Happy Birthday, Jimmy!!!

Today is the birthday of our greatest Framer and the genius behind our Constitution: James Madison. He would have been 271 years old. We will be celebrating tonight with a traditional Virginia dinner (with the required Virginia ham), a three-layer cake (for the tripartite system), and Madison’s favorite dessert . . .

James Madison, Jr. was born on March 16, 1751 at the Belle Gove Plantation in the colony of Virginia to James Madison Sr. and Nelly Conway Madison.

Despite being only 5’4” and barely above 100 pounds, Madison proved to be an intellectual giant who shaped constitutional theory for generations.

As a Madisonian scholar, today is a day of great celebration for the man who is most responsible for our constitutional system, not to mention the Bill of Rights and our 4th President. He was a brilliant writer whose contributions to The Federalist Papers still remain required reading for lawyers and laypersons alike, particularly Federalist No. 10 (in factions) and Federalist 51 (on the separation of powers).

This picture also features my new Madison bust (purchased at the National Archives after I testified yesterday in the Senate). My wife understandably questioned the need for a new bust but I have always told my students that you cannot have enough Madison busts. At a minimum, you need a car bust, a house bust, an office bust, and a travel bust. (That only puts me a couple over the minimum).

He died of congestive heart failure at Montpelier on the morning of June 28, 1836. He was 85 — an advanced age for the time. My favorite story from his death came from his niece who asked him, “What is the matter, Uncle James?” Madison simply responded “Nothing more than a change of mind, my dear.” He then promptly passed.

Other than his final words, Madison was confident about what a nation required for a stable and just system. His confidence was well founded. He shaped a constitutional system that proved to be the most successful in the history of the world.

Now on to his favorite dessert. For those who wish to celebrate Madison, it is essential to serve copious amounts of ice cream.  It is not true that Dolley Madison invented ice cream or that she was the first to serve the dessert at the White House. However, she loved ice cream and served it regularly as both informal and formal dinners.  The billing records reflects the preference, including Madison’s chef and butler Michel Kromenacker billing $8.00 in June 1810 for “3 Ice cream Moulds and ladles and repairing” and  1812 invoices for $4.00 for four ice cream baskets or buckets as well $5.00 for four ice cream tubs. Notably, after the British burned the White House, ice cream molds were quickly replaced.

It is thankfully there is no clear evidence to support the claim that their favorite ice cream was oyster ice cream (which would make our annual celebration a painful exercise). The rumor appears to be based on the fact that a friend’s cookbook at Montpelier included the recipe with a number of other flavors. Nevertheless, some have claimed that “Dolley preferred oyster ice cream. She used small, sweet oysters from the Potomac River near her home to churn up an interesting dessert.” Similar reports have figures like Mark Twain as partial to oyster ice cream.

There is no definitive record of what flavor was preferred by Madison but I am hoping that the father of the Constitution had better taste in desserts. Besides the best choice is the tripartite Neapolitan.

So enjoy the day and celebrate in true Madisonian fashion. There is no need to be moderate. Madison understood our failings and inclinations. After all,  “if men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” Just  keep your friends checked and balanced.

Happy Birthday, Jimmy.

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  1. Jonathan: It is fitting you would want to celebrate the 271st birthday of James (“Jimmy”) Madison with the purchase of yet another bust of him .But permit me to dissent from the conventional conservative interpretation of Madison’s contribution to the founding of this country. Calling Madison a “genius” is just a bit of hyperbole. Like a lot of the other Founders Madison inherited his wealth from his father including the large plantation’s 100 slaves. Madison’s Constitution protected slavery and he benefited from that institution. Madison was also not a big proponent of popular democracy. During Shays’ Rebellion he wrote against a “rage of paper money, for the abolition of debts, for an equal division of property”. That’s why Madison and his planter colleagues devised a Constitution to protect property rights. He was afraid of popular democracy and didn’t want the masses to select the chief executive. So Madison and his male colleagues devised the Electoral College with electors selected by the various states. That was so “wise men” could make all the big decisions and thwart the will of the majority. We are still suffering from that flaw that Madison created. Trump and his supporters sought to take advantage of that anti-democratic anomaly by trying to get Republicans in the key states in the 2020 election to select alternative electors who support Trump. His supporter are still trying to do that. This is why many are calling for the direct election of the President. Under Madison as President he showed a paternalistic view of Native Americans. He did not believe they could be “civilized” and he set the stage for the later settler expropriation of native lands.

    The above are just some of the reasons we don’t need another bust of Madison. It is revealing that your wife agrees. Madison did not believe women had any rights men were obligated to respect–typical of his age. You only mention Dolly Madison in connection with her serving ice cream. No mention by you of her rather independent views regarding women’s rights. While Madison was laboring away on the Founding documents Dolly sent her husband a letter in March 17176. She admonished her husband: “By the way in the new code of laws which I suppose it will be necessary for you to make, I desire you would remember the ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands. If particular call and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation”. Whoa! Dolly was way ahead of her time and is obvious her views were shared by other “ladies” of the Founders. Madison ignored his wife’s advice and it wasn’t until 1919 that women got the right to vote! Maybe had Madison actually listened to his wife we might be in a different place today and there would be no need for the ERA to finally give women all their inalienable rights.

    All of this says a lot about the similarities between you and Madison. Neither of you listens to the “ladies”. That’s why you ignore your wife’s advice because “you cannot have enough Madison busts”. Beware of what you wish for!

    1. My God, you and those like you are the most insufferable, tedious, and graceless creatures to ever walk the Earth. It is a shame that your religion will lead you to no afterlife or higher state, because the fervor with which you believe it and seek to impress it upon others far outstrips even the most fanatical of Islamists.

    2. Wow! How bleak a perception.

      Madison was a man of his time….and during his time, everywhere else was worse. Looking upon the past through the woke-colored glasses of today’s idiocy is a fool’s errand. Back then, Madison’s ideas ( as well as the other Founders) were novel…… that remain novel even unto today. Find another government set up with “unalienable rights endowed by their Creator.” Good Luck.

  2. Turley: you are so full of it, and full of yourself, too, proven by your alignment with the Hate Network, using your platform to stir up the Trumpsters by attacking “the Left”, minorities, and especially women of color, ignoring the biggest existential threat to American democracy, then pretending to be some kind of patriot with your dumb bust and birthday cake. You are what you write.

    1. As I wrote to another person here, does your tedious and yet fanatical religion (i.e., that of left-illiberalism) know no bounds? Will you, an absolute bore of a person, be yet shouting against and warning the world of the Orange Menace from Queens, while simultaneously decrying the scourge of Tucker Carlson and Fox News, on your deathbed, as your children and loved ones gather to offer you their farewells? Perhaps you could spend a moment contemplating something healthier, such as birding, garderning, or long walks in the woods? In any case, get a life!!

    2. And YOU are what YOU write.

      Speaking of Hate…YOU are full of it.

      Today’s Democrat Socialist/Communists, like you, are the biggest existential threat to America.

  3. Why are some of you, mostly fine people, allowing race-baiters to hijack a thread on the creation of the greatest political document in history?!

    Don’t allow the Constitution’s (and America’s) enemies to set the terms of the debate.

  4. Great piece, JT. It is inspiring to know that a prominent scholar understands and admires a great Founder.

    “My wife understandably questioned the need for a new bust . . .”

    Tell her that at least your addiction is a healthy one.

    Any chance you can send a JM bust to congress, the WH, and the SC?

  5. “My wife understandably questioned the need for a new bust…”

    I see what you did there.

  6. Thank you for sharing this information. While the men at that moment in time did some horrible things, they still manage to create a constitution that would later protect the very people they enslaved and oppressed. I appreciate being able to look back at history to see how far we have come as a country. I can believe that the constitution is a beautifully written document while also recognizing the atrocities that society, all over the world, accepted as normal was abhorrent.

    1. ” they still manage to create a constitution that would later protect the very people they enslaved and oppressed.”
      Nothing in the original document did so and “originalist thought” is the key to getting on the Supreme Court which has weakened or eliminated every civil rights or voting rights act passed by Congress. If by creating a document that could be changed to allow some things they never intended, I suppose they did that.

          1. The context is that the Scotish Anti-Slavery Society held an event to debate whether the U.S. Constitution is pro-slavery or anti-slavery. Douglass was invited to take the anti-slavery side. He did so masterfully.

            It’s not a matter of interpretation. It’s the reality.

    1. If you “remember Ashli Babbitt”, be sure to “remember” the context of how she caused her own death: remember how dangerous it is to believe in a lying narcissist, to be so mesmerized by lies and vulnerable to the heat of the moment that you forgot you were a patriot, that America is proud of its tradition of the peaceful transfer of power, so that participated in an invasion of the bastion of our democracy, that you and/or your compatriots assaulted police officers, broke down doors, smashed windows and you individually proceeded with attempting to enter the Speaker’s Lobby, the last barrier to the floor of the House, to prevent certification of the election winner’s victory, all because you were gullible enough to believe the lies of a sore loser who couldn’t cheat his way into power a second time.

      1. Ashli Babbitt did not deserve to die. She was killed because of her political views. And her murderer is free as a Byrd.

  7. The people reading Turley’s wonderful article on James Madison and then ruining the comments section with the usual racist claims against EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING are one trick ponies and are the new racists. Want to see who is doing the segregating today…leftists. Want to see who is claiming certain groups are inherently evil based on race…leftists. Want a Harvard graduation ceremony…leftists have two. Want the NATIONAL ANTHEM…leftists want two. Want a month of history for one race or one gender (February for Black History Month and March for Woman’s History Month…see the leftists.

    Madison helped create the foundation that helped us move away from slavery (albeit it took way too long), a system that guarantees the greatest standard of living for minorities ever experienced. The haters above hate Madison, Jefferson and even Lincoln because they listen to evil people like the grifter Elie Mystal.

    1. “Madison helped create the foundation that helped us move away from slavery” That probably felt good to you to say that but it isn’t true. The Constitution was a total compromise to ensure slavery wouldn’t go anywhere in the near future. There was no plan for it to end at all. It provided for the possible end of the International Slave Trade after twenty years, but only as a protectionist measure to prop up prices of domestic slave trading (plus forced breeding and rape). It gave us the Electoral College and 3/5ths of a person for representation, both to make sure slavery couldn’t be voted out by Northerners. I get that you want the Constitution to be this glorious document, back up your claim there was any intent to end slavery?

      1. “The Constitution was . . .”

        You’re like Pavlov’s dogs, with rabies. As soon as your hear the word “Constitution” or “Founders,” you snarl: “Slavery!”

        1. I reject the lies told about them. The Founders weren’t perfect nor the Constitution. Why pretend they are to the point of ridiculousness? The Founders and the Constitution found slavery acceptable, some individually may have had mixed feelings but the economic benefit to them was too great. Patrick Henry of “Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death” fame was more honest when he said the following:
          “Would any one believe that I am master of slaves by my own purchase? I am drawn along by the general inconvenience of living without them. I will not — I cannot justify it, however culpable my conduct.”
          So when you praise the words of Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence while he plotted to enrich himself by raising the price of domestic-bred slaves and encouraging forced breeding and rape, I take offense. When you praise Madison for his foresight while he filled in the steps of his father and raped slaves, I mention it. George Washington had teeth pulled from his slaves to make his dentures. For the record, I respect John Jay, who was a slave owner but freed many of them during his lifetime and abolished slavery in New York. He wasn’t perfect, he compromised, but he wasn’t the hypocrite many of those praised here are.

  8. Whatever happened 250 years ago happened. All we can do is learn from it and not repeat it.

  9. Great piece.

    To bad the trolls hate the constitution so much. Leftist are such dolts.

    One of the greatest documents on earth, and they are too stupid to see the beauty.

  10. “We will be celebrating tonight with a traditional Virginia dinner (with the required Virginia ham),”
    Bravo, JT, you’re showing off your refinement. There are two types of “Virginia Ham.” The first is the mildly smoked ham which is pink and full of flavor when popped from the wrapper and then baked. The second (and the best) is the Virginia country ham which is salt cured (dried) and hangs in a smokehouse for months gathering tasty mold. Its meat is deep red with a large rind of fat around the drawn-in, compact meat. You have to first boil and then rinse the Virginia country ham. Maybe even boil it again and then bake it. We Virginians know the difference. And if you want real Virginia country ham the only place I go is over to Wallace Edwards’s place. They are still the best:


  11. Maybe the media covers Biden going out for ice cream due to the Madison ice cream connection!

    1. Given their accomplishments to date, the entire Biden administration should end their meal with a large serving of Humble Pie.

  12. Make sure your Virginia ham is from an American company, not say, Smithfield Ham, which is now owned by Chinese investors.

    “Smithfield Foods was founded in Virginia in 1936, and its pork products are ubiquitous in U.S. supermarkets, but the company was actually bought by WH Group, formerly known as Shuanghui International, for $4.7 billion in 2013.”

  13. He was a brilliant writer who contributions to The Federalist Papers still remain required reading for lawyers and laypersons alike, particularly Federalist No. 10 (in factions) and Federalist 51 (on the separation of powers).

    I believe we overlook the fact these were written pre-ratification. It is pure constitutional theory, defining a system of government intended to fulfill the vision of the DoI. Madison and the other framers weren’t trying to sell the people on a pork-filled ominbus spending bill, or on women voting, or on an end to slavery. Instead, they had to lay out a system that would unite the states by ratification. Then, and only then would they begin the process of governing towards becoming a more perfect union. However, once the ink was dry on the rules of the game, these noble framers became politicians. Franklin knew this and he also knew it was the people themselves that would be on the clock. Can we “keep it?”

    1. Ah, yes.

      The ubiquitous and infinite supplications from dependents and parasites.

      Imagine, the Ukrainians are fighting and dying, as we write, to build their own country, of their own people, customs and traditions.

      What a proud people.

      1. There are people dying for noble causes all over the world. You only care about the white ones. You must have been proud when they refused to let Black people flee the country until all the white ones get out.

        1. Enigma,

          Why don’t they flee to Africa?

          It’s under black management [like Baltimore] and must be a paradise.

          Why always try to live around white people? What have they got to offer?

          I always wondered why Oprah, Obama, Rev Wright, Sharpton and the other reverends always choose to live with whites rather than give back to their community. I imagine you do the same. But why?

          1. It can’t be that blacks like the reverends and the rest of the celebrities choose to live in white areas because the whites moved into the good places.

            Black neighborhoods could be nice places too if they picked up the trash, fixed their homes and stopped shooting each other.

            It can happen. It does happen when whites move into black neighborhoods and pick up trash, fix their homes and don’t shoot each other. It’s called gentrification and it works. If the Obamas, etc., just gentrified black neighborhoods they would be a lot nicer to live in.

            1. Young, over a decade ago I was in New York City for a trade show. Me and my wife decided to take a guided bus tour of the city. The tour guide was a real liberal twit. As we were cruising through Harlem he made a commit on how white people were moving into Harlem because it had become a cool place to be. He didn’t like white people moving into a traditionally black section of NYC. I’ll bet he didn’t white flight either.

              1. That’s the case. White Flight equals white sin. Whites move in and fix things up and it is gentrification, also white sin.

        2. The blacks in Africa were wildly and viciously successful enslaving their own bruthas so it is understandable why black Americans like Enigma prefer to be race pimp$ instead of returning to their “roots” to live off the stripes and sweat off of their backs.

            1. Pity you could not aspire to be a Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Condi Rice, etc.

              Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Joy(less) Reid are the best you can do, huh?

              1. I have said before that there are magnificent people in the black community but they are shunned as examples in preference to rap stars and congressmen and other low life gangster types on the hustle.

        3. Enigmainblack…..you ever get to Bonny Port, Escravos, Forcardos or Lagos…..and visit the Slave Markets at those locations?

          There is plenty of blame to go around for the Slave Trade out of that part of Africa if you care to look it up.

          I suppose you would be aghast to realize there is still Slavery going on in Africa yet today.

          But to discuss that would fly in the face of the agenda of America’s Race Baiters as you well know.

          1. Ralph, you appear to be one of those who know enough to be dangerous. You could write for Texas school books and be readily accepted.

            All of those slave markets you cited were established by Europeans, mostly the Portuguese who don’t get nearly enough credit for their role and the Dutch.
            Certainly a form os slavery existed/ exists in Africa as well as many other nations. The American form of chattel slavery with the forced breedings and rape to produce domestic slaves for sale has existed nowhere else.
            That practice is enshrined in our Constitution and laws including Article One Section Nine Clause One which provided for the possibility of the elimination of the International Slave Trade which was a protectionist move to up the price of domestic-bred slaves.
            Combine that with the American laws like Partus Sequitur Ventrem which made the children of slaves remain enslaved forever, absolved the fathers (including and especially white ones) of any responsibility and made legal rape.
            You have managed to offend me with the suggestion that you somehow have better knowledge of this material than I do. Assuming I don’t know makes an a** out of just you.
            Yes, some tribes participated in the sale of slaves to Europeans. The slabvery they knew was nothing like what Europeans/Americans inflicted. They had no knowledge or understanding of what the Middle Passage was like. They also couldn’t know how Americans would rewrite history to cover up their role. I am here to enlighten you.

            1. “The American form of chattel slavery with the forced breedings and rape to produce domestic slaves for sale has existed nowhere else.”


              In Africa they sometimes ate the produce they couldn’t sell as slaves.

    2. It’s my understanding Thomas Jefferson’s descendants have acknowledged a male Jefferson was the father of Ms. Heming’s children. Subsequent research asserts Thomas Jefferson, himself, was not in the right places at the right times to have been the father. Is there such evidence to suggest President Madison was in the right place at the right time to have been the father of “James, Jr.?”

      1. There is no conclusive proof of Thomas Jefferson fathering black childen or kanoodling with black slaves. The argument has been advanced based on Y-Chromosome haplotite studies and, in this day and time, an allegation is enough to tar the man. Here are the DNA facts of the supposed Jefferson family/Sally Hemings daliance. Jefferson was 65-years-old when Sally Hemings’ son, Eston, was conceived and a Jefferson was almost assuredly the father of the child. Which one is the question.


        1. “black childen or kanoodling with black slaves”

          And then there are blacks kanoodling and fathering more children than whites could ever hope, whilst the black chillin’ turn into thugs, drug pimps and Democrat politicians.

        2. The article you referred to was written in 1999, since then the family and most of the world acknowledge that Jefferson fathered six children with Hemings. Time for you to catch up.

          1. The DNA evidence hadn’t changed. The cuckolding progressives who run Monticello and Jefferson’s guilt-ridden , woke family members impress me not at all.

              1. That your mind is closed to the possibility of innocence tells me plenty. Connecting rooms and tunnles were a facet of most every colonial home of note which you might know if you delved into the topic. It only proves possibility not probability. Servants were granted easy access to their masters. Accessibility is not culpability.

      2. Your understanding is no longer correct. The Jefferson family has now acknowledged the relationship (rape) between Thomas and Sally. In one of the books they sell at Monticello which I have in my hand. It states: “Most scholars believe that, years after the death of his wife, Jefferson was the father of six children with Sally Hemings.” I’m so glad the Jefferson family was able to disabuse you of that notion.

        It’s true they once presented a united front and tried to blame Thomas’s brother Randolph and his nephew Isham. But they’ve given up. They might even one day allow some of the Hemings family to be buried at the official cemetery along with the white people but that hasn’t happened yet.

        Madison himself was in the right place at the right time. Unlike Jefferson where DNA tests have been done. No male Madison will come forward.
        The book should you want to look it up is, “Monticello: The Official Guide to Thomas Jefferson’s World”

        1. “No male Madison will come forward.”

          Just like blacks who “father” chillin’, huh? What a world!

          1. I read the article, much of Coulter’s “proof” was ridiculous. One example, that Jefferson wasn’t known to have visited the slave quarters, he wouldn’t really need to would he given he had a connecting bedroom. another proof is that Sally stopped having babies after Randolph remarried. Randolph took his violin to the Monticello slave quarters and partied the night away long after getting remarried. His wife Mitchie was none to happy about it. Randolph was still making babies, he just wasn’t making them with his brother’s personal slave.
            Another proof was that Thomas Jefferson would never have a child with a woman he had been previously accused of sleeping with. That’s proof?
            My personal theory is that because Thomas Jefferson had a severe stutter (you never heard of any speech Jefferson gave though he could write his ass off) he was uncomfortable around women he couldn’t make sleep with him. After his first wife died he didn’t make the effort to find another white woman.
            Jefferson knew the worth of Black babies and even wrote a letter to George Washington extolling the worth of female slaves being more than any field hand.
            A problem with historians is the need to protect the image of the Founders as perfect men which none of them were. Edwin Betts found a letter detailing how Jefferson allowed teen slave boys to be beaten in the nailery to increase productivity. It didn’t fit Jefferson’s image so Betts covered it up. Coulter would be proud.

            1. Enigma:

              Well you took on the weakest circumstantial arguments but left the strongest ones unscathed:

              1. Jefferson denied the liason
              2. The initial accuser, James Callender, was an avowed racist, Jefferson hater and drunk.
              3. No contemporaneous corroborating documentation of the affair despite lots of other documentation.
              4. The provable leftist lie that Heming’s first son Tom was fathered by Thomas Jefferson — a DNA impossibility.
              5. The fact that any of the eight adult male Jeffersons living at Monticello or the 17 living nearby at the time could have fathered Eston.
              6. Sally Hemings was not freed in Jefferson’s will as other slaves were and Jefferson showed no interest in her children.
              7. Not one contemporaneous private correspondence exists even mentioning the relationship.

              That’s not a total refutation of the claimed relationship but it clearly shows the scandalous claim’s proffered evidence is hardly conclusive on the issue. Just as I said.

              1. Among the weak arguments is that Hemings even had a son Tom, there is no documentation. I’m willing to stipulate Jefferson didn’t father this man.
                There was plenty of contemporaneous suggestion that Jefferson was sleeping with Hemings. We didn’t have cellphone videos then. Sally wasn’t freed in his will but all five he did free were members of her family. He freed nobody that wasn’t. It’s true Jefferson didn’t brag about it in his letters. While some people do brag about rape, it isn’t all that common now is it? There is no strong evidence debunking the relationship while there will always have been that connecting bedroom that only led top Thomas.


                1. Enigma:

                  Among the weak arguments is that Hemings even had a son Tom, there is no documentation.
                  So no documentaion for Tom means he wasn’t Thos. Jefferson’s son but no documentantion for Eston means he was Thos. Jefferson’ son. That’s a unique position. Regardless, thanks for corroborating that the issue is debatable which of course means the evidence isn’t conclusive no matter what a couple of woke organizations or dishonorable relatives say. As to Tom (b. 1789) being Thos Jefferson’s son, Woodson family tradition clearly supports the claim and if you dispute that how can you give weight to the Hemings family tradition that makes Thomas Jefferson Eston’s father? You don’t get it both ways.

    3. I looked at the site. The author claims slaves were “raped” by Madison and his son. Personally, I doubt it. If it happened, I doubt there was rape involved.

      1. The taking of a enslaved person by their “master” cannot be anything but rape. There is no consent given the power differential. Sleep with me or I’ll sell or kill you and your family. Jeffersonn started raping Hemings whenshe was 14, no consent. She only agreed to return from Paris after a promise to free her family. What else should the author call it?

        1. Rape of white women by black men is not at all unusual these days.

          Rape of black women by white men is so uncommon it barely moves the needle on available statistics.

          It seems the black women’s complaint that neither white men nor black men like them or are attracted to them has some evidence.

          Judging by his book, Obama’s choice of spouse was more political than actual physical attraction. He dumped a white girlfriend and went black because of his career. That admission probably didn’t help his marital relationship. “Happy anniversary, My Token.”

          I wonder what the statistics on bestiality are? I worked with someone who as a kid had sex with chickens but it killed them and he had to quit when his mom wondered why they were running out of chickens.

          At least nobody claims Jefferson ever did anything with chickens but eat them. That’s something…Founding Father wise.

          1. You revealed a lot about yourself. You don’t notice when Black women are raped by white men. Perhaps because you don’t care? There are quite a few cases throughout American history of white women claiming to have been raped by Black men, or whistled, or looked at them, that started massacres.

            While Jefferson may only have been a rapist, enabler of other rapists, and profiter from rape, along with authorizing beatings of slaves in his nailery, Washington had teeth pulled from slaves to put in his dentures, Madison was a rapist, and all the founders at least looked the other way.

            1. Enigma–

              The FBI statistics tell the story. What I care about, or don’t care about, doesn’t matter. Black men are rape champions according to statistics. Also murder champions being responsible for more than 54% of the murders in the country. They are also far ahead in vicious hate crime attacks against Asians. Also racking up quite a score for faked hate crimes.

                    1. I don’t claim the entire race is inferior. Quite the opposite. But what do you think of the half with IQ of 85 or less [and lower in Africa]? They aren’t going to be inventing much of anything.

                      As for ‘little contribution to the world’ I don’t think there is much room for argument,. I have asked you before to tell me what has been done and you always depart. I will grant jazz and rap but I am not even sure that is music, more like musical crimes, and I suspect the world would be richer and more civilized without it.

                    2. Enigma– “You are proving my point”


                      Your point seems to be that you can’t think of much of anything blacks have contributed to civilization.

                      Have another crack at it if you think I am wrong.

                    3. Enigma– “I have no interest in trying to prove this to you.”


                      You would relish proving black accomplishments if you could.

                      But you have nothing to work with.

                    4. I am not criticizing your vaccine decision. It was a difficult choice each of us had to make on his own with the best knowledge he could acquire. Many people these days have never had to make a decision that grave and it was difficult for them.

                      Svelaz is a pilot so, like most pilots, he understands it. I have known student pilots who were very skilled and could fly well but balked when the time came to solo. The instructor tells you to stop and he gets out. Then you know that when you open the throttle your life is entirely in your inexperienced hands and if you aren’t up to it you may die. Most take off. Some few say no and never fly alone. Taking the vaccine is like that except whether you go or no, your decision may kill you. Many found it difficult. Many found it too easy to surrender the decision to bureaucrats. It remains to be seen how it will play out. But I hope it goes well with you.

                    5. My son’s entire family got COVID-19 after all had been vaccinated. The vaccinations weren’t intended to prevent COVID but to make the course milder. They all got through it just fine without hospitalizations, Mom, Dad, and three kids (the baby wasn’t vaccinated). I have been fortunate enough thus far to avoid COVID. If it comes, I’ve done what I can to protect myself.

                    6. I am glad your family came through okay and hope the same for you if you get it.

  14. I’m no attorney but I have always greatly appreciated the brilliance of our 4th president and the gifts and foresight he brought to our nation. We still live, grow and prosper under the tutelage of those men and not just Madison. They had their imperfections but it would be difficult for any nation, that I am aware of, that could have started a new form of government with such a stellar cast to lead it’s people.

    1. “I’m no attorney but I have always greatly appreciated the brilliance …”
      James Madison wasn’t a lawyer either, so you’re in good company. Jefferson and Madison are two people I admired quite a bit. Jefferson’s visage hangs on the wall of my law office and James Madison’s face adorns my undergraduate diploma.

  15. Song:
    You can get…anything you want…
    At Madison’s Rest Ur Aunt.

  16. Dear Prof, thank you for a warm tribute to an American giant who is too little remembered–and for not repeating the unsupported fable that Dolly Madison fancied oyster ice cream.

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