The Parade of Horribles: A Democratic Talking Point on Dobbs is Dangerous Disinformation

Below is today’s column on common talking point among Democratic members and pundits on how the recent Dobbs decision will present a barrier to women seeking treatment for ectopic pregnancies. It is not only legally and medically false but it is dangerous if women actually believe what they are hearing or reading from these figures. There are ample grounds for pro-choice advocates to oppose the decision without spreading alarm over a danger that does not exist.

Here is the column:

After the Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a common rallying cry for pro-choice advocates has been the endangerment of women with ectopic pregnancies who would now be barred in some states banning or severely limiting abortion services. Reps. Judy ChuJan Schakowsky, and others have insisted that women with such pregnancies are now without protection. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even used the issue to justify hounding and harassing justices eating in public in reference to a recent incident involving Justice Brett Kavanaugh at a restaurant with his wife: “Poor guy. He left before his soufflé because he decided half the country should risk death if they have an ectopic pregnancy within the wrong state lines.”  These views have been amplified by academics like Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe.  It is a great talking point but it just happens to be untrue as both a legal and medical matter. Worse yet, this common claim could be putting women physically at risk by suggesting that they might be legally at risk if they seek such treatment.

There are obviously good-faith objections to the Dobbs decisions on the underlying constitutional interpretation. However, critics have created a parade of horribles that extend beyond that opinion, including arguments expressly rejected by the Court. That includes President Biden who has repeatedly suggested that contraceptives and travel for women could be now curtailed under the decision.

The majority expressly and repeatedly rejected the application of this holding to these other rights. It stressed “intimate sexual relations, contraception, and marriage” are not impacted by its holding because “abortion is fundamentally different.” The court and Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s concurrence return to the point again and again: “Nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion.” Only Justice Clarence Thomas suggested that these other cases should be examined. Yet even Thomas stressed this opinion expressly rejects that application.

However, the ectopic pregnancy talking point is not just false, it is dangerous. These pregnancies can be life threatening and must be addressed as soon as possible. These interventions are not abortions and even restrictive states expressly state so.

When a pregnancy implants in the fallopian tube, it is not a viable pregnancy but it creates a potentially fatal risk for the mother from tubal rupture and internal bleeding. Treating such woman is not an abortion of a viable pregnancy. Indeed, as noted in a recent column, the procedures are vastly different, including the fact that “mifepristone and misoprostol, used commonly to provide medical abortions, specifically do not treat a pregnancy outside of the uterus.”

This is reflected in some of the most restrictive laws. For example, Oklahoma’s law expressly states “An act is not an abortion if the act is performed with the purpose to . . . remove an ectopic pregnancy.” Texas, Louisiana, and other states have the same express exemption.  However, even if the law were silent on ectopic pregnancies, it is doubtful that the courts would ignore the medical and factual classifications to treat such emergency procedures as abortions or ignore that the mother’s life is in danger without medical intervention.

Yet, women would not know that in listening to leaders or reading news accounts. In the New Yorker, Jia Tolentino explained “abortion bans will hurt, disable, and endanger many people … who encounter medical difficulties…One woman in Texas was told that she had to drive fifteen hours to New Mexico to have her ectopic pregnancy—which is nonviable, by definition, and always dangerous to the mother—removed.” That is based on a story from 2021 before the Dobbs decision and an account from an abortion hotline of a doctor refusing to deal with an ectopic pregnancy. It is not explained how, even when Roe v. Wade was still good law, such a procedure could be denied under Texas law.

A woman reading such accounts might easily conclude that she could be charged with a crime or face other legal penalties if she sought treatment for an ectopic pregnancy in restrictive states. These politicians stress that time is of the essence and that such a loss of time in an ectopic pregnancy could prove lethal. Yet, their false claims could have precisely that effect.

That makes this not just disinformation but the most lethal form of disinformation. Indeed, it is precisely the type of disinformation that many of these same leaders have called to be censored. Indeed, this year, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez continued her call for corporate censorship on social media because “disinformation through U.S.-founded companies like Facebook … have absolutely slowed and frankly sabotaged” efforts in areas like Covid treatment. Many have rallied to this anti-free speech cause. Indeed, this week, another medical professor was suspended for simply calling for a discussion of concerns over the need for Covid vaccines of children.

I remain opposed to government and corporate censorship of disinformation, including the false statements made by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. Like many of the false claims surrounding the Dobbs decision, these issues can be addressed without curtailing free speech, but that only increases the importance of countering these false narratives.

President Biden and other Democratic members have called for censorship because social media companies are “killing people” with disinformation. That is precisely what could occur if women believe the claims of politicians and pundits on these ectopic pregnancies.

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  1. Turley’s Column Coincides With Fox News Story

    Pro-Life Obstetrician Billed As Expert Source

    From the Fox News story, ‘Treating Ectopic Pregnancies–‘

    Dr. Christina Francis, chair of the board of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, told World magazine she doesn’t know of “a single state law that would limit a physician’s ability” to care for women with ectopic pregnancies, recalling that she treated thousands of patients with miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies when she worked at a Catholic hospital.

    Edited From:


    The American Association Of Pro-Life Obstetricians

    AAPLOG has its roots in the preeminent association for women’s health workers, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), which has advocated for women’s health and its providers since 1951.

    Around the time Roe was decided in 1973, ACOG changed its policy to be more supportive of abortion access. In protest, a small subset of doctors formed a special interest group within the larger organization, advocating against abortions in statehouses, federal hearings, and court rooms.

    But in 2013, ACOG ended all such internal special interest groups, and AAPLOG spun into an independent organization that now includes some 5,700 health care professionals. It is still small compared to ACOG, which has more than 60,000 members.)

    Edited From:

    “They’re doctors. They’re Also Incredibly Effective And Dangerous Anti-Abortion Activists”.

    Mother Jones, 6/20/20


    Dr Francis, and her Pro-Life Obstetricians have been advising Republican legislatures on aborton restrictions. For reasons not entirely known they have recommended a ‘carve out’ for Ectopic Pregnancies in legislative bills. This explains why Dr Francis is the ‘expert’ here.

    Fox News and Professor Turley wish to convey the impression that liberal warnings regarding Dobbs are overblown and hysterical. This idea that women’s health will suffer is just a Parade Of Horribles.

    Fox seeks to get the message out that there ‘will be’ a Parade Of Horribles in mainstream media. A propaganda campaign by leftist feminists.

    That way when these stories break, Fox News can dismiss them as liberal propaganda.

    Sadly those stories will be real. Real women with pregnancy complications. But we’re supposed to think they’re only ‘sob stories’.

    It goes back to what Dr. Francis is ‘not’ telling us. She’s not listing the full range of problem pregnancies. It gets too complicated!

    But again, we should think that Ectopic Pregnancies are the biggest threat by far. And women have nothing to fear. Because even the reddest states give you a pass on those.

  2. Nobody over the age of 40 actually believes this, and the likes of AOC are either pathological liars, sociopaths, profoundly stupid, most certainly privileged and sheltered, or a combination thereof. I got nothin’ left for our modern dems. Not a thing. They really do seem to be very, very confused about who the actual electorate are.

  3. Every day since the Leak of the Dobbs decision. There has not been a single rebuttable, based on the Constitution, or legal principles. The left, in the same sentence, demands abortion at 35 weeks, AND declare an ectopic pregnancy, life that demands recognition.

    As has become sum and substance of the left, logic, reason, common sense, respect, honesty…all get sacrificed to wage a political war, rather than serve and represent the people.

    1. “People who are intentionally fear-mongering and spreading this false narrative — that women are not gonna be able to receive life-saving care — not only are they blatant lies, but they’re also making women feel very fearful that they will not be able to continue to receive the excellent healthcare that they always have,” American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) CEO-elect and board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Christina Francis stated

      Dr Francis, who has worked as an OB/GYN for 14 years, laid out the difference between procedures for ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages, and emphasized they are “not related to [elective] abortion in any way.” Breitbart News also previously reported that even if state laws do not explicitly name exceptions for ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages, the laws always give exceptions “for the life of the mother.” Both ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages can be life-threatening, meaning treatments for those would fall under that category.

      “Not one of them criminalizes the treatment of ectopic pregnancy, and not one of them criminalizes miscarriage treatments. So this whole fear-mongering that is being done, it is completely not based in reality,” AAPLOG CEO and board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Donna Harrison added.”


  4. Natacha,

    As expected, your comment that included a copy of a Healthline article was removed for copyright infringement.

    You noted that you hadn’t plagiarized, and I agree, which is why I accurately described it as copyright infringement, not plagiarism. If you don’t know the difference, now’s a good time to learn.

    Legally, people can only copy an small excerpt of a copyrighted work, consistent with fair use. If you’re not familiar with fair use and copyright infringement, they’re both addressed in 17 US Code.

    1. What is it like being an Incel? We keep reading about lost, sexually frustrated, eunuchs like you and we would like to know how you make it on a day to day basis as an incel

    2. Not only was the article from Healthline removed, but my comment about it, anticipating you would get your way, was also removed. This is censorship, pure and simple, under the guise of copyright infringement, and has happened before when inconvenient facts are presented that directly contradict something Turley has written at Fox’s behest. Anyway, the gist of the piece published by Healthline, which you can look up for yourself, but won’t because as a disciple, you are fact-immune, is that broadly worded anti-abortion laws do not necessarily say that there is an exception in the case of ectopic pregnancy, or even other life-threatening pregnancy-caused conditions, such as severe eclampsia, which can kill both the mother and child. The piece said that doctors fear the loss of their medical licenses by these overzealous radicals. And, it isn’t just doctors. A major international law firm with branches in Texas received a letter from the Texas AG that said that if they were already investigating the firm paying the travel costs for abortions for their employees, and that they would seek criminal prosecution and to disbar the partners at the firm to punish them for assisting in an abortion.

      I saw a piece yesterday written by a nurse who related that a pregnant woman with abdominal pain came to her hospital in one of these radical states. The cause of her pain was an ectopc pregnancy that hadn’t ruptured yet. Ideally, they could have given her Methotrexate, which could have saved her fallopian tube and preserved future fertility, but doctors were afraid to treat her, so they consulted an attorney. Before the attorney could fully research the law and render an opinion, the woman’s fallopian tube ruptured and she began hemorrhaging internally. There was no choice other than to operate to remove the fallopian tube under less than ideal conditions. This is a real-life example of the consequences of the geniune fear that is out there.

      Turley’s accusation that Democrats are spreading dangerous misinformation about these anti-abortion laws and that they all have exceptions for ectopic pregnancy is simply not true.

      1. Natacha,

        Again: I’m pro-choice. I’m the one who has repeatedly pointed out the bodily autonomy argument that no one can even force someone to donate blood to save the life of another, and if you’re in the middle of donating blood, you can stop it and refuse to complete the donation, yet the anti-abortionists want to force women to donate the use of their bodies for 9 months. I’m the one who frequently points out that consent to sex isn’t consent to carrying a pregnancy to term.

        So drop the garbage that this is about my being “a disciple” and “fact-immune,” as that is total BS. It’s a fact that you engaged in copyright infringement, which is against the law, and if Turley doesn’t remove those comments, he can be sued by the copyright holder (Section 230 does not protect against copyright infringement if the copyright holder asks that the content be removed). And it’s astoundingly easy to avoid copyright infringement: just give a brief excerpt (consistent with fair use) or paraphrase, and then link to the full work. Learn from your mistake instead of making excuses.

        It’s also a fact that if a top-level comment is removed then all of the replies, and the replies to replies, … are removed with it, because WordPress has a poorly-designed commenting system.

        “Turley’s accusation that Democrats are spreading dangerous misinformation about these anti-abortion laws and that they all have exceptions for ectopic pregnancy is simply not true.”

        I agree. I said similarly in my very first comment on this column (July 11 at 12:27 PM).

  5. You don’t need Democrats to create confusion about this or any number of problematic variables in a pregnancy Turley. You just need politicians and the government.

    An Ohio bill has a special provision for the surgical reimplantation of ectopic pregnancies into the uterus — which is not possible.

    “A sponsor of an Ohio abortion bill thinks you can reimplant ectopic pregnancies. You can’t.”

    Now they happen to catch this one. It got some headlines. And it is only a bill at this time — although the language remains unchanged.

    The confusion will remain even if it gets fixed. But you’re not going to catch them all. And the way your profession loves litigation and the courts, you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think a general fear of prosecution will permeate even the most obvious of cases.

  6. I now understand why Professor Turley addresses this topic. It appears Biden’s megalomaniacal HHS Director, Xavier Becerra, has issued a “Dear Doctor” letter to physicians who might provide medical services to pregnant women. This is strictly a political performance circus act to placate the Left.

    His letter states something egregious hence no physician will take Becerra’s letter seriously. More than 90% of ectopic pregnancies resolve on their own with the dead embryo passing without any intervention necessary. If an intervention is necessary, the embryo is more often than not already dead. There is no abortion involved when providing emergent medical care to a woman carrying an ectopic pregnancy because there is no life. The developing baby needs to be implanted in the uterus. The fallopian tube can not provide a life sustaining gestational environment. In rare cases the embryo must be terminated but this is an obvious decision. The mother will die and if that happens, both lives will be lost. This HHS letter is embarrassing.

    Emergency medical conditions involving pregnant patients may include, but are not limited to, ectopic pregnancy, complications of pregnancy loss, or emergent hypertensive disorders, such as preeclampsia with severe features. Any state laws or mandates that employ a more restrictive definition of an emergency medical condition are preempted by the EMTALA statute.

    The course of treatment necessary to stabilize such emergency medical conditions is also under the purview of the physician or other qualified medical personnel. Stabilizing treatment could include medical and/or surgical interventions (e.g., abortion, removal of one or both fallopian tubes, anti-hypertensive therapy, methotrexate therapy etc.), irrespective of any state laws or mandates that apply to specific procedures.

    There is no abortion involved in ectopic pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancies are very rare, yet here Biden’s handlers are making it a burning issue, like everything else.

    Biden is desperate. His handlers know his presidency is a dumpster fire and epic failure, and now they are throwing everything they can at Americans to try to save face with his Left wing critics. However, it doesnt matter.

    Americans arent obsessed with Roe v Wade, only the irreligious Left are. Inflation, collapse of America, soaring violent crime since 2020 “summer of love”, massive illegal immigration, polarization of our country by Democrats, defund the police, CRT, left wing domestic terrorists, etc, these are what preoccupy Americans. This HHS letter is another example of how medicine has become politicized, on par for Biden, just like COVID, vaccines, lockdowns, masking, etc. Biden kills everything he touches.

    1. “There is no abortion involved when providing emergent medical care to a woman carrying an ectopic pregnancy because there is no life.”

      Sometimes the embryo in an ectopic pregnancy is still alive; in these cases, there IS life. You even admit that in some cases “the embryo must be terminated.” That’s because it’s still alive. Don’t lie and claim in some absolute way that “there is no life.” Sometimes the embryo is alive and must be killed, and other times it dies on its own.

      I’m guessing that you don’t want to discuss it truthfully because it conflicts with your claims elsewhere about “life” starting at fertilization. Here’s an earlier quote from you:
      “A sperm is a gamete / germ cell, just like an egg. A germ cell only has 23 chromosomes, it does not undergo cell division, it lacks cytoplasmic organelles, it does not possess biochemical metabolic process that define and sustain life. When a sperm and egg unite, fertilization results, and life begins in the form of a somatic cell. Our bodies possess 30 trillion cells, all somatic cells. Germ cells are found only in reproductive organs. All other tissues have somatic cells. Each somatic cell has 46 homologous chromosomes, undergoes cell division, has cytoplasmic organelles and possesses biochemical metabolic processes that define and sustain life. When glycolysis, krebs cycle / tricyclic acid cycle, electron transport chain cycle, etc take place, they generate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the basic fuel of life. When a person dies, they become rigor mortis because their cells no longer produce ATP. Lack of ATP causes stiffness or rigor mortis. ATP = life. A sperm and egg unite to initiate life.”

      But now all of a sudden, you have a hard time acknowledging that in many ectopic pregnancies, the embryos are still alive and have to be killed.

      “Ectopic pregnancies are very rare”

      No, they aren’t rare. They’re ~2% of pregnancies in the US. 1 in 50 is not rare. Again, figure out how to discuss it truthfully.

    2. “Americans arent obsessed with Roe v Wade, only the irreligious Left are.”

      And those who believe that women are human beings — not breeding stock for the religious right.

    3. Becerra was merely reminding doctors that EMTALA: the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, which is federal law, trumps any state law. Hospitals are REQUIRED to provide stabilizing medical care to patients who present to their facilities regardless of ability to pay or citizenship. Such care includes terminating a pregnancy that threatens the life of a pregnant woman. The initial reason for passage of this law is that hospitals were turning away people without insurance and/or non-citizens who then died or suffered severe complications.

  7. I had a thought recently the Dobbs decision striking down Roe and Casey (which established the new and unworkable “undue burden” test), and turning abortion over to the states and their respective state laws, just how much of a burden it might be on a pregnant woman living in a state that restricts abortion, with at least 6 months to decide to have an abortion and would obtain what will be plentiful and easy funding for a trip and procedure to a blue state such as California (Gov. Newsom announced that California is now a sanctuary abortion state), have the abortion, and be home a day or two later. Compare that to the non-federal California state tax and regulatory scheme that has caused so many FAMILIES to absorb the expense and inconvenience to move out of California permanently, so many that it has actually lost a member of Congress. Is that a fair comparison of relative undue burden under state law and policy or am I totally out of my mind?

  8. “do not outright ban abortions for ectopic pregnancies.”

    Treating the problem is not the same as an abortion.

  9. “This is next level stupidity, AOC. Even for you. Chances of an ectopic pregnancy are 2% (roughly). And it is a medically necessary termination. No one is being denied termination of ectopic pregnancies, you pathological liar and purveyor of disinformation,” attorney Viva Frei said.

    Stop using your huge platform to spout lies. There is NO law anywhere in ANY state that will criminalize ectopic pregnancies.

    — Rebecca Downs

    This is dangerous misinformation. The care for an ectopic surgery isn’t illegal anywhere, the procedure is not an abortion, and AOC telling women it is could cause them not to get care. You should delete this tweet before you endanger the life of women needing emergency care AOC.

    Democrats are spreading another lie and unfortunately their low IQ lobotomized leftist cult members are swallowing it without any discernment or critical thinking.

      1. Correct. Democrats are lying and their lives could cause people to die.

  10. The Journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians, May 2020:

    Treatment of diagnosed ectopic pregnancy includes medical management with intramuscular methotrexate, surgical management via salpingostomy or salpingectomy, and, in rare cases, expectant management.

    Intramuscular methotrexate is the only medication appropriate for the management of ectopic pregnancy. A folate antagonist, it interrupts the rapidly dividing cells of the ectopic pregnancy, which are then resorbed by the body. Its success rate decreases with higher initial β-hCG levels

    Hendriks E, Rosenberg R, Prine L. Ectopic Pregnancy: Diagnosis and Management. Am Fam Physician. 2020 May 15;101(10):599-606. PMID: 32412215.

    Stick to evidenced based data. Follow the science!

  11. It is a foolish man who would have a child with an American female. Very foolish, and his child may well suffer even more than he will.

  12. Cut and paste others intellectual property.

    Leftist have no morals. Stealing intellectual property from others, stealing the bandwidth from our host in the process

  13. You’re bizarre craving misgivings about women in danger of dying not getting the medical care they need is Lunatic Fringe screed…. just another scare tactic another lie made up just like the 10-year-old who couldn’t get an abortion that everybody quoted and now it turns out it’s fake it was made up it didn’t exist but you people all swallowed it and regurgitated that in the media to justify your lunacy

    1. First of all, I said the post above is from “Healthline”, so I’m not plagerizing anyone. Secondly, In case you get your way and the post gets removed, multiple experts, including doctors and attorneys, say that these radical anti-abortion laws are so broadly-worded that they could be construed to ban treatment for ectopic pregnancies, especially those using the drug “Methotrexate”, which ends the pregnancy but preserves fertility for future pregnancies, until the woman is at death’s door. The post points out that a viable pregnancy is not being terminated: most of the time the embro or fetus has died but the other products of conception keep on growing, like the placenta and bag of waters. The post also stated that IUDs and IVF might also be banned under these laws. So, it’s not “Democrats spreading misinformation” at all. Multiple non-pollitician experts agree that these broadly worded anti-abortion laws could be used to prevent treatments for ectopic pregnancies or at minimum, intimidate physicians into delaying needed treatment until the woman is literally at death’s door, which would be the point at which her fallopian tube had ruptured into the ovarian artery and/or vein, causing internal hemorrhage. This is how tubal ectopic pregnancies* end: with tubal rupture, because a fallopian tube cannot expand to support a pregnancy. I am an RN with a Master’s Degree. It’s not a “scare tactic” to point out that ectopic pregnancies are a threat to a woman’s life, and that an ectopic can never end in a live birth. This condition is best treated before the point when the woman is in shock due to loss of blood, which makes the risk of death much higher. There are other conditions incompatible with live birth, such as uterine infection, that must be treated to save the woman’s life. Maybe if you researched the topic and didn’t rely on alt-right media for your opinions, you would have some idea what you’re talking about.

      .*there can also be ectopic pregnancies outside of the tubes, attached to the outside of the uterus or other abdominal structures, but most get stuck in the tube.

      1. I didn’t say plagiarism, Natacha, I said copyright infringement.

        Copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced — beyond a short except allowed under the fair use doctrine — without the permission of the copyright owner.

        And it’s not “my way,” it’s TURLEY’s legal obligation to remove content that infringes on the copyright holder’s rights.

  14. It gives us great immense pleasure to see how you satanic baby killing leftists are so triggered and upset we love it the Lord is rejoicing there’s no rationale or excuse or anything you can say that will excuse the killing of babies that’s what you demons are doing killing human babies….FULL STOP

    OWN IT!!!

    1. I don’t believe in your god, just like you don’t believe in other gods.

      And if you truly believed in your god, you’d love your neighbor instead of loving that people are upset.

      1. Aninny:

        “I don’t believe in your god, just like you don’t believe in other gods.”
        The possibility that ought to inform your thinking is that you’re absolutely wrong. In considering that case, you might want to heed the words of this interspirit world traveler. Me? I’m a Pascal’s Wager kinda guy:

  15. Your comment is likely to be deleted for copyright infringement — quoting copyrighted text beyond what’s allowed as fair use.

  16. Looks like Jonathan has his own leftist troll here Natasha get your own blog stop leaving 55,000 word comments…. you lunatic leftist.
    Nothing you say is anything other than Democrat propaganda lies and misinformation you’re nothing but a collection of this info and propaganda talking points

    1. Since over 90% of tubal ectopic pregnancies present as embryos who have already died, these cases present no ethical dilemma.

      Condic ML, Harrison D. Treatment of an Ectopic Pregnancy: An Ethical Reanalysis. Linacre Q. 2018 Aug;85(3):241-251. doi: 10.1177/0024363918782417. Epub 2018 Jun 18. PMID: 30275609; PMCID: PMC6161225.

  17. “…obviously good-faith objections to the Dobbs decisions on the underlying constitutional interpretation.”

    You’re kidding, right?

    1. I appreciate that JT says that (good faith objections) when discussing the Dobbs and Heller decisions.

  18. I sure hope Turley appreciates the irony in his concern about this “dangerous” disinformation. What happened to allowing different points of view? This isn’t disinformation it’s simply a differing point of view.

    Turley seems childishly naive to think that in states where abortions are banned doctors aren’t going to be concerned about being prosecuted by a zealous prosecutor or group for performing an emergency abortion if it involves an ectopic pregnancy. Turley forgets that these procedures ARE going to be scrutinized with a fine tooth comb for anything that is even close to a violation. No doctor or hospital is going to take such risk. Especially when you can’t trust state legislators to be forthright in their understanding of why that condition requires an abortion.

    Religious zealots and the conspiracy theory crazies will waste no time pushing doubt on those kinds of situations as a”loophole”. They are going to demand proof from doctors and hospitals that there was indeed an ectopic pregnancy.

    States are already proposing bans on travel and punishing companies that offer pay to travel to states were abortions are legal. Despite what the Supreme Court says nobody trusts the court to abide by its claims. It’s only a matter of time before a state puts forth a challenge to the legality of same sex marriage or contraception. The moment the justices accept a case it would be proof that their assertions are worthless.

    1. It gives us extreme pleasure that you baby killers are upset you people are sick sick evil individuals looking to rationalize and justify with extreme rare cases cases that make up 0001% of the million baby killings/ abortions that happen yearly

    2. @Anonymous:
      You wrote –
      ‘I sure hope Turley appreciates the irony in his concern about this “dangerous” disinformation. What happened to allowing different points of view?’

      Turley wrote in the article:
      ‘I remain opposed to government and corporate censorship of disinformation, including the false statements made by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. Like many of the false claims surrounding the Dobbs decision, these issues can be addressed without curtailing free speech, but that only increases the importance of countering these false narratives.’

      Obviously Turley is clear about not censoring disinformation, even the ‘dangerous’ type.

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