Poll: Over Sixty Percent of Democratic Students Oppose Sharing Dorm Rooms With Republicans

It is a sign of our times. It used to be that the key criterion for college roommates was whether you are a “partier v. non-partier.” Now, it is just your party.

A new NBC and Generation Lab study of the class of 2025 showed that roughly half of college students refuse to live with someone who voted for a member of a different political party. That percentage is notably much higher with Democrats rather than Republicans.

According to the poll, 46% responded that they would “probably not” or “definitely not” be willing to share a room with someone from another political party. Of those, 62% of young Democrats refused to share a room with a member of the Republican party while only 28% of young Republicans took that position.

That attitude extended to marriage where 52% ruled out a spouse from an opposing party. So much for opposites attracting. Notably, 62% would not work for a company that does not share their political values. It seems Twitter is going to be busy this hiring season.

The poll captures the rising intolerance on our campuses. When I went to college, there was an excitement about meeting and rooming with people from different backgrounds and values. Intolerance has become an article of faith among many students who seek to cancel speakers and professors who hold opposing views.

The poll reflects not just our age of rage but the increasing siloed news consumption of citizens. People now largely remain in echo chambers for news from the left or the right. It appears that such self imposed isolation now extends socially and professionally for the rising generation, particularly for Democratic students.

161 thoughts on “Poll: Over Sixty Percent of Democratic Students Oppose Sharing Dorm Rooms With Republicans”

  1. Fascinating that the left is allowed to loudly proclaim their fealty to diversity and inclusion far and wide, yet completely reject actual diversity and inclusion in practice.

    Every Day is Opposite Day in Lefty Land.


  3. If you want to enjoy more personal freedom, you will do better in Russia than in the USA at this time in history.
    “Who could imagine” – Frank Zappa

  4. The lead-in says “democrat students are hateful”.

    The truth is democrats are hateful, student and non-student.
    It’s because democrats are evil and follow after their father the devil.

    Give the gospel truth to a democrat near you – before they go to a Christless eternity.

    1. RE:”Give the gospel truth to a democrat near you – before they go to a Christless eternity.” That attention best directed towards the Jesuits at Marquette. ‘Love thy neighbor…” appears to have gone to hell in a handbasket.

  5. Parents should LEAVE all public schools PreK – college in droves. Why this isn’t happening IDK.

    1. RE:”Parents should LEAVE all public schools PreK – college in droves. Why this isn’t happening IDK.. To quote The Big Bopper, the why is “I ain’t got no money, honey!!”

  6. It has to do with all liberals being gay or bisexual
    Yes every male or trans is gay bisexual whose afraid the straights wouldn’t conform
    When will the only have gay trans colleges
    Like a college zoo

  7. What utter BS to say that people on the Right are siloed. You sophomoric turd, where do Conservatives go to get “siloed?” Fox? Bwhahaha! There is no plce.

    1. I am not interested in fighting over specific words like “silo’d”
      Nor do I particularly care about republicans
      To a large extent republicans in this country have more free speech than any other group.
      They have just excepted that left wing nuts will call them fascists, racists hateful, hating haters.
      If you do not give a schiff what left wing nuts say, or who will invite you to dinner at Martha’s vinyard
      you are still pretty free in this country.

      The most censored group in the US is left wing nuts – they censor themselves.
      Because they actually think being called a semi-fascist by a demented old fart or an army of angry left wing nuts is something to be ashamed of.

      But there is a more important problem, and that is that the active efforts to stop debate – on anything, by any group ultimately harms us all.
      The efforts to supress speech some of us do not like will ultimately leave is more poorly informed, more anxious, less stable, and poorer.

      Pretty much worse off in every way.

      Just look at the covid nonsense.
      Is there anyone that does not recognize that silencing disenting views on covid has left us less safe, and poorer ?

      I heard something interesting about China right now.
      They successfully fought off Covid form more than 2 years.
      As a result they have a vaccine that does not work at all, and no natural immunity will facing the worst form of Covid so far. They have a choice between continuing this idiotic zero covid policy that is destroying their economy, and even the slightest relaxation that will result in Omicron killing 5M chinese per month for many months.

      It is pretty much inarguable at this point that Sweden beat the world.
      They have among the lowest deaths in the western world, but that is not the big deal – maybe you can find another country with slightly better health outcomes. The big deal is they do not have spiking drug abuse, suicide, there economy had barely a ripple, their schools were unphased. Some people died – like everywhere else, more got sick like everywhere else. But the rest of their lives were not wrecked for 2+ years.

      The difference between Sweden and the US is not just about policies.
      It is about the fact that no discussion regarding Covid was suppressed.
      They herd what everyone had to say – and then made a choice.

      Whether it is about Hunter Biden’s laptop, or Ivermectin – in the US the experts got to decide what we could hear, and we are worse off for that.

      And Covid is just an example. Free speech – even if that allows the speech of racists. makes us all better off.
      Restricting whatever somebody decides is “hate speech” makes us all worse off.

  8. But yet we should pay off the loans they took out to learn how to hate America and worship communism. F U

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