“The Whole Enchilada”: Pundits Wrongly Claim the Mar-a-Lago Raid Could Disqualify Trump from Future Office

The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago has unleashed a familiar euphoria among critics who have longed for–agents descending upon the President’s residence in a criminal operation. One MSNBC pundit declared that day of the “orange jumpsuit” may finally be at hand while another simply exclaimed “hallelujah.” It was a tad premature since we do not even know if classified material was found and, if so, whether there is a criminal case to be made from such a discovery.

previously testified in Congress on the earlier seizure of the boxes at Mar-a-Lago under the Presidential Records Act and how criminal prosecutions have been rare under the law. Nevertheless, criminal charges are possible, including under Section 2071 which states that anyone can be prosecuted who “willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates or destroys … any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited … in any public office.” That crime, however, requires a showing of not just negligence but that “an act is …  done voluntarily and intentionally and with the specific intent to do something the law forbids.”

Notably, even the most serious cases of mishandling classified records have not resulted in major charges. One example is that of former Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger who was found to have secretly stuffed classified material into his pants and socks to remove them from a secure facility. He then hid them in a spot to be retrieved later. It was a flagrant and premeditated violation of federal law and put national security secrets at risk. Yet, Berger was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and did not have to serve any jail time. Indeed, his security clearance was suspended for only three years.

However, critics were not particularly interested in whether Trump might have some suspended misdemeanor sentence. Rather, even before learning if any evidence of criminal conduct was found, critics turned to the ability to use the charge to disqualify Trump from future office. Section 2071 has excited the imagination of such critics because of a line that states that a convicted party can “be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”

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That was the enticing possibility highlighted by Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer who was a critical player in pushing the false Russian collusion claims in the Steele dossier. In addition to accusations that he may have lied about the funding of the Steele dossier,  Elias has been sanctioned in court for his conduct.

Elias was not alone citing the possible use of a Section 2071 charge to block Trump’s expected presidential run in 2024. Former federal prosecutor Harry Litman even suggested that this could be the actual plan of the Justice Department to end Trump’s political career:  “So this could be the whole enchilada in terms of DOJ resolution.”

Consider that culinary-legal analysis for a second. The claim is that the Justice Department may be actively seeking to use a charge to block Trump as the real motivation for this raid and possible charge. There is not a hint of concern over the FBI being used to achieve such a political purpose. That is putting aside the fact that, unless there is evidence of a “willful and unlawful” effort to conceal or retain such material, the FBI could end up an enchilada short of a combination plate for prosecution.

There is also a significant constitutional hurdle facing this latest means of barring Trump from office.

This is not the first time that this disqualification argument has been made and scholars like Seth Tillman have previously raised constitutional objections to it. (Professor Josh Blackmun also has a column on this issue)

The problem is that the law would add a qualification or condition that is not stated in the Constitution. There are constitutional ways to impeach a president or to bar a former president from future office. The mishandling of official records is not one of them. In analogous cases like Powell v. McCormack and U.S. Term Limits v. Thornton, the Supreme Court rejected  the authority of states to impose new qualifications for congressional seats under Article I. The same is presumably true under Article II when it comes to the chief executive.

There is ample reason to doubt that the presidency would be deemed barred by statute in this fashion. What would not be in doubt is how such novel claim of disqualification would be received by millions of citizens already skeptical of the motivations of both the Biden Administration and specifically the FBI.

The basis and even the motivation of this raid will become clear in time, including whether there is evidence of willful and unlawful conduct by the former president. However, whatever this raid produces, this “enchilada” will likely be hard for most judges to swallow as a way to keeping Trump off the ballot in 2024.

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425 thoughts on ““The Whole Enchilada”: Pundits Wrongly Claim the Mar-a-Lago Raid Could Disqualify Trump from Future Office”

  1. The White House denied having prior knowledge of the raid on Trump’s home. Some obvious follow up questions:

    We all know that Merrick Garland has a terrible conflict of interest given that Trump removed Garland from consideration for his dream supreme court role. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself for far less.

    Has President Biden addressed who in his administration is responsible for allowing Garland to oversee the investigation of Trump given the obvious potential for abuse?

    Now that the conflict and the dangers it presents are out in the open, is the President planning to terminate Garland as Attorney General, or at minimum demand his recusal?

    What are the President’s plans to assure a proper, independent review process?

    How does the President explain his administration’s failure to act and its delay in correcting the situation?

  2. Q: So when did the DOJ start treating removal of classified documents like a felony anyway? ….A: When President Trump signed a 2018 law making it a felony.

  3. Some in the U.S. have said that the tactics against political rivals by Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and Chavez would never be allowed in America. Early morning raids against Republicans have now become commonplace in America. If such raids were also being conducted against Democrats one might think that justice was being pursued. By now the pattern is apparent. Will it be to late for your vote in November to make a difference or will it be the last time that your vote will matter? It is indeed a time for choosing.

  4. Perfect cover for the installation of a multitude of technical surveillance devices.

  5. The Biden Burrito Supremacy, called the FBI, is filled to the max with a host of excrements not worth one tax payer dollar.
    How many REAL investigations have they bypassed in the past 5-10 years?
    Hunter’s laptop – of which I have some its contents (not the sexual stuff) – has enough emails to put him in the crosshairs.
    But I guess some people like the fact we are beholden to the Chinese, Russians (Hunter was on a deal with Roseneft) and other unfriendly folks for 10% back to the Big Demented Guy.

    Hell of a world DC has cooked up for millions or billions! Great world leadership! Great job being the worst set of human filth since the fall of Rome.

    But, but, but TRUMP!
    Bankrupt the country and destroy the US Citizens (and their all trust) to just own Trump. What a dumbass strategy.

  6. “Country’s leader raids home of primary political rival”

    If you read that headline, you’d probably think: Venezuela, again? Some third-world, tribalist dictatorship?

    The Obama administration (err, Biden administration) is systematically persecuting Trump and his allies.

    The Left has gone Stalinist. And like every Stalinist regime, it has its bootlickers, apologists, and useful idiots.

  7. If I am not mistaken: The “basis of this raid” in question opens up when the warrant assigned to Bruce E. Reinhart (Magistrate at federal court of Southern District of Florida) and issued on 8/5/22 [1] goes public. As President Trump’s lawyers are in the possession of this document for sure, they could easily shed some light on this matter.

    U.S. district judges, are nominated by the President and confirmed by the United States Senate. As magistrates are appointed by a majority vote of the federal district judges (of Southern District of Florida) I wonder why such an important issue was assigned to Mr. Reinhart. Particularly as reports have it that he is biased because he has an unfavorable opinion of the victim.

    What puzzles me is this: Andrew C. McCarthy III (R), a vocal supporter of 2nd impeachment, wrote [2]

    “The Justice Department obviously used the potential classified information as a pretext to obtain a warrant so it could search for what it is really looking for: evidence that would tie Trump to a Capitol riot offense – either a violent crime, such as seditious conspiracy to forcibly attack a government installation (which is highly unlikely), or a non-violent crime, such as conspiracy to obstruct the January 6 joint session of Congress to count electoral votes, or conspiracy to defraud the government.”

    How about the lawfulness to obtain a warrent but search for evidence for a different case?

    [1] https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/64872441/united-states-v-sealed-search-warrant/
    [2] https://nypost.com/2022/08/09/trump-raid-not-about-classified-documents-its-about-jan-6/

  8. ““If DOJ & FBI wanted to weaponize the legal system, it would’ve done an armed raid, tipped off media, pulled TFG naked f the shower, tossed his house, and then made him sue to get his property back — things that have all happened to my clients.” -JesselynRadack”

    Your clients do not have a couple of billion dollars, and an army of lawyers, and an army of armed supporters.

    Regardless this was stupid. It makes several cases that the DOJ/FBI/Democrats do not want

    That the FBI/DOJ has been politically weaponized.
    That democrats do not care about the rule of law.
    That is has unified pretty much all republicans lots of independents and even some democrats.

    I would not that this was highly stupid for other reasons.

    You have bet the farm on “getting Trump”.
    If you do not – YOU lose.
    And you are not going to.

    You have so many problems making a case.

    The documents the National Archives claims they wanted were provided in Jan 2022.

    Trump did not remove anything from the whitehouse – that is done by Whitehouse staff in approximately 6 hours.

    If Trump intentionally removed documents while president – they are defacto declassified.
    There is one and only one person in the US government that everything relatied to documents does not apply to – The president – whoever that is. If the president gives a classified document to someone who is not otherwise allowed to receive that document – then the document is effectively declassified. If the president gives a document to themselves – it is declassified.
    The president is the only final authority on the classification of anything.

    Every single president ever has removed massive amounts of documents from the whitehouse on their departure – often classified.

    Every one of you idiots was defending Hillary when she stole 30,000 government documents many of them classifed at the highest levels. No one raided her, ho one indicted her, no one prosecuted her – even though she had ZERO authority to declassify anything and Trump did.

    Ma-A-Lago has a SCIFF, and ex-presidents retain a security clearance.

    That is just off the top of my head the massive problems you have.

  9. I hope the demonic powers that be, the Biden regime and their lackeys, which appears to be every known federal agency now under the thumb of the power of criminals and liars that hate Trump, realize, that no mater what their accusations, claims , purported evidence, timelines, cited interpretation of laws, prosecutions, declarations of misconduct, whatever they spew forth, they should know, there are a hundred million plus of us who WON’T BELIEVE IT NO MATTER WHAT.
    Not word one. Not a single breath. Not now, not ever, not even in any other multiverse situation they can dream up.
    That’s what they’ve shown us since President Trump floated down the escalator. They had their chances, and they blew it every single time, including their prosecutions and accusations on every Trump related person they went after with their criminal fury and misconduct and hatred.
    We will NEVER BELIEVE THEM and it is always obvious what horrible 3rd world criminal misconduct they engaged in to get to where they are… hate filled criminal abuser of the USA and those not in cahoots with them.

  10. Why the formidable Stalinist Putsch?

    From the “big picture” perspective, what do these communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) want?

    They have all of America’s money in their public retirement funds, welfare and stimulus checks, all of America’s positions in affirmative action, all of America’s children in teachers union re-education camps, and all of America’s private property under their “claim and exercise” of dominion.

    The last time a chasm was hacked into America, it was the rail splitter, “Crazy Abe,” cleaving for abolition.

    What is it they want this time?

    You guessed it.

    The big prize: Communism.

    The only possible goal remaining for the communists is the full and complete abrogation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the imposition of the principles of the Communist Manifesto and the rule of the “dictatorship of the proletariat.”

    “[We gave you] a [restricted-vote] republic, if you can keep it.”

    – Ben Franklin

  11. There’s a crazy theory that the DOJ did this raid on Trump to give themselves political cover before appointing a special counsel to investigate the Biden family. Given that one can indict a ham sandwich in D.C. as long as it’s accused of being Republican, crazy times admit crazy possibilities.

    The little guys on this blog will object that influence peddling isn’t technically a crime, but tax evasion and the money laundering of his 10% by the Big Guy would be. Then there’s the fact that the One-Party Dictatorship is on the one-yard line and Joe keeps fumbling the ball. Maybe the politburo of the Deep State decided Joe needed a little encouragement to exit.

    Just considering the possibilities.

    1. There are always crazy theories – I doubt this.

      It is a huge mistake. There are very very few outcomes that do not result in DOJ with massive amounts of egg on their face.

  12. The single least surprising thing to me about trump, having seen him in action for decades, is that he’d eventually have a search warrant served on him for stealing documents. It’s funny AF. Absolutely love seeing his supporters Chuck a snowflake nutty, too.

    1. Your are correct – it is completely unsurprising that having spent 7 years trying to get him every other possible way – the left has gone bonkers.

  13. The WSJ reports that the FBI took an additional roughly 10 boxes of material yesterday from their Mar-a-Lago search.

    If that’s all classified, that’s an awful lot of classified material to illegally have in one’s possession.

    1. And what if none of it or ilttle of it is classified? What if the classified material is not important? We can speculate all day.

      1. Diiogenes, the treatment of so-called classified material is specified in the federal code, Until properly declassified it is deemed “important”.

        1. Hillary had classified documents on her unsecure servers. That equipment was destroyed. No charges. Still important?

        2. If Trump decided to declassify it on Jan 19, 2021 – it is declassified. PERIOD, there is no “proper” about it.
          If he decided on jan 19, 2021 to give it to someone else – it is declassified, PERIOD.
          If he decided to give it to himself – it is declassified. PERIOD.

          The exact same thing would be True of Obama, Biden, or Bush.

          Every law we have regarding the handling of classified material does not apply to a sitting president.
          Further a sitting president has the authority to declassify anything just be saying so, or by acting to provide classified material to someone who it otherwise can not be provided to.

          It is normal for presidents to follow the process. Trump formally declassified alot of Russia Collusion delusion material on Jan. 19 2021.
          But he forwarded it to the Intelligence community to allow them to redact anything that might actually risk sources and methods.

          That probably was a mistake – almost 2 years later that material – which is technically declassified has not seen the light of day.

      2. Even if none of it is classified, if it’s illegally in his possession after NARA already came after him to get 15 boxes worth earlier, that would explain why they didn’t subpoena it and instead executed a search warrant.

        Yes, we can speculate all day, and it’s clear that people are. At least I presented it as an IF, not as a fact; many here are pretending their speculation is fact.

        1. The papers of elected officials and their offices are THEIR property. Including presidents. That has been true since Washington.
          It is true of Obama.

          Trump did not move anything to Mar-A-Lago – the Whitehouse permanent staff did.

          Trump retains a security clearance – most ranking former govenrment officials do.
          And Mar-A-Lago is not a private residence. It is a former presidents home and it has a SCIF and fascilities for handling classified documents properly.

        2. “. . . that would explain why they didn’t subpoena it and instead executed a search warrant.”

          You need a different pretext.

          Trump was presented with a grand jury subpoena, with which he complied, about six weeks before that raid.

    2. If that’s all classified, that’s an awful lot of classified material

      Nothing suggests any of it is classified. But for 7 years we have been treated to the leftist predicting the conviction of Donald J Trump. For seven years, the left has been mute on what the crime might be. Here are are yet again. Promising conviction, unable to imagine a crime, that fits the non-existent elements.

        1. Generally the work product of elected officials and their offices is THEIRS.

          Joe Biden has all his papers from his time as Senator at Udel and no one can get at them – not even his calendar to verify whether Tara Reeds allegations are plausible. FOIA requests have been filed and lost.

          Presidents have presidential libraries for their papers – because they are THEIRS.

        2. That speaks to the govt pension to classify almost everything. It is an on going scam to keep everything hidden from public examination. But is not relevent in this discussion.

        1. Which has nothing to do with classified documents and has never been applied to former presidents – because it would be a mess to do so. A significant portion of the whitehouse records of a president are the presidents. not the countries.

          This is generally true of elected officials. This is why no one can get at Senator Biden’s records as senator.

          Those are no less or no more government records than Trump’s records. Or Obama’s.

          1. Well it’s clear that the National Archives has a different view of Federal records than you since they have been pursuing lots of records that Tump removed when he left office.

            1. The national archives has had all kinds of problems for a long time.

              Can you tell me when the last time is that they tried to recoup records from a president. Senator, Representative ?

              And where were they when Hillary stole 50K documents as Sec State – those actually were property of the US government.

              Regardless, the National Archive does not get to have an opinion.

              If this becomes a matter of “opinion” – it will be the courts opinion of the meaning and constitutionality of the law that matters.

              Regardless, Even if there are records that Trump might posses that are not his, It would be the permanent whitehouse staff’s jobh – at the time of transition. and the national archives afterwards to sort between What belongs to Trump and what belongs to the government.

              Given that Mar-A-Lago was a presidential accomodation – it is near certain that in 2021, There was massive amounts of classified records there as well as government records. Records legitimately at Mar-A-Lago on J19th, do not become illegally stolen on J20th.

              We do not have the warrant, but we do know the NA was there earlier in the year and 16 boxes that they requested were given to them.

              The evidence you are going to need to make a case here is going to be near impossible.

    3. If that is in Trump’s possession – then it is defacto NOT classified.

      It was removed whole he was president.

      If it was removed by him – it is no longer classified because the president has unilateral authority to declassify.
      If it was not removed by him – which is far more likely – if there is a crime, it would be by the permanent staff of the whitehouse.

      Further Ma-A-Lago is NOT someone’s home. It is the home of a former president. It continues to have a SCIF and all the fascilities it had for dealing with classified documents. This is no different from Obama, or Bush or Clinton or ….

      High ranking members of an administration retain their security clearances.

      Your not getting anywhere on this.

    4. And, in addition, representatives responsible for national security matters met with Trump and/or his attorneys in June to try to informally resolve the matter of the missing documents. The FBI only got involved when informal resolution failed. Now, you’d think that after he was caught with 15 boxes of materials he shouldn’t have taken, he’d cooperate and turn over the rest. Well, you’d be wrong.

      Trump became a private citizen on January 20, 2021. He has NO right to possess classified or top secret documents. Even if he were permitted to possess such documents, Mar A Lago is NOT secure. In fact, there is photographic documentation that a Chinese spy has been there, mingling with people. Painting Trump as some kind of victim is just more alt-right blather. I just hope nothing too compromising has gotten into the wrong hands already.

  14. For reference: Hal Martin, the NSA contractor who brought home classified materials and argued he suffered mental health problems, is still serving a 9 year prison sentence for unauthorized and willful retention of classified documents.

    1. Not even close to the same. The president has the authority to declassify anything – and he may do so defacto.

      Just by taking things home – he effectively declassifies them.

      Presidents do not move themselves out of the whitehouse – the whitehouse staff does.
      Mar-A-Lago has a SCIF – so in the unlikely event there are documents that may or may not have been classified, they remain secure.
      Former presidents as well as many of the past administration retain their security clearance.

      And this has been done by pretty much all presidents.

      There is a long list of issues here.

    2. If you beleive Trump has done something improper regarding classified materials the prosecution would be the espionage act. \

      We do not as of yet know what crime was alleged – everything we have is from people who either do not know, or who it would be criminal if they did.

      The records at is just not enforced – Hillary took 30,000 emails, that violates any claim you make regarding Trump.
      No one sought to prosecute her for violating the records act – though she obviously did.

    1. Why is Biden suppressing information? Hunter’s laptop? Hunters deals? The 10% The Big Guy? …And details that have been left all over including checks, dollars and yen.

    2. Why is Nancy suppressing the videos that show innocence of many Americans?

      Why is she suppressing all the details around the murder of Ashli Babbitt and Roseane Boyland?

      Why is Nancy suppressing information about what actually happened on Jan 6?

    3. Why did the Democrats suppress information about the spy sleeping with Eric Swalwell?

    4. Warrants often don’t say much because the prosecutors don’t want to tip their hand to criminals or the prosecutor has something to hide, himself.

      1. He’s still complaining but refusing to release the warrant. He doesn’t want the public to know what it says.

        1. Anonymous the Stupid is blaming the victim.

          This is what we see from this joker all the time. When Ashli Babbitt was murdered, he said, “stupid woman”

        2. If the warrant is sealed – which is likely – he can’t

          Further if it is sealed he likely does not have a copy.

    5. Why is the left suppressing information on the Russia hoax. That information was declassified but never released.

      Why are the Democrats suppressing information that ties the part to ant-American activities?

    6. Trump can not “supress” the warrant. The warrant is a sealed document of the courts and the DOJ.

      I beleive Judicial Watch has already filed an FOIA requiest for it.

      If the DOJ is not transparent FAST they are in deep shit.

      And I highly doubt they are going to be transparent.

      Getting the basis out of them is going to be just like the collusion delusion nonsense.
      It is going to take years and then we will discover it was all a hoax.

  15. No matter how this turns out, the FBI’s reputation is permanently damaged. They held a certain level of worldwide respect and the last six or seven years have flushed it down the toilet. This could have been handled quite differently and with a long range view of consequences. They crossed the Rubicon. Now, it is fair game to raid the home of a former President or any retired or sitting public office holder. Okay…

    If the tables turn, as they usually do, then Ol’ Joe from Scranton might be sunning himself outside his beach home when he becomes the recipient of turnabout. He might need to explain how “The Big Guy” lived it up so nicely on a public servant’s salary. There will be plenty of new IRS forensic auditors available to assist.

    Meanwhile, the world situation is crumbling and people are hurting but our politicians seem to have lost their minds and many are guilty of negligence and malpractice in the charge of their duties.

    1. The FBI’s reputation has been in trouble for a long time.

      Ruby Ridge, Wacco, The Atlanta Bombing, The anthrax letters, the entrapment of muslim teens after 9/11.

      More recently their involvement in U1, The Clinton Email coverup, the botched Clinton pay for play investigation.
      The botched Collusion Delusion. The mess they are making of the Hunter Biden investigation.
      The michigan wolverines entrapment. And on and on.

      Does anyone beleive the same people who entrapped the michigan wolverines (a couple of nearly homeless guys), would not pull the same nonsense at J6 ? Or pull this crap ?

      This is the kind of stuff the left keeps telling us Trump will do – yet he did not, and democrats did.

      Who is the totalitarians ?

      This undermines their cases against pretty much everyone associated with Trump.

  16. Subject: The Democrats’ Trump Candidacy Problem

    Gotcha! So tweeted Marc Elias (of Russian Collusion Hoax fame) in explaining the true meaning of the Mar-A-Lago fiasco. The source of his glee was 18 U.S. Code § 2071, which stipulates that any violator thereof, “shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.” Seems fair. We don’t want just any dude running off with our national documents. But wait! The Elias tweet went on … and so does 18 U.S. Code § 2071. Turns out there’s more!

    “As used in this subsection, the term ‘office’ does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.”

    Professor Turley makes the point that if your intent is to change the directives of the Constitution, you can’t just make up a new law, have Congress to approve it and get a president’s autograph. Turley says: “The problem is that the law would add a qualification or condition that is not stated in the Constitution.” Yeah. It would. To change things, you really have to get down to basics and formally amend the Constitution. That gets to be a messy business. And since it hasn’t ever been done for this sort of pilfering, it looks like this particular type of disqualification would not hold up. And even if Trump’s critics endeavored to utilize 18 U.S. Code § 2071, there’s also a plain language problem.

    Hmm. Let’s look at that subsection’s closing comment again. Does Donald Trump not have a pension from the United States from having held the Presidency of the United States? Does that not qualify” him as “a retired officer”? Does Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution not stipulate that, “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States”? Kinda sounds like that makes him a veteran. Does that not make Donald Trump “a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States for purposes of the subsection? Golly. It looks like even if Marc Ellias and the Justice Department succeeded in convicting Donald Trump of some “undisclosed” charge, the law already provides for his quick rehabilitation to eligibility for an elective office, like the Presidency.

    Darn. They had what Elias thought was such a good shot at the target. But then the target up and moved. Sideways to Sunday, as somebody said recently. Legal scholarship and plain language say no to the Elias roadblock. Rascally Rabbit! You live to hop and run again!

    1. We may recall that Pres. Trump returned ALL OF HIS SALARY EVERY YEAR TO THE US GOVT. No doubt any pension is being treated the SAME WAY… Unlike Others (.now on the heels of the stunning revelations how much Pelosi ‘may have’ impacted the enrichment of herself/family/son., including free transportation on Govt. planes…),.. or revisiting ‘the stories’ of Haliburton & Cheney cashing in on the Iraq war, it appears he did not take the job as a High Ranking Public Official to enrich himself… THE QUESTION now is… what counts as his personal papers and do his personal papers remain his personal papers.. like the other Presidents got to keep theirs and write their books from them and no one raided their hoes to remove them, etc…)…………………..

      1. Trump returned his salary while charging many times that amount in room fees, golf cart rental fees, etc. for the SS trips accompanying him to his properties on average every 3 days for the entire 4 years.

        1. The Trump organization owns hotels and golf courses. Of course they charge money.

          Biden owned power and he sold that for millions.

        2. Trump returned all profits from his hotels when they were stayed at by people doing business with the government.

          This is all well documented

      2. As this was happening Wray was rushing to “get out of town” from a Senate hearing.
        He refused to stay despite the Senate begging him for more than the short time he provided.
        And when he left he went on vacation on a government provided private jet – which he reimbursed the govenrment the cost of a single business class commercial ticket.

        As I recall Trump demanded the resignation of a cabinet secretary for using a govenrment plane for government business. Much less to go on vacation.

    2. We should not be gracing this type of idiocy with legal rebutals.

      This was stupid and wrong and has already backfired.

      Republicans will have the power of the purse in 2023.
      They can defund the IRS, the DOJ, the FBI,
      They can also impeach the Judge that issued this warrant. as well as small armies of Bidens’ apointees.

      They may not succeed in removing any, but they can have dozens of show trials – just like the J6 star chamber – and it is near certain – something will fall out.
      Unlike Trump – democrats ARE actually crooks.

    3. “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States”? Kinda sounds like that makes him a veteran. Does that not make Donald Trump “a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States for purposes of the subsection?

      The constitution demands civilian control of he Military. The President cannot be a military officer. The President is not an officer of the United States. This was determined by cases brought attempting to charge Trump with violations under the emoluments clause.

  17. Absorbing the TIMING of these raids/seizures (Trump, Perry, Navarro, others), the media headlines, the sentiments, –I cannot help but consider whether this process is not so much about Democrats’ need for Jan 6 enlightenment, but rather, Democrats’ under-the-color-of-law means to ‘discover’ Republicans’/Trump’s tactical thoughts/ideas/plans for November 2022 and 2024 elections. (This is what happens when it’s raining outside and I sit in front of the laptop musing.) I am ready to admit errant thinking if so be.

    1. (I realize the specificity needed in the warrant,
      -but I am talking about other issues like plain view doctrine, or as in seizing a whole box of documents to sort for those covered by the warrant, but thus gaining access/being privy to ALL documents in that box.
      When investigators seize 15 boxes of documents, they are certainly not contemporaneously reviewing each document therein to see if it is covered by warrant.) n’est ce pas?

    2. Left wing nuts do not think that far ahead.

      They were looking for a story. Further as everyone knows Biden was fuming in the Whitehouse about Trump.

      This placates Brandon for a bit.

      Might they have obtained other things they should not ? Sure.
      Might they misuse those ? Sure.

  18. The new Fort Sumter is 525 miles to the south of the original one. Pretty scary direction in which the country is headed. I believe more conservatives and democracy-loving indies who might not have taken the time to vote in November will most certainly do so now.

    1. “The new Fort Sumter is 525 miles to the south of the original one.”


      1. It never ends! It is selective justice! It’s communism. It’s more obvious now to everyone in the country. His candidates keep winning. Like CT. Millions are praying. God is winning. The lies no longer float.

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