Retail Therapy Gone Bad: Michigan Woman Sentenced For Trying To Hire Killer on “”

Wendy Lynn Wein pleaded guilty on Friday to trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband last year through what turned out to be a fake murder-for-hire website. (Monroe County Jail)

With the pandemic, most people are shopping online and there are growing accounts of “doom shopping” dangers for many who are becoming heavily indebted through retail therapy.  Wendy Lynn Wein’s retail therapy, however, involved shopping for someone to kill her ex-husband. She found a convenient site called “” without realizing that it was a fake operation. The site owner turned her into the police and she has now been given a 7 to 20-year prison sentence.

The website is owned by California-based host Bob Innes who told KGO-TV that he created the site as a “class project” in 2005. Notably, he says that the site has been used to catch people seeking hitmen and that this is not the first such referral that he has made to authorities. When Innes received Wein’s message, he sent a response as a fake assassin named “Guido Fanelli,” who offered her a chance to get in touch with a “field operative.” That is when Innes contacted police.

While Wein, 52, used a pseudonym, she entered real information at the bottom of her request for a hitman in retaliation for what she said were thefts by her ex-husband. A detective then posed as a hitman-for-hire and received $200 from Wein as a down payment. The total contract was for $5000.

This seems a dangerous sideline for a private person. You are helping to trap people who are actively looking to murder third parties. I am a bit surprised that the police do not discourage such a private sting operation given the risks to Innes and other private citizens.  The site promises to be “your point & click solution!” It also appears to solicit donations to “buy Guido a cup of coffee.” However, when you click on that option it reveals the name of Innes and gives his picture. Notably, the site also promises that it wants to protect the privacy of users.

Wein pleaded guilty to solicitation of murder and using a computer to commit a crime on Nov. 13, 2021. She was given time-served credit for the 545 days already served in jail before sentencing.

13 thoughts on “Retail Therapy Gone Bad: Michigan Woman Sentenced For Trying To Hire Killer on “””

  1. She should have contacted the FBI, CIA, NSA, DNC and the rest of the three-letter “security” agencies which specialize in “dirty deeds,” and which John “Dudley-Will-He-Do-Right” Durham is currently investigating.

    Will they arrest the communist Deep Deep State for JFK, MLK, RFK, Seth Rich, Joseph Rago et al. infinitum?

  2. This sounds like a story from The Onion, given the absurdity of an online hitman-for-hire website. But alas, no. Here’s what the website advertises:

    Everyone should know by now that the Dark & Deep webs are not safe places to shop for your nefarious deeds. There are lots of potentially dangerous sites, rife with viruses, and fraud runs rampant there. Your privacy is NOT guaranteed and your information could be leaked to thousands of less than stellar sites, including law enforcement, and that’s no fun!

    “Rent-A-Hitman is safe, secure, and available right here on the World Wide Web.

    “Our clients confidentiality is important to us, so rest assured that your information will remain private as required under HIPPA, the Hitman Information Privacy & Protection Act of 1964.

    “All of our competitors websites cannot say that and shouldn’t be trusted — Capisce!”

    That’s funny. How anybody could take this website seriously is beyond me. But these are crazy times for sure.

    1. 50% of the public are dumber than average. Sites like this help weed the herd of humanity.

  3. And she will do more time then those who put it on social media that they wanted hang Pence and Pelosi.

    1. There is a bit of a difference between posting a rant on social media and making a down payment to someone who you believe is a professional hit man. If that were not the case then what should be the fate of the thousands of Wokesters and Progressives™ who demanded Donald Trump’s head?

      1. The fact remains, she will do more time than those who wanted to kill over a lie from a proven liar.

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