Indict Trump or I’m Gone: Michael Cohen Lays Down Bizarre Ultimatum For Prosecutors

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There is a bizarre report in The Daily Beast that former Trump Counsel Michael Cohen is laying down an Ultimatum  for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Jr.: indict Trump or I’m leaving you. Cohen warned that, if Bragg does not use the current grand jury to indict Trump, he will no longer cooperate. It is a curious threat since he could be called before a grand jury and would have to invoke the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination to refuse further testimony.

The grand jury is reportedly due to disband in roughly a week.

Bragg is under a huge amount of pressure after he reportedly balked at the basis for charging Trump. The two lead prosecutors then resigned and Bragg found himself hammered by the left for failing to prosecute. He then seemed to suggest that he is still evaluating the case.

Now Cohen is adding to that pressure in a curious way by suggesting that he might not cooperate if another grand jury is called.

This is only the latest transformation of Cohen. He achieved infamy as a legal thug who threatened critics of Donald Trump. He was ultimately disbarred and was convicted for his criminal conduct. He expressed bitterness at not being given a pardon and then asked why he is “the only one” going to prison.  After pleading guilty, he later appeared to rescind his guilty plea.

He then reinvented himself as an anti-Trump figure and showed the same blind rage in railing against Trump.

The use of the Daily Beast for his latest threat was ironic since Cohen previously threatened one of its writers on behalf of Trump.

Cohen said that, if Bragg does not pull the trigger, he will walk:

“I spent countless hours, over 15 sessions—including three while incarcerated. I provided thousands of documents, which coupled with my testimony, would have been a valid basis for an indictment and charge,. The fact that they have not done so despite all of this… I’m not interested in any further investment of my time.”

Of course, the “interest” of Michael Cohen in a future grand jury is less important than his appearance. He can be subpoenaed to appear. He can certainly invoke the Fifth Amendment  but his disinterest is not likely to weigh heavily on the minds of prosecutors.

If Cohen is suggesting that he might change his testimony or become a hostile witness, that would also be a tad difficult. He is already on the record and under oath. Unless he wants a return to prison, he will have to testify in a truthful fashion, even if he is given immunity to testify.

Cohen may also be called to appear at the trial of the Trump Organization’s former chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, who was indicted last summer for criminal tax fraud.

In other words, Michael Cohen’s latest reinvention is unlikely to succeed.

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  1. Pretty clear that Cohen needs to wrap this up so that he can move onto book / Neflix / Spotify deals as fast as possible before he becomes irrelevant

  2. Dennis McIntyre, here is a perfect example of how to use a citation. This citation was presented be Mespo at 10:14 It would serve you well to present the source for the information you provide in your posts to better explain your thinking. Otherwise it might be construed that you are only putting out propaganda. For all we know your information might be being created by Hollywood or the Cuban National Assembly. We only ask that you provide some enlightenment by a source other than yourself that might bring us to a greater understanding. Otherwise what can we justifiably think?

  3. Jonathan: On another subject there is a breaking story about how Trump and his supporters tried to control the outcome of the 2020 election. We know most of the cases involving actual voter fraud were committed by Republicans. Mark Meadows has been removed from the voter rolls in North Carolina because he used an address he did not reside at in 2020. And Trump tried to get Georgia to “find” and additional 11,000 plus votes so he could be declared the winner just to name two cases.

    Now we have a more egregious case in Texas. This could be something we could expect in Guatemala or some other authoritarian state. Houston Conservative activist and Trump supporter, Steve Hotze, has just been indicted on two felony counts. He is charged with being involved in an incident in October 2020 where Hotze’s “investigators” stopped an air conditioning truck and held the driver at gunpoint. They believed the truck contained 750,000 fraudulent mail ballots allegedly prepared by the Democrats. It turns out the truck contained only a/c parts and equipment. Hotze paid his investigators $266,400. Hotze’s attorney says his client did not aid or abet this incident.: “The donation of funds was for a righteous activity of rooting out ballot fraud”. I love the word “righteous” to describe this activity. Hotze is unrepentant. He is working with “My Pillow” Mike Lindell to promote the false claim Trump actually won the 2020 election. Perhaps this incident was really meant to intimidate Democrats into not using mail-in voting in 2020 election because it proved to be decisive in Biden’s victory.

    1. You watch way too much Democratic Party propaganda. The fact is election laws and procedures were changed in several key states without going through state legislatures, as required by the US Constitution. A hundred million+ ballots were mailed out using out of date and inaccurate voter rolls, certain Democratic Party cities allowed ballot harvesting and the use of unmonitored ballot drop boxes. Jeff Zuckerberg admitted to providing $400 million dollars exclusively in Democratic Party strong-holds where the number of ballots returned far exceeded the number of eligible voters. Trump earned 10 million more votes in 2020 than 2016. Trump’s 2020 popular vote exceeded the number of votes received by both Obama and H. Clinton. If you seriously believe Joe Biden received 81 million votes in 2020, which is more than any other candidate in American history, then you’re delusional. Changing the rules in the middle of a contest is the very definition of cheating, everyone knows this, even a 7 year old. Besides, when news detrimental to Biden was reported, it was actively suppressed by the Democratic Party-aligned media, and was censored by social media providers. Trump was viciously persecuted by powerful forces in the political establishment that began as early as 2015. Democrats in the bureaucracy, in the media, along with establishment Republicans, created conspiracies and fabricated smears to destroy Trump’s America First agenda. Not because they hate him, because Trump threatened their power base – remember drain the swamp? The Establishment includes every Democrat and far too many Republicans. Why, or how, a regular American could support Joe Biden, or any Democrat now or in 2020 is beyond comprehension. If you were smart, ethical, or fair minded you would stop to think why are so many millions of good people remaining loyal to a braggadocio like Donald Trump? Hint: it has nothing to do w/racism, misogyny, or homophobia, nor are we unaware of Trump’s personal flaws. You, my friend, have been brainwashed by the powerful popular culture and a sophisticated propaganda machine.

    2. Dennis, citation please. We may agree with your depiction of events but without a citation we only have your word for it. You must have read it somewhere but without knowing your source we can not adequately evaluate your presentation. Linking a source is a very easy thing to do. Without a source we can only surmise that you are applying your particular slant to the story. You could be so much more effective if you would explain where your information comes from. For all we know it could come from the Alex Jones equivalent on the left. You could do so much better and you owe it to your followers.

    3. You are a shill for the Democratic Party and you may not even know you’re being used as their useful idiot. You’re repeating baloney that was never, ever, discussed openly in public because the Democratic Party-aligned media forbade an open debate. Do some research on the subject before believing the same media, Democratic Party activists, that claimed Trump was a Putin asset, that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation, and the 2020 election was fair. It’s unbelievable how people, like you are so stupid and unthinking. What are the dirty Democrats going to give you for shilling for them? You’re gross.

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