Goodbye CRT, Hello GRT: Democrats Link Opponents to Terrorists Through the ‘Great Replacement Theory’

Below is my column in the Hill on the new Democratic campaign to link criticism of illegal immigration to domestic terrorism. The effort is to make the Great Replacement Theory (GRT) a new catchphrase against political and media opponents. However, the effort to make GRT the new CRT is not gaining traction. The reason is that GRT sweeps broadly to include commentary on both the left and right.

Here is the column:

For more than a year, liberals have struggled to deal with conservative and parental outrage over critical race theory (CRT) being taught in public schools. This week, a new campaign seemed to emerge: Forget CRT, and fear GRT instead.

The “Great Replacement Theory” was the focus of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, in which Democrats alleged that Republicans — and Fox News in particular — are “radicalizing” domestic terrorists with rhetoric opposing illegal immigration. (I testified at the hearing and, for full disclosure, I’m a Fox News contributor.)

Not only did Democratic senators tie GRT to the shooter in Buffalo, N.Y., but they compared the use of GRT to the rhetoric leading to genocide in other countries. Committee chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said the Buffalo shooting illustrated how “the ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory … has fueled hateful acts of racist violence” and domestic terrorism.

The Buffalo shooter, Payton Gendron, left a rambling manifesto that raved about blacks, Jews, immigrants and the media, including attacks on Fox and other media personalities.

One committee witness, political science professor Robert A. Pape, claimed that Jan. 6 rioters were actually motivated by the replacement theory and that former President Donald Trump not only stressed GRT but that he is “more powerful today as a result of January 6th than he would have been without January 6th.”

There is no question that immigration conspiracy theories are all the rage with the alt right. Moreover, for decades, immigrants have been attacked by racists and extremists as diluting or destroying our country. My Sicilian mother used to describe going to bed as a child, seeing burning crosses near her home as a warning to her family and other immigrants in her small Ohio coal-mining town.

Now, Democrats are seeking, through the Domestic Terrorism Protection Act, to force the government to prioritize the investigation of white supremacists for domestic terrorism. Many of the provisions of the act are constitutional, but that prioritization runs afoul of our constitutional principle of the separation of powers.

The clear effort to link GRT to terrorism and, by extension, anyone who raises replacement objections — in other words, to use ideology as a basis for investigation — risks threatening free-speech rights. We have a long history of such abuses. For example, during the infamous Palmer Raids of 1919 and 1920, socialists, communists and anarchists were arrested due to their ideology alone.

The other problem is how one defines GRT. Immigration, both legal and illegal, has long been discussed in terms of how it changes the country’s demographics. Changing demographics has a political dimension which has been discussed on both the left and the right; last year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) celebrated such changes and how “the demographics will weigh in politically.” Sen. Durbin said last year that “The demographics of America are not on the side of the Republican Party. The new voters in this country are moving away from them, and instead they’re moving to be independents or even vote on the other side.”

Liberal media sites like Politico also have discussed how new immigrants “would transform the nation’s political landscape for a generation or more — pumping as many as 11 million new Hispanic voters into the electorate a decade from now in ways that, if current trends hold, would produce an electoral bonanza for Democrats and cripple Republican prospects.”

These are obvious, appropriate observations — but they also make it more difficult to declare that any such references are not just racist but are encouraging terrorists.

With CRT, there is a tendency to over-extend the term to cover and delegitimize all race-based lesson plans. The same is true with GRT. Ironically, both terms are denounced as seeking to demonize opposing views, but they often are used for the same purpose in reverse.

Senators have every right to condemn those they believe are vilifying immigrants. The free speech concern occurs when senators call for “disrupting the pathways to radicalization” and for legislative action to deter such “radicalization” in the news or social media. Even a Democratic witness, former FBI agent Michael German, repeatedly cautioned against using ideology as a key element to determine who should be investigated. That decision should be based on risk, not ideology, he said.

Democrats raise legitimate concerns over extreme rhetoric on social media and how it radicalizes individuals. The solution, though, should not be limiting speech or investigating people based on their ideology.

As German explained, when he worked undercover he dealt with many ardent extremists, including white supremacists, who were nonviolent. The same is true for extreme groups on the left. I have been a vocal critic of antifa, one of our most violent anti-free speech movements, yet I opposed Republican moves to treat antifa as a terrorist organization for the same reasons.

The push to rally around opposition to GRT is notably occurring at a time when, according to the New York Times, Democrats seek to “recast the midterm message.” House Democrats, for example, hired a former ABC News executive to help stage this week’s primetime hearings on the Jan. 6 riot. We are now less than five months away from midterm elections that a CNN pollster predicts will be a historic disaster for Democrats. The New York Times reported that “Democrats argue the hearings will give them a platform for making a broader case about why they deserve to stay in power.” And, on MSNBC recently, Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Pa.) agreed with John Heilemann that Democrats must “scare the crap out of [voters] and get them to come out.”

That approach would miss an opportunity for real compromise and real progress on violent extremism or gun violence. We do not need to “scare the crap” out of citizens — they are scared enough.

There were moments between the scares in Tuesday’s hearing when common ground seemed possible. In one of those, Garnell Whitfield Jr., whose mother, Ruth Whitfield, was among the 10 people shot and killed in Buffalo, gave a powerful, moving account of the deep loss of so many victims.

Tagging opposing media or opponents as fellow travelers with terrorists will do little to stop such terrible losses, however. It is even unlikely to stop electoral losses.

It may be too much to hope in an election year that we can unite around our constitutional values — but if we cannot build on our shared values, perhaps we can build on our shared suffering to put politics aside.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

243 thoughts on “Goodbye CRT, Hello GRT: Democrats Link Opponents to Terrorists Through the ‘Great Replacement Theory’”

  1. Professor….does not your quote of “Politico” confirm the GRT strategy exists as admitted by the Democrats themselves?

    Why else would they insist upon open borders and use the Federal Government to flood the country with illegal aliens?

    “Liberal media sites like Politico also have discussed how new immigrants “would transform the nation’s political landscape for a generation or more — pumping as many as 11 million new Hispanic voters into the electorate a decade from now in ways that, if current trends hold, would produce an electoral bonanza for Democrats and cripple Republican prospects.”

    1. GRT is just an excuse by white supremacists to maintain their status in society.

      Immigration won’t stop and that is legal immigration. Hispanic families and others are growing at a much faster rate that Caucasian families.

      If republicans stopped denigrating immigrants and those who are not white they would have a whole new base to tap into. Hispanics are largely conservative and would certainly vote Republican of it weren’t for the racists in the party constantly alienating them.

      They would rather hang on to the status quo instead of accepting the inevitable changes. But then again that’s what conservatives are all about. Maintaining the status quo.

      1. Republicans are not denigrating legal or illegal immigrants. They’re just pointing out that laws are being broken and the Biden administration has made things worse. Hispanics that are here legally are more upset about what’s happening at the border than the Biden administration.

  2. NBC recently broke the story that the administration is secretly transporting undocumented to cities deeper in the country. The border towns are overwhelmed. Those who have been apprehended are no longer Mexicans coming over but people from all over the world. They cannot be sent back home. The cartels are making millions trafficking them through the country and coaching them what to say.when they arrive at the border. They control the border and who and what gets through.

    I don’t blame the people for wanting to come here. I would. What is stunning is an administration who has lost control of our sovereign border and flagrantly disregards our laws. If the politicians feel so passionately about this topic, then pass immigration laws through our representative government. They cannot make a case for what they want so they bypass the legal process then gaslight the people through our state media.

    The issue is an administration that is flagrantly disrespectful of rank and file working citizens.

    The elites live in their mostly white, gated communities that have a per capita income five times the national average. They preach global warming while jetting around the world. They consume what they want, do as they please and stare smugly in disdain at the folks. “Do as I say, pion!”

    This is an attempted takedown of the United States of America. The border is just another piece of the puzzle. Shutting up dissent is another. This is about a quest for pure power. They preach “Build Back Better.”

    To build back better, one must first destroy what presently exists.”

    Ask those who live in countries that were once thriving and are now in shambles. They understand the dire consequences of tyranny.

    1. Build Back Better. Catch phrase of the UN, WEF, ‘Great Reset’ agenda. It is why they had to get rid of Donald Trump.

  3. The irony of the ‘Great Replacement Theory’ is that Democrats celebrated it! For past couple of decades they have rubbed it in the face Republicans that they were a ‘dead end party of irrelevant white people’ in their quest to become the ‘Permanent Democrat Majority.’ It’s ironic that they now push this as some sort of ‘mainstream’ Republican fear-mongering.

    As for this little Star Chamber Performance, despite the near media black-out, the Capitol Police logs clearly indicate that National Guard Troop were offered FOUR DAYS PRIOR to January 6th speech and Pelosi,, turned the Pentagon down. Despite the over-hyping of the small riot, it was a big fat nothing. Anyone who thinks a couple of hundred idiots could take over a country with a million-man military, another million police and millions of people who’d be more than happy to show up with guns and ropes to get rid of them is an idiot with whom no rational discussion can be held. I respect 9/11 truthers more than I respect the ‘insurrection’ crowd.

    1. A few hundred idiots who showed up without guns…but did have a lot os Selfie Sticks…..some Insurrection I would suggest!

      Look at the Insurrection in Tennessee by some returning GI’s and National Guardsmen if you want to see an example of how an insurrection takes place….it requires lots of guns and good Men holding them.

      That did not happen on January 6th did it?

        1. Enigma, fantasies dominate your mind.

          Now you can call me a troll, but the fact is that what you posted was a lie, illogical and had no evidence attached.

            1. “I’ll quote from your evidence: “Guns, ammo … even a boat: how Oath Keepers plotted an armed coup”

              There was no coup. There were no guns in the Capitol. A boat doesn’t help your case. There was no boat in the Capitol. You have proven nothing about the Oath Keepers.

              This is the type of junk you bring to the table, and then you call others trolls. If you have evidence not childish and ignorant opinion, quote it and provide the site. So far, it is difficult for most to deal with your Bull-$h!te. Sell it as fertilizer as fertilizer prices are rising due to Biden. Fertilizer produces food which might become short in supply.

              Why don’t you deal with the facts that are destroying people. You don’t give a $hit as long as you can promote your bull.

                1. Enigma, I guess that means anyone with a gun is a standby for anything that comes through your mind. Guns do little good locked away.

                  The National Guard, without preparation in advance, had ~120 troops quickly available. Do you think there were enough guns to deal with the National Guard, the Capitol Police and the DC Police along with all the other police forces and the National Guard that could ready more troops? You are making absolutely no sense. Your critical thinking skills have gone to pot.

                  Start thinking in the present using cause and effect instead of taking isolated bits of questionable information and making them into a crime.

        2. Enigma:

          If the Oath Keepers were stockpiling arms to overthrow the government, then why didn’t they bring any arms inside the Capitol?

          Sounds like they were Doomsday Prepping for the possibility of Civil War or unrest.

          Guess who else did that? Democrats. People who opposed guns began buying them in droves when Covid hit, fearing there would be food shortages, civil unrest, and government breakdown. A guy who had argued with me for years that no one needed guns for any reason admitted that he bought one. He was surprised how hard it was, requiring a background check and multiple steps. He was so misinformed he thought you could legally buy a fully automatic no questions asked.

          Do you have an explanation for why an armed seditious insurrection would forget their guns?

          1. The Oath Keepers admitted stockpiling arms and testified they were waiting on Trump to give the signal. Some have plead guilty to conspiracy and sedition. What would it take for you to believe?

            1. Once again Enigma, one has to question the validity of what you say. You provide no proof. Third parties said she said something to that extent, but I haven’t seen direct testimony of such a statement. Even if it was made it could have been coerced as we saw with Flynn and others. Even if she was a nutcase and believed it, Trump didn’t provide any signal for such an attack. There are no connections.

              Your claims are ludicrous and demonstrate a lack of critical thinking skills. This is not new to you nor any of our discussions. This is the norm for you.

                1. “An Oath Keeper Admitted His Group Stashed Guns Outside DC For Jan. 6”

                  Again, all I can say is so what? Did you want him to carry his gun with him to the Capitol. It is normal for people to leave their guns locked up in a car, or where they are residing. If that is illegal then he can be charged with gun possession.

                  There are no quotes from the individual. There is no tie to illegal Trump activity other than what you make up in your head.

                  This is just more nonsense and that is why you use a link instead of stating what you believe and providing the link. Nonsense is hard to defend.

                  Since many or most of the Oath Keepers are prior military, police, etc. I expect many to own and carry guns with them. One of the reasons my neighborhood is safe is most of my neighbors own guns, more than one. Why don’t you put a sign outside your house advertising that you don’t own a gun. Some news reporters realized why they shouldn’t do that, do you?

            2. He gave them the signal: I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. today we will see whether republicans stand strong for the integrity of our elections but whether or not they stand strong for our country.

              That’s not the signal!!! Damn that Trump! On top of that, he also approved making available up to 20,000 national guard troop based on the threat intel, should they be requested.

              Must be some of that 3D chess, Jedi-mind trick sort of stuff that takes a brain like Adam Schiff to unravel.

          2. Karen asks:

            “Do you have an explanation for why an armed seditious insurrection would forget their guns?”

            I have always agreed with Turley that there was no armed insurrection but rather a “desecration” of the Capitol.

            Now that Bill Barr under oath called Trump a liar for spreading these BS conspiracies— Barr whose integrity Turley avows is unimpeachable— and Ivanka who under oath took Barr’s word on this despite her love for her father, are you finally prepared to admit that the election was not stolen?

            1. Today the evidence is loud and clear in 2000 Mules, in the videos, in the courts and in the convictions.

        3. “…..just waiting for Trump to give the word.” No evidence in that article or the ones you posted to below to support your claim. In fact, the FBI has found no evidence that Trump was involved in organizing Capitol riot violence. Just more bombastic BS from a long time Turley troll.

          1. There were no guns? You honestly don’t know what the FBI has found, you can watch for yourself when testimony from the people that brought the guns is aired. You won’t believe it from them either.

    2. “Despite the over-hyping of the small riot, it was a big fat nothing.”

      Now you’ve done it. You’re spreading misinformation, disinformation, and are probably a domestic terrorist. I see a re-education camp in your future — or at the very least, social media accounts that have been magically suspended.

  4. Moreover, for decades, immigrants have been attacked by racists and extremists as diluting or destroying our country.

    Whites, Blacks, Jews, Protestants, liberals, conservatives, educated, wealthy and poor have called my family and me since our legal arrival to America, “wetback”, “sp|k”, “welfare seeker” (we never took a dime of public assistance), hurled invectives and accused us of ruining America. People are people. The greatest payback to any critic is to be successful. I love the USA and defend her more today than ever, particularly from those within who seek to erase her history and diminish her greatness. Immigrants are what makes America great. They should be processed at the US Border like my family was. We are all immigrants in one way or another.

    1. Estovir, et al;

      In case people missed it in San Fran Ca this week a Commie/Nazi Dem Lib DA was kicked out of office by Hispanics & Asian Voters.

      I’m sorry many do not understand what the phrase “Wet Back” means.

      Many come into the US Legally while Millions of others , of all races, made entry to the US by swimming the Rio Grande thus getting there Backs Wet.

      Recall Fm President Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback” to remove all the illegals back when he was in office.

    2. Estovir, that is the way unknowns are welcomed all over the world. I hope the foolish name calling didn’t make you permanently angry. You were permitted to live here, thrive and do better than most of those living in this country before you came. Say thank you to all those who didn’t prevent you from creating a successful environment for you and your family.

  5. Sorry for what will certainly too long of a post.
    What happened on Jan 6 was un- American, vile, destructive ,reprehensible and STUPID. And anyone who did anything illegal should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But does anyone really believe that our democracy was literally in peril. IF the mob stopped the Electoral recount. IF Pence was actually harmed. IF the Capitol was ” occupied”. Would that mean that Trump would remain President? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Even if the rioters were armed, is our government so weak that they could not put down a couple of hundred idiots?
    A coup is unattainable without the help of a military type force. That was not the case on Jan 6. It was no coup. And to this date no one has been charged with participating in an
    ” insurrection”.
    If they can somehow prove that Trump fomented illegal activity, he should be charged accordingly. But the fact that this was put on in prime time, with a former television producer employed to enhance it’s watchability, with a rigged panel ( Cheney and Kinzinger are viciously Anti- Trump) reduces the credibility of this commission.
    This is a ridiculous attempt to use an event that happed 18 months ago to distract Americans from issues that affect their daily lives.
    There was no ” coup” . And this was not an ” Insurrection”. And if either of those terms were actually attainable, our country has a way bigger problem than could be imagined.
    From a selfish standpoint , if what is presented prevents Trump from running, I AM ALL FOR IT. He is unelectable. And the last thing I want is 4 more years of Demetia Joe. Although I don’t think he will run. And ” word salad Kamala”: is even worse.
    Inflation numbers just in. Worse since 1981. Food, Gas, Shelter all off the charts. THAT is what people care about.

    1. Paul,
      Well said, and I agree. DeSantis and Tulsi Gabbard are the only ones I would consider voting for at this point in time.

      The bombshell I am reading now is a Schumer aide, Kelly Fado, was emailed new intelligence about possible violence from the FBI’s threat analysis center the night before.

      As you point out, inflation at 8.6% is a bigger concern than this clown show.

  6. “For example, during the infamous Palmer Raids of 1919 and 1920, socialists, communists and anarchists were arrested due to their ideology alone.”.

    Remember when your Dad’s Democrat Party still stood for the National Anthem…saluted the Flag…stood for secure borders…looked out for the working man…raised families….embraced a solid work ethic…participated in Religious organizations?

    Look at today’s Democrat Party….Roosevelt, Truman, and JFK, would roll over in their graves to see what it has become.

    Had we continued that practice all along….we would not have the Democrat Party we do today….perhaps we should renew that policy.

    1. Remember when your great-great grandfather’s party was the Party of Lincoln and advocated for the abolishment of slavery? Of course none of you are that old and they now support the voter suppression they used to rail against. Now some of them wanted to end slavery and ship the slaves off to Liberia or Central America but even they were better than todays lot.

      1. “. . . voter suppression . . .”

        Right. There’s so much “suppression” that Georgia just had a record voter turnout. But by all means, don’t let pesky facts interfere with your angry narrative.

      2. Americans of all backgrounds and political persuasions overwhelmingly favor requiring that voters show ID to vote. When people vote in person, we know who is voting. When people provide a valid ID, we know they’re eligible to vote. When ballots are mailed in, we don’t know who filled them out. But wait. It seems that to know who is voting somehow suppresses the vote. Apparently, there are millions of people in our country, mostly minorities, who don’t have driver’s licenses or other forms of ID. And thinking that any person who really wanted to vote could get a free one in the four years between the presidential elections is just expecting too much of people. Why do we require people to provide an ID to purchase a firearm even though the Second Amendment guarantees that right? We do so because we want to ensure the person purchasing a firearm is eligible to do so. Your comment is just more of the same bombastic BS from a long time Turley troll.

        1. I don’t particularly object to voter ID, except when the types of ID that are accepted are discriminatory and when the cost money which is the same as a unconstitutional poll tax. Voter suppression is done in dozens of ways and when you just scream ID you ignore the rest. Some of the current ways are exactly the same as in the 1800s.

          1. Then you don’t dislike Florida ID laws. Good. Let’s expand them all over the nation.

  7. Unfortunately for Democrats, Hispanic Americans are more conservative than the rest of the population. A huge swing toward republicans is taking place in the Hispanic community, especially those in South Texas who have first-hand experience with illegal immigration run by the Mexican drug cartels, who are engaging in the largest drug running and human trafficking operation in the world. I think the alt-right media is exaggerating this trend, but we’ll see come November.

  8. “….. We do not need to “scare the crap” out of citizens — they are scared enough…..”

    Especially young children where there has been an “unexplained” rise in suicides. Not hard to understand when they hear constant news about the death of the planet due to global warming, risks of Covid, etc etc.

  9. “ The clear effort to link GRT to terrorism and, by extension, anyone who raises replacement objections — in other words, to use ideology as a basis for investigation — risks threatening free-speech rights.”

    Really? Turley remained silent when republicans were actively censoring CRT. They were silencing free speech. Where was his criticism? Here he apparently recognizes the problem,but only when it involves democrats.

    Maybe republicans should pass legislation banning the teaching of GRT in schools too. Can’t have kids learning racist conspiracy theories, right?

    In Texas ideology IS being used as a basis for investigation. Parents being investigated because they are making decisions on what’s best for their children. Apparently big government in Texas doesn’t like to what parents decide how to raise their kids under the pretext of “child abuse”. Oh the hypocrisy.

    1. Personal beliefs and what is taught in classrooms to children are apples and potatoes. Your argument is about as straw man and a false equivalency as a statement could be. Nobody in Texas or anyone else has had their personal beliefs silenced, whereas Democrats as an organization seek to not simply silence people, but jail and/or cancel them. All in the name of power. It is disgusting.

      1. James,
        Not sure when it happened, but when I was growing up, there was a distinct separation of a teachers personal life and beliefs and their professionalism in the class room. They were there to educate. Not be the students friends.

        As for CRT, teaching children who is an oppressor and who is oppressed based on skin color is sick and twisted. It promotes division and hate.
        Teach about the evils of slavery, by all means, in context and when they are old enough to think critically.

        1. I’m old enough to have had your experience. My wife is a teacher of over 25 years, and though there were elements of this stuff present when she first started, they were rare. As nearly as we can tell, this all truly took root out in the open during the Obama years. I suppose the mileage of others would vary, but the full-on pervasiveness of all of this is a pretty recent development.

          I grew up in a border state, too, and can say the same about the situation with illegal immigration. There were no caravans when I was younger, and a great deal less desperation. People went back and forth with little concern. Then the drug cartels got into the game.

        2. “ Teach about the evils of slavery, by all means, in context and when they are old enough to think critically.”

          Only slavery? What about racism throughout our own history and how it still affects minorities?

          It’s easy to teach about slavery because it’s universally accepted that it was wrong. So is racism. Republicans and conservatives agree that racism is wrong. But, are uncomfortable discussing it because so many in their party are still racist and fear being associated with the dirtiest elements of their own party. It’s better to acknowledge the problem instead of avoiding it for fear of being labeled a racist. That could be avoided by simply criticizing their own party’s racists.

          1. The very term have been so overused as to be meaningless, and no, schools should not be in the social engineering business. Are some people prejudiced? You bet. That has been the case for all of human history and it will be the case for as long as we are on this planet.

            As my parents taught me growing up: Some people are going to hate you for some reason or for no reason at all. Some people are going to take pleasure in knocking you down and throwing as many roadblock in your way as they can. Its not an excuse to not excel. So you have to work harder than some others? Oh well, nobody ever said life was fair. The harder you have the work, the stronger you will be.

          2. Republicans are not uncomfortable with slavery and racism being taught to children. I attended grade school in the 70 and learned about both topics. People are uncomfortable with their children being told they are oppressors or victims because of their skin color. You say “….so many in their party [Republican] are still racist….” Joe Biden has a decades-long habit of making overtly racist remarks and yet millions of Democrats voted for him so how many in their party are still racist?

        3. Upstate, assuming you are as old as I think the teachers that taught you came from a different pool. If they were born in the later years, many would have gone into the professions, business, etc. Today for many, not most or all, teaching is a job some might never have availed themselves in earlier years. We were lucky. Our grandchildren are not.

      2. “ Nobody in Texas or anyone else has had their personal beliefs silenced, ”

        Yes they have. Parents of LGBT students are being threatened with a crime because they are doing what they think is best for THEIR children. Apparently the whole “parental rights” mantra only applies to Republican parents.

        Texas is attacking the personal beliefs of parents and calling it “child abuse”. Big government it seems is perfectly fine for small government advocates. Just as long as it applies to someone else.

        1. Are parents doing what they “think” is best for their children because of what the child says, feels or desires? People are telling us that we must raise the age to 21 for gun purchases because 18-20 year olds aren’t emotionally mature. Yet an immature child, both physically and emotionally should receive gender transition hormones and surgeries because……

    2. Ok, groomer. Defending free speech from government overreach is not the same as defending outright child abuse and classroom indoctrination of K-12 in a terrorist Marxist ideology like CRT.

  10. After three years of Russia Russia Russia and realizing the same cast of characters represented the “select” committee I watched a good movie.
    I woke this morning and gas had gone up again today, food, utilities and all other necessities are rising, more crime last night, our border is about to be overrun by thousands more illegals. So much for the “select” committee. I’m not familiar with GRT my family followed LIT (Legal Immigration Theory),

    1. Margot Ballhere,
      LIT (Legal Immigration Theory). Good one! Going to use that one myself.

      Based off what I am reading, last nights made for TV movie known as the Jan 6 Shock and Awe, we have the smoking gun! was a 4 hour snooze fest, with no smoking gun. Lots of video of the riot, sound cranked up to 11.
      If they were going to present some kind of bombshell evidence you would think they would of presented it in the first 30 minutes.
      Instead they re-hashed what we already knew.
      I find the idea that a unarmed mob, taking selfies, and a guy wearing horns was a real threat to our democracy to be ridiculous.
      Anyone with critical thinking skills would of came to the same conclusion.

      Food inflation, gas prices, shrinkflation are all things I am more concerned about.

  11. The “Great Replacement Theory” is that the Republicans will pick up 100 seats in the midterms. Voila! the great replacement!

  12. So, does this mean my great grandparents, my grandparents are white supremacists? They came to this country, legally, proudly with papers. They were against illegal immigration. They obeyed the law, worked hard, paid their taxes, saved every nickle and dime and achieved the great American dream of home ownership.

    1. Same here. My wife’s entire family are naturalized immigrants, and that was before we ever met. We are far from alone in this. The dems can stop the rhetoric, already – it may work on naive kids and students, but not on grown adults living in the real world. The DNC/globalists have tiptoed right up to the edge of institutionalized fascism, and we are all pretty sick of it.

  13. The New York Times prints, ““Democrats argue the hearings will give them a platform for making a broader case about why they deserve to stay in power.”

    That’s it in a nutshell.

    They held a trial when they impeached Trump for the riot a year and a half ago. Then decided to conduct an “investigation” AFTER they impeached him.

    Everybody understand this production is Democrats using taxpayer money to fund a year and a half long partisan “investigation” in which the Republican minority leader was not allowed to have his representatives on the Committee, with the end goal being the Democrats would hire a professional TV producer to professionally produce a slick, taxpayer funded made-for-TV, multi-hour campaign infomerical. FCC licensed broadcast networks would be expected to air the Democrats taxpayer funded campaign infomercial.

    I went to my nephew’s baseball game instead. Close game. We lost 5-3.

  14. Something tells me that Professor Turley’s mother came here legally as an immigrant (likely before the Immigration Act), whereas most of the ones coming here now are illegal. The GRT is and has been touted, by words and writing, for decades, by the very ones who are forcing it. It is happening here and in Europe. Search “Kalergi Plan” for a taste.

    It is glaringly obvious, but if I were to point out using their own words who the culprits are, you would knee-jerk by calling me an antisemite. Such is the very basis of the victimhood mantra that is used against white peoples everywhere.

  15. ICYMI 🚨 Napa County DA Allison Haley has REVERSED her decision not to charge Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul with a DUI.

    Paul Pelosi will now be ARRAIGNED on August 3, 2022, at 8:30 am, Napa County Superior Court 825 Brown Street. (Fox News)

  16. GRT is a racist ideology that says that America is a white country and non-white immigrants is an assault on core American “values”. It is both quite bad and mainstream Republican ideology.

    1. I’m not sure exactly what you are saying, but there is racism attached to the rhetoric. The Democrats should stop with the racism and join with working Americans to make this country better. To do so they have to get rid of senile leaders like Joe Biden, and leaders whose legs can spread further than their minds. Then they have to rid themselves of the Pelosi’s who act criminally and are more devoted to China than America.

    2. In the U.S., the ‘great replacement theory’ can be traced back at least to Theodore Bilbo, the US senator from Mississippi who held office from 1935 to 1947. Bilbo, who acknowledged being a member of the Klan, warned that at “the present rate of interbreeding and miscegenation and intermarriage between the ******* and the whites … there’ll be no whites, there’ll be no Blacks in this country. We’ll all be yellow or brown”. Of course not all Democrats held that sentiment but at the time I’m sure it was mainstream Democrat ideology in the South. Now as far as immigration is concerned you have to ask yourself why so many Democrat politicians are for open borders and amnesty? I’m sure they’re not obsessed with skin color like their predecessor but I suspect they’re betting it will have an impact on future elections. So no, Republicans are not concerned with white populations being replaced with non-white peoples. They are concerned that Democrats are intentionally attempting to change voter demographics.

  17. The issue most people have is with ILLEGAL immigration not legal immigration. That should be the concern of every lawabiding citizen as your voting strength gets diluted and jobs and money flow away. Not to mention you have unvetted people from who knows where with no American inculcation as in legal immigration. As for the Great Replacement Theory, it might help the Dims if they wouldn’t say over and over again that that is exactly their game plan. Everyone knows it is since they haven’t won the white vote since the 60s. Republicans know it’s not paranoia if they really are coming after you. Oh here’s the Dims saying it over and over:

    1. Republicans have also done all they can to curb legal immigration. So this whole “We only oppose illegal immigrants” is a lie.

      1. Just more bombastic BS. Curbing legal immigration is not opposing legal immigration.

    2. Illegal deportation is as moral, ethical and legal as illegal immigration.

      Let’s get this [Tea] party started!

  18. “#January6thCommitteeHearings just played audio of Trump praising the crowd — at his rally — as peaceful and full of “love,” over footage of the rioters as if he were commenting on that. Pure demagoguery and show trial propaganda. This is not how America works. Complete travesty.” ~joel pollak

    1. “Very important fact about the #January6thCommitteeHearings: we have the self-declared “ranking member” — the faux representative of the opposition — making the majority’s case. There is only one side, making one argument, without any opportunity to respond. Totally un-American.” ~joel pollak

    2. “The committee deliberately dubbed out-of-context audio over the riot video. So, no, you can’t just trust what they show. This is why we have adversarial legal proceedings as part of our Constitution. That *is* what this hearing is supposedly defending, right? Or… maybe not.” ~joel pollak

  19. After last night’s hearings, there is a lot on Turley’s plate today to defend the advocacy journalism by his Fox primetime colleagues:

    Soviet Show trial
    Cheney is a liar
    Democratic fundraiser
    Smear campaign
    An Illegitimate circus
    Sham investigation
    Political charade
    Trump-hating committee

    Let’s observe how the Trumpists here will disembowel Bill Barr for calling Trump a liar— Barr whose integrity Turley avows is unimpeachable! Will he defend his long-time friend against the vicious attacks?

    As for innocent and demure, Ivanka, the knives will also come out. Nobody- not even a beloved daughter sworn to tell the truth- gets away with siding with someone calling her father a liar.

    It should come to no surprise that Carlson, Hannity or Ingraham did dare broadcast the damning depositions of Barr and Ivanka.

    Will Turley likewise ignore these devastating revelations? When it was first reported that Barr told Trump that his election conspiracy theories were all “Bullsh**” we heard crickets from Turley. Will he FINALLY agree with Barr that Trump lied that the election was stolen?

    1. “Will he FINALLY agree with Barr that Trump lied that the election was stolen?”
      Barr did the usual DC once over and concluded he didn’t see any corruption. Sorta of like Louie did in Casablanca. “2000 Mules” makes the case Barr had the blinders on.

      1. Mespo,

        And Ivanka accepting Barr’s call that her father was lying?

    2. The Big Lie… The election was the most secure.

      2000 Mules proves the election was not secure.
      Recent arrests and new data prove the election was not secure.
      Missing videos prove the election was not secure.

      Trump was right. The election was not secure.

      Biden is President. Violence is the threat from the left and one SC Justice was nearly killed. That makes the left happy. They are inherently violent.

      Inflation is rampant.
      Gas prices are very high and going higher
      The middle class is being squeezed and this is just the beginning.
      Retirees on fixed incomes will be losing around half their assets, maybe more.
      Covid was not controlled.
      Illegals are causing reduced hospital care, education etc. for our children.
      Drugs are pouring over the border so far killing over 100,000 mostly the young
      Drug deaths will continue to rise with border crossings, human trafficking and crime.
      Gangs will increase attracting our youth.
      Democrat run cities will see increases in murders of their children
      War becomes a greater likelihood.
      A nuclear exchange becomes a greater likelihood etc..

      How much more of leftist violence can we take? How much more death can we watch? When will we take back leadership and throw out those that kill maim and destroy? The enemy is the left. The Democrats have been fooled and need to learn from their mistakes.

      Do not vote Democrat. Get rid of Republicans that are two-faced.

      1. “ 2000 Mules proves the election was not secure.
        Recent arrests and new data prove the election was not secure.”

        More like 2 mules and a sketchy assumption is what describes the “documentary”. It’s clearly geared towards the low intelligence and gullible crowd. S. Meyer being a prime candidate has been hooked into it. Sad.

        1. Svelaz, ignorance is your world. How can you say what you did about a documentary, not a movie? You can’t even get that right. You didn’t understand cell phone tracking..

          Since you only read what the left permitts, I will refer you to an old NYTimes article on tracking.

          You can see how effective it is and from where the data comes. Tracking is what you see in Mules 2000. Read it now in case the NYT decides to remove it because it destroys the arguments from the left about 2000 Mules and demonstrates how accurate 2000 Mules was. If you decide to remain ignorant, do so, but don’t complain about being called stupid. (accuracy today is 3 feet, maybe less.)

    3. Barr was always a swamp creature as I said when he was appointed. When the chips were down he would always side with the DC establishment. No one should be surprised. Trump’s mistake was trusting any DC’er.

      1. Mespo says :

        “Barr was always a swamp creature as I said when he was appointed. When the chips were down he would always side with the DC establishment. No one should be surprised. Trump’s mistake was trusting any DC’er.”

        And you believe Turley would share your opinion of Barr and the DC establishment (which Turley is a part of) as a swamp, eh?

        Perhaps, it was your mistake to trust Turley who trusted Barr and vouched for him.

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