Air Force Reportedly Admits the Improper Release of Confidential Sexual Assault Records of Indiana GOP Candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green

There is an interesting development in the unauthorized release of confidential sexual assault files involving Indiana GOP candidate Lt. Col. Jennifer-Ruth Green. According to two members of Congress, the Air Force confirmed that the records were leaked just before the midterm elections and now knows who did it.

Green has attracted national attention in a surprisingly competitive race against an incumbent Democratic Rep. Frank Mrvan. The race has Democrats so worried that the Congressional Black Caucus took the controversial step of backing her white opponent despite a stated purpose of being “a non-partisan body made up of African American members of Congress” committed to achieving “access to Black Americans and other marginalized communities.” (Notably, this week, GOP Rep. Mayra Flores was barred from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus).

A spokesperson for the Air Force inspector general, Ann Stefanek, Chief of Media Operations, Department of the Air Force,  told Fox News:

“Based on the preliminary findings of an investigation, it appears information was released to a third party by a junior individual who didn’t follow proper procedures and obtain required consent. The Department of the Air Force takes its responsibility to safeguard private information seriously and the matter remains under investigation.”

Obviously, this could have been a simple act of negligence by the Air Force member. Nevertheless, the violation by the Air Force should obviously concern everyone regardless of party affiliation, particularly before a critically important midterm election. One question is the affiliation or motivation of the person seeking these files.

The controversy began when Politico reporter Adam Wren ran a profile article on Green and incorporated the personnel records, which Politico claimed “were obtained by a public records request and provided to Politico by a person outside the Mrvan campaign.” The article detailed how Green was sexually assaulted by an Iraqi man while she was deployed. Green says that she never signed any waiver or permission for the release of her records under the Privacy Act of 1974.

The question is who is this “person outside of the Mrvan campaign” and whether that person was with an opposition research effort or other political operation. Presumably, Politico would have reported if the source was with a partisan operation allied with Mrvan. However, this controversy demands full transparency on such key elements.

Despite being a Democratic stronghold for 90 years, the 1st District is now viewed as a “toss up.”

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  1. The Pentagon is out of control. CRT, transgenderism. climate change, and, now, the intentional release of confidential personnel records in an effort to affect the political process. Come January 2029, Trump will clean house.

    1. I don’t see how bein raped by the enemy helps the democrats….who want women drafted and in combat roles……? Basically set up for raping. this works against such foolishness!!!! The real question here is linsey graham….who loved macsally…until he found out she too was a victim!! He strongly believes victims need drum.ed out of the dod….because of bagagge….like he has no baggge! Even Ginsberg I re he had baggage!! Let’s see where this leak came from. Odds are It was Kinsey graham element….who believe in baggage!

  2. Reprehensible, to release her sexual assault information without her consent, for political purposes. That’s low.

    How was this “third party” induced to release the records? Was that person the Democrat activist who took it upon himself or herself to leak the documents, or did an activist bribe someone?

    It’s like the leak of Trump’s tax returns. The idea that a political activist is acting for the “greater good” can excuse all manner of crimes and unethical, Machiavellian behavior, as long as they get to define “the greater good.”

    There should also be an investigation into Green’s allegations that she was punished with suddenly negative performance reviews upon making an official complaint of sexual assault.

    1. How did this hurt her politically? Yeah she is damaged people wise….but politically how did this hurt her? She was the victim! If our enemy! So it didn’t hurt her politically…..instead it hurt her personally. Like macsally. There is room for that….but I’m sick of women….be equal and fight but stop pretending victims. She made it in a man’s world… her some beef….they didn’t protect my records? Tell that to macsally. Women aren’t hearing it…I just got a letter from the irs to my husband….our taxes filed in my name. Yet apparently he has other kids? To use the did etc and stimukus…no he doesnt. So let’s just remember for a minute who trying to create outrage! Is she? And if so why?

  3. The report that was exposed concerning Lt. Colonel Green was that she had a dissatisfactory report when she was in Iraq from a person who did not serve in Irag while she was there. How is it then that she has been promoted to Lt. Colonel since then. “I have unquestionably progressed as a military member, promoting to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and successfully completed a command tour,” Green wrote in her statement to politico. We should find it interesting that Politico would not name the person who gave them the leak when FOIA requests are public information. Politico mostly did a good report on Green but they just couldn’t help themselves from publishing a smear near the end. Consequently they could say to their friends on the left that the were not helping a Republican with a favorable story. Amidst all of this there is no evidence concerning whether the FOIA request was granted. The Air Force has admitted that it was some kind of mistake and not that it was via a FOIA request. Another leftist smear bites the dust. An appropriate place for the leftist to reside.

    1. After making many FOIA requests, one eventually hits on the meta-request, a request of all requests in the last couple years.

      1. At the end of that thread, there’s a link to a DoD FOIA log. Apparently it has FOIA requests through 3Q2021, not for the past year yet. The response said a defect in the request was that it was for an identity rather than a written record.

  4. There’s a problem with this story.

    Politico shamed the victim of a sexual assault.
    Think about that for a second.
    You have someone doing research for an article and then report that she was assaulted.
    Not that she was guilty of committing assault or other crimes, but that she was the victim.

    A journalist would have left it out of the story since it wasn’t public knowledge (ie the candidate self disclosed the incident in public) and that the only purpose of including it was to harm the candidate.

    Just something to think about. Especially in this age of ‘wokeness’.


    1. Yeah that’s how I’m thinking it…she was a victim of sexual assualt. By the enemy. So release of this…doesn’t necessarily harm her. Who it really harms is linsey graham….who believes anyone sexually assaulted has “baggage” and mental health in and the dod exists to drum out the victim! He sat on that new York senator Kristy panel and said as much! That the dod needed to maintain its rubric of drumming out victims. Because they had baggage. Meanwhile he served in senate next to that fighter pilot from arizona….who did really well before she confessed she was a victim. These women were victims of sexual assault. Last I looked america is 50% women…And we don’t blame the victim! In these cases.

  5. 1. This is absurd. The Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus should disband. It’s absurd to think that either represents the interests of all Black or Hispanic members, just as it would be absurd to pretend that a Congressional White Caucus would represent the interests of all White members (if they were even allowed to exist at all). If they do continue, then they need to be renamed “Democratic Congressional Black Caucus” and “Democratic Congressional Hispanic Caucus.” There is no point in pretending that they are non-partisan when they’re not.
    2. Serious question up for debate (and unrelated to this specific instance): Why are leaks of private/confidential/sensitive data about individuals not treated like cyberattacks? Is stealing/misusing private/confidential/sensitive data from an individual different than stealing/misusing private/confidential/sensitive data from an organization?

    1. Janet, the Congressional Black Caucus has declared itself for Democrats only, since around 2003. These are the grounds by which they regularly deny membership to black Republicans.

      In the interests of clarity, they should rename themselves the Congressional Democrat Black Caucus, and cease claiming to represent the interests of all black people. Same for the Hispanic Caucus.

  6. The left only likes their step and fetch it kind of black folks. They give preferential treatment to the white candidates if they too step and fetch it for the party. They should be celebrating the participation of black candidates in the political process but instead they try to dig up something derogatory about Republican black candidates. Their go to plan is to implicate their black opponent’s in some sexual act. The same thing was done to blacks by the KKK in the south. Their tactics haven’t changed much in the present times. See Herschel Walker. If Herschel or Green won’t step and fetch it then bygolly their going to knock them down a peg or two

    1. America went off the gold standard in 1933.

      America went off the Constitution and Bill of Rights in 1860.

      America went on the Communist Manifest in 1860.

      “On June 5, 1933, the United States went off the gold standard, a monetary system in which currency is backed by gold, when Congress enacted a joint resolution nullifying the right of creditors to demand payment in gold.”


  7. OT

    “…a non-partisan body made up of African-American members of Congress…”

    – Professor Turley

    Point of clarification: Are they African, American or hyphenates?

    When individuals are referred to as [foreign]-Americans, are they hyphenates or are they not hyphenates?

    Are they Americans or NOT Americans if they are, oh, let’s say, East Timorese-Americans?

    The irrefutable answer is that if one is a hyphenate, one is not an American.

    One cannot be half pregnant and one cannot be half American.

    “If you’re half right, you’re half wrong and if you’re half wrong, you’re all wrong.”

    – Unknown

  8. Some here say that the leak may have been a mistake by some low level underling. The question is, what organization received the leaked material? Information is now coming out that her records were leaked to a Democratic research firm and not through a foia request. The Air Force is investigating to find out if there was a political motivation to the leak. My assessment is that innocence had nothing to do with the leaking of the records of a service member who sacrificed for her nation. By the way, there his no footage of her smoking a crack pipe with a prostitute for Politico magazine to hide.

    1. Thinkittrhough, there was no leaking of information. It was legally obtained through a FOIA request by a third party. The Air Force made a mistake in processing a request that was not supposed happen.

      1. Svelaz:

        How can both of your statements be true, that it was “legally obtained through a FOIA request by a third party,” AND “the Air Force made a mistake in processing a request that was not supposed to happen.”

        The Air Force is prohibited from releasing private service records, including those of a sexual assault, without the consent of the service member. Therefor, the information was NOT legally acquired.

        In addition, we do not yet know if it was an honest mistake, a miscommunication, or a deliberate bad act on the part of the person who released those file.

        Whether or not something is inconvenient for your party, or illustrates unethical behavior, has no bearing on the facts of the case, which need to be investigated.

        1. Even if the AF accidentally released information it should not have – those who made that information public are still despicable, if not criminal.

  9. I find it more astonishing that the Congressional Black Caucus supports a white incumbent Democrat over a clearly qualified Black GOP candidate — and that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in its by-laws excludes Hispanic Cong. Flores because she is a Republican. So basically, the groups misnamed themselves to appear inclusive and should be renamed the Democratic Black Caucus and the Democratic Hispanic Caucus. So … Democratic Party.

      1. The Congressional Black Caucus is blocking a black Republican from joining

        The Congressional Black Caucus has blocked GOP Rep. Byron Donalds from becoming a member, showing once again that Democrats only care about race when it serves to advance their politics.

        Donalds, a freshman representative from Florida, had previously been a member of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus. But the CBC, made up entirely of Democrats, has rejected Donalds as a member, apparently on the grounds that he did not vote to certify Joe Biden’s election victory.

        Of course, a double standard is being applied to Donalds here even if that is the logic the CBC is using. After all, California Reps. Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee and Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, all members of the CBC, similarly tried to stymie the certification of the 2016 presidential election. Waters and Jackson Lee have a history of refusing to accept GOP presidential victories going back to 2000.

        TL;DR: it is difficult living off of the Mastuh’s Democrat Plantation
        You can’t expect an idiot like Maxine Waters to actually work huh?

      1. Enigma:

        Actually, the CBC declared itself open only to Democrat members back in 2003. They routinely and openly reject black Republicans on political grounds. They made a very unusual exception for Mia Love. It was originally envisioned as a bipartisan group, but Democrats refused to allow a diversity of views. Its platform is that of the Democrat Party. It will only make the rare exception to admit a black republican if he or she agrees with that platform.

        “First-term Del. A.C. Cordoza, R-Hampton, said the decision came after he told the caucus he disagreed with most of its platform, which skews largely Democratic and progressive. The caucus was recently a leading voice in recent police reform initiatives, many of which GOP lawmakers are trying to roll back.

        “I don’t know what to do,” Cordoza said in a floor speech. “I’m a legislator, I’m Black, and I want to help the Black community. Maybe I need to start my own caucus, the Virginia Non-Leftist Black Caucus.””

        Notably, the CBC supported the defund the police movement, the war on fossil fuels responsible for astronomical gas and heating oil prices as well as an increase in the cost of all goods and services, the mandating of electric vehicles, which is insupportable by the power grid, and many other disastrous far Left policies that have so harmed the community. The reason why black conservatives wish to join the CBC is to course correct from its far Left agenda.

    1. Latina GOP Rep. Mayra Flores says Congressional Hispanic Caucus rejected her membership request
      “The caucus’ website does not state that only Democrats are allowed to join. However, caucus spokesperson Sebastian Roa told The Texas Tribune that caucus bylaws prohibit Republicans from joining.

      “Rep. Flores’ Extreme MAGA values and their attacks on Latinos and our nation’s democracy on January 6 do not align with CHC values,” Roa said.”

      Rep. Flores won her election running on what I would call common sense, traditional values that Latinos hold dear.

    2. So basically, the groups misnamed themselves to appear inclusive and should be renamed the Democratic Black Caucus and the Democratic Hispanic Caucus.

      Life outside the DNC Plantation is hard. Thomas Sowell wrote that when blacks were freed from their white slaveowners, after the South / Democrats lost to the North / Republicans, many could not survive since they lacked basic educational skills. Today, the black and hispanic caucuses suffer likewise; they also have an inferiority complex. Blacks have always had the latter problem, Mexicans and Puerto ricans as well, though not Cubans, Argentinos, Venezuelans, Chilenos, etc.

      If you dont believe in yourself, as blacks, PR and Mexicans do not when in America, their inclination is to shackle themselves to whites to gain validation. Why else does Joyless Reid work for MSNBC? OTOH, Cubans have long seen themselves as a people with orgullo, identidad y raíces. There is a reason why Cubans run Miami government, Miami Dade County government and clearly much of Florida government. Texas, California, and Arizona has no such Mexican dominance nor voice in those state governments. They know that if they did what Cubans have always done since arriving in America, Democrats would put an end to their political career, e.g. Texas Democrats turn on El Paso whistleblower Claudia Rodriguez “The El Paso County Democratic Party blasted Councilwoman Claudia Rodriguez for admitting the Biden administration was pressuring the border city.”

      Ive been a Democrat my entire life but switched parties to NPA in 2020. I contacted my Florida County Supervisor of Election to send me a mail-in ballot. The choice between Marco Rubio and that detestable Val Demings, a Nancy Pelosi puppet, is a no brainer. I might just vote for Ron DeSantis given the Democrats in Florida support castrating little boys and performing double mastectomies on little girls without parental consent.

      The Democrats today care not a whit about minorities. They just see us as their slaves on the DNC plantation, doing their bidding. They can not admit, as President LBJ characterized blacks, that they lost the Civil War.

      I’ll have those n******* voting Democratic for 200 years
      – President Lyndon B. Johnson

      ¡Viva Estados Unidos!


      1. Estovir,
        Well said!
        Dems seem to have take it for granted that Hispanics/Latinos hold things like education, safe communities, religion, and family in high regard.
        All things the Dems are attacking or show disregard for.
        I know they see this whole sexualization of children as disgusting.

      2. Well said, Estovir.

        My maternal grandparents were lifelong Democrats. I cannot see them voting Democrat today, with this craze for castrating boys and sterilizing girls, allowing biological boys into girls’ locker rooms, punishing girls who say they’re uncomfortable about it, funding Drag Queen shows in the US and even Ecuador with taxpayer money, pushing for books to be in elementary school libraries claiming it’s wonderful to change genders when in fact it puts the child on the path to castration, the high gas prices, and high inflation. The current Democrat Party hammers the common man, and has blatant contempt for blue collar workers and their values.

        Years ago, I used to vote either way. I voted for most issues on the ballot that claimed to help schools or the environment. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that most of those measures actually harmed the people it was supposed to help, and that “it’s for the schools or environment” has been used as false cover for out of control pork spending and gifts to cronies.

  10. The person(s) that approved the released of the information from Lt. Col. Jennifer-Ruth Green’s military record should have the entire UCMJ thrown at them in a career ending Court Martial. Stupid just doesn’t cover this kind of conduct and it cannot ever be tolerated, period!

    1. A bit hyperbolic, but fair. The majority of the Punitive Articles can’t be applied here. Service member can accept Non-Judicial Punishment and we will never hear about it.

    2. People make mistakes, even in the military. This happened to judge Cannon too when a court clerk mistakenly put sealed documents on the public docket an were exposed to the public briefly. These things happen.

    3. Sounds like the same playbook that leaked the Roe opinion for political ends.

  11. “Obviously, this could have been a simple act of negligence by the Air Force member. ”

    Occam’s razor should clearly apply here.

    1. Negligence is neither the simplest nor likeliest explanation. We’ll see what the Air Force says. Be prepared for the worst.

      1. Not trying to be confrontational…what information are you basing your theory on?

        1. Safeside824, the Air Force has procedures in place to prevent privacy violations. These procedures exist in every major organization in this country and are extremely strict. Then there’s the fact that the “mistake” happened to a Republican running competitively for office in a Democrat district (mere coincidence?). Then there’s the fact that Politico–which leans left–understands all these red flags and published it anyway. Smells like a hit job by amateurs.

          I remember the Air Force enlisted who shot up a church in Texas. The Air Force had failed to release his personal records which probably would have prevented him from purchasing a gun legally, but a distinguished colonel’s records get leaked and published by mistake? That needs to be investigated.

          I don’t want a service member who made an honest mistake to get destroyed over this, but I also don’t want General Milley sweeping dirty tricks under the rug. I trust the Air Force (that’s about all I trust these days). We’ll see what they say.

          1. I was Air Force for 26-years. While Personnel and Records Management were not my fields, I do understand the Privacy Act. Not saying you are wrong, but absent a confession, this smells more like a mistake than malicious intent.
            If memory serves, the Texas shooter was a failure by Office of Special Investigation (the field LtCol Green was assigned to while on active duty) personnel to properly input the shooters information into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) (they manage it for the Air Force) which would have flagged him.
            I would not expect any revelations from the Air Force. Unless the service member(s) want to do a Gen. Billy Mitchell (Court-Martial in lieu of Non-Judicial Punishment), we will probably not hear about it (Privacy Act). Plea-bargain (Easy) vs trial (might lose). A General pushing the Court-Martial option opens themselves up to Undue Command Influence allegations. But I’ve been wrong before.

            1. Safeside824, thank you for your service to our country. Perhaps events will prove you correct. I’ll trust the Air Force’s findings.

  12. OT: Amazing admission!

    “Dem Sen. Warner admits Trump was right about TikTok
    “Donald Trump was right on TikTok years ago.”

    “If your country uses Huawei, if your kids are on TikTok, if your population uses WeChat as a social media platform, the ability for China to have undue influence is, I think, a much greater challenge and a much more immediate threat than any kind of actual, armed conflict,”

          1. “Tik tok is no different than reels from facebook.”

            The statement proves your ignorance.

  13. Professor Turley hopes, “Nevertheless, the violation by the Air Force should obviously concern everyone regardless of party affiliation, particularly before a critically important midterm election.”

    I remember the ABSURD lies perpetrated against Justice Kavanaugh. I remember the Russian-collusion hoax. I also remember Trump’s tax returns being leaked with malice. Professor Turley, there is a pattern of abuse in the District of Corruption that proves Democrats don’t give a d*** about decency.

    The Democrats and their stinking toadies in the media will enthusiastically assault Lt. Col. Green’s privacy and laugh about it at their cocktail parties. These people are total pigs. We can’t do anything about the media, but the Democrats need to be wiped out in the next election because people this hypocritical are beyond redemption.

    As for the perp in the Air Force, Air Force generals still have a code of honor, UNLIKE Milley’s hack generals and Gilday’s radicalized admirals. I believe the Air Force will court-martial the leaker if they find out it was done as a political stunt.

    1. Diogenes, isn’t it all about math? When one reads about abuses, one takes note of the numbers for each variety and cause. You list a few examples, and when adding the rest, predicting what has happened becomes easy without all the information.

      The math creates the statistics that explain why predictions of Democrat malfeasance are reasonable.

      Democrats are not good at math and statistics when they don’t want to be.

      1. Alan, there’s so much corruption these days, I can hardly keep up with it. My mind is boggled on a daily basis by Democrat chutzpah and corruption. I just hope we win!

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