“I Have No Regrets”: President Biden Breaks Long Silence With Shattering Admission

President Joe Biden has something that he wants the public to know. After the discovery of highly classified material in Biden’s former office, his garage and library, the President wanted to make one thing (and only one thing) perfectly clear: “I have no regrets.”

It was a moment that rivaled his disastrous observation that, while classified material was found in his garage, it is a locked garage that also housed his beloved 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

While Biden’s “corvette standard” for storing classified documents was baffling, his declaration of “no regrets” is downright infuriating.  It is also remarkably moronic with a special counsel in the field. Either the President believes that Special Counsel Robert K. Hur will paper over the entire affair or he is doing his best to force his hand with a criminal charge.

Biden was miffed to be even asked about the matter after stonewalling the press for days. He ventured out of his White House bunker to tour storm damage in California and used the victims as a virtual human shield: “You know what, quite frankly, bugs me is that we have a serious problem here we’re talking about. We’re talking about what’s going on. And the American people don’t quite understand why you don’t ask me questions about that.”

The problem is that recent polls show that, while the President has no regrets, the public overwhelmingly does. Most citizens view his conduct as negligent. Roughly two-thirds believe that Congress should investigate the President, including a majority of Democrats. Sixty percent believe that he acted inappropriately with classified material.

Nevertheless, after days of hunkering down with this aides and polls, Biden decided to stick with total and absolute denial of regret or responsibility. It was not a surprise for many of us who have following Biden and his family through the years.

I wrote at the start of this scandal that Biden’s “silence is hardly surprising. Biden has always been better at expressing revulsion than responsibility. Time and again, he has literally rushed before cameras to denounce others, often without basis, for alleged crimes. He has not waited for investigations, let alone trials.” When it has come to his own alleged misconduct, Biden will deflect, deny, but rarely declare responsibility.

The comments on Thursday were classic Biden. He first deflected by using the California victims. He then denied any real responsibility. Despite the appointment of a special counsel to investigate his conduct, he shrugged off the entire matter as something akin to finding a neighbor’s borrowed hammer from 2017 in his garage: “We found a handful of documents were filed in the wrong place. We immediately turned them over to the Archives and the Justice Department …I think you’re going to find there’s nothing there. I have no regrets. I’m following what the lawyers have told me they want me to do. It’s exactly what we’re doing. There’s no there there.”

Of course, there is also a special counsel “there.”

Indeed, it is never a good idea to go public with expressions of no regret when you are being investigated on whether you took classification laws seriously. The statement was right out of the Alex Baldwin School of Criminal Defense in claiming that the gun did it. Fortunately, the President is not (yet) saying that the Corvette did it.

Since the standard is gross mishandling of classified evidence, the last thing you want to do is convey a grossly negligent attitude toward the discovery of highly classified material in your various private spaces. The President even added that he is “looking forward to getting this resolved quickly.” That quick resolution is less likely when you are telling the special counsel that this is no big deal. That is precisely the type of attitude that leads to classified material being stored with your corvette.

It is hard to imagine how Biden’s legal and political team would come up with this as the best approach when the President finally broke his silence. There is a difference between denying and dismissing an alleged crime. As a criminal defense attorney, I would be mortified by a client publicly dismissing the seriousness of a potential crime while he is under investigation. For most defendants, it would constitute “bearding the lion” and prosecutors would not take kindly to the approach.

Of course, the President could be counting on his prior declaration that “no one f**ks with a Biden.” However, he may be saying the quiet part out loud and putting Hur in an early and uncomfortable position. There is a “there there.” It is classified evidence in places like a garage. By stating that this is likely to wrap up quickly, Biden is not only showing little appreciation for the seriousness of the alleged crime but the seriousness of the investigation. He is not only making Hur look like a stooge or cipher. He is making Baldwin look like a comparative genius.

A version of this column also appeared on Fox.com

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  1. I’ll say it again these might be copied of…Carl he took as senator before the Pentagon was conveniently Blowed up. He says he has no regrets. So he is cool with the docs being made public and not buried at the archives. If so no “regerts” . ..let the deminimouse- the documents public. He’s president now….he can declassify them. But he doesn’t…which means the source is still considering them classified. Which in-turn means they are a big deal….since the source hasn’t declassified them….And the source is the only thing holding up his declassification blanket power as president.

    1. Presidents have the power to declassify. But the normal mode of operation…is the person who classified it…must agree to its declassifiction. The fact Biden has not declassified the otherwise stale documents purportedly still classified implies they are still viable methods and tactics related. Or it implies the entity that classified them still wants to hide the ball from the people. He has no regrets. Which means his willing to out on the agency re: there clasifications…. Or he’s got either the death of content of the particular person who classified the material ! In the first intance. I’m betting he got their death….or consent of the original classifier. Just saying after reading about rich seth.

  2. The Democrats House-of-Cards is falling apart – e.g.: Follow-the-Money *NOT* the Distraction !

    FTX Bombshell: Former FTX Lawyer, Daniel Friedberg, Alleges Fraud by Sullivan & Cromwell in Court Filing Today

    … “the FTX International exchange was operated from a server housed in Japan, while the FTX.US exchange was operated from a server in Virginia. The wallets and assets of FTX International and FTX.US were separated in these different instances.” …

    Hummmm: ???? ‘server in Virginia’ ????



  3. Svelaz keeps denying the truths no matter how many times the truths are reported. Hurray for Project Veritas.
    Salesman who boasted in Project Veritas video about stealthy selling of CRT curriculum put on leave
    The salesman’s employer responded with updated statement after initially condemning Project Veritas

    The Georgia salesman who boasted in an undercover video about selling so-called Critical Race Theory curriculum to public schools despite a statewide ban on racially “divisive” lesson plans has been put on leave by his employer, Teaching Lab HQ.


  4. Hunter Biden’s extended access to father’s home where classified memos found alarms investigators

    Congressional investigators are acutely aware that some of the players Hunter Biden was seeking business from had connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and that one business associate tied to the CEFC energy firm in China — Patrick Ho — was convicted of making foreign bribery payments in a case that federal prosecutors alleged also involved efforts to help Iran evade nuclear sanctions.


  5. A normal 80 year old, in my view, should want to spend his or her few remaining years on this side of the grave enjoying life, doing some travel, enjoying friends and family. Then there are the drunk-on-raw-power narcissists who keep on going with little apparent regard for the pain and misery they have and continue to cause to thousands, if not millions by their disregard for the condition of the rank and file citizens who suffer under their toxic leadership. They can’t let go. Arrogance. They love it too much.

    What is the result? Disaster. This is the logical conclusion of those who elected incompetence and those that protect it.

  6. Biden has no regrets because he knows that (as usual) he won’t have to face any consequences for his illegal behavior. He’s smart enough to know that between a coopted media and coopted DOJ…Democrats have blanket immunity.

    1. No,he probably assumes that he is no longer subject to the laws of the USA since Trump has to take the responsibility of allowing the WHO to take the country over.After all,,health covers most things.

  7. Like death and taxes, one of life’s certainties is that the Democrats can be counted on act in lockstep. With incredible party discipline. Like a block of granite.

    So what’s going on with the Joe Biden top secret document scandal? The Democrats and their media allies have consistently buried far more consequential matters, like the Biden family’s influence peddling.

    Somehow, Biden has managed to divide the Democratic party. He is now under attack by a powerful party faction. These sorts of attacks are normally reserved for the party’s political enemies. We are witnessing a crack in in the granite. The question is – will the crack spread?

    The situation is reminiscent of Andrew Cuomo, whose career was summarily destroyed once he was no longer useful to the party. Over a me-too scandal, rather than his far more consequential mishandling of New York’s COVID response.

    What will become of Joe Biden? Will he be deposed like Cuomo? Is this a shot across the bow, warning him not to run in 2024? Or will he be rehabilitated?

    1. I’m thinking this is no crack, it’s a unified party move to jettison Joe. The party behemoth needs to ensure he doesn’t run in 2024. With his advanced dementia it’s too risky he’d lose. They’re making way for Michelle. None of this would have happened if Joe had previously made it clear that he had no intention of running in 2024.

  8. Bottom line – it doesn’t matter why the mis-handling happened – even if it was an honest mistake. The Nation has a process for determining impact to National Security. Does the President care about THAT or is there also no regrets?
    Here are the questions the press and Special Counsel SHOULD be asking…from someone who had to sign for, store, and confirm return of classified docs in federal govt. BTW, i have zero confidence we’ll actually know the content of what was stored or what was maybe swapped unless we can account for every class doc the VP signed for.
    1. Classified docs have a documented and positive chain of custody (numbering, signatures, etc). Why didn’t the National Archives determine in 2017 that certain documents signed over to the VP were missing or confirmed to have been destroyed? The National Archivist was much more diligent in 2021 retrieving President’s Trump’s missing classified material
    2. What was the subject/content of the classified files? (BTW, POTUS has the power to declassify these files if the public demands to know the content) or Congressional Intelligence committees can ask for them. ICD 701 – “Significant unauthorized disclosures that may pose a substantial risk to U.S. national security interests shall also be reported to congressional intelligence committees in accordance with ICD 112, Congressional Notification, and to the Intelligence Oversight Board, President’s Intelligence Advisory Board and Intelligence Oversight Board, as amended.” What are the chances this has happened?
    3. Given the Trump’s interest Biden’s ties to China and Ukraine, is there a record of visits to the National Archives by Biden surrogates after 2017 and were the classified files intentionally removed from the National Archives at any time? Socks precedent for this.. and we’re not talking the cat.
    4. CNN, in its comical review of the VP’s last days conveniently forgot about Biden’s private mtgs in the WH with Pres Obama, the NSA, CIA, and others on unmaskings, Russian collusion in the election, and the national security “threat” posed by incoming Trump officials which happened in those last frantic weeks. Were any of the discovered files related to those meetings?
    5. Upon discovery of a classified file that may have been compromised by unsecure storage, there is a very specific and detailed protocol for notification to originating IC and delivery of the files to security officials for a review of the impact to national security. Check out ICD 701. This protocol definitely does NOT include calling the National Archives. Was the standard protocol for reporting and assessment of impact to national security followed? Is the IC Inspector General leading the investigation in the handling as per directives? From ICD 701” The head(s) of the originating IC element(s) shall determine whether the facts ascertained during the preliminary inquiry warrant the filing of a Crimes Report with the DoJ.”
    6. Investigators much establish, given the storage of the documents and the time the docs were not secure, who possibly could have had access to the classified material in order to understand the impact to national security. Will that list of possible viewers be included in the Special Counsels report?
    7. Classified material must be kept in a safe or a SCIF. The process of boxing up unclass for a departing official is different from accounting for classified. So, either someone trained and cleared to access the safe intentionally moved classified material to the unclassified boxes or the VP himself co-mingled unclass and classified in his files. So much for “taking classified material seriously.” Should the President have his clearance revoked once he leaves office?

  9. Who wants to “fundamentally transform the United States of America?”

    Foreign agent Joe Biden’s political benefactor and operational handler, Barack Hussein Obama.

    A foreigner.

    A foreign agent.

    A direct and mortal enemy of the American thesis, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, America and actual Americans.

      1. You think that pointing out George’s bigotry makes someone a communist?

        Ask you wife if she agrees with George that women shouldn’t have the right to vote, or if he’s a bigot for saying that women should be disenfranchised. If she thinks he’s a bigot, does that make her a communist too?

        1. Marxist Bigot, Anti-American Hater,

          It should be clear to you by now the US voting system has been in a state of almost near collapse for decades yet we go vote & the counters rig it in numerous ways.

          Then as George points out often not everyone should be allowed vote, like it’s currently being pushed to allow illegal wetbacks & 16 year olds to vote. That’s crazy!

          Just look at that Lunatic D/Rep Shelia Jackson Lee from NYC who was a high school cafeteria worker before she became a congress gal, like AOC as a bar maid. We can/should see now the Deep State & their professional/managerial class bureaucrats are just mocking us Citizens & our nation’s constitution.

          IE: Twitter Files, big tech, GCHQ, Nato Direct interference. Note Ben Shapiro-Dailywire exposed this week as just more control opposition.

          I’m sure you are also aware there are still J6 Political Prisoners rotting in DC Gulags, Tortured & denied basic civil Rights for around 2 Years. Now all can see the reason over 1 million unarmed peaceful people attend the “Stop The Steal” J6 rally was sway congress for just a legal 10 day investigation, instead the Pelosi/McConnell/Gen Milly/certain intel outfit turned on the Govt & them.

          So No, a lot of people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, noted by DNI report before J6 that the Commie Chinese Xi don’t need US women voting or even US males.

          No reason the USC can’t be amended.

          (Damn, I forgot to address the Eskimos voting problem) lol;)

    1. So we’ll put you down as a “yes” for the communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO, AINO) adversaries.

      Look, I didn’t write the Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795, 1798 and 1802 (four clear iterations).

      I didn’t restrict the vote to male, European, 21, 50 lbs. Sterling/50 acres.

      And I didn’t effect a turnout of merely 11.6% in the initial election of 1788.

      The American Founders and Framers did.

      That you don’t like America or Americans is irrelevant to the intent and design of the Founders.

      and typically throughout history, invaders and enemies have been repulsed, with extreme prejudice, not coddled and pampered.

      1. It may have been Word Press or someone Woke higher up.

        That one post of mine I mentioned some Intel groups/etc interfering in US elections.

        I doubt the post was perfectly composed but was pointed in the general direction at some major reasons to be concerned about the current Commie Marxist infiltration of the US Govt & voting.

    2. Correction line 3: Son of a foreign citizen (My wife was vigorously exhorting me to come into the kitchen for dinner).

      1. George,

        I’ll be commenting Ben Shapiro-Dailywire seems to have exposed themselves this week as just more controlled opposition & going a little further in later days + SPLC connection.

        IE: Crowder contract.

        more….., but not now it’s late.

  10. No regrets was clearly a mistake even with more context provided by some commenters, but why is JT resorting to the following overheated rhetoric to make his case instead of using reasoned explanation and analysis: shattering admission, disastrous observation, baffling, downright infuriating, remarkably moronic, mortified, and bearding the lion.

    1. FYI,

      Catturd has been a poster on Twitter that the new Owner Elon Musk seemed to like & responded to as a large amount of others did.

      Even the finest steak sometimes is help with a bit of salt & pepper just like commentary.

    2. “[W]hy is JT resorting to the following overheated rhetoric to make his case instead of using reasoned explanation and analysis”

      Because namby-pamby descriptions would mean that the issues are *not* important to him, that he does not particularly care. His word choices, packed with intense evaluations, obviously mean that he takes these issues seriously.

      Where did you get the disastrous idea that a passionate evaluation is the enemy of “reasoned explanation?”

      “*Overheated* rhetoric:” You know the Left is getting desperate to smear Turley, when it mischaracterizes his word choice.

  11. They’re as nasty as they wanna be because they know nobody’s gonna do anything about it. So they give us all the middle finger and laugh in our face. That’s what this is.

    Relatedly, they now say disinformation is the most existential threat to the survival of the bloody planet. Hahahahaha! That’s a good one. Putting us on the brink of nuclear war with Russia is small potatoes compared to “disinformation.” Hahahahaha! But as I say, it’s related to the above. Remember about 30 years ago the bad guys were all about “tolerance tolerance tolerance.” They don’t say tolerance any more, now they say “censorship, censorship, censorship.” This is not new to history. When an evil subversive force has little power, it preaches tolerance till it gains a majority of the power. At that point it don’t need no stinkin’ tolerance, it needs to shut down the opposition.

    1. @oldman

      We should actually thank our lucky stars for Trump, love him or hate him, as this could’ve all started with Hillary in 2016 with a fraction of the exposure along the way. Trump was what made them once and for all pull the masks off, and though I loathe our situation, at least it’s *crystal* clear what’s going on with America’s formerly democratic party.

      1. James – you said a mouth full of truth there. While Trump’s personality is grating, I’ll always love him for three things: he humiliated the media, he kept the Clinton Crime Syndicate from returning to the White House, and he gave America the chance to hold onto liberty a little while longer with his Supreme Court appointments.

  12. Is there an inventory of classified documents that they can reconcile to? Let’s say they found 5 files in the garage… what if there were actually 15 and Hunter sold ten to the Chinese…. would we know?

    1. We have nothing.

      We do not know if there were other WH papers found, it appears none were taken, but it is certain there were lots of papers that were not classified that did not belong to Biden.
      Unlike Trump they did not take thousands of other papers for every classified document they found.

      DOJ did everything possible to communicate they did not take this seriously, and to make it nearly impossible to prosecute Biden.

      But they destroyed any hope of a case against Trump in the process.

      1. Love how that works. Because the dems are actually *doing* everything they accused Trump of and keep getting caught, the nonexistent case they had against him before is a now an even more nothing pile of jack and ****, right along with their minions’ credibility. Karma. If there were also justice the entire party would be barred from office. And I mean every single blue district that gets the daily DNC spreadsheet, which is all of them.

    2. Why take a copy. Take a picture, then no way to tell. That’s why no phones in places where they are used or kept. C’mon man!

  13. Anonymous at 10:28: I regret that you conveniently omitted a section found in the judge’s Order (on Page 4) that quotes Trump’s disappointed lawyer:
    “The former president looked at me and he told me, you know what
    Alina. You’re not going to win. You can’t win, just get rid of it,
    don’t do the case. And I said, no, we have to fight. It’s not right
    what happened. And you know, he was right, and it’s a sad day for
    me personally because I fought him on [it] and I should have
    listened, but I don’t want to lose hope in our system.”

    You and the media (if you are not part of it) operate the same: selective facts, selective news, selective truth.

    1. Lin,

      Nice Post! Little wonder young people are refusing to sign up for US Military or work for certain Govt agencies.

      At least many people now because of Trump know who to blame.

    2. selective facts, selective news, selective truth

      The [Pro-Choice] ethical religion that is popular in democratic/dictatorial jurisdictions.

  14. Biden and Obama are foreign agents with foreign allegiances.

    Now you know why the Founders required the president to be a “natural born citizen.”

    The requirement was placed in the Constitution to preclude foreign allegiances by the commander-in-chief.

    Obama’s father was an adverse, activist, extremist, foreign citizen, jailed by the British.

    Obama’s allegiances were and are obviously foreign.

    Obama will never be eligible for the office of the president.

    Biden would have never been vice president had the Constitution been enforced against foreign agent Obama and he had never been ensconced by the Deep Deep State “Swamp.”

    Something really stinks.

    There’s trouble in River City.

  15. OT

    Wait! I know! I finally figured it out.

    They want Stacy “Big Tank” Abrams for President and Liz “Daddy You Promised” Cheney for Vice President.

    Now that’s a whale of a ticket!

    How ’bout All-hysteria O’crazio Corkheads for Treasury Secretary?

    This clown show is tanned, rested and ready.

    They are tan, rested and ready to rule the communist “democracy” and “dictatorship of the proletariat” of Nanny Peeloosi et al., which is distinctly not the American restricted-vote republic of its creators and Founders.

    1. Bonus Points for George today! LOL;)

      “Wait! I know! I finally figured it out.

      They want Stacy “Big Tank” Abrams for President and Liz “Daddy You Promised” Cheney for Vice President.

      Now that’s a whale of a ticket! ”


      And Happy 92nd Birthday Buzz Aldin!

      0.34 seconds, turn the volume on



      Hat Tip to Darrin McBreen! I think it’s 1:16 seconds


      Brought To You By Pfizer!

      Jan 10, 2023
      Darrin McBreen
      Darrin McBreen

      This message brought to you by Pfizer. Trust The Science. Shocking video montage puts a spotlight on Pfizer’s conflict of interest hiding in front of our eyes the whole time.


  16. It’s as you said, Mr. Turley:

    “…the President believes that Special Counsel Robert K. Hur will paper over the entire affair ”

    Just like SCOTUS “can’t find’ the DOBBS leaker.

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