“Fool Me Once . . . ” Why the Public is Not Buying the Latest Media Campaign Against Twitter

Twitter LogoBelow is my column on the media response to the “Twitter Files,” including misleading narratives being repeated across various media platforms. The effort is to assure the public that there is “nothing to see here” but it may backfire. After Twitter employed one of the most extensive censorship systems in history to prevent people from reading opposing views on subjects from Covid to climate change, media figures are now insisting that the public should really not be interested.

The public, however, is not buying it. They are buying Twitter. With users signing up to Twitter in record numbers, a majority supports Musk’s efforts to restore free speech protections and to force greater transparency despite an unrelenting counter campaign in the media. Some of the media claims would meet the very definition of disinformation used by Twitter and its allies previously to censor information and discussions.  Indeed, the Wall Street Journal has noted that the greatest purveyors of disinformation turned out to be former intelligence officials who worked to kill the story before the election as “Russian disinformation.” The public seems to be following the old adage “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Here is the column:

In the aftermath of the release of the “Twitter Files,” the media and political establishment appear to be taking a lesson from Karl Marx who said, “history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

The censoring of the Hunter Biden scandal before the 2020 election by Twitter and others was a tragedy for our democratic system. That tragedy was not in its potential impact on a close election, but the massive (and largely successful) effort to bury a story to protect the Biden campaign. It has now ended in farce as the same censorship apologists struggle to excuse the implications of this major story.

The Twitter Files confirmed that Twitter never had any evidence of a Russian disinformation campaign or hacking as the basis for its decision to censor the New York Post story. Indeed, some at Twitter expressed concern over preventing the sharing of the story. Former Twitter Vice President for Global Communications Brandon Borrman asked if the company could “truthfully claim that this is part of the policy” for barring posts and suspending users.

Those voices were few and quickly shouted down as the company barred the sharing of the story, including evidence of a multimillion-dollar influence peddling scheme by the Biden family. The back channel communications between Biden campaign and Democratic operatives show a willing use of the company to suppress political discussion of the scandal before the election. It was an all-hands-on-deck moment for the media and Twitter was eager to lend a hand.

Over a year ago, I discussed how the brilliance of the Biden campaign was to get the media to become invested in the suppression of the story. After two years, major media finally but reluctantly admitted that the laptop was authentic as well as the emails detailing massive transfers of money from foreign interests (including some with foreign intelligence links).

Many have responded by shrugging that influence peddling is not necessarily a crime, ignoring that it is still a massive corruption scandal with serious national security concerns. After all, as Heather Digby Parton argued in Salon on December 5, “There is nothing there other than a man making money by trading on his family name.”

After the release of the “Twitter Files,” many of these same figures have shifted to excuse the censorship done at the request of Biden campaign or Democratic operatives.

For some of us who come from long-standing liberal Democratic families, it has been chilling to see the Democratic Party embrace censorship and denounce free speech, including organizing foreign and corporate interests to prevent Musk from restoring free speech protections.

Beyond personally attacking Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi, many have resorted to two claims that are being widely repeated in the media to avoid discussing the coordinated censorship efforts between this company and Democratic operatives.

What Censorship?

One of the old saws of censorship apologists is that without a government directing the suppression of free speech, it is not censorship.

That is clearly untrue.  Many groups like the ACLU stress that “censorship can be carried out by the government as well as private pressure groups.”

The same figures insist that if, there is not a violation of the First Amendment (which only applies to the government), there is no free speech violation. The First Amendment was never the exclusive definition of free speech. Free speech is viewed by many of us as a human right; the First Amendment only deals with one source for limiting it. Free speech can be undermined by private corporations as well as government agencies.

Corporations clearly have free speech rights. Ironically, Democrats have long opposed such rights for companies, but they embrace such rights when it comes to censorship. It is also worth noting that this censorship (and these back channels) continued after the Biden campaign became the Biden administration — a classic example of censorship by a surrogate. Moreover, some of the pressure was coming from Democratic senators and House members to silence critics and bury the Hunter Biden influence peddling scandal.

To his credit, Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna of California reached out to Twitter’s leading censor, Vijaya Gadde, and tried to get the company to reconsider this action even though he identified himself as a “total Biden partisan.” He noted that “[t]his seems a violation of the First Amendment principles.”

Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., expressed concerns over Twitter’s decision to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story.  (Reuters)

It is a violation of free speech principles and Khanna was one of the few on the left unwilling to discard those principles for politics in this controversy.

“It is all about the Dirty Pictures”

Another claim is that this was not an effort to censor the story but merely to block the vulgar images that Hunter took of himself having sex with prostitutes or exposing himself.

This claim adds the specter of propaganda to that of censorship. As the Twitter files reveal, Twitter officials discussed whether the whole story might be Russian disinformation or hacking. For former Deputy FBI General Counsel Jim Baker (who was hired by Twitter after the Russian collusion scandal) it is all about supporting others from sharing the story because “caution is warranted.”

Even at the time of the suppression, it was clear to many on the left that the move was being justified by the false claim of a hack.

Rep. Khanna noted in his letter to Gadde that “a journalist should not be held accountable for the illegal actions of the source unless they actively aided the hack. So, to restrict the distribution of that material, especially regarding a presidential candidate, seems not in the keeping of [the Supreme Court case] New York Times vs. Sullivan.”

More importantly, it was not lost on Twitter employees including one who said that “They just freelanced [the censorship]. . .  hacking was the excuse, but within a few hours, pretty much everyone realized that wasn’t going to hold. But no one had the guts to reverse it.”

Moreover, Twitter later admitted that it was a mistake to suppress the story and allowed such sharing, including articles with the pictures. While the “Biden team” did want the company to censor any tweets containing references like “Hunter Biden porn,” it was not the explicit pictures that caused the company to suppress the story before the election.

However, there is a brilliant, if counterintuitive, spin of this argument. As stated in Salon, “mostly what the Hunter Biden laptop ‘scandal’ is about is the dirty pictures.” If the scandal is all about dirty pictures, it is not about dirty politics or influence peddling. It is also not about censorship. End of discussion.

The effort to dismiss these disclosures will not work — any more than earlier efforts to suppress the story itself.

We are still expecting more files to be released. Moreover, the House is expected to investigate the use of these companies to carry out censorship for Democratic allies.

That investigation is important because there is always the risk that Twitter officials (who were long aware of the threat of such inquiries) may have avoided or even destroyed written communications.

Indeed, the increasingly shrill chorus that “there is nothing to see here” may only prompt a closer look from many skeptical citizens.

After all, nothing draws a crowd as much as a farce.

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  1. Warnock won, but that could be because many people don’t yet understand that the Dems and their allies in the National Security State are setting up an authoritarian police state with wide ranging censorship and criminalization of the political opposition. GOP has to change and be more aggressive. But today the Uniparty idiot Mitch McConnell went to an awards ceremony for the murderous Pelosi cops. Jan 6 was the biggest one day slaughter of unarmed protesters since Kent State in 1970. Pelosi cops killed four that day: Ashli Babbitt, Kevin Greeson, Benjamin Phillips and Rosanne Boyland. The best place to access the available relevant videos is the Tayler Hansen Substack.

    1. “. . . could be because . . .”

      Or it could be because they actually want an authoritarian government. Those fearful of independent judgment need a paternalistic state.

  2. Turley’s obsession with the Hunter Biden “scandal” has eliminated whatever meagre credibility he had.

    1. “Turley’s obsession with . . .”

      Thus speaks the master of psychosis-induced smear campaigns. The one who, lacking any sense of gratitude or decency, routinely insults its host. Then whines that it is the “victim.”

    1. Warnock’s victory is for the best. The expert consensus is that Herschel Walker is incompetent, subliterate and coonish. Ain’t none of his kind fit for political office.

          1. No one in their right mind prefers a democrat to anyone. Particularly a modern one.
            It requires a massive amount of toleration of cognitive dissonance to keep that many false and conflicting ideas in your head at the same time.

            Walker is less than perfect, he has exaggerated his accomplishments outside of sports – but he still has very real accomplishments.
            Contra the left you do not succeed at walkers level in sports without being significantly above average in intelligence.

            I beleived the “dumb jock” rot, until I was made statistician of the football team in HS. I learned too things from that,
            First the “jocks” were all in the top half of the class, The lead positions like QB, RB, TE, WR were in the top 1/4 of the class.
            The really good ones ranked even higher.
            Next there was far more mental competence required in sports than I had thought. Nearly every competitive sport resembles 3d chess with athletic abilities added. In each position not only do you have to master various roles in complicated plays, but your actions in each play help to determine the effectiveness of what you do in subsequent plays.

            What has Warnock done ? Start a church. That is an actual accomplishment, But it is not as consequential as anything Walker has done.

            Warnock may be a more polished speaker – but that is it.

            1. “Polish over substance, only intentions count not results, only our illegal votes count, not theirs!” -The Modern Democrat Call

  3. Those of you in the public who have been viewing everything political through the hatred of Trump lens need to understand this crisis is bigger than Trump, bigger than Biden, it goes to the heart of our Democratic Republic: Half of the American people distrust the government and remain skeptical of the integrity of our elections. A divided nation cannot stand. My suggestion is for Democrats to step back, take a deep breath, and wake up.

  4. Professor Turley, If you are concerned that private companies and universities are not voluntarily complying with the first amendment, why don’t you propose a constitutional amendment to expand the first amendment to apply to private companies and universities? In addition, if you are concerned about influence peddling and the lack of an applicable criminal law, why don’t you propose legislation to make it a crime?

    1. Private companies and universities have their own First Amendment rights. You want to eliminate their rights?

    2. “If you are concerned that private companies” in cahoots with *government* agents . . .

      There. Now it’s accurate.

      If you’re going to summarize a person’s argument, have the decency to do so correctly.

  5. Have you noticed that our leftist posters here who are perpetuating the nothing burger slant never post that the FBI was having weekly meetings wit Twitter to tell them what to censor. How convenient to leave this information out. Surprise Surprise.

    1. I notice that you have no evidence that the FBI was telling Twitter what to censor. Surprise, surprise (not really).

        1. Look at what? Do you have a transcript of what they discussed? You have no idea what they discussed or said. Nobody does. The only information you have is that they met on a daily basis. That is not evidence of what they talked about.

          1. Rubbish.

            Baker was fired for suppression of information. He was former general counsel for the FBI.

          2. “Nobody does.”

            That is false. See the state DA lawsuits, the reports from FBI whistleblowers, and Zuckerberg’s own statements.

            (Look it up yourself.)

      1. Anonymous an FBI agent by the name of Elvis Chan testified that the FBI held weekly meetings with Twitter employees. Maybe before you say that I have no evidence to support my claim you should do a little research. Do you think that your news sources would ever tell you about Elvis Chan’s testimony under oath? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fbi-weekly-big-tech-ahead-2020-election-agent-testifies. You question my honesty but you never present any links that help confirm your viewpoint. I can recall that you also said that abortions were not being performed at the end of the third trimester. You make things up.

        1. “ Have you noticed that our leftist posters here who are perpetuating the nothing burger slant never post that the FBI was having weekly meetings wit Twitter to tell them what to censor.”

          Yes your honesty is questionable. According to the post,

          “ I was told in these meetings that the intelligence community expected that individuals associated with political campaigns would be subject to hacking attacks and that material obtained through those hacking attacks would likely be disseminated over social media platforms, including Twitter,” said Roth in a Dec. 21, 2020, declaration to the Federal Election Commission.”

          …” Under questioning by Missouri Solicitor General John Sauer on Tuesday, Chan said the FBI warned Twitter to be on guard for a “hack and leak” operation but could not recall whether Hunter Biden was mentioned. This is a crucial inconsistency with Roth’s sworn declaration saying the FBI specifically mentioned Hunter. “

          Warning social media platforms of possible foreign actors hacking and leaking info was not telling them to censor certain posts.

          1. And why are we to beleive this is the whole truth ?

            Regardless, What Roth testified to is unconstitutional interference in Free speech,

            I would suggest reading “New York Times Company v. United States”

            Question: “Did the Nixon administration’s efforts to prevent the publication of what it termed “classified information” violate the First Amendment?”
            Answer: Yes.

            Government efforts to thwart the publication of anything violate the first amendment.
            It is irrelevant whether what Govenrment seeks to prevent publication of is a lie, the truth, hacked, stolen, classified, foreign disinformation.
            There are very very few things that government may attempt to use prior restraint to thwart publication.

            As described by Roth the agents meetings violated the first amendment.

          2. “Warning social media platforms of possible foreign actors hacking and leaking info was not telling them to censor certain posts.”
            It is unconstitutional prior restraint.

            There is not some magic incantations the government can issue that make government efforts to thwart publication of anything magically constitutional.

            You warn people in the expectation that they will act based on your warning.

            I would note that while the Hunter Biden laptop information was neither hacked nor russian disinformation – Twitter used its nortoriously unconstitutional hacked information policy to block the NY Post story.

            The FBI warned Twitter about hacked information, Twitter blocked the NY Post story claiming it was hacked information.
            Cause and effect.

            Far less than this is necessary to find a 1st amendment violation.

            The US government can not even tell a publisher “you would be unwise to publish that”.
            The government may not put its fingers on the scales of the first amendment.

          3. “your honesty is questionable.”

            You democrats, the left, the DNC, the Biden administration, Social Media, and the MSM
            have lost any right you ever had to question the honesty of others.

            You have not merely lied to the people – to voters, bald faced lies,
            But you have suppressed the truth
            and silenced those who would speak the truth.

            Svelaz, it is time for you to burn down this alias. No reasonable person will ever trust you again.

          4. “Warning social media platforms of possible foreign actors hacking . . .”

            You, and countless Leftists, are either the world’s biggest dupes — or are inveterate Apologists.

            On the off chance that it’s the former:

            “possible foreign actors hacking” is called a ruse, a pretext — for censorship and for rigging an election. And that ruse was conducted by the very agency (the FBI) entrusted with protecting the integrity of America’s elections.

        2. You’re moving the goalposts from “the FBI was having weekly meetings wit Twitter to tell them what to censor” to “the FBI held weekly meetings with Twitter employees.” It’s the part in bold that you’ve presented zero evidence for. I’d earlier quoted evidence for the FBI having held meetings with Twitter throughout 2020. That’s been known for 2 years, ever since Yoel Roth’s declaration was made public. (See my 9:55 AM comment with the quote from Roth.)

          I didn’t question your honesty. I simply noted that you’d presented no evidence. You still haven’t presented evidence for the part in bold. And you’re lying about me. I often present links to substantiate my own claims (in fact, I did that in my 9:55 AM comment). You’re the one who makes things up.

          1. Evidence abounds, but the basic question should be why the FBI had weekly meetings with any corporation? When has that ever happened? Since when is government supposed to be so closely involved in private business interests?

            We know the answer. Government was illegally acting in Twitter’s prior censorship.

      2. Weekly in person meetings. 6 agents. Flying from DC to Silicone Valley. Every Week. Something that would be tailor made for telecommuting. E mails with attachments are great for transferring information. WebEx calls give you face to face conversations. Both sides of the conversations are people very comfortable, and competent in using the technology.
        The down side, for the govt, is the creation of of a digital record of the all the information shared and a record of all that was said. Exposing the Govt, directing the tech giants to censor content. A violation of the 1st amendment.

  6. In case our local leftists wanted to know why there was a delay in the release of files. Once scum forms on a surface, it is hard to get rid of.

    Matt Taibbi
    Replying to
    On Friday, the first installment of the Twitter files was published here. We expected to publish more over the weekend. Many wondered why there was a delay.

    Matt Taibbi

    We can now tell you part of the reason why. On Tuesday, Twitter Deputy General Counsel (and former FBI General Counsel) Jim Baker was fired. Among the reasons? Vetting the first batch of “Twitter Files” – without knowledge of new management.

  7. I have responded to Dennis McIntyre’s post about Elon Musk attempt to make a brain chip that would cause the blind to be able to see and the lame to walk https://www.reuters.com/technology/what-does-elon-musks-brain-chip-company-neuralink-do-2022-12-05/. I also posted a link that reported that experimentation on monkeys helped to develop the polio vaccine. He asked would I have supported the use of an animal to cure polio. Your damn right I would. I ask you Dennis, would you approve of the blind remaining blind to prevent the use of animals to find a cure? How convenient that you just continue on without with the same tripe without answering my post. The worst man is the man who is without compassion who tells everyone how compassionate he is. Compassion for dogs but not for human chidren. What a mind?

  8. Wait… WHAT? I assure you that I am a VERY WELL-KNOWN “pre-Snowden” Nat Sec Whistleblower associated to what I called 20 years ago the “MILITARY INDUSTRIAL SURVEILLANCE COMPLEX” everybody now calls “BIG TECH”. (On the record 2 US Senators and a Sr. FBI Investigative Supervisor forced to vacate their seats…) – When I exposed / opposed what my former employer and MASSIVE USG DOD / IC “Strategic Partner” TELE TECH HOLDINGS (TTEC) & “friends” / assoCIAtes were actually doing… I ended up getting Criminally, Maliciously and Illegally and UNSUCCESSFULLY sued / attacked in Denver Fed Court 2002-2003. — I FORCED the failed Felony Malicious Prosecution / RICO, Abuse of Process, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress attack that ended up with a “Dismissal With Prejudice” with me being forced to act pretty much ProSe because the prosecutor’s, judges and my own defense attorneys were CORRUPT… and that NOBODY could risk Discovery / Evidence being exposed and recorded in open court. — SO when the USG IC / DEEP STATE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL SURVEILLANCE COMPLEX SWAMP MONSTERS want to SHUT DOWN, Censor / Suppress… ATTACK well-intended whistleblowers they whine “STATES SECRETS PRIVILEGE” & “PROTECT / IMMUNIZE / SHIELD” SOURCES & METHODS they deploy the “HACKED MATERIALS CLAUSE” Defense… When it’s CIA / DARPA FAKE “whistelblowers” like Facespook Franny Haugen and TWTR / GOOG / DARPA Peiter “Mudge” Zatko… they turn over a sh!tpile of Documented Evidence… detailing internal corporate docs of KNOWN Drug & Sex Trafficking including minors, FBI ORDRED CENSORSHIP…. but OK withpusing political Dis-Mis-Mal Information… and the DOJ of whatever team is in power treats it all like they were OPERATION ENCORE or the Panama / Pandora Papers… No “investigations”, no charges, no phony DOJ SpeCIAl Prosecutor, no PR Stunt fundraising congressional hearings…. And as you can tell… I am still very afraid of them. Knowing I could end up like Mike “Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans” Hastings, Arron Swarz, Gary Webb or Danny Casalaro… (short list) Peace. Mark J. Novitsky Ephesians 6: 12 / Hey Jonathan… any questions?

    1. Now Tele Tech Holdings (TTEC) / Tele Tech Government Solutions (the “DOG” Digital Original Gangster) and its UBER Powerful Partner-in-Crime Denver/DC law / LOBBY firm Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber & Schreck had access to unlimited economic resources, powerful political connections and people in high places on their home-turf and I still (pretty much pro-se) forced them to submit… “won” a Dismissal With Prejudice. Here’s a summary of the case… over 2,900 recorded views so ALOT of people know about this… http://www.plainsite.org/dockets/117qas9x/colorado-district-court/teletech-hold-inc-et-al-v-novitsky-et-al/

  9. Among the outrageous “things everybody did”, the whole sordid tale was chock full of lawyers.

    1. I wonder what Trump’s excuse will be this time. He doesn’t know the company, hardly ever met them, had coffee there once, years ago.

    2. That is not true. At best the COO didn’t report income that the IRS believes should be taxed. That takes place everywhere all the time. Your problem is you don’t know much.

      1. I should have read my news feed which was two email away. Anonymous is correct and I was wrong. Trump, however was not found to be involved. A rare win for anonymous. May he relish it wisely.

        1. Trump wasn’t charged, but that’s not the same as “not found to be involved.” He signed some of the checks involved in the fraud, he signed the lease for Weisselberg’s company-paid apartment used in the fraud, he initialed memos used in the fraud.

          His eponymous company was found guilty on all 17 counts.

          1. We don’t even know if this case will be held up on appeal. Was Trump indicted or convicted? No.

            Does this type of thing go on elsewhere? Yes, all over. This is political.

            1. Was Hunter Biden indicted or convicted? No. Doesn’t keep you from whining about him.

              A jury found the Trump Org. guilty on all 17 criminal counts. Let him appeal. He’ll lose there too.

              1. I don’t care that Hunter Biden is guilty. I care that he wasn’t investigated despite all the evidence. You have a very small mind.

                $1.6 million might be the fine in a multibillion dollar company around for almost 100 years. That is very little even when compared to the fraction Joe Biden received from his schemes selling the public down the drain.

                Trump involvement? None claimed in the decision. Politics rears its head, but no matter what happens the country is starting to find out what liars you and your type are.

                1. Again: Trump was involved. He signed some of the checks involved in the fraud, he signed the lease for Weisselberg’s company-paid apartment used in the fraud, he initialed memos used in the fraud.

                  You’re Exhibit A that Trump was right when he said “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters”

                  1. “He signed some of the checks involved in the fraud”

                    Did Trump do Weisselberg’s taxes? No. Tell us how this involves Trump. Do you have a housekeeper. Does anyone have a housekeeper? Do you pay her social security?

                    “You’re Exhibit A” for Stupidity.

                    You don’t want to solve the tax laws. You want to use them against those who disagree with you. You are a low level wannabe intellect. You would be better off learning a skill.

                    1. You can’t admit that trump was involved. Signing checks to fraudulently avoid taxes IS a direct involvement.

              2. Hahaha, are you really comparing these two things? The VP of the United States’ being involved in influence peddling versus a tax law judgment call for a man who was a private citizen at the time?

                The difference is that one may be (depending on interpretation) against the law but frequently considered a “victimless crime” (I don’t consider it to be so, but ya hear this all the time), to say nothing of the “sign this, boss” level of personal involvement, and the other points to corruption at the highest levels of government, affecting the foreign policy of the United States…

                But sure, make your case.

      2. The Trump organization was found guilty of tax fraud on all counts. Your problem is your opinion is irrelevant.

        1. The judgement will be appealed. It isn’t a big thing. The news reports say the True Organization may be fined 1.6 million. That is almost nothing to a company that has dealt with billions of dollars and founded almost 100 years ago.

          1. I should add that even Hunter Biden collected more than $1.6 million in his financial schemes selling his father’s influence and giving a lot back to him. How much remains to be seen but Joe Biden couldn’t live off of $1.6 million. He was much better paid for selling America down the drain.

        2. Nobody remembers John Kerry not reporting over $1million speaking fees to avoid payroll tax liability. And harboring his yacht in NJ to avoid NY luxury taxes.

  10. Jonathan: There is another little story that is keeping Musk awake at nights. It involves his medical device company, Neuralink, that Musk promises will put an implant in everyone’s brain. While the purpose of the implant is vague I think I know the purpose. To make sure everyone with the Neuralink implant will turn on their computers and automatically switch to Twitter.

    Anyway, Musk’s Neuralink is now facing an investigation by the US Dept. of Agriculture’s IG regarding alleged violations of the Animal Control Act. It seems Musk had to experiment with the brains of 1,500 animals–including 280 pigs, sheep and primates. Musk’s rush to get his implant developed led to many botched experiments and unnecessarily caused the deaths of many animals. In many instances the animals received implants the wrong size or were placed in the wrong location. This resulted in the animals having to be euthanized. Some scientists in the experiments complaining but were ignored because Musk wanted to speed up the process and begin testing the brain implant on humans.

    I know what you are thinking. Sounds similar to the experiments of Hitler’s Dr. Josef Mengele–the “Angel of Death”. That was my first thought as well.

    1. Dennis,
      What is your stance on Fauci and his experiments on dogs?
      As an animal lover, I put Fauci right up there with Dr. Josef Mengele, and leftists.

      Disclaimer: I do in fact raise livestock for personal consumption.
      However, all my animals are free or pasture raised. They are treated well, given plenty of space, and feed well.
      When I harvest them, it is in the most humane, non-invasive, practice to ensure they do not suffer.

      1. UpstateFarmer: I don’t have any “stance” on Dr. Fauci’s involvement in the experiments on dogs because I have no information on the issue. But I read your link to the PETA article and I will review it. But I would be concerned by any mistreatment of animals. I can speak from personal experience. When I was a kid my cocker spaniel had to be put down because she had cancer. I was devastated. Then in later years my wife and I had a cat that met the same fate. It was the hardest thing I ever did when I put her in the carrier and took her to the vet. I cried all the way home.

        All I know about Dr. Fauci is that he was there on TV during the height of the Covid-19 crisis giving scientific and useful information about how to prevent infection. I followed his advice–got all my vaccine shots and boosters and still wear a face mask in public. I am probably here today because I was not a Covid denier. And I applaud your apparent ethical treatment of your own animals. But I doubt we can compare Dr. Fauci to Mengele. The issue I raised was how Musk is treating animals in his rush to develop a brain implant for humans. Do you condone those practices?

        1. ‘All I know about Dr. Fauci is that he was there on TV during the height of the Covid-19 crisis giving scientific and useful information about how to prevent infection. “

          That proves you know very little.

          1. giving scientific and useful information about how to prevent infection. “
            Like masks and distancing? Scientifically proven NOT to prevent the spread of aerolsolized respiratory virus?
            Or calling a shot that doesn not prevent the contraction, or spread, of a virus a vacince?
            Yea, you might call that science….but its not. Its pure propaganda.

        2. All I know about Dr. Fauci is that he was there on TV during the height of the Covid-19 crisis giving scientific and useful information about how to prevent infection.

          Is that all he did? And was it “scientific and useful”? Do you remember when he advised AGAINST masks at first, later confessing that he’d done so because he heard a stage of marks – and then switched to recommending them even though to this day there’s no evidence that masks are protective or help slow the spread of this aerosolized virus?

          And do you remember when he said the NHS had never funded gain if function research in s Congressional hearing but was demonstrated to have obfuscated on that point?

    2. Dennis McIntyre, you forgot to mention that the Neuralink chip would allow the blind to see and the paralyzed to walk again https://www.reuters.com/technology/what-does-elon-musks-brain-chip-company-neuralink-do-2022-12-05/. There have been many vaccines that have come about through animal research such as polio. https://www.dpz.eu/en/unit/about-experimental-animal-research/erfolge-der-forschung/therapies-based-on-animal-research/polio-impfstoff.html. To confirm your bias you will jump on any story. To weave your narrative you depict Musk as some kind of torturer of animals. I am old enough to have seen kids with one leg shorter than the other on crutches at school due to polio. They were the ones who survived. Then you equate animal research that has saved millions of lives to Dr, Josef Mengele’s experimentation on Jews. When I think that you could stoop no lower I am sadly mistaken. Don’t you ever tell me again that your greatest concern if for the little children. Your greatest concern is Dennis McIntyre.

  11. Don’t you know, the scandal is all about dirty pictures. Oh horror scream our leftist posters. They didn’t mind so much when there were dirty pictures in Junior High libraries. Now they want to cover your eyes. Never mind those emails written by Hunter Biden saying he paid half his Salary to Papa Joe. Half of millions of dollars ain’t nothin to sneeze at. I guess all those LGBTQ woke youngsters at Twitter didn’t want you to see those naughty pictures. https://getoutmag.com/. Cover your eyes! Cover your eyes!

    1. TiT,
      Oh, but it is another narrative pushed by the DNC and their mouthpiece, the MSM.
      Think of the children! they cry.
      All the while the promote the sexualization of children with Drag Queen shows.

  12. Jonathan: It looks like it’s you and Musk against the rest of the media world. When the majority of the media looked at the “Twitter Files” they went “Ho, hum. nothing we didn’t already know”. A lot of dick pics and other porn but nothing to substantiate your claims that the “Biden crime family” was involved in a “multimillion-dollar influence peddling scheme”. So what is your response? Just wait, because Musk is about to release the second treasure trove of documents from the laptop. A marketing scam? This reminds me of Donald Trump. When he solicits his MAGA supporters to keep sending in money with promises of perks that turn out to be worthless, we call that a scam.. When you and Musk do it we are to take you seriously? Like you say: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me”.

    So what else is happening in Musk’s world we should know about–that you have studiously avoided? For starters Musk has fired the cleaning company that cleaned the Twitter HQ in SFO. He needs to save money. And Musk has installed beds in many of the offices of fired employees. This will permit the “hardcore” employees to have some place to sleep when they pull those all nighters. One employee says the trash is piling up in the garbage bins. The “hardcore” should have seen it coming. When he took over Musk told Twitter employees they should expect all night shifts “until the org is fixed”. The wife and kids at home will just have to wait.

    And while Twitter users have increased among those expressing hatred, racism and anti-Semitism others are leaving the platform. Jeff Rosen, who heads the largest prosecutors office in Northern California says he is leaving Twitter and is encouraging others in his office to do the same: “We don’t need 280 characters or a billionaire app to say, ‘Bigotry has no home in the land of the free and the home of the brave'”. When public servants leave Twitter and we are deprived of valuable public information then everyone loses. So now we can look forward to the hysterical neo-Nazi rantings of Nick Fuentes on Twitter. Who are the real losers now? Might it be the public at large?

    1. Dear Mr. McIntyre,

      Doesn’t it trouble that the country of Ukraine is being destroyed based upon lies such as those formerly adopted by Twitter — that Russia is responsible for hacking U.S. elections and Hunter Biden’s laptop, etc? These are not harmless lies and acts of censorship, and they’ve carried over into war against Russia.

    2. Yes, the majority of the media continued to fail to report something that they have failed to report from the start.
      The MSM has shifted from – calling all of this fake news, Russian disinformation, right wing conspiracy theories to “ho hum everyone already knew this”

      Regardless, it is concurrently true this is nothing new and this is earth shattering.

      There is very little “new” information in this. The biggest reveals are that those involved in supressing this KNEW it was not hacked and KNEW it was not russian disinformation – they KNEW it was the truth, and they KNEW it would likely tip the election if it was allowed to spread publicly.

      Still for the most part this is all things everyone in the country KNEW to be true – even if the MSM, left, you, democrats refused to admit it.

      Regardless, it DOES change this from a right wing conspiracy theory to another FACT that those on the right were correct about.
      It converts a larger number of assertions, arguments, allegations and claims from opinion to FACT.
      This eliminates any ambiguity, it clears the FOG that the left has been billowing.

      Further it allows us to draw conclusions that are beyond any depute.

      The media, social media, democrats, the DNC, the Biden campaign and the FBI CONSPIRED to
      Supress the truth.
      Silence those who would speak the truth.

      It obliterates any pretense of holding the moral high ground.
      It obliterates the nonsense that any of those involved give a schiff about democracy. That is just a stupid and obvious lie.
      It obliterates the nonsense that those involved treat voters as anything beyond chattel to be carefully controlled.
      It obliterates the nonsense that the election was not stolen, that there was not massive fraud.
      It obliterates the nonsense that the left, the media, social media, democrats, the DNC and Biden are trustworthy.

      Everyone one of these are things many of us suspected.
      What is different today is that now we KNOW them.

      1. “Regardless, it is concurrently true this is nothing new and this is earth shattering.”

        That’s why the media didn’t pay much attention in the first place. The media did cover the Hunter Biden story when it first came out. That’s why everyone “knew” about it. What Turley seems upset about is that they didn’t give it the level of attention he wanted them to have.

        “Everyone one of these are things many of us suspected.
        What is different today is that now we KNOW them.”

        So what? It’s still nothing different than what republicans do. That’s just politics as usual that’s why the mixes is not paying it any attention any more than just another “marketing scheme” for Elon or Turley.

        1. ““Regardless, it is concurrently true this is nothing new and this is earth shattering.”
          That’s why the media didn’t pay much attention in the first place.”

          False, the media is not covering this – because this story proves the media acted immorally.
          Of course they are not showing the world their own immorality.

          “The media did cover the Hunter Biden story when it first came out.”
          Yes, the NY Post, Newsmax, OAN, the right and far right media covered it.
          The rest of the media, including social media either banned it or called it russian disinformation.

          AFTER the election 10% of democrat voters polled when told that the Hunter Biden laptop was real said they would not have voted for Biden.
          Obviously alot of democrats did not know the truth.

          You lied, supressed, silenced, and succeeded in hiding the truth from voters.

          There is more to this than just that the NY post story existed.
          Even where you could not completely prohibit publication, you were able to sell many people that a story you KNEW to be true was false.

          “What Turley seems upset about is that they didn’t give it the level of attention he wanted them to have.”
          No, the attention it deserved.
          Though frankly it is not that the MSM did not cover it – that was bad.
          But that even the MSM actively LIED about it.

          ““Everyone one of these are things many of us suspected.
          What is different today is that now we KNOW them.”
          So what? It’s still nothing different than what republicans do.”
          If that were true it would not change the moral failure here. But it is not.

          The WaPo’s masthead says “Democracy Dies in Darkness”
          This is what darkness looks like.

          This is the consequence of left corrupted institutions.

          “That’s just politics as usual”
          That you beleive that is the problem.

          Every political party might want that kind of power.
          But when one party – as the democrats today control institutions to the extent that they HAVE that power,
          that is massive corruptions and moral failure.

          “that’s why the mixes is not paying it any attention”

          From what is now the actual “paper of record”

          “Nearly four of five Americans who’ve been following the Hunter Biden laptop scandal believe that “truthful” cove”rage would have changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, according to a new poll.

          A similar percentage also said they’re convinced that information on the computer is real, with just 11% saying they thought it was “created by Russia,” according to the survey conducted by the New Jersey-based Technometrica Institute of Policy and Politics.

          And an even higher number — 81% — said US Attorney General Merrick Garland should appoint a special counsel to investigate matters related to the first son’s infamous laptop, the existence of which was exclusively revealed by The Post in October 2020.”

        2. Why are you still here ?
          Why would anyone want to hear what you have to say about anything ?

          You have been lying, you have been and still are defending those who not just lied, not just suppressed the truth but silenced those trying to speak the truth.

          I can not think of an anything that was not also a crime that would be more immoral.

          You Biden, DNC, Democrats, the media, Social media have burned your credibility to the ground.

          You are not merely liars you are destroyers of the truth, and destroyers of those who tell the truth.

          Why should anyone trust you about anything ?

          Why should anyone beleive you about anything ?

          Why should you be beleived about election fraud ? About J6 ? About MAL ?

          Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus
          Falsus in omnibus, falsus in omnibus

    3. DM – still spraying nonsense.

      so called hate speech on Twitter spike briefly shortly after Musk took over – That spike was obliterated in less than a day as Musk implimented the first of many anti-bot algorithms.

      So called hate speech is actually DOWN 20% below what it was immediately before Musk took over.

      Despite the efforts of the left – the number of twitter users is INCREASING – more rapidly than before the takeover, after some minor problems – advertising is UP. Nearly all the advertisers who were purportedly reconsidering have increased twitter advertising.

      Apple has publicly confirmed they have no intention of removing Twitter from the app store.

      Musk has LOTS of problems to deal with in the absolute mess that he bought. But he is cleaning up all kinds of messes as fast as possible, and he is working to build Twitter into something much better.

      The recent revelations of democratic meddling are just the tip of the iceberg – much more will be coming.
      But exposing past malfeasance is NOT Musks priority – nor should it be.

      Musk did not pay $44B for twitter to expose the immorality of the left – that is just a side benefit.

      The more I watch and learn the more convinced I am that this was NOT Musk engaged in some billionaire community service – like Bezos burning billionaire dollars to keep the doors of the Washington Post open.

      Musk is intent on making Twitter massively more valueable. He is intent on doing to social media what he has done in other ventures.

      That he is going to make mistakes – you know nothing about Musk if you do not understand that he is not invested in avoiding mistakes.

    4. “others are leaving the platform”

      Mostly not.

      Jim Carey has been leaving Twitter for over a week, were are on the umpteenth “last post”.
      Nor is he alone. Substantial portions of those claiming to have left, have quietly come back – or never left at all.

      In fact the blue check left wing nut mafia has been frothing over the exposure of their own perfidity – ON TWITTER.

      The PROOF that Musk is “eating his own dog food” is that left wing nuts on Twitter are perfectly free to slander and malign Musk on the platform HE OWNS.

      I have not been on twitter in over a year. When I left it was an acid, bitter place where everything was about trying to stab your opponents in the heart.

      I returned a few days ago and Twitter is a much more pleasant place.
      I have no ida where you think all this hate speech and anti-semitism is – it certainly not in my feed.
      The most hateful tweets in my feed are from the left, my feed is filled with happy people.

    5. If you do not like working at twitter under musk – do not let the door slam you in the but on the way out.

      As Musk has noted Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco. 99.99% of twitter employees are STILL on the hard left.
      Twitter is a good high paying job for mostly 20 something’s just out of college.
      These people do not have wives and kids. To a large extent they do not have lives outside of twitter.

      If the trash is building up – empty it. Given that more than half of twitter has been fired or layed off, I am sure there is plenty of empty offices to convert to home away from homes.

      Absolutely there is alot to be done. Just as with every other Musk enterprise expect to be paid well, and have to work your ass off to build something new and great. If that is not your cup of tea – go elsewhere.

      There is no right to have someone else pay you to do – or not do, whatever you want.

      It is already clear that Twitter is running far better with half the staff it did before.

      If you are betting on Musks failure – no one is stopping you, I will be happy to take your bet.
      The smart money is on Musk succeeding.

      Musk overpaid for Twitter at $44B. But estimates are that Chinese WeChat probably has a market value of nearly $1T.
      Musk has made it clear that his long term goal is more like WeChat – that Twitter is not just going to be a platform for tweets,
      but it is striving to be where you live for everything. If Musk only makes Twitter into a $100B company he will have done incredibly,
      and more than doubling twitters value should not be that hard.

      1. “Musk overpaid for Twitter at $44B.”

        Bezos owns the Washington Post. Why?
        Musk owns Twitter. Why?

        They both probably have some reasons in common.

        1. Bezos is unlikely to ever improve his wealth by virtue of owning WaPo.

          Musks ownership of Twitter is proving a public service, but I doubt that is is purpose.
          While he is having fun. Accomplishing many things at once.
          He has made clear his goal is twitter as a Trillion dollar company.

          1. John, you missed my point. Both bought into the media and can profit indirectly by influencing the public and government. What did the shutdown do? The big chains could sell paint in some states, but smaller stores, by law, were closed. They died. Bezos profited from the shutdown because so many stores closed, so people bought more from Amazon.

            The government attacked Musk, but now he has a media enterprise to fight back. He also has a device to promote his other businesses, not necessarily through advertising. Twitter can feed them. Think Starlink.

            Neither requires their media enterprises to be profitable to be ahead of the game.

            1. Amazon is not WaPo.

              Bezos involvement in WaPo does not appear to have an actual capitalist foundation.
              He did not buy WaPo to make money.

              I am not criticizing his purchase of WaPo, just observing that it is more a form of charity or public service.

              Musk’s purchase of Twitter has SOME of the same public service features/motives.
              But Musk can not afford Twitter as a pure public service.
              There is no real doubt that Musk has CHOSEN a new challenge, and has every intention of accomplishing something significantly more than restoring Twitter to political neutrality. Musk intends Twitter to be another milestone accomplishment of his.

            2. The amount Twitter is capable of losing per month/per year is more than WaPo is worth.

              While the risk is low – Musk will just shutter twitter and eat the loss before he will allow it to destroy him.

              Twitter is big enough and can eat capital fast enough to damage Musk in ways that WaPo could never to to Bezos.

              There are SOME similarities.

              But Bezo’s never intended to make WaPo into a financial success.
              Musk absolutely intends to make Twitter into a trillion dollar company.

              1. “The amount Twitter is capable of losing per month/per year is more than WaPo is worth.”

                The discussion is media influence, not dollar value. You are too focused on financial details.

                This is what was said:

                Both bought into the media and can profit indirectly by influencing the public and government. What did the shutdown do? The big chains could sell paint in some states, but smaller stores, by law, were closed. They died. Bezos profited from the shutdown because so many stores closed, so people bought more from Amazon.

                The government attacked Musk, but now he has a media enterprise to fight back. He also has a device to promote his other businesses, not necessarily through advertising. Twitter can feed them. Think Starlink.

                Neither requires their media enterprises to be profitable to be ahead of the game.

    6. Musk is teaching Twitter employees a valuable lesson.
      And his timing is perfect – Facebook just layed off 11,000

      From the sweat of thy brow thous shalt earn they daily bread.

      Musk is red pilling a large number of San Francisco left wing nuts.

      The wise ones will learn something. They will produce. They will take pride in what they have produced, and whether they stay or leave they will always be able to be proud of what they have accomplished. They will be able to leave twitter for the night or forever knowing they helped change the world.

    7. Why is it that “we should know about what is happening in “musk world” ?

      As always those on the left presume they are entitled to be voyeurs in everyone else’s bedrooms and tell the rest of us all how we should perform.

    8. You have the oddest definition of scam.

      If Trump supporters are giving Trump money that is their business.
      If THEY think they are not receiving value for value THEY can challenge that.

      That YOU do not value something does not mean that others are being scammed.

      There are no class actions suits from Trump supporters claiming fraud.

      The DNC and democrats however are being sued over memoryholing the Hunter Biden Scam,
      and over infringing on the free speech and contractual rights of people speaking the truth.

      What occured in Oct 2020 Might not have been a crime, But it was actually illegal.

      Those of you on the left have fixated on the fact that as a private company Twitter can have whatever TOS is wants.
      That is truish. But that TOS is a contract, and the Twitter files make it clear that Twitter violated that contract, and KNEW that it was doing so at the time. That the Hunter Biden materials were not hacked – and that the Hacked content policy required an actual finding by law enforcement, which did not exist.

      So twitter has liability – except that Musk bought twitter and it is now a private not public company – fundimentally a different company.
      But Twitter did have a board of directors, and a management team and they are arguably liable.
      They may be liable to people who had their rights violated, but they absolutely are liable to shareholders if the value of their shares was reduced by Twitters illegal acts.

      But that is the HARD case to make. The easier one is that the DNC and Democrats and the Biden campaign illegally interfered int he contract between twitter and its users – the TOS is a contract, and if 3d parties caused Twitter to violate that contract – they are liable.
      The damages would be the value of lost first amendment rights. Could be a big deal.

      Further demanding to have someone banned for spreading the Truth is arguably a form of Defamation. Twitter is protected against defamation claims by S230. But the DNC and Democrats are NOT.

      Have Fun.

    9. Finally – in what world are you defending this ?

      So it is old news that Democrats the media, the DNC, the FBI, the left, the Biden campaign, YOU, sought to supress the truth.

      It is NEW NEWS that it can now be proven beyond any doubt at all.

      Further old or new, this conduct was incredibly immoral, and even illegal, if not criminal.

      Violating other peoples rights is always illegal. Twitter has a contractual relationship with its users – it is allowed to act within that contract.
      It is not allowed to act in violation of it. Worse still 3rd parties have tort liability for pushing Twitter to violate its contract with users, and to abridge their free speech rights.

      But even if this was not illegal – it would still be incredibly immoral.

      What we have is the Biden Campaign. the Media, the DNC, the Left, Democrats, and YOU
      Not merely lying to people, but then depriving them of constitutional, legal and contractual rights. That is immoral no matter what, and illegal.
      This goes beyond lying – you supressed the truth – that is a step further. Then you silenced those who tried to tell the truth – a step further still.

      A MASSIVE moral Failure on the part of the left – and YOU are part of it. At the very least, you have defended and condoned it.

      It is also as Musk said – MASSIVE Election interferance. It is one thing to lie to people, even refusing to tell them the truth is wrong, but generally tolerated, But You actively supressed the Truth, and then you silenced those trying to tell the truth in the middle of an election.

      And you claim to be OK with that ?

      You rant about Trump’s remarks regarding the constitution – But YOU actually terminated the constitutional rights of voters
      Of some to speak the truth and of others to hear it if they choose.

      Step down from your moral soapbox, It is burning all arround you.

      You have no right to condemn anyone else about anything.

      You are not moral.
      You are worse than liars.
      You are destroyers of Truth.

    10. “When the majority of the media looked at the “Twitter Files” they went “Ho, hum . . .”

      When a story breaks that disturbs Leftists, they deploy two psychological processes: denial and evasion. Their crutch is deflection.

      It is sad to see a political party flaunt its neurotic behavior in public.

    11. The real losers are the lying cheating fascist democrats and their censorship, misinformation, disnformation, fake fact checkers, and criminal DC demoncrat cohorts, and you, since you are one of them. Yes the real losers are those criminals and liars that deserve to lose, and lose a lot, like behind prison bars. Hopefully that happens too.

  13. The FBI had the laptop a year earlier, in November 2019. This is before the first impeachment. What was the FBI’s obligation to disclose this to Nancy and pals? Did the Dems know about it at that point?

    1. Any legal obligation is uncharted territory.
      But morally the FBI had an obligation to disclose – it is exculpatory evidence.

      The FBI can not sit silently as the House impeaches the president for investigating the Biden’s when the FBI is already investigating the Biden’s presumptively legitimately, and has evidence of Biden family misconduct.

      Trump is entitled to all evidence to defend himself
      And that right EXCEEDS the FBI’s right to keep secret its investigations.

      1. Thanks. I thought that it should be exculpatory evidence but wasn’t sure if the FBI should have a duty to disclose vs their policy not to disclose open investigations, even though that claim now would appear to be bogus in view of their bias against Trump. So what happens next, overturn the House’s rulings?

        Not my area of expertise although this would all be new territory for anyone. And it would be interesting to know if Nancy and/or her henchmen had been tipped off that this evidence existed and was in the hands of the FBI. I think that even a casual observer would suspect that Joe was up to something with his son flying around on AF2 — we just didn’t have all of the information.

        1. One of the most damning facts is that it is blatantly obvious that we have two standards of justice in the US where politics factors in.

          Trump has been harrassed in every possible way by law enforcement – the FBI, rogue AG’s since choosing to run for office,
          and so far Zip Nada, zilch,

          There is not even many instances where there was a legitimate basis for an investigation.

          Conversely – while there are a collection of petty crimes committed by Hunter Biden, there is nothing proven so far that is actually criminal involving Joe Biden. But there is LOTS that justify deep investigation.
          And not just by law enforcement.

          There is LOTS of conduct by Joe Biden that appears to be legal – or atleast not criminal, but is unarguably immoral.
          Yet almost no journalists will touch it.

          The press today should be embarrassed to call themselves journalists.

          Even accounting for political biases this is stupid.

          If you actually beleive the left wing nut ideological garbage that journalists do, why in gods name would you want the most corrupt politicians eleced regardless of your ideologies ?

          Even the marxist argument that communism/socialism has not worked because they have not elected the right leaders yet – so Joe Biden is the right leader ?

          Nor is this even about Biden specifically. The Far left should be deeply suspicious that the leadership of the democratic party suddenly adopted their values. Nancy Pelosi does not believe in anything except power. No one should doubt her “political skills”, but no rational person shoudl trust her or people like her to implement any ideology.

  14. For those trolls pumping the “righteousness’ of the ignorant and apathetic media to the Twitter files revelations, the media is doing so in defiance of their their loss of consumer demand. Ironically, Twitter is growing in membership at the same time.

    The media are losing more than money and staff. The support and trust the public puts in journalism are also disappearing.

    In the latest sign that the press are on life support, a new survey reports that the public’s trust in media is at an all-time low.

  15. “ If the scandal is all about dirty pictures, it is not about dirty politics or influence peddling. It is also not about censorship. End of discussion.”

    LOL! Dirty politics is not a crime, neither is influence peddling. It’s quite obvious Turley is trying real hard making this a “scandal”. If he has to go this far it’s because the reality of this issue is not as important as he thinks it is. Nobody really cares and the media knows this. Turley is disappointed by the underwhelming reaction. Obviously he was expecting this to be some sort of monumental scandal that he could cash in on by writing these columns and hoping Fox News would book him on multiple shows.

    The biggest irony with Turley’s obsession with the Hunter Biden laptop “scandal” is that he is influence peddling for Fox News and his gullible readers. Should we be investigating this massive influence peddling scheme for possible crimes?

    1. And Svelaz is trying very hard to sweep it all under the rug with everyone of his arguments falling apart before his very eyes. There was a time when I thought that Svelaz was a concerned citizen in support of Democracy but those days are long over. A sign of a good argument is the presentation of supporting documentation to bolster one’s opinion. Surely I am not the only one to notice that Svelaz never supports his opinion with anything other than his own argument. Like the MSM, Svelaz’s opinions experience the swirling that occurs in a household porcelain appliance. Out of personal necessity he does the same thing everyday almost word for word. It’s past time for a little liquid plumber.

      1. TiT, sweep it under the rug? Nope. Just pointing out the obvious flaws in Turley’s columns and the fact that he is indeed trying too hard to make this a scandal that really isn’t. Even John B, Say admits this Twitter file event is basically a nothing burger.

        Never say never, I do support my arguments with documentation when required. The majority of postered here don’t support their arguments with documentation either. Even you. Don’t pretend you’re not guilt of that.

        1. Svelaz, it is easy to see that I support my postings with links every day and you do not. As an example I provided a link today about Polio being cured through experimentation on animals. https://www.reuters.com/technology/what-does-elon-musks-brain-chip-company-neuralink-do-2022-12-05/. You however believe that the truth lies only in your opinion. I believe that you are afraid that you might read something that doesn’t line up with your opinion and you will become very confused. Sar afraid is Svelaz.

          1. Nope. Posting links on one thread is your evidence? John B Say never posts links to back up his claims. apparently his word is proof enough.

            1. Actually I quite frequently post links.

              But much more importantly I check my facts, do not post false assertions, and in the rare instance that I make an error, I admit and correct it.

              That is why I do not require proving every single assertion of fact I post,
              And it is why you do.

              This should be self evidence from the topic at hand.

              People justifiably do not trust those like you who have lied to them in the past.
              Or worse supressed the truth
              or worse still silenced those speaking the truth.

          2. TiT
            We are lightyears past where you should feel any need to compare your credibility to that of Svelaz, or Gigi, Or Dennis, or several anonymouses,
            or Enigmainblack.

            Those who have defended lying, the supression of truth, the silencing to those speaking the truth
            have lost the right to question the credibility of others.

            BTW While I often appreciate links, what matters is that your arguments are correct and that you facts are true.
            If they are not, you lose credibility no matter how many links you have.
            If so you build credibility no matter how few.

        2. “Even John B, Say admits this Twitter file event is basically a nothing burger.”
          False. What I have said is that it tells us very little that is new.

          That does not alter that it is massively consequential because what was previously believed is now indisputable FACT.
          You can define “scandal” however you want.

          What this does is expose YOUm The left, Democrats, DNC, Biden, the FBI as conspiring to
          LIE to the public, voters.
          Supress the truth
          silence those who would speak the truth

          It also makes fraud of your claim to be pro democracy. If you only trust voters when you can deprive them of truth and feed them a diet of lies,
          that is antu-democracy, that is fascism, that is 1984.

          If further destroys your “big lie” nonsense about 2020.

          You lied, cheated, committed fraud to win the election.

    2. Trump makes a phone call, you scream impeach and your lying cohorts do it.
      That same country Trump called is a money laundering basin for Joe blo and his son ho hunter who flew there together and to 17 other nations and did back room scam money and biz deals worth millions and billions to sell out the USA and never FARA reported them, the very thing you fools screamed Republicans must go to prison over for the first time ever.
      Million and billion dollar sellout con artists (demoncrat election stolen traitors) flying on air force 2 then air force 1 vs a phone call asking if they are sick of our demonic democrat scammers…
      Now your criminal crew is laundering billions through Ukraine and “can’t find” where most of it went because it’s in their offshore NGO’s, bank accounts, political campaign war chests, and in Sam Bankman Freid’s corrupt pockets and his 131 company FTX corporate structure and George Sorros pockets and swirled back into demonrat donation coffers.
      Just plain thieves- the demoncrats are flat out robbing thieving skum.
      No, we don’t believe SBF’s lies that he wanted billions just to give it all away, just like the demoncrats big fat lies in that area that are exactly the same – every time, it’s so they can launder and steal it into their own pockets first and foremost, as their decrepit constituency districts from *ell so aptly prove.

  16. “The Battle Royal”

    The American Truth In Freedom vs. The Subjugation And Enslavement of Communism

    AKA, Parasites vs. Producers

    I know, let’s ask the real, actual, “locked-down” Chinese people how they like the prison of the four corners of the Communist Manifesto…

    oh, and the Chinese people in Taiwan whose lives and livelihoods are threatened with violence, brutality and extinction…

    oh, and the Uyghurs.

    That’s right; communism extincts!

  17. In a nutshell, Turley is trying to make hay out of an underwhelming “revelation” that was the “twitter files”. Picture the poor sap trying to start the wave with the crowd of the losing team at a football game. THAT guy is Turley in this column.

    1. It would be so nice for the left if it were nothing.

      But it’s hard to reconcile Joe Biden’s net worth with this weird presumption of his utter innocence, given his son’s now-utterly-confirmed influence peddling, resulting in significant changes to AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY.

      Guess what? The fact that a story is complicated doesn’t make it unimportant – just hard for the modern
      Marvel/TikTok kids to follow.

  18. First of all, Turley, neither you nor your employer, Fox, speaks for “the public”, and you never will. Secondly, what you posted is pure crap. Don’t forget the status of the facts back in 2020: Giuliani, a proven liar, and now, suspended attorney fighting to keep his law license, claimed he got the hard drive from a Trump supporter who owned a computer store. He began by copying the hard drive and distributing it to Republicans in Congress, rather than turning it over to the FBI or other law enforcement. So, it’s clear that Giuliani’s intention was to use the material to smear Joe Biden politically, not for any altruistic reasons. Full stop. Given this questionable provenance, plus the fact that it bore all of the qualities of Russian disinformation, in addition to the timing, the only reasonable thing would be to question the authenticity of the hard drive and not to publish it until the facts could be ferretted out. Plus, there were allegedly nude photos on the hard drive. THESE are the reasons it was not on Twitter or on media other than pro-Trump media, not “censorship”. In addition, Joe Biden wasn’t president at the time, so he couldn’t have misused the power of the office of POTUS to compel censorship, which is why Turley’s paid pearl-clutching is pathetic.

    From Mediaite:

    “I spoke with Mediaite founder, and all-around very smart guy, Dan Abrams about this convoluted story, and he said, “It is stunning that with access to all the internal e-mails at Twitter that they don’t have a single smoking gun that implicates a government leader or even any campaign in wrongdoing. Even before Musk’s characterization of what was there, I expected there would be something more damning. . . from someone relevant.”

    Requests to take down private porn don’t implicate the First Amendment, they don’t suggest a grand effort at censorship and they certainly don’t prove a conspiracy to impact the outcome of the election. Heck, Gawker got put out of business for publishing improperly accessed private porn.

    Now Taibbi has promised more information to come. And what he reported Friday night is a fascinating look at how executives at Twitter inserted themselves into partisan debates in a manner that we’ve never seen before, because, well, weaponized social media information (on both sides) is part of a brave new world we are all trying to get a grip on.

    Again, we don’t know what “conditions” Taibbi agreed to. We do know that his ballyhooed Twitter files thread was short on facts and long on a narrative that suits Elon Musk and conservatives that have been quick to deify his “first amendment” rights position.”

    This is just another example of Turley’s paid Republcan advocacy: another pathetic effort to breathe life into the fake “Hunter Biden Scandal”, and to take swipes at Democrats and non-Trump media. And, from the posts, this tactic works, but not for the majority of “the public”, who still don’t care about the “Hunter Biden Scandal”, and who see it for the nothingburger it really is.

    1. NUTCHACHACHA, can we end affirmative action now or do you still need governmental (i.e. hard-working taxpayer, aka, other people’s money) “assistance” to make it through life, comradette?

      1. Gigi works hard to denigrate Turley as well as anything that could reflect poorly on Biden and/or the DNC. So far as I can tell Johnathon Turley is a moderate Democrat who believes in free speech. He is certainly not a conservative. It is chilling to see individuals actively working against free speech and lying about Musk and Twitter. I follow twitter closely and there is simply NOT a rise in hate or antisemitic content on the platform.

        1. Turley sells his credentials as a law professor to bolster the political agenda of Fox, not as a neutral observer. He ignores big stories adverse to Trump, like the Big Lie, the insurrection, the lack of merit to Trump’s arguments about the stolen classified documents, the nonsensical claim of “executive privilege” and harps incessantly on the themes he is paid to highlight, such as the fake “Hunter Biden Scandal”. He’s paid to attack Democrats and mainstream media, too, and there’s nothing about these activities that implies that Turley is a Democrat, much less a moderate one. One Fox theme is that Democrats control and censor mainstream media and social networks, none of which is true, because if it were, there wouldn’t be OAN, Fox, NewsMax, InfoWars or Breitbart. There were valid reasons why the so-called “Hunter Biden Scandal” is only harped about on Fox and non-mainstream media, such as the questionable source of the hard drive, Giuliani’s control of it, and his dissemination of it to Fox and Republicans in Congress, all of which stinks to high heaven. Plus, there was porn on the hard drive, another reason not to disseminate it. Today’s post is just another attack on Democrats and mainstream media, and it lacks any semblance of factual support. So, yes, I will call out Turley when he uses his credentials to support a political agenda.

          1. GiGi;

            I would be more favorably disposed to your dismissal of executive priviledge if I was not fully expecting that in a few months you are going to be pounding your fists shouting “executive priviledge” as the House Republicans subpeona the crap out of the Biden administration.

            I you wish to completely wipe executive priviledge out of the law – that is fine. I can live with that. If you want it very broad – I will fight you. but I will live with what the courts decide.

            But whether executive priviledge exists – and the courts say it does, and how broad it is – the courts have made it pretty broad, we should be completely consistent.

            Just so we are clear executive priviledge is the right of a president to keep secret the advice his advisors provide him with.

            A good example right now, would be should congress, the courts, …. be permitted to know – after the fact who told Biden precisely which options in the event that Russia chose to use nukes. I would expect there is atleast one advisor that argued to sue for peace immediately and another that said respond to nukes with nukes. In fact it is possible that ONE advisor covered the ALL possibilities.

            I personally do not want congress to be second guessing the ADVICE given to a president. The ACTUAL decisions made by a president are subject to oversight, but the options considered – even ludicrous and nuts options are not.

            That is my view.
            It is the same whether it is Trump or Biden.

            But we can differ and though it will change the way the white house works, there is not an obviously right answer to whether executive privildge exists or what its limits shoudl be.

            But what MUST be true is that those limits must be the same for all presidents.
            The next thing that also must be true is that like ALL other claims of priviledge – such as marital priviledge, the priviledge oc the confessional, lawyer client priviledge, executive priviledge claims MUST be decided by the courts. Not congress, not the DOJ, not subsequent presidents.

            In the past UNIVERSALLY current presidents defended the claims of past presidents to exectutive priviledge.

            Trump defended in court a claim of priviledge by the Obama administration on an issue that Trump had promised in the campaign he wanted decided differently. THAT is the norm. In fact it is pretty much absolute. Until Biden.
            Presidents have chosen to waive their own claims of priviledge before. Ex-presidents have chosen to waive their own claims of priviledge.
            But never before has a sitting president waived priviledge claims for an ex-president.

            It is actually self evident that Biden and Trump hate each other in a way no two president ever have.
            Whether you like it or not – while uncivil, that is acceptable for an expresident.
            A current president CAN NOT allow his views on an expresident to drive him. And Biden is doing that and it is both immoral and destructive of the presidency. Trump can not ruin Biden’s presidency from the outside. Biden can.

            I would further note that Trump actually called Clinton after the electon and told her that despite campaign promises he was NOT going to set DOJ after her. And he did not. Trump occasionally – in response to remarks by clinton publicly talked about it. But absolutely no one acted.

            Biden is obviously more politically corrupt and more vitriole and retribution driven as president. Biden is as president doing absolutely everything you said Trump could not do.

            So I will be happy to discuss executive priviledge with you – when you are willing to apply it consistently blind to who is president.

          2. There are several FACTS regarding Hunter Biden.

            First – but for the FACT that Joe Biden was looking to Run for President in 2015 (and Hillary used Hunter against him) and Did run for President in 2019 it is highly unlikely that Hunter Biden would face any consequences for any of his conduct.
            Tough I would qualify that because – leaving a gun in a dumpster and leaving 3 laptops with personally compromising material at a computer repair shop sufficiently violates the calling attention to yourself constraint that even if Joe was not president – Hunter would probably be in jail.
            But without those egregious mistakes. The kids of Senators are generally immune to prosecution for the crap Hunter has done.
            Whether that should be true is a different question

            Next, there is no doubt that Hunter Biden has committed a long list of relatively minor crimes. Some of which have potentially long sentences, but are rarely maxed. Hunter would likely get a short jail stay and lots of probation and fines for his conduct.

            But Hunter is the presidents son, and as such the stakes are different. There is little doubt that no one in the justice department wants to indict Hunter or Try him for anything – that would be carreer suicide.
            There is also no doubt that so long as Hunter is protected the Republicans will make political hay – and they should.

            But the core issue is not Hunter Biden. It is what is Joes involvement in this.

            There is far more than enough evidence at this time for a special prosecutor – though there will not be on.
            Frankly there is far more than enough evidence that Biden should be impeached and removed.
            But that is not happening.
            And so what you will have is house republicans spending the next two years investigating the crap out of Joe Biden’s corrupt foeign business deals. They are fully justified in doing so. It is virtually certain that they will come up with lots of damaging and emparrassing information.
            I would note that they actually have a special advantage in this – in that because this is conduct as a past VP or as a private citizen or as Senator – there is no executive priviledge and while DOJ need not cooperate – Banks will. The GOP will be able to get lots of records without having to go to war with the Biden admin.

            This is not a “fake scandal” It is a very real one. We have had other such scandals in the distant past, But none that I recall actually getting into the whitehouse.
            This will not end until republicans win the whitehouse. There is no reason for it to end.

          3. “One Fox theme is that Democrats control and censor mainstream media and social networks, none of which is true,”

            Of course it is true. The FACT that Parler, Gab, Truth, and now Twitter are resisting censorship does not mean it is not occuring.
            That has been PROVEN your done their.

            Nor does the existance of news outlets resisting censorship mean that others are not.

            The left wing nut there is no censorship of the right claim is DEAD. IT is beyond dispute. that the left is censorious.

          4. The source of the hard drives is not even slightly questionable.
            Nor frankly relevant, the content is self authenticating.

          5. Why are you still here ?
            Why would anyone want to hear what you have to say about anything ?

            You have been lying, you have been and still are defending those who not just lied, not just suppressed the truth but silenced those trying to speak the truth.

            I can not think of an anything that was not also a crime that would be more immoral.

            You Biden, DNC, Democrats, the media, Social media have burned your credibility to the ground.

            You are not merely liars you are destroyers of the truth, and destroyers of those who tell the truth.

            Why should anyone trust you about anything ?

            Why should anyone beleive you about anything ?

            Why should you be beleived about election fraud ? About J6 ? About MAL ?

            Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus
            Falsus in omnibus, falsus in omnibus


          Free speech is constitutional.

          Affirmative action is unconstitutional.

          Ergo, NUTCHACHACHA’s entire existence is unconstitutional.

          NUTCHACHACHA is a false construct.

          Were NUTCHACHACHA an actual, constitutional American, she would enjoy no affirmative action.

          Oh, my! NUTCHACHACHA would have to make money the old fashioned way, she’d have to EARN it.


          eq·​ui·​ty ˈe-kwə-tē 
          plural equities

          1 a : justice according to natural law or right

          specifically : freedom from bias or favoritism

        1. Anonymous. Yes, Gigi are I are “partners in crime”–to borrow a phrase from a famous Aerosmith song. We stand for truth in advocacy. That’s more than can be said of your drivel!

    2. Hey Gigi, where you been. Your mirage has grown more wavy since your return. You say that Professor Turley doesn’t speak for the American citizen while the viewership of CNN plummets, The New York Times subscriptions fall, and your heroes on CNN are fired because no one watches their shows anymore. I would like to extend a welcome mat for a time when you return to reality. I have a feeling that my welcome mat will get very dusty but hell it’s worth a try.

    3. Cute… You think that you can use Prof. Turley’s argument against you as a defense. “It’s about the dirty pictures!”

      The rest of your argument boils down to “If there’s no smoking gun, there’s no case” – and while IANAL, I certainly know that you don’t need a smoking gun to prove a case.

      In this instance, the whole frigging point is that Twitter, while calling itself a “town square,” deliberately and with, if not outright malice, then surely ill will toward its political opponents aforethought, decided to suppress a news story because it might have negative consequences for the political party Twitter supported. With, I should add, the enthusiastic support if not the outright imprimatur of the FBI. THIS is the story – not “just” the prospect that our president, when “only” the VP, was selling US foreign policy at the behest of his son.

      Can you really convince yourself that this situation is not horribly dangerous to our system, regardless of your political leanings?

    4. “. . . they don’t have a single smoking gun . . .”

      Those burly men in black boots, pounding on your door in the middle of the night — not to worry, they’re just census takers.

      Denial and evasion are never pretty.

    5. The idiot biden family was stealing millions and billions on air force 2 and air force 1 now … and that’s the hunter blunder laptop hard drive evidence.
      Now they’ve been caught swirling it through Ukraine again, to FTX and their biggest donor sam bankman fried – so they are taking most of the 91 billion in “ukraine aid” – most it “missing” as they the demonrat thieves tell us publicly, and jamming it into their own pockets and offshore bank accounts and campaign coffers and lib left NGO’s.
      Billions in theft, just like the exit in Afghanistan leaving behind 95 billion in sold off bribed up sold out kickbakcs for military equipment…
      So the dem thieves biden and company have laundered 200 billion on the low end by now, half of that in scandals you haven’t heard of yet – including the trillion plus infrastructure scam.

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