“Lost…in the Emotion of the Night”: Attorney Who Firebombed Police Vehicle Given 15 Month Sentence

We previously discussed the case of two New York attorneys (Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman) who joined in violent protests in New York, including firebombing a police vehicle. The Biden Justice Department later gave the two lawyers an astonishingly generous plea deal that avoided long prison sentences. Now Rahman has been sentenced to 15 months after asking for no jail time for throwing the Molotov cocktail.

Mattis was a member of the Corporate Group at Pryor Cashman when he was arrested. Mattis graduated from New York University School of Law in 2016 and received his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. He was also previously employed as an associate at Holland & Knight.

Rahman had just been admitted to the New York bar in June 2019 after graduating from Fordham University School of Law.

The police also had a picture of Rahman with the explosive. The FBI statement included the following description:

“Officers pursued the minivan and arrested Rahman and Mattis, who was the vehicle’s driver.  The NYPD recovered several precursor items used to build Molotov Cocktails, including a lighter, a bottle filled with toilet paper and a liquid suspected to be gasoline in the vicinity of the passenger seat and a gasoline tank in the rear of the vehicle.”

Mattis and Rahman were facing domestic terrorism charges and the possibility of 30 years in jail. The Biden Administration later agreed to a massive reduction of the charges in a plea agreement that would likely result only in a couple years of jail time. What is particularly bizarre is that the plea agreement reduced an earlier plea agreement for a more serious offense. They had agreed to the more serious offense but the Justice Department cut it down further.

The now-disbarred attorney sought no jail time and told the court that “I completely lost my way in the emotion of the night.”

U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan praised Rahman for her commitment to fighting social injustices: “You’re a remarkable person who did a terrible thing on one night.” Cogan, however, also criticized her “arrogance” displayed in such conduct. Firebombing seems a tad more than arrogance when you throw Molotov cocktails at police cars.

Even with the greatly reduced charges, Cogan still elected not to give Rahman the maximum sentence of two years. While Rahman claimed to have been caught up in the moment, her texts and emails established a difficult story. In one message hours before the protest, she told Mattis “I hope they burn everything down. Need to burn all the police stations down… probably all the courts too.”

Mattis is expected to be sentenced in December.

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  1. They need not worry about their future. I am confident that one our distinguished law schools will hire them as tenure tracked professors. Probably at a public university at taxpayers expense.

  2. One of the incredibly courageous FBI whistleblowers described the DC head office as “rotten to the core”. The whole of the DOJ appears to be the same.

    There was another arson case in Minneapolis that resulted in a fatality. From the Washington Examiner:
    “A man who set a deadly fire in a Minneapolis pawn shop during the 2020 George Floyd riots was spared a murder charge and sentenced to just 10 years after federal prosecutors invoked Martin Luther King Jr. and asked the judge to show leniency.

    Montez Terriel Lee, 26, pleaded guilty to a single count of arson and was sentenced earlier this month to 10 years in federal prison — much less than the 16 1/2 to 20-year punishment outlined in the sentencing guidelines.”

    The Selective News Networks managed to bury this on in the same Memory Hole as the case described by Prof. Turley. “Real time” episode of the same in in progress at this moment after 3 women in Queens had their throats cut, killer in custody after his getaway car ran out of gas in Virginia. They could not sweep the UVA football players under the rug fast enough though.

    1. Biden is such a bum. A do-nothing old man who doesn’t even have the brains enough to have a border. Disgraceful. The United States has no president , or vice president. Just 2 empty suits.

  3. Everybody knows it’s a two-tiered system in America now and that these perpetrators were Democrats that’s why the system treated them with kid gloves if they were Republicans they’d be in jail for 30 years guaranteed

  4. So, that’s the new leftie excuse for arson and attempted murder –> “lost in the emotion of the night”?

    1. Arson where there is even the slightest threat to serious injury typically results in atleast 10 years.

      In my county you can get 10 years for starting a small fire in your own home that you own free and clear, if the fire department has to come in and rescue you – because just putting out the fire is enough of a threat to the firemen to end up with a 10 year sentence.

      This is a huge mis-carraige of justice.

  5. These two are not the only ones who have been lost in the emotion of the night resulting in mayhem. https://www.abortionprocedures.com/. When you “Burn it all down” there are people who will die in the fire. It’s okay they and their friends on the left think. You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.

  6. “Yes, America is burning. But that’s how forests grow.”

    -Maura Healey, chief law enforcement officer and governor-elect of the state of Massachusetts, speaking in support of the BLM riots on June 2, 2020, two days after Rahman and Mattis firebombed the police car.

  7. Biden is president. Republicans do not need a plan. That is not their role, they do not control govenrment, they do not set policy.

    All that said – Gas prices are high BECAUSE off poor policies by Biden.
    The solution is trivial – repeal those policies.
    Unfortunately at this time while that will help – it is not sufficient.
    Biden’s war in Ukraine is partly responsible for high energy prices.
    His massive spending has driven inflation – which the Fed is now working to counter , and that effort will likely result in a recession – odds are a pretty bad one.

    Further it took 12 months for Biden’s bad energy policies to bring gas prices up. Measure to correct that will take atleast as long to bring them down.

    As to the republicans actual plan – that is no secret.
    Get government out of the way.
    End government restrictions on drilling.
    End government restrictions on pipelines.
    End government restrictions on oil refineries.

    Put differently – Get government out of the market and let the laws of supply and demand work.

    In a free market the long term trend for the real prices for everything is down for everything.

    That is how free markets work.
    It is also how they MUST work.

    Rising standard of living requires more of what humans value to be produced for less human effort

    It is a tautology that after inflation real prices must decline over the long run.

  8. And Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22 1/2 years for performing a police restraint procedure he had been trained and authorized to employ.

    That procedure had been preformed 237 times in Minneapolis resulting in 44 instances of a loss, merely, of consciousness.

    Ultimately, George Floyd killed himself through his incorporation of a deleterious and terminal lifestyle.

    “The Minneapolis Police Department has relied on some form of neck restraint at least 237 times in the past five years. In 44 of those instances, the people being restrained lost consciousness.”

    – NBC News

    “Apr. 13 highlights for the murder trial of Derek Chauvin Day 12″

    A former police officer and use-of-force expert for the defense testified Tuesday he believed Derek Chauvin “was justified” in his actions and acted reasonably during his fatal encounter with George Floyd.

    “I felt that Derek Chauvin was justified, was acting with objective reasonableness, following Minneapolis Police Department policy and current standards of law enforcement in his interaction with Mr. Floyd,” Barry Brodd said Tuesday afternoon.

    Brodd said when reviewing such an incident, one needs to view a situation through the eyes of the officers on the scene based on what circumstances they were dealing with at the time.

    “It’s easy to sit and judge in an office on an officer’s conduct, it’s more a challenge to again put yourself in the officer’s shoes to try to make an evaluation through what they’re feeling, what they’re sensing, the fear they have and then make a determination,” he said.

    Brodd later added he believed the officers actions against Floyd were justified because he was resisting and he did not consider “a prone control” to be a use of force once Floyd was held on the ground. He added subjects under the influence of drugs may not feel pain in the same way, or exhibit “super human” strength, a defense commonly heard in previous cases with officer-involved deaths. 

    – NBC News

    1. Yeah this is really bad. Makes all lawyers look bad. But she’s …him – they…are not lawyers anymore. But would Biden still have us pay its student loans? See that problem? To even get a student loan you must be squeaky clean….but to get his forgiveness……squeaky isn’t an element? …go figure.

      1. Moreover about Chavin…..don’t get to giddy about what he was “taught” …..this is the circuit that upholds…”drugging” of people. Ppl definitely are not free….if the emt can drop by with ketamine…..yet the 8th circuit condones it. Which they do. To “rain control” even of situations they don’t need control. When ppeople argue defund…police….maybe they are really saying….don’t use ketamine on your people. .just saying….8th circuit.

      2. George Floyd was a committed, life long, self-abusing, self-destructive, deranged and violent criminal; he was a very bad, low-life cretin.

        That’s what Derek Chauvin was hired for.

      3. They will be reinstated in a year or so by the Leftists running the Bar Association as the FBI Lawyer who did the FISA Fraud on the Court was-2 sets of rules for Leftists vs. regular people-Capitol “paraders” get no bail and 2 years of torture in a gulag in DC- Leftist firebombers of cops get told how great they are by the Commie “judge”

    2. “Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22 1/2 years for performing a police restraint procedure he had been trained and authorized to employ”

      Too bad Derek and his attorney failed to prove what you typed in court. IOW you just typed a big fat lie.

      1. ATS: “Too bad Derek and his attorney failed to prove what you typed in court. IOW you just typed a big fat lie.”
        The judge refused to allow the defense to introduce a copy of the police training manual with the illustration demonstrating the exact procedure Chauvin used. That is one of many trial flaws addressed in the appellate brief. The trial was so bad it was shocking.

      2. The problem was not proof.
        The problem was there was no possibility of a fair trial.

        You can dislike the Chauvin Video all you want. Though it is not even close to the Rodney King Video where there was very serious police brutality. What the Video does NOT show, is Chauvin killing Floyd. We can fight over the procedure and whether or how long Chauvin should have been allowed to apply it. But it was not the cause of Death.
        Floyd was not choked and his circulation was not disrupted.
        That is self evident.

        Floyd died of a self induced fentanyl overdose.
        To the extent that the city had any culpability it was that Paramedics who MIGHT have been able to save him took more than 9 minutes to arrive.
        Floyd was obviously in distress before Chauvin did anything.

        We can argue whether Chauvin was a good cop. We can debate whether he followed procedure.
        But he did not kill George Floyd – Fentanyl did – just as it has over 100,000 people each year.

        The evidence showed that – even to the extent the prosecutors purportedly put on evidence otherwise – that evidence was not credible – but even if it had been – the prosecutors did not come close to beyond a reasonable doubt.

        Dereck Chauvin was sacrificed on the alter of faux social justice.

        I would note that what happened to Chauvin is probably one of the more significant factors in rising violence.

        After is was obvious that Chauvin did not stand a chance, police started retiring. quiting. Switching out of minority city policing.
        Further they changed the way they did the job.

        The left got what it wanted – the police are very reticent in their dealings with black male suspects. Better to let them go, that to end up in jail for decades.

        And the result – spiking crime.

        But the left never considers the consequences of their actions.

        You got Chauvin. And you have your marytr with Floyd.
        And you have greater violence – and the victims are minorities.

        Big Win for “social Justice”

        Whatever you age – you need to grow up. Think about the what would actually happen if you got what you wanted.
        Grasp that we can live in a slowly improving world – but we can not live in a perfect world.

        I will be happy to discuss police reform with you – there is lost of reform that is necessary – but YOU have blown that.
        Left and Right few people are still interested in police reform.

        All the things that were possible – under Obama had democrats actually been willing to come to the table and settle for improvement rather than their idea of utopia. Under Trump – again if Democrats had been willing to engage. Trump was about as pro police reform a republican as you are ever likely to get. Regardless, today police reform is dead.

        And police officers are now busy watching their backs – not yours.
        How well did that work out for you ?

          1. Thank you.

            The Chauvin conviction is NOT the sole cause of rising violence. The rise started before the Trial.
            But it is one of many contributing factors.

            As I said – I am all for police reform.

            But if you insist on utopia, you will get dystopia.

            I think there are very few people in the country including super majorities of minorities who would not gladly see a half a dozen Black men murdered by police each year if that would bring us back to the homocide rate of 2018.
            That is not the choice any of us want. But it is preferable to what we have.

          2. I would further note that Nixon rode rising violence to the white house.
            It was also a major factor bringing Reagan and Bush to office,
            As well as Guilliani to NYC as mayor.

            By the mid 80’s Everyone – republican and democrat was falling over themselves to be “tough on Crime”.

            Senator Biden was leading the charge among democrats to lock everybody up for everything.

            History does not repeat – but often it rhymes

      3. Aninnymouse,

        Oh, my, and the corrupt politician “CONDUCTING” the election “WON” the election in KARIZONA, after refusing to recuse or debate.

        Oh, and prosecutors failed to prove OJ was guilty too, right?

        The Deep Deep State “Swamp” fraud, John “Dudley Do-Wrong” Durham, appointed to lose by William “Mr. Deep Deep State” Barr and in possession of orders of magnitude of plausible deniability, failed to prove the guilt of the immutably guilty Sussmann and Danchenko, didn’t he (venue won – justice lost)?

        “One can fool some men, or fool all men in some places and times, but one cannot fool all men in all places and ages.”

        – Jacques Abbadie, 1684

        You fool no one, ninny.

        1. The election in AZ is not over.
          And appears to be getting quite messy.

          We were told on Election night that a few Precincts in Maricopa County were having problems – that the NEW on demand ballot printers that Allow AZ residents to vote from any polling place in AZ to vote – not just the precinct they reside in, were failing and the ballots they printed could not be scanned by the ballot scanners.

          But it turned out that problem was not at a FEW precincts, but nearly all precincts.

          Worse still these printers had purportedly been “tested” by the SOS (Hobbs) immediately prior to the election.

          Worse still – one a person Tried to vote using the on demand ballot printing system there were further problems that prevented them from going to their home precinct – where they could use a preprinted ballot rather than an on demand ballot.

          Once you logged into the On Demand system – you could not vote at another precinct.

          A few On Demand Ballots scanned without difficulty some scanned after the 1st or 2nd try. Some did not after 7 or 8 tries.
          Voters were told to spoil their own ballots and try again. But in many instances they could not.
          Many people were throwing their ballots away and leaving.

          Some were trying to go to other precincts – were they were told they could not vote, because they had already voted.
          Or they were allowed to vote – but only provisionally.

          A 501C3 had over 100 Attornies in Maricopa County on Election day making a record of events.
          There are potentially thousands of affadavits of problems and even fraud that have been forwarded to the Election Integrity Unit of the AZ AG’s office, and the Deputy in charge of that office is promising aggressive investigations and prosecutions.

          Nor Was AZ the only Mess – Neigboring NM appears to have the possibility of criminal election interfearance by the SOS – who is also the governor elect.

          NM Law provides that Voters can mark their ballots in any way. Pen, Pencil, …..

          NM voters were deliberately bringing Blue Felt tips to vote with – because NM’s voting equipment is not certified and has the ability to fill in ballots for the voter. There were allegations in 2020 that the equipment in NM had printed over Voters marks changing their ballots.

          Whether this is true or not many NM voters voiced the intention to bring blue felt tips to mark their ballots so that changed would then be obvious and election fraud could be caught.

          The SOS in response told election officials that any voter that brought their own marking device should have their name and address taken down and forwarded to the NM AG for potential voter fraud. This is well documents.

          The SOS is now claiming her remarks were “only a joke”.

          They are not – they are a crime. Knowingly Falsely threatening a voter with election fraud is voter intimidation – a Crime.

  9. When I first heard about the reduced sentences (that was some time ago on this blog), there was speculation that the reduction might be a quid pro quo for the defendants turning state’s evidence against other terrorists, but I haven’t heard anything about that since. Starting to look like the old double standard to me, too.

  10. There’s a reason that they didn’t use diesel fuel in their Molotov Cocktails. It’s just to expensive. It’s amazing that they somehow can never make the connection that the cost of diesel fuel directly effects the cost of food on their plates. Maybe they’ll figure it out when they have to give up something in order to eat. Then again, maybe not. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/diesel-fuel-new-premium-over-gasoline/.

    1. Obviously you don’t know Molotov recipes….it’s only diese?l if you sin to slow burn it. Wanr r a reaction …get your eyebrows back…some gas in it. Learned that from the CIA. Disapprove it? Like line nine. Cipher. Kiss my aas

      ….you diplomats look oral fools not getting Brittany out….and let Sergio walk. Ima.

  11. The disgrace of the biden administration and its “NOjustice” department continues! I doubt the NY State bar will disbar these 2 or even issue some kind of sanction; in fact, it may issue some award to them.

  12. Let me get this straight. The protestors who let their emotions “get away from them” and rioted on January 6th, breaking a window and trying to force their way onto the Senate Floor, deserved solitary confinement for about a year, to be branded domestic terrorists, and lead to all Republicans to be branded terrorists. In fact, some of those who entered the Capitol, let in by police, and who peacefully took selfies and didn’t break anything, also got solitary.

    Yet, Urooj Rahman firebombed a police vehicle, which had it been occupied, would have burned them to death, and she got 15 months? Because she was mad? The Jan 6 protestors who broke a window served most of her sentence in solitary confinement.

    The DOJ is politicized hard Left.

    1. Karen gets it. Plus Ashley babbot …..got the usg death sentence. So I add lajes86 545499a. But that won’t move any aassess. When pre 2000….our special forces were driven by non-Americans. Under….dude at Killeen ring a bell? Imagine his ilk in charge of the 16 sow. Woken up yet?

    1. Darren Smith, i just imagined all of the dancers dancing with Molotov Cocktails in their hands. However, I do worry about how you found this piece of work to present to us for our viewing pleasure. Very appropriate.


      Mr. Smith outdoes himself this time.

      This is great music.

      Yuuugely mellifluous tones.

      It’s really tremendous.

      A big success.

      Everyone agrees!

  13. To all you retired Democrats out there who believed Joe Biden when he said that Republicans want to cut off your Social Security. You don’t have to worry. With heating oil going up 45 percent you’ll freeze to death before your checks run out. Seniors know that cold is a dangerous enemy of the aged. Think about how hard it would have been if you filled out your mail in ballot with cold trembling fingers. Think about it when the cold blustery winds of January begin to blow and your siting at the kitchen table wrapped in your electric blanket.

    1. The communist curse of demented Joe Xiden, “Eat or Heat. Have nothing and be happy”

  14. Health Warning-
    There is obviously a neurotoxic virus with peculiar characteristics that seems to invest the United States. It starts in the DC area and northern Virginia and moves up through Maine. It them moves west but seems to stop at the western border of Pennsylvania but then jumps to the Chicago area and then next jumps to the Denver area and then from there spreads across the Pacific west coast as it infects the metropolitan areas of Seattle, Portland, Los Angelos, San Francisco, and San Diego. Some spillover effect in Phoenix (but the issue is doubt there) and for unknown reasons seems to infect Albuquerque and Santa Fe. As you can see it seems to follow the main Air Corridors across the country. Terminal cases in D.C are similar to advanced senescence, while in Pennsylvania it has stroke like effects. Serious but not yet terminal effects are mass insanity where people keep doing things over and over again that are obviously bad for them but they still expect a different outcome. Medical experts are baffled by this unusual virus and no known cure is in the pipeline but mRNA seems to offer some hope. Experts in the area of the infestation suspect it might be do to infection of 75% of the various 100+ genders populating the area. These experts are not to be taken seriously because there is serious concern that they are infected already and their higher brain functions are compromised. Travel to this area is discouraged.

    1. Trust me, no one here in the Western end of Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburgh seems to have been infected.

      1. Currentsitguy, you should be sure to wear a mask so you don’t catch the new found malady. Never mind they don’t work.

    2. Note the Florida seems to have stopped the parasitical infestations by implementing Voter ID requirements & other common sense voter rules/laws.

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