“That’s Not True”: President Biden Moves Toward the Evil Twin Family Defense

President Joe Biden has repeatedly denied that his family received money from China. He has also denied any knowledge of his son’s foreign dealings despite direct evidence to the contrary, including a recorded message from the President to Hunter referencing the deals. The White House has simply refused to address the recording or photographs contradicting the President. Now, there is confirmation that millions were sent from China and then money from a third-party account was distributed to at least three, and possibly four, Biden family members. However, when confronted with the evidence on the way to Marine One, the President again declared “that’s not true.” Given that these are suspicious activity reports (SARs) from Biden’s own Treasury Department, it is unclear now what the President is suggesting beyond the possibility of an evil twin Biden family that is besmirching his good name.

After the GOP takeover of the House, the Oversight Committee demanded information long blocked by the Democratic leadership on the SARs related to the Biden family. The first such disclosure involved a Robinson Walker, LLC account that received $3 million from the State Energy HK Limited. Money was later distributed in incremental payments over three months to Hallie Biden and companies associated with Hunter Biden and James Biden. There was also an unknown bank account identified as “Biden.”

The House Oversight Committee is demanding to hear from the recipient of the transfer from China. Chairman Comer wrote John Walker that the panel “is investigating President Biden’s involvement in his family’s business practices” and “has identified you as a critical witness in this matter and has reviewed evidence showing you received millions of dollars originating from a Chinese energy company and elsewhere.” Walker can explain any connection between the Chinese transfer and the later distributions.

What is clear is that money has been received by Biden family members from China and other foreign interests. However, the White House has continued to refuse to answer questions on these details.

Even the highly deferential White House press corps erupted when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that they would have the opportunity to ask President Biden questions at an upcoming meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. The President rarely answers questions at such photo ops.

It is now clear that the President has continued to lie about his lack of prior knowledge of Hunter’s foreign dealings. It is also clear that the family has received money from deals in China and other foreign countries. That leaves the President with only categorical denials in the face of growing evidence to the contrary.

What is also clear is that the Bidens ran one of the most lucrative and blatant influence peddling operations in history. Influence peddling is the favorite form of corruption in Washington, but the Biden family is truly in a class to itself . . . unless there is that evil twin Biden family that continues to undermine the First Family.

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    1. Proportion. Proportion.
      Clinton is responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands. So, what does our fair and balanced media do? Not a thing.
      Dear God, forget mercy for we know what we do.

  1. Today in the land of Doublestandardstan we have the Biden Crime Family being shown to be the most corrupt political family since Harding, an FBI that has had the Laptop for over a year, the “President” lying daily all with zero legal action being taken while at the same time we have a RADICAL DA, backed by Soros, downgrading felonies to misdemeanors for serious VIOLENT criminals and trying to indict Trump, a political opponent, by changing a misdemeanor to a felony in order to avoid that statute of limitations.

    Please ignore Svelaz because he is just a Democrat operative who will say anything to defend the indefensible.

  2. It’s all the big lie. Deny a truth repeatedly until you convince some people it is not the truth or propagate a lie so big that people will say that the lie is so brazen, it must be true. I remind the Democratic trolls today that Professor Turley did not produce this evidence, it was obtained under subpoena from banks. Also if Jared and Ivanka were so guilty of the same thing, allegedly, one would think our crackerjack FBI and DOJ would have been all over it but not a peep. Also I note that Robinson Walker LLC should be called what it really is, a cutout, to place someone between the payor and the payee. Also the payments were paid in installments. Is that not an attempt to mask the payouts. That is what Alvin Bragg and the NY District Attorneys office is alleging Trump did to mask his payouts to Michael Cohen and thusly to Stormy Danials. An NDA to a nuisance attack is not illegal. I note also that someone above said “Alvin Bragg is not letting criminals run free”. I guess that is why crime is running rampant in NYC and record numbers of police are quitting. Just an observation. Strange allocation of resources.
    It’s like medicine putting huge resources into mutilating the normal bodies of children and teenagers while allowing the death rates of newborns and pregnant and postpartum women in the US to be the highest in the industrialized west. Again just an observation.

    1. All worthy observations, GEB. Many of us who live in NYS have become increasingly concerned about both changes made by our legislators and the allocation of resources by law enforcement. I’m sure that Alvin Bragg is well prepared at all times with George Soros talking points.

    2. I believe the funds went from Walker to James Gilliars and then Gilliars distributed them to the Bidens. So there were two cutouts. Gilliars was one of the organisers of the proposed CEFC deal.

      1. I was wrong about this. According to the Memo, Walker paid the Bidens directly. He paid an equivalent amount to Gilliar. He seems to have retained about the same amount himself. It may be that Walker, Gilliar and the Biden family shared the money equally.

  3. It’s quite comical how Turley is striving to focus so much on the Biden family “scandal” that isn’t while avoiding the inevitable news of Trump possibly getting arrested this week. The panicking, hollering, wailing, and calls for protests and calling for the florida national guard to protect trump are indeed hilarious. It all sounds and looks like how loyal followers of a dictator react to their dear leader’s “unfair” treatment.

    “It is also clear that the family has received money from deals in China and other foreign countries.”

    So what? What is illegal about receiving money from deals in China? Nobody, nobody, including Turley has been able to articulate precisely what is illegal here. The only “evidence” is speculation and conspiracy theories. Notably, Turley is always hedging his claims by making sure he uses terms that don’t convey certainty such as ‘allegedly”, “may”, “somehow”, etc. He deliberately posts narratives that let speculation and conspiracy theories run rampant making anything he says the ‘truth’. He follows the same recipe that Fox News uses to lead gullible readers to believe things that are not true. It’s very effective and that’s why it’s used to keep readers engaged and emotionally invested in their rage.

    Can’t wait to see how the rage and hysterics evolve when or if Trump is arrested. MAGA nutties will rampage and go violent. Again.

        1. Maj229,

          For a lawyer you’re really bad at making arguments. Ambulance chasers make better arguments.

          1. LOL Please, is that the best insult you can make? I’ve been insulted by experts, and you’re not even in their league, let alone the known universe of insulting. You insult, argue, and make comments like a spoiled child. You wouldn’t know a good legal argument if it smacked you in the face. You, and all of your alter egos postings, make arguments that are conclusions unsupported by foundational facts, speculation, misstatement of facts and law, insinuation, and/or insults that clearly evidence of your lack of knowledge, both generally and of the law.

            I take you comment as a badge of honor. You wouldn’t make the comment if I wasn’t hitting a nerve, and making you look the fool that you are.

            I’m proud to be in the company of all the others on this blog site who point out your ignorance daily.

            Nothing I say is either false, speculation or hearsay, and it’s all supported by case law and statute.

            In addition, I’ve have known, and still know, ambulance chasing lawyers who are superb lawyers and litigators. Just remember the next time you need a lawyer, and everyone during their life will need a lawyer at some point, to call the lawyer an ambulance chaser. You can expect your bill to increase substantially.

            Finally, you can call me whatever you want. I don’t care. I’m not insulted by words because I’m not a spoiled child who makes infantile insults and throws tantrums.

            I’m a 1st Amendment absolutist. Words are not violence, nor do they hurt my feelings.

            I’ll give you one piece of advice for free: Whining is not a leadership trait. And you whine a lot.

            So have at it.

            1. Maj229,

              Thanks for making my point. You really don’t have an argument. Just a lot of whining.

        2. Maj229,
          Well said.
          And thank you for pointing out his ignorance of the law, that he copy and pastes as if he is some kind of expert.
          Clearly, Svelaz is not but an absurd loser.
          I so enjoy watching you, Lin and others take him down in epic fashion with things like, facts.

    1. Let’s face it. Bias in the media doesn’t exist.
      Turn your minds back if you will to 1994. Clinton said he was unaware of the holocaust unfolding in Africa. FOIA documentation proves he not only knew, he suppressed that evidence. He is responsible, in large measure, for the slaughter of 800,000 innocent men, women, and children.
      Just suppose Trump was guilty of that bloodshed.

      1. Right and let’s recall that Clinton paid $850,000 to silence a woman who accused him of raping her in 1991. Remember Paula Jones?

    2. Dear Svelaz: I am the one who posted the comment yesterday (posted quickly without remembering to enter my name), about you being a non-lawyer educating others on how to be a good lawyer. Today, I must remind you that good lawyers, including Turley, do not fling about with statements accusing others of crimes when evidence has not yet been revealed, confirmed, rebutted, or even found. Only wannabes engage in flinging borderline defamatory statements about the professor, using his own blog comments section to do so.

      1. Lin,
        Once again, a most excellent take down of Svelaz.
        He makes claims without providing expertise, knowledge, or even links to as if facts. He tires to speak (copy and paste) as if he is a legal expert, as if he is a IT expert, but thanks to you and others (H/T to all those on this blog who are ACTUAL lawyers) or have strong backgrounds in IT to point out his mental gymnastics, often illogical, arguments.
        He and other leftists seem to be desperate to deflect from the BCF, try to change the narrative, as more and more actual evidence comes forward of the BCF crimes and corruption.
        Everyone, do not be distracted from the evidence of the BCF, even if they go to extremes to try to distract you. Note the double standards. The corruption of the DOJ under the BCF.

      2. Lin,

        “ Turley, do not fling about with statements accusing others of crimes when evidence has not yet been revealed, confirmed, rebutted, or even found.”

        Turley flings accusatory sounding statements by making speculative and implying criminal behavior without directly saying so. That’s not being a lawyer. That’s being a political hack.
        Real lawyers and legal analysts point out Turley’s dishonest and disingenuous narratives. Turley in return criticizes them by invoking anti-free speech

    3. To know what is illegal about receiving money from deals in China, we need to know what the “deals” were/are. So far Joe hasn’t been advised to address any deals except to implausibly say he has never received anything of value from China. As the evidence mounts and the speculation grows ever more intense concerned democrats are slowly but surely coming to grips with what needs to be done sooner rather than later by asking him, “Say it ain’t so Joe and leave us certain of it. Otherwise, step back from running again and deal with your family trials and tribulations as a private citizen just like Trump.

    4. Svelaz – The Chinese did not give money to the Bidens for nothing. It is the job of the investigators to determine what the Chinese expected or got for their investment.

  4. I have to wonder, given the many made rich by “serving” in office, if this rare examination of influence peddling would be underway were it not for Donald Trump’s calamitous, divisive, and uninvited intrusion into the closed-camp of political milk and honey. The reverberations from Trump’s entry into national politics seem never-ending. It was his arrival that tore the masks from the many two-faced leaders in the Republican Party, caused our corrupt intelligence agencies to stumble and bumble and out themselves as enemies of freedom, unmasked the Fourth Estate as totalitarian, exposed the dictatorial nature of the bureaucratic state, reminded Americans of the danger from foreign entanglements, revealed the ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ as alive and arrogant in Silicon Valley, and spread so much fear that democrats chose a brainless scarecrow as president.

    And now, in Trump’s shadow, the thieves have no choice but to investigate their own thievery.

    Thanks in large part to his deranged adversaries, Trump has a chance to go down in history alongside Lincoln, as a president who saved America.

  5. Jonathan: Why is it that you manage to get a column in almost every week dealing with the alleged Biden family corruption scandal? Probably because your employer, Rupert Murdock, wants to throw up enough dirt so voters in 2024 will have doubts about Joe Biden –hoping whoever is the GOP candidate will prevail. The message you cite from Biden to his son, which allegedly came from the hard drive of the laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter, doesn’t prove anything beyond Biden’s “love” for his son. Certainly no evidence of some vast illegal conspiracy that would establish probable cause for the DOJ to open a criminal investigation.

    If using the family name to pursue business ventures overseas was a crime Jared Kushner would have been indicted by now. He used his official position to curry favor with the Saudi royal family, protected the Crown Prince from charges he orchestrated the assassination of Jamal Khoshoggi, and then parlayed that into a $2 billion investment from the Crown Prince the day after Kushner left the WH. Ivanka Trump did the same thing when she was in the WH. The whole Trump clan was a walking, talking corruption enterprise! Hunter has never held an official position in the Biden WH. He is a private citizen as his dad was in 2018. But, strangely, you have never addressed the vast corruption in the Trump WH and how the Trump clan profited off their official government positions. So permit me to move on to some more interesting news this week.

    House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has reacted to Trump’s imminent indictment by DA Alvin Bragg: “Here we go again–an outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA who lets violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance against President Trump. I’m directing relevant committees to immediately investigate if federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy by interfering in elections with politically motivated prosecutions.”

    FACT CHECK: There is no evidence Bragg is letting “violent criminals walk”. Sorry, Kevin, but DAs can walk and chew gum at the same time. And it’s not “President Trump” anymore. Trump is now a private citizen as he was when he made those hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. The proper term is “former president”. And, sorry again Kevin, the election is over. Charging Trump will have nothing to do “interfering in elections”. Finally, this will be a state prosecution under NY law–not a federal prosecution. Keven seemed to get every point wrong! Other Republicans have joined McCarthy. Rep. Elise Stefanik said an indictment of Trump would be “unAmerican”. Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona said: “If they come for Trump, they will come for you!”.

    Bizarrely, Republicans think it is “unAmerican” to indict an former president. It certainly has never been done before. But that doesn’t mean a former president should “walk” if he has violated the law. No one is above the law. That’s one of the fundamental principles of our criminal justice system–at least under AG Garland. Trump will soon find out how that system works. And, yes Andy, if you violate the law the justice department will come after you too!

    1. Anything Turley writes about should be subject to scrutiny because of his collecting a paycheck from a company whose brand and business model is lying to it’s readers, and viewing and listening audience.

      1. Did you hear the news?

        Did you hear that Stormy lost her case against Trump? A federal judge ordered her to pay Trump $300k in legal fees and sanctions after her defamation suit against him was dismissed. She still owes Trump $300k in legal fees and penalties. Her lawyer, Avenatti is now in prison for fraud.

        Now a corrupt DA is leaking ‘news’ that he is going to arrest Trump next week for some trumped up charge. Trump is their ham sandwich.

        And we know that Hillary lied about the campaign funds she used to pay a foreign spy for the Steele dossier used to frame Trump for treason. THAT was no biggie. Hillary quietly paid a fine last year. There were no news panels analyzing the Clinton/FBI collusion crimes. There were no news analysts jabbering on about how “no one is above the law”…..

        Nope, all these players were found guilty, media dutifully buried the stories, and that was the end of it.
        They were not even considered particularly “newsworthy” by your preferred propaganda news sources.

      2. Fishy — You can’t handle the truth. That truth is that YOU are the one being lied to by your preferred fake news outlets.

    2. Dennis: Nice try at moral equivalency but it doesn’t work. Whatever Kushner did with Saudi Arabia he did lawfully and openly as a member of the administration and the policy of an elected POTUS. Hunter, on the other hand, was not a member of the administration. If, as you sycophantically suggest, there was no wrong doing by the Biden (Crime) Family, then its members who received funds from China and Russia should be eager to tell Congress what they did to earn those funds, estimated to be in the multi-millions of dollars. And by the way, anyone watching the nightly news about NYC knows full well that the Soros-supported DA Bragg lets violent criminals walk and refuses to prosecute crimes unless, of course, they are made up and charged against powerful Republicans. That lie, alone, impeachs the credibility of the rest of your illogical babble.

      1. JJC: Talk about “illogical babble”. You say what Kushner did with Saudi Arabia, as a public official, “he did lawfully”. And what did Kushner do? He ingratiated himself with the Saudi Kingdom, protected the Crown Prince from charges he orchestrated the murder of Jamal Khoshoggi, a US resident and critic of the Crown Prince. And what did Kushner get in return? After leaving the WH Kushner got $2 billion from the Crown Prince to start his equity investment company. Quid pro quo? Bribery? Getting money to protect Saudi interests seems to fit the bill. And Trump did the same things. During his entire presidency he protected Saudi interests. After leaving office how did the Saudis repay Trump’s largesse? By using Trump’s golf resorts for the venues for their new golf league. Money in Trump’s pockets. That’s corruption in spades! That’s far worse than anything that JT thinks the Biden’s were engaged in as private citizens. And what about all the gifts Trump received from the Saudi’s during his presidency–the ones he unlawfully took back to Mar-a-Lago? That’s the kind of corruption Trump will probably be charged with by the DOJ–along with other crimes–like trying to overturn a lawful election.

        For a long time big city mayors, senators, congressmen and even sitting judges have been prosecuted for crimes and corruption while in office. Some have gone to prison. Look on Wikipedia. The list is endless. Nobody pays much attention to that corruption because it is so prevalent. Nobody thinks those people should “walk” because they abused their public office. But when it comes to Trump it’s a different matter. You Trump sycophants think he should get a pass for all the crimes he has committed. I am of a different mind. No one, not even a former president, is above the law. That’s why I think Trump will eventually join that long list on Wikipedia–the corrupt officials who went to prison for their crimes. And that will impeach the “credibility of the rest of YOUR illogical babble”!

        1. “After leaving the WH Kushner got $2 billion from the Crown Prince to start his equity investment company. “

          This is the type of idiocy we hear from the likes of Dennis. Kushner did not receive money from the Crown Prince. He helped the Crown Prince invest that money which remains the Crown Prince’s money. Not one dollar was given to Kushner.

          After hearing such bull from Dennis why would anyone want to listen to anything he has to say?

          1. See how Dennis slyly corrects his false statements?
            He now says “After leaving the WH Kushner got $2 billion from the Crown Prince to start his equity investment company. ”
            But his original statement was “curry favor with the Saudi royal family,… and then parlayed that into a $2 billion investment from the Crown Prince the day after Kushner left the WH.
            His false statement was corrected by Anonymous:
            “Actually, it was six months later, and it was not an “investment” in Kushner, but in equity funding. -and ‘after Kushner left the WH.’ What do you mean, left the WH?”

            1. Good catch. What Dennis just did is dishonest. When faced with dishonesty, why should anyone trust him?

              This sentence “Kushner got $2 billion from the Crown Prince to start his equity investment company” shows that Dennis doesn’t have his facts straight. This statement is incorrect as well. What does one do with a person that is both ignorant and dishonest? One doesn’t listen to anything he says.

    3. Dennis McIntyre, Jared Kushner was a successful world investor long before Trump became president. He earned his money because he had become an expert in his field. On the other hand we have Hunter receiving millions from the Ukrainians and the Chinese without any expertise in the energy industry. At first you said that no such thing was happening but you still sing the same tune after the Deposits to Hunter’s business account at Bank of America from the Chinese have come to light. Even when the evidence can be seen in black and white you still remain on the gate that only swings to the left. One has to wonder how your indoctrination has been so deeply embedded. You’ve gone so far that now you even believe in female genital mutilation if you’ve been told that it’s something to believe in. Thank you for your astute observations?

    4. FACT CHECK on McIntyre’s false claims: “There is no evidence Bragg is letting “violent criminals walk”. Here’s a whole two pages of references: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=did+Bragg+go+easy+on+violent+criminals%3F&atb=v347-1&ia=news

      “..and then parlayed that into a $2 billion investment from the Crown Prince the day after Kushner left the WH.”
      Actually, it was six months later, and it was not an “investment” in Kushner, but in equity funding. -and “after Kushner left the WH.” What do you mean, left the WH?

    5. Dennis asks: “Jonathan: Why is it that you manage to get a column in almost every week dealing with the alleged Biden family corruption scandal? ”

      Probably because so few “news organizations” choose to cover these legit Biden crime family stories or give them any airtime. So dupes like you remain uninformed, disinformed and misinformed.

    6. Dennis says: “Bizarrely, Republicans think it is “unAmerican” to indict an former president. It certainly has never been done before. But that doesn’t mean a former president should “walk” if he has violated the law. No one is above the law.”

      Tell us, what is the specific law you are referencing here? Any ideas? What is the alleged crime?

    7. Dennis – You say that “There is no evidence Bragg is letting ‘violent criminals walk’.” You may want to check out this article in NYP, January 19, 2023: “NYC starts 2023 with more than 18% spike in serious assaults — after Adams says crime ‘trending downward.”’ https://nypost.com/2023/01/19/nyc-starts-2023-with-over-18-increase-in-serious-assaults/ How many resources have been spent trying to destroy Trump that could have been better devoted to protecting citizens?
      You also say: “Charging Trump will have nothing to do “interfering in elections”.” You must be kidding. Keeping Trump out of office has been the point of all the vendettas against Trump.
      You say: “Bizarrely, Republicans think it is “unAmerican” to indict an former president. It certainly has never been done before.” Your two sentences contradict one another. If we have not prosecuted former Presidents, there is a reason. It has been recognized that use of the government to persecute former political enemies is not “fair play” or “democratic”. It is a sure sign of a third-rate country, which the Left is transforming us into.
      Then, bizarrely, you state: “No one is above the law.” You must be the most naive man on the face of the earth. Have you ever heard of Lyndon Johnson, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Tony Podesta, Michael Sussman, Robert Menendez, O J Simpson, BLM rioters, and Anti-fa rioters? All Democrats “are above the law”.

      1. Crime has spiked across the country since 2020.

        There are patterns to that spike.
        the Spike is almost exclusively in big cities.
        it is also exclusively in a small portion of those big cities – 50% of all crime in a city occurs in 4% of the city, and that is where the spike is occuring.
        it is exclusive to places run by democrats,
        it is almost expclusive to places where 70 Sorros funded progressive DA’s were elected.
        It is almost exclusive to places that have enacted progressive “criminal justice reform” – failure to prosecute minor crimes, no cash bail, actually defunding police.
        It also strongly correlates to communities where DOJ has forced police departments into “consent decrees” over allegedly racist policing practices.

        There are some on the left claiming that while crime is spiking – it is still not anywhere near the levels of the mid 80’s.
        Nationwide that is true – but as noted above the majority of crime in the US is highly concentrated.
        And in many of those places crime rates have never been higher.

        I strongly suspect that crime has dropped in much of the country – because the rest of the country is reacting to the spike that is happening elsewhere.
        That rural and suburban communities are getting tougher on crime. hiring more police, and that many of the police fleeing cities where they are at risk of prosecution for doing their job, and taking jobs in communities where they are not demonized.

        All in all the left has Screwed over minorities.

        BLM and Defund the police and progressive criminal justice reform have lead to ACTUAL racist consequences.
        Minority communities are less safe than ever.
        White communities are actually safer than ever.

      2. Prosecuting Trump over payments to Daniels is just more weaponization of law enforcement for political purposes.

        It is well established that it is legal to pay people for silence.

        Those on the left are claiming that is an illegal use of campaign funds. Why ?
        Hillary used campaign funds to create the Steele Dossier and the Apha Bank Hoax. How is that different ?
        The DNC and the Biden campaign both paid staffers to barrage social media with requests to censor – Silence conservatives, and ANYONE posting about the Hunter Biden laptop. How is that different ?

        All this does is open up a giant new can of worms for political prosecutions.

        Prosecutors got no where against Johnathan Edwards who used campaign funds to hide his pregnant girlfried from the media while his wife was dying of cancer.

        Everything that we do not like.
        Everything that we think is immoral or unethical is not a crime.

  6. It’s like the American public is a chick and Biden is the scumbag boyfriend who maintains he hasn’t cheated even when he’s caught with a thong in the backseat of his car…and it’s not her brand…..it sucks where you’re on the wrong side of this

  7. Thank you, Professor Turley, for continuing to comment on the unfortunate reality that we face – a two-tier system of justice. The mainstream media is complicit and that makes it difficult for most of the citizenry to comprehend the breadth and the depth of corruption in our country. Unfortunately, it has reached the point where our national security has been compromised. We cannot countenance another four years of this dangerous trajectory. In an excellent Op-Ed in the March 16 edition of the WSJ, Julian Epstein states that his “fellow Democrats have shown their own kind of cowardice by refusing to say that Biden shouldn’t run for reelection.” The column presents a factual synopsis of Biden’s wrong turns since taking office. It begins with the fact that he promised centrism, but has instead governed from the far left. Even if he is not the candidate of his party in 2024, it will be very difficult for many of us to ride out the remainder of his term, especially under the circumstances that continue to underscore his ineptitude and disregard for what we need from our government. Many of us are outraged by his opportunistic approach to public service. What will it take to right the ship?

  8. After being found out the Social Media will not be able to censor this story like they did the laptop story. This is one of the reasons that the Democrats in congress want more censorship. They wanted then and want now to smudge out the hand writing on the wall. A high percentage of Democrats have said that if they knew about the laptop they would have voted differently. The Democrats who have been keeping the cat in the bag are trying to keep you from hearing their screeching now that the cat has been released. Beware the fourth of November.

  9. The Biden (Crime) Family already has a contingency plan ready. It goes like this. Deny, deny, deny – until it becomes impossible. This should take us to late 2023. If and when the media turns on the BCF and when it looks as though he may be impeached, his pal, Senator Coons will trek to the WH to give him the inevitable lecture. Biden then will resign and Harris will be sworn in as POTUS. Her first official act as POTUS will be to pardon Biden and the entire BCF of any federal crimes. Democrats scramble for emergency primary and reluctantly choose Harris as a throwaway candidate in a doomed race. Trump laughs his way to victory, dragging meaningless and meritless “indictments” behind him.

  10. “[M]illions were sent from China and then money from that account was distributed to at least three, and possibly four, Biden family members.”

    The kleptocratic family of the politician in charge of a country remains free. Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition faces arrest on concocted charges.

    Can you say Banana Republic?

  11. “The House Oversight Committee is demanding to hear from the recipient of the transfer from China. Chairman Comer wrote John Walker [Robinson Walker, LLC] that the panel “is investigating President Biden’s involvement in his family’s business practices” and “has identified you as a critical witness in this matter and has reviewed evidence showing you received millions of dollars originating from a Chinese energy company and elsewhere.”
    Nothing like five years’ worth of good preparation for upcoming sworn testimony. I am not anticipating any bombshells from Walker’s responses to queries regarding the essence of all communications with Biden/family members.

  12. China’s $1.5 Billion dollar “investment” in little Hunter Biden’s boutique investment firm is paying handsome dividends for China now. Joe Biden took the bribe when Hunter accompanied Joe over to China in 2015 on Air Force Two. Joe Biden parlayed his position as Vice President to set up his may “business deals” which is why the Democrats are frantically trying to block disclosure of the many SARs. Joe Biden can be bought off. He is compromised and the Chinese know it. Thank you, Jonathan, for an excellent article.

  13. The progressive clown journalists will print bidens denial, but not the evidence. Progressive clowns will remain blissfully ignorant.

  14. All this while they might indict Trump on BS charges. Is our country already run by the Stanford law Gestapo???

    1. They are desperate for a distraction/s.
      From the Hunter laptop.
      To the economy/inflation.
      The sweetheart of a bailout that was not a bailout that IS a bailout for SVB and all those Dem donors and some Chinese companies.
      And now the millions of dollars from China to three or four Biden family members.
      Do not be distracted. Keep your eyes on all the issues and note the double standard.
      Some are saying if Trump is arrested, it all but guarantees his re-election in 2024.
      A vote for Biden is a vote for corruption.

  15. Nothing will happen to Teflon Biden. After all the judiciary in Washington DC as well as the jury pool lean heavily to the left. This helps explain why Trump will be indicted on a minor charge, barred by the statute of limitation‘s, whereas Bidens serious influence peddling- that’s ongoing- will be ignored.

  16. Delusion is all that the prog/left has left in its gas tank. That a good dose of obfuscation.

  17. Boom! Great summary, but will they ever have to answer for their corrupt misdeeds? I doubt it. There are too many in the media and Congress who put party before country.

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