Kitchen Bull Connors: Professor Denounces Cleanliness as Sexist and Racist

Professor Drenten has struck out at a social media trend of posting videos showing off different ways to organize pantries. Where many see neatness, Drenten sees racism and sexism. She notes that these video creators, “predominantly white women,” have created “a new status symbol” to replace the old one of “nice houses,” “nice yards” and “nice neighborhoods.” She wrote:

Cleanliness has historically been used as a cultural gatekeeping mechanism to reinforce status distinctions based on a vague understanding of “niceness”: nice people, with nice yards, in nice houses, make for nice neighborhoods.

What lies beneath the surface of this anti-messiness, pro-niceness stance is a history of classist, racist and sexist social structures.

She warns others not to fall for “pantry porn”:

Magazines like Good Housekeeping were once the brokers of idealized domestic work. Now online pantry porn sets the aspirational standard for becoming an ideal mom, ideal wife and ideal woman. This grew out of a shift toward an intensive mothering ideology that equates being a good mom with time-intensive, labor-intensive, financially expensive care work.

Pantry maintenance is a new area of racism and sexism for Professor Drenten. Before she went after domestic Bull Connors, she blew the whistle on video gaming with papers on “Video Gaming as a Gendered Pursuit” and “More Gamer, Less Girl: Gendered Boundaries, Tokenism, and the Cultural Persistence of Masculine Dominance.”

134 thoughts on “Kitchen Bull Connors: Professor Denounces Cleanliness as Sexist and Racist”

  1. Could she please just spontaneously combust??? More stupid non-sensical stuff coming out of this toxic liberal mouth based upon an un- proven ‘theory.’

  2. One cam draw two certain conclusions from Drenton’s diatribes:

    1. Her pantry is of peak white supremacy neatness because if one put a hidden recording device in her house, we all know what racial epithets spill out of that Germanic mouth when speaking of non-whites.

    2. Drenton clearly thinks that blacks and browns are dirty, disorganized people who, legend has it, live “on the colored people time.”

  3. How did we get here with giving air time to people who have no common sense and pretend they matter in the world .

    1. Tip66,
      I would say they do not deserve any air time at all.
      However, people like her are more and more in places of higher learning (I would now dispute that term) and influence young minds.
      They need to be pointed out, called out for their absurd opinions, criticized, and then forgotten.

  4. Funny how these marxist morons think they just put some label on something like “sexist” or “racist” and it will magically make people change. We’re wise to that cultural marxist game. It doesn’t work. Call us all your tired, worn out smear labels. We don’t care.

  5. OK, so she’s a nasty, lazy slob that needs some money. She’s going to write a book that other nasty, lazy slobs will buy to validate they nasty, and lazy lives.

    1. They are smart to remove unconstitutional affirmative action and other “political emulsifiers” that serve to impose bias and favoritism to the detriment of “equity” which is their absence.

      Free people are free to accept or reject and like and dislike any other person, place or thing.

      “Freedom and Self-Reliance” is the American thesis.

      People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

      Freedom does not adapt to people, dictatorship does.

    1. 58,000 dead for the benefit of dastardly parasites who deserted their fellow countrymen to enjoy the good life in the dead men’s country.

      How ’bout that “free stuff,” Ong “The Courageous” Thuong?

    1. It’s an attack on Christian values. Sort of like a communist attack on the bourgeois. No different. It’s coming from all directions.

    1. You’re right, stupidity can’t be fixed, but it can be shot full of holes – that would be stupidity and stupid people.

  6. You can’t be more offended than the supposed victim, Prof.

    White professor claims being neat and clean is white supremacy, a racist way to keep down “other races” who—what? Are incapable of neatness and cleanliness?
    Unfortunately, she (and people like her) are SERIOUS in their statements and beliefs, even though they are ludicrous, delusional, and border on the psychotic.

    1. It is more a cultural/educational thing than a racial thing IMO.

      I asked long ago to my mom why XYZ area of the city were littered with trash/cig butts/fast food containers.

      She said, “It is because of education KT. These people are less educated and don’t know that littering is bad. Everyone else around them does it, the streets are a mess, so ‘why not’.”

      In truth, it is a cultural thing. Ever see that “Your Mom does not live here” over the breakroom sink? Is it to say that your/my coworkers were low educated, people of color only? Nah. It is because people seeing a mess will add to the mess instead of doing what is right. Likewise, in unkept areas of town, people just live like the Jones and don’t care. In covenant communities, it limits this type of free-for-all behavior. Keep your curb neat or lest be fined…regardless of race.

  7. I have just about had it with these idiotic woke ideas that liberal academics come up with. Be neat, be messy, who cares? If you don’t like what you see, look AWAY!

  8. Proving once more that Stupid is forever! Glad I don’t have smellivision and can’t smell the stinking nut job. I guess I am a segregationist, since I don’t mix my white and brown race, but keep them separated.

  9. She is RIGHT ! It CERTINALY is racist ! White are nice people, with nice yards, in nice houses, make for nice neighborhoods…what else is there to say??.

    1. It is for a payday.
      The left needs to virtue signal every chance they get to keep the $ and the offense rolling in/on.

  10. Hey what the heck. It’s just another way of dumbing down the roach problem. Go woke go roach.

  11. “different ways to organize pantries. Where many see neatness, Drenten sees racism and sexism.”

    So I am not considered a racist, I am mixing all my white rice with my brown rice. My rice will no longer be separate. Will they be equal?

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