Hiking Toward the Sunset in San Diego

This weekend I gave a keynote address to the California Lawyers Conference.  While my time in San Diego was very limited, I was able to break away after the speech to hike along the ocean and ended at the Sunset trail in time for sunset. It is spectacular. For hikers, you feel like you are at the Louvre where every turn reveals another masterpiece.

I found myself in a little cove used by surfers down a tiny and steep trail. They were great to talk to and “Matt” offered insights into waiting for the monster waves at tide.  I also found a small beach, though access requires a sharp drop with the aid of an improvised rope.  (The return requires you to Batman up the side with the rope).

I love California and here are some pictures to show how lucky residents are to live in such a beautiful place.

I started by visiting the Midway, the historic carrier with the famous statue of the “Farewell.”

Here are a pictures from the hike:


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  1. Great photos! Btw that statue is called Unconditional Surrender (or The Kiss). Maybe it varies by location.
    You have wonderful columns and explanations of complicated legal matters. Thank you.

  2. Another side of Jonathan Turley equally attractive as his brilliant and courageous legal intellect.

  3. Thank you Mr. Turley for these beautiful photos. I love the California coast. It is a place to appreciate the wonders of God and the peace one can have while being there. I
    , going to choose one as wallpaper for each of my computer screens.

  4. My dad was the navigator of the Midway. We had dinner in the officers’ mess and saw a Civil War movie in the middle of San Francisco Bay in 1961. He shared a cabin with another officer, but he bunked near the bridge on one cruise because he used his bed to store a 26″ English racer he bought me in Hong Kong. For a couple years, I needed to sidle up to a curb in order to mount it. A cousin took me aboard the Midway when visiting San Diego and I looked for a bunk up there but didn’t see it. Maybe it was a hammock.

  5. Some fine images here Prof. Turley. Glad you had a chance to decompress and relax–we all tend to come back sharper. In which case, illogic, which always suffers under the weight of your pen, will be dispensed with with even greater expedition. Respect, Mark

  6. Gorgeous pics of a magnificent coastline. A few weeks ago the LA Times published a piece by some academic who collected postcards from the turn-of-the-nineteenth/twentieth-century with wonderful illustrations and photographs of California–mainly Santa Monica– beaches. The were lovely and nostalgic and beautiful and I could almost feel the wonder and joy of the people visiting and writing friends and loved ones about the wonders of California and the endless beachfront and blue. The professor’s point was that the tiny dots of people enjoying the beach–any details or facial features hardly visible–were white; her takeaway point: Racism!! Anyway, your pictures were a breath of fresh air and I hope even the woke can simply enjoy them as such…

  7. I love San Diego. Moved to the suburbs as the city proper is rife with incompetence and corruption. As there is only one newspaper, that is glossed over mostly.

    1. There were one million fewer citizens in the City when I was a kid there.
      Imagine the ambiance then! It was, indeed, a paradise.

  8. Having lived in California in the early 1970’s when it was still a haven of beauty and not quite yet full-tilt left-wing liberal, it saddens me to have watched the deterioration of this beautiful landscape, now under the control, mostly, of left-wing lunatics. I have left the state. My son and his family have left the state.
    My daughter will likely be leaving the state in the next several years. And none of us would have left were it not for the political change and the very negative results of it that are undeniable.

    1. Hope you are happier in Arkansas, Mississippi or someplace else that has people of the same right-wing tilt as you. California really isn’t for people filled with hate and intolerance like you.

      1. Natacha, why have you not come out to support Governor DeSantis for giving the illegal aliens the vacation of a lifetime in Martha’s Vineyard (that was cut short only by the mega-millionaire residents of Martha’s Vineyard).

        Not once did you urge the residents of Martha’s Vineyard to give the illegal aliens free housing, free food, free medical care, free education, and free transportation.

        This is shocking. It’s almost as though you were celebrating the illegal aliens being kicked out of Martha’s Vineyard and treated like rubbish by Martha’s Vineyard’s mega-millionaires. And now you want to imprison Governor DeSantis for giving Martha’s Vineyard’s residents the blessed gift of illegal aliens.

        If I did not know you better, I’d say by your own words that you were an elitist, racist, xenophopic, hateful, and hypocritical scoundrel, instead of the warm, loving, compassionate, and humanitarian person that I know you to be. (At least, this is what you say you are at every opportunity.)

      2. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what nasty, hate-filled, lefty liberal, little girls like nasty Natacha are made of.

  9. I can’t believe I missed you! I live along the Sunset Cliffs, and I would have definitely taken the day off to show you some of the secret places along the Cliffs. I can’t believe I missed you!!

  10. I can’t believe I missed you! I live along the Sunset Cliffs! I would have definitely missed work to meet you and show you the really cool places here.

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