The Stanley Kowalski Defense: Durham Seeks to Force the Clinton Campaign and DNC to Turn Over Evidence in Sussmann Case

It is always good to have a “lawyer acquaintance” when things get tough. In “A Streetcar Named Desire,” the character Stanley Kowalski famously assures to Blanche DuBois that he has “a lawyer acquaintance” who will protect her. The same appears to be true for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. Special Counsel John Durham is fighting to get access to evidence related to his prosecution  of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann. The documents are being withheld by the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Fusion GPS, and Perkins Coie. There are 1,455 withheld documents, but only 18 reportedly involved a lawyer. However, they are arguing that their “lawyer acquaintances” shield their communications from disclosure to the Special Counsel.

Sussmann’s defense recently took a body blow from Durham after the Special Counsel revealed that Sussmann did not just conceal the role of the Clinton campaign in pushing a debunked Russian collusion allegation but put that same alleged lie into writing. In both a text message and the later meeting, Sussmann is accused of lying about not representing any client despite billing the time to the campaign.

Sussmann faces a single charge under 18 U.S.C. 1001 for lying to the FBI in a meeting with the then-FBI General Counsel James Baker.

In the indictment, Sussmann is accused of “mak[ing] a materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statement or representation” in conversations with Baker. Durham argued that “the defendant provided the FBI General Counsel with purported data and ‘white papers’ that allegedly demonstrated a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Russia-based bank.”

That institution was Alfa Bank and Sussmann’s effort paralleled the work of his partner at the law firm Perkins Coie, Marc Elias, in pushing the Steele Dossier in a separate debunked collusion claim.  The Federal Election Commission recently fined the Clinton Campaign and the DNC for hiding the funding of the dossier as a legal cost by Elias at Perkins Coie.

The Clinton Campaign’s Alfa Bank conspiracy was found to be baseless but the FBI did not know that it was being offered by someone being paid by the campaign to spread the claim. Had they known, Durham alleges the department might have been able to avoid the investigation costs and effort spent on the Alfa matter.

Durham told the court that these sources (and tech executive Rodney Joffe) have refused to turn over documents as protected by attorney-client or work product privilege. Durham can use the crime/fraud exception to compel disclosure but he is first asking the court to review the documents in camera.

Attorney-client privilege is generally raised by clients but can be raised in some circumstances by third parties under some circumstances. However, the exchange must be “for the purpose of obtaining legal advice from the lawyer.” Likewise, the work product doctrine protects documents that were “prepared in anticipation of litigation or for trial” by third parties on behalf of the client.

What is interesting about this fight is that the Clinton campaign is accused of using Perkins Coie and both Sussmann and Elias to conceal its secret campaign to push the Russian collusion story. The FEC recently fined the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for violating election rules in hiding that funding as legal costs.

Now the campaign and Perkins Coie are using attorney-client privilege to withhold evidence in a case where the former partner is accused of using his status of counsel to conceal information from the government.

Recently, the media celebrated the decision of a judge to compel the disclosure of alleged attorney-client material to Congress related to the January 6th riot. Yet, there has been comparably little coverage of this fight despite striking similarities on the underlying claims.

Judge David O. Carter in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California used the crime/fraud exception to order the release of material claimed as privileged by John Eastman, who advised former President Donald Trump on opposing the certification of the election.

Judge Carter was praised for his “simple clarity” in declaring that “it is more likely than not that President Trump corruptly attempted to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, 2021.”

At the time, I wrote that people need to “consider the implications of Carter’s opinion . . . there is no clear limiting principle of when a legal opinion becomes a criminal conspiracy beyond the court’s predisposition of the meaning of these facts.”

In this case, you have third parties raising privilege arguments in refusing to allow Durham to see what was discussed in the effort to push the false Russian collusion claims. Durham argues:

“Many, if not most, of the actions taken by the employees of [Fusion GPS] thereafter do not appear to have been a necessary part of, or even related to, [Perkins Coie’s] legal advice to HFA and the DNC. Instead, contemporaneous communications and other evidence make clear that the primary purpose of the [Fusion GPS’] work relating to the U.K. Person-1 dossier, the [Alfa Bank] allegations, and other issues was to assemble and publicize allegations that would aid the campaign’s public relations goals.”

Notably, Durham also argues that any privileges, if they existed at all, were waived by the public statements of these parties. The filing cites the publication of a book and other public statements, including disclosures where “the authors appear to expressly suggest that [Perkins Coie] purposefully structured the [Fusion GPS] relationship with [Perkins Coie] to maintain confidentiality over their work.”

Those documents could shed new light on the efforts, and individuals, involved in this effort by the Clinton campaign to secretly fund and spread the Russian collusion story.

The filing not only raises serious questions about the professional position of Perkins Coie and its former counsel. It also raises questions about the position of journalists cooperating in this effort. One such reporter is depicted as eagerly pursuing any allegations against Trump despite the lack of proof of authenticity. In one exchange, a figure at Fusion GPS tells the reporter “do the [expletive] [Alfa Bank] secret comms story. It’s hugely important.”

Many did in reporting on the Steele Dossier and Alfa Bank allegations despite the lack of proof. After all, running these claims was “hugely important” and there was no reason worry: Fusion GPS and the Clinton Campaign have a lot of “lawyer acquaintances.”

Here is the motion: Durham Motion

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  1. Be ready for Hillary Clinton to shrug her shoulders, and say, “What difference does it make?”

    1. KAREN:

      What difference does it make?? Trump still got the White House. And one should note, that Hillary became the first presidential candidate ever to be dogged by Wikileaks, a non-state actor, whose leaks came from Russian-affiliated hackers.

      1. Anonymous:

        What difference did it make?

        1. If it was a crime, then it matters to a just society if she got away with it.
        2. It successfully undermined the entire Trump presidency. People to this day still think he colluded with Russia. This directly harmed the country. Are there to be no consequences? What about correcting the record of his presidency?
        3. We need to prevent this from happening again.

        Since Democrats control the public education system, academia, most of the media, Hollywood, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google, the last of which means they can bury the truth and promote lies, this could very well mean that every presidential election will become weaponized by the Left.

        All they have to do is come up with a lie, push it to activists in 3 letter agencies, and either win the presidency through false character assassination, or thoroughly discredit and destabilize their opponent if they lose.

        Then, they can shrug their shoulders, mug for the cameras, and say it’s all in the past. What difference does it make? Meanwhile, they lay plans for the next election.

        As for Wikileaks, the salient points are, is the information true, did it jeopardize national security, and were any laws broken. The law should apply equally to everyone, including Hillary Clinton. If anyone broke laws to get information to Wikileaks, then of course they should have their day in court.

        One of my biggest problems with Hillary Clinton is her seeming superpower to escape the criminal justice system.

      2. You and no one else can post one link to one shred of actual hard proof that Russia hacked the DNC servers. BS 1000%

  2. The allegation that Trump colluded with Russia was a hoax. A fraud perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and the DNC in order to assassinate his character before the election. Clinton’s lawyer tried to get the dossier published as an October surprise.

    This ploy was wildly successful. Even though she was not able to get it published, only alluded to, prior to the election that she lost, Hillary Clinton was successful in undermining President Trump. The nation wasted millions of dollars, and even fueled impeachment, based on the Democrat lies about Trump.

    There are still naive people to this day who have the vague belief that Trump some somehow involved in a Russian conspiracy.

    That was the play. Lie, lie often, and deny everything when the lie is proven unfounded.

    Democrat family members insisted that Trump was a Neo Nazi, anti-semite, and so was everyone who voted for him. They told me Trump would send actual Death Vans for the Jews. They actually believed that when he forwarded the meme with the sheriff’s badge, about locking Hillary Clinton up for her myriad crimes, was some sort of smoking gun of anti-semitism. I showed them the name of the clip art was “sheriff’s badge”. I showed them images of all the many 6 pointed stars used in law enforcement, Rangers, Gymkhana teams, the Old West, etc. Showed them his friendship with Netanyahu, and his Jewish family. Didn’t matter. Facts could not penetrate the brainwashing. We still haven’t spoken. As expected, Trump’s historic pro-Israel policies did not move their conscience to apologize. They had amnesia and had moved on to Charlottesville and Russia.

    The Charlottesville Lie was the next ugly assassination attempt on the presidency. Trump said there were “very fine people” on both sides of the debate about keeping or removing the statue of General Robert E Lee. In an act of pure propaganda, the media edited out the part where he said, “and I’m not talking about the Neo Nazis and the White Supremacists, who should be condemned totally.” Instead, most anchors, pundits, and politicians gave bald-faced lies, claiming he’d called racists “very fine people.” With that logic, that would mean he thought Antifa were “very fine people, too.” Anyone who wanted the truth could easily ferret out the entire transcript, or watch the full video. This was a mischaracterization that should have been corrected within 30 seconds. Instead, it was the lie heard round the world, undermining President Trump and the US on the world stage. Democrats were happy to risk the security, reputation, and stability of the US in lying about the President, because it furthered their Machiavellian political goals.

    Then there was the lie that Trump had not denounced white supremacy. As the lie that Trump was antisemitic looked more and more absurd, it was replaced with the lie that he was a slavering racist. This required an obedient flock of sheep to ignore that Trump had denounced white supremacy more than any other president or candidate in history. Yet, every interview by a Left wing reporter began with “will you denounce white supremacy.” They only treated him this way. It got to the point that he became frustrated and testy, whereupon the reporter would jump on his supposed “unwillingness” to denounce white supremacy. He’d denounced it so often that video montages of him doing so can be feature length movies.

    Then there was the lie that Trump was excessively rude. While Trump certainly does love his Twitter spats, are we to take our lessons in civility from the likes of Biden, who called people dog-faced-pony-soldier, Neanderthal, or sob? Or the rest of the Democrat politicians, who called us conservatives deplorable, racist, etc?

    Gullible people have been led to believe that Trump was a devil, and to remain ignorant of how incredibly better off the country was under him. Does anyone honestly think that Biden, who has trouble fumbling through teleprompter, or Kamala Harris, who can talk herself in circles for days, could have come up with Operation Warp Speed?

    Trump has his faults. HIs Twitter often devolved into “Loser. Loser. MAJOR Loser. Ugly Loser.” HIs extemporaneous remarks, press conferences, and interactions with reporters must have driven his speech writing staff to Hare Kari. His mercurial temperament drove his disciplined, sober military advisers up the wall, and sometimes out the door.

    And yet, he ushered in prosperity, much of it to those who had not experienced it before. Black unemployment was at record lows. Food stamps were down. More people were working and productive. When the globe was hit with the pandemic, it was President Trump who urged us to see through the Chinese Communist Party propaganda that sought to cover their culpability. Trump was called xenophobic. Yet once information became declassified, and was able to be shared, he turned out to be right. The Wuhan Institute of Virology was working on gain of function in coronaviruses, and is the likely source of the outbreak. The CCP knew about this outbreak, yet remained silence, and silenced whistleblowers, allowing the pandemic to grow legs. By doing so, China guaranteed it would emerge triumphant, rather than be the only country affected. The country caused billions of dollars in economic damage, and is responsible for many deaths, yet was never held accountable. China owes reparations, but who will ask them to pay?

    Joe Biden, by contrast, gave out free Covid tests made in China, too late to help with the surge. Democrat Governor Newsom purchased masks made in China. Democrats pilloried Georgia’s election law, which in no way discouraged minority voting, while it promoted making movies in China during the genocide against the Uighur.

    I am so tired of the hypocrisy, the lying, and people who refuse to get informed before they vote.


      “This ploy was wildly successful”

      Karen is blaming the Steele Dossier for ‘tarnishing’ Trump’s reputation. As though Trump never called on Vladimir Putin for help. As though Trump never deferred to Putin while ignoring U.S. intelligence. As though Trump never praised Putin for the latter’s ‘ingenious’ invasion of Ukraine.

      1. All of your drivel is taken out of context. On purpose. Making all of your comment a lie.

      2. Anonymous:

        (When you write in all caps, it denotes screaming. I’m not the Beatles or One Direction.)

        Democrat lies that materially damaged Trump’s reputation:

        1. Russia hoax (if you deny this materially damaged the country, and his reputation, then this is not an honest conversation)
        2. the claim that the clip art sheriff’s badge was really a SOD in disguise, and therefore the lock her up meme was anti-semitic
        3. “very fine people” lie
        4. kids in cages (those were from Obama era)
        5. lie that Trump never denounced white supremacy, when in fact he did so more than any president in history
        6. there was no armed insurrection or attempted coup on Jan 6. There were no guns or knives used at the capitol. It was a protest turned riot. You don’t overthrow a country with buffalo headdresses.
        7. claim that Trump incited a riot, when in fact he said to let their voices be peacefully heard. Compare and contrast with Maxine Waters, who urged riots and harassment
        8. claim that Trump was a warmonger, when in fact we went 4 years with no new wars.
        9. the lie that Trump was a Neo Nazi or anti-Semite. He has Jewish children, grandchildren, and friends, and was the staunchest supporter of Israel of any president in history.
        10. corruption charges – Trump was the most investigated president, likely more so than Nixon. There have been myriad activists trying to find some crime, somewhere, even illegally sharing his tax returns. In contrast to the Biden dynasty business of selling government favors to foreign countries, not even Mueller could ferret out any crimes.
        11. the charge that Trump is xenophobic. He actually supports legal immigration, but not illegal immigration. He’s also married 2 legal immigrants, making the charge of xenophobia absurd.
        12. Trump is against free speech and journalism. Disproven. Trump routinely held press conferences with journalists who hated him on a visceral level. He’d take questions from reporters who wished him dead. Contrast with Biden who just turns his back on reporters or refuses to hold press conferences. Trump certainly despised members of the press who were dishonest or disliked him, but he still took their questions.
        13. Firing Comey was obstruction of justice. In fact, it was well within the President’s purview, and Comey was a political activist who might have broken the law.
        14. The entire premise behind Crossfire Hurricane appeared to have been made up, in order for Democrats to spy on Donald Trump

        Now, let’s discuss one of the current lies, which deliberately mischaracterizes Trump’s opinion of the invasion of Ukraine. Putin successfully seized Crimea, and got away with it. That was a brilliant move, because he successfully stole Crimea’s resources. It was anticipated that he was going to do the same thing again, invade Ukraine, seize some or all of its territory, and then present it as a fait accompli. Since America and Europe don’t want to engage in war with a nuclear power, there wouldn’t be a lot done about it. If it had been successful, that would have been a savvy move.

        Now, does “brilliant” and “savvy” in my paragraph above mean that the invasion was just, right, or that I agreed with it? No. Emphatically not. It only said that Putin was making moves that benefitted him, and avoided consequences. That’s good for Putin, but bad for the rest of the world. It’s intellectually dishonest to claim that Trump actually supported the invasion of Ukraine. It’s also nonsensical, because Trump gave Ukraine lethal aid, in contrast to Obama’s “pillows and blankets”.

        When Trump said, “that’s wonderful”, it was clearly sarcastic. The formula is for Putin to claim that the existence of Russian separatists in countries formerly of the Soviet Union is grounds for that area, or even that country, to become annexed with Russia. Under that logic, Mexico could annex the United States because there are Mexicans here.

        With Putin’s formula, Moldova could be next.

        I’m curious. Have you ever read historical accounts of the Civil War, in which some Southern generals were deemed brilliant strategists? If so, do you then think the author supported the Secessionists, or slavery? Or do you only apply this illogic to Trump?

        Get the plank out of your eye.

        1. Anonymous is a misogynist. ATS when someone calls you a misogynist don’t complain that the statement was made by another anonymous. Instead recognize your part and that you willfully created the impression by your own actions.

    2. Karen,

      Trump publicly called for Russia to interfere in the election to benefit Trump, and Russia did interfere in the election to benefit Trump.

      1. Incorrect.

        Trump jokingly said Russia should release Hillary Clinton’s illegally deleted emails. He said this because one of the reasons for the laws and regulations regarding the handling of classified information is to prevent other countries from getting their hands on it.

        Hillary Clinton broke numerous laws when she refused to use the closed network of State. Instead, she used her own server, backed it up to the Cloud, and allowed people with zero security clearance to service it, access it. She had parties where anyone could have wandered downstairs and stolen data.

        It was the equivalent of shouting Top Secret information in public. Russia, North Korea, China, and likely MI6 and the rest of Europe likely have her emails.

        That’s the joke. Get it? Since Hillary used Bleach Bit, we should just ask North Korea or China to provide us a copy.

        Hence why Hillary Clinton should have been in jail. I think the sailor arrested for taking a selfie on a nuclear submarine might agree.

        Russia actually pushed Bernie Sanders, as well as other far Left candidates.

        Russia also donates vast amounts of money to environmental activists who oppose domestic oil and gas development. That gives Russia more oil and gas market share.

        1. It wasn’t said as a joke Karen. No one laughed. Not Trump, and not anyone in the audience. He meant it seriously, and now he’s trying to gaslight people, and you’re choosing to be gaslit.

          Trump didn’t mean it as a joke, and Russia didn’t treat it as a joke. Trump said it on July 27, 2016, and Russia sent phishing emails to accounts at a domain used by Clinton’s personal office and others used by the Clinton campaign that week.

          He literally called on a foreign adversary to carry out a cyber attack on a US citizen. It was disgusting then, and it’s disgusting now, and your desire to pass it off as a joke rather than treat it seriously is also disgusting.

          Imagine what you’d be saying if Biden were calling on Russia or China to interfere in the 2022 election. Would you treat it as a joke if Biden did it? Trump was right that he could shoot someone and Trumpists would excuse him.

          1. Anonymous the Stupid twists the facts. He is dishonest and not credible. ATS, your word games don’t work, and most people know that you have twisted the truth and lied again.

            Karen is much smarter than you so she can place the facts in the right place. All you can do is prove how Stupid you are. Trump knew what needed to be done. Keep Russia and China apart. The left used Russia for domestic political reasons, and now Russia and China are closer together than ever.

            You cannot discuss these things because outside of word games, you are totally dumb.

            1. You are the one and only Anonymous the Stupid, aka Meyer the Troll Liar.

              1. Karen is much smarter than you so she can place the facts in the right place. All you can do is prove how Stupid you are. Trump knew what needed to be done. Keep Russia and China apart. The left used Russia for domestic political reasons, and now Russia and China are closer together than ever.

  3. single charge?…no fraud, conspiracy, treason, election tampering, foreign agent crimes, election crimes, etc?

    Meanwhile a peaceful 6th visitor the capital…years in JAIL, fired from job, etc

  4. Sad to admit, but this is all a big smoke screen. Lots of smoke to signify action, but precious little action is taking place.
    The real crime is Obama using the power of the federal govt to spy on a political campaign. That was crossfire hurricane. After the election, the push was to get a special counsel. Mueller’s only job was to lock down Main Justice, and all investigations by congress looking into the government illegal spying. No one could mess with Mueller’s mucking about, Then in two years the feckless Republicans lose the majority, and Mueller is no longer needed and low and behold….nothing was ever there. Just like the Russia scam was nothing. Nothing investigating nothing.

    1. Obama didn’t ‘use the power of the federal government to spy on a political campaign”. Another Fox lie. The government was monitoring Russian hacking and also Russian ties in the US, not spying on Trump. That’s the spin pro-Trump media are putting on this. Trump had to cheat to get into the White House, so his campaign, in collusion with Russian hackers, came up with a way to put out false information in social media about Hillary Clinton in key districts in certain states where such lies could sway the popular vote. This tactic worked. It’s called cheating. Trump NEVER cooperated with Mueller, and so could NEVER be exonerated, just like his henchmen have refused to cooperate with the Jan 6th committee. Trump is, and has always been, a crook, cheater and liar. Trump did try to pay back Putin by publicly siding with him in Helsinki, by trying to get Russia back into the G-7, and by trashing NATO and the EU. If, God forbid, he ever got back into office, he’d try to pull the US out of NATO, clearing the way for Putin to invade the democracies of Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. And, Trump praised Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as “smart and savvy”. What further proof do you need? Well, there’s the Republican Senate committee also confirmed that Russia helped Trump cheat. That’s still not enough for you Trumpster.

  5. Well, maybe Hillary should play the Trump card and refuse to turn over anything, even when it’s court ordered. Just refuse and stall any investigation they see fit. Hillary can use Trump’s own words to stall and obstruct everything and anything, lets see how the so-called Trump “law and order” cult thinks about that.

    1. FishWings:

      Sigh. Do you mean like when she used BleachBit to wipe her illegal bootleg servers, and smashed her Blackberries and laptops with hammers, while under subpoena?

      1. Karen: give it a rest. Hillary was investigated and cleared. Stop churning up the past.

        1. It was proven that Hillary Clinton had an illegal bootleg server, and that she wiped it with Bleach Bit, in defiance of State regulations, and multiple laws.

          James Comey simply urged them not to press charges.

          It was political activists in 3 letter agencies covering for Hillary Clinton’s lawless behavior.

          Just like the media scrambled to protect Joe Biden from the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, in which Joe Biden himself sold government favors to foreign actors.

          Troll, get back under your bridge and mutter your nonsense about Russia.

  6. Turley sure has fallen into Durham’s rabbit hole of the conspiracy theory of his own making.

    Marcy Wheeler on her blog does a much better job analyzing the Durham investigation than Turley. Turley is only interested in pretending to know what is going on.

    Durham’s investigation is three years in the making, and he’s already under pressure from GOP leaders to produce a damning report in time for the midterms. Durham is changing tactics because he has nothing of substance to report. He has to show something of value to republicans so they can use it in the midterms.

    Here’s an excerpt from Wheeler’s more detailed analysis,

    “ Since Alfa’s lawsuit was stayed, Durham has taken at least four untimely steps, apparently in an effort to turn a single sketchy false statement charge into the conspiracy Durham has not yet been able to substantiate, the conspiracy without which his single false statement claim is far weaker.

    With all that in mind, consider the basis on which Durham argues he should be able to breach privilege claims, no matter how flimsy.

    Durham admits that he only asked for redacted copies of those documents Fusion and the Democrats have claimed privilege over on September 16, the day Durham indicted Sussmann.

    On September 16, 2021, the Government issued grand jury subpoenas to Law Firm1 and the U.S. Investigative Firm, requiring them to produce – in redacted form – the documents previously listed on privilege logs prepared by counsel for those entities so that such documents would be available for admission into evidence at any trial in this matter. Those entities subsequently produced the requested documents with redactions.

    In other words, Durham didn’t even begin the process of trying to pierce this privilege claim until over 850 days into his investigation, and days before the statutes of limitation started to expire. And in the ensuing six months, Durham has done nothing. So he’s making this request less than six weeks before the start of the trial (as I noted, litigating the much more specious John Eastman privilege claims has been pending since January 20), claiming the information is necessary for his case.

    But some of the arguments Durham makes rely on the belated filings he has submitted in the last month. For example, he invokes Christopher Steele, whose first appearance in this case was in that untimely 404(b) notice.”


      The Warren Report, the Warren Whitewash, fabricated, in a herculean effort, the Oswald-as-lone-gunman false scenario and supporting “evidence.”

      The Durham Report will do something very similar.

      Oswald was in the break room while the Deep Deep State shot Kennedy.

      Obama oversaw and continues to oversee his Coup D’etat in America, the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious crime in American political history, for the Deep Deep State.

      The facts and the truth are irrelevant.

      It’s not nice to fool the Deep Deep State.

    2. Sve Z @ 2:46

      Emptywheel went so far into la la land about 5 years ago that anyone with any sense has long since quit reading it. It’ll rot your brain. Oh, maybe that explains some things…

      It’s too bad about emptywheel. At one time they posted some interesting stuff, but the inmates have been running the asylum for far too long.

      1. Lefty665,

        The empty wheel has produced a far more substantial analysis of the investigation than Turley.

        One reason why some trump supporters can’t grasp her analysis is that it is full of details provides deeper context and uses the documents directly from the court filings from both Sussman and Durham. Turley’s opinions are reliant on his disingenuous manipulation of context to produce a biased narrative.

        1. No she makes it lengthy and complicated so she can squeeze in words that change the meaning. You don’t recognize that because you don’t understand what she says. You only know her conclusion. The rest is beyond you.

  7. Hillary Clinton refusing to give up her files goes way back. When Bill was the Governor of Arkansas their was a scandal and the Clintons said the files were lost. Then Hillary said “Oh my! They were on the kitchen table all along hee hee.” In another mystery of lost files they were found in a junk yard in the trunk of a car that was scheduled to be crushed. In the current era there were 30,000 emails that were on her illegal server that she wiped away with a cloth. Now the Clintons are trying to hide the documents that will prove that they paid for the Alpha Bank and Steele Dossier hoaxes. “ Look here youes, go down there and youes make sure dos documents never see da light uh day. Capish? But boss what if I gets caught? Don’t give it worry, we got dem highpaid mouth pieces datle get you off. It’s about time de do sumtin for what we pay em.”

    1. Remember when the secretary found the missing White Water files, sitting out on a coffee table at the White House, with only her own and Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints?

      Then there was her delay in providing evidence that proved her guilty in Travelgate, but provided after the statute of limitations had run out.

  8. G. Gordon Libby should sue. He spent over 4 years in prison for breaking into the Democratic National headquarters and think he was also involved contemplating fire-bombing the Brooking Institution in downtown DC. That’s where Nixon wanted to purchase a fire truck and firefighter uniforms. Nixon’s firebombing idea apparently was blocked by John Dean (Nixon’s attorney). Dean told Nixon if anyone got killed he could potentially go to prison.

    Fast forward to the Bush guys adopting torture techniques from the Spanish Inquisition – they got promoted – no prison and not even criminal indictments. Libby spent years in prison without torturing innocent people to death. Not your grandad’s Republican Party!

    1. Apparently you have a bad case of ADD and can’t stay on topic. How about commenting on the issue at hand, not crap that happend nearly 20 years ago and that has nothing to do with the article.

        1. Water Gate is closer to WWII, than the Obama Presidency.

          But its the Golden Ring. The only time the media got to put a trophy head over the mantel.

      1. Most war crime indictments happen 20-60 years after the war crimes – like torture – were committed. This is exactly the right time for justice for those that were highly disloyal to their own Oath of Office loyalty oath. 20 years is usually just the starting point!

        It’s important that those Bush torture attorneys face justice so it creates a “deterrent effect” for future law breakers. What a DOJ attorney today considering war crimes. Now the Trump supporters that broke into the Capitol building (and their supporters) are also on watchlists. Will future DOJ attorneys just torture them or worse? The deterrent-effect benefits all Americans of either party.

        Remember again what they did. Waterboarding was recognized as “torture” by the entire world for over 500 years. American military members were even trained in “counter-torture” if they were waterboarded by a foreign enemy. Even the DoD admits it is torture. 500 years of calling it “torture” and along come Bush & Cheney renaming it to non-torture. Better yet they admitted to doing it.

    2. Ashcroft’s Z @ 2:21

      “G. Gordon Libby should sue.” Uh, G Gordon Libby is dead. There may be some procedural issues with that suit. Pesky mortality.

  9. Most of the suspects already confessed to felony crimes under the Federal Criminal Code. Some laughed at their crimes that resulted in death. This was also verified by hard evidence. These were the Bush torture attorneys nearly 20 years ago. Time to act Garland!

  10. “I began by telling the president that there was a cancer growing on the presidency and that if the cancer was not removed that the President himself would be killed by it. I also told him that it was important that this cancer be removed immediately because it was growing more deadly every day.”

    John Dean, Nixon White House Counsel, 1973

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    – Barack Obama

    “We will stop him.”

    – Peter Strzok to FBI paramour Lisa Page

    “[Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.”

    – Lisa Page to FBI paramour Peter Strzok

  11. but they jailed and have prosecuted EVERYONE from Jan 6th? Lets see this happened like 6 YEARS AGO!
    This is almost as slow as looking into the Biden family history of corrupt influence pedaling which Ray Charles and Steve Wonder have know about for over a DECADE!

  12. which is slower….Durham investigation or the 30000 of Global Warming since the ICe Age?
    The DOJ is 100% corrupt

  13. “’do the [expletive] [Alfa Bank] secret comms story. It’s hugely important.’”

    So to the Left, a (fabricated) story about Trump is “interesting.” But a (true) story about HB’s laptop is not “interesting.”

    I think there’s a pattern here.

  14. OMG, Turley, does Fox pay you by the word to keep attacking Democrats, beating dead horses, all while ignoring the bigger political stories involving the well-established criminality of Trump et al? Just yesterday, Congress voted to refer two of his henchmen for criminal prosecution for refusing to cooperate with the Jan 6th committee investigation. The basis for their refusal is a claim of privilege that has already been knocked down by several courts. so it’s just a bad-faith stall tactic. Just yesterday, Trump again put out the Big Lie, claimed the Secret Service wouldn’t let him join the disciples, after promising he’d be with them, blamed Nancy Pelosi for the riot he started getting out of control, even though he let it go on for 187 minutes while basking in the glory of the love and devotion of his disciples, and then tried to water-down his “savvy and smart” comments about Putin after invading Ukraine, claiming that he meant that invading a peaceful country was a “smart and savvy” negotiation technique to bully them into submission. Of course, he also attacked NATO and the Biden Administration. None of this was apparently worthy of your attention.

    You and I both know, Turley, that you keep putting out these little fecal pieces for the benefit of the disciples, keeping them stirred up, stoking the theme that Democrats are equally guilty of criminal acts, all as a set-off to mitigate the results of the Jan 6th committee and Trump’s other criminal prosecutions. You and I both know you ignore the big political stories about Trump’s misconduct to downplay it, while playing up the Durham investigation that you know likely will go nowhere, and that it’s all show for the disciples.

    1. Your TDS is showing. This is an article about a small but significant bit of DNC criminality and yet you cannot help yourself but to tread back to Trump. It’s as if you truly believe that we will ignore the gross, decades long criminal enterprise that calls itself the DNC just because you post the word TRUMP. It no longer works that way. The sh*t accumulating under the banner of progressive left ideology has blinded people paying for gas or watching inflation and only reminds them of the good old days under an administration with an agenda of MAGA. As much as that anacronym must gall you, it is the reason that eyes are now turned to a laptop, unethical deals and other such activities such as vote counts and progressive black women totally unfit to be justices.

      1. Alma: TDS is a deflection technique, just like “Russia, Russia, Russia”–shorthand ways to dismiss valid criticism of that one you worship. The ones who are “deranged” are those who are loyal to a chronic, habitual liar who trashed our economy, botched the pandemic, resulting in 130,000 unnecessary deaths, caused unemployment to rise above 10%, and who caused supply chain issues due to his silly tariffs against China after they wouldn’t knuckle under to him. Gas prices are high now because of the Trump Recession: production went down because demand went down because people weren’t commuting to work and they weren’t going on vacations. So when demand went back up after Biden turned things around, there has been a lag in production, and petroleum companies are seeing record profits that they are using the record profits to pay dividends and for stock buybacks. Cars, appliances and other items that use computer chips are in short supply because of the Chinese tariffs plus the turnaround and increase in employment. People are back to work now wanting to buy things again, and the rate of job growth has set a record. Of course, the ReTrumplicans are trying to blame Biden and the Democrats for high prices for gas and consumer goods, but that blame is misplaced. The disciples don’t know any better, and are immune to facts, so trying to explain this to them would be futile.

        Trump was never fit to serve because he’s no patriot, he only wanted the power, attention and adulation. He’s always been smoke and mirrors: supported by his Daddy well into his forties, and after that, the business bankruptcies started–6 of them so far. He’s been sued thousands of times for refusing to pay his bills. He was sued for fraud for “Trump University” and paid $25 million to settle. He was impeached twice, and, in another era, Republicans would have put him out of office. He makes Nixon look like a piker by comparison. Mostly, he just won’t shut up or go away and keeps trying to undermine the Biden Administration. No previous office holder who lost an election has ever behaved in this manner because they were patriots and respect the will of the American people and the Constitution. These things mean nothing to Trump because Trump is all about Trump. And, BTW, Judge Jackson is the most highly-qualified person ever nominated to the SCOTUS. There have been some with equal qualifications, but none with higher. And, Republicans are lying about her being soft on possessors of child porn, especially when they try to conflate it with child molestation. She was endorsed by ALL major police organizations, by the ABA and numerous other groups.

        1. Again, you are so totally programmed to assume that I must love Trump. I don’t, in fact, admire him that much, he has various personal flaws but what he does not have is an attachment to an intertwined system of corruption, coercion and agenda motivated actions that has become our governments at all levels and especially that hideous concept of unionized, unelected and virtually unaccountable bureaucracies that riddle our nation. Please attempt to leave Trump out of any discussion of the dirt at hand – the dirt directly attached to that truly questionable pair occupying the white house – and the concerted actions of many an agenda driven democrat operative working desperately at this point to hide the truth. It is almost pitiable to watch the all too obvious contortions from the left to avoid sayiing sh*t even with their mouths full of it.

          1. Alma, its a troll. All they want is attention, so they lie to get a response. They know they are lying, but they crave the attention. They lack the intelligence to discuss the topic. To be a part of, they lie, hoping to get a back and forth going. Ruining the discussion of facts as presented in the Prof’s post.
            Their goal is drive away thinking persons and ruin the blog.
            Don’t give them that opportunity.

            1. Where is the line between deranged, brainwashed, progressive fanatic and dedicated, paid troll? It is getting difficult to separate the two absurdities.

              1. The REAL absurdity here is you, darling. You don’t have a single fact with which to refute what I wrote, which is all established fact, so you regurgitate the rhetoric and attacks against those like me who will never fall for the Trump lies and engage in personal insults and attacks. For instance–Trump IS a proven liar, the economy did go to hell while he was in office, and that’s because he botched the pandemic and started a trade war with China, the effects of which are shortages of computer chips and therefore higher costs of consumer goods like cars and appliances. Unemployment under your hero WAS above 10%, and Biden did turn that around in record time. Trump’s father DID repeatedly bail him out of financial messes up until a guardian was appointed for him because he had dementia, and after that, Trump took bankruptcy 6 times, and has been sued thousands of times for refusing to pay contractors and material suppliers, hoping to drive up litigation costs and bargain for a lower payment. He even brags about doing this, saying it makes him a master “dealmaker”. He was sued for fraud for “Trump University”, and DID settle for $25 million. He WAS impeached twice, but Republicans refused to remove him from office. Russia DID help him cheat his way into office, proven by even the Republican Senate Committee that investigated 2016 and confirmed that this is the case. Trump DID try to leverage aid for Ukraine in exchange for ginning up dirt on Joe Biden.

                Calling me names isn’t going to change any of these FACTS.

                1. The point of these forums is to engage other readers so as to win them over. Then there is you, who convince lurkers like me to run away from your side, even if I detest Trump and find “conservatives” repugnant. However they are not nearly as nasty as you

                  your tone and incessant name calling of Professor Turley speak volumes. How incredibly discourteous, rude and divisive of you. I have never voted for a Republican. But people like you remind middle of the road people like me, you are the face of a Democrat Party that seeks the ruination of America.

                2. Damn are you realy that brain-dead or just brain-washed?

                  The economy was roaring hot, too many high marks to count; until COVID!

                  Yet you still think it was Pres. Trumps fault..HHAHAHAHHA. He wanted people to stay calm and to get to the bottom of it. And now that FAUCI’s Death Cure has been put into the light; Pres. Trump is once again, being vindicated!

                  Locking down the world was opposite of what should have happened, since the survival rate for anyone inder 65 was 96.4% chance of surviving IF they got covid!

                  Heck, if you wer 18 or under have a 99.994% chance of surving , yet we closed the schools and the sucicide rate skyrocketed!

                  Yea, you go on in your fairytale world of DemoKKKats lies and the willinh Medias Coverups!

                  Ibet you rven belive, the “…very fine people on both sides…” lie!

        2. You exist in an unhinged state of delusion and desperation which is quite something to behold.

    2. Your unhighed reply shows you are scared to death where this is leading. As more and more bogus cases against Trump go down in flames, more and more facts are pointing to a concerted effort by Hillary, the DNC, Elias, Joffe, Sussman, people in the media and elsewhere to create and propagate the bogus narrative about Trump/Russia collusion. It was a grand consipiracy, as the facts slowly being exposed show, and people are going to go down for what they did. Meanwhile, you lapped up the BS they were feeding you and continue to feed you regarding Jan 6 like a starving dog. Trump Derangement Syndrome on full display.

    3. Natacha, lets assume for arguments sake that their is wrong doing on both political sides. What you want is to recognize wrong doing by one and to ignore the wrong doing by the side that you identify with. Could it be possible that just for one minute you would question why the Clinton campaign is trying to hide what they did? The readers of this blog are no longer excusing your opinions as just arguments from a leftist point of view but now most of those who read your comments are simply laughing at you. Their laughing at you because you tried to tell us that the Hunter laptop was just Russian disinformation and unlike The New York Times you refuse to say that you were wrong. Oh well, we need a comedian on this blog to make us all laugh. Please post the time of your stand up appearance at the Democratic Party convention.

    4. OMG, does the DNC or Hillary pay you to try to discredit Turley & other critics? You & Hillary wish it was “Beating a dead horse”, hardly with all the new evidence Durham keeps finding.

  15. Sussmann appears to be a very dead Duck….the question for his Pals is will he take one for the Team and go to Prison and keep his mouth shut.

    When he sees the Iron Door opening….his Law License going away….he might have to do some Soul Searching.

    Then we can see Elias in the same predicament…..then some folks at the DNC and Clinton Campaign….and who knows where Durham shall stop.

    I shall bet there is a parallel track being run on various parts of the investigation and Grand Jury.

  16. I brought up the crime/fraud exception 5 or 6 years ago I also question of why the 10th amendment wasn’t invoked when Obama blocked Arizona from defending its borders. Remember Judge Scalia’s writing it “boggles the mind that the federal government forbids the state from protecting it’s borders while simultaneously refusing uphold its constitutional duty to do so itself”. The Jan 6 defendants are accused of insurrection even though they were unarmed. The 10th amendment says nothing about an armed invasion.

    1. Why we are even entertaining thoughts that there is no corruption tied to “The Big Guy”, or that there was no purposeful use of media to obfuscate those facts in order to affect a general election is beyond me. Now the question is whether there are enough honorable men in positions of authority to encircle all the rogues and bring them to justice.

    2. The power and the duty to protect and enforce the national border is that of the executive branch, and that is so delegated by the Constitution.

      The constitutional process at this juncture is to impeach the president.

      In your reference, Obama should have been impeached for dereliction, if not treason, but then, Obama should have been impeached for not meeting the constitutional requirement to be a “natural born citizen,” as defined in the Law of Nations which is referenced in Article 1, Section8, rather than a mere “citizen,” which is what Obama is, a mere “citizen.”

      10 Amendment

      The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

  17. Though I like Brando better in “On the Waterfront,” here he is playing Sussman and inviting Stella (played by Durham) to come here:

  18. “Durham can use the crime/fraud exception to compel disclosure but he is first asking the court to review the documents in camera.”
    Of course, he could but this is sheer brillance getting the trial judge to review any incriminating evidence before Sussman’s lawyers can water it down or rebut it. The Rule of Promacy has few violators: First heard or seen, first believed.

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