Res Ipsa Hits 69,000,000

crowd vj dayYesterday, Res Ipsa passed the 69,000,000 mark in views on the blog.  We have used these moments to give thanks for our many regular readers around the world and share our traffic data to give you an idea of the current profile of readers around the world. We do not have a running data page so these periodic postings allow our community to see the traffic profile of our blog. So let’s get at it.

As always, I want to offer special thanks for Darren Smith, who has continued to help manage the blog and help out folks who encounter posting problems.  I also want to thank our editor Kristin Oren, who continues her amazing work proofing posts on a daily basis to remove my embarrassing typos. I also wish to thank Hartwell Harrison for his effort to catch errors as well as others who alert me to typos or any violations of the civility or copyright policies on the blog.

We have continued to post significantly higher traffic numbers every month. Once again, this month has already posted the best traffic numbers for March in our history and could well set the highest numbers of any month in our history. It is on track to post twice the traffic of last March, which previously held the record for this month. It continues a trend of consistently doubling or tripling the traffic from prior years.

So here is our current profile:

As of this morning, we have  21,160 posts and 1,250,188 comments. We have also continued our steady rise on Twitter and currently show over 460,000 followers.  We have roughly 11,100 people who follow us on WordPress and 7,200 by direct emails (which you can subscribe to with the box on the right side of the blog home page).

In the last month, our ten biggest international sources for readers came from:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. Germany
  6. Mexico
  7. Unknown Region
  8. Netherlands
  9. France
  10. New Zealand

The top five posts in terms of readership in the last month were:

  1. Did the “QAnon Shaman” Get Shafted on Sentencing? New Footage Raises Questions Over the Chansley Case
  2. Post-Decency Politics: House Democrats Use Hearing to Attack Both Free Speech and a Free Press
  3. Time’s Up: Treasury Finally Agrees to Turn Over Hunter Biden Transaction Reports

29 thoughts on “Res Ipsa Hits 69,000,000”

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  2. “It remains a great honor to serve as the host of such a growing and vibrant community.”

    Thank you for being an excellent host. You provide an excellent venue for conversation.

  3. I honestly think this might be the most useful, informative and entertaining blog on the web. It’s the first thing I read every day — which isn’t always the best idea because I start each day with further knowledge that the world is a weird, sordid mess. I don’t know how Mr. Turley manages to stay so prolific, but I thank him for it.

    1. Thank you for all your work and inspiration, Prof. Turley. I have my MS from GWU and if I still lived in the DC area (moved south a few years ago), I would be looking to see if I could take one of your classes!

  4. I follow mostly now on Twitter. Hope all you “hoople heads”[homage to Al Swearengen] are doing well.

  5. Congratulations, Professor Turley! Thank you for providing your readers with your perspective on free speech and other topics that are so critical to our very existence as a country. I am thankful that your columns have reached such a wide audience. At a time when there are few counterpoints to the narrative of mainstream media, it is reassuring to me that you are bringing your well-reasoned perspective to us on a daily basis – often with your wonderful sense of humor. It’s time for America to wake up!

    1. I AM Roseanne Roseannadanna and I too thank you Jon for the best website on the net. Thanks for your scholarship and for your passion to be fair and clear and honest. What a special treat someone with your skills and knowledge takes the time to inform the public how our legal system works.
      I do wish we had a better, more direct, more open format to expose corrupt judges. Their cheating, hiding, deceiving the public, even as lawyers must depend upon them to make a living, is a set up. We desperately need reform. We desperately need someone with your expertise and integrity to either lead the way or to guide those of us who long to instil and demand virtue in our justices.

  6. Congratulation, guys. I’n glad many are getting curious. Too bad it couldn’t have been 20 years ago. Congrats, all the same.

  7. Congratulations JT! Please consider (or reconsider) joining the debate in the comments section — I think the quality and civility of the discussion would greatly benefit from your involvement (even if you only joined once in a while). Thanks.

  8. I can think of no legal blog more informative, more thought-provoking, more tolerant of embedded critics, more inviting of our commentary. You deserve every good word, and a heartfelt thanks.

  9. This is my must read every morning. And it never disappoints. My 2nd preference back in 1970 was to go to law school if no medical school accepted me. Alas the legal profession was saved when I got into medical school. Still love reading about the law and have even bought and digested several books by noted attorneys and Supreme Court Justices. The similarities with medicine are so great. Tremendous asset to us all dealing with the variety of problems and the law. John Adams would be proud.

  10. “69,000,000 mark”

    Impressive! A man of principle can achieve practical success. Congratulations JT (and DS).

  11. Thank you, Professor Turley! I look forward to reading your blogs every day. Congratulations!

  12. Professor Turley: “I also want to thank our editor Kristin Oren, who continues her amazing work proofing posts on a daily basis to remove my embarrassing typos.”

    LOL! Does Kristin do contract work? Sometimes ol’ Diogenes makes a spectacle of himself 🙂

  13. And we should give thanks for your utterly tireless efforts in churning out dispassionate, thoughtful commentary on the battle for free speech and related subjects!

    1. Your success is evidence that people are seeking new avenues to find out the truth since we have figured out the Mass Media is and has been lying to us for years and is not at all trustworthy at all.

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