Fowl Facts: Biden Uses Pardon Ceremony as Platform to Talk Turkey with Some Curious “Facts”

Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz

We have followed a long line of false claims by President Joe Biden, some of which recently earned him a “bottomless Pinocchio” from the Washington Post. Some of these claims raise serious concerns over their use to change policies or law about election lawborder agentsSecond Amendmentgun capacity. Others are more trivial but bizarre like accounts of his Amtrak conductortruck driving past, and other stories have long been the subject of jokes in Washington. Yesterday, added to the latter category with odd claims about poultry in Delaware.

I admit that I am a sucker for the annual campy pardoning of the turkeys at the White House. The recipients this year were “Chocolate” and “Chip.”

In the ceremony, Biden made a statement that again led many of us to reach for our phones for Internet searches. The President declared “We have more chickens than anybody in the nation in Delaware, but we don’t have turkeys.”

Clearly, there are many turkey farms in Delaware, but it was the chicken claim that popped out for many of us. After all, the state is called the Blue Hen state and he did represent the state for decades. Could it be possible that tiny Delaware dominates the chicken market?

The answer is no and it is not even close. Delaware does not even crack the top ten list:

  1. Iowa
  2. Ohio
  3. Indiana
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Georgia
  6. Texas
  7. Arkansas
  8. North Carolina
  9. Michigan
  10. California

The Blue Hen label appears a term that originated in cockfighting circles going back to the Revolutionary War. Now to add insult to injury. It turns out that, while the University of Delaware teams are called the Blue Hens, the Blue Hen is not even recognized as a breed of chicken. I did not know that until this week’s “Chickengate” and questions of what the President knew and when knew it about poultry.

One last useless fact: chicken can fly. Thus, it is possible that the President could argue that it depends when you count your chickens during migrating season. The problem is that chicken flights extend only a few feet despite the moniker of the Red Hens for the 166th Airlift Wing and its 142d Airlift Squadron in Delaware.


42 thoughts on “Fowl Facts: Biden Uses Pardon Ceremony as Platform to Talk Turkey with Some Curious “Facts””

  1. Wow! Turley criticizes Biden (one of the items on his Fox media checklist of assignments) over the trivial matter of whether Delaware has more turkey raising facilities than other states, as if this is something important, but still refuses to address the Big Lie in any meaningful way, he refuses to address Kari Lake lying about losing the Arizona gubernatorial race and pathetic Herschel Walker, who actually blamed Raphael Warnock for Archie Bunker no longer being on television. Never mind that Carroll O’Connor, who played Bunker, died over 20 years ago, or that the Archie Bunker character was overtly racist, much less the implications of how Walker’s comments pertain to his fitness to be a United States Senator. Then, there’s his speech about werewolves and vampires. Does Turley see this as a meritorious topic? No, Turley uses his platform once again to criticize Biden over trivia. And, as the comments from the faithful show, this is working–it’s all a diversion away from Trump, incluidng the fact that just today, the SCOTUS ruled that Trump must turn over his tax returns to Congress. This is what is especially sad, Turley– your lack of credibility is a self-inflicted injury–you use your platform to be nothing more than another Fox pundit. Fox is one of the biggest purveyors of lies about truly important things, and a major contributor to the culture wars. You have no one to blame but yourself.

    1. Gigi – a protest rhyme for you to enjoy and pass on:

      I Will Not Wear It!

      I will not wear it on my face
      I will not wear it anyplace
      I will not wear it on my chin
      I will not wear it to get in
      I will not wear it on my ear
      I will not wear it out of fear
      I will not wear your stupid mask
      I will not wear it, so please don’t ask!

    2. Gigi,little animal of the Creation;…NO DOUBT what he said crooked your liver,lol. I know that TRUTH sometimes hurts. Stop doing the ridiculous that you all who voted for this inept corrupt plagiarist puppet must be ashamed of such thing, by all the disgrace & destruction he has brought to this nation. How do you dare!

  2. The turkeys kept ever so long ago by the Utes and the pueblo peoples of the upper Rio Grande valley had originally only been in the Southeast. Nowhere near Delaware despite the kite-flyer stating that the turkey should be the national bird.

  3. Turley fact checked Biden on such a silly claim? Trump made a whole lot of similar stupid claims for years and Turley never wrote a column about it. Trump’s false claims have been massive compared to Biden’s.

      1. About how, Jonathan is a damn hypocrite but highlighting Biden gaffs while ignoring THOUSANDS of Trumps lies”

        1. The economy is strong as hell!

          Almost lost the whole house!

          There was no vaxx before I came into office!

          My son died in action in Iraq!

          Inflation is transitional!

          Gas was at $5 a gallon when I came into office!

          Those are just a few off the top of my head.

    1. Dear anonymous from the darkside.. as usual 1. you’re missing the point that Biden made this ‘silly claim’ and most of us check out what POTUS says. 2. you always have to bring TRUMP into everything..!
      We get tired of listening to your TRUMP fetish.. your obsession is unhealthy.. some chicken farming would do you good or please go see a shrink…….

    2. Speaking of ‘silly’ (unfounded) claims. Elaborate, Bozo! Give us a list. Don’t just run your big, fat mouth. When you attempt to defend the beady-eyed, demented faux puppet, Xiden, you are espousing the indefensible. And this makes you as much of a criminal as this blind mole is.

    3. Your claim “Trump’s false claims have been massive compared to Biden’s,” again, is biased and false. Trump’s ‘mistakes’ or whatever the media doesn’t want to let him get past for being mistaken off the cuff in speaking AT LIB—Biden’s false claims are STORIES he makes up which have a bunch of backstory, often a lead-in and some absolutely false and sometimes crazy solutions. Biden’s false claims go on and on and on. Trump’s mistakes come after he spends HOURS SPEAKING FREELY WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER! Biden is literally being spoon-fed by Zelensky and Xi. Literally.

      1. Trump has been a pathological liar his entire life, not to mention someone who has earned a reputation for cheating in business, cheating on his taxes, cheating on his wives (all 3 of them), a braggadocious know-nothing who has attempted to curate an image as a fabulously successful real estate estate boy-genius who, in reality, just stepped into his father’s existing real estate business. He has failed at more business ventures than most of us would see in several lifetimes, all driven by his ego. His father’s real estate busines, by the way, was financed by the taxpayers–Trump, Sr. got massive government grants to construct housing for GIs returning from WWII, and he cut corners, so that’s the source of their “wealth”. So, the Trumps are not the geniuses they pretend to be–they are opportunists. Trump doesn’t just make “mistakes”–he lies–about all sorts of things, important and unimportant–like claiming his father was born in Germany when he was really born in the Bronx, like his alleged “accomplishments” while in office–all fantasies. He brought the US to the brink of WWIII, and an estimated 130,000 Americans died unnecessarily due to his utter incompetence at handling COVID and his lying about the seriousness of the pandemic, despite being told how bad it would be and what was needed to stop the spread by multiple public health doctors. The biggest lie of all, however, is the Big Lie–the impetus for the unprecedented attack on our Capitol.

        Oh, horsey: the phrase is “ad lib”, not “at lib”, and Trump’s lies were not all made when speaking “off the cuff”–the Big Lie was spread around via “Stop the Steal” rallies. Biden does not use a teleprompter any more frequently than your hero did.

        1. “Trump has been a pathological liar his entire life”

          Aside from puffery which is normal in advertising and promotion what significant things can you mention that show Trump to be a pathologic liar?

          Let us hear a direct answer so that we can see a lady who is sensible and not a raving lunatic.

          1. So is Biden.
            He is a politician after all. Been doing it for some 50 plus years.
            Difference is, Biden’s lies like inflation is transitional, inflation at 40 year highs, directly impacts my pocket book. I see it every time at the pump and the grocery store.

            1. Trump is a promotor (advertiser), engaged in puffery, mostly of no importance. Biden is a liar and a thief. I hesitate putting the two names in the same sentence. That the left can look at Biden without horror demonstrates that one has to be careful when dealing with leftists as morality and ethics do not exist.

              Look at the scams of late and what type of person is doing them and what type of person supports them.

        2. If Trump is responsible for 130K deaths – Biden is responsible for almost a million.
          There is no means of Comparing Trump to Biden on Covid that Biden does nto come off worse.

          Further Florida entirely refutes your idiocy regarding Covid. Aside from the very brief lockdowns in April of 2020, Florida did not do anything that you left wing nuts think was required. Yet Florida did the same or better than most of the country.
          Clearly if Trump’s response to Covid was so bad – Florida would have double the per capita Covid Deaths of Say California or New York.
          And Sweden would be a morgue. Yet, that is clearly not true.

          What is True is that ALL the claims that there was ever anyway to stop Covid were FALSE.

          I would note that as the Censors are being more reticient the Data is coming out.
          Ivarmectin – based on numerous studies appears to be be most effective treatment for Covid.
          With significant positive benefits in each of 43RCTs.
          Some doctors who lost their licenses for perscribing Ivarmectin are suing the CDC, and not only are they likely to win.
          But CDC is in court trying to claim that they never actually said that Doctors should not subscribe Ivarmectin, or that it did not work.
          HCQ is not nearly as effective as Ivarmectin – but the data – which is no longer being censored indicates that is WAS the best avaiable treatment early in the Pandemic. That it DOES have a propholactic effect, and that it is among the safest drugs available.
          Both Ivarmectin and HCQ are CHEAP and SAFE and readily available.
          Neither were even close to good enough to actually thwart Covid – though either would have significantly reduced the number of deaths.

          Oh, and there is a 3rd “miracle drug” – somewhat less censored than HCQ or Ivarmectin – Vitamin D.

          Accross the world – high death rates from covid correspond to low rates of Vitamin D. Taking Vitamin D is cheap, safe, and has a strong prophylactic effect, and dramatically reduces severity and death if you do get Covid.

          Maintaining normal Vitamin D levels is atleast as effective as the Vaccine in preventing Covid, in reducing severity, in reducing mortality.
          With one huge difference. There is no Adverse reaction to normal Vitamin D levels. There is no increased risk of anything.
          In fact there is a decreased risk of all sorts of problems besides Covid.

          Vitamin D is an important factor in strengthening the immune system.

          I would note that Vitamin D, HCQ, and Ivarmectin all share one really important attribute – aside from being safe and effective.

          Each of them is CHEAP.

        3. The extent to which left wing nuts are able to spin things is beyond beleif.

          Do you deal with people who cheat ? I certainly do not.
          I will not work with people who cheat – in business or anything else.

          The most conservative bank in the world – Deutsche Bank is willing to Loan money to Trump.
          They would not do that if he had a reputation for Cheating.

          Cheating on Taxes is a crime. The IRS has audited Trump every year, for decades.
          The NY DOR has done the same. NY AG James has been trying to prove tax cheating for years.
          All to naught.
          So you have ZERO evidence of this claim – except that left wing nuts who beleive everyone with two dollars to rub against each other cheats on taxes, makes this claim.

          Trump is absolutely a braggart – though there is some germ of truth to his bragging.
          His economy was not the best ever, but it was the best in the 21st century.
          Biden is also a braggart – as are most politicians. But Biden’s bragging is ludicrously stupid.

          Up is not Down, Wrong is not right, stop is not go. We are headed in the wrong direction – only 17% of the country think otherwise – the least ever in the polls. There is very little that Biden has done well at as president. Yet, he brags all the time.
          Atleast Trump had something to brag about.

          You rant regarding Trump Sr. is both wrong and irrelevant. The Kennedy’s wealth was built on bootlegging. Yet John and Robert Kennedy were hero’s of the left.

          DJT was without any doubt born with a silver spoon – as were the Kennedy’s. He turned that into platinum.

          At what momnet was the US on the brink of WWIII during Trump’s presidency ?
          That is where we are NOW, and incase you had not noticed – Biden is president.
          Trump’s 3 year average economic growth was 2.5% There is no other 3 year period in the 21st century with 2.5% growth.
          Trump’s 4 year average is 2.1% – that is still better than Obama’s pathetic 1.4% and about the same as Bush’s 2.0%.
          After inflation – I am not sure that Biden’s growth is positive.

        4. Gigi;

          How do you expect anyone to take you even slightly seriously when you are still shilling for the “public health experts” and Drug companies that LIED to us all.

          That not only LIED but actively worked to suppress the TRUTH.

        5. Why should anyone beleive you, or democrats about anything – much less elections ?

          You lied to us about Covid – and you are still doing so.

          You needed insurance policies against Trump’s election.

          You repeatedly engage in manipulating voters, buy censoring the truth, supressing dissent, hiding the truth, lying.
          Violating the law, conducting lawless investigations and thwarting lawful ones.

          You use every tool in your power in pursuit of political advantage – not Truth.

          Why should anyone beleive you ? About anything ?

          You openly espouse “the ends justifies the means”.

          You claim Trump (and every prominent republican) is Hitler, and that Hitler must be stopped by any means possible.

          Then you are upset because people beleive you. They beleive that you will do as you say and use every trick in the book to prevent those you call NAzi’s from taking power.

        6. It is specifically because people beleive that you mean the things that you say, that they do not trust you.

        7. Gigi,

          I think that it is self evident that Biden is incompetent and getting worse.

          But if I am wrong – then he is actually evil.

          Which would you prefer ?

    4. In reply to Anonymous on Turley never being in disagreement with Trump I would suggest searching the archives to find the ample criticisms of Trump by our host. Anonymous’ response is not only incorrect it is blatantly juvenile.

  4. Biden wouldn’t know the truth if it was staring him in the face. I can just imagine the various lies and fakery he put forth as young boy growing up in Pennsylvania

  5. Ah the good ole days of chicken farms and gathering eggs. Brings a gasp to my lips, and cough from my lungs. Raised in state # 5 for chicken farms and live in state # 3, I can honestly say these states encompass wonderful people and wonderful fowl. Nothing like gathering eggs in the old days in a chicken coop of 1 thousand or more chickens. Just have them spook and all fly into the air at one time. Impossible to breathe and you cough out feathers for some time afterword. Glad it’s more mechanized because it’s better for your lungs and health. Nothing like fried chicken, corn bread, blackeyed peas with pot liquor to put the cornbread in, and some green beans. Been all over the world and yet that would be my last meal meal if I got the choice.
    I’ll also take the fact checking of a free range chicken over the pronouncements of the law challenged Delaware Blue Hen presently occupying the White House.

  6. the SHADOW council of the Democrats….the true operators of the Democrats Party….always planned to dump Biden after 2 years.
    You think Biden was bad….Kommie Harris is a completely amoral empty prostitute for them!

    1. Yep. If his thin, blue lips are moving …..this senile moron is lying. Hey, just a heads up—- there is a new movie out chronicling the life of ‘Darth Xiden’. It is entitled, “And this never happened”. Not surprising, it is purported to be gaff-ridden and as sad as it is funny.

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