Boston All-Girls School Bans References to Girls

We recently discussed the struggle at all-women schools like Hollins University in stopping the use of gender as a defining characteristic.   Mount Holyoke previously ordered faculty to stop referring to students as “women.” It is a difficult transition for schools that remain gender exclusive in avoiding gender references. Now, Boston’s all-girls Winsor School, has adopted a diversity/equity/inclusion (DEI) plan to drop references to gender such as “she, her, hers’’ and “your daughter.” 

Under the school’s “Lift Every Voice” plan, the school does not want to hear or read references to “ladies” or “girls” but “Winsor remains in its mission a school for ‘young women to pursue their aspirations and contribute to the world.’”

Winsor’s website also still uses “girls” but the school is committed to ending references to the gender that is the defining characteristic for entry into the expensive school.

These controversies show an increasing convergence of genderless policies and gender-centered programs. The obvious conflict will continue to present unavoidable problems for those who want to define their institutions by gender while rejecting definitions based on gender.

39 thoughts on “Boston All-Girls School Bans References to Girls”

  1. If this nonsense continues, we are guaranteed to lose a major war. Our enemies do not put up with transgender ad diversity garbage. We are a weak people and unless that changes we are all in great danger in the future.
    Our enemies know this and are watching, in fact, their propaganda machine is probably behind much of it.

  2. I guess it is no longer an “All Girls” School by choice.

    Now….since it ain’t all Gurls…. can males ckaiming to be Gurls apply and have access to the Restrooms and Showers?

    Just asking for a friend of course!

  3. Why not put a Female & a Male into a TransBlending Machine so they can Evolve into a BLOB!

  4. Here is a good comparison between male and female athletic ability.

    “Testosterone-driven puberty, as the driving force of development of male secondary sex characteristics, underpins sporting advantages that are so large no female could reasonably hope to succeed without sex segregation in most sporting competitions. ” See the chart.

    Recently a woman who competed with a man in mixed martial arts said she was hit harder than she had ever been by women competitors and couldn’t imagine being hit that hard.

    If they keep this fantasy up some woman will be grievously injured or killed. Or women’s sports will be totally dominated by biological males.

    Funny that nobody has noticed that if transgenders are identical to those born into the assumed sex, it is strange that there are no female to male transgenders scooping up medals in men’s sports. Why is that, do you suppose?

  5. If people can become another gender just by believing it, then we should be able to identify with whatever intersectional group confers the best advantage. When it comes time for that interview, a man of Nordic ancestry can identify as a black, queer, gender fluid Muslim who is transgender in that moment. He can even show up in a beard and a suit, because gender has nothing to do with style of dress. He can get that job to fill the quotas, and then being gender fluid, go back to being male. The next day.

    Lycanthropes need to be given equal protection. So do people who identify as mer people, or aliens. Or the reincarnation of a famous figure like Napoleon or Marie Antoinette.

    If you think it’s true, then it is, right?

    1. Karen+S,

      That was probably the very best post on that issue as I have read!

      Well Said!

      You in a few sentences described the complete lunacy of Wokism and did so very politely.

      Due my upbringing I would say spoken as a genuine Lady but such praise would be considered a Mortal Sin by some even if they claim to be non-believers.

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