Hunter’s Haiku: The Poetic Side to Influence Peddling

The latest sale of Hunter Biden’s over-priced art is being featured at the Georges Bergès Gallery in New York City. His much maligned pieces will be sold for as much as $225,000 and there appears no shortage of buyers. This is only the latest such sale, which has raised the concern of ethics experts over the use of art for parties to influence President Joe Biden by buying his son’s paintings.  Hunter is known to have both high expenses and limited funds. Indeed, a friend and lawyer reportedly had to pay off his overdue taxes. While foreign parties lined up previously to give Hunter millions in dubious deals, they can now just write a check and walk away with a virtual certification of support to hang on the wall of their office or home. What is different is that this sale comes with a Haiku from Hunter.

Hunter’s haiku appears a tad off from the traditional 17 syllables in 3 lines of five, seven, five:

Atoms bloom in my chest

All the room is filled it is full

I can see all the colors

For the next showing, a more traditional and relevant haiku may be warranted:

Money falls like leaves

Influence is an art form 

The Big Guy sees all.


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  1. “Hunter Biden’s over-priced art . . .” (JT)

    Once a grifter, always a grifter. And that apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    I wonder if the “Big Guy” gets a 10% commission.

  2. History contains many examples of talented artists who struggled to sell their paintings and mediocre artists who did quite well. The fact that Hunter Biden is getting big money for his paintings could just mean that he is benefitting from whims of the marketplace. More relevant than his level of talent is the fact that the big money didn’t start rolling in until right after he gained access to immense political power.

  3. What a crock of horse excrement! Of course this is influence peddling. Maybe he can tape a rotten banana to some poster board, call it modern and see what it would bring.

    1. But what crime did he. Commit? Likewise Sam what crime did he committed? The sec has rules…as long as the buyer was accredited….there is no’s only when they foist their nonsense on the protected middle their a crime. So where was the ctime? And if he’s indicted…..I expect to see his conspirators….because that’s the only crime
      ….conspiracy. Gasp.we don’t have better laws…but whatever Martha…..still enjoys…..when h we future should have been prove it! She caved….but just because she caved doesn’t make law.
      ..what law….non ex post facto did Sam violate? What law…..see how stupidity reveals t n e AC refuted investor ‘ll as to be…what law? Ex post facto law???

    2. EM, I think the banana art was a sensational advertising trick. For approximately $7,000 in taxes they got world-wide exposure in the press. I saw it and the multitudes of people taking pictures next to it.

  4. Jonathan: I guess the value of art is in the eye of the beholder. So now you are complaining that Hunter Biden is selling his art in NY for up to $225,000. No big deal. That’s chump change compared to what an Andy Warhol is bringing these days. Most of Hunter’s sales are in the $75,000 range. And what kind of influence will that get you in Washington these days? Not much. And there is little evidence those who buy a Hunter painting are going to get anything from the Biden administration. It has nothing to do with “influence peddling”. Those who buy Hunter’s paintings are probably doing so to give money to his legal defense fund. With the new GOP controlled House poised to conduct endless hearings of Hunter’s business life he is going to need all the money he can raise.

    Which brings us to to the real “influence peddling” during the years Trump was in office–something you studiously avoided. During just his first year in office Trump signed a major tax overhaul bill that gave him millions in estate tax benefits. By mid-June 2017 Trump appointed 133 past and present registered lobbyists to position in the Trump administration. The Trump administration was a merger of his own businesses and the business of the federal government. After his inauguration 64 trade groups, foreign governments and GOP affiliated political groups set up shop in Trump owned properties. At the time Robert Weissman, Pres. of Public Citizen, said: “Trump’s administration is turning the government into a full-service shop for corporate subsidies, regulatory rollbacks, influence peddling and law enforcement holidays”. And all this happened in just the first year. Now I don’t recall you complaining about “influence peddling” when Trump was president. Did you complain about the Saudi princes or Russian oligarchs who bought condos in Trump Tower or at his golf resorts? Nope. But along comes Hunter Biden and you suddenly have “ethical concerns”. No, it’s all about bringing down the Biden administration and you and the GOP think Hunter seems to be the Achilles heal. We’ll have to see.

    Now as to your attempt at Haiku poetry I have a book for you. It’s a 2017 book of “poetry”, “The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump” by Bob Sears. It’s a compilation of Trump tweets and other ruminations in poetry form. Here’s one example you’ll love:

    “For me money falls like leaves
    Six people sort my mail–and I never buy retail
    And I love Kanye West–You are the racist not me
    The people of New York they love me *
    Society loves me
    You are going to love me
    or I will spill the beans on your wife!

    *Except for the Manhattan jury that found the Trump organization guilty on all 17 counts of tax fraud.

    Classic Trump poetry. Now I tried my hand at Haiku when I was about 20. Never could get the hang of it. Has to be five, seven and five. I gave up. Who came up with that stuff anyway! Judging from your attempt it doesn’t appear you have had any luck either.


    1. Trump is a crook. So are the Bidens. I bet I am considerably to the left of you, and to me your tribal loyalty to the gone-to-hell Democratic Party is as useless as any nonsense the Republicans dish out. We have two right-wing parties. I can’t support either one.

    2. How intuitive. Trump became President with the inherently obvious and self preserving motives to pass a few tax laws and sell some condos suffering stagnant inventory….brilliant observation. Those spike proteins are wearing away at your capillaries my friend.

    3. Tell us what was crooked about the Trump trade deals.

      Tell us what was crooked about the middle class tax cut (that saved my working class ass $2000/ yr.)

      Tell us what was crooked about energy independence for the USA.

      Tell us what was crooked about the Abraham Accords and crushing ISIS.

      Obviously, you’re not a serious thinker to any significant degree.

    4. You have to make up new propaganda to support your old propaganda. Then you believe the new propaganda as much as you beloved the old.

      Funny how Schiff couldn’t find any crimes even with all his lies.

      You make up new lies
      The old lies have become weak
      Now all the lies live

  5. Sadly my parents picked up several paintings like that one pictured above, in Japan in 1948-1950, before we were evacuated back to the States on the outbreak of the Korean War. We were shipped to Seattle and my father went to Taegu (now Daegu) in the Pusan Perimeter. Those painting were far more beautiful than the one above. So far we have never had anyone ever offer $225,000 for even 1 much less the whole collection. Must be that signature. Can’t think of any other explanation.

    1. There is no accounting for taste but that is of little concern with these painting! The art world is filled with hype and the big winner is always the gallery! Try selling these paintings in a few years but then, of course, this is not the motivation for buying. It’s all about ‘got it’ and too much money! And, supporting Hunter.

  6. I can hear the conversation now. Oh Stephany I noticed the new piece of art in your foyaa. How wonderful! Stephany responds. It’s so wonderful that you noticed Daphne. It’s a Biiiden of course. Some say that that little white spot in the corner of the work is an illicit drug. By the way Daphne, have you received your invitation to the gala at the white house yet. No?! I’ll look into it for you. Please if you would darling, Daphne responds.

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