The Pelosi Tapes: The Video of the October Attack Shows New Details and Refute Sensational Theories

Screen grab from bodycam video following the alleged assault on Paul Pelosi by David DePape in San Francisco on Oct. 28, 2022.

It is a common lament that news today moves at a Nascar pace. With social media, reactions are immediate and can be wrong. It also fuels conspiracy theories on incomplete facts. That was the case with Paul Pelosi. Various sites pushed a theory that Pelosi knew his attacker David DePape and may have actually been in a romantic relationship. Others suggested that there was no danger or emergency when police first arrived at the Pelosi residence. Both claims were shattered by this videotape and offer yet another cautionary tale of the viral claims that can take hold in early coverage.

Newly released bodycam video of the October attack on Paul Pelosi shows a chilling scene when police arrived. Pelosi was not free to move and did not answer the door. The door was opened to reveal Pelosi being held by DePape who is also brandishing a hammer.

In the prior telephone call, Pelosi remains remarkably calm and controlled as he tries to signal to the police operator that he is in danger with DePape listening to the call. The operator appears surprisingly clueless as Pelosi tries to explain that this is the house of a protected person…indeed, the person third in line from the presidency.

Here is the transcript of the 911 call made by Pelosi to San Francisco police at 2:27 a.m. on Oct. 22.

911 dispatcher Heather Grives: San Francisco Police, 74.

Paul Pelosi: Oh I guess … I guess I told them to (unintelligible). What is this?

911: San Francisco Police, do you need help?

PP: Oh, well there’s a gentleman here just waiting for my wife to come back, Nancy Pelosi. He’s just waiting for her to come back, but she’s not going to be here for a day so I guess I’ll have to wait.

911: OK, do you need police, fire or medical for anything?

PP: Uh, I don’t think so. I don’t think so.


Um … Is the Capitol Police around?

911: No this is San Francisco —

PP: They’re usually here at the house, protecting my wife.

911: No this is San Francisco Police —

PP: No I understand … OK well, uh … I don’t know, what do you think? (speaking to David DePape)

DD: (Unintelligible)

PP: He thinks everything’s good. I’ve got a problem but he thinks everything’s good.

911: OK, call us back if you change your mind.

PP: No no, this gentleman just came into the house, and wants to wait here for my wife to come home. And so, anyway, he told me to put the phone down.

911: Do you know who the person is?

PP: No I don’t know who he is. He uh … uh he has (unclear) … he’s telling me … he’s telling me not to uh … he’s telling me not to do anything.

911: What is your address sir?

PP: Uh, 2640 Broadway.

911: What is your name?

PP: My name is Paul Pelosi.


Anyway this gentleman says that uh, he thinks (unintelligible), he’s telling me to put the phone down and just do what he says. OK?

911: OK, what’s the gentlemen’s name?

DD: David DePape

PP: What’s that?

DD: My name’s David.

PP: The name is David.

911: OK, and who is David?

PP: I don’t know.

911: (Unintelligible)

PP: What’s that?

DD: I’m a friend of theirs.

PP: He says he’s a friend.

911: But you don’t know who he is?

PP: No, no ma’am.

911: OK.

PP: He’s telling me I’m being very leading, so I gotta stop talking to you, OK?

911: OK. You sure? I can stay on the phone with you just to make sure everything’s OK?

PP: No, he wants me to get the hell off the phone. OK?

911: OK.

PP: Thank you.

911: OK, bye.

It is chilling to hear DePape’s voice telling Pelosi to hang up. However, Pelosi shows amazing self-control and courage in the situation. When police appear, Pelosi breaks away from DePape who moves with remarkable speed in attacking him with the hammer. It is all over in a matter of seconds as police leaped to Pelosi’s aid.

Warning: this is a violent and disturbing tape.

What is truly surprising is how there appears to be little awareness by the police operator of the fact that this is a high priority home for protection. Moreover, the break in itself was loud and violent. Yet, only Pelosi appears to have immediately responded. He is alone and vulnerable in the house:

DePape has pleaded not guilty to all state charges in the case, including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. He also has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of assaulting an immediate family member of a federal official and attempted kidnapping of a federal officer for the alleged home invasion.

The videotape leaves little apparent defense to these charges beyond a lack of capacity defense.

It also shows how bias or dislike for some figures can make you prone to assuming the worst or most sensational interpretation of limited facts. We can all be susceptible to such bias in today’s heated political environment. That is why we often discuss how we need to wait for the evidence and the Pelosi case is an example of why.

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    1. Are they guilty and if they are do they deserve such a long sentence? We don’t know. Did they get a jury of their peers? No.

      This is ATS showing us his lack of concern for the rule of law.

        1. Thank you for admitting the left doesn’t permit protests of our government and that people are guilty until they prove themselves innocent in a court where the jury is not of their peers.

          You are a true Stalinist.

          1. What part of “don’t commit crimes” don’t you understand?

            Khater admitted to spraying two LEOs with a chemical irritant. Perhaps you like committing crimes like spraying LEOs with chemical irritants.

            1. 6 years. That is fine with me if the jury was of his peers and if Antifa was punished in a similar fashion. They committed arson in cities, took over a portion of a city, looted, and killed police and civilians.

              You are a true Stalinist. No bail for J6, but bail for criminals that later kill innocent Americans. Is there anything you advocate for that is based on the rule of law?

                  1. 6 years. That is fine with me if the jury was of his peers and if Antifa was punished in a similar fashion. They committed arson in cities, took over a portion of a city, looted, and killed police and civilians.

                    You are a true Stalinist. No bail for J6, but bail for criminals that later kill innocent Americans. Is there anything you advocate for that is based on the rule of law?

                    1. You are correct.

                      6 years. That is fine with me if the jury was of his peers and if Antifa was punished in a similar fashion. They committed arson in cities, took over a portion of a city, looted, and killed police and civilians.

                      You are a true Stalinist. No bail for J6, but bail for criminals that later kill innocent Americans. Is there anything you advocate for that is based on the rule of law?

                1. ATS, I see you are having a meltdown again. You call in your pretend friends whenever that happens.

                  1. The only one having “a meltdown” is you.

                    “Pretend friends.”

                    Nope. I have plenty, so there’s no need to “pretend.”

                    1. Keep having your pretend friends repeating that so you can build up your ego and actually believe it.

        2. Anonymous – Your comment “Well, then, don’t commit crimes in DC” would be like saying in the post-civil war South that if a black man did not want to get lynched for assaulting a white man, he should not have commited the crime in the South. We have one standard of justice in this country, not a standard which depends upon where the crime is committed. For Republicans, DC is now very much like the Old South was to emancipated slaves.
          As to the particulars of this case, I assume that Khater, who sprayed Officer Sicknick, was charged under 18 USC 111, which says in pertinent part:
          “(a) In General.—Whoever—
          (1) forcibly assaults, resists, opposes, impedes, intimidates, or interferes with any person designated in section 1114 of this title while engaged in or on account of the performance of official duties; . . .
          shall, where the acts in violation of this section constitute only simple assault, be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both, and where such acts involve physical contact with the victim of that assault or the intent to commit another felony, be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both.”
          Based on this text, it would seem that Khater should have been charged with only a misdemeanor if he merely sprayed Sicknick.
          Although federal law may have no statute specifically dealing with chemical irritants, some states do have such statutes. Michigan is one such state. MCL 750.2224d states in pertinent part:
          “2) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person who uses a self-defense spray or foam device to eject, release, or emit orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile or oleoresin capsicum at another person is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for not more than 2 years, or a fine of not more than $2,000.00, or both.”
          I suspect that 18 USC 111 has never been used before now to charge someone with a felony for simply spraying a police officer with pepper spray.

          1. What BS.

            First, let me correct an error on my part: Khater chose to plead to lesser charges and did not have a jury trial.

            Here’s his original indictment:
            Here’s what he chose to plead guilty to:

            Khater had a lawyer representing him and admitted to committing multiple crimes. It’s nothing like an extrajudicial lynching.

            “it would seem that Khater should have been charged with only a misdemeanor if he merely sprayed Sicknick.”

            But that’s not all he did.

          2. ATS doesn’t believe in the rule of law, believes color over character, and doesn’t care about the truth.

              1. Anonymous the Stupid, the blog proved you Stupid so your name will stick. I am waiting for you to call more of your pretend friends in and then start seeing you delete your own comments.

                  1. No one self deletes by using a blocked email address or something similar except Anonymous the Stupid.

                  1. “Anonymous the Stupid, the blog proved you Stupid so your name will stick. I am waiting for you to call more of your pretend friends in and then start seeing you delete your own comments.” __The guy at 7:10

              1. ATS, everyone knows how you act. State my lies. We can discuss them. You won’t. Do you know why? Because you are stupid.

  1. The tragedy of this Home Invasion and attempted murder is the police didn’t take out the offender immediately when he didn’t drop the hammer as instructed. The police reluctance and slow response to protect Mr. Pelosi’s welfare can be weighted back to fear of reprisal, notoriety, policy to deescalate, or any number of other reasons. This is the result in plain view, for all to see, the outcome when liberals take charge, chaos by antagonists of law and order.

  2. It’s my understanding that the feed of the video of the intruder breaking in goes straight to the police or to a security company. Someone is supposed to be monitoring the incoming video feed — IF this is the top-of-the-line security system that it has been reported to be. The visual of a guy swinging a hammer for an extended period of time to gain entrance to the house SHOULD have gotten SOMEONE — either police or private security — dispatched to the home. But apparently that didn’t happen. That needs explaining. Was the security system set to just record break-ins without sending out an alert? That would be more than a little bizarre for an expensive, high-end security system.

    The police that eventually showed up and knocked on the front door were clearly clueless that there had unquestionably been a break-in. Somebody fouled up bigly somewhere in responding to the home invasion and protection of its occupant. Whether that somebody is the local or federal police or a private security company is unclear (at least to me).

  3. Two things are clear from this bizzare situation:

    1) NP sucks at securing any house she occupies.

    2) No matter what house is breached, Leftists pollute the culture with their noxious propaganda.

  4. Dear Prof Turley,

    If it’s any consolation, I never believed any of the ‘new details’ and ‘sensational theories’ breathlessly published 24/7 surrounding Mr. Pelosi’s unfortunate demise. The poor guy is married to Nancy .. . which should be punishment enough for any man in this world.

    The NYT-CNN-Twitter Nexus MMOS (Mass-Media Organizational Schizophrenia) will say and/or do anything. The Matrix has them. .. garbage in, garbage out.

    This list is too long, and time too valuable, to describe all the ‘new details’ and ‘sensational theories’ unrelentingly promulgated by the MMOS news Matrix on emerging global existential threats – from Plagues of COVID to War.and rumors of war – much less print all the retractions (compared to war, alone, all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance!)!.

    *and if I had to choose between ‘a government or a free press, I would unhesitatingly choose the latter’

  5. There’s no way of knowing what the conversation between the two was just before the door was opened. No one here references the audio. The perp was directed by police to drop the hammer. His response was.”I don’t think so!”. The rest ensued there after most of which was hidden. NBC’s reporter, who gave an as best as he could account based upon information available at the time was summarily, dismissed for his pains, and his report taken down. The main stream media, are tantamount to hit and run motorists who kill people, and never look back. Nor do they pay a price, if eventually caught.

      1. DgSnowden,
        At one point DePape thought he was Jesus. How can anyone think he is running on all cylinders is beyond me let alone claim he is this or that political affiliation.
        If anything it goes to show rich people have issues too.
        Otherwise, chalk this one up to the WTF files and get on with life.
        WWIII on the horizon is more concerning than this hot mess.

        1. Indeed. I have just now begun reading “On the Beach”. After all these years, it is timely once more.

  6. JT says don’t be so quick to judgment in this case jumped all over the young woman that relayed a conversation she had about trump fighting SS agents in his beast. So I guess this is just another case of be careful only when it is politically expedient to do so. JT you need to be a bit more con consistent in what you say and what you do.

  7. It might have helped avoid the rabid conspiracy theorists if the San Francisco DA and SFPD didn’t need to be sued in order to release the footage. It screamed coverup, and there are plenty of sane individuals that have a deep distrust of Nancy Pelosi.
    The release of Paul Pelosi’s DUI mugshot from his DUI had been difficult to obtain and was of much less public interest; it set the stage for more suspicion.

    1. Absolutely, positively correct. The DA’s office and Public Defender’s office gets to own creating an environment where conspiracy theories are fact. And now that we’ve reviewed the video there wasn’t a single moment that warranted secrecy.

      1. And we also don’t why someone with his wealth doesn’t routinely use a driver to take him home from places where he’s been drinking.

  8. Perhaps if the Democrat-media-twitterverse conglomerate hadn’t immediately alleged that DePape was an Ultra-Maga Republican Trump supporter, there would have been no response from the right side of the trollery farm. And if the media were not so secretive and protective of their preferred party, circling the wagons, shutting down all inquiries and refusing to release the tape or answer questions for months, for their usual preposterous reason that “an investigation is being conducted”, would these alternate theories have had so much time to fester and mutate? I marvel, Professor, when you suggest that news moves at NASCAR pace, when it took this video footage three or four months to bubble to the surface. Not exactly a photo finish.

    Transparency would have headed off the majority of the salacious theories.

  9. “It also shows how bias or dislike for some figures can make you prone to assuming the worst or most sensational interpretation of limited facts.”

    Yet you don’t identify any of figures or what they said, when we know that had the political parties been reversed, you would have been quoting some of the conspiracy theories and mocking comments shared by prominent Democrats.

    Elon Musk, for example, linked to a website that labeled the attack “a dispute with a male prostitute.”
    Dinesh D’Souza: “My conclusion? This guy, the assailant, is either a sexual partner or a male prostitute, and this is a sexual rendezvous that went sideways.”
    Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.): “That moment you realize the nudist hippie male prostitute LSD guy was the reason your husband didn’t make it to your fundraiser.”
    Donald Trump Jr. promoted a cartoon depicting sex between two men, one of whom was holding a hammer and saying, “Um, ah, yes officer … I’m being attacked!”
    One American News: “No one should be assaulted in their own home, whether the attacker was actually invited over for some spirited horse play that turned into a lovers’ quarrel or not.”
    The Gateway Pundit called the attack “another liberal lie.”
    Marjorie Taylor Greene lied that DePape was “Paul Pelosi’s friend.”

    1. Anonymous, you fail to mention all of the Democrats and the media said about this being a MAGA attack due to right wing violent rhetoric. Why is that? It is because you are a little partisan hack who NEVER, EVER is critical of a Democrat. That is the sign either of having a weak mind, being a member of the party, being a paid troll or being an FBI “insider”. Of course you can just be a contrarian weirdo who comes to a site where a great majority of visitors have a similar world view, share a logical understanding of todays issues and enjoy commenting on them and then you being the you know what in the punchbowl.

      Some odd balls like to be the contrarian, this is you and Svelaz.

      1. DePape DID repeat right-wing rhetoric: “David DePape, 42, also published hundreds of blog posts in recent months sharing memes in support of fringe commentators and far-right personalities. Many of the posts were filled with screeds against Jews, Black people, Democrats, the media and transgender people.”

        I couldn’t care less what you believe about me, and am not going to waste my time convincing you that you’re wrong. You couldn’t even admit you were wrong when you insisted that all Democratic politicians are pro-choice and I gave you the name of a Democratic politician who’s anti-abortion.

          1. He ALSO “published hundreds of blog posts in recent months sharing memes in support of fringe commentators and far-right personalities. Many of the posts were filled with screeds against Jews, Black people, Democrats, the media and transgender people.”

            Of course I condemn the guy who shot Scalise. WTF is wrong with you that you think I don’t condemn violence against EVERYONE regardless of their political party.

            How about YOU condemn all of the Republicans I quoted above?

            1. Crazy people don’t have a broader significance, so knock off the cheap shots, Anonymous. If they did, you would be personally responsible for James Hodgkinson.

              1. Are you suggesting that all of the Republicans I quoted are “crazy people”?

                I’m saying that the people I quoted are significant and so is Turley’s choice not to quote any of them, because we know that if it were Democrats saying crazy things, Turley would be quoting them.

                1. The lack of transparency and the news media confused everyone. Add to that the lies by Pelosi and her lack of transparency that cause such accusations.

                  Just like we rightfully distrust Pelosi and won’t, we don’t believe you either.

                  1. I consider you a troll. I don’t consider Diogenes a troll. That’s why my question was directed at him and not at you.

                    1. Diogenes is more polite than I am, but I think he and others are saying some similar things.

                      You don’t deserve such politeness, and I don’t give it to people that lie and deceive.

    2. A troll like you should hide in the basement because daily, your modus operand is to intentionally use false, sloppy, and negative news about conservatives, posting it on the blog before the ink is dry. The number of stories you created about Trump is too many to mention here, but I need not do so as you have proven to all that you are neither credible nor honest.

      Our discussions frequently revolve around violence. In this case, it was in a person’s home. You say we should rely on the police, but after watching the tapes, many have questions about such advice leading to a preference for self-protection.

      You have all sorts of reasons why J6 protestors and the public should not have access to all the information and tapes available to illuminate what happened on J6. As far as you are concerned, people can remain in jail or awaiting trial without the public availability of Capitol videos and all the information. However, when it involves one of your own, and you see how the lack of transparency causes conspiracy theories, you open your mouth criticizing others for drawing non-factual conclusions. You should be ashamed, an impossibility in your case where shame doesn’t exist despite your outlandish behavior.

      When it comes to Trump, you and the media lie, lie, and lie, though the later proof always proves you wrong on significant issues. The Pelosi issue provides an opportunity for your complaints, but the left’s SF lack of transparency created the errors.

      In this instance, we see delayed transparency, leading people to poor conclusions. You can’t see that for the J6 people because you are despotic. What did you do to Trump? You created lie after lie because he showed others who and what you are. When you think of logical conclusions drawn from the limited facts about DePape, think of Trump and all the illogical statements created about him on purpose by you and the trolls on the left.

      You tell everyone they are safe in their homes with guns and that the police will protect us. J6 protestors are sitting in jail or awaiting trial because of Pelosi’s lack of transparency. Blame Pelosi and blame yourself for everything wrong shown in this case. We are still waiting for the Capitol videos and Pelosi’s correspondence on J6.

      You don’t even have the common sense to keep your mouth shut.

      1. S. Meyer: NO ONE needs to “lie” about Donald Trump: the facts are there, on video, in court filings, in witness testimony, the Mueller Report, the Republican Senate committee who agreed that Russian hackers worked with the Trump Campaign to spread lies about Hillary Clinton, Dan Coats, head of US Intellligence, appointed by Trump who agreed with Mueller and the Senate committee that Russians helped Trump cheat, the “quid pro quo” call to Zelenskyy, the “stand down and stand by” instruction to White Supremacists, the “fight like hell or you’re not going to have a country any more” comment, the “frankly we did win this election”, “I just need you to find 11,780 votes which is one more than we have”, “Mexicans are criminals, rapists, animals”, “grab them by the puxxy”, “Mexico will pay to build the wall”, “I won by a landslide”, “I had the biggest inauguration crowd in history”; “I created more jobs than any President in history”….the list of lies and examples of Trump’s mental illness, known as narcissism, goes on and on and on. YOU are a disciple because you believe every single lie put out by alt-right media, no matter how outrageous, and defend Trump despite massive amounts of proof that he’s just a fat liar who is a terrible businessman, someone who doesn’t pay taxes, and the worst President in recent US history.

        I’ll explain it to you one more time: those J6 defendants who are still in jail are there because a JUDGE either: 1. denied bail because they were already wanted for another crime, had an outstanding warrant, and or skipped out on bail in a previous case; 2. set bail in an amount that they couldn’t afford to pay because they had a criminal record and/or were a flight risk. A JUDGE decides the question of bail, and no one has the RIGHT to bail under the Constitution. Nancy Pelosi has nothing whatsoever to do with those J6 defendants who are still in jail, and she had nothing to do with whether the National Guard should have been called. YOU are the one who lacks sense, common or otherwise.

        1. Yes, Gigi there is plenty of Evidence that lots of people including Republicans and some members of the intelligence committee as well as Mueller got the entire Collusion Delusion WRONG.

          The FACTS are there was absolutely no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians.
          Even Mueller found that.
          None, Zip Nada.

          But it gets worse – ALL the evidence that the collusion Delussion investigation was based on was FABRICATED,
          By the Clinton Campaign. It was all a HOAX.

          This whole gory mess is OVER – and ALL of you collusion delusioners LOST.

          You cite lots of oppinions, people, written allegations etc.

          These all were PROVEN wrong.
          That is very rare in this world – that an allegation is actually proven completely wrong.
          But the FACT that this all started from a collection of Clinton HOAX’s
          PROVES that.

          This is not a topic that a wise left wing nut would return to.

          Because it is one in which you beleived OBVIOUS lies, and spread OBVIOUS lies.

          It does not take a genius to grasp that Putin did not want Trump as President.
          CIA figured that out.
          Most anyone with a brian understood that even the small chance that Trump would make good on campaign promises would harm Putin more than Clinton.

          All you need to do is lok at the Biden presidency – the relevant parts are much as a Clinton presidency would be.
          And those all FAVORED Russia, right up to the point that they enabled Russia to invade Ukraine.

          Putin invaded neighbors under Clinton, under Bush, under Obama, and under Biden – but NOT under Trump.
          That was not accidental.

        2. “S. Meyer: NO ONE needs to “lie” about Donald Trump:”

          No one needs to but that doesn’t matter to you. You are either lying, crazy, or uninformed. I choose uninformed and crazy because your actions are so abnormal and you cannot defend your positions.

          I know you are too ignorant to take one item at a time in context for discussion. We’ve gone through it enough. I am not even sure if you know Natasha was your former alias.

  10. What is the purpose of the Capital Police? We know Pelosi expanded the force and created offices in several states. California being one of those. But it appears their role is more intelligence focused(spying) and not protection. As is the Norm, No questions are put toward Pelosi explaining the expansion, and contrasting that with the attack on her Husband.

    1. I strongly suspect Lt. Byrd was under orders to shoot somebody, so that it could be claimed that Jan. 6 was “deadly”.

      Now we learn that the very day of the shooting of Ashli Babbit , Byrd was spirited away to government housing on Andrews Air Force Base, and remained in hiding for months.

  11. Regarding the news cycle, it is like the fellow who said, “I’ve made up my mind. Don’t confuse me with the facts,”

    To the point about her protection, it will be interesting to learn what the Capitol Police were doing/not doing during this time. Also, how could someone break into the home of a high profile person undetected and so easily?

    If such a thing could happen to the third most powerful person in the U.S. Government and a resident of San Francisco, then what about rank and file citizens? In many cities, people are essentially on their own and the government at all levels is hell bent to take away our legal means of protection.

  12. The video shows a very odd situation. When the police knock on the front door, Pelosi finally opens it. He then steps back, and in a casual pose smiles at the police while holding a can of soda in one hand and the hammer in the other. It doesn’t appear that Pelosi and DePape were actively engaged in a struggle for control of the hammer at that point. So why didn’t Pelosi simply push DePape away and run toward the police for protection the moment he saw the police, or shortly thereafter? Why did he have a can of soda in his other hand? Maybe it’s simply that people act in different ways in stressful situations. But the video largely confirms NBC’s report of the sequence of events in the foyer, which I think understandably struck many people as odd. I think the video dispels some of the more sensational speculations, but Turley’s depiction of the events as “clear” and his criticism of those who raised questions seems a little too censorious.

    1. Both DePape and Pelosi were holding the hammer — Depape around the handle, and Pelosi around the head — as if trying to pull it away or keep it from being used against him — and DePape has his other hand around Pelosi’s wrist (the wrist of the hand around the hammer’s head). Pelosi is not smiling. You need glasses.

      “Maybe it’s simply that people act in different ways in stressful situations.”

      Yes, especially when you don’t know what immediately preceded it.

    2. Tom, the expert in how people handle stressful situations. There are a billion ways people would react in this exact situation. You, being the master of the universe would obviously act in the one and only correct way. Get a life. stop criticizing every little detail of why people do or don’t do what you, the master of the universe knows what should be done. Sheeeeesh.

  13. The only defense for the dispatcher is if as he/she was talking to Pelosi the police were being sent to the residence. It does seem as thought the police and the Capital Police dropped the ball.

    Ironically it is the Capital Police, the agency that Nancy used in her partisan and nasty attempt to take down Trump, that really left her home vulnerable. These are the guys that the Dems and the media tried to turn into the Green Berets and Seal Team Six during the sham hearings. This is the same force that didn’t even investigate the guy that shot Ashley Babbitt. Now ask yourself when was the last time that a cop of one color shot an unarmed woman of a different color without an investigation, a protest and a riot.

    Having said all of the above, the video does show that the right sided conservatives can also run with the ball with nary an ounce of evidence. This was not some nefarious affair, it was an attack on an old guy. Of course if the damn SFPD just released all of this right away it would have put to bed all of the conspiracy theories.

    I am not going to let the left/media off the hook either as they ran with the idea that this was a right wing attack due to the right’s violent rhetoric, which was also bananas.

    1. “This is the same force that didn’t even investigate the guy that shot Ashley Babbitt.”

      That’s false. They investigated and cleared him.

        1. I’ve read some of the documents. You do know that Judicial Watch got over 500 pages via FOIA, right?

          Can you admit that you lied when you claimed “This is the same force that didn’t even investigate the guy that shot Ashley Babbitt”? If not, why not?

          Both the Capitol Police AND the DOJ investigated.

          1. You are full of it. Byrd was secured at Andrew’s Air Force base so he wouldn’t inadvertently say anything to anyone. The investigation was an inside investigation meant to find no fault.

            1. So you, too, admit that there was an investigation, contrary to hullbobby’s false claim “This is the same force that didn’t even investigate the guy that shot Ashley Babbitt.”

              1. I didn’t admit that at all. An investigations is meant to find the truth. In this case the investigation and pocketing Byrd away from the public was an attempt to create an alternate truth to protect the left and Nancy Pelosi. Byrd murdered Ashli Babbitt and if he were investigated properly we would be exposed to an entirely different result.

                You wish to bury transparency and selectively claim the lack of it. Have you seen how the media is blacking out the information revealed by Walker? Why don’t you explain it?

                1. You literally referred to “The investigation,” admitting that an investigation occurred, whether or not you believe it to have been “properly” carried out.

                  1. You are denser than previously thought. Yes, I mentioned the word investigation, but what transpired had little to do with the killing of Ashli Babbitt. It had to do with making sure they exonerated Byrd along with reputations, including Pelosi’s.

                2. Hey Anonymous, ok, so the was an “INVESTIGATION”, but it was a whitewash and you know it.

                  Now answer this, do you have any issue with Byrd’s actions on that day? You also failed to answer why there was no protest/riot after a cop of one color shot an UNARMED WOMAN of a different color. Where is the outrage? We have see riots after cops have shot guys that were violently resisting, we have seen riots where a guy was trying to take the cops gun (Ferguson) and we have seen riots where a woman was killed accidentally because the cops raided the wromg house AND SOMEONE SHOT AT THEM. We also saw a riot, JUSTTHIS WEEK, after a guy was killed AFTER HE SHOT A COP. But yet no outrage at Byrd shooting Babbitt.

                  Anonymous, you’re weak.

                  1. Don’t pretend to read my mind. YOU believe that it was a whitewash. So far, I don’t have any reason to believe that. IF you present evidence that it was a whitewash, you can change my mind. Go ahead. Start with the 500+ pages from the JW FIOA.

                    I consider you weak too. Big whoop.

                    1. “Don’t pretend to read my mind. “

                      No one should attempt to read your mind. It is empty of the truth.

                    2. Judicial Watch seems to believe Byrd was guilty of at least a bad shoot. They are still attempting to get records, and the last I checked they were trying to get records from the DOJ explaining why Byrd wasn’t prosecuted and records to show if the FBI broke the law.

                      Why are so many records so difficult to obtain 2 years later? The reason is the left doesn’t want this information out because it proves them guilty. On a related issue, Judicial Watch is also suing for communications between the FBI and financial institutions. The question at hand is the illegal surveillance of private individuals involved with J6.

                      They are very much involved with further activities involving Ashli Babbitt’s murder so based on the so-called 500 pages, they have enough answered and unanswered questions to spend money to continue to investigate deeper and see to it the information being withheld is provided to the public.

    1. The video of the shooting of Babbit showed that she was not carrying a weapon or attacking any one at the time Mr. Byrd walked up to her and shot her at close range. This is far worse than anything Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd. Yet no repercussions. If there was an investigation, it was a pure whitewash.

  14. Who in San Francisco has not heard of Nancy Pelosi?

    The SFPD has the capability to check Caller ID….don’t they?

    When the Address is given….doesn’t the Dispatcher get a cue from the dispatch system it is Nancy Pelosi’s residence?

    Why was the Capitol Police not either present or monitoring the Residence Security system and cameras?

    When the two officers responded….was one of them fiddling with a Cell Phone?

    Who opened the Door? Pelosi is seen with one hand on the hammer….the other is holding an object that looks like a canned beverage.

    Why did the Officer not immediately move to take control of the hammer?

    It is patently clear the two men were struggling over the hammer….and hammers at 3AM are not something you normally see being shared between two adult men wearing shorts and boxers.

    That Hammer posed a threat to the Officers as well as to one of the. two Men.

    The SFPD comes across as grossly incompetent in this….as does the Capitol Police unless they were manning the Residence Security Detail as told to do so by Nancy Pelosi and the Chief of the Capitol Police force.

    It is far less clear cut than the Professor sees it based upon my Police experience.

    1. The Capitol Police weren’t there because Nancy Pelosi wasn’t there, and they didn’t have approval to protect her husband. Congress has now agreed that the Capitol Police should also protect the Speaker’s spouse.

    2. Professor Turley: “Pelosi was not free to move and did not answer the door. The door was opened to reveal Pelosi being held by DePape who is also brandishing a hammer.”

      Ralph: “Who opened the Door? Pelosi is seen with one hand on the hammer… he is holding an object that looks like a canned beverage.”

      Finally, I don’t feel alone in raising the question. It’s always possible Pelosi opened the door with his foot (or something), but that seems doubtful, and the door appeared to accelerate as it swings open, not decelerate.

      Was there a woman behind the door who didn’t want to be seen and was afraid to take on Depape? There were initial reports of a third person at the residence, but those vanished.

      It’s a relevant question because doctoring a police report is a crime (it can also be a resume enhancer).

      1. When the door opens, DePape initially had his left hand free, and you can see behind the door hinges as the door opens that no one else is behind the door. Perhaps Pelosi convinced DePape to open the door with DePape’s free left hand. After the door opens, DePape grabs Pelosi’s right wrist with his left hand.

        1. Anonymous: “and you can see behind the door hinges as the door opens that no one else is behind the door.”

          I can’t see or not see anything behind the door with any certitude.

          Anonymous: “Perhaps Pelosi convinced DePape to open the door with DePape’s free left hand.”

          I looked at the video, again, several times, and it looks to me like Depape didn’t even touch the door.

          1. I guess it’s possible Depape might have opened that door, but it just looks and seems unlikely that that is the case.

            1. Another possibility is that DePape was distracted enough with the door/doorbell/police that Pelosi opened the door with his right hand before placing it (back?) on the head of the hammer. Hard to tell, in part because the video is somewhat grainy. You can export it to an application that will allow you to step through it frame by frame. The door starts to open in between 0:19 and 0:20. Re: the hinges, if you focus there from 0:20-0:22, you can see the shadow on the back wall (under the stairs) and floor board through the opening where the door hinges. You can also see a bit at head height through the blinds on the lefthand side. If someone else were there, such as a housekeeper, I would have expected that person to both call the police and be identified in the police report.

              1. You engage in guessing games and things that lack surety. You like to convert those oddball thoughts into fact for your own convenience. That is one reason of many, you are not credible.

                  1. You are a proven liar and trickster. That means you cannot be trusted, however, I agree Diogenes is not a troll.

  15. In the middle of the night, a man calls 911 in crisis in what anyone with a week’s training can recognize as a hostage situation and the 911 dispatcher responds with, “OK, call us back if you change your mind.” “…change your mind?” About what? Is there ANY level or agency of Government that’s competent?

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