Pro-Choice Protesters Post School Information on the Children of Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Despite the alleged attempted murder of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the pro-choice group Ruth Sent Us descended upon the home of Justice Amy Coney Barrett and her family within 24 hours of the arrest.  Now, the group has posted information on where Justice Barrett goes to church and where her children go to school. It is another example of our age of rage. Indeed, it is an example of the rage addiction that has taken hold of many in the country where even potentially targeting the children of a judge or justice is considered fair game.

This is not the first time that the far left has used the children of Justice Barrett as political fodder. Barrett sat through days of such baseless attacks on her character, but even had to face attacks referencing her children. Ibram X. Kendi, the director of the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University, claimed that her adoption of two Haitian children raised the image of a “white colonizer” and suggested that the children were little more than props to their mother.

During the recent protests, pro-choice protesters engaged in sexist and offensive verbal attacks on Barrett and her family. One protester dressed as a Handmaid declared “It’s also possible that the fact that she’s an adoptive mother is influencing her inability to see what it’s like to carry a pregnancy to term.” Justice Barrett has seven children and only two are adopted.

Yet, the posting of information on school of these children is particularly chilling. It shows how unhinged these people have become in their reckless and incendiary rhetoric.

It is a good thing that you cannot defame the dead under the common law.  Justice Ginsburg would have been mortified by this group using her name for such harassment of her colleagues. Ginsburg publicly denounced efforts to pack the Court and she was closest on the Court to her conservative colleague Justice Antonin Scalia.

We have had these moments before in our politics. Ironically, the prior abuse was directed at the left. It is now the signature of many on the left who have discarded any sense of civility or decency in attacking those who hold opposing viewpoints.

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  1. This is evil. Ruth Sent Us is supports sacrificing children and families for their political agenda and their own narcissistic values. I guess that’s why they are so pro-abortion – sacrificing children and families is their MO.

    Ruth Sent Us has blackened RBG’s legacy and evaded all ethical guidelines actual decent Americans believe in …..they need to pay a price and be sued by the school, church, and the Barrett Family for endangering the lives. And any American who supports them should be ashamed.

  2. Jonathan: Speaking of Justice Barrett she earns $274,000 per year as Associate Justice. Probably more than enough for most of us to live on comfortably. Apparently not for Barrett. Shortly after joining the Court she signed a lucrative book deal with a $2 million advance. She has already earned $425,000 on the book that is about to come out. Although other Justices have earned money from book deals Barret has broken the record at the Court. According to media reports Barrett’s book is about “how judges are not supposed to bring their personal feelings into how they rule”. Slate had a banner headline on the book deal: “Amy Coney Barrett Should Just Judge Without Bias Before Writing a Book in Judging Without Bias”. Perfect description of Barrett’s conflicts of interest.

    “People of Praise” requires its members to donate 5% of their earnings to the sect. That means the group will receive at least $121, 250 from the book deal alone. Then if you add in 5% of her yearly salary that’s another $13,700. Not a bad pay day for the male “heads” of People of Praise who will get to make all the decisions on how to use the money. Will Barrett have any say? Probably not. Is it any wonder why the public has lost respect for the Court these days–especially the conservative majority?

    1. And what is your point? Has she done anything illegal? Is she not allowed to live in America and make money? I’m sure you feel the same way about the community organizer and clueless Joe, right?

    2. Degenerate Hunter Biden – porn-addicted, sex-addicted, prostitute buying, drug addicted, polygamist with his brother’s wife, nose-blow artist , felony liar on gun license, violator of foreign agent laws, leader of a syndicate shaking down Russia/China/ etc. – wrote a book of his trash life. I guess anyone can.

  3. Maybe the information was posted so that other parents might not want to send their children to the same school where her children attend, or attend the same church she attends. I wouldn’t allow my children to attend the same school nor would I attend the same church as she. Barrett is a liar and is hungry for power. She never alluded to her belief that Roe was “egregiously wrong” in sworn testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee or in private interviews, according to Senator Susan Collins, who said all 3 Trump appointees were liars when it came to expressing their beliefs about Roe. And, I think the white colonial criticism is fair commentary regarding her adoption of Haitian children. I wonder, as a woman and mother, when she has time to mother any of the 7 children she has considering that she’s busy forcing her radical beliefs onto others by overturning decades of SCOTUS precedent, teaching, speaking and writing. It’s fair to consider whether the 7 kids are all for show. What’s NOT for show is the fact that she never alluded to her belief that Roe was “egregiously wrong” when directly asked about it. There’s no getting past the fact that she lied about this just to gain a seat on the SCOTUS which makes me question her integrity vis a vis every thing else about her.

    1. You’ve shown to be an idiot before, but this tops all of your previous stupidity. It really burns you that a women took your “you never care about them after their born” out of your hateful mouth.

      1. Here’s what I know: there’s only so many hours in the day. There’s only so many days in a year, and kids have only so many formative years to be parented by mothers and fathers. Just being a lawyer requires lots of reading just to keep your license. She also has a full-time job on the SCOTUS, which requires reading reams of material and research. She also allegedly teaches law classes, writes and give speeches. She commutes to work, which takes hours out of a day. When is there any time to be home to be with her children, to teach them how to bake cookies, to help with homework, to give them values, like personal responsibility, making your bed, completing your homework on time, taking care of the dog and cat, keeping your room clean, mowing the grass, watering the flowers and the myriad of other little thngs that mothers teach their children, including by example, to mold them into responsible adults? It would be hard enough to really get to know 7 young children as individuals and to appreciate and nuture their individuality and talents even if someone only had a part-time job at the 7-11, much less with what she does. The day has only so many hours, and she’s priortized the use of hers seeking a seat on the SCOTUS so she can shove her version of morality down the throats of Americans, most of whom don’t agree with her. I’m not saying she doesn’t care about them–I’m saying that trying to mother 7 children and be a full-time SCOTUS Justice, law teacher, writer and giver of speeches is too much and something has to give.

  4. If the Germans have not been in a thorn in our side for almost 80 years because they were soundly defeated in an all-out war, then should the Russians stop being a thorn in our side for the next 80 years, too, by being soundly defeated in an all-out war, as well.
    Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about the Russians anymore, just like we haven’t had to worry about the Germans since 1945?

  5. There is no benefit of the doubt that is due to any democrats. Merrick Garland is evil. Charles Schumer is evil. Nancy Pelosi is evil. They will accept any sort of violence to the extent it furthers their political goals. I would include Joe Biden in the list, but he doesn’t have sufficient mental capacity to make the list. He has no idea what he is doing.

    1. Amen. As the Spanish say, “there is a devil, of that no doubt, but is he trying to get in us or trying to get out?”

  6. It’s okay. They’re Dim voters who get a pass for outrageous conduct every time. Wonder how long JT thinks this two-tiered justice system can hold before it explodes. A year maybe?

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