Post-Decency Politics: House Democrats Use Hearing to Attack Both Free Speech and a Free Press

Below is my column in The Hill on continued scorched earth tactics of Democrats in attacking any witnesses raising free speech concerns over government censorship.

Here is the column:

“At long last, have you left no sense of decency?” Those words were first asked by lawyer Joseph Welch in his confrontation with Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis.) during the Senate’s infamous Army-McCarthy hearings. This week, nearly 70 years later, Welch’s words seem more relevant than ever after House Democrats savaged two journalists who attempted to explain a government effort to censor citizens.

It was only the latest of a series of hearings in which FBI agents and other whistleblowers, experts and journalists have been personally attacked for raising free-speech concerns. Last week’s hearing showed definitively that we live in a post-decency era.

The latest attacks came as journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger testified about breaking the “Twitter Files” story, detailing how the FBI and other agencies secretly sought to censor or ban citizens from social media. In her opening statement, Delegate Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands), the ranking member of the House Judiciary subcommittee, attacked them as “so-called journalists” and said they were “a direct threat” to the safety of others by reporting the censorship story.

Taibbi pushed back, saying that “I’m not a ‘so-called’ journalist” and giving a brief description of his award-winning career at Rolling Stone magazine and other publications. Yet other committee members also attacked the honesty of the two journalists. And after failed efforts to claim they were Elon Musk’s corrupt “scribes,” or limited by him in their investigations, the committee members attacked their ethics.

The witnesses were attacked on everything but their choice of socks. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) even claimed that “being a Republican witness today certainly casts a cloud over your objectivity.” When Wasserman Schultz impugned the two journalists’ honesty and ethics, she immediately “reclaimed (her) time” to prevent them from defending themselves. When the subcommittee chair gave them a chance to answer her claims, Wasserman Schultz and her Democratic colleagues objected that a witness was allowed to defend himself after being blocked from doing so.

In an earlier attack, Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) prevented Taibbi from answering a question and dismissed his effort to defend his position, saying: “This is how it works now. I’ll ask the question and you try to provide an answer if you can.”

After attacking the very notion of investigating the government for possible censorship efforts, the attacks then took a particularly menacing turn as some members began to demand confidential information on the journalists’ sources. Taibbi pushed back and said he could not reveal information on his sources, but that only seemed to make the Democrats more irate.

Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-Texas) pressed Taibbi to say that Musk was a source. Taibbi again replied, “I can’t give it to you, unfortunately, because this is a question of sourcing, and I’m a journalist. I don’t reveal my sources.”

And that’s when it got ugly.

Garcia effectively declared that she had trapped Taibbi because the “only logical conclusion” was that Musk was his source. When House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) objected to badgering a reporter for his sources, Democrats piled on. Plaskett declared that if Taibbi wouldn’t comment on Musk, it must mean the Twitter owner was the source in question.

It was a chilling but defining moment.

For several years now, many Democratic members have embraced censorship on social media and resisted efforts to uncover government efforts to silence citizens. As someone who grew up in a liberal, Democratic family in Chicago, I knew that a commitment to free speech was one of the most compelling values of the party — back then. Today, free speech often is treated as harmful and dangerous.

President Joe Biden is arguably the most anti-free-speech president since John Adams, and the Democratic Party is largely committed to censorship and speech regulations. Some Democratic figures, including Plaskett, have declared that hate speech is unprotected under the First Amendment — a categorically untrue claim.

As the evidence mounts of an even broader censorship effort by the Biden administration, the Democrats’ attacks have become more unhinged and unscrupulous. After shredding any fealty to free speech, they now are attacking journalists, demanding their sources and claiming their reporting is a public threat.

Plaskett even attempted to defend the Federal Trade Commission demanding that Twitter turn over the names of journalists who have communicated with the social media company. Other Democrats have similarly shrugged off this outrageous demand by the FTC, headed by Chairwoman Lina Khan, a former Democratic staffer with the Judiciary Committee.

For many of us, this week demonstrates the final severing of many House Democrats from both free speech and free press values.

What is left is raw rage and politics.

There is a major difference between today and the McCarthyism of 1954. Back then, when attorney Welch objected to the Republican senator trashing his client, the press lionized Welch. Yet, as noted by Shellenberger and Taibbi, today’s media have remained largely silent as fellow reporters were attacked for covering the Twitter censorship story.

If Joseph Welch appeared today to support free speech, he might very well be dismissed as some QAnon conspiracy theorist or “Putin lover.” But his words from the past — that “until this moment … I think I have never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness” — should be read to every one of these members. It is not that we expect decorum from our leaders today, but decency itself now seems as irrelevant as reason.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at The George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

123 thoughts on “Post-Decency Politics: House Democrats Use Hearing to Attack Both Free Speech and a Free Press”

  1. I am mortified by what the Democrat party has become, and continually baffled about how you, Dr. Turley, can remain a Democrat in good conscience. Maybe give Tulsi Gabbard a call soon…

  2. These adulterant fools must be prescribed “Thorazine”, their befuddled minds are a true and present danger to this United States of America. Their principles [there are so many propositions from the Democratic Woke Utopia I won’t bother to itemize] have, are, and will end in a direct confrontation to the Constitution if allowed to fester. The Democrats are first affected with Imbecility, having symptoms of Schizophrenia, manic bipolar disorder, behavioral problems, hallucinations [there are many] and a Conceit beyond their intellectual capacities. I can only hope and pray the Democrat electorates see the bright red light blinking DANGER ahead.

  3. Spot On, Prof. Turley.. Well Said.. Thank you. The last time you were before Congress, it was active then.. the intensified pervasive Democrat tactic used in Hearings to-day: making vicious, truth-twisting and belittling attacks in the form of a question that is immediately taken off the table so the ‘victim’ in their crosshairs cannot answer or defend themselves. This tactic is also pervasive in Twitter to-day, to a higher degree since Elon Musk bought the company. While Mr. Musk has restored highly visible Conservative speech to the platform, restoring the Bishops, Knights, Kings and Queens, to the platform.. the ‘unseen majority’ of Conservative voices, the rank and file, the pawns.. have been blocked as never before in all the years I have been on Twitter. Each day we are fed a steady stream of Hate Speech full of Lies from Democrat loud-mouths instead of being able to receive any feed from our ‘Following’ list.. When we reply to the Hate speech, our Tweets are blocked with error messages:: ‘Something went wrong, try again later (.. ‘later’ never works..) or ‘Nothing to see here yet’ or ‘You already said that…’ . ..I lose 20% of my followers per week.. either because no one thinks I am tweeting any more or someone in IT is simply dropping them for me…. GROWING TWITTER ISSUE.. While Mr. Musk restored speech at the most visible top layer.. he has not drilled down deep enough to his IT Department allowing these anti-Conservative filters to flourish.. where Conservative speech goes into a ‘kill’ data base…I pray Mr. Musk figures this out to save his platform from being corrupted beyond repair from the inside as the IT systems continue their ‘woke’ control…

  4. This has been posted before but it bears repeating often as we analyze the obvious strategy of the Democratic party:

    Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. Joseph Goebbels

    There is a very good Substack article written by John Seaman. The title of the article is in reference to a 1940 movie and the rise of the Nazi regime leading up to WWII. The movie bombed at the box office because in 1940 the American people were not yet aware of the reality of the Nazi party. The lesson of course is people today are just now becoming aware of the reality of what the Democratic party is.

    1940 classic movie called “The Mortal Storm” exemplifies the salient point of the article as to the threat and dangers of the state’s misuse of and abuse of its power. The movie centers on Hitler’s rise to power in 1933. The film shows how the state weaponized and politicized the German legal system by criminalizing political differences and thoughts contrary to the state. ²⁵

    The movie applies today as it illustrates the same tactics of accusing others of their actions, selectively using the Law, suppression, and censorship by the Biden Administration, in misusing the state’s power in criminalizing political differences and thoughts contrary to those of the state. It even has a scene where scientific fact is denied.

  5. “Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands) [. . .] said they were ‘a direct threat’ to the safety of others by reporting the censorship story.”

    They are a “direct threat.” Exposing government censorship is always a threat — to the censors.

    1. Sam,
      Well said.
      I hear them cry over and over about the “direct threat” to the safety of others.
      But they never say how, or why.
      What? The fear we the unwashed masses will see the degree of censorship, the levels they went to deceive, their lies, and what? Vote them out of power? Is that the “direct threat?”

      1. “Vote them out of power? Is that the ‘direct threat?’”

        Yes. Publicizing the censorship is a threat to their lust for power.

        But there’s a deeper “direct threat” — to their view of man and to their political philosophy.

        Their desire to control others is based on an evil political theory: Paternalism. We are like children: helpless, weak, incapable of making good choices. They are the “parents in the room.” Somehow they know what’s best for us. And to protect us from ourselves, they need wider powers, e.g., to compel vaccination, to erase debt, to control opinions we’re exposed to.

        Tyrants always start with the premise that individuals are by nature pathetic weaklings. Therefore, we need a Leviathan — for our own good, of course.

  6. Elected Democrats have no relationship to democracy.
    Elected Democrats have no decency.
    Elected Democrats do not respect the Constitution.
    Elected Democrats have no respect for law & order.
    Elected Democrats are divisive.
    Elected Democrats have adopted censorship policies commonly found in Communist China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and Iran.
    Elected Democrats are only interested in gaining power.

    The only question is, why do people keep voting for them?

    1. Because of the brainwashing….Look over there @ Trump! Trump! Trump! J6! Trump is a liar! Trump “planned an insurrection”! Because Trump! But, but Fox News! But, but Fox News!

  7. It was always clear as glass that Democrats were playing a power-to-the-death game. They hid behind the ruse of “racism” and other scams to push an agenda that silenced opponents so they could do the bidding of the WEF and other planetary billionaires. Republicans and other naive people got blinded by the “social justice” battle, while the war over power raged just below the surface. Hopefully, now, the gloves are off and conservatives can untie that hand behind their backs and meet these despots and petty dictators on their own turf.

    1. Their hands may be untied but their minds remain as corrupt as their opponents. Nothing will be done and an opportunity will be squandered because both parties are equally criminal and equally corrupt. It’s just the GOP’s turn to run out the clock…

  8. Dear Prof Turley,

    ‘The Weaponization of Congress’ is a really bad name for hearings on government ‘censorship by surrogates’. It implies the weaponization of political bias – locked and loaded. They should simply call it ‘gov. censorship by surrogates’ hearings.

    *Matt Taibbi is about as ‘right wing’ as FDR.

  9. No better time than the present to share the thoughts of a few progressive liberals from the past. I’m sure they would feel the anguish Professor Turley has for their so called Democratic Party today.

    “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” – Harry S. Truman

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” – George Orwell

    “Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us.” – William O. Douglas

    “The fact is that censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. In the long run it will create a generation incapable of appreciating the difference between independence of thought and subservience.” – Henry Steele Commager

  10. Justice Holmes has dropped into the conversation from his place in the multiverse. Republicans did not ban birth control, it remains well and effective in multiple varieties. You simply have to use it. The Supreme Court simply returned the abortion decision to the states where it had been before a prior Supreme Court usurped that decision making process. I think it’s called Federalism and what is not expressly given to the federal government or prohibited from the states is thereby reserved to the states. I think that is federalism and is also in the constitution. The books were not banned but simply removed to more age appropriate settings. “Don’t say gay” was never in the the Florida law.
    People under the age of 18 cannot even stay in the gambling areas in Los Vegas (gasp!, horrors), which is obviously a crime against humanity. I guess Justice Holmes has not heard that there is a tracking device in all cell phones that immediately turns on when a female is within 5 feet and it enables the location service, just so we can watch them and is tracked by the RNC (sarcasm for those who can’t discern such). I also objected to not having total body autonomy in the 1960’s but the draft board was unimpressed and said when and if my number came up, I belonged to them (that was under a Democratic administration). Many lie buried in national cemeteries who also lost their total body autonomy argument.

  11. There is a different sort of March Madness, happening in Congress. Not unlike the NCAA bracket, the number of “matchups” can be difficult to follow. So what matchups are going on?
    – Trump-Russia hoax (Durham).
    – Government censorship.
    – Jan. 6 Select committee boondoggle.
    – Biden family acting as foreign agents selling influence in our government.
    – Ukraine.
    – Southern border – mass illegal immigration – Narco Cartel terrorist organizations.

    I’m sure there’s more.

    1. Ukraine is the greatest threat facing the nation, and the world, imo. It will not end well .. . and could prove fatal

      1. dg,
        I don’t recall where I read it, but the writer asserted that one way or another, Ukraine will cease to exist. Either Russia will defeat them in a conventional war or they will use tactical nukes. This is a different article, but the sentiments reflect your opinion as well.

        A lot of people basically have the view that it’s great that we’re killing Russians and weakening Russia for the future. It will prevent them from invading other countries, and, so long as it’s Ukrainians who are signed up on the front lines, there’s no real issue for the United States,” said Friedman. “But the war going on and on is bad for the United States. The war has a low probability of a serious escalation, but the longer you continue to roll those dice, even if the odds are low, the more likely you are to hit on a future disaster.

        1. @OLLY

          Short of nuclear war, I can find no credible ‘military’ analysis of US/NATO/Zelenskiy prevailing in the Ukraine conflict. I am particularly concerned the Zelenskiy regime, at least, would not hesitate to use Chem/Bio or nuclear weapons .. . were they provided to him.

          Zelenskiy does not speak for ALL ‘Ukrainians’. .. and most certainly not for me.

          Any analysis concerning the ‘context’ which led to the war, and it’s hopeful resolution, that omits/fails to address the long-running bloody Civil war (cf since the violent ‘coup’ in 2014), the subsequent Minske agreements I&II and related UN resolution 2202 .. . is not credible, imo.

          *in my view, the violent suppression of 10-15m~ ethnic Russian-speaking Ukrainians – their language, cultural heritage, art, literature, thought and habit – by the US/NATO supported Poroshenko and Zelenkiy gov. over the past 8 years is the *root cause* of the conflict. .. and must needs be addressed.

          1. DgSnowden,
            Just read after meeting with Putin, Xi and Zelensky are scheduled to meet.
            After China negotiated a Iran and Saudi Arabia peace deal, anything is possible.

            Regardless, China appears to be taking a more active role as mediator on the world state.
            The Biden admin is looking not so good, if that is possible.

            1. @UpstateFarmer

              Biden, as you know, rejected out-of-hand China’s recent 12-point peace proposal as self-serving, null and void. *After* both the Office of Zelenskiy and official Russian FM spokespeople said it was something they ‘could work with’.

              China’s 12 point plan was well thought out. .. but it, like all peace proposals, requires someone willing to negotiate.

              *unfortunately, Biden may not know what century it is .. . even in his more lucid moments.

              1. DgSnowden,
                Peace at this point underminds the Biden admin. They need a distraction from inflation, the recent SVB and others crisis. It is only going to get worse.
                And that is what concerns me. The Biden admin would be willing to get us into a real shooting WWIIII as a distraction from the economic woes at home. Especially going into a election year. His handlers, whom are really running the show, would think that a war time president would win an election. And they would even risk WWIII or nuclear Armageddon, to win an election.

                Hey, to all you Democrats reading this, when are you going to enlist, or if too old, your children, your grandchildren, into a combat arms MOS to fight the Biden war?
                Bring back the draft. No exceptions. Your number comes up, you or your children, or grandchildren go to the meat grinder.
                May they die for the Biden admin.

                1. Hey, to all you Democrats reading this, when are you going to enlist, or if too old, your children, your grandchildren, into a combat arms MOS to fight the Biden war?

                  Anonymous @ March 13, 2023 at 4:46 PM meant to answer your honest question with the following:

                  “My wife will enlist thought she now a man, my daughter also who is now a man, my son who is now a girl and I stay home, bake cookies and be barefoot in the kitchen while replumbing the kitchen because I have no idea what I am, other than numb-nuts troll

    2. With so many “matchups” going on simultaneously, I completely forgot the Covid pandemic disaster and the Wuhan lab leak scandal.

      1. It looks like there’s enough good leaders, Biz & citizens know who evil Aholes are in DC/FRS/Rouge Agencies/ Wallst, city of London , etc.. They know they are surrounded & the most dangerous they’ve ever been. Everyone of the good leaders, Biz & citizens need to remain peaceful, hold themselves up steady & keep pressing those creeps in public & State Govs/AGs for what they’ve done.


        COVID Tipping Point Reached, CDC Head Turns on Fauci’s Illegal Gain of Function


        Mar 8, 2023
        The Alex Jones Show
        The Alex Jones Show

        Former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield testified during a Congressional hearing on the origins of COVID-19 that the virus most likely came from the Wuhan lab.

        Learn more here:

  12. This disorder mentioned in the house investigation should be considered like transgenderism. In this case the House Democrats have nearly completed their transformation from ( the “the party of the people”, “the bastion of free speech”, “ the protector of democracy”, “the party of the working man”) to a political gender I am not familiar with. It may have even surpassed McCarthyism and is approaching the level of fascism or worse. The question is whether we should intervene with surgery and drugs or just push it harder and maybe it will suicide or have a spectacular explosion. The main thing is to try to block it from taking down the entire county while it goes through this transformation or returns to sanity. When even some members of the press and rare voices in Hollywood (gasp!) start to push back, it gives me a sliver of hope.

    1. The Dems libs/progressives long ago passed facism and are now well into the realm of totalitarianism.

  13. It’s amazing. Republicans outlaw saying gay and drag shows . Republicans Turn all women of child bearing age into suspected criminals who must be monitored. They ban books. But it’s democrats who are against free speech.

    1. Where does it say “Don’t say Gay” in the bill?? Where are they banning drag shows for adults?? YOU are lying…just like your party and the media. YOU are the problem in this country today. Delusion from the delusional left.

    2. LOL. That is what getting desperate looks like. “Turn all women of child bearing age into suspected criminals who must be monitored…” LOL. BTW, hillary is, thankfully, well past childbearing age and she should be monitored 24/7.

      “They ban books…created by pedophiles and intended for 2nd grade libraries” Don’t forget the punchline. You’re plenty free to get your pedophilia elsewhere.

      It is fascinating hearing from the left at this point in history. Stockholm syndrome, anti-white racism, confirmation biases…I feel like a glutton.

    3. Clearly you are misinformed.
      No where in the FL law is the word “gay” even mentioned.
      No one is outlawing drag shows. Just make them age appropriate, as it should be. Why is it you Democrats want to sexualize 6 year olds?
      No one turned women in to suspected criminals. There are all kinds of birth control methods out there, and is many times free for low income people/families. They just have to use it.
      No one banned books. Just moved them to age appropriate settings. Why is it you Democrats want to expose 6 year olds to pornography?
      And, yes, it does in fact appear that it is Democrats who are calling for censorship. They put their calls for censorship on gross display on a regular basis. In Congress, in academia, social media.

    4. Why should anyone take you seriously if you can not accurately – no, can not even get into the ball park of presenting the views of those you oppose.

      You are not beating a straw man top death – you are beating a creature from another planet to death.

    5. Justice Holmes: So, the only response you have to this egregious display of Democratic power politics is … lies? Pretty piss-poor argument, and so easily fact-checked. Try harder next time.

    6. “Republicans outlaw saying gay and drag shows”

      Buffo, you can’t get the facts straight, so why would you think anyone would take you seriously?

      Your comments tell us you are against free speech. Obviously you are a Democrat.

    7. Everyone should pay really close attention to the fact that Justice Holmes doesn’t actually contradict the fact that 21st century Democrats have exposed themselves as anti free speech, instead this internet troll deflects with attacking the messengers and other unethical rationalizations. This is the extent of rational thought that leftist hacks and internet trolls have.

    8. Justice Holmes wrote, “[Republicans] ban books.”

      That’s actually false misinformation.

      Republicans didn’t actually ban books, as in removed them from publication and public distribution, what they did do was to limited “some” books from being used in elementary schools because they were not age appropriate. Here’s an extreme example of something that would not age appropriate for elementary school students, Playboy.

      Now if you want to argue whether you think specific books are age appropriate for elementary students then you are free to present that argument; however, what you did was parrot a propaganda lie.

  14. McCarthy has the dubious distinction of having been right! Look up “the Venona Files” Today’s democrats are the very people he would have been investigating. They are openly socialist, communistic, authoritarian, & totalitarian. Find out how our country has been being subverted, for decades now! Yuri Bezmenov lays it all out, step by step. If you’ve never heard of him, you really should take in this interview.

  15. The progressive clown house members were truly ignorant of those concepts. Entertainers should stick to entertainment and let the grownups think about and intelligently discuss serious matters.

  16. These people, this party – our Dems are ******* insane, and that is just that. This is not going to end well. It is the very definition of madness.

  17. This is arguably the biggest corruption story in federal law enforcement in American history. The Democrats are angry because they know their little off channel censoring operation has been exposed so they instinctively trash the messenger. Their complete lack of self-awareness is astounding. Thank you, Jonathan, for an excellent article.

    1. Spot on, Skyraider! I, for one, truly appreciate the continuing efforts of Professor Turley in framing these unfortunate events and writing about them. It’s really unfortunate that a substantial portion of the citizenry are oblivious to this dangerous trajectory.

  18. Democrats have lots of skeletons being revealed.

    This account documents a Congressional hearing.
    We about to get an honest look at investigating a Congressional Hearing.
    The Jan6 made for TV movie foisted on the Nation by Pelosi, had all of the Hollywood tricks in its production. Except CGI. We know from just a few hours of never seen video. What happened, and what the Democrats lied, and claimed happen, are two different things.

    We are getting the receipts about all the lies told during covid.
    Those lies include the federal govt PAYING $9,000,000 to “scientists” to publish a study with a predetermined outcomes. Then using the fake science from the podium to push Government propaganda. That is just ONE example of “science” being faked to push narratives. There are Dozens of examples.
    “Follow the Science” joins “hands up dont shoot” as some the biggest pieces of government propaganda.

    1. Forgot one of the other big reveals concering Jan6 propaganda hearing

      The 100% Democrat seated committee, NEVER had access to any of the Jan 6 video.
      What we now know. The Congress persons sitting on the Congressional select committee, created and populated by Pelosi, did none of the investigation. Pelosi didn’t even trust her hand picked members to produce the fantasy she scripted long before the first witness was interviewed. Pelosi hired and directed the congressional staff, hired for this bit of theater to produce her propaganda, and deliver through her Stenographers in the media.

      A corrupt Congressional exercise, delivered by a corrupt media, that is 100% on board with pushing the propaganda.

      Were are the media Whistle Blowers?

      1. While members of congress are protected by the speech and debate clause from anything they say being used against them, the same does not apply to staff. If the staff colluded to lie about Jan 6, it makes sense for those who were denied exculpatory material have legal recourse. Time to hold staff accountable. Bet it takes 5 mins for the staff facing multiple felonies to sing like canaries against Nancy.

    2. “That is just ONE example of ‘science’ being faked to push narratives.”

      Here’s another:

      The self-anointed Defenders of Science (Fauci, et al.) peddle the fiction of a naturally occurring Covid virus (bats, pangolins, unicorns). At the same time, they evade the reality of naturally occurring immunity.

      So: When it satisfies a desire (e.g., CYA), blame nature. When it satisfies a different desire (e.g., compulsory vaccination), ignore nature.

      I don’t think their fidelity is to science.

      1. The self-anointed Defenders of Science (Fauci, et al.) peddle the fiction of a naturally occurring Covid virus
        AND we have the reciepts!
        Fauci “commissioned” a scientific paper, with his requested “scientific” result, that the lab leak theory held the far superior “scientific” position.
        Fauci thenthree weeks later, from the podium, cited this paper supporting his narrative. Then to top it all off, the “scientists”/stenographers, landed a $9 million grant….that had nothing to do with the a fore mentioned paper…honest…Fauci swears to it.

        All those people that believe the climate “science”??? have a great lesson how Government “science” works.

        1. ” . . . that the lab leak theory held the far superior “scientific” position.”

          If you’re referring to the “Proximal Origin” paper, I think you mean natural origin, not “lab leak.”

          But I got your point. The signatories are not scientists. They’re hired guns. And Fauci is not a scientist. He’s a propaganda-driven media whore.

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