Colorado College Professor: Astrophysics is Racist Due to Emphasis on Individualism and Exceptionalism

Professor Natalie Gosnell has declared that astrophysics is a racist field. That itself is not unique. We have discussed how professors like Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis have declared math, statistics, and technology as “inherently racist.” However, Gosnell’s reason is that academia continues to focus on “individualism” and “exceptionalism.”

The Colorado College blog reported:

“As an astrophysicist, I’m a product of institutions that are steeped in systemic racism and white supremacy…The [tenets] of white supremacy that show up [in physics] of individualism and exceptionalism and perfectionism… it’s either-or thinking, and there’s…no subtlety, there’s no gray area.”

The attack on individualism and exceptionalism is a growing trend. We previously discussed how “meritocracy” is racist and furthers “white supremacy.”

Professor Natalie Gosnell also objected to “metaphors” that she believes reflect a “violent” and “hypermasculine” bias. With the exception of the big bang theory, it is not clear what the violence inherent in the astrophysics field might be. The article mentions examples of this  “violent, hyper-masculine lens” as the “Vampire Star” and “Cannibal Star.”

It is not clear what might be suggested for feminine or non-violent alternatives, but there is a risk in proposing such changes since that could be seen as a play at “exceptionalism” as an academic.

121 thoughts on “Colorado College Professor: Astrophysics is Racist Due to Emphasis on Individualism and Exceptionalism”

  1. In the name of equity and inclusion and accuracy, the terms Cannibal Star and Vampire Star should be replaced EBT Card Carrier Star and The Squad Star.

  2. She just might be related to a woman in Texas a couple decades ago who was in prison for murder. She claimed that since women are incapable of murder she should be released.

    1. As a conservative who’s band played in a few Mifflin Street parties can attest, we can sneak in occasionally.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous, just push these idiots aside, don’t give them the time of day. Lie to the idiot tyrants who seek control through the manipulation of language. These professors who espouse such nonsense are communist cowards. Go move to N. Korea you clowns!

    1. We stand on the shoulders of giants who have come before us. In science this is true. Exceptional ideas come about through observation, education, and the grist mill of scientific hypothesis, review and debate.

      We should find a place to resettle these small minded people so they will not encounter challenging ideas. Lets be kind and locate them closer to home. Someplace like the Dakota Bad lands , where they can work hard to keep themselves alive and out if trouble. I have thought that stupid ideas come about when people have to much free time and not enough work to think stupid thoughts.

      1. Badlands are to masculine. The brown bears and coyotes and snakes will eat them alive.

        Only violent masculinity can survive. Soi will die.

  4. I think it’s obvious what’s happening. She’s trying to launch a new career full of book deals and highly paid speaking engagements for virtue signaling audiences eating this nonsense up right now. If you can’t make a name for yourself by being exceptional in your field then become a star by tearing your field down and no better way to do that than…racism. Even the word “field” is now considered racist as if the people working a given field are now the modern equivalent of slaves picking cotton to enrich a plantation master. Talk about anti-science, anti-civilization and anti-common sense.

    1. Her entire comment is nothing but condensed socialism verging on communism. I am gkad I left Colorado.she is a failed product of some of our current university environments.

  5. If she truly believes in “systemic racism” and “white supremacy”, then she should relinquish her position for the sake of diversity, equity and inclusion and offer it to someone of [another] color.

    1. I hope she informs Neil deGrasse Tyson, the famous BLACK astrophysicist, that he’s a white supremacist.

      1. He’s a simp.
        Sell out.
        He is not as smart as he thinks.
        Global warming?
        COVID vaccines are safe?

        Tows the msm and popular lines vs true science.

  6. Racism as rational. Recent genetic advances confirm what we knew instinctively. Blacks are much different than all other races. Reducing everything to proto-human levels will bring a proto-human society. Grass huts and tubers for everyone!

  7. How about an economy where people can’t afford to eat or put gas in their cars? Which demographics are disproportionately affected by this? Hm, let me guess. The fact is, the green new deal is a heck of a lot more racist than astrophysics. Interest rates are through the roof and even moderately well-off people struggle to make their house payments or buy a home. How is anyone going to get out of the projects in this economy? What about sports? If you’re a young black girl and you have your sports scholarship stolen by a white guy who “identifies” as female but is fully biologically male, isn’t that racist? (As well as misogynistic but nobody seems to care about that). If we’re going to call everything racist, let’s start with the things that really are.

  8. Professor Irwin Corey makes a lot more sense than Professor Natalie Gosnell. But that is only reasonable. After all, Professor Corey is the world’s foremost authority.

  9. I think it is blatantly racist that she must think there is a race of people who cannot achieve academic success or can’t make it in a meritocracy. She believes there is an entire race that is too stupid to show excellence. What race is it that she believes is inferior. Ok Hitler tell us which race is incapable of excellence. It is obvious that she thinks white people are superior. That is the racism in this picture. In this country and around the world people of different cultures or races achieve success in meritocracy. Three of the leading physicists who can take advanced science and explain it to us idiots, are not Caucasian, and are leaders in the field. Even SOCIALISM believes in meritocracy. Meaning people should be assigned jobs best suited for their abilities, and recognize excellence in academics and science. Even NORTH KOREA understands the idea that there are some people needed to advance science. I wonder what Frederick Douglas, Martin Luther King, George Washington Carver, Thomas Sowell, Percy Julian, Patricia Bath, Benjamin Banneker, Emmet Schappel, Granville Woods, George Carruthers, Walter Hawkins, Neil deGrass Tyson, Hakeem Oluseyi, Alice Parker who invented the furnace for central air heating (pretty big deal) and the inventor of ROM cartridge video games, Jerry Lawson would think about this demeaning statement. I could have listed a hundred more. All won accolades, patents, high academic recognition. Not everyone is cut out to be an astrophysicist. It has nothing to do with race or racism.

  10. do these clowns NOT listen to their drivel??? He just accused non-whites of being low IQ dunces unable to excel in science. So… we have to dump science or hand out participation diplomas.

    1. Yeah hand that bronze star to the gov employee who tells you about the next solar flare… you want notified? Or do you want your govt hand ringing if it would be fair to notify you…oops did I just give away their plans……planned not to notify you….even tho they work for you? It’s called insubordibation! Like when I say lajes 86….545499a. You say how high? Oh since no one says how high….I guess I’m Scott free! Duck ya all. Lanes 86 545499a. Meaningless. Apparently!. Or is it? Biden will prey tell. Ha!

  11. Scientific inventions are ‘racist’…..automobiles, planes, trains, computers, the Internet, etc. Anyone who believes that should refrain from using those things. Return to living in mud huts and eating grubs, ok? Thank you!

  12. So what you’re saying is that you have failed miserably and you are green with envy.

    Thou Shalt Not Covet

    Thou Shalt Not Steal

  13. California Teacher: Law Enforcement is Racist Due to Emphasis on Writing a Feminist, Hyphenate, African-American Woman a Traffic Ticket

      1. Woman Calls Cop A “Murderer, Mexican, & A Racist” After Being Pulled Over.

        That’s probably how you say “Have a Nice Day” in California.

        1. Who knows how to say “have a nice day” in California.

          California is a foreign country with ~8 most commonly spoken, but 200+ total languages.

          The Beach Boys came from Hawthorne; you don’t go in there now with anything less than a company including the weapons platoon.

          California has been invaded and conquered.

          We pay taxes to facilitate foreigners voting, shopping, going to court or public facilities and everything else they do in our country, even discounted home mortgages.

          Vietnamese live it up in California while 58,000 Americans are still dead in their country.

          I had to fight a war in Vietnam while my country is overrun, conquered and destroyed – check out the border near El Paso, they don’t even know who’s coming in.

          We used to have orange trees in Orange County and now it’s China with Vietnam down the street in Garden Grove and India in Artesia, and so on, and so on, and so on.

          Before the invasion, we left our houses unlocked when we went to the grocery store and left the keys in the ignition of the car and the windows open.

          Oh, and we spoke English everywhere.

          Dang, this country’s nuts.

          1. “Who knows how to say “have a nice day” in California.”

            The best way to celebrate in California is by going to a bar with a pair of friends while waiting for your plane to take you to Texas or Florida.

            1. S. Meyer….LOL! Exactly……….and reminds me of a bumper sticker that was popular in South Austin years ago…

              “Keep Texas Beautiful—Put a Yankee on a Bus!” present company excluded, of course 🙂

          2. I remember Riverside and San Bernardino before the immigration. Idyllic, peaceful, no gangs, no drive-bys, schools were safe. Now they routinely murder police officers, profile of perps dismally the same: gangsters with lengthy criminal records who should have been in lock-up (and would have been as recently as when the last R was governor and they were still enforcing “3 strikes”. The Democrats really do want to “tear it all down man” because they are doing it. Their impregnable imported majority seems to actually like it–maybe because it makes them feel more at home?

            1. They may not like it, really, but they do feel at home with it, because they’re poor. There is a mentality of poverty that abides a dismal life that a wealthier person has trouble understanding. The best thing on earth for any immigrant to this country to experience is immediately enforced education, hygiene training, and a boot camp style inculturation designed to produce model citizens. Want to come here? You swear to work hard, pay your debts, avoid tattoos and fornication, avoid cursing, learn English, attend school, go to bed by 10, up by 6:00. Basically impose by force a New England Calvinist style of living on every single person, and their past would truly be the past in a single generation.
              I think this sort of happened with the immigrants of a century ago, and it worked. We just don’t have the civilizational will now.

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