Turley Speaks at Tenth Circuit Judicial Conference

I have the honor of speaking today at the Tenth Circuit judicial conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I will be part of a panel discussing the Supreme Court’s recent religious freedom cases and related First Amendment issues. The highlight of the conference will be separate events with Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch.

The panel will be moderated by Senior Circuit Judge Carlos F. Lucero of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. I will be joined by two distinguished academics: Professor Elizabeth Sepper, University of Texas at Austin School of Law and Professor John Yoo, University of California Berkeley School of Law.

The Supreme Court’s new religious clause jurisprudence has transformed the area. In the last term. the Court handed down two major such rulings.

In Carson v. Makin, the court held that a state cannot discriminate against religious schools in funding tuition in in rural areas with no public high school. In Kennedy v. Bremerton School District, the court ruled in favor of a Christian public-school football coach who prayed with his players after a football game. 

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  1. These are YOUR claims. Not mine. There are hundreds of thousands of pages of federal law.
    There are also lots of false claims by left wing nuts on the internet.

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  3. Pretty town. If you get the chance try to make time to stop at the Garden of the Gods. Stunning landscape.

  4. Is this the same John Yoo that violated Ronald Reagan’s Torture Treaty and federal criminal law prohibiting torture? If it is, it speaks volumes as to how broken the federal judicial system and state attorney bar is.

    Under Article VI (Sections 1 & 2) legally binding treaties are the supreme law of the United States and also apply to presidents. Violating this particular treaty is a federal crime. Yoo surely knew the law and his constitutional Oath of Office.

    1. Can you please cite the specific treaty that was violated and the specific language in that treaty.
      Also the federal law that makes breaching a treaty a crime.

      Biden surely knew that his oath of office required him to enforce the laws of the united states – yet he is not enforcing immigration laws as one example.

      I am not looking to beat you up.

      I am no fan of torture and what was done during the Bush administration – though I would note that Obama refused to accept that the president could not authorize torture – or the killing of US citizens in the US without due process.

      The details actually matter.

      Further, my understanding is that Yoo violated nothing, he merely wrote a legal memo detailing why the conduct of the CIA under Bush was legal.

      Lawyers, constantly argue legal positions that are wrong.

      We have innumerable left wing nut lawyers arguing ludicrously stupid positions regarding classified documents, the PRA, and other aspects of the FBI MAL raid.

  5. I hope you will take a moment to discuss “Justice for me, but not for thee”.
    Do the actually care, or like everything else, “It’s not my problem until the cash register rings.”

  6. One difficulty with religious freedom cases is defining what religious freedom means beyond just not being punished for holding a belief.

  7. I bet the Ninth Circuit shall never examine the same topic….as it seems both most frequently reversed and the most resistant to looking to the Constitution in its findings.

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