Durham: Five Witnesses Connected to the Clinton Campaign’s False Russian Claims Have Refused to Cooperate

Special Counsel John Durham continues to drop bombshells in filings in the prosecution of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann. Just last week, Durham defeated an effort by Sussmann to dismiss the charges.  He is now moving to give immunity to a key witness while revealing that the claims made by the Clinton campaign were viewed by the CIA as “not technically plausible” and “user created.” He also revealed that at least five of the former Clinton campaign contractors/researchers have invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to cooperate in fear that they might incriminate themselves in criminal conduct. Finally, Durham offers further details on the involvement of Clinton campaign general counsel Marc Elias and former British spy Christopher Steele in the alleged false claims.

Recently, Durham revealed extremely damaging evidence against Sussmann. However, this is the first full description of the Clinton associates refusing to cooperate under the Fifth Amendment. Durham noted that he gave immunity to an individual identified only as “Research 2.” He then noted that this was made necessary by the refusal to cooperate by key Clinton associates:
“The only witness currently immunized by the government, Researcher-2, was conferred with that status on July 28, 2021 – over a month prior to the defendant’s Indictment in this matter. And the Government immunized Researcher-2 because, among other reasons, at least five other witnesses who conducted work relating to the Russian Bank-1 allegations invoked (or indicated their intent to invoke) their right against self-incrimination. The Government therefore pursued Researcher-2’s immunity in order to uncover otherwise-unavailable facts underlying the opposition research project that Tech Executive-1 and others carried out in advance of the defendant’s meeting with the FBI.”
[Emphasis added] For his part, Sussmann and the Clinton associates have sought to use attorney-client privilege to keep evidence from Durham.
Durham also detailed how the false Russian collusion claims related to Alfa Bank involved Clinton General Counsel Marc Elias and Christopher Steele. Indeed, the new requested immunized testimony would come from a Tech executive who allegedly can share information on meetings with Elias and Steele.
The Alfa Bank hoax and Sussmann’s efforts paralleled the work of his partner Elias at the law firm Perkins Coie in pushing the Steele Dossier in a separate debunked collusion claim.  The Federal Election Commission recently fined the Clinton Campaign and the DNC for hiding the funding of the dossier as a legal cost by Elias at Perkins Coie.
“Durham notes that both the CIA and FBI were sent on an effective wild goose chase by the Clinton campaign. He notes that the government found the allegations to be manufactured and not even technically possible.  He refers to the CIA in the following passage:
Agency-2 concluded in early 2017 that the Russian Bank-1 data and Russian Phone Provider-1 data was not “technically plausible,” did not “withstand technical scrutiny,” “contained gaps,” “conflicted with [itself],” and was “user created and not machine/tool generated.”
This dovetails with the statements of the Clinton associates themselves who were worried about the lack of support for the Russian collusion claims.  “Researcher 1” features prominently in those exchanges.

According to Durham, the Alfa Bank allegation fell apart even before Sussmann delivered it to the FBI. The indictment details how an unnamed “tech executive” allegedly used his authority at multiple internet companies to help develop the ridiculous claim. (The executive reportedly later claimed that he was promised a top cyber security job in the Clinton administration). Notably, there were many who expressed misgivings not only within the companies working on the secret project but also among unnamed “university researchers” who repeatedly said the argument was bogus.

The researchers were told they should not be looking for proof but just enough to “give the base of a very useful narrative.” The researchers argued, according to the indictment, that anyone familiar with analyzing internet traffic “would poke several holes” in that narrative, noting that what they saw likely “was not a secret communications channel with Russian Bank-1, but ‘a red herring,’” according to the indictment.

“Researcher-1” repeated these doubts, the indictment says, and asked, “How do we plan to defend against the criticism that this is not spoofed traffic we are observing? There is no answer to that. Let’s assume again that they are not smart enough to refute our ‘best case scenario.’ You do realize that we will have to expose every trick we have in our bag to even make a very weak association.”

“Researcher-1” allegedly further warned, “We cannot technically make any claims that would fly public scrutiny. The only thing that drives us at this point is that we just do not like [Trump]. This will not fly in eyes of public scrutiny. Folks, I am afraid we have tunnel vision. Time to regroup?”

It appears that the “time to regroup” has passed with the issuance of immunity deals to compel testimony.

Here is the filing:


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  1. John, How long do we have until They shut you down?
    [To barrow a term from Them :BleachBit the .bkf (s) | 3+7+3 east-tec]

    Obama, Clinton Rail Against Free Speech Under Guise Of Fighting ‘Misinformation’


  2. Looking at the comments to count how many shills are LARPing as internet experts today.

  3. All right, So lets go down this Road today.

    We can make a list of names and generate a corresponding association to Watergate later.

    Whereas, Hillary Clinton as our Nixon figure, the People she had access to are eligible.
    [think about this a bit: She was 1st Lady, Sec. of State, and in the D.C. mix a long time, etc.]

    So we now know the names of a few of Hillary’s operatives.

    Michael Sussmann – Former Clinton campaign lawyer
    John Podesta – Clinton campaign Chairman
    Robby Mook – Campaign Manager
    Marc Elias – Clinton Campaign lead lawyer
    Glenn Simpson – Fusion GPS Owner Contractor
    Peter Fritsch – Fusion GPS Owner Contractor
    Rodney Joffe – Tech Executive
    James Baker – FBI General Counsel James Baker
    The Clinton Campaign itself
    The DNC Troops
    Perkins Coie et.al.
    Other Contractor(s)

    And Those whom chimed-in during the Trump Impeachment hearings.

    James Clapper – Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
    John Brennan – Former CIA Director
    Gina Haspel – Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
    And the ‘Think Tank(s)’ They’re associated with …


    And all Those Out to nail Trump to the Cross:

    George started a good List here;
    George says: April 17, 2022 at 1:14 PM

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”
    – Barack Obama

    “We will stop him.”
    – Peter Strzok to FBI paramour Lisa Page

    “[Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.”
    – Lisa Page to FBI paramour Peter Strzok

    The Obama Coup D’etat in America is the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious crime in American political history. The co-conspirators are:

    Kevin Clinesmith, Bill Taylor, Eric Ciaramella, Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Andrew Weissmann,

    James Comey, Christopher Wray, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Laycock, Kadzic, Sally Yates,

    James Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan, Campbell, Sir Richard Dearlove,

    Christopher Steele, Simpson, Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, Stefan “The Walrus” Halper,

    Azra Turk, Kerry, Hillary, Huma, Mills, Brennan, Gina Haspel, Clapper, Lerner, Farkas, Power,

    Lynch, Rice, Jarrett, Holder, Brazile, Sessions (patsy), Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Obama,

    Joe Biden, James E. Boasberg, Emmet Sullivan, Gen. Milley, George Soros, John McCain,

    Marc Elias, Igor Danchenko, Fiona Hill, Charles H. Dolan, Jake Sullivan, Strobe Talbot,

    Cody Shear, Victoria Nuland, Ray “Red Hat” Epps, Don Berlin, Kathy Ruemmler, Rodney Joffe,

    Paul Vixie, L. Jean Camp, Andrew Whitney et al.


    [Clintongate | Watergate]

    Line-em Up Boys, We got work to do.

  4. If I were a Judge, it would seem to me that there is little-to-no difference between the Tracking of the Presidents Phone (albeit Russian or not) and wiretapping of the Watergate Building. It appears that “Tracking” and “Wiretapping” server a very similar purpose. That is to: tell what the Person (in this case Trump) is doing. Further if the Phone in question was also breached as to listening or recording conversations that would indeed be Wiretapping.

    SO there you have it. Clintongate | Watergate

    “Durham: Five Witnesses Connected to the Clinton Campaign’s False Russian Claims Have Refused to Cooperate”
    Of the 5 Claiming the 5th. WHO? is the Jeb Magruder of the bunch?
    And the G. Gordon Liddy, James McCord, Charles ‘Chuck’ Colson, Donald Segretti ….?


    James McCord
    Virgilio Gonzalez (Locksmith)

    E. Howard Hunt
    G. Gordon Liddy
    Charles ‘Chuck’ Colson
    Donald Segretti


    John Ehrlichman
    John Dean
    H.R. Haldeman
    John Mitchell
    Jeb Stuart Magruder
    Alexander Butterfield

    Archibald Cox
    Robert Bork

    Mark Felt

    Sam Ervin
    Howard Baker

    Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
    Benjamin Bradlee

    Yes, History does repeat itself.

    1. a) The data were gathered in 2016. Trump was not President in 2016.
      b) The data were DNS lookups, which are nothing like wiretapping.

        1. The problem is not whether any of this was wiretapping or at all similar to that. It’s that technically educated people duped the right people to perpetrate a narrative that Trump was colluding with the Russians. You seem to be pretty well educated as a technical person. Were you duped as well?

      1. DNS Tracing or Phone Taping seek the same thing, To map/profile and document the person’s behavior/intention.
        Scraping VOIP Packets, Mapping Buffer packet trace-roots also come under “Surveillance” of the Individual (President yet or Not).

        Would you like it to happen to you? Sall We try a sample?

          1. Even though DNS tracing isn’t the same as a wire tap, it still is a way of tracking places and intentions of where a user, defined by an IP address, can be tracked anywhere on the internet.

          2. The Wiretap Act, codified by 18 U.S.C. § 2511 and amended by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act in 1986, is a federal law that makes it illegal to secretly record any face-to-face conversation, telephone call, email, text, or “electronic communication” that is “reasonably expected to be private.”

            Call Us if you have questions.

      2. No the data was NOT DNS lookups, it was DNS traces, and more importantly they were done using government data provided to private contractors for completely other purposes.

        And finally according to CIA – the data was manipulated – i.e fraudulent.

    2. They were not Tracking Trump’s phone.

      They were tracking an unknown, purportedly Russian phone that they claimed was in close proximity to Trump throughout the campaign and early into his presidency.

      It is still spying – or it would be if it were true.

      There are TWO issues:

      The data they were using was government data provided to a private contractor for a different purpose.

      The actual data did not show what they wanted – so they faked it.

      It is not spying to say you were spying on someone when you were not.
      It is LYING.

      Regardless the conduct of those involved is egregious, but MOSTLY legal.

      The illegal part is a FALSE report of a crime.

      This is worse than watergate – but the part that is worse, is that the DOJ/FBI and other intelligence agencies were complicit in an illegal investigation for the purpose of kneecapping a president.

      If we were at war – it WOULD be treason.

  5. When women are allowed to vote and hold office to rule over men, this is what happens.

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