Smollett Lawyer Reportedly Demands Mistrial After Accusing Judge of Lunging At Her

If you thought that Smollett case could not get more bizarre, think again. CBS 2 Legal Analyst Irv Miller is reporting that defense attorney Tamara Walker had a sidebar conversation with attorneys from both sides and Cook County Judge James Linn. She reportedly accused Judge Linn of some improper comment and then said that he lunged at her in the courtroom.  She was crying during the sidebar.  Another Smollett attorney accused Linn of snarling and making faces during the trial. In thirty years of practice as a criminal defense attorney, I have never heard of such allegations in a criminal trial.

The demand for a mistrial was rejected.

In a case where the defendant is accused of manufacturing a bizarre alleged attack, the allegation of a judge lunging at his counsel seems weirdly consistent.  There is no indication if there is proof of such threatening act or the alleged faces being made from the bench.

The case itself is a train wreck of a defense. Counsel seems to be throwing out unsubstantiated claims or suggestions in cross examination, including affairs with Smollett. The evidence is overwhelming against Smollett who is alleged to have hired two Nigerian brothers to stage the attack. This allegedly included a “dry run” with the men.

From the outset, the attack was facially unbelievable in many of its details.

The unbelievable elements of the original allegation did not stop the media and many politicians from immediately denouncing the racist attack as a fact. Harris described what happened to Jussie Smollett as an “attempted modern-day lynching.” Nancy Pelosi said it was a “homophobic attack and an affront to our humanity.”

He was given a fawning interview by Robin Roberts of ABC, which ended with her calling his comments “beautiful.”

ROBERTS: It’s been two weeks since that night left actor Jussie Smollett bruised but not broken.

SMOLLETT: I still want to believe, with everything that has happened, that there’s something called justice. Because if I stop believing that, then what was it all for?

ROBERTS: Beautiful, thank you, Jussie.


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  1. “the people are nothing but a great beast…

    I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value.”

    – Alexander Hamilton

    Turnout in 1788 was 11.6% by design.

    Why in God’s name do Americans hold popular opinion of great value in modernity?

    Oh, yeah. I forgot. My bad.

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”

    – Karl Marx

  2. Out of respect to the good graces of Professor Turley….I shall not post what I am thinking about life in prison is going to be like for Jessie.

    When he is given the choice of being the Husband or the Wife by Bubba his Cellmate….it really won’t make much difference how he self identifies.

    It helps to be tough if you are going to be stupid.

  3. Just for the record, Darren has yet to see fit to remove two clear violations of the civility rule implemented by Turley despite my putting Darren on notice of these hateful statements a few days ago:

    1. “With blacks and Jew, you always lose.”

    2. “His [Kyle’s] only crime was not killing more
    antifa excrement.”

    I really don’t want to go behind Darren’s back, but I’m afraid that he is simply being obstinate out of his resentment towards me. He should not be so petty and do the right thing and remove this racist and anti-Semitic slur and a call for killing Antifa “excrement.”

    Shall I give Darren more time or notify Turley that he is being ill-served? Or shall we debate whether these are truly uncivil?

    1. Hey…..dig it folks.

      Jeffie made a post that did not contain the word”Trump” in it……by Golly that is a record….mark your calendars!

      Congratulations to Darren for being able to generate such a response from Jeffie.

      1. Hi Ralph,

        You neglected to point out that I did not mention “Fox News.” I get 2 points on my record.

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      Some people could stand to learn a bit about sanitation control from smart animals.

    3. “I really don’t want to go behind Darren’s back, but I’m afraid that he is simply being obstinate out of his resentment towards me.”


      Annoying when a princess is upset that nobody cares about her tiara.

      1. Young,

        Figured you could not care less about racist and anti-Semitic remarks and a call to murder Antifa. I was appealing to those people with a soul.

            1. Young,

              Let’s see, you call me “princess” and “whoopie cushion.” Any other names you can think up? I will NEVER call you by a different name. “Young” is the name which everyone here knows is this blog’s juvenile name-caller. Congratulations!

              1. Whoopie Cushion: “Any other names you can think up?”


                I can think of several names for you that are more appropriate, but they would get me banned.

                1. Actually no. I’m on Darren’s sh*tlist don’t you know. He won’t ban you wishing me an early demise. Go ahead. You’ll see. You can even call me an anti-Semitic slur. It won’t matter to him. He could not care less. He’s said he will no longer lift a finger for me.

    4. Or shall we debate whether these are truly uncivil?

      Princess, Tell us why you are unmarried, with no children?

      Fun fact: apoptosis is a cellular maintenance process in the human body. In essence, when a cell is not able to perform as programmed genetically, it is selected by enzymes to undergo cell suicide or apoptosis, with its remains degraded. For you see, the human body at the molecular level, doesn’t tolerate whiners, slackers or dead weight.

  4. When will these judges realize that cameras in the courtroom are one of the best things we have?
    If this was being broadcast, not only could they not make those ridiculous assertions, but the public would be able to have confidence in the outcome.
    When he is convicted as it seems certain he will be, watch the race hustlers cry about systemic racism.
    If the Rittenhouse trial had not been there for all to see, we can only imagine the violence that would have erupted.

  5. Juicy Smollett…should GO TO JAIL just as long as if a white KKK member had put a noose on him…and longer…for CONSPIRACY!

  6. Until you start jail Democrats for their criminal behavior they are going to get WORSE!

    This is Contempt of Court! Jail them all repeatedly! Lying shouldn’t be allowed!

  7. I just realized that this is the first column in ages where our resident Lefties haven’t started with their “But Trump…” or “Fox” whining.

    Even they are embarrassed by Smollett and his lawyers.

  8. The defendant is willing to gamble that there is at least one person on the jury who will vote “not guilty” for political reasons regardless of the facts.

  9. If Trump doesn’t run in 2024, I hope that DeSantis does, I would vote for him in a heart beat. He is a great communicator. I mean, just listen to him talk! DeSantis is a thousand times more eloquent than Biden is, our first cadaver president.

  10. Essentially all of the ‘hate crimes’ in the last few years have been hoaxes. Often they are in universities where, frequently, nobody is punished for their deliberate attempts to stir up racial hatred. I am glad Smollett, a darling of the media and Kamala, is facing a court.

    It does seem as though his defense team is trying to perpetrate yet more hoaxes, this time on the judge. Apparently Smollett is represented by people very like himself and that is not good.

    1. If hate crimes were really an issue in this country, the left would not have to try so hard to come up with real examples, then only be able to serve up as their proof hoaxes such as the one Smollet tried to pull. If it were just Smollet involved here, we could chalk it up to someone simply trying to get attention. The fact that the mainstream media and politicians jumped on board the way they did, then failed to speak out once it was clear it was fabricated tells you all you need to know about them, and the state of so-called hate-crimes in this country.

    2. Young says:

      “Apparently Smollett is represented by people very like himself and that is not good.”

      Not unlike Trump, the chronic liar, being represented by lying lawyers who are being sanctioned by judges and whose law licenses are being threatened for unethical conduct.


      1. The judge looked down from the bench to the defendant in handcuffs standing at the podium. “What time is it?” Asked the judge while starring at the defendant while looking at his pocket watch on the bench. The defendant looked up at the wall clock up behind the judges head. “Five to ten.” Said the defendant.
        The judge put his watch TV aside and replied:. “That’s exactly what you get!”

  11. Is it fair to ask?: What were Jussie and his lawyers thinking in going to trial instead of pleading guilty?

    I think it more and more likely that the man is sociopathic and self-delusional — a person who lacks self-critical cognitive ability.
    He actually thinks what he did was nothing wrong. He’s paying his lawyers to share in his delusion.

    If he gets a guilty + maximum sentence, he’ll fail to understand how he was treated so unjustly. In prison, they have
    programs for convicts to help them break through the fortress of defensive thinking. That said, Jussie is an exemplar to the
    militant infowarriors in America what can happen if their shenanigans draw the attention of police.

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