Trudeau’s Trucker Terrorists: Why the Emergency Powers Endanger the Rights of All Groups From Truckers to Marchers

For the first time in history, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act to crackdown on what he has described as an attack on democracy itself in Canada. While civil libertarians in Canada have condemned the move as threatening core free speech and associational rights in the country, the American media and legal commentators have largely supported Trudeau in the use of these extreme measures. Indeed, I triggered a tsunami of criticism in stating that Canada could have used such powers to cut off donations for the Civil Rights Movement and arrest Martin Luther King today for such protests. This was due to the distortion of my comments on MLK being arrested (as opposed to being subject to arrest under this law). However, there was also an objection that there is no equivalency between the truckers and the Civil Rights Movement. Again, that is not the point of the reference:  the comparison was to the type of civil disobedience used in protests. The concern is that the Canadian government could declare such an emergency to crackdown on any group engaging in civil disobedience through blockades or occupation protests. It could even happen to Dr. King today if marchers sought to repeat historic marches in Canada. Without meaningful limits under the law, they could also be unilaterally declared threats to Canadian “sovereignty, security and territorial integrity” by Trudeau for acts of civil disobedience.

With the emergency powers, Trudeau can now prohibit travel, public assemblies, conduct widespread arrests, and block donations for the truckers. This also includes freezing bank accounts and ramping up police surveillance and enforcement.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association objected:

“The federal government has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act. This law creates a high and clear standard for good reason: the Act allows government to bypass ordinary democratic processes. This standard has not been met. The Emergencies Act can only be invoked when a situation ‘seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada’ & when the situation ‘cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law of Canada.’”

Such voices have been drowned out by media demonizing the truckers as racists or insurrectionists.

As civil libertarians, it is less important what people are saying as their right to say it. That includes people who speak through their financial support or donations. Millions in such donations were blocked by GoFundMe or the Canadian government in this crackdown.

It is often tempting to ignore the implications of such extreme measures by focusing on your disagreement with a given group. To understand the scope of this law you can simply look to how widely revered movements could be treated under the same provisions.  For example, the Civil Rights marchers also engaged in civil disobedience in shutting down bridges and occupying spaces.  As I stated on Monday,

“Now, when you put all of that together, you’ve extinguished the ability of thousands, perhaps even millions of people to express themselves through a form of civil disobedience. And according to Prime Minister Trudeau’s definition, he could have shut down the Civil Rights Movement. He could have arrested Martin Luther King. He could have arrested any number of figures that we now celebrate today as visionaries.”

On Tuesday, I returned to that same point and noted that Canada could easily use the same law against the marchers and Dr. King today. Trudeau’s government could cut off all funding for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) while arresting figures like Dr. King. I noted that “I thought [the use of the Emergency Act] was quite excessive. This is an act of civil disobedience. That is a standard tactic of groups going back to the civil rights movement and even earlier to block bridges and streets, to do what was referred to as — quote — ‘good trouble.’ By this rationale, they could have cracked down on the Civil Rights Movement. They could have arrested Martin Luther King.”

The “they” is clearly the Canadian government in its use of these emergency powers today — not a reference to arrests in the past in the United States.

As is evident from the entire interview, I was referring to how the Canadian government could use these powers against an array of different groups for similar acts of civil disobedience. I was not saying that Dr. King was never arrested. Of course, he was. I have previously discussed those arrests, including in recent columns (here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here).

To critics in our hair-triggered political environment, it did not matter that I have routinely discussed the record of arrests of Dr. King in past columns and interviews. It also did not matter that I was clearly referring how the Canadian government could make such an arrest today in shutting down contemporary marchers. The point is that it is not just truckers who can be the targets of such Canadian emergency powers. The sweeping language would allow Trudeau to shutdown a contemporary civil rights movement and a leader like Dr. King as easily as he did the convoy. Yet, even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined in.

The second objection, however, is more interesting. People objected to any analogy of these truckers and their cause to Dr. King and the fight for civil rights.

Brooke Binkowski@brooklynmarie

Turley here is simultaneously conflating human rights advocates such as Martin Luther King with a bunch of assholes shitting up international borders because their disinformation handlers told them to and telling racists that white people get the worst treatment.5:17 PM · Feb 15, 2022·

Of course, I was not saying that the truckers are the like of MLK. I doubt the truckers would say that. Rather, I was comparing forms of civil disobedience. The protection of forms of protest should not depend on whether we support or oppose the underlying message.

People objected to the very notion that the Civil Rights marchers could be viewed as akin to the truckers. But that is the point. The law does not have any distinction. It could be used today against Dr. King just as it was used against the truckers. Indeed, Dr. King was accused of being a communist and a traitor by government officials during the crackdowns and arrests of the period. The Canadian law, however, would allow the federal government to  use such claims to freeze funding and order arrests under the Emergencies Act today, including a figure like Dr. King for acts of civil disobedience.

We should be outraged by the use of such measures against either civil rights marchers or the Canadian truckers. As the Canadian Civil Liberties Association correctly noted, there is no limiting principle in Trudeau’s use of these powers. Trudeau simply declared that the convoy “seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada” without any substantive support for that finding.

These are sweeping emergency powers that could be used against some of our most celebrated figures and shutdown some of our most revered causes. Under this law, the only thing preventing Trudeau from shutting down movements — even historic movements like the Civil Rights marchers — is his affinity for the cause as opposed to the underlying conduct.

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  1. It’s all been done before. Enabling Act of 23/03/1933 by German Reichstag; Weimarer Republik was FINISHED!!! The Lieberal Government of Canada has gone full throttle, damn the torpedoes rabid National Sozialist.

  2. Nobody with normail intelligence can mistake the point that Turley is making, and all the lecturing in the world will not separate these dangerous idealogues from their rants against those they have decided should be done away with. Make no mistake that the actions we see today are the predictable predecessors to any tyrannical take over. China will be pleased that a Western Leader like Turdeau has finally learned that the rule of law and democracy will always end up at cross purposes with totalitarian control. Death to Tyrants. Where is my old T-shirt?

  3. Saw a protestor in Ottawa wearing a brown costume that looks like the ‘pile of poo’ emoji, and he’s carrying a sign that says, “My name is Justin”

    Got that right.

  4. Hey Canadians! Maybe you should consider withdrawing all your money from the bank and keeping it as cash in your physical possession. If the government could take your money, that you earned, to punish you because they don’t like what you say, then keep your money and remove that power over you. Reload gift cards if you need to pay for anything online.

    Perhaps that would make the banks set up a clamor against the government for driving their customers away.

    1. ‘One of the great ironies is tyrants realizing just how fragile their hold on power is while the people they abuse are convinced of their powerlessness.

      They’re afraid of you. They’re all afraid. They always have been. They always will be.

      You have the power.’

      ~jesse kellly

  5. Mass arrests in a state of martial law in Ottawa.

    Trudeau’s Police thugs are kicking reporters out of their way so it cannot be shown to the world what is happening in Ottawa today.

    Canada has fallen to Trudeau tyranny.

    If these were progressive protestors, the entire city of Ottawa would be violent rioting and lit on fire.

    But it’s not. Which just demonstrates how peaceful this protest has been.

    Trudeau is a tin pot diktator who must be removed from office immediately.

    1. “I admire China’s basic dictatorship” – Justin Trudeau

      “Chinada” is Trudeau’s shameful legacy.

  6. If Putin is violating international law, then where is the international executive branch to stop him? Why isn’t Putin in handcuffs?

  7. Trudeau is a pissant wanna be Fascist.

    Right when the protestors were heard, and some of the restrictions were lifted, Trudeau went full Fascist.

    V for Vendetta

    1. I’m sorry, but I am tired of hearing any of today’s so-called leaders, irrespective of political affiliation, called “Fascist”. Fascism isn’t my kind of political philosophy, but to compare these current day scum to Fascists, is an insult to Fascists. Say what you want, but Fascists actually improved the lives of working people. They enacted dozens of laws protecting workers and introduced the highest employment standards in the world. Would Fascists have forced people to be vaccinated? I’d doubt it. The scum currently occupying the House of Commons could have put a stop to this weeks ago. Trudeau has not formed a majority government. Any 2 MPs could have moved and seconded a motion of non-confidence in the government and forced a vote, yet none have. They’re all in on the Plandemic of the yet-to-be-isolated-in-accordance-with-science-virus scam. Meanwhile, the conservatives are boasting that a Private Member’s Bill to make Hollow-co$t denial part of the criminal code – a crime for expressing an opinion. Do you honestly think Fascists would do that? If you do, I have a bridge to sell you.

  8. “The world is learning that simply thinking the wrong thoughts or supporting the wrong political movements will cause Canada’s secret police to seize your bank account.”
    ~Ezra Levant

    1. “Serious legal question. How do I know if Trudeau has the RCMP scouring through my personal and financial information? How does any Canadian know?

      Will my bank accounts just get frozen one day and the RCMP knock on my door soon after? Will my family be notified I’m in Truckers prison? Do I get a lawyer? How does Trudeau’s fascism work exactly?”


    2. “Just so you’re aware of the current situation in Canada:

      The regime under Justin Trudeau is rounding up & persecuting citizens for the act of donating to a peaceful protest.

      and waging Economic warfare against pro-freedom protesters, freezing their assets for the act of wrongthink.”


      1. I donated so I withdrew my $ from the bank today in case they do that to me. Trudeau’s move to tyranny is very disconcerting. I am hoping it does end up in human rights violations by the state — but whether it does or not, it has led to division and hatred in Canada, which very unusual. Usually, Canadians are civil and polite but now they are divided. It’s largely due to Trudeau’s divisive rhetoric against the unvaccinated, on racial issues (line Biden) and now against the truckers — demonizing and scapegoating and criminalizing them unjustly. It’s despotic. It’s based on the Chinese Communist social credit system which requires social division to maintain state control. And it requires legacy media control as tools of state propaganda. It’s the same model being employed in the US by Biden but with less effect than in Canada because there is greater resistance among Republicans. The conservatives in Canada have been weak and ineffectual, which is why the truckers and working class were forced to protest — they were not being heard and their lives — our lives — were being crushed by some of the worst mandates in the world. This did not affect the middle and upper classes as much as they could work from home — and as we just found out, they are elitists who looked down on the working class with disdain and insulted them through the media and in Parliament. It was reprehensible and grotesque how they were misrepresented. And this only serves to deepen the chasm, making it a class war. Trudeau has caused all this pain and division — but not of his own volition I believe. He is being coached by some higher up in the global power system from the WEF and/or CCP. MP Chrysita Freeland has WEF connections as does Trudeau. This is all about socially engineering a Western liberal democracy, turning it into an authoritarian technocratic biosecurity state ruled by a small elite. That requires eradicating individual rights and freedoms and violation human rights if necessary. It’s horrendous to see it unfold and to experience it. It’s really tyranny. This is why the truckers protested (non-violently) and inspired the world in the process. And that’s why Trudeau is cracking down on them — to send a message that the elites control the world, and they can punish you if you disobey by starving you to death. The US will be experiencing this before long, so get ready to resist it.

        1. “This is all about socially engineering a Western liberal democracy, turning it into an authoritarian technocratic biosecurity state ruled by a small elite.”

          Yes, and the astounding thing is that some people still believe any of this is about protecting our health.

        2. Trudeau wanted a J6 violent riot to unforld so badly today in Ottawa.

          Trudeau was inviting the ‘energy of violence’ to unfold as he directed the police –dressed in full riot gear– to go in with aggression, force, and intimidation, with snipers positioned on rooftops — all intended to instigate a violent confrontation with the truckers — so that Trudeau and his ‘bought and paid for propaganda media’ could then show the world: “See how right I was to crackdown on these violent domestic terrorists?”

          But he did not get what he wanted from the freedom convoy protestors today.

          These truckers met Trudeau’s ugly aggression with peace. They triumphed over Trudeau today. ‘Ghandi energy’ was with the truckers today.

          The freedom truckers are only to be admired. Trudeau is a complete disgrace.

          1. “They triumphed over Trudeau today. ‘Ghandi energy’ was with the truckers today.”

            Not just today. Their entire trucker movement is a peaceful ‘Ghandi-like’ one. Trudeau’s darkness and ugliness will not be able to withstand their light.

  9. If any Canadian has any objection to any government policy and they think to voice that objection then they can be assured that Trudeau will do the same to those Canadians.
    People shouldn’t be mislabelling anti-authoritarians as anti-vaxxers.
    Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2022-02-16. Canadian trucker protest, with bouncy castles for the children, is not seriously endangering anything

  10. Well, here’s food for thought.
    Klaus, after bragging that Trudeau and even Putin, were WEF “Young Global Leaders,” said this about what is coming by the year 2030:
    “You will own nothing…And you’ll be happy about it.”
    “The U.S. won’t be the world’s leading superpower.”
    (these were the top two predictions. I think there were ten.) You can look this up by simply entering key search words.

  11. “Canada could have used such powers to cut off donations for the Civil Rights Movement and arrest Martin Luther King today for such protests.”

    Possibly correct, but whether it’s correct or not, that’s beside the point.

    The truth is, and always has been, that governments have the power to arrest protesters. Any governments, whether they call themselves democratic or not. Any protester that is under the illusion that their government can’t arrest them, should study more history. And if you happen to know that your government is strongly against the cause you are protesting about, you have even more reason to think that you may be risking arrest. Any thinking that it won’t happen because your government is “democratic” simply shows that you have been believing in the usual lies that governments tell.

    And by the way, if you happen to be protesting against a corporation, rather than your government, don’t think for a moment that it somehow reduces your risk of arrest. All major corporations have the ears of governments, and if they are not pleased, you will suffer the consequences.

    1. “The truth is, and always has been, that governments have the power to arrest protesters”. Yes, the question then becomes ‘should they’ and what kind of signal does it send to those who’ve chosen to use protesting to ‘…petition the Government for a redress of grievances.’ For that matter, what message does it send to whose who aren’t protesting this particular moment but have other grievances their government refuses to address before the next election? Arrest them all? That’s difficult to imagine it’s the ‘right thing to do’ in a Democracy. I fully admin, I don’t know if Canada’s constitution allows for random, indiscriminate arrest of citizens protesting their own government unless they’re concurrently committing other felony crimes like arson or destruction of property. Fidel 2.0 sure believes HE can though.

  12. The backlash to Trudeau will be fun to watch.

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    Trudeau tried the first and second and failed miserably, he is now trying the fight, the victory over his tyranny soon to follow.

  13. Great Reset in the works. Tyrant Trudeau and his cronies are taking directives from looney bin WEF founder Klaus Schwab.

    1. Trudeau is a graduate of Klaus’s Young Leaders program. Trudeau is a true disciple. He will destroy Canada to achieve the WEF vision for The Great Reset. The lunatic leaders destroying New Zealand and Australia are also true believers and disciples of The Great Reset agenda. They all must be stopped if you value your freedoms.

      1. It may sound far fetched but their goal is to implement CCP style of governing in western world. Klaus’s son works for CCP in China to promote it to western world through WEF. Billionaires the likes of Bill Gates, Bezos, Hoffman (LinkedIn), Marc Benioff (Salesforce), Lary Fink, Bloomberg, Omdiyar(eBay), Zuckerberg, Jamie Dimon, etc., are working with Klaus & WEF to make it happen. With the current democratic systems in western countries, people still have the power even if these rich have money, they can’t control people. They want to take that away from people. This all started with Occupy WallStreet (99% vs 1%) a decade ago which spooked these rich guys, so they started to create divisions (race, gender, orientation, left, right, religion, immigration) and hatred through their media companies. When you hear the scripted word “Threat to Democracy” spewed by their media companies they are just mentally preparing you for the commie system.

  14. Don’t believe the commie propaganda spread by left-wing media outlets like WaPo with history of spreading mis- and disinformation and conspiracy theories. WaPo is a lapdog for Nazis.

  15. Trudeau, offers his support of India Farmers.
    Farmers responsible for shutting down roads into New Delhi for more than a year in 2021
    Justin Trudeau “Canada will always be there to defend the right of peaceful protests”

  16. From The National Post Of Canada:

    Protestors Using Children To Hold-Off Police

    With the government’s Emergencies Act, authorities have broad powers to dislodge Ottawa’s convoy protest. But a wildcard could complicate any move against the demonstration. Dozens of children are camping with the protesters in streets around Parliament Hill.

    Those minors are part of what one observer calls a newly formed truck “fortress.” Not only would they add unusual challenges to a push by police. But the children have already influenced law enforcement’s approach.

    Officers criticized for being too cautious are likely concerned about the children, and the risk of creating a violent backlash should any kids get injured.

    Ottawa Deputy Police Chief Steve Bell — now interim chief — revealed just over a week ago that about 25 per cent of the 400 or so vehicles ensconced on city streets are housing children.

    In a joint statement with the Ottawa police last Wednesday, the local Children’s Aid Society said there were “ongoing reports” of child-welfare concerns around the protest kids.

    Edited From:

    American Freedom Riders of 1960’s fame weren’t using children as human shields. That’s more like an ISIS trick. Which leads one to ask who these weasels are? The Canadian trucker unions do not support these protests. There is, in fact, much speculation regarding the actual number of Canadian truckers taking part.

    One can predict, with some confidence, investigations will show forces behind these protests are January 6th veterans. That’s what makes this sickening: ‘Canada, our oldest friend and neighbor, is being radicalized by ugly Americans’.

    Historians will view this moment as a time when shadowy Americans essentially sponsored an insurrection against Justin Truedeau’s government. How shameful that will seem to future generations.

    It could seriously harm our friendship with Canada.

    1. “American Freedom Riders of 1960’s fame weren’t using children as human shields.”

      The children weren’t human shields. Instead, they were families protesting peacefully together. Your problem in reporting the news is that your head blows up, scattering unconnected thoughts all over the place. Many protests include families that, of course, include children. During the Vietnam protests, you would have seen families protesting together if you were around.

      The problem was with Trudeau is his inability to manage a peaceful situation. Trudeau acted in a Nazi-like fashion, believing he had the army and the guns so he could act in any manner he desired. The problem for Trudeau is that the citizens of Canada are used to being free people.

    2. Hmmmm.

      So when there are global protests about the draconian restrictions, and truckers, driving big rigs, say that they’re concerned about the over regulation, threats to their livelihoods, they want naturally acquired immunity to count, and they demand the right to make their own medical decisions…

      you don’t believe them. You don’t think they’re really truckers. You think they’re January 6th protestors. You think Canadians who shouted at Trudeau in Parliament when he false accused the protestors of all being racist Swastika waivers, you think that was, what, movie magic?

      Based on your intuition.


      I agree with Dave Reuben. The Maori protestors in New Zealand are the coolest.

    3. The Nat. Post is bought and paid for corrupt propaganda. Trudeau gives them millions (of our money) to come up with that stuff. The freedom movement was not using children this way. That’s an ugly lie (among many). Children were part of fun family events on the group in Ottawa because thousands were there celebrating freedom and Canadian national unity. The media grotesquely misrepresented it. There were bouncy castles and hot dogs. All your news on this is from propaganda pieces. Trudeau is a tyrant who criminalizes peaceful — and lawful protest. There is no insurrection except by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) financing and helping to orchestrate the coup d’état in the U.S. and Canada and entire Western world through medical tyranny. Bide and Trudeau are puppets of foreign powers tying to destroy Western liberal democracies by introducing a social credit system through vax passports — and now in Canada through freezing bank accounts. There were children in the civil rights movement too. If you want to get a true representation of what’s happened in Canada see the online paper True North. The legacy media in Canada have lied about this because they are paid to lie. They have no journalistic standards. They’re like Chinese state media now. At this point, it’s not a right-left issue as much as a freedom vs. tyranny issue. A lof of Leftists and diverse people are in the freedom movement: vegans, Sikhs, First Nations, libertarians, Christians, Muslims. you name it. A lot of working class of course. It’s not how it’s portrayed in the media. These are decent loving people who are tired of brutal restrictions. When they started restrictions were getting worse not better. Because of them things are easing off. They succeeded. It’s one of the greatest social justice movements in history.

  17. Protests Are Effort To Radicalize Canada

    Regina Anne Bateson, a professor of public and international affairs at the University of Ottawa, wrote, “The situation in Canada is often described as a truckers’ protest. However, it’s not just truckers who are participating, and this is not just a protest.”

    The situation in Ottawa quickly devolved, Bateson argues, into an illegal occupation, with heavy elements of extortion. Many people here describe it as a hostage situation. More than 400 hate incidents have been reported to police, and there have been coordinated attacks on the 9-1-1 system, flooding it with calls so residents cannot get through.

    The occupation of Ottawa has become a “militia-like activity,” Bateson writes. “The convoy has resupply bases on the outskirts of town, as well as mobile squads of pickup trucks that rove around the city, delivering supplies and harassing local residents.”

    Perhaps most important, Bateson described the significant international involvement, including political support, media coverage, and crowdfunding dollars from the United States. We are also seeing evidence of social media manipulation designed to increase polarization. This includes the use of fake and hijacked social media accounts, troll farms and bots.

    Edited From:

    1. Perhaps most important, Bateson described the significant international involvement, including political support, media coverage, and crowdfunding dollars from the United States. We are also seeing evidence of social media manipulation designed to increase polarization. This includes the use of fake and hijacked social media accounts, troll farms and bots.

      How is any of this any different from antifa/BLM? Is this illegal, immoral or fattening? What is happening in Canada, its nothing more than full throated support of freedom.

      Trudeau has declared, mandates that will have zero effects on public health are worth abuse of his own citizens. This is nothing but class warfare. For Trudeau, the fight is critical. He cannot allow the people to understand they have the power to self govern.

      At last reporting I saw, Trudeau, has yet to submit his emergency powers act to Parliament. A requirement.

    2. That’s all projection propaganda by left-wing commie news paper NYT. No one believes that made up BS anymore.

  18. Most Canadian Truckers Want Nothing To Do With Protests

    Even as the vocal group of truckers, known as the “Freedom Convoy,” grabbed the world’s attention, many of Canada’s truck drivers were scrambling to distance themselves from the movement, which they view as radical and fringe.

    In their view, the protesters’ actions have hurt rather than helped drivers in the industry, and failed to advance the labor issues most truckers care about. They point out that only a small percentage of Canadian truckers have joined the demonstrations, and the vast majority of drivers are already vaccinated, according to trucking associations and Canadian authorities.

    “There is a vocal minority, which is trying to steal the headlines”, said Manan Gupta, publisher of Road Today, a Canadian magazine for South Asian truckers. About a third of Canada’s roughly 180,000 tractor-trailer drivers are immigrants, according to the most recent survey, in 2016.

    Some of the convoy’s most visible leaders aren’t even truckers. James Bauder is one prominent figure and leader of the fringe group Canada Unity, which is well known for peddling conspiracy theories. Action4Canada, also promotes on its website the unfounded claim that Bill Gates wants to use the vaccine to implant microchips in humans.

    Edited From:

    1. Do you have any source that don’t have ties to a bunch of lying Satan Worshiping Freaks?

      Wapo, really. Big L 4 U & them.

      1. Not the news you want, Oky1?

        Perhaps you prefer to think these protests are just nice, God-fearing White people.

        1. There is no such thing as news with left-wing nutcase media outlets, it is all the propaganda only pillow biters believe in.

        2. “Perhaps you prefer to think these protests are just nice, God-fearing White people.”

          You sound like a racist.

    2. Edited From:Washington Post

      An editorial. A haven free from facts and accuracy. (not that the news side is any different.)

      1. WaPo has a lot of things in common with China and those American companies that have linked themselves to China. There is no doubt about that. WaPo spins the news favoring the very large companies over smaller businesses. The larger enterprises deal with China and, in many cases, act in concert with China’s interests to the disadvantage of American workers. This is very clear except to those ideologues that can’t follow the money.

    3. Tyrant Christie Freeland (Deputy PM of Canada) is an ex-employee of WaPo. Don’t you think she would have pulled some strings at WaPo to smear the Trucker Convoy.

    4. Take any story in the WaPo and NYT or a so-called “fact checker” — and 99% of the time, the opposite of what they say is the truth. In other words, they lie all the time. They are all paid to by vested interests: CCP, Big Pharma, globalists like Gates. They are owned by billionaires who are creating divisions among us to keep us down as they get richer and more powerful. Billionaires gained $4 trillion more in the last 2 years while many of us became poorer because of their orchestrated medical tyranny. Nothing but ugly lies about the freedom movement in these disreputable propaganda outlets. They are destroying Western liberal democracies with their lies.

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