Inspector General: The U.S. Government Left More Than $7 Billion in Military Equipment to the Taliban

Defense Department Inspector General has released its long-awaited report on what the Biden Administration left behind in Afghanistan. It is an unbelievable list of equipment left to one of the most violent groups in the world with a history of supporting terrorist organizations. I opposed the long war in Afghanistan, so I was not among those critical of Trump or Biden in pushing to leave the conflict. However, no one has ever explained why the Biden Administration left this equipment in Afghanistan as opposed to removing it or destroying it.

While the collapse of the Afghan government was rapid in the final days, the government had many months to prepare for the scheduled withdrawal. Yet, it took no steps to remove or destroy this equipment. Instead, it elected to leave this arsenal intact to the Taliban.

The ground vehicle inventory alone was worth about $4.12 billion. In addition, the U.S. military lost $923.3 million worth of military aircraft and $294.6 million in aircraft munitions.

The Taliban was instantly made one of the best equipped militaries in the world due to this windfall gift by the Biden Administration.

While the report says that “some” of the aircraft were “demilitarized and rendered inoperable during the evacuation,” most of this equipment was left read to use, including 316,260 small arms, including sniper rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers that were worth $511.8 million.

I do not understand how this clear and unimaginable blunder has gone unaddressed. No one was fired. There is not even any evidence of discipline of any kind. The Biden Administration decided to give the Taliban billions in weapons rather than destroy them. Yet, there seems little more than a shrug and a yawn from Congress and the press.

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  1. “Inspector General: The U.S. Government Left More Than $7 Billion in Military Equipment to the Taliban”

    – Professor Turley


    The hit on JFK was done by a lone nut. So were all the 60s hits: Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, Dorothy Kilgallen, David Ferrie, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy et al. Oh, and Donald Trump colluded with Russia…”Russia, Russia, Russia!”


    (By the way, what the —- is the ignominious charlatan John “Dudley Do-Wrong” Dudham doing with truth and history – William “Mr. Deep Deep State” Barr’s boy, John Dudham, does what he’s told – lose?).

    The Deep Deep State and Mossad did the hit on 9/11 to attract the U.S. to the Middle East for the benefit of U.S. interests and Israel, and who knows what else; the Twin Towers came down perfectly in their own footprints through controlled demolition after being “hit by planes,” the fuel of which burned at ~600 degrees for ~30 seconds, while steel melts at ~2750 degrees, and Building 7 was hit by, wait for it………NOTHING! Building 7 came down in its own footprint from NOTHING.


    It happened!

  2. The messy US collapse in Afghanistan was a feature, not a bug. Why leave the way we did? Because there was no better way to leave a crime scene. The abandoned equipment had served its primary purpose: money laundering. What better way to effect the spoliation of evidence than to leave all and sundry in the hands of unreliable witnesses, who are the least apt to understand, far less reliably report to the world, the real meaning of the bounty bequeathed to them. Destruction or removal would have required more money, and time, both of which would have imperiled the spoils had from the first objective. The DoD IG’s report will be quickly and quietly shelved, as it has already been by the MSM. These are not the issues you’re looking for. Move along.

  3. Plenty of blame to go around. George Bush for prolonging and mismanaging an ultimately winnable war and then abandoning it to go after Iraq. Obama for continuing more of the same. Trump said in his campaign he was going to end the war and his advisors backed up that there was a plan to withdraw slowly depending on the Taliban’s actions.
    I guess people here forgot that there were hearings in congress and it was established that President Biden overruled his military and made this decision so I think that is where the fiasco blame resides.
    The sad part is the soldiers lost during the evacuation and the totally harebrained idea to stage it all out of the city airport instead of Bagram Air Base.
    If, if as stated, Joe Biden did indeed overrule his military and caused this fiasco then the entire joint chiefs should have resigned in mass to protest. After a new Joint Chiefs was in place there should have been heads elsewhere to roll.
    The British shot an Admiral once because he lost what was felt to be a winnable battle, with a very lackluster performance. What followed was Britain ruling the waves for nearly 200 years. I’m not suggesting we shoot commanders but there should have been some very public careers ending in the military. Only the populace can decide Joe Biden’s fate. But harebrained as the decision was the commanders on the ground and in Washington did not perform well. Even bad orders can sometimes be saved by exceptional subordinates. Where were they?

  4. Turley: “no one has ever explained why the Biden Administration left this equipment in Afghanistan as opposed to removing it or destroying it”

    My guess as to why this happened would draw on Biden’s apparent old, senile, goat syndrome with attendant problems dressing himself
    and an administration that has recruited on the basis of ‘diversity’ credentials rather than actual competence.

    Maybe this sorry lot simply forgot that all of that equipment [and some Americans] were still there.

    1. “has recruited on the basis of ‘diversity’ credentials rather than actual competence.”

      That and Biden wanted a photo-op for 9/11 — except it didn’t work out so good.

  5. I think you have to analyze the withdrawal in terms of the historical debacle.

    We actually did achieve military victory in Afghanistan — in very impressive fashion. There is no other military on the planet that could have done it. And we still have it. It was achieved in about 90 days. Al Qaeda training camps were cleared out and sufficient notice was given to warlords, Taliban or otherwise, that an Al Qaeda training camp in or near their village was going to cause them much grief.

    But nobody in the government will acknowledge that victory.

    Because after that, you had mission creep extraordinaire — assigning the military a non-military mission with infeasible political objectives.

    A central government in this area? You’ve really got to be joking. A central government in this area is about a century away if then.

    But since that became the objective, military and civilian infrastructure was built up over the course of 2 decades provided to a government that was a government in name only.

    There isn’t any good way to withdrawal after you’ve done that.

  6. They’ll get it back from their 87k irs collection agency. Just saw the video of them training them how to arrest and cuff Americans at gun point.
    Thugs, murders, arsonists, rioting go free even VP encouraging them and sets up bail fund but working middle Americans watch out.

  7. And we wonder why Rushdie was stabbed in the neck, or why in New Mexico Muslims that brought their BS across the ocean are killing other Muslims that didn’t. This isn’t rocket science. The Biden (*cough*Obama*cough*) administration are the Keystone Cops but not funny. Not funny at all. I personally hope that Obama and his lackeys go down in history as some of the worst despots the world has ever seen, because in a modern context, with modern technology, modern advances, and modern practices, they are. That is also simple. We’ve seen this show before and I fail to see any reason to repeat it. It very well may be George Soros that is mainly still carrying the Nazi/fascist/bat**** insane flame, but all of these other fools have been happy to fall in line for the superficial rewards, and I don’t have a whole lot of faith in people that are that easily swayed. If there is a human race a hundred years from now, they will all be SMH (shaking my head) and vowing never again.

  8. The other form of gas lighting.
    Rather than words – do it with unreasonable acts…

    – promote racist (pigment) ideology
    – defund law enforcement
    – enable enemies of our country
    – print $ during times of inflation
    and the list goes on…

  9. This equipment was in the inventory of the former Afghan government; it was no longer ours. We destroyed or removed the equipment we were using. This is what the report says.

    So unless, before leaving, we were going to strip the Afghan government of the equipment we had given it, there was little we could do. Since the plan was that the Afghan government was supposed to survive for some time, this was not in the cards.

    The failure was the sudden collapse of the Afghan government; the acquisition by the Taliban of that government’s equipment was a consequence of that. So the question to be answered is why the US did not anticipate this and take the necessary steps to prevent it or to act in expectation of it. I suspect this was due in large part to Biden’s initial political determination to get out by September 11 come hell or high water.

    1. Since earlier reports indicate that Defense and State Department officials knew or fervently believed the Afghan government would fall quickly (despite their public handwringing, especially from President Biden) if the US quickly pulled troops by a deadline — why was the equipment removed or destroyed when President Biden pulled the troops by his dated deadline?

      1. The reports of internal intelligence briefings on this vary; there does not appear to have been clear and consistent advice that as soon as we departed the government would likely fall. Most reports I’ve seen suggest they believed there would have been at least a “decent interval” to use a phrase from the Vietnam withdrawal.

        Removing or destroying the Afghan government’s equipment beforehand, while we were still there, would have meant conceding publicly that it would not survive our departure. As a political matter, this would have precluded Biden’s unconditional departure by September 11. So even if some had thought this would happen, a public concession was inconceivable, given the political choice Biden had made.

        Once it was clear the government was falling, we could have mounted a separate military operation to destroy the weapons as we were getting out. I have not seen any evidence that this was even considered. Given the priority given to the evacuation and protecting our own forces, and the agreements reached with the Taliban, it is unlikely that this would have occurred while the departure was underway. And afterwards it would have meant a new attack on the Taliban. This appears not to have been considered either.

        So the loss of the equipment was the consequence of the initial political decision to depart without conditions by not later than September 11. You can’t both support that decision and then whine about the loss of equipment that followed.

    2. “This equipment was in the inventory of the former Afghan government . . .”

      It does not matter who held title to that military equipment.

      A rational military does not abandon arms to its enemies.

  10. Because of the sleazy, grifting nature of hunter and his dad and uncle we are only left to imagine why the biden administration does what it does. Solve the mystery of decades of the biden family’s “dealings” across the globe and we might begin to see a pattern.

  11. For twenty years military leaders told us we were winning in Afghanistan….and turned a blind eye to the loss of lives, limbs, and other wounds that so adversely affect our combat veterans who served….just as happened in Vietnam….and Korea.

    No one gets held accountable….hellfire….they get promoted and made into great strategical thinkers.

    Now those same Generals are taking us down the path of CRT, Wokism, Pronouns, and Transgenderism all at the direct expense of combat readiness.

    Welcome to the Military-Industrial Complex that Dwight Eisenhower and Smedley Butler warned us about.

    Congress, both parties, have run up a huge national debt and continue to do so….with deficit budget spending and no balanced budget.

    The Federal Government prints money thee was no end to paper or the financial backing for the dollar meant a thing.

    So what is a mere drop in the bucket like what was left in Afghanistan when the Biden Leadership pulled up stakes and ran home with our collective tail between our legs!

    1. “Now those same Generals are taking us down the path of CRT, Wokism, Pronouns, and Transgenderism all at the direct expense of combat readiness.”

      The RAF has stopped recruiting white males, until they get the magical diversity required by their Gods. The same is happening in the US, Standards are reduced because, SHUT UP BIGOT

  12. Sounds like the Republican who started this war and ran it from 2001-2008 really screwed up, and the Republican who continued the war from 2016-2020 failed to get the equipment back.

    1. There was a plan for a slow pull out of troops and equipment prior to the mass exodus from Afghanistan. The leadership in charge at the time of the withdrawal did not follow the plan set up during the previous administration.
      As much as you clearly dislike Republicans, this one is solidly on the current administration’s hands.

    2. Sounds like the Republican who started this war

      Sounds like you are forced to lie in order to troll.

      Few, of any stripe, disagreed with getting out.

      Biden just ignored ALL military counsel. Biden and Biden alone, decided to shut down the, secure and self supporting, Bahgram Air force base.

      It went south from there, culminating in leaving1000’s behind and the murder by Biden, pulling the trigger on a drone strike, killing aid worker delivering food and water.

    3. And yet the left is Pandering to the Chenney’s who are responsible for that screwed up war.

      Trump promised to get out of Afghanistan. He tried hard. He failed. He owns that.

      But he was not president when we left.
      Biden was, he owns the good and bad of that.

      Would things have gone as badly with Trump ? maybe, we will never know.

      We do know that Biden was president and was free to proceed or not as he chose.
      He was not stuck with whatever Trump has decided.

    4. You sound like Biden, quick to draw the wrong conclusions. Biden and I guess, you want to show your cards, and then you wonder why your enemy knew what was in your hand.

      Bush chose to fight in Afghanistan. I won’t judge that decision, but he had no exit strategy. We cannot build democracies.

      Obama failed. He, too, had no exit strategy.

      Trump was more successful, but perhaps a bit slow. He doesn’t lose too many points for that because he initially was in the dark but soon figured things out. I do not know how long Trump would have remained because his deal was fluid. The key was America’s might and Bagram Airforce Base. He could not show his hands while exiting and might have had to remain at Bagram longer. I think he would have been out in time except for Bagram. I think he would have done the best possible job.

      Biden showed his hand and provided a date based on politics, not reality. He did the worst job of all, except if one wishes to blame Bush’s lack of an exit plan.

  13. “No one was fired. There is not even any evidence of discipline of any kind.”

    This is the rule for democrats. Of course, to hold fairly democrats accountable for incompetence, one would have to begin at the top with the impeachment of our first senile and incredibly corrupt President. But no democrat ever will be held accountable. Where is the January 6 commission for the riots, looting, burning and killing in the name of George Floyd? Where is the IRS investigation of Black Lives Matter for its financial corruption as a “non-profit” organization? Where is the censure of Eric Swalwell for sleeping with a Chinese spy? Where is the investigation of Adam Schiff for his role in having a President impeached based in large part on his repeated lies about Russian collusion? (Pelosi disciplined him by making him Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Talk about an oxymoron!). The list goes on. There no longer are any adults in the democrat party. If you want to know what democrats will do next, ask any child below ten who has “progressive” parents.

  14. RE:”Yet, there seems little more than a shrug and a yawn from Congress and the press.” Business as usual. We’re done with that…..move on. Such is the mindset of the political class. They can’t even pick up the pieces of the war wounded, the physically and psychologically damaged. We leave it to charitable, citizen funded organizations for that. The conditions set which the prior administration had the Taliban/Afghan government agreed to be established prior to withdrawal were not met, yet Biden abandoned the farm, and boasted of having ended American’s longest war. Will that remain in the memory of the electorate in 2022 and 2024, or will the ‘whataboutists’ and the braindead lemmings mindsets prevail along with the shrugs and the yawns of the current majority party.?

    1. Ah, no.
      We are all for law abiding American citizens, exercising their 2ndA right.
      Arming a terrorist group with fully automatic weapons? Armed vehicles? Grenade launchers?
      Not so much.

      1. From a Republican candidate for Senate in Kentucky:

        “If a person can afford an A10 Warthog along with a pilots fee, fuel, ammo, guns, and range time, there should be no law restricting that individual from owning everything they can afford.”

        Most every Republican in Congress supports automatic weapons in the hands of everyone.

        1. Dont be such a simpleton.
          The fact is, if such a person can afford it, pass a ATF 4473 (without lying on it), get the ATF required tax for automatic weapons and keep said guns and ammo in a secure location, what is the problem?
          If that person did it all legally.

          At one time, private citizens could have cannons too. They were given letters of marque. They were called privateers.
          Of interesting note, In February of 2022, House bill H.R. 6869 was introduced, and if passed would “[authorize] the President to issue letters of marque and reprisal” in relation to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

          Most every Republican in Congress supports automatic weapons in the hands of law abiding citizens, who if they decided to exercise their 2ndA rights, go through all the legal steps to acquire such an automatic weapon.
          There. Fix it for you.

          1. Private people are STILL allowed to own cannons.

            Every year on the 4th of July a local group of private owners of Napoleans and other civil and revoltionary war cannon brings these to our 4th of july celebration as the “concussion” section for the 1812 overature.

            These same privately owned cannon were used in filming Glory.

            Some of these cannon are revolutionary was originals. A few are modern reproductions.

            BTW you can legally own a gatling gun without a machine gun permit. The gatling gun is NOT an automatic weapon – it only fires as long as you keep cranking. there are online plans for gattling guns. You can build one yourself – legally.

        2. As usual. The leftist troll. just….troll.
          Do you want a conversation? Do you want to talk about Letters of Marque and Reprisal?
          Here’s a quick definition to get you started. contract under which a privateer captain operated on behalf of a government.

  15. Wasn’t that equipment was given to the Afghan government, just like the US has given military equipment to the government of Ukraine? If so, it no longer belonged to the US government.

    1. It was stupid in Afganistan, So we doubled down on stupid and did the same in Ukraine. Ukraine, a famously corrupt govt. In both cases, large numbers of congress critters are getting a cut, so don’t look for any after action reports.

  16. Blunder? Consider this: The more old military junk we give away — to the Taliban or to the Ukrainians — the more new orders we give to the “defense” industry. It’s no blunder — it’s planned obsolescence. And the military contractors in collusion with the Pentagon always benefit.

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