Democrats Allege Crimes Ranging from Kidnapping to Human Trafficking to “Crimes Against Humanity” in Migrant Transfers

Below is my column in the Hill on the claims that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) and other governors are committing crimes ranging from kidnapping to human trafficking in shipping undocumented immigrants to other states. The claims are legally baseless. While MSNBC regular Elie Mystal said this week, “kidnapping is a thing,” it is just not “this thing.” While insisting that migrants should be seen as a “blessing,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has declared the free trips to be “crimes against humanity.” Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Cal.) has also demanded criminal investigations even though Newsom, as mayor of San Francisco, shipped homeless people “back home” to other cities with free bus tickets. There are now threats of some blue states suing as well as New York City but those lawsuits are likely to fail absent evidence of systemic fraud or coercion.  These migrants are allowed to engage in interstate travel and other states can facilitate such travel.

Here is the column:

Moves by Govs. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), Gregg Abbott (R-Texas) and Doug Ducey (R-Ariz.) to transport undocumented migrants to sanctuary cities beyond their states have produced a torrent of denunciation and claims of racism as being (in the words of one writer) the work of “white supremacists, relying on [a] racism-and-spite blueprint.”

Some pundits and Democratic politicians, such as Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.), have called for criminal investigations by the Justice Department on discrimination, fraud, “kidnapping or potential Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) charges.” DeSantis’ Democratic challenger in November, Charlie Crist, echoed calls for a federal investigation of his own state, declaring: “Justice needs to be served here.”

While these objections risk proving the intended political point of the trips, they do not prove a crime. If Attorney General Merrick Garland were to yield to this pressure, he would saw off the very branch of government on which his department sits.

Although Martha’s Vineyard previously declared itself a sanctuary for migrants, it declared a “humanitarian crisis” this week when some 50 individuals were flown there from Florida, and it denounced their arrival as a potentially criminal act.

Other leaders, such as D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, have demanded the deployment of the National Guard when border states shipped migrants to their jurisdictions. In Illinois, Gov. J.B. Pritzker did precisely that — called out the Guard.

The border-state governors have responded that the groups bussed or flown to other jurisdictions are just a tiny percentage of those pouring over their borders, projected to be more than 2 million this year alone.

Yet Newsom’s demand that the Justice Department prosecute such transfers would create a dangerous precedent, one that might backfire on the Biden administration.

The Biden administration has transported thousands of migrants across the country with little public notice, including late-night flights denounced by Republicans as clandestine “ghost flights.” Those transfers have been defended by Democrats and others as standard practice in the past three administrations. This, as thousands of migrants regularly overwhelm border towns despite administration officials — including Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and, most recently, Vice President Kamala Harris — insisting the border is secure.

The trips arranged by the three Republican governors have been denounced as a political stunt. And, indeed, they are — but they are not criminal acts, absent new evidence of compulsion or fraud. There are reports of some migrants demanding to be allowed off buses en route to New York, and some migrants are quoted as saying they were induced with promises of opportunities or care in sanctuary cities. Yet there is no evidence of systemic fraud or misrepresentation. Moreover, even if there was misrepresentation, it would not constitute some of the crimes being claimed on cable television, including Hillary Clinton declaring that it constitutes “literally human trafficking.”

Most migrants do not intend to remain in border communities with a huge influx of migrants and limited opportunities — one reason why the Biden administration has moved migrants elsewhere. Thus, if the administration pursued Newsom’s allegation of a possible “civil rights conspiracy in violation of 42 U.S.C. section 1985,” it would potentially make a case against itself. If these governors are discriminating on the basis of national origin, so is the administration.

Let’s consider a few of the other alleged crimes suggested by politicians and pundits:

Kidnapping, human trafficking

The claim by Newsom and others that this could constitute kidnapping is absurd. Kidnapping requires that the culprit “unlawfully seizes, confines, inveigles, decoys, kidnaps, abducts, or carries away and holds for ransom or reward or otherwise any person.” There is nothing unlawful in conveying individuals who are lawfully in the country pending their immigration hearings; the trips are voluntary, and most migrants appear eager to accept free passage to cities like New York or Chicago.

Human trafficking — a charge suggested by some law professors — is prosecuted by the Justice Department when you exploit “a person for labor, services, or commercial sex.” Gov. DeSantis may have overt political motives for transporting migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, but even cable-news programs have not suggested he is doing so for sexual or labor exploitation.


RICO was designed to combat organized crime by allowing criminal charges based on a pattern of underlying criminal acts. Under 18 U.S.C. § 1961 there is a list of “predicate offenses,” and at least two of those crimes can create the needed pattern for prosecution. But there is no established RICO pattern here because there are no established predicate crimes. An effort by the Biden administration to designate political opponents as “racketeers” would raise deeply troubling concerns about weaponizing the criminal justice system.

Illegal transport

One of the most-cited bases for criminal prosecution has been 8 U.S. Code § 1324, which prohibits transporting or attempting to transport undocumented migrants. The law is designed to combat smugglers, not states offering free trips to those released into the country by the federal government. It requires an act of “knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact” that the migrant “has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law.”

These trips, however, are not in violation of law or “in furtherance of such violation of law.” The Biden administration’s controversial “catch and release” policy means migrants are free to go anywhere or accept trips from public interest groups, the federal government or the states.

In theory, public interest groups arranging for transportation or individuals giving rides to migrants could be prosecuted on the same basis under Section 1324. In reality, if transporting undocumented migrants after they are released into the country is to be judged criminal, then the Biden administration would be the largest “coyote” in history.

None of this, of course, may prevent Attorney General Garland from using these wild accusations to launch a federal investigation. Biden officials are reportedly discussing options for legal action. Garland may yield to such demands. After all, he was criticized for creating a nationwide task force at the behest of school boards to investigate parents who publicly challenged board members over issues like teaching critical race theory or diversity policies. Such a move would magnify concerns about the Justice Department being used for political purposes before the midterm election.

The governors’ critics are correct: These trips are politically motivated. That is precisely why the proper response is also political, not criminal. Using the criminal code to amplify political points is a dangerous precedent. Frustrating though it may be for sanctuary cities to face an influx of undocumented migrants, criminal irony still is not an offense under the federal code.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

312 thoughts on “Democrats Allege Crimes Ranging from Kidnapping to Human Trafficking to “Crimes Against Humanity” in Migrant Transfers”

    1. The people of Martha’s Vineyard claimed they “stand with immigrants”, yet they deported them to a military base within 24 hours, like riffraff.

      This made them look bad, so they’re frantically trying to portray DeSantis as evil for sending them the illegals they claimed to welcome. They’re NIMBY elitist snobs, who just want to write a check, but will not tolerate illegals in their kids’ schools or living in their neighborhoods. They can clean the mansions and cut the lawns, though.

      Joe Biden has been sending plane loads of illegal aliens into red states. That’s fine.

      As mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom shipped homeless to red states. That’s fine.

      When border areas become so overrun that shelters can’t handle the influx, and illegals are sleeping in hot parking lots, Democrats will claim it’s a crime to send them to sanctuary cities. The Biden Administration has an open border policy. Illegal aliens are allowed to move about the country. If you saw an illegal alien sleeping on hot asphalt, you could give him a plane ticket to help him out…unless you’re a popular Republican.

      One way for thee, another for me.

        1. Anonymous:

          “Deported” was a tongue in cheek reference to how quickly they were thrown out of Martha’s Vineyard and sent to a military base.


          NIMBYs must be racist xenophobes, according to the logic of the Democrats.

    2. Sammy:

      The consent form they signed is available for public view. It tells them, in writing, that they were going to Massachusetts, and included a map of Martha’s Vineyard.

      Please do not spread false information.

      1. RE:”The consent form they signed..” This august body may continue to play ping pong with the consent form issue from yesterday to kingdom come. Those of us who have been employing consent forms in their work know from experience, that the most detailed documentation and verbal instruction does not, in any manner shape or form, deprive the signatory to the consent of the right to pursue a legal action. The courts will decide the matter on the merits. So knock yourselves out with it if you must. I’m done with it. .

        1. For what it’s worth…it’s going to piss off they have standing. When they dont. It can hardly be that 3rd party standing….gets to break the immigration law. Biden starts the civil wR. Before we didn’t know our enemy… we do. And duck you!

          1. RE:”For what it’s worth”: One can only hope that those representing the plaintiffs at the bar possess your eloquence.

  1. It won’t matter that Joe Biden flew illegals to red states during the middle of the night, or that Newsom bussed San Francisco’s homeless to Red States. It won’t matter any more than Joe Biden bragging about his quid pro quo with Ukraine, while Trump got impeached for inquiring about it. It won’t matter any more than Obama’s Administration building chain link divided areas during his own illegal immigrant surge, but Trump’s administration “put kids in cages” for using the same facilities. Or like how Trump was accused of violating the emoluments clause for foreigners paying the going rate to stay at the hotels in his company, over which he’d already divested all control, while Democrats rushed to protect Joe Biden from Hunter’s laptop showing Hunter got filthy rich parlaying his father’s name to get jobs he was totally unqualified for, and sold access to his father was VP. It’s like how Hillary Clinton fabricated the Russia Hoax. It was Hillary who actually paid for Russian disinformation, yet Trump was accused of working for the Russians.

    It won’t matter because all we can do is complain about it. Democrats are in total command of the FBI, DOJ, IRS, NSA, EPA, the media, Hollywood, academia, and the public education system. If you want to research information on this topic, your query must first get past the Democrat engineered Google algorithm. You can complain all you want, and the Democrats in the FBI will still target prominent Republicans.

    The truth won’t matter because school and university history books will be selected by Democrats.

    It won’t matter because it’s the Democrat news who will report on it.

  2. When he was mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom bussed some of the homeless out of state, often to red states like Texas.

    Joe Biden has been flying illegal immigrants to red states in the middle of the night, sneaking them in.

    These politicians enact disastrous policies, won’t just admit they were wrong, attack the character of their critics, and then try to foist the consequences off on those who opposed those policies.

    It’s like the defund the police politicians and activists, who enjoy armed security themselves.

  3. Democrat states and Democrat sanctuary cities need to do their fair share to handle the consequences of their policies, which led to unfettered illegal immigration.

    It’s all hands on deck. Rich neighborhoods shouldn’t be spared. Wealthy Democrats shouldn’t be allowed to just write a check, and foist the problem off on poorer areas. Wealthy neighborhoods have better funded schools. Too many ESL students or those with gaps in a classroom bring the pace of learning to a halt for the other students. By evenly distributing them, in both rich and poor neighborhoods, then it’s more fair to the other students, and give those ESL students a better chance to catch up.

    Come on, NIMBYs. Do better. Although we in rural areas have been criticizing the outcome of illegal immigration, we still live next to, befriend, and have as classmates illegal aliens. Yet we’re supposed to be the racists? I don’t think so. This is a policy and policy-maker problem, and not the fault of the illegal immigrants themselves who just take Democrats up on their offer.

    People of Martha’s Vineyard, you have assaulted our character, we who have been directly dealing with illegal immigration. When it came time for your turn, you swept them out like trash.

  4. There have been 2 million illegal border crossings in less than a year. Many make their way into rural areas, putting tremendous pressure on rent, housing availability, entry level jobs market, and ER wait times. Since they skipped the health screenings and medical care required in the far less expensive, and safer, legal immigration process, many of them are sick. This overwhelms hospitals. ER wait times stretch on hours and hours. They overwhelm schools, which can provide an excellent education to a few ESL students with education gaps, but quickly become overwhelmed with the massive influx. This drags the pace of education to a standstill, so current residents don’t get anything out of the public education system. This drags down school test scores, the performance of which gets posted online. Parents who can move their kids out of failing schools do so, taking their tax revenue with them. Illegal immigrants skip the background check, which means that mixed in with the good, honest, hard working people are the rapists, sex traffickers, fentanyl mules, and cartel murderers. So many women, girls, and boys are raped and trafficked on the illegal migration trail that the cartel thugs create Rape Trees to taunt Border Patrol, hanging the underwear of sexual assault victims. The message: You can’t stop us. We’ll rape whom we please. Fentanyl pours across the border, often in the form of counterfeit pills. Hollywood still makes drug use look cool. Kids try “just one” pill, trying to look cool, and if that pill has fentanyl, that one foray into experimentation could be their last. The fact that some of the illegal migrants are very good people is somehow supposed to mean that we should then have open borders. It’s rude to require migrants to go through our legal immigration system, follow our laws, or agree to come in numbers that our infrastructure can handle.

    We who live in areas deeply impacted by illegal immigration have been speaking out on the consequences. Many in South and Central America believe that illegal immigration is the only way to come here. You get across the border, and then there are enough opportunities, protections, and benefits that you make it. There are some who sincerely had no idea that there even was a legal way to come here because in Latin America, illegal immigration is the way to go.

    I don’t blame illegal immigrants, or hold a shred of animosity for them. They’re just doing what Democrats broadcast was acceptable. They hear Democrats say on TV that migrating to the US is a human right. That it’s xenophobic to object. When Biden was elected, it ushered in the tidal wave. He called the wall racist and xenophobic. The good people of Martha’s Vineyard declared they “stand with” illegal immigrants. The entire Democrat Party told them to come, so they did. Every time there is amnesty, including under Bush, then the next wave comes with the hope that it’ll all work out. They pay violent drug cartels $15,000 to skip the lengthy legal process. They sent their kids unattended once it got out that unattended minors got to stay and send for their families. Those kids became a ticket to the US. They paid money to the drug cartels to ship their kids to the US, some of whom were raped, or abandoned to die in the desert, and the Democrat media praised their parenting. They proved doubly useful, because drug cartel members, drug smugglers, and sex traffickers could then claim to be their parents. When they were separated and questioned, Democrats decried it as “ripping kids from parents’ arms”.

    Sometimes, the only way to explain what’s wrong to stop telling, and start showing. There were illegal immigrants who were homeless. They’d been turned away from overfull shelters, and slept in parking lots in the heat and bugs. Abbott and DeSantis had officials read to them the promises publicly made on the websites of sanctuary cities, and called for volunteers. They got their written permission. Gave them numerous opportunities to change their minds, which some did. Gave them haircuts, hotel rooms, food, water, clothing, supplies, and a ride to an area that advertised publicly that they welcomed migrants.

    The good people of Martha’s Vineyard “deported” them within 24 hours to a military base. Sure, they stand with illegal immigrants; just not physically right next to them. They won’t live with them. Won’t allow them to attend their kids’ schools. Surely Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School had room for a few ESL students. Their excuse was that they didn’t have an Immigration Court. Strange. Rural areas that have most of the illegal immigrants also don’t have Immigration Courts. Or the jaw-dropping wealth in Martha’s Vineyard. Yet we manage.

    We who have been criticizing the calamitous consequences of unfettered illegal immigration are also the ones who have illegal immigrant friends, neighbors, and classmates for our kids. We don’t blame people for taking Democrats up on their open invitation. We blame the policy, and the policy-makers, not those who innocently believe those promises, and then subject themselves to the depredations of cartels in a lonely desert.

    The people of Martha’s Vineyard call us racist xenophobes, yet as it happens, they are the ones who vehemently refused to brush shoulders with illegal migrants. They swept them out like trash. Who’s the xenophobe? Who’s the racist?

    How many plane loads of illegal immigrants before Martha’s Vineyard builds a wall?

    1. Karen, I had a Hispanic patient from mid-Central America who paid $20K to be brought to the US Border by “coyotes” with her daughters. The girls had been raped by narcotraficantes in their home country. She worked her way to Richmond, works 6 days/week menial jobs that blacks refuse to do, and sends money back home to care for her relatives. When she came to my clinic she never complained about her life here, only expressing concern for her family back in Central America. This is the typical illegal immigrant story. At home I employ these people for landscaping or handiman jobs to help them.

      Most menial jobs in Richmond are done by illegal immigrants because blacks would rather be on welfare and live in government housing than live in rented trailers and work jobs “beneath them”. The blacks vilify America and complain nonstop about their “disparities”. The illegal and legal immigrants are just grateful and ask for nothing except work.

      Fun fact: my uncle was a trained physician specialist (pathologist) in Cuba. When my father sponsored him to come to America he cleaned bathroom toilets and floors while his wife cleaned rooms at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. They never complained. Eventually he learned English, had to repeat his medical residency training all over again, and moved with his wife and children to another locale to start a medical practice as a Family Practitioner that flourished in Appalachia. I never once heard him complain going from a specialist physician to a Primary Care doc. Never.

      Immigrants are the future of America. Americans, particularly Woke Leftists Democrats and so called Conservative Christians, would do well to walk their talk/virtue signaling, welcome illegal immigrants since Biden is not stopping them, and try to surpass each other in practicing Christ-like charity in assisting them. Its not like these Woke Democrats and so called Conservatives are too busy or too poor to share their time and talents to help these recent arrivals. But then that would mean disconnecting from their WiFi, getting their hands dirty and serving people mano a mano. Perish the thought.

      1. (When she came to my clinic she never complained about her life here, only expressing concern for her family back in Central America. This is the typical illegal immigrant story. At home I employ these people for landscaping or handiman jobs to help them. )

        (When she came to my clinic she never complained about her life here)

        IE: Notice the Slave Mentality & not an Owner’s Mentality demand by the US’s Republic type democracy.


        When the Illegal Wetback came to the US to Break Our Ph’n Laws, she has no idea the harm she’s doing to those who remain behind & here in the US.

        This is the typical Illegal Wetback’s story. At home here in the US Idiots & Criminals Aid/Abet/Employ these Wetback people for landscaping or handyman jobs to help them.


        It’s clear George ,here, is correct on many issues on US governance like the one above.

        To me it’s tiring to attempt to explain to Idiots that if they keep doing the Failed Policies of the last 80 years regarding immigration/Border, (among other things).

        If the US Govt would stop Ph’in up foreign countries then it’s more likely those nation’s Gen Pop would stay where they’re at.

        It’s probably to late anyway the boat may already be swamped.

      2. Typo:

        To me it’s tiring to attempt to explain to Idiots that if they keep doing the Failed Policies of the last 80 years regarding immigration/Border, (among other things), You’ll keep get The Same Failed Results!

      3. Estovir:

        It’s the same here. Illegal immigrants and unskilled legal immigrants do all the hard jobs out here. They bring their kids after school and on weekends. They work multiple jobs to make ends meet and expect their kids to help out at home. Meanwhile native born Americans are losing their work ethic and developing a self-centered, entitled, lazy mentality. They expect to step into management with frequent social media breaks as their first job. They take endless photos of themselves to post online. They carefully curate photo journaling until they portray their lives as an endless vacation.

        I have no problem with the good, hardworking among the illegal immigrants. None. The problem is with the policies and insecure border that makes illegal immigration possible.

        The only way for those good, hard working people to come here should be the legal system, and in numbers and distribution that our country can absorb. Some years we might need more unskilled workers, and in other years more STEM. We should be r sponsibly managing the logistics.

        We cannot sustain these numbers. The country will collapse. Although illegals do perform unpopular jobs, that was also the argument used to defend slavery. The US has created a caste system, legal and illegal. Illegals get paid under the table, keeping more yet not having access to work comp.

        It appears that California voters love jacking up the cost of doing business by increasing labor costs – raising minimum wage, work comp, employee healthcare, and now requiring employee retirement funds. They care until it comes time to spend their own money. Then they go with the lowest bid for lawn care, nannies, house cleaners, and home remodel. Those people get paid under the table, andenjoy zero of the benefits voters made legitimate businesses pay for, who can’t compete with the rock bottom prices of illegals. I know landscapers who went out of business, replaced by illegals doing hatchet jobs and topping tr s with chain saws. I’ve known of completely out of building code work done by illegal crews who just disappear.

        Then there’s the identity theft, and identity fraud, which is absolutely rampant among illegals.

        1. I agree Karen that immigrants should arrive the orderly, documented, screened for pathogens, vaccinated pathway. However as I stated above, Biden is not stopping them and here we are.

          We could go the way of the 80+ year old Oky1 who regularly and effortlessly vomits expletives without any self-regulation to act like the Catholic he says he is, demonstrating evil that would give Satan’s demons delight. Or we could do our best collectively, starting with the billionaires and millionaires who relish (e.g. Cher, Bette Midler, Kathy Griffin, Alec Baldwin, Rob Reiner, Lawrence Tribe, etc etc,etc) preaching to others how to live their lives.

          That Obama and Michelle did not rush to help the 50 Venezuelans literally down the road from their 6,892-square-foot Atlantic seaside mansion, on 30 acres, who likely could have housed them there for 30 days to allow them to get their orientation, is a crime against God.

          We either serve as the hands of Christ or let them die. I choose the former.

          1. You can kinda see why I couldn’t be a heart surgeon when I was younger:

            Guy/Gal opened up on the table…. the mask slips & my chew falls out of my mouth into the patient & I started cursing like a sailor: Gawd D*** It (Dang it) Son Of A B, that’s the 2nd time this Month! Nurse Suction! LOL;)

            I never said I was Catholic, I’m more of a Protestant hybrid B*stard that can’t hardly stand any Islamic Nut Jobs for a Reason. Yes, you should read up on the Saint James Cross.

            “vaccinated pathway”

            Do you ever read what your write? Why in the Hell would you vaccinate the poor dumb illegals????

            Many of them are already low IQs, why don’t you just Reco whacking them in the head with a big hammer, same difference?

            Current Vax system causes Mental Retardation/Autism. Blah, Blah, what, 30 +/- yrs ago it went from 1/35000 US retards to 2 years ago about 1/36 brain damaged people. And that’s not even counting the Brain Damage Caused by mRNA Vaz Crap & plus all the other injuries & death that people like this current Satanic Pope supported pushed.

            The Pope was hardly the only one Pimping the mRNA poison.

            Trump was advised in the past few months by Fm Rep MD Ron Paul & Alex Jones supporting type people that needed Trump to reject his Warp Speed mRNA Deadly Vax Crap by 9/23/22 or risk losing much of his support base. 23rd is Friday.

            The Basil/Hungary presidents, DeSantis & others have already done so. You might wish to reconsider your position.

            It wouldn’t be Christ trying to pushing mRNA DNA Altering crap in little kids arms it’d be Satan!

            Maybe you reading Alex Jones new book might be of help to you. I likely know some of the info but haven’t read it yet.

          2. I’ve got to finish some work, but more on this later.


            You have to step up & take control of your Food/Meat Supply/ your place, you’re about to late this year.

            Suggestion: Draw a circle 60 minutes from were you are, find a local butcher, talk to him, tell him what kind of cuts you like.

            Maybe you need 2 cows for your desires? Give the rest to a local charity & take a tax write off if you can as Biden & his Commies have totally PH’K’d Everything up. People Will Starve this winter Because of Those Aholes!


            Me doing a Cow deal with anyone: Hell No!

            Attorney Robert Barnes yesterday to on the Amish Farmer/Ranchers Legal Case Yesterday.

            ( It’s Bad when even the Amish Can Not do a Food Deal, That’s Not America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )


            Amish Farmer Targeted by Govt for Operating Outside Reach of USDA Regulations
            August 19, 2022 | Sundance | 874 Comments


            1. Oky, you might enjoy the book by famed farmer Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, Folks, This Ain’t Normal. He discusses over regulation and the loss of local food supplies as CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) became the norm.

              USDA regulations are deliberately written so as to benefit CAFOs and hurt small agricultural businesses.

      4. “Hispanic patient from mid-Central America who paid $20K to be brought to the US Border by “coyotes” with her daughters. The girls had been raped by narcotraficantes in their home country.”

        Estovir, that is dreadful and tear-jerking. What can we do to make things better?

        Firstly, open borders are problematic because we incentivize human trafficking, rape, criminality, drugs, etc. We do this while creating an illegal environment where those that rape and murder illegally earn billions of dollars.

        In the process, our drug problem worsens while Americans die physically and spiritually, while the drug traffickers gain power over legitimate governments. In the future, because we aren’t able to see the unknown (Bastiat), we might see narco states south of our border with far more death and destruction. That doesn’t provide freedom for anyone desirous of it, but it does permit people to virtue signal by telling the world how empathetic they are.

        We should be doing the opposite and support legitimate governments so that the crimes against humanity can be reduced rather than give comfort to a limited number of people.

        Most recognize that this country needs immigration, though it is debatable. We don’t need immigration that creates criminals. We need it to be legal for the benefit of America. If you wish to end law and order, expect more rapings and killings.

        1. S Meyer:

          I’m rather conflicted about how we can stop the flow of illegal immigration from the source. Nation building was an abject failure in Afghanistan and Iraq. I have no idea how much influence the US can have on the corruption and violence in the nations of Central and Southern America.

          What’s so sad is that so many countries in South America started off with so many resources, such as rich farmland. Like the US, they began as colonies. Yet America thrived while they descended into chaos. Our experiment in personal freedom led to prosperity.

          At one point, Latin America was ahead of Asian nations such as South Korea in per capita income. Latin America went the way of protectionism and big government, while South Korea created a tax and export system that favored businesses and entrepreneurship. Socialism was especially disastrous to Venezuela. Then Latin America was hit by the debt crisis. That last, I fear, is a lesson lost on American politicians.

          1. Karen, we act as a pressure relief control valve for nations abusing their citizens. That denudes the nation of those most likely to help improve it.

            I believe the US to be the exception to the rule, force controls the people. Even we are moving more in that direction.

            Venezuela was one of the world’s richest nations. If people ask for the government to fix all their problems and provide them with wealth and opportunity, they create an environment for a dictatorship. The government takes the people’s resources and then parcels them out so that the citizenry is afraid to act for fear of losing benefits.

            Of course, you know all these things, writing about them on the blog daily.

  5. Jonathan: I think it is a little premature for you to claim no crimes were committed by the transport of migrants to Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard and elsewhere. A Texas sheriff is now calling for a criminal investigation. Even conservative GOP Senator Ted Cruz has weighed in. On Hannity’s Fox show he endorsed the stunt by Abbott and DeSantis but agreed that the law was “clear” and a citizen could “easily be arrested” for moving the migrants across state lines. Seems like not everyone who appears on Fox agrees with you. Transporting migrants using fraud and deceit and threatening their legal status would seem to expose the people and companies, who were contracted to transport the migrants, to prosecution. The legal experts are split on the criminal liability of the intellectual authors of this stunt–Abbott and DeSantis. No doubt, this whole mess will be sorted out in the courts.

    1. Dennis:

      That Texas sheriff you mentioned is a Democrat. When pressed, he could cite no crimes or laws broken. He just didn’t like it, and is, like the Democrats in the FBI, abusing the authority of his office to harass a Republican. 52 illegal aliens died in a truck in that sheriff’s district because they were neglected and abandoned.

      The migrants DeSantis helped were homeless. The tsunami of illegal immigration has collapsed the benefits infrastructure. The illegals were turned away from overcrowded shelters, and were sleeping in parking lots in the heat and the bugs. The benefits publicly offered by sanctuary cities on their websites were described to them. They were given hotel rooms, which had to be temporary because, again, there are more people in need of shelter than there is shelter to be had. They were given food, water, haircuts, clothes, and a ride. They signed a document in their own language giving consent. They were asked repeatedly if they changed their mind, and in fact some did, and decided not to go.

      No one can be arrested for giving anyone a ride across state lines. Are you crazy? This isn’t Russia.

      What in the world is your problem with sanctuary cities pitching in and doing their fair share?

      1. “No one can be arrested for giving anyone a ride across state lines.”

        You cannot categorically make such a sweeping statement. In fact, kidnapping by confinement during transportation is very common. It only took a few minutes to find a case of kidnapping while on an airplane:

        If the migrants provided consent to travel to MV (not Boston) and provided consent without any expectation of other benefits, then it obviously would not be kidnapping. But, the reports since the flight suggest otherwise. Professor Turley was way too quick to assume, without offering any new evidence, that proper, informed consent was obtained.

        A signed document to go to the wrong place would not, alone, suffice. It would absolutely be kidnapping if pilots decided to take a plane of passengers without their permission to the Ukraine instead of the ticketed destination absent some strange weather emergency. Do you agree? Passenger agreement via tickets to NYC would be irrelevant.

        1. Anonymous:

          Giving someone a ride is not kidnapping. Kidnapping is forcing someone to go somewhere against their will through terror or the threat of violence.

          You’ve got to be kidding me if you think the illegals were kidnapped or trafficked. Would you have them go lie back down on the hot parking lot, as they’d been turned away by the shelters?

          We’re on track to get about 5 million illegal immigrants in a single year. It’s overwhelming. It’s crashing ERs and filling up shelters. Stop complaint, stop lashing out at Republicans, and DO YOUR PART. I cannot believe Martha’s Vineyard deported a mere 50 illegals within 24 hours, sending them to a military base, and people are rushing to give cover to their hypocritical heartlessness. My God. People are threatening to bring criminal action against DeSantis because they so vehemently don’t want the illegals in their neighborhood or their schools. A bigger bunch of NIMBYs I’ve never seen.

          Democrats have lured millions of illegal immigrants here. Biden enticed them to pay thousands of dollars to violent cartels to get them across inhospitable deserts. The cartels, being violent criminals, rape the women and girls along the way with impunity. They abandon little kids in deserts. Have you even watched the video of BP finding small children, screaming in terror, in the desert, having suffered God knows what at the hands of the cartels? They drown in rivers, die of thirst, get tossed over walls. Democrats are quite literally luring people to their deaths or sexual assaults.

          Democrats keep voting for disastrous policies, and then fight like heck to avoid taking responsibility.

          “I think that’s totally false,” he said in answer to a question from a reporter during a press conference. “I think if you look, the folks that are contracted, not only do they give them a release form to sign, they actually give them a packet and in that packet included a map of Martha’s Vineyard. So it was obvious that that’s where they were going and they gave that to them.”


      Javier Salazar (Democratic Party) is the Bexar County Sheriff in Texas. His current term ends on December 31, 2024.

      Salazar (Democratic Party) ran for re-election for Bexar County Sheriff in Texas. He won in the general election on November 3, 2020.

      1. Anonymous:

        When pressed, Democrat Salazar could cite no laws broken.

        Basically, it’s like the Democrat activists in the FBI who abused their authority to harass Trump.

          1. Anonymous, your statement “no one abused their authority to harass Trump” is demonstrably false. In fact, an FBI agent altered a CIA email that exonerated Carter Page to make it mean he was working for the Russians, and used that fake email to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. The FBI pursued the Russia Hoax even though it was documented they were aware that Hillary Clinton fabricated it to distract the public from her email scandal.

            Anyone can sue. That doesn’t mean they’re right.

            If they sue DeSantis, then they also need to sue Joe Biden, for shipping planeloads of illegals under cover of night to red states, who were not forewarned. Or is that only OK when the people of Martha’s Vineyard and the Democrat president does it? One set of laws for Democrats, and one for Republicans, is that it?

            1. Karen,

              Your argument that Clinesmith harassed Trump by adding a statement he believed true to a letter used in the Page FISA application is total BS.

              It’s a fact that people in Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian agents, so your “Russia Hoax” claim is also BS.

              If you think you have standing to sue Biden, do it instead of whining about what others should do.

    2. What is your point, ATS? Do you think he will win something significan?. You have been wrong on almost everything important. Are you trying to find something new?

  6. Will bussing migrants to big liberal cities increase the desire for migrants to make the journey north of the border? Asking for a friend.

    Perhaps Abbott is a coyote after all.

    1. Maybe once the “immigrants” see the shit holes these cities have become they’ll rethink coming North

    2. Maybe the bussing will wake the country up so they realize that is exactly what Biden is doing and causing the need for. Biden’s actions are killing Americans and people south of the border. It is encouraging drug trafficking and creating wealth for the traffickers in the billions.

  7. D’s tp immigrants: “We love you so much that we don’t want you in our cities. And if you come here, we will send you to a military base.”

    1. And eventually, when there are more illegal immigrants on those military bases than actual military personnel they can rename them more accurately as Concentration Camps. Which would fit right in with the Dems’ agenda for all us ‘undesirables’.

  8. Lets do away with the semantics of proclivities and get down to the numbers.
    This video demonstrates the efficacy of U.S. Immigration policies and the effective attenuation (attrition) upon Global Poverty.

    1. Is this video 30 years old?

      This video completely fails to to discuss the importance of remittances on the flow of capital to Latin America and by extension its effect on world poverty. Remittances to Latin America are projected to be nearly $150B in 2022. Guatemala, for example, in 2021 received over $18.3B, which was about 21% of its entire GDP. How can you possibly omit a discussion about remittances when discussing US immigration’s impact on world poverty?

      Increasing pathways to legal immigration in regional areas of the US, where labor is in demand, along with targeted foreign direct Investment and incentives given to private US companies to expand opportunities in the Northern Triangle will have a much bigger long term impact than building a wall and turning our backs on our southern neighbors.

      1. Yep 30 Years old and still all the more relevant, the math-formula has not changed,
        We are now at 8 Billion Human beings per the U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs

        It is proof of a detrimental and unsustainable Immigration Policy kept in use for Political gains.

        It doesn’t add up (the actuarial numbers are a reality).
        Enough is Enough, is quite literally & figuratively correct.

        The Media & Political Gains
        (Lets pull back the Curtain)

        The Numbers, Please
        Stop believing the propaganda and lies from the media on demographics.
        By Theodore Roosevelt Malloch
        September 19, 2022

        1. I take it you are pro-choice then? Mexico’s increasing support for abortion is a more effective deterrent than any wall will be.

          1. Anonymous says: “I take it you are pro-choice then?”
            Yes – I am, even further on that matter I have practiced what I preach.
            I also believe the Religious-Heads & Nation-Heads (The Pope and The President if you will) should recognize that over-population is more harmful to Life than reproductive-services being: denied, forbidden, and being without-choice. Over Population should be on everybody’s List (Discussion, Debates, News, Ballots …).

            The Planet is Over-Populated [.] Humans have “terraformed” the Earth so it is no longer in a Natural State of Symbiosis (Balance).
            [ Yeah – We have F-d this up completely.] You know it, I know it, BUT know-one want to say or do anything about it.
            No One wants to die, but sacrifices need to be made. It’s just what it is. My time will come, Your Time will too, but We should make the best effort to make the Earth; natural, sustainable, and habitable for All (Life).

            Charles Lindbergh: “If I had to choose,” he said, “I would rather have birds than airplanes.”
            I say the same thing to the Bank Tellers that tell me about using an ATM machine.
            “I’d rather have Human, than a ATM.”
            If you really care about Life, then you should recognize that WE are the ones destroying it.
            In all its splendorous ways.

            1. 17 Critically Endangered Species (2022)


              32 Endangered Species, Ranked by Their Current Population Left
              Top 10 Endangered Species by Number Left
              This is our most endangered animals list by the current population as of 2018: (4 years ago)
              1. Vaquita (Phocoena sinus): 30 left
              2. Black Softshell Turtle (Nilssonia nigricans): 44 left
              3. South China Tiger (Panthera tigris amoyensis): Around 50 left
              4. Spix’s Macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii): 58 left
              5. Javan Rhino (Rhinoceros sondaicus): 68 left
              6. Sumatran Rhino (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis): 85 left
              7. Amur Leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis): 84 left
              8. Irrawaddy Dolphin (Orcaella breviostris): 92 left
              9. Socorro Dove (Zenaida grayoni): Around 100 left
              10. Hawaiian Crow (Corvus hawaiiensis): 114 left

              You get the picture. With Over-Population even We become an Endangered Species.

              1. F.Y.I.,

                You might not have been aware but this web log only permits the posting of two hyperlinks or fewer per comment. I edited your comment above so that it would be visible. If you in the future would like the readership to review more than two links, this can be done using multiple comments of two or fewer each.

              2. “17 Critically Endangered Species”

                The 18th (and the only one that counts): Talented Human Beings.

      2. Well, Anonymous, it was not discussed because the question at hand was immigration itself, rather than the flow of funds.

        1. The video tries to explain why increased immigration to the US would not help assuage world poverty in the “Third World” (which, you know, doesn’t exist as a concept anymore because the Cold War ended just a few years ago).

          Tell me, how do you discuss world poverty without “the flow of funds”?

      3. Anonymous, If you add fertilizer to a Corn Field you get more Ears of Corn.
        Adding “nearly $150B in 2022” to Latin America only incentivizes the Population to increase,
        (like adding fertilizer to the Population), as conditions for Family well being improve.

        Raising-up ‘Prosperity’ correspondingly relates to Population increases.
        Population-Increases decrease the economic opportunity (Suppresses the Population).
        Hence a greater number (%) of the population ‘defect’ in order to find economic opportunity elsewhere. (i.e.: The U.S.A.)

  9. Undocumented Migrants, really!?

    The people who distain the label the above is meant to replace: Illegal Aliens, are focused on hiding their actions behind innocuous sounding phrases rather than calling a spade a spade. Illegal aliens aren’t the least bit interested in the labels they are given – who would?

    Unfortunately, people in positions of influence, that includes Professor Turley, fail to stand up for a basic tenant of free speech – using transparent and consistent language that accurately describe events.

    Turley talks the talks about free speech but fails to embrace it’s full meaning. Undocumented is not a synonym illegal nor is Migrant interchangeable with alien.

    1. People are free to speak as the please, including using deceptive languages.

      But the missuse of language is a one sign of the weakness of that parties argument.

      I would remind people of the story of the tower of babble.

      When we play games with words, we fail to communicate, and that increases confusion and chaos,
      which are not conducive to the peaceful resolution of differences.

      If the tower of Babble is too much for you – read Orwell – both his non-fiction and his fiction make the point that the war on language is a war on truth. Not merely the specific truth of immigration law, but truth more generally.
      Those who manipulate the meaning of words as part of argument are undermining the entire concept of truth.

      1. It’s Tower of Babel. If you’re going to argue about making arguments by misusing language at least use the correct word. It is a specific truth, no?

        1. I am not arguing about grammar.

          I am confronting you about your deliberately deceptive misuse of words.

          1. “ I am not arguing about grammar.”

            It’s not grammar. It’s spelling. Babble, Babel. Grammar is about sentence structure. I thought you would know that.

            What deceptive misuse of words are you referring to on this topic?

        2. If you can abuse words – then so can I.
          I say its babble.

          Tomorow I may decide it is the tower of persons who babble.
          After that who knows.

          If you are free to abuse words then I am too.

          Atleast I am not doing so to misrepresent the truth.

          1. Careful, questioning the sanctity of the good book on here may get you vilified.

            Bunch of babblerousers, the lot of ’em.

    2. These people may or may not be “undocumented” but that has little to do with anything.

      Their circumstances would be no different had they brought identification with them.

      The only documentation that would change their circumstances would be a US visa, birth certificate, green card or passport, If they have one of those – even if they have just misplaced it, ultimately they will be allowed into the country – and fairly quickly.

      The correct legal term for them is alien – that is a person not from this country.
      But immigrant is a term outside the law that also is correct.
      They intend to come here to stay – that is the meaning of immigrant.
      Few of them are migrants. People who come here for a season and then return.

      1. Technically, “unauthorized immigrant” is the most precise. The AP stylebook, which many newspapers use, has rejected “illegal immigrant” for the same reasons it has shifted away from using the term “schizophrenic.” The preference for “diagnosed with schizophrenia” is more precise because it informs without making a value judgment. It doesn’t define the patient by his or her condition.

        A truly impartial press should therefore use the term “unauthorized immigrant” as “undocumented” as you note above is not precise enough and “illegal immigrant” defines the individual based on the circumstance.

        1. Do not give a schiff what the AP stylebook says.

          Not even slightly interested in 1984 style leftest mangling of the language.

          Rejecting accurate language is just virtue signalling.

          Svelaz has been fighting this stupid battle and he OWN sources have confirmed much of what I have said.

          They are not getting asylum. They will NOT be allowed to request asylum.
          You can disagree with the law – if so change it.
          But it is illegal to cross the border except at a port of entry.
          Many of these may be decent people. But they have committed a crime in the US.
          Right now they are in little danger of getting caught – but I can assure you it happens.
          My wife has seen people who have been here for 20 years deported because they finally got caught.
          Usually arrested for some minor crime. The people Biden has allowed in illegally might remain here a long time.
          some portion may spend the rest of their lives in fear and succed in evading deportation. But a substantial portion of them will be deported. Trump deported 200K/year. Obama 400K, Bush 240K. Biden is the lowest number of deportations ever recorded. But absent changing the law it is probable that atleast half will eventually be deported, and the rest will live in fear.

          A far smaller number request asylum. that is an entirely different process. There is actually only a small difference between Biden and Trump with respect to asylum. Biden has promissed far more approvals, But he has barely moved the needle. Nor is asylum what has everyone upset.

        2. “illegal immigrant” defines the individual based on the circumstance.

          Bank robber define the individual based on the circumstance.

          The AP is WRONG. They are engaging in 1984esque word games.
          And this infuriates those of us not on the left.

          Is there anyone who doubts that in another couple of years AP will have a different term for them.
          This has been a left wing game for so long that Orwell wrote about it 70 years ago.

          In the early 20th century the left was “progressive” – when they had so besmirched the term that it became an insult they stole the term liberal, and when they fouled that term they reverted to progressive as that had lost much of its stench after a century.

          It is a crime to cross the border anywhere but a port of entry.
          If these people are coming with the intent to return within the year – they are migrants – and though they may be illegal they are not a huge problem and we have had actual illegal migrants for ages.

          If they plan on staying they are immigrants.

          If they crossed illegally – they are illegal immigrants.
          Just as if they robbed a bank they are bank robbers.

          If you do not like that crossing a border outside a port of entry is a crime – change the law.
          If you want more grants of asylum – change the law.

          But gaming the law because you have been elected to power destroys the rule of law.
          Destroys trust in government. Brings us ever closer to violence of one form or another.
          It is incredibly dangerous to undermine trust in government.

          Playing word games is merely an effort to fake change the law – without actually doing the hard work of actually changing the law.

          I have been fighting Svelaz on this for dozens of posts. I am generally pro immigrant. My children are immigrants.
          A few generations ago I was – most of us were.

          But for the fact that democrats have for the past 40 years proven that they can not be trusted on immigration – I would support most of what they want – conditional with other changes that they likely do not want.

          But lying – and word games are just another symptom.
          You AP reference does not reassure me, it does not resolve the issue.
          It just proves the AP has not read 1984 – or maybe they have.
          Regardless, it undermines Trust.

          If you are a reporter and you follow the AP style guide on this. You have lost my trust.
          Is that what the AP wanted ?
          Is virtue signalling so important that alienating half the country is an worthwhile price ?

          Speak the truth.

          If you do not like it. Change it. In this case – change the law.
          But do not play word games.

          Words are very important. It is how we communicate. For most of us it is how we think.
          Muddy words and you muddy thought.
          Further you alienate people and you destroy our ability to communicate.
          And then you wonder why we are divided ?
          You have changed the language.
          But you did so with the consent of most people.
          The result is we are not speaking the same language
          We are not communicating.
          You have lost peoples trust
          and you are pushing towards violence.
          Yours, theirs does it matter ?
          It is your word games that destabilized everything.

      1. They entered illegally using the cartels which are causing death and destruction while being paid in the billions.

  10. HHERE’S THE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY: 15,000 ILLEGAL HAITIAN IMMIGRANTS SENT TO THE LITTLE TOWN OF DEL RIO TEXAS IN ONE DAY!!! DEL RIO HAS A POPULATION OF 30,000 PEOPLE, THAT’S THE CRIME OF HUMANITY!!! HOW DARE THEY CRITICIZE GOVERNOR ABBOTT & RON DESANTIS THEY ARE DEFINITELY DOING THEIR JOBS!!!! What’s the cost of this emergency when you have 15,000 Haitians illegal Immigrants sent to the little town of Del Rio, Texas in one day!! The town has 30,000 people! THAT IS THE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!!!! The lucky Illegal Immigrants are those who are bused out!!!! What happens to those poor 15,000 Haitians??? It’s not only a travesty for the poor people of Del Rio but also the 15,000 Haitian Illegal Immigrants where do they get job’s, how do they eat, who clothes & feeds them?? That little town of Del Rio can’t take care of them! Texas can’t take care of that many people at one time!!! THIS INVASION IS ABSOLUTE INSANITY!!! The New Media has the gull to blame Texas & Florida!! It’s far cheaper to ship them out!! Why doesn’t our Communist Marxist Democratic Administration who continually creates this mess do something about it???? They’ve created the mess; they should take care of it!!!! Why do all the Border States & little, tiny Towns in Texas have to take care of the problems they have created with these INSANE DECISIONS!!! THIS IS SO TYPICAL OF COMMUNIST MARXIST DEMOCRATS, BLAME OTHERS & REFUSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PROBLEMS THEY HAVE CREATED!!!THOSE MAYORS & GOVERNORS CRY ABOUT THE FEW ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO ARE BEING SENT, THEY SHOULD TRY DEALING WITH 8,000 ON A DAILY BASIS & OR 15,000 THAT DECEND ON A LITTLE TOWN IN ONE DAY!!!! DON’T YOU DARE YOU CRITICIZE OUR GOVERNOR!!!!! THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS BEING SENT OUT ARE THE LUCKY ONE’S!!!

  11. HHERE’S THE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY: 15,000 ILLEGAL HAITIAN IMMIGRANTS SENT TO THE LITTLE TOWN OF DEL RIO, TEXAS IN ONE DAY!!! DEL RIO HAS A POPULATION OF 30,000 PEOPLE, THAT’S A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!!! HOW DARE THEY CRITICIZE GOVERNOR ABBOTT & RON DESANTIS THEY ARE DEFINITELY DOING THEIR JOBS!!!! What’s the cost of this emergency when you have 15,000 Haitians illegal Immigrants sent to the little town of Del Rio, Texas in one day!! The town has 30,000 people! THAT IS THE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!!!! The lucky Illegal Immigrants are those who are bused out!!!! What happens to those poor 15,000 Haitians??? It’s not only a travesty for the poor people of Del Rio but also the 15,000 Haitian Illegal Immigrants where do they get job’s, how do they eat, who clothes & feeds them?? That little town of Del Rio can’t take care of them! Texas can’t take care of that many people at one time!!! THIS INVASION IS ABSOLUTE INSANITY!!! The New Media has the gull to blame Texas & Florida!! It’s far cheaper to ship them out!! Why doesn’t our Communist Marxist Democratic Administration who continually creates this mess do something about it???? They’ve created the mess; they should take care of it!!!! Why do all the Border States & little, tiny Towns in Texas have to take care of the problems they have created with these INSANE DECISIONS!!! THIS IS SO TYPICAL OF COMMUNIST MARXIST DEMOCRATS, BLAME OTHERS & REFUSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PROBLEMS THEY HAVE CREATED!!!!THOSE MAYORS & GOVERNORS CRY ABOUT THE FEW ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO ARE BEING SENT, THEY SHOULD TRY DEALING WITH 8,000 ON A DAILY BASIS & OR 15,000 THAT DECEND ON A LITTLE TOWN OF DEL RIO, TEXAS IN ONE DAY!!!! HOW DARE THEY CRITICIZE OUR GOVERNOR HERE IN TEXAS!!!!! THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS BEING SENT OUT ARE THE LUCKY ONE’S!!!

    1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to send it twice, couldn’t figure out how to delete one!!!

  12. Democrats make every blessed thing a crime against humanity. If the Democrats kill the filibuster, they’ll will make Salem and McCarthy look like spin the bottle.

    It’s funny how when they felt like the political minority, the Democrats demanded and got free speech. Now that they think they have the preponderance of power, “oh, that free speech stuff is way too racist.”

    Now the trolls will argue that Trump wants to be able to silence critics by suing them. True. It’s also true that the Supreme Court, Dr. Turley, and a whole bunch of Republicans don’t agree with Trump on that point (me included), which is why Trump never got his way and will never get his way.

    On the other hand, the Democrats are still firing people and ejecting school children en masse over bogus vaccine mandates, and they want to enact speech codes with real penalties and compulsory “reeducation.” Don’t believe me? It’s already on the campuses and in the military. The Democrats are doing nothing to stop it. NOTHING.

    Pretty soon the only people in prison will be political prisoners. The violent maniacs are being set free.

    In light of all this, who’s the real threat to democracy?

    1. 10,000 illegals should be dropped onto CHAPPAQUA where Soros, Clintons, Gates, Cuomo and many of top elite have mansion estates right next to each other. Keep them coming. Dont let it be a one time stunt

      1. Good idea. The Democrats are not as upset about the 50 illegals that showed up at Martha’s Vineyard as they will be about the 5,000 that show up in Chappaqua and Hollywood, and they know it. Having potentially hundreds or even thousands of fugitives from Mexican law showing up in their toney neighborhoods right before an election would be a bad look for their hypocrisy on immigration.

    2. “they felt like the political minority, the Democrats demanded and got free speech. Now that they think they have the preponderance of power, “oh, that free speech stuff is way too racist.” … “Now the trolls will argue that Trump wants to be able to silence critics by suing them. True.” … “don’t agree with Trump”

      Diogenes, Trump is using the law created by Democrats. Shall we act according to sensible rules while Democrats use them to silence opposition? Republicans stretched the rules to integrate schools in the south. Should they have stood by Democrat rules of segregation? Did the marches violate some laws? Yes. Look at those protests and compare them with the Antifa protests.

      One can see the left is violent as soon as they gain power. I applaud those using rules that shouldn’t exist to end leftist tyranny. Not doing so is suicide.

      1. Alan, I’m not as familiar with your points nor am I an attorney. I mainly followed Professor Turley’s view on this matter. I’m willing to listen to alternative viewpoint. Is there more detail somewhere on what you wrote?

        1. Diogenes, my statement might not have been clear but I find no objections to anything you said.

          The one point you might be talking about was what Trump wanted and what Republicans didn’t want. Those points would have to be discussed individually, not just legally but also the rationale behind them. Since I have reservations about many things desired by many people, I will wait for the appropriate discussion.

          When one looks at the overall effect of Trump, he moved the country in the correct direction. Biden is destroying it. Our legislators have done a bad job.

  13. But ” under color of law” is the Achilles heel here. It’s $1983. if even one claims they were mislead….then desantis could be sued. At least civilly for damages…..and the plaintiff illegal will argue….under Arizona vs us….the feds have pre-empted. ..only way to get there. The realm of immigration. To which Ron should argue…if that’s the case….then let’s use 2001 buckman ….where only the feds can bring a case. Not their stooge migrant plantiffs. So the feds will bring a case …if they dare….and there will be great discovery. Discovery that will rock the American ppl to their core….to ask: ” whose country is this? ” Then the “0pen border ” we can absorb” these people arguement will be laid bear….in the language the doj speaks…in court…..for all of america to see. Alternatively the courts will give standing to illegal i.migrants for $1983….when they hardly give that standing to citizens….. “Duped” by the govt. Ron really sits on a win-won.

    1. “Using the criminal code to amplify political points is a dangerous precedent.” It’s not a precedent because it’s already been done a bunch of times. The Leftists are in rare form.

    1. Civic Virtue to Democrats mean advertise your city as a Sanctuary for all and then when 50 show up the Leftist residents rise up and employ the national guard to round up anyone with brown skin.

    2. ATS has nothing to say. That is why he links. The link doesn’t help but it permits ATS the ability to think he answered despite the fact it puts him in a poor light.

  14. It seems to me that for any relocation program to be successful you need to have notification, coordination, and planning with the place you are sending the migrants to, which is clearly not happening. If the 3 governors want a successful program, they should reach out to the National Governors Association to help with the planning, coordination, and solving the overall problem.

      1. Americans want their borders enforced.

        Biden is a criminal of high office who must be impeached and convicted for gross dereliction and treason as he aids and abets enemies of America and Americans.

        Biden’s stunt is to illicitly assist his benefactor as he continues “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” as a direct and mortal enemy of America.

      2. DeSantis wanted to show the hypocrisy of the left, and he did a good job. That is why the entire left is so angry and is acting crazy.

        You can argue all you want, but regular people are listening to what the sanctuary cities say and found out what they do. DeSantis’s action wasn’t new as Abbott has been doing this continuously. DeSantis hit the nerve center at Martha’s Vineyard.

    1. It seems to me that for any relocation program to be successful you need to have notification, coordination, and planning with the place you are sending the migrants to,

      You know Biden’s been flying these illegals to interior cities for over a year. Mayors and governors have zero advance notice.

      If you really cared about these people you would care the Dems have put out the call, that the border is open. 100’s of thousands of women and childern have been raped and sold into sex slavery. They found 50 dead illegals in an abandon semi trailer in Texas, but they at least had the good sense suffocate in Texas and not sully the pristine air at Martha’s Vineyard. That’s a bridge to far.

      But you got your righteous priorities, all figured out.


    2. What mAkes you think they havent? We got per Santorum almost 2-3 we need!….to bury all the wokism! We are almost there and will get there….that’s why die bold and dominion are so scared…..if us….the people. The people! They are terrified of the people…..not only can we withhold troops from them….our rail road can fail road them… Jack frost.! We the people run this country….they don’t seem to get it…..our nurses..too…..we the people run this country. Your mandates on us stop yesterday…….and if nurses and railroad weren’t enough….good luck raising troops. Round one!

  15. Democrats are exposing their two biggest characteristics: hypocrisy and dishonesty. By going full-bore unhinged and throwing out the most ridiculous and hyperbolic accusations, they only reveal how utterly stupid, vacuous and demented they are. My guess is that they hope the dust they kick up will hide their party’s failure on border security. I hope Independents are watching this circus carefully, because not a single one of these Democratic clowns is fit for public office.

    1. Martha’s inyard is having a housing crisis. There’s no homes available under 5 million dollars.

    2. It’s funny how Trumpers terrified of ‘communists’ are now ridiculing the wealth in Martha’s Vineyard.

      But oddly we don’t see them ridiculing wealth in Palm Beach.

      1. Anonymous,

        The rich in Palm Beach are job creators who worked hard for their money. Whereas the rich in Martha’s Vineyard are just relatives of the Kennedy’s.

      2. Anonymous, we are ridiculing the elites being hypocrites, voting for policies they refuse to bear the consequences of.

        It’s like the defund the police politicians who have armed police security, or the BLM founder who said whites are dangerous to blacks who can’t make it here in the US, who then buys mansions in white neighborhoods.

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