Ohio Teacher Files Challenge to Mandatory Pronoun Policy

We have been following litigation over the required use of pronouns in schools. As University of New Mexico joined those schools requiring the use of the chosen pronouns of students, challenges and cases have mounted. They include actions against both teachers and students for refusing to use pronouns due to their political or religious views.  Some of these cases have ended in settlements in favor of the dissenting teachers or professors. Now a new case has been filed in Ohio where Vivian Geraghty, an English teacher at Jackson Memorial Middle School, alleged that she was forced to resign for refusing to comply with the school’s mandatory pronoun policy.

Geraghty is a “professing Christian who strives to live out her faith daily,” and told the school that she is morally prevented from recognizing any gender beyond the “two distinct, complementary sexes.” They allegedly told her that she had to put those objections to the side or leave her teaching position.

What is notable is that Geraghty said that she was willing to simply refrain from using any gender-based pronouns and use the student’s name. We have discussed that option in earlier posts. Indeed, this position led to a settlement in the Meriwether case.

In the complaint, Geraghty states “If a student asks to be addressed by a different name and pronouns, Ms. Geraghty would refrain from using any pronouns in the student’s presence and would address the student, for example, by last name.” She alleges that that compromise was rejected: “Defendants Carter and Myers told Ms. Geraghty that if she would not participate in the students’ social transition that she must resign effective immediately.”

The complaint is a bit different in closely tying her refusal to comply to her opposition to gender transitioning:

“55. Ms. Geraghty wants to protect children from making potentially irreversible and life-changing decisions that they may later regret. Ms. Geraghty believes that, because of the difficulty of assessing matters of gender identity and the long-term irreversible consequences of certain treatments for transgender identifying people, including puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy, and sex-reassignment surgery—children should not be encouraged to undertake social or medical transition because of their inability to assess long-term consequences.

56. Ms. Geraghty objects to personally participating in any child’s social transition because she believes that participating in this “active intervention” creates an unreasonable risk of harm to the child, in terms of the immediate impact, the potential irreversible impact of further treatment, and the likelihood that other mental health issues may be overlooked. “

Geraghty is bringing five causes of action for deprivation of free speech, free exercise, and and due process.

FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION Free Speech Retaliation (42 U.S.C. § 1983)

SECOND CAUSE OF ACTION Compelled Speech (42 U.S.C. § 1983)

THIRD CAUSE OF ACTION Free Exercise of Religion (42 U.S.C. § 1983)

FOURTH CAUSE OF ACTION Due Process of Law (42 U.S.C. § 1983)

FIFTH CAUSE OF ACTION Free Exercise of Religion (Ohio Const. Art. I § 7)

Here is the complaint: Geraghty v. Jackson Local School District Board


143 thoughts on “Ohio Teacher Files Challenge to Mandatory Pronoun Policy”

  1. This is simply another Cultural Marxist attack on reality. There is nothing more to it.
    Marxism, in its essence, tries to give a small minority power over majorities. That is what Marxism is all about. It is about small minorities gaining power over larger groups. It is fundamentally anti Democratic, and seeks to make Democracies collapse by causing confusion and degenerate behavior.
    So when a kid demands that everyone else in the world must change their use of language to suit the kid, this is a bald attempt to force EVERYONE on earth to follow the kid’s strange desires.
    Once we submit to this tyrannical attempt, then everything falls apart and no society is possible. That is the whole point of this exercise.
    It is not about transgenders, or homosexuals or anything else. It is about collapsing society, government and culture from the inside. That is why we can never allow a single child to dictate how everyone else uses language.

    1. OMG!

      What do you know about Marx and Marxism, “Crazy Comrade Abe?”



      Crazy Abe” espoused Marx’s pejoratives “capitalism” and “fleece the people” in 1837 – how did that happen?

      “These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert, to fleece the people.”

      – Abraham Lincoln, from his first speech as an Illinois state legislator, 1837

      “Everyone now is more or less a Socialist.”

      – Charles Dana, managing editor of the New York Tribune, and Lincoln’s assistant secretary of war, 1848

      “The goal of Socialism is Communism.”

      – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

      “The workingmen of Europe feel sure that, as the American War of Independence initiated a new era of ascendancy for the middle class, so the American Antislavery War will do for the working classes. They consider it an earnest of the epoch to come that it fell to the lot of Abraham Lincoln, the single-minded son of the working class, to lead his country through the matchless struggle for the rescue of an enchained race and the reconstruction of a social world.”

      – Karl Marx and the First International Workingmen’s Association to Lincoln, 1864

      “ON DECEMBER 3, 1861, a former one-term congressman, who had spent most of the past dozen years studying dissident economic theories, mounting challenges to the existing political order and proposing ever more radical responses to the American crisis, delivered his first State of the Union address as the sixteenth president of the United States.

      “Long before 1848, German radicals had begun to arrive in Illinois, where they quickly entered into the legal and political circles in which Lincoln traveled. One of them, Gustav Korner, was a student revolutionary at the University of Munich who had been imprisoned by German authorities in the early 1830s for organizing illegal demonstrations. After his release, Korner returned to his hometown of Frankfurt am Main where, according to historian Raymond Lohne, “he was one of about fifty conspirators involved in an attack upon the two main city guardhouses and the arsenal at the police facility and jail. This admixture of students and soldiers had planned to seize cannon, muskets, and ammunition; free political prisoners accused of breaking press-censorship laws, and begin ringing the great Sturmglocke (storm bell) of the Dom, the signal for the people to come in from the countryside. At that point, the democratic revolution would be announced…. Unfortunately, they were walking into a trap…. Betrayed by both a spy in their midst, and the reluctance of the common people to rise, nine students were killed, twenty-four were seriously wounded, and by August 3, 1833, Gustav Körner found himself riding into downtown Belleville, Illinois.”
      “Within a decade, Korner would pass the Illinois bar, win election to the legislature and be appointed to the state Supreme Court. Korner and Lincoln formed an alliance that would become so close that the student revolutionary from Frankfurt would eventually be one of seven personal delegates-at-large named by Lincoln to serve at the critical Republican State Convention in May 1860, which propelled the Springfield lawyer into that year’s presidential race. Through Korner, Lincoln met and befriended many of the German radicals who, after the failure of the 1848 revolution, fled to Illinois and neighboring Wisconsin. Along with Korner on Lincoln’s list of personal delegates-at-large to the 1860 convention was Friedrich Karl Franz Hecker, a lawyer from Mannheim who had served as a liberal legislator in the lower chamber of the Baden State Assembly before leading an April 1848 uprising in the region—an uprising cheered on by the newspaper Marx briefly edited during that turbulent period, Neue Rheinische Zeitung—Organ der Demokratie.

      “Even as they agreed on homesteading, Greeley and Lincoln wrangled over the timing and scope of an emancipation proclamation. The editor joined Frederick Douglass in demanding that the president take steps to make the Civil War not merely a struggle to preserve the Union, but “an Abolition war.” Even as Greeley and Lincoln exchanged sometimes pointed letters, the Tribune’s longtime managing editor Charles Dana was now working for Lincoln. Officially assigned to the War Department — where he would eventually serve as assistant secretary — Dana’s real role was as an aide and adviser to the president on questions of what the former newspaperman described as the “judicious, humane, and wise uses of executive authority.” That Lincoln spent much of his presidency reading dispatches from and welcoming the counsel of Marx’s longtime editor—like the fact that he awarded military commissions to the numerous comrades of the author of The Communist Manifesto who had come to the United States as political refugees following the failed European revolutions of 1848—is a shard of history rarely seen in the hagiographic accounts that produce a sanitized version of the sixteenth president’s story. In the years following Lincoln’s death, his law partner and political comrade, William Herndon, complained that Lincoln’s official biographers were already attempting “to make the story with the classes as against the masses,” an approach that he suggested “will result in delineating the real Lincoln about as well as does a wax figure in the museum.”

      – ISR International Socialist Review

  2. Middle school: the first day in the classroom. Teacher welcomes students and observes desks are empty. The teacher wonders what has happened, and ponders where the missing students are, then asks THOSE present if THEY have seen THEM? One of the students tells the Teacher THEY’D rather not attend class. Another student says THEY’LL attend class only is THEY’RE addressed by a proper pronoun, and THEY’VE written to the principle with their requests. The principal wonders if THOSE demands should be honored in THAT how many THEY, THEM AND THOSE are there and how to differentiate THOSE who wish to be addressed as THEY or THEM.

    This is not an attempt at humor, but rather to demonstrate the absurdness’ of non-binary identity “HE” says!

  3. Is it OK not to use pronouns other than the obvious ones (like you when you are talking directly to some one) just because the whole thing is stupid

  4. One thing nobody addresses: these pronouns are all third-person, meaning they only apply if you’re talking about the other person, not talking to him or her, in which case you’d use the pronoun “you.” I suppose there are times when you’d use a third-person pronoun in the person’s presence, but usually it’s when that person is not present, so this is an attempt to control what one says when that person can’t even hear. Isn’t that rather controlling?

  5. We have one of these at our fire house. I refuse to call her a he. I will not play in their delusional world and call the sky green when we all know it is blue. The kid needs help and everyone catering to her delusion is only enabling her psychosis.

    There is no difference than agreeing with a girl suffering with anorexia and telling her that yes, she is fat.

  6. Unfortunately, I still have a couple of my diaries dating back to my teens. I cringe when I read some of the entries. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that a child, teen, or young adult will go through a myriad of changes and uncertainties in their development as an adult. More unfortunate is the mass psychosis that has gripped the Western world in the past five to ten years. Criminal are the activists push these ideas on youth, especially the ones who benefit financially.

    Thousands and thousands of years of human history and only in the tiniest fraction of a sliver of time has this been an issue, never on this magnitude. There will be many young adults who were pushed into this as vulnerable children and will endure permanent physical and mental anguish and regret.

    Meanwhile, there are hundreds of millions of people on this planet who wonder where their next meal will come and do not know what it is like to have clean water.

    Western civilization is going off the deep end.

  7. Why on Earth would any sane person cast their lot with a political party that suffers from pronoun confusion?

    1. Why on earth would any sane person cast their lot with a malignant narcissit who thinks he’s : superman, an old West sheriff or the other cartoon personas your hero is portraying himself as for $99 per pop?

  8. They don’t fire teachers for bad teaching — indisputably proven by low test scores across the country — but they’ll fire them for not using a pronoun. This is an ideological battle, and the power these kids wield will go to their heads eventually.

  9. Using the preferred name and pronoun is about respecting and not offending the student. If your religion and ethics mandates that you insult your students, then you are in the wrong profession. Teachers do not have a right to insult students in any other context.

    1. Sammy: You have drunk way too much kool-aid. These kids will have one pronoun today and another one next week. This isn’t about respect — least of all for the English language. It’s about power and mass hysteria. Read the complaint: “Ms. Geraghty wants to protect children from making potentially irreversible and life-changing decisions that they may later regret.” Studies show that most kids experience gender confusion, which clears up by the time they reach their late teens, early twenties. Would you rather they took irreversible puberty-stopping drugs at 13, or cut off their genitals while they were experiencing a bit of confusion? Pandering to a confused child is just stupid; it doesn’t show “respect.”

    2. It is insulting to the rest of us we have to coddle not only the adults, but children in their delusions.
      It is equally disrespectful we are being forced to comply with this insanity.

    3. How about we get these kids psychological help instead of catering to their delusions. I wonder how you would treat an anorexic.

      1. Well for one I would not go to court to claim a constitutional right to call an anorexic student a “pencil” or “toothpick” or otherwise insult their condition. Also lets remind the other commentators that Republicans want to criminalize treatment of gender dysphoria.

        1. What?! Are you purposely twisting this? The Republicans want to criminalize treatment of gender dysphoria on youngsters who by definition cannot give their consent. Like giving them puberty blockers (used to castrate imprisoned sex offenders), hormones and surgery that will permanently and irreversibly screw up their health.

          If you are just a troll, I thank you for the opportunity to yet again point out what educated, thinking people already know.

    4. Sammy, are you a product of teachers who didn’t want to insult you, so they let you graduate before you learned how to think?

    5. Compelled affirmation of someone’s mental illness is not an insult it is a badly needed dose of reality. Foisting this leftist imbecility on teachers should be outlawed by the Courts.

  10. I continue to be stunned that a very, very small number of people (devoted transgender activists) would like to force 150 million people to celebrate transgenderism. I said 150 million because I have generously granted that the remaining 150 million are in sync with transgenderism. And I am sure that within the transgender community, the vast majority may not stand with the militancy of the activists.

  11. Svelaz is up and about early today. He must still be sleepy. More recent data would suggest that the use of puberty delaying Medications and hormones may have very long term effects that are not entirely reversible. Especially in bone development. There is a great deal of argument in the medical circles about just that “easily reversible” term. What non medical people don’t understand is that there is a plethora of data on the adverse effects of drugs of all types when used in the treatment of children in the pre puberty age range. Especially with steroids with long term periods of no growth and osteonecrosis of the femur and other long bones. Not to mention other more potent medications which can cause bone marrow suppression and affect immunity and the CNS. Just because something is a “hormone” and is produced by the body does not mean it does not have adverse effects short and long term. It’s a finally tuned balance
    Every drug or hormone introduced to the body either self produced or externally produced should be considered a poison with desirable and undesirable consequences with extremely small ranges of efficacy vs lethal effects as well as knowing that each human being can react differently.
    Mother Nature, or God, or whoever has been at this game for 3 1/2 billion + years and we, in our ignorance and arrogance, think we know it all. We don’t. Not even close.
    Medicine has a long history of science and illumination interspersed with major times of stupidity and quackery (eugenics, chelation therapy, Laetrile, grapefruit enemas, bone marrow transplants for breast cancer). Often they occur at the same time.
    Lastly 2 statements (one from medicine)
    1-The best way to miss a diagnosis is to have a diagnosis. I think even Svelaz can figure that one out.
    2- (this one applies in both religious and non religious meaning) Forgive them for they know not what they do.
    Hope the teacher runs the house and cleans up.
    Summary-In the Immortal Words of Sam Rockwell’s character in “Galaxy Quest”-
    “Oh, that’s not right”

    1. GEB,
      Thank you for that perspective from a clinical side.
      I have wondered what would be the consequences of children taking hormone blockers, not going through natural biological puberty in the long term. As you point out about bone growth, would we see these children reach adulthood but be stunted in physical growth i.e. height? Or fragile bones? Loss of mussel mass? And what about brain development?

      Great quote! Love that movie.

    2. GEB: I must temper my opinion by acknowledging that I have a very limited medical background. That said, I think it is true that every one of us possesses and produces both male and female hormones in his or her body, even at the fetal stage. I also know that each of us does NOT reach puberty at the same time in our physical development, especially as to estrogen/estradiol and testosterone production. Therefore, I would think that any [temporary] developmental IMBALANCE in hormone production – -inconsistent with an assigned birth sex,- could cause [developmental/temporary] gender dysphoria, especially around puberty or pre-pubescent years–and likely also affects heterosexual attraction.
      I do realize the more delay, the more complicated a transition becomes. You have addressed the nuances of puberty-delaying medications.
      But how much attention is being paid to pituitary gland and other endocrine secretory dysfunctions or delays– and just correcting those imbalances– rather than using puberty delay to facilitate gender transition? In other words, why can’t we utilize these tools to assist in aligning hormonal support with assigned birth sex?
      Instead, it seems there is an eagerness to immediately resort to encouraging youngsters to identify which sex they are most comfortable with, -and then taking their responses as justification for transgender manipulation and surgical mutilation?

      1. Lin, A good question. There are many imbalances that do occur hormone wise in children as well as in adults and there are good established parameters about what is needed to treat and correct these episodes and afflictions. A genetic code generally stipulates how much of certain hormones are required in a sex, mainly the type of receptors in each organ. It’s not the drug or hormone alone but the receptors and types in these organ and organ systems. If you have the wrong receptors or none there will be no effect or the “wrong effect”. And How a drug works on one system or organ is totally different on how it will affect another organ. Pus there are the enzymes that facilitate the drug, “hormone” from an inactive to an active status and this is often quantity driven with the process moving in one direction due to excess of the drug or reversal and movement in the opposite directions if conditions change. Plus there Is a whole cascade of effects that follow on. Ie: a finely balanced system that reacts virtually to every change.
        Prepuberty and puberty can be a stressful time for many children as the body changes but much of the gender dysphoria appears to be psychological and there, so far, is little to suggest it is hormonal based (at least that I have seen). And it primarily resolves with time.

        1. GEB,
          Once again, thank you for a short yet concise comment.

          Just read some of the testimony from the anti-LBGQ+ violence hearing in Congress, the responses from groups like Gays Against Groomers are quite interesting.

        2. GEB: Thank you for your insightful response, and you taught me something I did not appreciate or at least don’t remember–that it takes two to tango, -hormone/drug AND correlative organ receptor, -obviously interrelated and interdependent. So I am leaving today a little bit smarter than yesterday, thanks to you.
          (p.s., when I was 8-10 years old, I pulled off my shirt/top when outdoors and ran around in shorts like my brother—at least until my mother caught me. I resented spending time indoors with inactive dolls or learning to bake cookies, while my brother and his friends ran around outdoors to their hearts’ content. Then came puberty…I had endless crushes on his friends and would give my brother “notes” to give them….so much for hormones.)

        3. Gender identity is way more than hormones or imbalances of hormones. Those with gender dysphoria KNOW they were assigned the wrong set of genitals early in life–age 2 or 3–long before puberty. It’s more than just how you look–it’s how you identify, how you think, how you feel, how you relate to the world–if you have gender dysphoria, you know you are really a girl or boy, instead of the gender listed on your birth certificate. Unlike what “Lin” thinks, it’s not someone who hangs around with someone of a different gender, a girl who is a tomboy or an effeminate boy. It’s not cross-dressing, either–that’s something else altogether–transvestitism. That’s why comments like this are just so lame and factually wrong: “In other words, why can’t we utilize these tools to assist in aligning hormonal support with assigned birth sex?” Why is it your business to manipulate someone’s hormones because you don’t understand or accept gender dysphoria? And, you are absolutely wrong to claim that “it (gender dysphoria) primarily resolves with time”. That’s just not true. This is just more culture war BS indoctrination shoveled out by alt-right media, parlaying general ignorance about gender dysphoria into attacks on mainstream media and those evil “libs”.

          1. A *gender* is not listed on a birth certificate, an assigned *sex* is.
            I don’t think Lin said she was hanging around with someone of a different *gender* neither was she or GEB talking about cross-dressing. It appears that YOU are the one confused and do not understand the difference between biological sex and gender dysphoria.

          2. Gigi/Natacha: Were you responding to me?
            If so, where in the world did you you get the idea that I considered myself gender dysphoric as a kid????
            I was merely laughing to GEB that I went from running around and viewing boys as shirtless playmates to later (after puberty) having crushes on them. I can’t even grasp the foundation for your inference, e.g., “Unlike what ‘Lin’ thinks, it’s not someone…”
            This is what I think, Gigi: -you really do stretch to make your points, don’t you? Why are you always so confrontational? Yikes, no one was even talking to you, why did you feel the need to step in, too much testosterone? Take two aspirin and check in with us in the morning.
            yours truly, lin.

  12. There is a clever way to end all this nonsense. Every student who objects to this silliness should adopt their own preferred names. Here we go: a____/hole, Babe/Ruth, Superman/Batman, Killer/Killers. You get it. This idiocy will reveal itself very quickly. Or how about my preferred pronoun is “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious/gender identity is stupid.” Use absurdity to demonstrate absurdity.

  13. I refuse to call anyone “they” as it is a bastardization of our language, it is non-sensical and it is dumb. STOP USING THEY FOR THE SINGULAR!

  14. The problem, Schools overruling parents direction as to the treatment of their children.
    Schools dont have the power to be in this debate. Period.

    Parents will sort this out. Schools need to follow the direction of the Parents…not minor children.

    Compelled speech is more insidious than censorship.

    1. Iowan2,
      If I had children still in the public education system, I would withdraw them and home school.
      I would not want these kind of idiots teaching my children anything.

  15. You’re free to be whatever you want to be, but you cannot impose your mental illness and insane believes on others and force them to comply. What is happening here in America is what dark medieval fairytales are made of by the adults orchestrating this insanity = children stealers.

  16. “ Ms. Geraghty believes that, because of the difficulty of assessing matters of gender identity and the long-term irreversible consequences of certain treatments for transgender identifying people, including puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy, and sex-reassignment surgery—children should not be encouraged to undertake social or medical transition because of their inability to assess long-term consequences.”

    Actually only one is irreversible. Puberty blockers and hormone replacement are reversible.

    1. Puberty blockers and hormone replacement are reversible.

      Since we dont have a signifigant sample size over a long time frame (15 years?) you have a conclusion lacking evidence.

      1. I think the term hormone replacement is misused intentionally. Is it hormone replacement?

        If the child is XX, and the hormones are in balance, providing XY hormones is not replacement hormones. They are drugs to change certain things in the body. Replacement sounds better and not quite as destructive.

        Maybe we should look at this so-called hormone replacement as chemotherapy. Perhaps that might permit a better understanding of what we are doing.

        1. That’s a great observation.
          The constant perversion of the language.
          For the left, it is the only path. Anything and everything, except facts and truth.
          That’s why twitter under musk is such a disaster for the left. Opening up debate will end as it always does. The left loosing the debate in the arena of free ideas.

          1. Thanks.

            As you say, Twitter under Musk is a disaster for the left. It will help improve our vocabulary and our understanding of words.

            Just out of curiosity, I am interested in opinions. I am reading about McConnell pushing the Dem bill because he believes it will be the best bill we can get, and waiting for the new Congress will lead to a worse one.

            I believe Twitter will open up the discussion and make such bills more transparent so:

            1. A bill passed next year might be better because of exposure to millions of people.
            2. If the bill is worse, Twitter users will distance themselves more from the left, and we have a better chance at self-correction.

            McConnell wants votes before people have had time to read the bill. I think Twitter users might educate the public, and then they might have a better chance to educate our legislators.

            You are right. Twitter under Musk is a disaster for Democrats.

          2. Didn’t you see today’s news? Musk banned reporters from those outlets you alt-righers hate so much. So much for freedom of speech.

            1. Very few reporters were suspended, not banned. Those facilitating tracking, which can lead to violence, are part of those suspensions.

              Thank goodness Elon is taking a step to stop the violence. The left loved Twitter’s freedom of speech when it facilitated BLM/Antifa rioting, looting, arson, and killing in many cities across the land. Today the left wants to make tracking, and violence against high-profile people easier.

              Taking such a violent position is dumb.

            2. Musk suspended reporters who doxxed people, to include his own family.
              As it has been clearly established, woke Leftists embrace the the ends justify the means doctrine, and will doxx, harass, and see it fit to use those means to threaten, intimidate, or justify those actions.
              See the threats the woke Leftists against SC justices as an example. And Musk’s family.

    2. You ignore the literature on this. “Social transition” reduces the probability that gender dysphoria will desist in due course on its own. The Cass review in the U.K. described it as an “active intervention” that should only be adopted after a clinical diagnosis and psychological counselling. Schools have no competence in this area and should have no power to encourage this first step on the road to further irreversible “affirmative care,” which has no sound evidence. The two quoted paragraphs from the complaint are absolutely correct.

    3. Dr. Svelaz is trying to tell us that puberty blockers and hormones are reversible when there have been no long term studies and even in Europe people are pulling back from such a dangerous “therapeutic” for CHILDREN.

      Dr. Svelaz agrees that the school nurse cannot give you an aspirin, but hell yeah they can sure change your sex.

      Dr. Svelaz, should a 16 year old be allowed to buy a gun? Cigarettes? Sign a contract? Join the military? No, but yet you think it is fine for a 14 year old girl to have her breasts and ovaries removed, leaving her childless for life.

      This is why the left/Democrats don’t want to debate. This garbage is happening and the majority of NORMAL people are not aware of it.

      1. “Dr. Svelaz, should a 16 year old be allowed to buy a gun? Cigarettes? Sign a contract? Join the military? No, but yet you think it is fine for a 14 year old girl to have her breasts and ovaries removed, leaving her childless for life.”

        You beat me to it. Or, how about a tatoo?

    4. Svelaz — or, should we say Dr. Svelaz? From the Mayo Clinic site…and note the words “long term”: Use of GnRH analogues might also have long-term effects on:

      Growth spurts
      Bone growth and density
      Future fertility — depending on when pubertal blockers are started

  17. “University of Mexico”? If you’re going to criticize mandatory pronouns at least have mandatory grammar checking. Sheesh.

      1. .Did you ever proofread what Svelaz writes? Svelaz has a lot more time and doesn’t write as many words.

        Did you ever proofread what Svelaz says for accuracy? Svelaz’s inaccuracy is legendary.

        Did you ever proofread Svelaz’s logic? He has none.

        Did you ever proofread Svelaz’s consistency from post to post? We can go on and on about Svelaz’s inabilities, but what is the point? The Professor provides excellent information and legal expertise.

        What does Svelaz provide? Nothing but complaints. Complaining is the only thing he can do.

        1. S Meyer, Svelaz provides us with 100 comments on every column, 100 contrarian opinions about matters that are objectively not the way he sees them. The contrarian is someone that suffers from a mental malady that is an offshoot of narcissism.

          1. Thank you for your compliments Anonymous the Stupid. I know you think Svelaz is super smart, and you work hard to be just like him.

            Do you think he is smarter than Turley?
            Do you think he writes better than Turley?
            Do you think he knows the law better than Turley?

            We are all waiting with bated breath for you to speak. Let us hear your Svelaz words of wisdom. LOL

    1. If you’re going to criticize, at least have the mandatory intelligence to understand your error in assuming that ‘grammar’ has anything to do with a missing word, if the sentence structure remains correct without it.

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