President Biden Pushes Hunter’s Addiction as CNN Omits Questions on Influence Peddling and Contradictions

This week I wrote a column on a notable shift by political and media figures on the Hunter Biden scandal toward a last line of defense: the addiction defense. This shift is most obvious with President Joe Biden who spent years insisting that his son “did nothing wrong,” even bizarrely claiming that “no one has suggested that my son did anything wrong.” That defense was picked up by the White House.

Then it changed as prosecutors reportedly moved closer to criminal charges and the President no longer denied that his son did anything wrong but rather that he was an addict when he did allegedly criminal things. I called it the “seven percent solution” and it was on full (and uncontested) display in the President’s interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

The interview had some probing and interesting questions on issues like Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia but, for those eager to hear the President answer substantive questions on the scandal, the interview followed the past media pattern.

Tapper neither challenged the suggested defense (which has glaring problems) nor raised the allegations of a multimillion dollar influence peddling scheme by the Biden family.

Biden was asked about the possible criminal charges from David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for Delaware, Biden immediately went to addiction and said that Hunter is now “on the straight and narrow.” He then repeated the same lines about addiction in the questions that followed:

“This is a kid who got, not a kid — he’s a grown man. He got hooked on — like many families have had happen, hooked on drugs. He’s overcome that. He’s established a new life…

…He is — I’m confident that he is — what he says and does are consistent with what happens. And for example, he wrote a book about his problems and was straightforward about it. I’m proud of him…

…He came along and said, by the way, this thing about a gun — I didn’t know anything about it. But turns out that when he made [an] application to purchase a gun, what happened was he say – I guess you get asked, I don’t guess, you get asked a question, are you on drugs or do you use drugs? He said no. And he wrote about saying no in his book.”

As discussed earlier, the most obvious problem with the addiction defense is that Hunter did not appear to have any chemical-based challenge in maintaining a global, multimillion-dollar influence-peddling scheme.

Not only is this possible prosecution not based on a drug offense, it would feature a high-functioning defendant who earned millions in influence peddling. Indeed, the now-sober Hunter has repeatedly acknowledged that while his family name may have led to some of his past positions, he is a lawyer with experience that was useful in work like serving on the board of Ukrainian energy conglomerate Burisma Holdings.

Moreover, using the addiction to defeat the gun and tax charges will only heighten questions about the influencing-peddling allegations. If Hunter was a hopeless addict incapable of criminal intent or sound decision-making, why were foreign interests clamoring at his door to give him millions of dollars as a board member, lawyer or consultant? Without skill or capabilities to sell, you are left with raw and open corruption to gain access to or influence with his father.

Yet, once again, CNN and Tapper did not ask President Biden about millions of dollars collected from foreign sources in what was a raw influence peddling scheme by his father.

He was not asked about allegations of the involvement of foreign intelligence figures in these dealings.

He was not asked about references to the President himself as receiving a percentage of the take. It seems that millions of dollars raised in an alleged corrupt enterprise with foreign interests involving his son and brother was not sufficiently newsworthy to even ask about in one of the few interviews granted by this president.

Tapper also did not ask the President about emails and other evidence directly contradicting his repeated claims that he knew nothing about any of these business dealings.

Weeks ago, I discussed the possible plea bargain on limited charges as the best case scenario not just for the Bidens but the media which has buried this scandal from the outset.

The most important element of that “controlled demolition” of the scandal is to avoid discussions of the influence peddling scheme and foreign sources of this money. The CNN interview proved the perfect framing of that demolition project by discussing the addiction defense but avoiding any discussion of past false statements by the President or his family’s involvement in influence peddling.

With these questions not being pursued by the media (and the inexplicable refusal of Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel), political and media figures are only enhancing the case for the GOP in seeking to use congressional oversight to look into these dealings after the midterm elections.

The Democrats recently blocked (again) efforts to investigate the dealings, but the GOP has made this a priority if they take the House. One of the greatest advantages to a Special Counsel (beyond the independence from main Justice) would have been the issuance of a report on these dealings.

Just as the media buried the Hunter Biden story before the 2020 election, it is now avoiding a full discussion of the foreign influence detailed on the laptop before the 2022 midterm elections. While the media now belatedly recognizes as authentic, it has a striking lack of interest what is contained in these emails. There just never seems a good time for the media to pursue the influence peddling scandal involving the Biden family.

I understand that Tapper had much to cover and I have previously praised him for his skills as an interviewer. No one would question his judgment in addressing such important issues as the threat of the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Moreover, Tapper was given a rare opportunity to interview a president who rarely does sit down interviews — leaving a host of matters to be addressed.

However, the President and his family have been implicated in a massive influence peddling scheme. Regardless of whether it is connected to criminal charges, it is the type of raw corruption that should be a concern for not just the public but the media. With the President’s past claims contradicted on his son and his own knowledge, it warranted greater attention given the President’s minimal access for sit-down interviews.

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  1. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth would shed the light of day on the nefarious dealings of the Washington crowd. What we the citizens see instead is a two tiered justice system. All the DOJ has to do is appoint a special investigator. If there is nothing to hide, then all of this goes away. An experienced forensic audit team could make short work of these accusations. If it is good enough for regular citizens then it is good enough for the President and his family.

    We won’t see that. Those in power won’t let it happen. They have too much to lose. They will flood the airwaves and all communication with evasive propaganda. They will send their trolls out in force. There is too much to hide. But, where are the reporters and members of the legacy press? Social media giants? They silenced the ones brave enough to raise questions. Why has the FBI and DOJ sat on this powder keg? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Their defense of these rich elites is comical. The regular folks are hurting under the crushing economic challenges brought about by this administration. Go to the grocery store, restaurants or fill up your car. It is not pleasant.

    Why would anyone not want a deep investigation of this matter? Unless they have something to hide.

    1. “ If there is nothing to hide, then all of this goes away.”

      If only that were true. But that’s not how it usual goes. When they can’t find anything they don’t just stop there. They start a new investigation to find what they cannot find again because their reasoning is that a lack of evidence IS evidence that some crime occurred.

      There is no need for a “deep investigation” of this matter because those same experienced investigators know that there is noting illegal about influence peddling. The Trump kids did it during their father’s term and it was not illegal either.

  2. Professor Turley is being too kind to Tapper. The latter’s willful avoidance of the obvious questions is indicative of the bias that permeates almost all of the MSM. Tapper had the POTUS sitting in front of him, yet managed to avoid the most important questions. The insinuation by Tapper is that only Republican upstarts would be concerned with this issue. I am sure he knows otherwise. Tapper’s approach is not merely unprofessional- it is cowardly.

  3. Here’s Ivanka’s own influence peddling issue.

    “One major factor in their outside profits came from Ivanka Trump’s ownership stake in the Trump Hotel in DC, just blocks from the White House and the locus of influence peddling in the Trump administration. Before business slowed down due to the pandemic, the couple paid a combined 23 visits to the hotel. All told, Ivanka made more than $13 million from the hotel since 2017, dropping from about $4 million a year between 2017 and 2019 to about $1.5 million last year, at least in part due to the pandemic. On top of the drop in revenue, there’s an unexplained drop in the value of her ownership. Having previously claimed it to be worth between $5 million and $25 million, in her final disclosure she listed it as only worth $100,000 to $250,000. She did not report selling any of her ownership share in the hotel.”

    …”Just a month before her father was elected president, Russia renewed two trademarks for Ivanka Trump’s business. This would be the start of a pattern. In 2017, Ivanka’s business won preliminary approval for three Chinese trademarks on the same day that she dined with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago. In May 2018, Ivanka’s business was awarded “registration” approval from the Chinese government for five trademark applications, with an additional one getting “first trial approval.” The same week, President Trump announced he would try to save jobs at ZTE, the Chinese telecommunications giant closely tied to the government. A month later, Ivanka’s business got registration approval for three more Chinese trademarks, on the same day her father announced he’d lift sanctions against ZTE.”

    Oh there’s some raw corruption going on there Turley why haven’t you mentioned this problem of pure raw corruption?

    The crazy thing is..its’ all legal. Just like Hunter Biden’s business deals and making millions just because he’s associated with the family name. The Trump family has been doing this for decades just like any other family connected to powerful members of congress. This is why the Hunter Biden “scandal” is really a nothing burger and why nobody really cares.

    1. You are exactly correct. The Trump family is mega corrupt. The more Trump cheerleaders in the media can point to others being somewhat corrupt it gets voters to not focus on how thoroughly corrupt the Trumps are and say “well, I guess everyone is corrupt so I will vote Trump.”

      Meanwhile, Jared Kushner – after heading a foreign policy under Trump which favored the Saudis – got $2 billion from the Saudis as soon as he was out of office. I do not think Trump has ever been asked about that in any of the many fawning interviews he does on Fox.

      1. Ignorance runs rampant on the left. When you repeat the stupidity of Svelaz, you place yourself in the same class as he. Try not to be so silly next time.

    2. After all of that, Democrat prosecutors never filed a single charge. Because there is no crime, no violation of the Constitution. Someone tried the Emoluments clause, but the Judge tossed the case very early on.

      In short, while lengthy stories are written, they only excited the stupid.
      A great example is the NYC CIVIL case, Claiming Trump kept two sets of books for property valuation. Still waiting for how exactly how NYC is being harmed, and what relief is being sought. But people in the business, know it is nothing.

      1. “ A great example is the NYC CIVIL case, Claiming Trump kept two sets of books for property valuation. Still waiting for how exactly how NYC is being harmed, and what relief is being sought. But people in the business, know it is nothing.”

        The investigation is ongoing. Trump may be looking at tax fraud both from the state and federal statutes. The relief they are seeking is the right amount of taxes owed because he artificially devalued his properties for tax purposes. I hear tax fraud is frowned upon by state and federal authorities.

        1. . Trump may be looking at….

          Sure, just keep making stuff up. You are too stupid to understand the NYC brought a civil suit against Trump. A civil suit that may not survive the first court room hearings. As no entity is harmed, and no relief is evident.

          1. It won’t survive. The victim(s) would have been the bank(s) that loaned the money, except the loans were repaid in full with interest, pursuant to the contract(s) to make the loan(s). Thus, no victims. If no victims, then no damages, thus no civil lawsuit. All the discovery in the world will not change those facts, which are the minimum gravamen of any civil complaint.

        2. .Svelaz, is your intellect not up to the challenge of answering the question?

          How was NY harmed?
          How does Trump’s evaluation of his properties affect his NY or federal taxes?

          This was all explained to you numerous times, and you couldn’t offer a rebuttal or anything that made sense. To repeat the same claims is stupid. That is something you are good at.

          ” kept two sets of books “

          Different types of books are kept for different purposes. But what Trump puts in his books doesn’t change his taxes. Taxes are determined by government agencies. Bank loans are made based on the bank’s assessment of value.

          Stop the stupid repetition present in almost every one of your responses.

  4. Biden … “Elvis has left the building”
    It is a phrase that was often used by public address announcers at the conclusion of Elvis Presley concerts in order to disperse audiences who lingered in hopes of an encore (Biden 2024).

  5. The political left and their lapdog media are going to milk the drug addict narrative as an unethical and immoral rationalization to justify Hunter’s possible illegal actions. It’s absolutely amazing to watch the political left flush their morals to protect their herd.

  6. Hunter Biden isn’t the only one engaging in raw corruption. Jared Kushner has been doing the same thing.

    “As the Times reported, the Saudi sovereign wealth fund agreed to funnel at least $2 billion to Kushner’s new firm, Affinity Partners. In return, the Saudis received not only nearly 40 percent of the firm’s regular management fees, but an additional “stake of at least 28 percent” of Kushner’s firm and recognition as a “cornerstone” investor in this new enterprise.

    …Yet the stench from Kushner’s deal doesn’t stop there. As The Intercept reported on Monday, the pitch from Kushner’s firm to its Saudi partners was as crooked as they come. Bookended by vapid corporate pablum (Kushner’s firm claimed it is “accelerating transformation through connectivity”), the firm’s pitch centered on Kushner’s former role in Trump’s White House and the kinds of political connections Kushner could offer Saudi partners. Centering on the “network” that Affinity would bring, Kushner’s firm did little more than point to contacts in the Trump orbit as a reason for investment. “They said they’d never seen such a joke of a deck, openly talking about ‘networking’ and ‘networks’—i.e., our corrupt insider contacts,” one source connected to potential fund investors told The Intercept.

    Indeed, the pitch itself was so void of content that the Saudi panel screening investments objected to the deal, citing, among other things, the “public relations risks” associated with bankrolling Kushner’s firm. Yet the panel was overruled by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund’s management, which included Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s leader and Kushner’s texting pal.

    There’s nothing illegal in Kushner’s actions, per se. But the details of the investment—the players and amounts involved, the lack of any kind of broader financial strategy on Kushner’s firm’s part, all linking Trump’s family and one of the worst regimes extant—are the kinds of egregious violations of public trust in which the Trump family has long traded.”

    See? It’s legal and just as corrupt as Turley claims Hunter’s activities are. But Turley conveniently ignores it because it doesn’t benefit his audience meaning his just a hypocrite.

    1. ” It’s legal and just as corrupt as Turley claims Hunter’s activities are. “

      Svelaz Stupidity continues unabated. There is no evidence that Kushner did anything wrong. However, people became concerned that correlation could be accounted for by causation.

      In Hunter’s case, the FBI did nothing with the laptop.
      In Kushner’s case, there was an immediate Congressional Committee that investigated. It found nothing.

      What Hunter did was hidden in the murky waters of political intrigue.

      What Kushner did was visible to all and had to meet standards, something Svelaz lacks.

      What happened? Saudi Arabia has a public investment fund of about $640 Billion. They smartly diversified their assets. If one bothers to look at the financial aspects of this investment, it seems to be a good deal all around. According to what Svelaz has copied, they profit off by taking a share of the profits, Affinity makes, and have an investment vehicle.

      They know Kushner ( I frequently know the people involved in my investments.) Kushner understands their needs and will not embarrass them. There was a concern that this was a new venture, so the Saudis being shrewd businessmen, only provided 500 million of the 2 Billion untilAffinity met specific criteria. Affinity Partners, which is in the US is scrutinized like other investment firms and has to meet the usual requirements.

      Now Svelaz, instead of being your usual silly self, tell us how much scrutiny existed for Hunter’s investments. To date, we see checks routed all over to hide the money trail and legal issues on every step Hunter has taken to get money. We see Hunter’s partners in jail, and there are videos, phone calls, and texts involving Joe Biden. What we do not see is interest by any government agency to investigate. Bobulinski provided material to the FBI that would lead to a widespread investigation and likely convictions. The FBI didn’t call Bobulinski back, showing they were hiding any criminality performed by the Bidens.

      Now, silly Svelaz, you can tell me what I said that is wrong and provide facts as I have. You won’t because you are a silly person ignorant of almost everything.

  7. I believe it was Hannity and Tucker who recently brought up the addiction issue rather than Joe. They did it by playing a private voice mail message where Joe expressed concern for his son Hunter and asked him to seek help. This, of course, backfired on the FoxNews crowd so now Turley wants to make it seem like it is Joe trumpeting the addiction card as a preemptive defense for – something.

    Anyway, pretty much any caring father would make that call. Lots of people have addicted children.

    This is similar to when Hannity tried to play up Hunter naked on a water slide with a bunch of women around. This fell flat on the Trump fans in his audience, as it made Hunter look like a cool alpha, so Hannity quickly moved on.

    Turley, there is no there there with Hunter. Sure, a stolen laptop is in the hands of law enforcement which is desperately looking for a crime. But you really should not just be mining someone’s emails for some sort of crime – a lawyer who believes in civil liberties should know that.

    1. You don’t have to look very hard to find a crime. And you don’t have to look at Hunter either. Just take Joe at his own (bragging) word:
      his threat, when he was in the Ukraine to “fight” corruption to withhold US funds unless the prosecutor who planned to look at Hunter’s firm was fired. No there, there? But if you listen to the testimony of Tony Bobolinsky, who is a totally credible witness, you see many disturbing acts by the family Biden, including, but not limited to Joe.

  8. Oh, Hunter Biden has a well-documented history of drug and sex addiction, but it’s the now well-documented history of addiction to power and wealth in the Biden crime family that needs an intervention.

    This scumbag president has and will continue to try to hide his legacy of corruption behind the legacies of his living and dead sons.

    1. What is this corruption everyone keeps talking about? Nobody has been able to articulate EXACTLY what crime Joe Biden is guilty of or what law did he break?

      This is only about calling it “corruption” and imply a crime was committed without any evidence. Turley’s own attempt at proving the claim of corruption is hilariously silly. He relies on the “mystery” of Hunter making millions as a board member because he had little to no skill. But Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump had prominent positions in their father’s administration without any notable skill or experience and still made millions. I guess Turley is saying Trump engaged in raw corruption too. What a character Turley is.

        1. Olly, prove me wrong. Show me exactly what this corruption is? What exactly is the crime? What law or stature is he breaking? Turley claims Joe Biden is involved in a massive influence peddling scheme, what exactly is this scheme he’s talking about?

          Can you shed some light on this? Just blathering “corruption” and “influence peddling” is not evidence of a crime or illegal activity. So what is it?

          1. That’s all we do is prove you wrong, day in and day out. Then, like the sun rises in the east, you shift strategies based on the failed results of your previous days trolling. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

            So as long as this is Svelaz, then the only reasonable and efficient response to you is: Lying Troll,

            1. Olly, you haven’t proven anything. You still can’t tell me exactly what crimes or laws or statutes Joe Biden has broken?

              What exactly is corrupt about Joe Biden’s activities? Nobody has been able to articulate exactly what that is. What is it?

              1. Joe Biden is the ‘chairman’ of a criminal enterprise. To define the exact nature of any criminal activity, from petty theft to murder, one has to investigate. The claims against Joe are strong and come from many different directions. Bobulinski is one, but there are countless others. Though not the best article, you can start with this:

                That the FBI has not investigated Joe Biden means they are protecting him. We now know the FBI is crooked. They tried to get Steele to document all the claims in the Steele Dossier against Trump. Though he was already supposed to provide those details, they offered Steele an additional $ 1 million for the verification. He could not produce any verification, yet the FBI continued their investigation of Trump, knowing they were dealing with a lie.

                In the case of Joe Biden, they refuse to look further though documentation of criminal activity is on tape, voice mail, email, pictures plus data from many other sources. Based on the lack of investigation of Joe Biden, we know we are dealing with another FBI lie.

                You still fight against the veracity of Hunter’s laptop but continue to believe things disproven about Trump that are proven lies. This proves you are a hypocrite and not very bright. It also proves that you cannot be trusted and should not be listened to. You have a total lack of credibility.

                You have the answer. Search for yourself for further criminality and protection involving Joe Biden. Here on in, I think the label chairman of a family criminal enterprise is appropriate until the FBI does a real investigation and proves it to be true.

                Blog members do not need to waste time with Svelaz.

                Single words or phrases are sufficient, as one cannot convince a liar of anything.

                Joe Biden’s charge until investigation: Chairman of a criminal enterprise.

  9. “He was not asked about references to the President himself as receiving a percentage of the take.”

    There was an email where some random guy proposed something to hunter about a deal that never happened in an email where Joe was not even copied when Joe was a private citizen. That is what Turley thinks the media should be focused on.

    1. Obviously Turley believes that’s what corruption is. Is he really a “distinguished” law professor?

  10. “ If Hunter was a hopeless addict incapable of criminal intent or sound decision-making, why were foreign interests clamoring at his door to give him millions of dollars as a board member, lawyer or consultant? Without skill or capabilities to sell, you are left with raw and open corruption to gain access to or influence with his father.”

    That’s his evidence? Getting millions of dollars as a consultant, lawyer that didn’t seem to have skill or capabilities to sell?

    There are a lot of people who are board members of large companies who don’t have skill or capabilities or even experience and still manage to make millions. This is not a crime. It’s not even illegal.

    We are not, “left with raw and open corruption to gain access to or influence with his father.” Funny thing is you can say the exact same thing about Jared Kushner. He had multiple positions in his father-in-law’s administration had NO SKILL, NO EXPERIENCE, and NO CAPABILITIES either,. He DID have ready access to Trump AND benefited from his position and family name to make business deals. One involving the Saudis bailing him out of a billion dollar real estate problem. That sounds a lot like…influence peddling. Ivanka was in on the family name influence peddling game too. Making business deals in China and getting priority in exchange for putting in good word to her father. Oops that is also influence peddling. Turley sure didn’t notice that glaring contradiction or as he says, “raw corruption”. Hey guess what? THAT is totally legal too. That is why Hunter Biden’s business deals and influence peddling are just as legal. It seems Turley is peddling this “scandal” for the benefit of the gullible MAGA nutties on his blog and those inclined to read his columns. I think that is what he calls “feeding the rage”. You know, the thing he complains about…A LOT. He is just another hypocrite with a law degree, a penchant for flogging dead horses and peddling non-existent “scandals”.

  11. “I hope you can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard but unlike Pop (Joe), I won’t make you give me half your salary.”
    Hunter Biden 2019 text

  12. Trick Question?

    Which family is more corrupt the Biden’s or the Clinton’s?

    Honorable mention to the family of Pelosi.

  13. If you asked George W. Bush or court testimony from the late Rush Limbaugh – both would say (and have said) drug addition is a health issue not a criminal issue. Limbaugh’s ACLU affiliated attorneys made this very point in defending Limbaugh from criminal prosecution.

    The failed $1.2 trillion “War on Drugs” has literally destroyed the 4th Amendment – without the legally required constitutional amendment. America exceeds China as the world’s largest jailer.

    Not only is drug addiction a health issue but has destroyed our constitutional “rule of law” also. Federal prosecutors are supposed to follow the letter & spirit of the 4th Amendment. People sitting in prison also don’t pay payroll taxes or help stimulate the economy.

    If drug addition was a health issue for Bush and Limbaugh, why not Hunter? Read Limbaugh’s court brief, written by ACLU affiliated attorneys.

    1. “If drug addition was a health issue for Bush and Limbaugh, why not Hunter? “

      You have a problem if you cannot see the difference. Many of us don’t care if Hunter takes drugs as long as we don’t have to pay for his bad conduct.

      The majority of people in jail today for taking drugs have to steal to support their living. Neither Bush nor Limbaugh had that problem.

      Hunter needed lots of money to support his bad habits, so one has to look at where it came from and how foreign actors might be involved. Where did Biden get his money? Joe has been a legislator for half a century. Where did he get his money? That creates immediate suspicion, and from what we have seen, that suspicion is likely criminal.

  14. Wow, Turley is really peddling this “scandal” hard. He still has the same basic problem. Influence peddling IS NOT ILLEGAL. Making millions because he was a board member of a foreign company IS NOT ILLEGAL.

    What is amazing is that Turley never mentions what statute or law exactly is Hunter Biden breaking. John B. Say claims President Biden is the one who is breaking the law, but like Turley he can’t articulate exactly what law and what evidence he has besides assumptions and innuendo.

    There IS a reason why the DOJ is struggling to come up with charges, meaningful charges to justify an investigation that started in 2018.

    Turley has been beating this dead horse so hard and so much that he is leading his gullible readers and MAGA nutties into a frenzy of outrage and incredulity over the coming meager charges or possible no charges at all. I’ve been sayin this for a while now. Nobody cares about this. This isn’t a scandal. His frustration and increasing focus on Hunter Biden’s problems stem from his inability to recognize that this is NOT the big “scandal” that he has hyped it to be. Reality is not being kind to Turley’s expectations and he’s already making excuses for the underwhelming results of this investigation that was originally just an act of pettiness on the part of President Trump because he was upset about being investigated himself.

    Again, influence peddling is not illegal. Neither did he violate FARA because he qualified for the commercial exemption of the statute plus the DOJ knows it is extremely difficult to prove he was violating a statute that is rarely enforced, because it is written so broadly. Paul Manafort who pled guilty to violating FARA had more concrete evidence against him showing he DELIBERATELY hid his association with Ukrainian government officials and political parties, He pled guilty to tax fraud and lying to the FBI.

    1. Read Laptop from Hell. You’re a bit ignorant of many facts. And put down the cool-aid. You embarrass yourself.

      1. What does the laptop do? It has been tainted evidence long before the DOJ got it’s hands on it. Nobody can tell who dropped off the laptop, even the owner of the repair shop. Multiple copies of the hard drive were made before the DOJ got it. How knows how may people may have tampered with it or added to it? If this were introduced as evidence in court it would be considered inadmissible because of the lack of a clear chain of custody and the multiple copies of the hard drive. You should than idiot Rudy Giuliani for that.

        1. Svelaz: “tainted evidence”? Hunter Biden has never disputed that he dropped off the laptop at the repair shop. In fact, his attorney asked for it back. He also never suggested that any of the contents are “forged” or “tampered with” in any way.

          1. Edward, the hard drive from that lap top was copied multiple times and it was given to Rudy Giuliani who then distributed the contents to more people. There is nothing that prevented the repair shop owner or Rudy from adding things to the evidence before the DOJ got it. It’s tainted evidence It wouldn’t be admissible in court. That is why the DOJ has not used the contents as part of it’s investigation. Remember the only probable charges that they can bring against Hunter Biden are lying on a form after purchasing a gun, and taxes. This tells us that after 4 years of intensive investigation this is all they could come up with and they are not even sure those charges will stick.

            This is why Turley is making excuses for an expected underwhelming end to this investigation.

            1. Svelaz, what information on the computer was not placed there by Hunter?

              If the data is not claimed to be forged by Hunter (or Joe) why do you think it is forged?

              Answer the question or stop the silliness.

            2. Svelaz – claiming without the slightest evidence, and despite the absence of any such claim by Hunter himself, that the contents of the laptop were altered by persons unknown is about as responsible as claiming that Hillary’s computer was hacked by the Russians. The mind of the left-wing American is stuck in a world of fantasy.

      2. Jim, as we now know, the letter signed by the intel officials that said this story had all the earmarks of Russian disinformation, was in itself part of a classic Russian disinformation campaign perpetrated by our own intel community.

        By the way, Svelaz is our resident Lying Troll. He’s not on here to debate facts. He’s on here to obscure them.

        1. Olly you have not rebutted or refuted anything I’ve said. Your inability to do so speaks volumes about the lack of real evidence about this “scandal”. Instead of facing that unfortunate truth you resort to ad hominem statements.

          1. JT is a distinguished law professor. You are a Lying Troll. Neither are ad hominems; they are titles. You should wear yours with honor.

    2. FYI. Carrying water for Democrat liars, crooks and crackheads has occupational hazards. You’ll be forced to carry enough water to fill the Atlantic Ocean. That will lead to irreversible back problems. Hopefully, Democrats included a provision in Obamacare that reimburses their sycophants for the cost of back braces they must wear from carrying their water.

    3. The writer is shocked — shocked! — that anyone would accuse his senile president, an undistinguished multi-decade Washington timeserver, of corruption. Influence peddling is not corrupt, he argues, as if being on the take isn’t a political crime. Many people would like to know how Biden became a multi-millionaire on a Senator’s salary. Probing the infamous “ten percent for the big guy” statement from Hunter’s laptop is a good place to start. Answers won’t come from the partisans at CNN, NY Times, or Garland’s politicized DoJ and FBI, but they will come if Republicans take both houses of Congress and start asking questions that Jake Tapper and others won’t ask.

    4. Lets accept SOME of your claims.

      I agree that alot of Hunter Biden’s conduct MIGHT not be criminal.

      MIGHT is not the same as absolutely is not.
      What should be obviously true – even to you, is that there is far more than enough that there should be REAL investigation.

      Hunter Biden is absolutely operating very close to the lines of what is and is not criminal
      He i far over the line of what is or is not repugnant.

      Lets assume after intense investigation that it is established beyond any doubt that Hunter Biden danced really close – but never broke any laws. That VP Biden and his family profited greatly from his public office – getting money hand over fist, but managed to stay just inside what the law allows.

      Does that mean we entirely ignore it ? Should we have as president a man who is obviously incredibly corrupt and has been for years – but is really careful to stay barely inside the linesN ?

      I do not think most of the stuff regarding Hunter Biden should be crimes. I do not give a schiff over the FARA nonsense.
      FARA is bad law regardless. I barely care about the Firearms violation – despite the theoretical penalty, it is unlikely that he faces anything serious over failing to disclose a drug problem on a firearms application.

      There is likely huge problems related to taxes, but except where there is obvious willful efforts to evade taxes, the NORM is you pay the taxes and penalties. Though I suspect there is willful or egregiously reckless tax behavior.

      Nor do I mostly care about investigating Hunter Biden.

      The HUGE deal here is that Hunter was part of a much larger scheme that was OBVIOUSLY intended to profit everyone with the name Biden, as a side benefit of Joe Biden’s public offices.

      Criminal or not – that MUST be thoroughly investigated.

      The big deal about the press and SM burying the Hunter Biden story in 2020 was NOT – is Hunter a criminal, it is not even is Joe a criminal. The Big deal is that the american people – voters are entitled to know the character – particularly those aspects of Joe Biden’s character that have to do with his public service.

      Even if VP Biden was operating entirely within the law – voters are entitled to know that he was using his public service to profit himself and his family.

      Even if a deep dive never lead to a criminal act, voters were entitled to know Biden’s conduct.

      We are not entitled to know about his son’s drug problems, his relationship problems, etc.
      We are not entitled to know of Hunter Biden’s business dealings that have absolutely nothing to do with Joe Biden.

      Even if Hunter is trading on Joe’s name, even if Hunter is selling influence based solely on that name – that is not critical news.
      Though it does require investigation.

      The Big deal is that Voters are entitled to know how the man they are looking to make president has acted within other public service jobs.
      Even if the answer is – he has used public office for personal profit but never violated the law.
      we are entitled to know before we cast our vote.

      All of the above is the most innocent possible outcome.

      There is much more than probable cause – the standard for a warrant. to beleive there is MORE.
      I do not have and do not know of incontrovertible proof that Joe Biden has acted criminally.
      But I have much more proof than necescary to REQUIRE that to be investigated – and the results to be made PUBLIC – whatever they are.

      One of the big deals about the collusion delusion is that there was NEVER enough to investidgate.
      There is far more than is necescary for an investigation here.

      And yet those of you on the left want to jump straight to – you do not have incontrovertable proof of guilt – therefore your done.

      By the standards Democrats set for impeachment – Joe Biden should be impeached and removed as president.

      YOU have said proof beyond a reasonable doubt is not required.
      That high crimes and misdemeanor’s do not have to be actual crimes, or that the misconduct needs to be actually illegal.

      In the most favorable light to the Biden’s – they personally and actively profited off of Joe Biden’s public service, but carefully avoided violating the law.

    5. There is no exemption in FARA that allows you to lobby the US state department to meddle in the criminal process in a foreign country to the benefit or the company you work for.

      That is by no stretch commerce

    6. DOJ is struggling because there is a demented lunatic in the WH, ranting about nuclear armegedon and telling everyone that no one F#$Ks with a Biden. and that person and his son are the target of the investigation.

      Absolutely no one in the DOJ want to hold this hot potato

    7. Whether you like it or not, whether ultimately there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime.
      This is a scandal. People do want to know, and they are entitled.

      Separately the likelyhood there was criminal conduct here is very high.
      The likelyhood of proving it to the standard the courts require for bribery is low.

      It sill should be investigated – by the FBI, by the press, and much of that investigation must be public.

    8. Manafort was convicted of Tax fraud, bank fraud and failing to disclose a foreign bank statement.
      Manafort plead guilty to conspiracy to defraud the united states and witness tampering.

      Nothing involved FARA, nothing involving politics, or Ukraine or Russia.

  15. Down here in the mud, the blood and the beer many, many ‘drug’ addled people serve hard time for just thinking about their addiction.
    (My once-favorite mechanic e.g., who could not read or write, served 22 months for having two (2) pills (hillbilly heroin) in the wrong container. .. but he is dead now.)

    Do you know where the Laptop is, or not? While we know the FBI confiscated the Laptop back in 2019, they continue to refuse to discuss ongoing criminal investigations.

    *Snowden for President 2024 ‘BC War is Old Men Talking and Young Men Dying’

  16. The interview had some probing and interesting questions on issues like Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia but, for those eager to hear the President answer substantive questions on the scandal, the interview followed the past media pattern.

    Hopefully when the Republicans take over the US House and Senate, they can depose Senile Joe without cue cards, and impeach him 3, 4, 5 times, as many as it takes till his brain becomes mush, which should not take much effort. Then impeach Camel-uh, then Pelosi, then failed SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland and keep going until all of the Democrat insurrectionists have had a dose of their own medicine.

    Chances of Republicans following up on any of Biden’s impeachable crimes? As likely as their defunding Corporation for Public Broadcasting (e.g. National Peoples Radio, NPR), dissolving Obamacare, shuttering the US Dept of Education and many other missed opportunities when they controlled Congress

    1. What would Kamala be impeached for — not showing up to break a tie vote? She learned the pat answer “I’m going to get back to doing my job” in response to any criticism when she was D.A. and Atty Gen but under the Constitution the VP has no job.

  17. Democrats ignore their obvious crimes….virtually anyone in DC for more than 12 years…is 100% corrupt…republican(RINO) or democrats!
    Anyone in jail for the biggest crime in America History…the Russian Hoax?

    1. I love that. When democrats are criminals it’s always everyone in DC are criminals.
      Not so if republicans are accused. Then it is the end of democracy and no one ever says they are all corrupt.

  18. Mr. Tapper enjoys the reputation and compensation of a world class correspondent.

    In reality he is a shill for the Democrats.

    What is pathetic is the number of lefties who watch him and nod their heads approvingly at Mr. Tapper manipulates them.

    Conspiracy between those who lie and those who want to be lied to.

    1. Tapper….reputation? You mean like Don Lemon? Jesse Smollett? Please…that is laughable
      That is like awarding Bernanke a Nobel Prize…for printing Trillions to rescue Wall Street and Billions…to make sure Wall Street bonuses are paid for FAILURE!

    2. monument colorado – To reinforce your point: Tapper was an assistant to a Demorcratic congresswoman, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky; Chuck Todd worked for the 1992 presidential campaign of Democratic Iowa Senator Tom Harkin; GeorgeStephanopoulos was an important advisor the Bill Clinton; the late Tim Russert was chief of staff for N Y Sen Daniel Moynihan. There are many other examples that could be cited. In practice, there is little distinction between the Demoractic Party and the MSM.

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