Ferris State Professor Settles Lawsuit; Retires with Helmet and Pension Intact

In January, we discussed the case of Ferris State Professor Barry Mehler, who was suspended after Mehler went full Howard Beale in a video in which he called his students “vectors of disease” and tells them to “stay the f**k away from me.” Mehler is known for his outlandish lectures, which appear to have been popular with students. He has now reached a settlement under which he will retire but will receive $95,000. There is a notable catch, however.

In the 14-minute video (watched by half a million people), Mehler called students “vectors of disease” and said “You people are just vectors of disease to me and I don’t want to be anywhere near you, so keep your f–king distance.” He added that he is beholden to “no human c–ksucker” and has a “paying f–king union job.”

Mehler may set a record for the purely profane in his diatribe:

“I may have f***ed up my life flatter than hammered s***, but I stand before you today beholding to no human c*ksucker,” Mehler says. “I’m working in a paid f***ing union job and no limber-d*ck c*ksucker of an administrator is going to tell me how to teach my classes. Because I’m a f****** tenured professor. So, if you want to go complain to your dean, f*** you, go ahead. I’m retiring at the end of this year and I couldn’t give a flying f*** any longer.”

At the time of the controversial video and suspension, I wrote “while many have declared Mehler completely insane, his video may be as clever as a covid-phobic fox.” The reason is that Mehler, 75, was roughly a year from retirement and said that he did not want to teach in person.

With the suspension, I noted that he could get a settlement and “that process could likely take the year and Mehler would simply retire. In the meantime, he and his space helmet can stay at home.”

That is what appears to have happened. He will receive roughly $100,000 and will now retire without having to teach his class (and receiving a year of paid leave).

For those hoping to see another appearance on YouTube of the helmeted Mehler, there is one wrinkle. He agreed to a non-disparagement or gag order clause where, if he criticizes Ferris State University, he will be forced to pay $60,000. It will last three years. While such clauses are common in employment and other fields. It is a bit more problematic here.

Mehler sued over the loss of first amendment rights but has now agreed to suspend his right to speak against the university for three years to secure such a settlement.

For those who regret waiting three years for a Mehler original, here is the video that started this controversy:

15 thoughts on “Ferris State Professor Settles Lawsuit; Retires with Helmet and Pension Intact”

  1. I don’t know anything about this guy, but I do know about the Deadwood TV show, and those first few lines are straight out of the pilot. I don’t want to ascribe motivations to an individual, but I’m more than happy to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and say he was messing around, as he apparently has a reputation for doing. As every Deadwood fan knows, it is a true pleasure to quote in or out of context.

  2. In an era where university students are timorous snowflakes who melt at a hard glance or improper use of a pronoun, are a totally convinced of their moral superiority and right to condemn society, history, leaders, morality, science and biology; students who believe it is their right to shut down everyone and everything that doesn’t comport with their ignorant views, it is refreshing to hear a university professor tell them exactly what we all think of them.

    The remedy for a snowflake is a blowtorch. That is exactly what professor Barry Mehler is and God bless him for it. We need more blowtorches on our campuses.

  3. We had a term for this growing up: “Crazier than a s**t house rat”.

  4. Democrats should listen to fellow Democrat Paul Begala. Begala pointed out that non-college educated taxpayer are paying to forgive student loan debt. The 2nd Class blue collar taxpayers (receiving no benefit) are footing the bill to fund professors like this one and his students.

    Begala suggested instead of forgiving student loan debt, why not let student borrowers perform public service (ie: military, peace corp or accepting employment in inner city or rural zipcodes, etc). Begala also suggested that blue collar trade school education should be on the same priority as college education.

    The irony is the above professor – directly or indirectly (student loans/Pell Grants) – received tax dollars from blue collar taxpayers receiving no benefit from footing the bill.

  5. Such a wonderful vocabulary. The true benefits of a liberal arts education.
    I would prefer to talk to farmers, truck drivers, maintenance people, construction, pipe fitters, plumbers, and a whole host of “blue collar” workers. Great common sense, often brilliant and they hold the nation together, defend it and built it. WW2, we were the arsenal of democracy, but all those before mentioned workers made that economic miracle happen.
    I had professors like this guy but they have been sent to the dustbin of forgotten memories, best to leave them there. IT was nice to have professors who showed you what never wanted to be, if you had any sense.

  6. When is the paying public going to realize that the entire education system is broken beyond repair. A new system must be created from the ground up. New institutions populated with people who think like those who are footing the bill. Or at least those who are not Antifa-type mentally ill folks. A bit of sarcasm there…I think you get the point.

  7. Squirrel Gets Nut! Natural Justice would be he gets hit by a bus crossing the street just after cashing the University check.

  8. This is precisely why Democrats lose elections! Elitism and Classism. Mostly non-college educated Americans built this university, installed the plumbing, electrical wiring and maintain the heating and air-conditioning. These highly skilled technicians – as intelligent as most college grads – are treated like 2nd Class citizens by these prima donnas.

    Mostly non-college educated truck drivers deliver the food to the college cafeteria, textbooks and computers to the colleges. During Covid these heroe truck drivers, keeping supply chains open, were banned from public rest stops and even private businesses from simply using the restroom. Americans would literally starve without these guys. We treat these heroes like dirt while glamorizing this elitist professor.

    Here you have an elitist jerk receiving a Golden Parachute retirement package, while treating blue collar Americans like 2nd Class Citizens. This is precisely why many swing-voters dislike Democrats. This is the poster boy of liberal values.

  9. RE: ‘Holy ‘Hello McMehler!!’, Batman!!” That’s what’s out there!! Brings back fond memories of a professor of mine some 50+ years back who was so proud that her family did not have TV in their home. Some how she managed to keep up with the Revolution.

  10. Garbage in, garbage out. Tenured professors are not all wacko, I hope. No matter whom, claims to be in charge, the Almighty $$$ Dollar, makes the rules.

  11. Boy I wish I had kids so I could spend a quarter of a million dollars for them to be “educated” by the likes of this guy.

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