Happy Father’s Day!!!

I did my customary dawn hike this morning on Billy Goat Trail. It was a great way to start Father’s Day. We came back to a wonderful breakfast. We are going to go to a military history museum today and tonight the kids are making dinner.  

On this day, I think of my father, Jack Turley, who was also the best friend I ever had. It was a considerable achievement for a kid who used to sleep in a lumber yard, joined the Navy without a high school degree in World War II, and came to Chicago with his new wife with just $1.35 between the two of them. He came to study under the great Mies van der Rohe and they lived in public housing as he went to architecture school at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). After working with Mies until his death, my father became a partner at Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM) and built buildings around the world. He was the most intelligent and honorable man I have ever known.

I wish the best to all of the fathers among our readers and I hope that you have a restful and joyous day.

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  1. Happy Fathers Day, JT. Wonderful story about your dad and his hard work and good judgment. Lots of good choices, However, his best move just might have been marrying an coal-country Italian-American woman who ran herd over you guys while he was out conquering the world. At least half your genes end in a vowel. That’s always good to remember.

  2. Happy Fathers Day to you as well. I am so thankful for your posts and you amazing knowledge of so many areas of legal and political
    matters. You are so far ahead of the average U/I it is fun to watch them simmer while at the same time looking like fools. You have
    more fans than you probably realize. Keep it up.

  3. Happy Father’s Day!

    Your father did more than design and build good buildings; he built good people.

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  5. Jonathan: Thanks for the Father’s Day greeting. As a grandfather of 3 beautiful granddaughters I know the joy of being a father. It was interesting to learn your father was a successful architect–and worked with Mies van der Rohe, an iconic figure in modern architecture. I’m sure your father worked hard for his success. But this brings up the topic of “white privilege”.

    I benefited from “white privilege” in small and large ways. Although I went to an integrated high school I had no Black or other minority friends. I lived in an all-white neighborhood. As a kid I accepted all this as a “given”. I had the privilege of going to a university because my parents could afford my education–something my Black counterparts across town couldn’t do because they lacked the resources. I got my first corporate job in a company where my father knew one of the senior executives. These “connections’ were part of being white. I didn’t come to reflect on all this as part of “white privilege” until I was well into my sixties. A late comer but I come from a much older generation.

    So I can understand why you might yet not acknowledge your own “white privilege”–or perhaps you have and wear it as a badge of honor. That would be even more problematic. You went to good schools and served a House leadership page. Not available to those without “connections”. You are a multi-millionaire . All of this has shaped your racial and conservative views. This does mean you didn’t work hard for what you have achieved. But your achievements came about within the context of “white privilege”–not in spite of it as many Black people have enjoyed in their achievements. So if you look around and see all you have achieved do you really think it would have been possible without “white privilege”?

    1. Talking about “white Democrat privilege”…..

      “Everyone claims they have the greatest dad today – but did your dad get a Ukranian prosecutor fired so you could continue making 50k a month in an industry that you have no experience in while hooked on crack – AND get the Secret Service involved to ignore your federal gun crime?”

    2. It’s amazing, not only do you guilt others for your own guilt issues with your “white privilege,” but you are also a cucked beta male who calls his wife “the one who must be obeyed.” Bring back real men. Your kind is just gross and pathetic.

      1. Anonymous: Thanks for the fawning compliments. Actually, you proved my point that white privilege connections get you places . Your allusion to Hunter Biden proves my point that trading on the family name gets you lucrative corporate jobs that might not be available if he was a person of color.

        Recognizing “white privilege” is not about “guilt issues”. I don’t feel “guilty” about the advantages I was given. I have simply come to consciously recognize that without “white privilege” I might not have achieved my modest successes. “White privilege” is about how whites enjoy a vast array of advantages not shared by many people of color. This recognition is the first step in dealing with the issue of persistent racism in this country. I suspect you like “white privilege”. It gives you a sense of superiority you probably don’t enjoy in your personal life. . You have a serious problem you need to address. There are a lot of seminars dealing with “white privilege” I can recommend.

        You are wearing your misogyny as a badge of honor. Your reference to my comment that I refer to my wife as “she who must be obeyed” shows that I am a “cucked beta male”. You missed my attempt at humor. My reference comes from my favorite old British TV series “Rumpole of the Bailey”, starring Leo McKern. It’s about a barrister who often has great successes in defending lost causes at the Old Baily but then has to come home at night and face his wife “Hilda” who he refers to as “she who must be obeyed”. In actual fact in my family my wife and I share household chores and decision making. That is probably alien to your concept that husbands should make all the decisions. “Bring back real men” is your sexist motto. No, you are the one who is “gross and pathetic”.

        1. Oh Dennis, where to begin? But I’ll keep this short so as not to further muck up Prof. Turley’s Father’s Day message page more than you already have. 😉

          As for seminars “dealing with white privilege,” I can say for certain there are a lot of people making a lotta money selling white privilege hogwash that people like you are buying. It’s a racket.

          How does you recognizing your white privilege help anyone else succeed? What is the point?

          You are the racist bc you see color of skin FIRST in order for you to consciously ‘order the world you see’ according to progressive dogma. You have white privilege, and you assess everyone you see accordingly: aha white privilege there! black skin over there, disadvantaged! you do not, you do, you don’t, you need to check yourself successful white boy, you need to be afforded special treatment w your black skin, etc.

          It’s a truly gross, sick way to live.

          “Hunter Biden proves my point that trading on the family name gets you lucrative corporate jobs that might not be available if he was a person of color.” Really? Or is it Democrat privilege? Liberal privilege? Or how about Al Sharpton privilege?

          Lots of ‘white’ Jews would beg to differ about their white privilege.

          Or Barack Obama privilege? The man would never have skyrocketed to the top of the politcal stratosphere had he not been black and blessed with a racial suit of armor to hide behind at every turn.

          Why do some historically marginalized non-white-skin groups succeed and others not?

          Why did Liz Warren need to assert her 1% indian bloodline in order to get a prestigious position that her whiteness would not?

          Even Elon Musk, a lifelong Democrat, was immediately demonized and smeared as an alt-right, “white supremacist,” the moment he dared veer from the sanctified progressive “narrative.”

          I could go on, but point made. You are a lefty loon. They got you good, as you are now unable to “think” rationally because you have mush for brains. Perhaps attending another seminar shaming you for being a successful white male would help.

    3. Your comments to Mr. Turley are completely obnoxious and insufferable. Perhaps you should keep your pathetic comments to yourself as I can assure you no-one is interested. Mr. Turley is the voice of reason in this democrat political atmosphere which is hurling our constitutional republic into the waste bin of history.

  6. Happy Father’s Day. You are the rock in the midst of the age of rage. I so appreciate your balanced perspective. Hypocrisy and hyperbole have worn me out!

  7. That information about your father explains so much about you and the values you constantly are able to hold onto. So Happy Father’s Day Professor Turley and I feel sure your father somehow knows the amazing son he contributed to so many of us. And I can well imagine the love and laughs that will be served at tonight’s dinner. Enjoy because you all have contributed and these days that’s a bit rare.

  8. Father’s Day Blessings to you, Prof. Turley…! Thanks for sharing about your own Father… illuminates the foundations of the great man you’ve become…!

  9. Happy Father’s Day to you, Professor! I always admired the work of van der Rohe. He, FLW, and Schindler were among my very favorites. I, too, come from a family of architects, so I have some interest in it. Extraordinary achievement to apprentice under van der Rohe and work at SOM.

    And you are a chip of the ol’ block, if I may say so. I think your father would be very proud of your defense of liberty 🙂

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