“I Water You, You Water Me”: High School Assistant Principal Under Fire for Raising Money to Pay Off Coyote



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  1. The federal law posted in this editorial is clear. So why are the Feds not Going after California officials for providing driver’s licence, medical care, and protection under their state’s sanctuary state law.to illegal aliens ?? All of this is an encouragement to illegals to go there. Could it be that so many of California’s congressmen owe their loyalty to the 2 million illegals living there instead of American citizens ?

  2. The issue at the root of this is that the left has driven, very hard, since the sixties, an agenda of de-patriotization.
    And in large part it’s successful.
    Looking at history what is the result of that?

  3. My “Please tell me this is not true” story of the day.. There is absolutely no regard for law anymore. And this is a school administrator!? I tell you if I had school age children they would be as far from a public school as I could get them.

  4. Prof Turley spells it out ‘..It is also a crime under Section 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv) to encourage or induce an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States as well as conspiring or aiding or abetting in any of these crime. Section 1324(a)(1)(A)(v)….’ I know I’m not the first to ask this question, but, seriously: HOW is Joe Biden, et al, getting away so flagrantly breaking the law here re: opening the borders inviting, encouraging, etc. every alien under the sun to come on in…………..????!!! .. as well as helping them by extraordinary and costly means with said crimes….???!!! HOW HAS HE GOTTEN AWAY WITH THIS FOR 2 YEARS NOW…?????!!!!!

      1. The DOJ under normal circumstance is under the AG and the judicial branch, not the executive branch. You must be thinking of the Trump administration.

        1. You too could be one of Biden’s judicial nominees. Just stay clear of Sen. Kennedy’s questioning. He is likely to expose your idea of “normal” for the destructive force that it is.

        2. FishWings – It takes a special level of dissociative disorder to willfully deny the neo-fascism infesting the Biden/DOJ/FBI regime, you would have made an excellent Gestapo or Nazi party member… oh wait, that IS the modern democrat party.

        3. Uhm, no. The “Judicial Branch” is the federal court system. The AG is under the “Executive Branch”, which is controlled by the president.

        4. ..no Fishwings.. we are looking at the BIDEN Admin.. take your MSNBC blinders off and see Reality.

  5. The southern border is a disaster and there is no willpower on the part of our government to stop the flow nor is there infrastructure to properly care for the deluge. Are we at 6,000,000 now, in the past two years? Drugs are freely flowing. I spoke with an official yesterday who told me that before COVID, it was 1 in 15 fentanyl tablets sold on the street were strong enough to be a lethal dose. He said now 1 in 4 fentanyl tablets dealt on the street are a lethal dose. One only need drive down a busy street in a border state and other states, even in small towns and they will see the army of fentanyl zombies. Drug addiction has skyrocketed, crime against rank and file citizens and business owners goes unpunished.

    The Cartel are making billions and their influence inside our country has flourished under this administration. Either the Biden administration is weak and AWOL or those, such as Susan Rice, who are the power players of this administration have an overarching strategy behind the decisions that appear to be madness to the clear thinking individual. They want to take down this nation. If they cannot do it though the government, they will do it through corporations and government agencies.

    I don’t blame the individuals who want to come here. I would do the same if I could. However, if all those who desire to cross the border were sure to vote Republican, I would imagine the entire U.S. military would be employed to keep them out and would round up everyone who has already made it here safely.

    We are officially living in a backward and bizarre world.

  6. Please also step up to help our student Molly go on the senior class trip. She needs $3,200 to pay her pimp for the 2 nights she she hopes to be unavailable.

    Oh why not? Any other crimes we’ve normalized?

  7. people who say things that are wrong and stupid should have their expression license revoked.
    what is so wrong with a profit motive to provide weapons that give people their freedom

  8. OUr public schools are not schools, they are reeducation platforms. Just teach reading, writing and arithmetic and we all be a lot better off.

  9. Stefani sounds like a well rounded person. I’m trying to think of a pronoun for Stefani. Oh, how about it.

  10. These are the clueless brain dead into who’s hands we place the care, feeding, and education of our most precious gifts from God for 6 to 8 hours a day. To ask for wholesale firings of the Woke Fifth Column across the patchwork quilt of the educational establishment of this country, would only be a necessary beginning to rid our nation of this cultural rot. If these were the US Nazis and Communists of the mid-late 20th Century we would be energized. Unfortunately Dracula now has the keys to the blood bank and we are without the proper wooden stakes.

  11. “It is a federal crime under 18 U.S.C. 1324(a)(1)(A)(i) and 1324(a)(2) to knowingly bring or attempt to bring into the United States an alien into the country illegally. Section 1324(a)(1)(A)(ii) makes it a crime for any person, with knowledge or reckless disregard of the alien’s illegal immigrations status, to transport an alien within the United States by any means of transportation.

    It is also a crime to harbor an illegal immigrant or shield the alien from detection. Section 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii). It is also a crime under Section 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv) to encourage or induce an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States as well as conspiring or aiding or abetting in any of these crime. Section 1324(a)(1)(A)(v).”

    Some of you lawyers out there (Svalez? Gigi? Turley?) please explain why everyone in the Biden administration dealing with this has not violated one of these statutes.

  12. It’s beating a dead horse, but his age and his ‘bio’ say it all. This will not change until we change it. It’s like they come from a dang factory.

  13. I am struggling to understand which is worse. Is it worse for a teacher to solicit money to help bring an illegal alien into this country or for a president to appropriate taxpayer money to help bring millions of illegal aliens into this country?

  14. Teachers are gone.  Criminals are teaching.  What kind of adult will they turn your children into?  At the end days of this age, “children will turn against their parents, and parents will turn against their children.” 

  15. Another example of out-of-control public schools and how they wish to contribute to the demise of the culture. This will be celebrated, not punished. Anyone who disagrees with the idea of paying off a cartel member with donated money from kids or families would be told to ‘get over it’.

  16. How much more evidence do we need to firmly establish that the prog/left is composed of mis-educated, brainwashed tools. When will we recognize that all of them must be removed from any sort of power (and here I mean even dog catcher) before they terminally injure this nation and its citizens.

    1. Before they terminally injure this nation? I’m afraid it’s well past that point. America, as I used to know her, has been a relic of the history books for quite some time now. Our two-tiered justice system has made sure of that as well as the political left. I don’t know of a way to put that genie back in the bottle.

      1. Short of something as drastic as the great depression or WWII I don’t see the trajectory changing, especially with the same gang of rinos still in charge.

      2. Simon: I wish I could disagree with you. But, unfortunately I cannot. The Left is enshrined everywhere: the FBI and entire DOJ, the unelected DEEP STATE, education from pre-K to universities, the military (Millie and Austin two shining examples), Democrat politicians who are really America-haters, corporations going along with ESG thanks to BlackRock and Larry Fink. This is the short list. The justice system as you mentioned is of utmost importance. “Laws for thee, but not for me”.

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