“[We all] Hope Clarence Thomas Dies”: UCLA Faces New Free Speech Controversy Over Social Media

UCLA is facing a new free speech controversy after its Director of Race and Equity, Jonathan Perkins, tweeted that he (like many) hoped Justice Clarence Thomas would die rather than recover from his recent illness. UCLA recently disciplined a student for controversial statements, but has stood by the right of Perkins to express such hateful viewpoints. Ironically, Perkins’ office has long posted anti-free speech positions to justify censorship and speech codes.

Perkins is a lawyer (with a J.D. from the University of Virginia) and previously worked in the General Counsel’s office of Harvard University.

When news spread of the hospitalization of Thomas, Perkins declared “No one wants to openly admit [we all] hope Clarence Thomas dies. Whatever you need to tell yourselves.” He further referred to objections to wishing death upon others as “silly” while adding a racist attack: “Uncle Thomas is a sexist token who’s committed himself to making us all share in he and his treasonous wife’s misery.”

A tweet from Jonathan Perkins
Anna Spain Bradley, Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at UCLA, publicly stated that “this tweet does not reflect my or UCLA EDI’s views.”

It was a mild statement to be sure but I still support the right of Perkins and other faculty and students in being able to speak freely on social media. This was a personal viewpoint expressed outside of the school.

However, that was not the approach taken by UCLA in other controversies. Last year, UCLA athlete Chris Weiland was dismissed from the cross country and track & field team after video of him making racist, sexist and homophobic comments appeared on social media. The comments were overheard as Weiland spoke with his mother. 

Avery Anderson, UCLA’s Director of Track and Field and Cross Country reinstated Weiland after a suspension, but then protests led to his dismissal.

UCLA’s Black Student-Athletes Alliance issued a statement that:

“UCLA knew about an incident of blatant racism, homophobia and sexism and did very minimal actions about it. … We do not feel safe with this person on campus, and we demand UCLA athletics take action immediately and remove this student from the team.”

Anderson responded to this and other objections by reversing her decision:

“It became clear that his continued involvement with the team is incompatible with the culture of mutual support and respect we’re fostering. I now realize that the decision to reinstate him was not the right decision, and that the action today is best for the well-being of our team.”

UCLA professors have also been subject to investigations and protests over their private speech or class policies that were denounced as racist. One professor is currently suing UCLA.

There are no such protests or actions taken over the hateful and racist comments of Perkins.

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  1. UCLA happen to be the ‘Black’ sheep in this debacle.
    Two very important points of contention are being stifled by ‘powers that be’….possibly the Jesuits.

    1. ‘University’ begins with ‘Un’…meaning, NO! ‘University’ also ends with ‘ity’….meaning, Contract. In the center of the word ‘University’, we have ‘vers’….meaning, verse, poetry, rhyme, or a trigonometry abbreviation term. Therefore, whosoever attends or works at a University, attends or works at a place with NO writing or speaking Contracts, and NO advancement in any subject except Maths……kinda fits the bill huh?

    2. The people who taught the world how to read, write, spell, & punctuate everything, are also responsible for changing the Rules and Modifying the languages without your knowledge, and are now performing the exact opposite to the Rules (as in Alice in Wonderland), by NOT spelling words correctly, and removing all punctuation from Acronyms, leaving a bunch of Capital Letter names, with NO meaning, NO place in the dictionaries, and NO continuance of Evidence.

    The only thing required from UCLA, is a damn strong apology to ALL its former and current students, for NOT teaching the CORRECT usage of English Grammar, thereby producing nothing more than Second Grade reading fools, who believe they’ve been educated to a higher degree than most……..what a travesty!!!

      1. David Benson – the definition you used is useless in the United States since we have no local feudal lords, however it is UCLA and WSU are beholden to the Board of Regents, Federal government, state government, alumni, etc. BTW, have you been working on getting my citations? You are 230 weeks behinds now.

        1. Paul, what is the over-4-year-old citationless claim you keep referring to?

            1. Nope. You’re the one who keeps making the claim, and if you’re not willing to answer, so be it.

              1. Anonymous – I have answered this question daily for at least 2 years. Use the search engine.

  2. White people debating racism is what got us into this position. We are not all the same and non whites problems all stem from their average low IQ’s. Allowing them to invade our nation and allowing them to blame all their problems on white people has grown tiresome as well as dangerous. Any white person who is afraid of being called a racist is worthless and a traitor to their people. Politics in the USA are racial now and have been for a few decades. All of this madness we are seeing is a direct result of white people refusing to acknowledge this FACT.

    There is a certain group in the USA that is highly organized that is leading the anti white parade. This is why this site refuses to point out the obvious. This site is designed to keep white people on the anti white civic nationalist narrative. Clarence Thomas is an outlier when it comes to blacks and other non whites. I live in multicultural Southern California and grew up with friends of all groups. ALL of my non white former friends raised openly anti white kids. Kids I took to the beach and amusement parks are all over social media whining about non existent systemic racism. They all openly hate white people and their parents defend them. Non whites fundamentally do not like white people. This is a simple truth that is out in the open now.

    Why are they here and how long are so many of you fools going stay on the narrative that hates you? Which way white man?

    1. Give ’em hell, James! Get this: I’ve told this before, but for you newbies who have any interest in a little cultural history from the Civil Rts era…….I had a black boyfriend for a few months while living in Washington D.C. in 1971. ….and had a gun pulled on me twice for simply being with him. Correction: a hand gun and a military rifle. The gun was pointed at me by a gas station attendant when I rolled down my car window and asked him to fill my tank please. I looked up and a hand gun was about 6 inches from my face. My black date was in the passenger seat and the attendant yelled “We don’t serve ni**er lovers” Then a few weeks later, my black friend was in my apartment with me one night in Arlington. There was a terrific banging on my door. When I opened it, my landlord, an army officer and his army buddy from Fr. Myer were standing there, pointing some kind of military rifle at me….and yelling “get that ni**er out of here”. My boyfriend ran and jumped out of the window. My apartment was on the 2nd floor. Poor guy. That was our last date.
      On the flip side……his parents would not allow me inside of their house. Once I got to stand in their living room for a couple of minutes, but not allowed to sit down. They had a nice house….the father was a mailman…but they hated me because I was white! I was a nice, polite Southern Baptist Christian girl and they treated me like dirt …….and truly hated me because of the color of my skin.

    2. James…P.S. I forgot to say that the point of my story..LOL…is that 50 years later, I have never had a Liberal/Democrat/Lefty friend who actually dated a black person, especially back in the day……but they go on and on about how open-minded and “inclusive” they are. and have been!

    3. Show me just ONE White person, and I’ll give you a million bucks…free of taxes!!! You stupid fools….the LAWS in every country, are only written for Coloured people….nobody else…..COLOURED people..
      There are NO Black people, and NO White people on planet Earth. As a painter, I can tell you all…Black & White are NOT colours!!! Stupid damned humans….get a life!!!
      Besides, if you are a member of the Human Race….you’re already a RACIST!!!!

    4. “Politics in the USA are racial now and have been for a few decades.”

      SMH that you think there is some year in America’s history when politics wasn’t racial.

      1. Racism was rapidly declining before Obama, and then it spiked upward. As racism started to increase, Anti-Semitism took off. There is a link between leftists, Democrats, Islamists and black nationalists that inject racism into every part of our lives. Racism and fear are ingrained in the Biden Administration.

        The present ambassador to Israel is anti-Israel, as are many other parts of the Biden Administration.

        Presently the US administration is talking against occupation by Russia in parts of Ukraine. This position is based on international law. However, the Biden administration refuses to be guided by international law in the case of Judea and Samaria, where Jordan illegally occupied that area for many years. According to international law, Judea and Samaria are part of a sovereign Israel, just as Crimea is part of Ukraine.

  3. Being off-white means never having to say you’re sorry and a whole lot more..

  4. “but I still support the right of Perkins and other faculty and students in being able to speak freely on social media. This was a personal viewpoint expressed outside of the school”

    Your rino morals are being used against you.

    The only thing vicous animals understand is power, electoral or the sword.

    You will finally awaken when the children of today are adults sending you to the white Christian gas chambers.

  5. Jay Perk engaged in racism when he called Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom. He was immoral when he wished for his death.

    The Left gives racist slurs a pass when they are directed at conservatives.

    Moral integrity would require that a racist slur is never acceptable.

    1. I believe Jonathan Perkins is black. I would therefore hesitate to say he is racist. Rather, I would say he is a progress ideologue who cannot accept that a black person, or anyone else for that matter, could legitimately believe that anything other than the identity politics of victimhood could be appropriate for today’s society. Hence the Uncle Thomas epithet. Since there can be no legitimate basis for Thomas’s views, it must be that he is currying favour. Anyone who has read anything by Clarence Thomas, or about his life, would know how absurd this is. His life history, accomplishments and legal opinions expressed through thirty years on the Court should give pause to the Jonathan Perkins’s of the world. But they never pause.

        1. Anonymous – I would not hesitate to say he was racist. Racism cuts all ways.

          1. I think Perkins is seeking to mobilise tribal loyalty by casting Thomas’s views as a betrayal of his race. I would not say that is racist. It is rather a function of identity politics, where group solidarity must be maintained and any threats to it must be eradicated. From a larger vantage point, it is a tactic for Democrat political survival, for without a virtually solid black vote they will not win enough elections to maintain a majority.

  6. It’s this kind of insane hyperbole by rodeo clowns like Johnathan Perkins that tells me we can still win by default.

  7. Off topic. Don’t buy ivory. You will up the price and cause elephants to get killed.

  8. Notice how much the left loves violence. Very much like their gods, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Hagel, etc….

    1. It’s your job to prove your claim true and a fallacy (misplaced burden) to put the burden on others to prove you wrong.

      Some people on the left and the right hope that others die. Some on the left and right go beyond wishes and make death threats. Some go beyond threats and try to kill people. Some succeed in killing people. None of that makes either the left or the right a death cult.

      1. ATS, yours is a culture of death, starting with the unborn, and the culture of racism, starting with slavery, followed by segregation and presently white privilege.

      2. Anon directed to Olly: “It’s your job to prove your claim true . . .”

        You demand obsessively that others prove their claims *to you*, and that they satisfy your irrational “standard” of proof.

        1) Attempting to do so is a fool’s errand.

        2) You’re a megalomaniac.

        1. I didn’t demand that he prove it true. I simply pointed out that his attempt to shift the burden to others — where HE demanded “Prove me wrong” — was a fallacy.

          You must have been a sh***y logic teacher; you can’t even keep track of relevant details.

          1. “a fallacy (misplaced burden) to put the burden on others to prove you wrong.” “. . . his attempt to shift the burden to others . . .”

            Which is precisely what Olly did *not* do. The article he linked to provides an argument for his conclusion. (Details, details.)

            Think more; knee-jerk react less.

            1. He absolutely did it. He literally said “Prove me wrong” after failing to prove his own claim.

              “The article he linked to provides an argument for his conclusion.”

              It does not. It makes no argument about the left, the huge group that Olly’s claim was about. Think more yourself.

              1. “after failing to prove his own claim.”

                You are conflating “failing to prove his claim” with a failure to provide an argument for his claim.

                And so we are back to my original observation: Attempting to prove anything *to you* is a fool’s errand.

                1. The column he linked to was not an argument for his claim.

                  I can be convinced by valid evidence. On this website, I’ve already shown that people have sometimes convinced me with evidence that I’d said something false, at which point I noted that I was mistaken.

                  1. “I can be convinced by valid evidence.”

                    ATS, that is not true. You only admit a mistake when it means nothing, and you are trying to demonstrate that you will accept mistakes. All you have to do is go back to the oldest comments you made on each subject. You were wrong on almost all of them, and much of your evidence has been proven bogus.

                    Where are your apologies for all those mistakes?

                    You have no apologies because you were hoping your mistakes would be hidden by your anonymous persona. Your mistakes are as clear day to most of us.

  9. Back in the 1950-1960’s when many of my family raised sugar cane, they also cooked the cane juice and as the scum rose to the top they would skim it off and dump the scum in a barrel and feed it to the hogs. Maybe UCLA should consider the same treatment for Mr. Perkins, since he has, so to speak, risen to the top of their barrel. One should wait and watch the hogs and make sure they do not succumb to the venom. Better yet, release the hogs on to the UCLA campus because large hogs are well known for clearing fields of venomous snakes.

  10. There is no mandate for education in the Constitution.

    Privatize American education.

    Enough communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO) propaganda and indoctrination at the taxpayer’s expense.

    Who does this —-?

    Is there anyone sane out there?

  11. The ignorant professor, has to have Thomas die. The Prof can’t beat Thomas in a debate. That’s obvious.

  12. My gay friends, my husband and I are sick and tired of Left wing Marxist gays like Jonathan Perk give us a black eye. Perk is an unhinged radical homosexual pretending to speak for gays and people of color like me, particularly as UCLA’s Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. UCLA should have all Federal funds stripped immediately for giving Perk a platform to issue death threats to any American or wish them dead, esp Justice Clarence Thomas during his illness.

    WOKE Democrats are disgusting Americans


    1. “My gay friends, my husband and I are sick and tired of Left wing Marxist gays like Jonathan Perk”

      That is good to hear because those Marxist leftists are so tightly linked to the Islamists who kill gays by throwing them off the roof. It’s incredible who leftists call their friends.

  13. Perkins is proof of the fact that scrum rises to the top. Perkins has done it with lots of freeloading in “academia,” undoubtedly asserting that anyone not “black” is a racist and that “black” victims deserve equity, not equality. I doubt this guy ever worked in the proverbial “real world” because he couldn’t do “real world” work – as a lawyer or anything else.

  14. With respect to Mr. Perk’s tweet it should read “share in his and” not “share in he and”. Poor grammar negates the vitriol.

  15. If liberals didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

    1. Liberalism is a philosophy of divergence adopted in sects over generations, factions, special interests, peculiar interests, etc. The current cast has, unsurprisingly, adopted the Pro-Choice “ethical” (i.e. morality’s relativistic sibling) religion.

  16. OT
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    Will Smith has consulted with OJ Simpson and Jussie Smollett, and now he’s going to set up a fund to locate the real person who slapped Chris Rock, then write a book about it. 🤣

    8:13 AM · Mar 30, 2022·Twitter for Android
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    1. It had all the signs of it being crafted by Russian intelligence. In fact, 50 actors who have portrayed Russian ballet dancers, Kozaks and victims of Stalin’s famine thanks to NYT’s Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer Prize winning lie, have signed a document confirming it is all Russian intelligence plot to overthrow the Oscars. As if!

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