Christmas Baubles Wreak Havoc in the Streets of London

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It is a little early to do our Christmas torts column, but this scene out of London is worth sharing: people had to flee giant rolling baubles that broke free of a decoration. The two giant baubles then rolled menacingly through a part of London.

The video shows one of the baubles slamming into a street pole in this holiday horror scene.

This is not the first such instance of potential battery by rolling ball:

Clearly negligence could be alleged in the failure to secure the baubles. This is not the first Santa-related tort alleged at the holidays. However, he can argue an act of God (in the form of unusually strong winds) as a superseding intervening force.

Yet, while strong winds are reportedly to blame, some of us see the hand of a more sinister figure.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Baubles Wreak Havoc in the Streets of London”

  1. When the first sphere struck the utility pole to the left, it seemed as though the outer shell tore off–transmuting it into a menacing, supercharged ball of energy. If this was Tokyo, I would soon expect the arrival of Akira.

      1. Oky1……….Asleep at the Wheel also recorded this, but I like this original one better.
        I thought about you because of Bob’s iconic hit:”Take Me Back to Tulsa”. which I have on an old 78.
        Have you ever been to Turley, Texas? Therer’s a great old hotel there. I love that part of the state because it’s not too far from the gorgeous Palo Duro Canyon!

  2. Dear Professor,
    This should be an action scene from a Dr. Who Christmas Spectacular.
    I suggest Bad Wolf Productions should shoot the scene
    (Real Company founded in 2015 as homage to Bad Wolf in an episode of Dr Who in 2005 and they now do some sci-fi and other material for HBO like His Dark Materials)
    The scene is funny, hopefully the court case is also and hopefully no one injured.

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