Three Martha Vineyard Migrants File Lawsuit Against DeSantis

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The undocumented migrants who were transferred to Martha’s Vineyard have quickly adopted one common American practice: litigation. A firm, Lawyers for Civil Rights, in conjunction with the migrant-led nonprofit Alianza Americas, filed the action on behalf of Yanet Doe, Pablo Doe and Jesus Doe who are using pseudonyms for the action “on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated.” The filing is a Jackson Pollock of legal claims with twelve claims thrown against Florida from false imprisonment to intentional infliction of emotional distress to misuse of the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund. The splattering of claims face considerable legal barriers based on the consent of the migrants, as shown in a waiver released by Florida.

The filing of a lawsuit upon entry to the United States is not unprecedented, of course. Indeed, I teach in torts where an immigrant to the United States filed a tort action for an involuntary inoculation upon entry in O’Brien v. Cunard. Yet, this is a case involving undocumented migrants who allegedly signed a waiver and agreed to the trip.

The filing does not include the widespread claims of kidnapping and human trafficking made by Democratic politicians and some legal experts. Cable programs are still claiming that criminal kidnapping charges should be brought after the flight. In the narrative or background sections, there is no such allegations and the actual civil claims do not appear based on those theories.

The claims include only three Section 1983 claims and do not include the allegation of human trafficking for sex or labor exploitation that is the basis for human trafficking.

As for kidnapping, two of the three 1983 counts involve due process or equal protection claims. One involves “unlawful seizure” because “by fraudulently inducing individual Plaintiffs to cross state lines in the manner described herein, Defendants unreasonably seized Plaintiffs without just cause.” The count states that, “particularly after the individual Plaintiffs had boarded the airplanes and were in mid-air, Plaintiffs were not free to leave, and were induced into that condition through false promises and misrepresentations.” The thrust is a temporary seizure under the Fourth Amendment.

The lawyers are alleging that the migrants were mislead or defrauded in going to Martha’s Vineyard. The flight is portrayed as “designed and executed a premeditated, fraudulent, and illegal scheme centered on exploiting this vulnerability for the sole purpose of advancing their own personal, financial and political interests.”

Gov. DeSantis responded by calling the lawsuit “political theater,” which is ironic given that the flight was clearly designed as precisely that type of political theater.

However, most of these claims are highly dubious and will require substantially more factual support to survive a threshold challenge. The first challenge will be to show that the waiver was secured by trick or fraud.  The consent form – available in English and Spanish – states:

“I agree to hold the benefactor or its designed representatives harmless of all liability arising out of or in any way relating to any injuries and damages that may occur during the agreed transport to locations outside of Texas until the final destination in Massachusetts.”

A consent form in multiple languages provided to migrants. 

The lawyers are citing a brochure to support the claim of fraud. The brochure reads “Massachusetts Refugee Benefits” with instructions for how to change an address with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), including USCIS Form AR-11, “Alien’s Change of Address Card.” The complaint states:

On information and belief, the brochure was manufactured by Defendants. The brochure echoed the type of false representation that had been given orally, including statements such as: “During the first 90 days after a refugee’s arrival in Massachusetts, agencies provide basic needs support including…assistance with housing…furnishings, food, and other basic necessities…clothing, and transportation to job interviews and job training…assistance in applying for Social Security cards…registering children for school….”

The brochure had a separate section entitled “Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA),” which stated: “Provides up to 8 months of cash assistance for income-eligible refugees without dependent children, who reside in Massachusetts.” It had other sections that described “targeted services for . . . employment.”

The state says that the brochure takes material from the state website for refugees and migrants.

The state is also likely to replay media accounts of migrants expressing satisfaction with going to the island, including an NBC report as well as a Telemundo report of migrants thanking Desantis.

The most serious allegation is that Florida officials “told them they were flying to Boston or Washington, D.C., which was completely false.” The question is the proof of that representation since the waiver refers only to the destination being “the State of Massachusetts.”

Most of the claims are barely defined, let alone supported. For example, on false imprisonment, the complaint merely restates defrauding claims:

The Plaintiffs’ participation in the federal immigration processes—to which they are constitutionally entitled—was impeded, as they were transported thousands of miles away from where they needed to continue immigration proceedings. Plaintiffs were not informed that they would be flown to an island off the coast of Massachusetts that can only be reached by plane or ferry. The first time that many of the putative class learned that their destination was Martha’s Vineyard was when they were in mid-air. When they arrived, they were not provided with any of the goods and services which they were promised by Defendants. They felt defrauded and tricked and were traumatized by the experience.

The only confinement alleged is the flight itself, which necessarily does not allow people to leave mid flight. Thousands of migrants have been transferred by flights to locations around the country, including trips arranged by the Biden Administration and a Democratic mayor.

The complaint is stronger on rhetoric than supporting facts or law. It will face a motion to dismiss and that the litigants may be able to offer more evidence of a fraud or misrepresentations to negate their signed waivers. However, this is unlikely to result in a serious threat to these ongoing flights by various states. This is a civil action that, even if it can survive threshold challenges, will be in the court system for a long time in seeking to establish these claims. Many of these claims are likely to be dismissed or abandoned in the course of that litigation.

Here is the complaint: Alianza-Americas v. DeSantis

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  1. Vera Institute of Justice & CAIR founded “Acacia Center for Justice”: [1]. “The objective is to expand on Vera’s work over the past twenty years in providing legal support and representation to immigrants facing deportation through the development, coordination and management of national networks of legal services providers serving immigrants across the country,”

    DoJ awarded “Acacia” six “legal services” contracts to the extent of $ 41 Million taxpayers money.


    1. I have zero problem with private groups seeking to assist illegal or other immigrants.

      Government may not pay for it.

      Government may not pay for pro-life clinics. It may not pay for abortions.

      For immigration generally, I would propose – sealing our borders airtight. No one is allowed in illegally.
      get rid of our entire current system of immigration law, and replace it completely with private sponsorship of immigrants.

      No quotas at all, no asylum. no preferences.

      Employers, churches, non-profits, individuals can each choose to sponsor any immigrants they wish – in whatever numbers they can prove an ability to support.

      100,000 per year, 5M per year – that is up to those who are willing to put them up.

      Afghani’s, Syrians, Vensezuelans, Indians, Chinese – sponsor whoever you wish.

      Remove all decisions about hwo we let in and who we do not from the government, to the people willing to sponsor them.

      Wounds like democracy to me.

  2. Professor Turley’s article is disingenuous. The illegal aliens (aka “migrants”) didn’t file anything.

    Rather, activists from “Alianza Americas” and “Lawyers [Purportedly] for Civil Rights” recruited some illegal aliens who arrived in Martha’s Vineyard last week to join their class-action lawsuit against Governor DeSantis. And that means that what’s really happening here is that Billionaire Criminal George Soros is using the illegal aliens as fronts and political pawns to attempt to attack Governor DeSantis.

    How do we know that Criminal Soros is behind the scam? Because we know that Lawyers for Civil Rights, a leftist activist organization, revealed it filed its class-action lawsuit on behalf of Alianza Americas. And financial records show that Alianza Americas received $1,383,947 from Soros’s Open Society Foundations. The grants came from three of Soros’s non-profits: Open Society Institute, Open Society Policy Center and Foundation to Promote Open Society. And Soros has been giving additional special grants to fund this illegal alien scam.

      1. “On a broader note: “Dan Bongino” podcaster Matt Plumbo, a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, exposed in: “The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros” he “philanthropist”‘s deep ties to Biden administration:

        1. RE:”On a broader note: “….. All the revelations which have been set forth in so many of these issues, across many months and years, which incriminate individuals to ‘the nines’ have yet to be codifed into indictments, trials and convictions. Little fish, from time to time, but the whales are still in the water.

    1. “And financial records show that Alianza Americas received $1,383,947 from Soros’s Open Society Foundations. The grants came from three of Soros’s non-profits: Open Society Institute,”

      Thank you, JF, for pointing out what we are seeing. Certain people from the left have been creating court cases for years and buying up prosecutors and others. Many legal claims are creatively made, but they are meaningless except for the press pushing such claims as front-page news. In the meantime, almost everything the left does is hidden by the media and is only seen in non-biased or right-wing news articles. The left is getting an “authoritarian” type of positive news coverage when they are supposed to be protecting our Republic.

    2. Based on a longevity actuarial chart, George Soros has an actuary of 3.4 years left in the land of the living. I wonder what drives such individuals as he? Is it his purpose to do all the damage he can in his few remaining years? He’s clever and I am sure his organization will continue onwards.

      Why not live a little? Why are the septuagenarian and octogenarian elites hell bent to follow such a path? They won’t be around to see the long term effects of their power and money. Joe, Nancy, Mitch, Chuck and Donald (to name a few) will likely be gone or incapacitated in less than ten years.

      I don’t envy them. They will die alone and naked like the rest of the world. Their wealth and power will not follow them beyond the grave. Everything they have will go to others.

      “As for man, his days are like the grass. As a flower of the field so he flourishes. For the wind passes over it and it is gone and the place thereof shall know it no more.”

    3. What crime did Soros commit?

      I don’t recall him having been indicted, much less convicted of a crime.

  3. I am sure the greater majority of people illegally entering this country with the help (at a cost) from the Cartel and an administration who are promoting the fall of the United States are here to get out of their once lovely countries that are now torn apart by Marxist tyranny.

    Now, it is learned that Venezuela is emptying out their prisons and ushering them into the United States. I remember when Castro did the same. Most who came on the flotilla were seeking a new opportunity. But, he sent the violent criminals. Two of them passed through my hometown and murdered in cold blood two convenience store workers.

    The elites who force this debacle on our nation are not impacted. They live in walled compounds and can afford security. That is why they instantly deported the tiny fraction of diverse people who dared breech their wonderland. The irony is so thick a Jack hammer could not penetrate.

    This administration has gone off the deep end. Their plan is to barrage the citizens from every direction. Our enemies must be elated. The media are willing participants in the massive psychological warfare operation being perpetrated on our nation. This is not random. There is a diabolical objective in play.


    “Bowser was complaining about what, at the time, totaled 4,000 migrants over a three-month period into her city of more than 707,000. In March, by comparison, DHS was dropping off up to 150 migrants per day in Uvalde, population 15,312, or roughly one migrant for every 102 residents daily…

    I’m sympathetic to DC and New York City, but I’ve talked to officials in those much poorer border towns about their struggles to deal with the costs. Perhaps now that Democrats are complaining, the administration will finally pay attention.”


    “For years, Democrats painted then-President Donald Trump as cruel to migrants. Biden’s campaign site promised he would “welcome immigrants in our communities” and “reassert America’s commitment to asylum-seekers and refugees.” Message received: Millions of desperate people in Latin America, and the cartels and trafficking networks that profit off their misery, are ready to cash in those promises.

    In practice, the Bidenites’ compassion takes the form of thousands of children stacked atop each other in filthy cages. Social distancing isn’t even attempted. It’s a full-on emergency, while the president, his party and his blue-check media allies studiously look the other way.

    Have you noticed? All your friends who took to Facebook to decry Trump’s “concentration camps” are oddly silent now.

    The real problem is that Democrats want open borders but refuse to admit it. Open borders, where we fling the gates wide to anyone who wants to enter, are extremely unpopular. They’re also untenable: We simply can’t take in everyone who wants to come.”

  6. Jonathan: There is so much misinformation and disinformation re DeSantis’ stunt in flying Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard it’s hard to decide what is most important to point out. You have added to the confusion by saying the migrant’s class action lawsuit is a “smattering of claims face considerable legal barriers based on the consent of the migrants, as shown in a waiver released by Florida” You even reproduced the consent form.

    Michael Hiltzik has a long column in the LA times (9/21/22), “The Saga of DeSantis migrant flights gets uglier”, in which he examines that very consent form. He points out the consent is “missing a Spanish translation of an entire paragraph attesting that the passenger agrees to ‘hold the benefactor or its designated representatives harmless of all liability…relating to any injuries and damages that may occur during the agreed transport'”. How could a migrant who speaks only Spanish consent to something left out on the consent they were provided? That’s the part you apparently missed when you examined the consent form.

    Hiltzik also points out the plaintiffs say that at a migrant center in San Antonio they were approached by two individuals who identified themselves as “Perla” and “Emanuel”–who promised the migrants that if they agreed to be flown out of Texas “they would receive employment, housing, educational opportunities, and other assistance upon arrival”. That was a lie. Immigration law says a migrant can’t work until being in the country for 6 months–the assumption is that a migrant’s asylum request will be adjudicated by that time. Hiltzik also says the migrants were “kept…in hotel rooms for as long as five days, separated from any legitimate migrant assistance workers, while they rounded up enough passengers to fill the planes”. False imprisonment anyone?

    Hiltzik points out that the migrant’s lawsuit mentions that “Perla” and “Emanuel” did not travel with the migrants but they [the migrants]were “handed a packet of information about refugee resettlement programs in Massachusetts, which the passengers, in fact, didn’t qualify for”. “Perla” and “Emanuel” also gave the migrants cell phone numbers they could call if there were any problems. When migrants called the number after they arrived their calls went unanswered. In defending the flight DeSantis lied on Fox News. He said Martha’s Vineyard was a sanctuary city. It is not and Massachusetts has never enacted legislation identifying itself as a sanctuary state.

    Lie upon lie. Deceit upon deceit. That’s DeSantis’ solution to the immigration problem and something you ignore in your column.

    1. Dennis:

      False. No one was imprisoned in hotel rooms. These illegal immigrants had been turned away from overcrowded shelters and were sleeping on the hot parking lot. They were given a hotel room for a few days, and they were REPEATEDLY asked if they had changed their mind about going to Massachusetts. Some of them did change their mind and decided not to go.

      Democrats look absolutely terrible on this. It appears they talk a big game about welcoming illegal immigrants, as long as it’s red state border towns who are the ones getting crushed by the influx. As soon as a few of them showed up in Democrat cities, they were calling in the National Guard, sending them to military bases, and crying fowl. This wrecked their image, so now they’re lying about kidnapping and the like. They certainly can’t explain their behavior with the truth.

      You claimed Massachusetts is not a sanctuary state. In reality, it’s more complicated.

      “In 2017, Massachusetts’ top state court ruled that Massachusetts court officers do not have the authority to arrest someone suspected of being in the U.S. illegally if that person is not facing criminal charges, the state’s highest court ruled Monday. That’s effectively gave the state sanctuary status.” In addition, dozens of communities in the state have laws expressly creating sanctuary for illegal aliens.

      The state explicitly offers a variety of services to both legal and illegal immigrants.

      1. Karen S: It’s not really that “complicated”. Some immigration groups consider Massachusetts a “sanctuary state” because of the 2017 state supreme court ruling. But, in fact, despite many proposals the state has never passed legislation to make it a “sanctuary state”–unlike Oregon that actually passed such legislation in 1987. So what’s so “complicated” about the issue?

        Re keeping the Venezuelan in hotel rooms in San Antonio I was quoting from Michael Hiltzik’s column in the LA Times. I have no first hand knowledge of how the migrants were treated. If you have a complaint take it up with Hiltzik. But your statement implies you do. So please cite your sources for your statement that they were “REPEATEDLY asked if they had changed their mind about going to Massachusetts”. You seem to know a lot about how and under what circumstances the migrants were held in those hotel rooms. More facts would be helpful in determining whether the issue of “false imprisonment” was involved. Notice my reference was followed by a ? mark. Perhaps, the litigation by the 3 migrants will further illuminate this issue you seem to dismiss out of hand.

        And it’s not the Dems who “look absolutely terrible on this”. It was DeSantis and Abbott , GOP governors not the Dems, who engaged in a cruel political stunt–rounding up migrants, seeking asylum under US law, and shipping them to unknown destinations. They look “terrible” because the migrants were lied to and deceived. The 50 Venezuelans were told they were being flown to Boston but then dumped in Martha’s Vineyard without even notifying state officials in advance. This stunt put the migrants legal status in jeopardy. I think that’s what DeSantis and Abbott wanted. And, despite Turley’s claim, the consent/waiver statement they migrants signed is not worth the paper it was written on! And the National Guard was called in because they have the facilities to house the migrants pending relocation and because there was no prior notice for state and local officials to adequately prepare in advance. That’s the part you seem not to understand.

        No, it was DeSantis and Abbott who “wrecked their image” by treating asylum seekers as just human cattle! It appears you are the personification of rabid anti-immigrant hysteria in this blog.

        1. Dennis:

          If you’re going to accuse someone of holding immigrants hostage in hotel rooms, you should provide your evidence. Repeating an unfounded accusation is not evidence.

          Joe Biden has been flying illegal immigrants to red states during the night, without notifying them. If you think not notifying Martha’s Vineyard was reprehensible, then you’ll have to feel the same about Biden’s flights, which are far more numerous.

          You have presented no evidence the immigrants were lied to or deceived. By comparison, the signed waiver was posted which showed their destination was Massachusetts.

          All of these false accusations are like Hillary Clinton, making up the Russia hoax in order to divert public scrutiny from her email scandal. Democrats are just making up false accusations to deflect from how fast they swept illegals out of Martha’s Vineyard, and sent them to a military base. They’re NIMBY hypocrites. It won’t matter that these court cases will fail. All that will matter is that the false accusations will become incorporated into the consciousness of Democrat voters, like you. People like you will keep repeating the false accusations, and it won’t matter how much evidence will be presented to you disproving it. You will just keep repeating the false propaganda like you have other Democrat false propaganda. You’ll always have this feeling that “something” unethical was done to migrants by DeSantis. In that way, it’s effective.

          It’s like that deliberately false story claiming Trump called racists, “very fine people”, when in fact he said, “and I’m not talking about the white supremacists and the Neo Nazis, who should be condemned totally.” Truth doesn’t matter when lies are so much more effective in politics.

        2. Flying people to wealthy Martha’s Vineyard is treating them like “human cattle”? If so, sign me up! I would like a free trip to Martha’s Vineyard! Ideally, with a nice yacht ride and a delectable luncheon.

          Were they living like cattle when they were sleeping on the hot pavement of the parking lot because the shelters were overfull? Should they have been left there?

          You Democrats sure do like to talk a good talk, and spend other people’s money, but don’t seem to appreciate pitching in to share the burden of illegal immigrants in communities, schools, and hospitals.

  7. Counter-sue the lawyers and groups who put them up to this for a trillion dollars. Put them out of business forever.

  8. Three illegal aliens who probably can’t spell cat filed a lawsuit. These high minded liberals on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket love green energy but fought like hell to stop the wind turbines from being built on Nantucket sound and vineyard sound, where the wind never stops blowing. Rules for thee but not for me. What a bunch of bull $hitten hypocrites! Independent

  9. More On Today’s Appeals Court Ruling

    The appeals court agreed with the Justice Department’s argument that prosecutors needed access to the classified materials in order to assist the national security review. It also forcefully rebutted Mr. Trump’s attempts to claim in public — but not in court — that he had declassified the sensitive records at issue.

    Mr. Trump “suggests that he may have declassified these documents when he was president,” the appeals court wrote. “But the record contains no evidence that any of these records were declassified.”

    The court went on to say, “In any event, at least for these purposes, the declassification argument is a red herring because declassifying an official document would not change its content or render it personal.”

    The ruling would significantly streamline the process now underway before the special master, Judge Raymond J. Dearie, whom Mr. Trump’s lawyers had recommended for the role. If it stands, Judge Dearie will no longer have to assess the materials marked as classified, although he would still oversee vetting of the larger trove.

    Mr. Trump “has not even attempted to show that he has a need to know the information contained in the classified documents,” the appeals court wrote. “Nor has he established that the current administration has waived that requirement for these documents. And even if he had, that, in and of itself, would not explain why plaintiff has an individual interest in the classified documents.”

    Edited From:

    It turns out that all those critics of Judge Cannon were fairly astute in their analysis.

  10. The prestigious law firm of Green & Fazio, LLP has graciously agreed to serve as co-counsel representing the psychologically damaged illegal aliens:

    1. Awesome ! I miss the good old days when comedians went after the absurd with unbridled sarcasm.

      1. Yes, a long, long, long time ago, SNL had wonderful comedic talents. That’s hard to believe if you’ve ever watched the show in recent years. This “commercial” was from an exceptionally fine SNL vintage period, featuring (in no particular order) such terrific performers as Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Nora Dunn, Jan Hooks, Victoria Jackson, Jon Lovitz, Rob Schneider, Dennis Miller, A. Whitney Brown, and Kevin Nealon.

  11. I told you they would do this. Dramatic needs to hit back hard….only the feds have standing….because migration has been pre empted. Period. So none these migrants have a case. Only the feds have standing….per Arizona vs us. And since only the feds have the case they need to do it by mic. ..and by preemption. Let’s see if they actually go there… prompt a governor who already said his state has the constitutional right to exclude. It’s a constitutional blinking contest!….that mag a wins. We already denied him his troops. We will win this blinking contest too.

  12. “America is apparently the only nation on earth where you can enter by violating our laws and then a week later sue the government whose laws you violated.” ~Sen. Marco Rubio

    1. Shakespeare knew where to begin restoring sanity.

      The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.

      1. Olly…………Clarification: Dick the Butcher (in Shakespeare’s “Henry VI”) knew that lawyers would stand against anarchy, hence, they had to be killed.
        It was the anarchists who wanted the lawyers killed.

        1. Thanks Cindy. Today they are inciting it. Different problem, same solution. It’s almost like the root cause of most of what ails us are lawyers engaged in lawfare.

          1. Olly…..I inderstand. I would not have known the Shakespeare if I weren’t married to an attorney who was an English Lit. major in undergrad.
            One thing about the legal profession that you usually don’t find in, let’s say, the medical profession. They’re not afraid to reprimand their own. Look in any State Bar journal and you’ll see several pages of reprimands, suspensions and disbarments.
            The Shakespeare quote I love is “who steals my purse steals trash…..But he that filches from me my good name…….” .etc, etc…….(Othello)
            Very powerful.

            1. Not sure that’s accurate…we haven’t seen any disciplinary actions against anyone who mislead the FISA Courts with unverified “Russian Collusion” claims to spy on Trump and associates. I could be mistaken though. It’s not like we’d ever know based on legacy media reporting decisions.

        2. RE:”It was the anarchists who wanted the lawyers killed..” Topsey-turvey now from what one can discern constitutesof law school faculties and their effluent. The lawyers are now the anarchists.

    2. They’re not suing the US Government. They didn’t violate Florida state law. Rubio either can’t keep distinct government entities separate, or he can but chooses not to.

  13. Breaking News:

    Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of DOJ Regarding Siezed Documents

    A federal appeals court on Wednesday restored the Justice Department’s access to documents with classified markings that had been seized last month from former President Donald J. Trump’s Florida residence, handing a victory to federal investigators in their efforts to examine Mr. Trump’s hoarding of sensitive government records.

    In a strongly worded 29-page decision, the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit blocked part of an order by a federal judge that had temporarily barred the department from using the classified materials in its inquiry into whether Mr. Trump illegally retained national defense documents and obstructed the government’s repeated efforts to recover them.

    Edited From:


    Professor Turley ran with Hunter Biden today because he knew this ruling would come in addition to New York’s civil suit.

    1. Breaking news, liberal left wing democrats are so freightend of Donald Trump they want to destroy him any way they can.

  14. You are part of the problem if you are going to join in the gaslighting and refer to illegal aliens breaking the law as “undocumented migrants”

    Are people who rape others just “undocumented boy/girlfriends” as well? I guess people who steal from stores are just undocumented buyers.

    Here’s the thing, John…leftists hate you because you call out the insanity going on so you don’t need to try and score virtue signalling points with them by using their Orwellian terms. A person who illegally enters a country with the intention of residing there is an alien and a man who thinks he is a woman because he has gender dysphoria is still a man and should be pronounced as he, not they, her, etc.

    If you TRULY want a lot of the insanity going on to eventually stop then quit playing along by using the Orwellian terms.

  15. So they commit a crime by crossing the border illegally, are given free transportation, clothing, healthcare, phones and shelter – and then they turn around and bite the hand that feeds them.

    These are going to make some incredible new US citizens. Good going Joe!

    Let’s go Brandon.

    1. Good post Mitch.

      By the way, ignore the anonymous troll asking who you are. He ate paint chips as a child and cannot understand how JT attracts followers that have a functioning left-half of their brain.

      1. Olly, we know who Mitch is. He’s the same guy who writes half the comments each day. Why must we pretend Mitch is some new commenter?

      1. That’s what everyone does now. Every single one. They pay the cartel to get them to the border, where they claim asylum. Over 90% don’t qualify. Democrats are seeking to expand the asylum rules over the international standard, so that everyone would qualify, which would mean we’d have to take in millions of people a year.

        These are people gaming the system, and we should stop allowing violent criminal cartels to operate as our immigration system.

        1. Actually, Karen, the majority of people in the US illegally enter on valid visas and then overstay their visas.

          1. Deceptive! Those who overstay their visas are counted in total not based on the year they arrived. Those who cross the border arrive and stay but only those crossing that year are counted.

            Can’t trust this guy.

          2. Anonymous:

            Am I talking about visa overstays, or pregnancy tourism, or am I talking about those who pay $15,000 to a cartel coyote to smuggle them to the border, where all of them claim asylum now?

            Also, those figures about who comprise the majority were before 2 million illegal border crossings within less than a single year.

        2. RE:”These are people gaming the system.” Disagree. The system has been changed to facilitate the endgame. The people are a means to the endgame, and are merely the beneficiary of same, for the present.

      2. Don’t quit your day job or lose your shovel, you were cheated out of your law school tuition. Unless you have a visa, it is illegal to enter the US anywhere but at a designated point of entry. These are illegals invited by a traitor cheated into the WH. by faked ballots.

    2. To be fair, it is a leftist, Trump hating Lawyer who lied to them to get their signatures on a legal contract to represent them.

  16. 10% of the 9000 that Biden allows to stream over the border every day should be bussed to Democrat Sanctuary cities and enclaves in the north.
    900 a day……20 buses a day…every day….share the diversity and cultural enrichment these immigrants provide, they’re a blessing that should be shared equally .

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