

    A dumb kid killed two people and injured another.

    GoFundMe objected to that, as they should.

    1. “SWAT and helicopters in his business in no time.”

      If they had been present at the Kenosha riots, as they should have been, there would have been no need for a KR.

      1. Do you have a 17-year-old son?

        Would you let him walk into a riot with an AR15?

        No, you would not.

        I quote Bob Dylan: “The moral to this story. The moral to this song. Is that one should never be, where one does not belong.”

        If you think the streets should be patrolled and controlled by teenagers with guns, then you are indulging yourself in a canard.

        1. Between your ignorance of the fact that an AR-15 is a low caliber, decidedly NON-automatic rifle, and your quotation of Bob Dylan makes me think you need to realize that this is not the 60s, and that you are no longer voting for JFK. Give us a break. an AR-15 is basically a pea shooter compared to other rifles. That is precisely why it is legal to own one. and your Democratic party is about as 180 from what you remember as could be stated.

          1. Answer the question: If you had a 17-year-old son, would you let him walk into a riot with a weapon?


            Simple as that.

            A stupid move that almost got the kid killed, but killed two others.

            He is gonna get hamstrung by the civil suits because that side are as wrong as they can be.

            The AR15 is the “pea shooter” of choice for mass slaughter: Sandy Hook, Las Vegas (one of many), Marjorie Stoneman Douglas,Sutherland Springs and a half dozen others.

            1. The civil suits just got hamstrung by his not guilty verdict, combined with the avalanche of evidence that proved he acted in self defense, 3 of his 4 attackers had criminal histories and they were the aggressors, and that Rittenhouse only shot when he was trapped and attacked.

              Yeah…good luck with those civil cases. I hope he counter sues. And I am salivating over the potential lawsuits against the media for blatantly false reporting.

              I take issue with your emotional arguments, as they are not supported by facts.

              While AR-15s are certainly the most publicized weapon, they are not, in fact, the most common weapon used in mass shootings. That would be handguns.

              81% of mass shootings involved at least one handgun. This figure is driven in part by gang violence and domestic violence, which perpetrates quite a few mass shootings. Most perpetrators of mass shootings were legally barred from owning firearms. Criminals do not follow the law. Most mass shootings occur inside a home, and are part of domestic violence. While hand guns are used in far more mass shootings, the ones that occur in public have a higher incidence of rifles, including AR-15.

              1. “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

                Frédéric Bastiat

              2. Well hopefully they get buried in debt by the civil suits, but it’s highly unlikely Kyle R will walk into a riot carrying an AR15.

                AR15s have been rebranded The Classroom Clearers because of Sandy Hood and Marjorie Stone Douglas.

                If you really believe the streets should be patrolled and controlled by teenagers with weapons, then I’d like to sell you the Golden Gate Bridge.

              3. Karen says:

                “And I am salivating over the potential lawsuits against the media for blatantly false reporting.”

                As I am. I am not only salivating but practically drooling over the multi-billion dollar defamation lawsuits brought against Turley’s Fox News and the Trumpist lawyers for pushing and broadcasting the Big Lie.

                For once, you and I agree on something, that is, holding the media accountable for blatantly false reporting!

                  1. Marcus,

                    Dominion and Smartmatic both are suing Turley’s Fox News and Fox personalities for defamation for pushing the Big Lie, but you would not know it because Turley has mentioned it only *once* burying it in an article about a far less consequential lawsuit brought about the discredited Project Veritas against the NYT. Turley ignores information which discredits his employer, e.g., this news item:


        2. Every weekend metropolitan centers have scores of children in ER thanks to semiautomatic weapons in the hands of KIDS – oddly enough though ONLY Rittenhouse should be prevented & incarcerated for it – arguably to make a statement that some rando WHITE slice is gonna pay premium.

          Meanwhile meanwhile- the actual lesson of repeated rioting & looting being AllowEd to boil up& over by elected authorities which aGENERAL PUBLIC is infuriated with is likely to bring out a whole other class of mob mentality – pitch forks & torches in hands of the villagers – ready to take down whoever they deem a monster in the moment – that sure as hell will not be pretty either

        3. Jeez, does this mean that my moronic 17-year-old roommate who dressed herself in slut attire (status quo for 17-year-old girls in these parts), and galloped down to the sleaziest end of the pier during shore leave where she managed to inebriate herself and be sorely abused (raped) by several of our boys in white is responsible for her own molestation because she was stupid and in a place she didn’t belong? Yeah, I thought so. Wonder what would have happened if she had carried her AR15, a not unheard of fashion accessory in some circles. Go Fund Me’s archaic judgmentalism sucks bigtime.

          1. Yes she is responsible for her own molestation for not having the sense to stay out of trouble.

            The point is, 17 year olds are stupid therefore a 17 year old walking down the street with an AR15 in the middle of a riot is not a good idea and should not be encouraged.

            Again, should GoFundMe allow a defense fund for the dude in the red SUV who ran down people in Waukesha?

            GoFundMe objects to the idiocy of a kid with a weapon in the middle of a riot – regardless of the law or juries.

            IT was stupid and should not be encouraged.

        4. PS – in the 60s, from whence your quote came, ‘patrolling the streets’ is precisely what a lot of teenagers were doing, all the way through the 80s. Unless of course, you, in your sideways racism, mean just ‘white’ teenagers, because you haven’t ever had a meaningful relationship that wasn’t white and of your strata. Are all white liberals (the class that has literally seemingly made a rite of passage out of things like black face and feathered head dresses and kimonos) literally this dense and clueless and stuck in the past (and I know that you are a white liberal, Benjamin. There’s no question)? My answer is, ‘Yes, yes they are.’. You are a leftover from a culture that died in the 1700s. Sorry we took away your slaves. The former slaves are not sorry at all. Go away. It would be a courtesy and a mercy.

        5. If you think the streets should be patrolled and controlled by teenagers with guns….


          Your raw stupidity in reference to constitutional rights is something to behold.

          Following the law is a great personal trait. Try to get away from the talking points provided to you, and try some independent thought. What should be done, and what the law says can be done, can be decidedly different. You too stupid by half. This event has seen the law litigated, the facts validated, and judgement rendered. Make remarks within that frame work, troll.

    2. An AR15 is a semiautomatic…get your facts straight before spewing your nonsense. This issue with gofundme is that their “objection” only applies to conservatives. Their reasoning is not consistent and shows clear political bias. You are in an emotional state and can’t think straight.

      1. Oh okay a 17-year-old with a semiautomatic is okay, my bad.

        All 17-year-olds should carry semi-auots with them at alltime.

        Imagine if all the teenagers at Waukesha had weapons, that idiot in the red SUV woulda ended up like Bonnie and Clyde.

        And GoFundMe doesn’t just ban conservatives, although they might be aware that a lot of conservatives are dumber than dirt.

        I mean, these are the proles who elected Trump. How smart could they be?

        GoFundMe didn’t want to support a kid who was guilty as sin in the eyes of many, but Wisconsin does things differently and he skipped.

  5. The Alice analogy seems fitting since we have the Mad Hatter AKA Biden having made his judgement before the verdict as well.

  6. A criminal defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. GoFundMe presumes guilt until proven innocent . . . for some defendants.

    Their terms of service related to this campaign reads:

    A. not to use the Services to raise funds or establish or contribute to any Fundraiser with the implicit or explicit purpose of promoting or involving:
    9. the legal defense of alleged crimes associated with hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, serious disabilities or diseases, financial crimes or crimes of deception;

    “A legal defense of alleged crimes” should be a bedrock principle they will support, regardless of the “associated” circumstances. Would they be in any legal jeopardy if they violate their own terms of service?

    1. So how did this proposed funding violate the terms of service? Though KR was charged with a crime of violence it was not related to any of the matters referred to in item 9.

      1. The people who run GoFundMe fundamentally object to the idea of a 17-year-old kid walking into a riot carrying an AR15.

        Regardless of courts and law and decisions, it’s just a bad idea and should not be encouraged in any way.

        Again: Should GoFundMe allow a defense fund for the guy who ran down the crowd in a red SUV?


      2. I posted the terms of service. My question is regarding violating their terms. I don’t believe the proposed funding would have violated the terms.

      3. Daniel,
        I see the break in the terms differently now. I don’t see the proposed funding as violating the terms.

        1. Screw the terms of service.

          GoFundMe just took a logical/moral/common sense stance that a numbskull American idiot kid with an AR15 shouldn’t walk into riots and shoot people.

          If he’s not there with an AR15, no one is threatened, no one is killed.

          It’s their platform, they can do what they want.

          Like Twitter and Facebook banning Trump: At some point the idiocy is beyond acceptable, so they take action.

          You don’t like it, don’t use it.

          1. Screw the terms of service.

            Regardless of courts and law and decisions,

            Do you want the law, and contract terms to treat you like that? You cant see past your own irrational fear, to engage in rational thought.

        2. Olly, me too. The punctuation is a little confusing but when read carefully the provision is pretty clear. This proposed funding did not violate the terms of service you posted. So we agree.

            1. Again, Terms of Service be damned.

              GoFundMe is a private company who clearly were not comfortable with supporting a 17-year-old kid marching into a riot with a Weapon of Mass Shooting and killing two people.

              If they don’t want to support that, they don’t have to.

              You don’t like it, use Kickstarter.

              1. GoFundMe were the ones who claimed violation of terms of service as justification for their action. They did not say we don’t like what KR did do we won’t let him fund through us. They are trying to preserve the appearance of neutral application of their own rules. That is a sham.

                1. Whatever. Clearly they didn’t want to support some numbskull prole teenager walking into a riot with an AR15.

                  Like Twitter and Facebook banning Trump, they felt they were justified.

                  You don’t like it, use Kickstarter.

  7. “GoFundMe presumes guilt until proven innocent . . . for some defendants.”

    Yep. GoFundMe hosts fundraisers for the Minnesota Freedom Fund, an organization that raises “money for the legal defense of an alleged violent crime.”

      1. “Sam, that would seem to be a violation of their published terms of service.”

        Imagine that — a Woke internet company caught with its pants down.

  8. Right. If you know of a non biased, non Leftist funding site, please post it in the comments.

    Let’s leave Go Fund Me to the Left.

  9. Go Fund Me thinks they are the arbitrator of right and wrong. Typical bowing to the left. Eventually they will support Go Fund Me funding for a Darrell Brooks shrine.

    Turley writes: “I am an unabashed Internet originalist.

    The left will now attack Turley even though his political views are center left.

  10. If there is going to be a preemptive right to censor “misinformation”, then there needs to be a statutory cause of action and damages available to those who were censored who can subsequently prove the facts that were censored to be true.
    That would put a little pause and quality control in the eagerness of the censors, if they know there will be consequences for an improper designation and action.

      1. Karen,

        Have you considered the damages Fox News will face for censoring the Trump lawyers like Giuliani, Powell, Lin and Ellis from appearing on its programs to push their claims of election fraud? Those lawyers will have a good case against Fox for their being banned. Turley does not criticize Fox’s censorship and does not advocate that these banned lawyers should have a cause of action. Think.

  11. I never realized how many corporate leaders have nothing but mush between their ears. They seem to just want to go the next cocktail party and brag about how woke they are to their socialist buddies, who in reality don’t give a damn about any of the woke causes. What a worthless bunch of nobodies.

  12. Smart Lawyers like the one that represented Sandmann in his legal action against CNN….which resulted in a huge financial settlement….will jump on the chance to take Rittenhouse’s legal actions against all of the major media outlets and individuals who defamed him in their public and false statements. They will enjoy handsome proceeds when done on the usual contingency basis of at least a third for the recovery.

  13. Professor Turley identifies an extremely disconcerting trend – viewpoint regulation. It has become commonplace. Millions of Americans have become de facto consumers of media misinformation. I had not been aware of the previous Go Fund Me ban until I read Professor Turley’s blog this morning. Thank you, Professor Turley, for enlightening me once again.

  14. This will backfire on African-Americans and other groups historically discriminated against. The American court system, especially trials, is based on past rulings (precedent). So even if you disagree with a single ruling, that “precedent” can affect 100% of future cases – which will harm African-Americans longterm and other groups without political clout.

    The focus should be on supporting a fair juror process and suppressing illegally obtained evidence NOT changing the verdict of that fair process. Most important America needs more jury-trials and fewer plea deals. This is essentially the process Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr fought and died for – not a preferred outcome but a fair constitutional process.

    The real crisis is that the vast majority of cases never go to trial at all. There are good prosecutors but the bad ones game the plea bargain system not seeking justice but to improve their resume.

  15. Lefties have adopted unfair and unequal policies for a despised minority – conservatives.

    I know, a private company can discriminate against an unprotected class (interesting how Lefties embrace rights when it suits them and ignores inconvenient rights).

    Basic fairness and respect for our system would lead Lefties to cry out against this discrimination.

    But Lefties are typically political animals first and patriots second.

  16. Rittenhouse should countersue any family member of dead guys who sue him. If they claim to be due money for their sons death then they are responsible for what he was doing. Kyle was assaulted

    1. If one is convicted of a crime they would be barred from initiating a Civil Rights Act suit until the criminal case is overturned 42 U.S.C. sec. 1983 see also 28 USC sec 2254(b) State case 2255 federal.

    2. Kyle was a 17-year-old kid carrying a gun he shouldn’t have been carrying in a riot he should not have been in the middle of.

      He had zero business being there and he killed two people and injured another.

      Hopefully the civil suit will find some justice.

      1. Kyle was carrying a gun he was legally entitled to carry. He was in a town he was legally entitled to be in. According to our laws he did nothing wrong as unanimously determined by 12 jurors. That’s all pretty simple, but you don’t like it so you are having a hissy fit. You are acting like a spoiled toddler.

        1. Minimum Age to Purchase & Possess in Wisconsin
          Last updated
          MAY 3, 2021
          Wisconsin generally prohibits the intentional transfer of any firearm to an individual under age 18.

          The state also generally prohibits the possession of a firearm by any person under age 18.

          These restrictions do not apply, however, when the firearm is being used by a person under age 18 when supervised by an adult during target practice or a course of instruction.

          Wisconsin law generally provides that for hunting purposes, the minimum age for possession or control of a firearm is age 12.4 A person age 12 but under age 14 may not hunt without being accompanied by his or her parent, guardian or a person at least 18 years of age who is designated by the parent or guardian.5 A young person 12 to 14 years of age also may possess a firearm if he or she is enrolled in instruction under the state hunter education program and is carrying the firearm in a case, unloaded, to or from that class, or is handling or operating the firearm during that class under the supervision of an instructor.6

          Federal age restrictions also apply.

          1. The prosecutor tried his best to convict Rittenhouse with any charge and failed. Suddenly you think you are a genius and with words like “generally” you could prove your case. What you have proven is your level of thinking ability is below street level.

            1. Did you see and hear the judge? White bread American idiot straight out of the mid-20th Century.

              Who knew Wisconsin was that backward?

              My mom’s people are from Wisconsin.

              My grandfather Joseph Schafer was director of the Wisconsin Historical Society for many years.

              1. Unfortunately, you are back to generalities, not specifics because ignorance relies on vague generalities. The judge was pretty decent but convince us otherwise. Provide us the “idiot” things he did.

                You can’t and won’t do that, because that relies on knowledge something you have always lacked. Now you can continue with your ignorant posting while providing names of people that may have accomplished something in life, while you have accomplished nothing.

                1. For starters he asked the jury to applaud a defense witness. That should be a mistrial right there.

                  It is not every day that jurors in a criminal trial applaud a witness, but that was how the final day of testimony in the homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse began on Thursday. Noting that it was Veterans Day, the judge urged people in the courtroom to clap for military veterans moments after he discovered that the only veteran in the room appeared to be the next witness for the defense, an expert on use of force.

                  1. All over the country people applauded veterans because it was Veterans Day. I know many leftists who say they would prefer to live in Venezuela or China, but despite what they say, they stay put in the USA.

                    There is something wrong in your head

                    1. A judge shouldn’t ask the jury to applaud a defense witness, ever.

                      I wonder if the prosecution will appeal.

                      Or maybe no one in Wisconsin actually gives a crap about the dead guys and they’re all for Rittenhouse.


                      Its Wisconsin.

                    2. “A judge shouldn’t ask the jury to applaud a defense witness”

                      The judge never asked the jury to applaud a defense witness. He asked people to applaud veterans. Ignorance is your best excuse for stupidity.

                    3. IF you can’t believe the New York Times, who can you believe?

                      It is not every day that jurors in a criminal trial applaud a witness, but that was how the final day of testimony in the homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse began on Thursday. Noting that it was Veterans Day, the judge urged people in the courtroom to clap for military veterans moments after he discovered that the only veteran in the room appeared to be the next witness for the defense, an expert on use of force.

                    4. Stanford criminal law expert Robert Weisberg:


                      𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐣𝐮𝐝𝐠𝐞’𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐫 𝐝𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐥? 𝐖𝐚𝐬 𝐢𝐭 𝐮𝐧𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐚𝐥?

                      Weisberg: Well, judges are allowed to be eccentric. I think he clearly displayed partiality to the defense, but sometimes it was outside the presence of the jury. Mind you, even in those instances he pretty much ensured that he was stoking public divisiveness over the case and ultimately the verdict. But for me, one case where he crossed the line in front of the jury—when he invited the jury to applaud a defense witness for the witness’s military service. Our current military members and our vets surely deserve great gratitude for their service. But this act of effectively endorsing the credibility of a witness is something a judge should never do. Had this been a state witness, this might well have been a reversible error. But the Constitution is deliberately asymmetric (at least in theory) in giving the defendant rights that the state does not have.

                    5. I think he clearly displayed partiality to the defense

                      That would be odd.

                      If it weren’t for the fact the entire crinimal justice system in the US is designed to be partial to the defendants.

                      Because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

                      This is a great example. The all powerful Government bringing charges where evidence was clear, no crime was committed.
                      In fact charges were filed for multiple capital charges within 48 hours of KR defending himself. 48 hours to do the investigation. Gather and examine all the evidence that exists. interview all the witnesses, search all the case histories, examine the relevant statutes.

                      Action like those of this prosecutor is exactly why our criminal law gives preference to the person charged with a crime. Because too often the government has many motives, and all of the motives strip citizens of there natural rights.

                    6. The whole leftist/rightist thing is the opiate of the asses. It gives dumb proles something to fight over and keep them occupied when Hee Haw isnt on,

                    7. I know many leftists who say they would prefer to live in Venezuela or China, but despite what they say, they stay put in the USA.

                      I believe Marcus lives in the Bay area, which for this state is like living in Venezuela or China. No, he’s not leaving. He’ll stay for one pathetic reason: he’s a dandy. So he’ll remain to strut around like a peacock, as long as he still has the right to do that. And us proles just laugh at the weakness he projects.

                    8. Nope. Grew up in the Bay Area. Santa Clara. San Jose. Half Moon Bay. Berkeley. Tiburon. San Francisco.

                      Now Malibu which is truly dandy.

                      Swimming fools and movie stars.

                    9. And no the Bay Area is neither China nor Venezuela.

                      The Bay Area is loaded with smart, innovative people who are changing the world.

                      Electrcic cars and computers and bio and tgat.

                      Are you one of those ignorant proles barking about Communism?

        2. Nope, not legal.

          Unless you classify walking into the middle of a riot and shooting people as “hunting.”

          Wisconsin is different, maybe Wisconsin does.

          Could the suspect carry the rifle legally?

          Under Wisconsin statutes that say anyone under 18 who “goes armed” with any deadly weapon is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor, Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was not old enough to legally carry the assault-style rifle he had.

          But John Monroe, a lawyer who specializes in gun rights cases, believes an exception for rifles and shotguns, intended to allow people age 16 and 17 to hunt, could apply.

          Tom Grieve, a Milwaukee defense lawyer who also specializes in gun cases, agreed the exception might apply beyond hunting, but said that part of the law is poorly drafted. He said he would argue to apply a rule of law that interprets ambiguous criminal statutes in favor of the defendant.

          Rittenhouse could be in violation of having a gun within a gun-free zone, if there was one covering, for instance, a school nearby. Also, Illinois law requires anyone who owns any kind of firearm in that state to have a Firearm Owners Identification card, but that is only available to someone 21 or older, or someone with a sponsor who is 21 and eligible for a card.

          Rittenhouse did not own the gun, his lawyer said Friday.

          “Kyle did not carry a gun across state line,” L. Lin Wood said in a tweet Friday morning. “The gun belonged to his friend, a Wisconsin resident. The gun never left the state of Wisconsin.”

      2. Kyle was a 17-year-old kid carrying a gun he shouldn’t have been carrying in a riot he should not have been in the middle of.

        You may not like the gun charge being tossed, but it was the right call. Your beef should be with the poorly written statute, not the 17 year old.

        He had zero business being there and he killed two people and injured another.

        If you believe rioters had a legal right to be in the middle of riot, then a non-rioter absolutely has a right to be in the middle of a riot, regardless of age. Additionally, the right of self-defense is absolute. And the evidence proved Rittenhouse only used force reasonably necessary for self-defense.

        You know who shouldn’t have been in the middle of a riot? Rioters. You know who should have been in the middle of the riot? Law enforcement. You know who wouldn’t have been killed or injured by Rittenhouse if there weren’t any rioters or if law enforcement were protecting and serving the community? Rosenbaum, Huber and Grosskreutz.

        Hopefully the civil suit will find some justice.

        The governor rejected the offer by the Trump administration to assist law enforcement. Local law enforcement did not do proper riot control. National media stoked the civil unrest. Politicians stoked the unrest. Law-abiding citizens of that community and business owners were victims of those decisions. Rittenhouse was a victim of those decisions. Rioters were even victims of those decisions. Civil suits should be coming for justice and Rittenhouse will not doubt be seeking that justice.

        1. Well if the dummies who don’t die from wearing masks or getting vaccinated end up shooting each other in riots, then the world will be a better place.

          Has there always been this much stupid in America, or has social media exposed it all?

          Equal amounts of stupid on the right and the left.

          There’s right-wing, left-wing and then there’s gull-wing: the wealthy, educated, sophisto class who watch all this idiocy from a distance and are glad they aren’t idiots.

          1. BM:

            “There’s right-wing, left-wing and then there’s gull-wing: the wealthy, educated, sophisto class who watch all this idiocy from a distance and are glad they aren’t idiots.”
            Prince Prospero thought the exact same thing. Guess he never read Donne.

            1. Im surrounded by gull wingers – way too rich and smart to get dragged into all the left wing/right wing prole stupidity.

              The KR deal is just dummies on the right shooting dummies on the left.

                  1. “he people in my hood aren’t arrogant – they are smart and rich and invisible.

                    The Gull Wingers.”
                    No they’re arrogant. Accomplished (in their own circle) but arrogant. The kind of prigs that brought England to its knees out of utter ignorance of how other people think with the same holier-than-thou attitude that did in every great civlization. Churchill called these “Cultured people … the glittering scum which floats upon the deep river of production.” The great man was far too kind.

                    1. You don’t know them, I do. I’m talking about one of the founders of Google, the CEO of Google Life Sciences, a couple of Oscar winners, a lot of anonymous gazillionaires.

                      They aren’t arrogant, they are invisible.

                      It’s all the wannabes who are arrogant.

                    2. BM:
                      There’s some truth to their desire for anonymity. Like most societal termites they avoid the sunlight and work away in their nests making money or whatever strikes their fancy today. They exude all the right virtues but are men with no chests. They don’t live in society, they observe it. Lift it up, turn it in their bony hands and set it down confident that they are happily removed from it and all its strife. That’s their tragic flaw. They aren’t removed. They’re indifferent until they aren’t.

                    3. They’re not societal termites you whiny little prole. They are people who run businesses and create jobs and wealth and create change: Google, Hollywood, etc

                      You’re lame. What do you create? What jobs do you offer? What do you change?


      3. What is the civil suit going to show? That two of the three shot were criminals and all three were chasing the only person acting legally? What sort of nonsense are you purveying?

        1. The civil suit is going to show KR had zero business being in the middle of a riot with an AR15 and if he hadn’t performed that act of idiocy, two dingalings would still be alive and a third wouldn’t be injured.

          But this is Wisconsin and they do things differently.

          1. He had a right to be there. The three that he shot were guilty of attempted murder. Is your brain that warped that you can’t see what a fool you are making of yourself?

            1. Do you have a 17 year old son?

              Would you hand him a weapon and tell him to go walk into the middle of a riot, at night?

              No, you wouldn’t.

              He shouldn’t have been there with a weapon.

              In California they would have thrown the book at him for stupidity.

              And his parents and the owner of the gun would get their pants sued off.

              But I guess Wisconsin is more advanced than California.

              1. Some people have character while others have none. You belong to the latter group.

                Israel, a tiny country surrounded by enemies who constantly attack depends on its 17+ to immediately defend the nation with their lives when the nation is attacked. It is your type of being that breeds the half-wits, rapists, looters, etc. and hides when trouble of your own causing erupts. Go back to Malibu Kitchen and grovel some more.

                  1. “I’ve gotten in lots of fights”

                    BM, we have listened to you and know what you are made of.

          2. BM:
            “The civil suit is going to show KR had zero business being in the middle of a riot with an AR15 and if he hadn’t performed that act of idiocy, two dingalings would still be alive and a third wouldn’t be injured.”
            To the coward ever act of bravery seems like idiocy. It’s his character flaw. He’s so enmeshed in own safety he sees no value in defense of principle or self-efficacy. There is no debasement, no insult, no failing of courage that he will not endure for his own pathetic safety. It’s the difference between the cowering mouse and the mighty lion.

            1. Oh Ive stood up to bullies and done lots of brave things.

              What KR did wasn’t brave, it was stupid and irresponsible.

              Unless you think teenagers with guns should be responsible for public safety and keeping the peace.

                1. There was nothing heroic about what Rittenhouse did.

                  It was stupid. He’s lucky he didn’t get shot or beat up.

                  The civil suits might prove that.

                  I have beat up some bullies though, that was satisfying.

                  I don’t like bullies.

                2. The first guy KR shot and killed was heavily armed:

                  “The 36-year-old crossed paths with Rittenhouse in a used-car lot as Rittenhouse brandished an AR-15-style rifle. Rosenbaum, meanwhile, was unarmed and carried a plastic bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, deodorant and some papers.”

                  1. BM:

                    “The first guy KR shot and killed was heavily armed:

                    “The 36-year-old crossed paths with Rittenhouse in a used-car lot as Rittenhouse brandished an AR-15-style rifle. Rosenbaum, meanwhile, was unarmed and carried a plastic bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, deodorant and some papers.”

                    Oops you missed a crucial sentence in the article: “During the trial, Rittenhouse 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 said that Rosenbaum had reached for Rittenhouse’s gun.” An accomplished writer such as you must have known this yet omitted it by design, right? So why wasn’t the fact Rosenbaum was the agressor and reaching for the gun unimportant to you?

                    Rosenbum was operating under the “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” theorum of human psychology, I think. Oh and of course Rosenbum was a convicted child rapist of 5 underage boys and fresh out of the looney bin after an attempted suicide, so yeah he’s credible.

                    1. Was the barrel of the rifle checked for finger prints, if not why not.

                      One can’t help but wonder what the law is in Wisconsin of a convicted felony, a raper of lil Kids, in possession of a firearm if Rosenbaum’s prints were on the barrel.

                      As recall the attorney Crenavich (sic) I watched Friday on Banned.Video, state, no matter the cases in the future all these people attacking Kyle & others like him, to the public, they are now & forever known as defenders of Attacking Azz Rapers of little Kids!

                      Like that recent case of the 2 young girls raped in Virginia the superintendent & the Gov & govt tried to cover up.

                      Enough with these demonic Satan Worshipers.

                3. The second guy Rittenhouse shot and killed with a semi-auto he shouldn’t have been carrying was armed with a skateboard.

                  He should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom for that.

                  That’s heroic – blasting a guy with a skateboard.

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