New Documents Expose Government Censorship Efforts at Facebook and WhatsApp

New emails uncovered in the ongoing Missouri v. Biden litigation reportedly show that the Biden Administration’s censorship efforts extended to Facebook to censor private communications on its WhatsApp messaging service. In recent months, the Twitter Files revealed an extensive and secret effort by the FBI and other agencies to censor citizens on social media. I testified on that effort. Democratic members oppose efforts to investigate the full scope of this effort and even denounced those calling for greater transparency as “Putin lovers” and apologists for insurrectionists and racists. Yet, the evidence of an extensive censorship and blacklisting effort by the Administration continues to mount.

Facebook (now known as Meta) is accused of working with the government to target citizens with dissenting views on Covid and the pandemic.

According to emails obtained through discovery, Biden’s Director of Digital Strategy Rob Flaherty pressed Facebook executives to be more aggressive with censorship. Flaherty reportedly objected that “I care mostly about what actions and changes you’re making to ensure you’re not making our country’s vaccine hesitancy problem worse…I still don’t have a good, empirical answer on how effective you’ve been at reducing the spread of vaccine-skeptical content and misinformation to vaccine fence sitters.”

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote that the congressionally created, federally funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED) had supported blacklisting efforts at the British-based Global Disinformation Index (GDI). The index was widely ridiculed for targeting ten conservative and libertarian sites as the most dangerous sources of disinformation; it sought to persuade advertisers to withdraw support for those sites, while listing their most liberal counterparts as among the most trustworthy.

At the time, I noted that the Biden administration had played us for chumps. As we celebrated the demise of the infamous Disinformation Governing Board with its “Disinformation Nanny,” the Biden administration never disclosed a larger censorship program.

Shortly after my column posted in The Hill, the NED wrote to me to say that it was discontinuing support for the GDI. Microsoft also was forced into retreat after it was shown to be pushing the GDI’s biased blacklist.

Then we learned of additional funding going through the State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC).

We also know of backchannel communications with the CDC and other agencies.

It is assumed that the comprehensive effort to censor was not limited to Twitter. This is another indication of such efforts with Facebook. However, the Democratic leadership has opposed such an investigation for years. They have even refused to accept the email evidence. When I testified on the Twitter Files, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) criticized me for offering “legal opinions” without actually working at Twitter. As I have noted, it is like saying that a witness should not discuss the contents of the Pentagon Papers unless he worked at the Pentagon. It was particularly bizarre because I was asked about the content of the Twitter Files.  The content — like the content of the Pentagon Papers — are “facts.” The implication of those facts are opinions.

Members like Wasserman Schultz will likely continue to refuse to acknowledge these new emails. However, the public has repeatedly shown in polls that they want transparency on the censorship efforts. The House may be able to guarantee that transparency as its need continues to rise with new evidence of the government’s efforts to silence dissenting views on social media.

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  1. Jonathan: So, what else is in the news we should pay attention to? Despite Trump’s predictions he was not arrested on Tuesday. No chains, no mug shots, no fingerprinting. No big media circus around the courthouse in Manhattan.

    But with urging from Trump’s lawyers Jim Jordan and other GOP House Chairs sent a letter to DA Alvin Bragg demanding he testify and bring docs to justify his “unprecedent” and “unjustified” investigation of the Donald. What was unprecedented was the attempt to interfere in a state criminal investigation. Congress has no authority or jurisdiction under the Constitution or SC precedent to interfere in state criminal investigations. And what was Bragg’s response. Through his GC he wrote back to Jordan and basically told him to pound dirt. To butt out! To just stuff it!

    Although it is not the biggest of cases Trump faces he is still worried about Bragg. He continues to lash out at the DA. On Truth Social Trump predicted “potential death and destruction” if charged by Bragg, who he called an “animal”. Trump then posted what appears to be an image of himself wielding a baseball bat juxtaposed next to an image of Bragg’s head. Trump’s attorney in the case, Joe Tacopina, was not happy with Trump’s posts. But on cue one of Trump’s supporters threatened Bragg with assassination in a letter containing non-hazardous white powder. Apparently, Trump wants a repeat of Jan. 6.

    Many have asked me when/if Bragg will charge the Trumpster. I think it is not “if” but when. I predict it will come in another week or two before we know for sure. Stayed tuned because it will truly be wild!

    1. Julie Kelly makes a good suggestion:

      “House Republicans should spend more time denouncing/investigating DC US Attorney Matthew Graves and less time on Alvin Bragg.

      One is doing far greater damage to the justice system and destroying lives.

      Congress also has clear oversight of DOJ. Not so much a local prosecutor.”

    2. There is a fair amount of information that suggest that the GJ can not reach the vote necescary to indict.
      It is likely there were effected by late testimony about Cohen’s credibiltiy (or lack) and about the evidence that Bragg’s office hid from the GJ.

      But we do not know for sure – and leaks sometimes are false.

      What we do know is that should Bragg prosecute – at this time he CAN NOT put cohen on as a witness.
      Dershowitz claims he would be disbarred -t hat is likely false – not because Derschowitz is wrong about the law and legal ethics – but because the NY barr is not disbarring Bragg. But they would disbarr an attorney who puts on a witness that they know is going to lie.

      As to the Hous subpeona’ing Bragg – aparently you are not paying attention.

      They are not claiming there is a Trump probelm. They are claiming there is a WH problem.

      The house has demanded Bragg turn over all correspondence with any part of the federal government regarding this prosecution.
      And they are entitled to do that.

      The House can not meddle in a state prosecution.
      NEITHER CAN DOJ/FBI or the WH.

      Whether you like it or not The house is conducting oversight of the FEDERAL government.
      They can rant about Bragg if they wish, but they have no authority of power over anything Bragg does that does not involve Federal law, or the federal govenrment.

      If there has not been FBI/DOJ/WH pressure – Bragg has nothing to fear from the House.
      It is likely that the Courts will block any parts of a house subpeona that do not intersect the Federal Government.

      Conversely the House is FULLY entitled to know what the role of DOJ/FBI/WH has been in state and local prosecutions.

    3. AGAIN you can not LIE in a prediction.

      We shall see, but my guess is the odds are 50:50 at best that Bragg manages to get an indictment.

      Whether you like it or not the problems have nothing to do with Trump – they have to do with the facts and the law.

      That Said – Trump is doing a fantastic job of using left wing nut stupidity to his advatage.

      Trumps lead on Biden has increased. Trump’s lead on the other GOP candidates is increased dramatically.

      Biden’s numbers are going down.
      Trump’s are going up.

      Trump thrives on this type of attention.

      So smart people would not give it to him.

      But the left is not smart.

  2. Here we have proof before us that a government official was demanding that Facebook censor information and complaining that they are not doing it fast enough. We have the evidence in writing but some posters on this blog say we are chumps for believing what we can see in black and white. This is evidence that there are chumps on this blog but one of the chumps is not Professor Turley. The chumps on this blog have been hand yewen from a block of wood at the MSNBS toy factory. Sadly the strings are designed to last a lifetime.

  3. I’m sure that others on this blog have noticed that Dennis McIntyre, Gigi and Svelaz will never answer a direct question. They will never tell you how many months must transpire before an abortion should not be allowed. The will never answer whether pornographic books should be allowed in a Jr, High School library. They will never answer when asked at what age genital mutilation of children should be acceptable. It’s always something general in nature like books are being banned in Florida with out the age appropriate consideration being involved. The talking points are always strangely the same. It makes you wonder, who’s pulling the strings? Here’s a hint.


    Congress has no power to deny freedom of speech.

    Congress has no power to regulate anything other than money, commerce and land and naval Forces.

    That is the full extent of the constitutional power of government to regulate anything.

    That unenumerated powers to regulate have been falsely and arbitrarily conjured and imposed, of the cravings of particular, power-hungry, collectivist individuals, does not bear.

    That the Supreme Court has failed to execute its sworn duty to SUPPORT the Constitution, does not bear, but constitutes actionable egregious crimes of high office.

    Article I, Section 8

    The Congress shall have Power To…regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian Tribes;…To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof,…Regulation of the land and naval Forces;….

  5. Jonathan: You have to be chump to be played for a chump. In this column you are playing us all for chumps. You cite emails released by Andrew Bailey, Missouri’s AG, relating to the the state’s ongoing litigation against the Biden administration. Bailey says “this case is about the Biden administration’s blatant disregard for the First Amendment and its collusion with Big Tech social media companies to suppress speech it disagrees with”. Words that are music to your ears.

    So what do the emails released by Bailey reveal? The exhibits involve interchanges between Robert Flaherty, WH Digital Director, and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Virtually all the exhibits concerned Covid-19 misinformation–especially related to vaccines during much of 2021-22–during the height of the pandemic. This was a time when GOP politicians, Fox and others on the right were falsely claiming vaccines did not work against Covid-19.

    In one message (4/14/21) Flaherty says to Facebook: “the top post about vaccines today is tucker Carlson saying they don’t work. Yesterday was Toni Lehren [another Fox host] saying she won’t take one. This is exactly why I want to know what “Reduction” actually looks like…I’m not sure it’s reduction!”. In another message the same day Flaherty tried to get Facebook to limit Carlson’s frequent anti-vac false claims. And how did Facebook respond? It told the WH: “Regardless of popularity, the Tucker Carlson video docs do not qualify for removal under our policies”. So much for actual censorship!

    These exchanges came at a time when the government was ramping up the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines and urging everyone to get vaccinated. But Fox hosts and others in the “anti-vac” crowd were peddling false claims about the vaccines–not based on scientific or medical evidence–but conspiracy theories. But based on these false claims many Americans refused to get vaccinated and this contributed to the rise in infections. Over a million died because because they listened to Fox and others on social media. That’s why the Biden administration was trying to limit the spread of misinformation–to protect public health. But they were unsuccessful in getting Facebook, Twitter or others to limit the spread of false information. And you joined the “anti-vac” crowd in many columns claiming pandemic restrictions, like facemasks and vaccines, did not work. You made these false claims despite all the medical and scientific evidence to the contrary. The WH never called for you to be censored. And nobody on Fox has been censored over their false claims about Covid-19 vaccines.

    I know, from personal experience, the effect of spreading false information about Covid-19 and the vaccines. We had a neighbor who reused the needle. He came down with it, ended up in the hospital on a ventilator–and died 3 days later. His wife told us later her deceased husband refused to get vaccinated because of the false information he heard on Fox–which she said he watched all day. Our neighbor was played for a chump and he died. Maybe the lesson we should learn is that when it comes to public health there should be a limit on the spread of misinformation–because it can lead to the death of our neighbors, family members and friends. How much longer should we allow ourselves to be played for chumps?

    1. Did your neighbor die of “China Flu, 2019” or comorbidities?

      China is the entity spreading false information about “China Flu, 2019” by lying about its correct title and its origin.

      China deliberately released “China Flu, 2019,” 6 months before the U.S. presidential election, to reduce the existential threat to China, the inordinately expensive and disproportionate Chinese elderly population, and to defeat the one man who was inexorably bound to destroy China, Real President Donald J. Trump, and who was on course to win reelection by a landslide, and to assist the totally corrupted presidential “clowndidate” it bought and paid for, Joke Buydem.

      Please cite the Constitution for any “emergency” powers, for any compulsory healthcare, for the imposition of martial law or any other acts of general suppression and oppression.

      You appear to have no concept of the American thesis and fundamental law – Americans are to be free while government is severely limited and restricted.

      It would appear that Americans enjoy rights and freedoms that preclude dictatorship comprehensively.

      Private companies enjoy the sole power to “claim and exercise” dominion on their private property – they may censor everything completely.

      Governmental agents and agencies must strictly enforce and adhere to the Constitution and Bill of Rights and have no power to operate as free enterprise, assist free enterprise or manipulate free enterprise or free markets, in fact, actions such as those constitute criminal acts.

      You certainly know “playing us all for chumps.”

      In fact, you are playing your readership, if it exists, for chumps.

      1. George: you can’t die of “China flu” because there is no such thing. The fat pig doesn’t get to name diseases for political reasons. The origins of COVID-19 have not been firmly established, there is compelling evidence of an animal source. Scientific experts don’t agree. And, there is absolutely NO evidence of any intentional “release”. More lies. And, the fat hog you worship never qualified for the title of President of the United States because he lost the popoular vote and cheated to win the Electoral College vote because that was the only way he could steal the power and prestige of the US presidency. That swine was never on course to win, muich less in a landslide, because: 1. all polls predicted he would lose–the only variable was the margin of loss; 2. he never achieved even a 50% approval rating in 4 years’ time–which is a record in modern presidential approval ratings; 3. he trashed our economy due to his massive ego and utter incompetence–started a trade war with China, causing shortages of consumer goods and computer chips; trashed our public health by deliberately lying and downplaying the risk of COVID, pushing false cures and refusing to listen to public health experts; school kids still behind because of how long the pandemic drug on, the misinformation about the efficacy of handwashing, masks and vaccinations; business, restaurants closed down too long; leisure travel at a standstill; due to reduced demand for petrol, refineries went off-line; 4. insulted our EU and NATO allies; 5. pulled out most of our troops from Afghanistan—drawing down 14,000 to only 2,500 and turned loose 5,000 Taliban, didn’t negotiate for any air or land base, and saddled Biden with a mess that Republicans are trying to blame him for–all caused by Trump. When your hero left office, we were in a serious recession. Biden has brought us back,, with record levels of employment, and yet, Republicans make it sound like the country is in shambles–more lies.

        1. There is no question: It is lab-made and lab-leaked. It was planned: the Plandemic. It was intentional. They know the covid jabs are neither safe nor effective. They know they are dangerous, unsafe, unnecessary and ineffective, yet they continue lying to the public. It is the crime of the century against humanity. Your hero Dr. Fauci is a psychopathic criminal who should die in prison. The truth is coming ouot roaring like a lion. Brace yourself.


            The “China Flu, 2019” coverup is not dissimilar to that of “Flight 800” when the U.S. Navy accidentally shot Flight 800 down during a U.S. Navy exercise which was in progress immediately prior to the election in which Bill Clinton was seeking a second term, or the coverup of the JFK Assassination when Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover, Carlos Marcello, the CIA, the FBI, the Mob, with special participation by LBJ (LBJ was on his way to prison for the Billy Sol Estes Affair), Cuban expatriates et al. used Lee Harvey Oswald as the patsy to cover up their coup d’etat on November 22, 1963.

            China deployed “China Flu, 2019” to reduce its aging population and to defeat its invincible nemesis, Real President Donald J. Trump, whose candidacy was strengthening by leaps and bounds over a demented, milquetoast, liberal democrat, Joe Biden.


            “In the space of 40 years, China has largely completed a historic transformation from an agrarian economy to one based on manufacturing and the service industry. This has been accompanied by increases in the standard of living and income levels. But the Chinese government has long recognized that the country can no longer rely on the labor-intensive economic growth model of the past. Technological advances and competition from countries that can provide a cheaper workforce such as Vietnam and India have rendered this old model largely obsolete.

            “This historical turning point in China’s population trend serves as a further wake-up call to move the country’s model more quickly to a post-manufacturing, post-industrial economy — an aging, shrinking population does not fit the purposes of a labor-intensive economic model.”

            – Down To Earth, By Feng Wang, Published: Thursday 19 January 2023

        2. So does that mean you still need affirmative action, quotas, public financial assistance and the balance of unconstitutional “free stuff” for leeches, parasites and dependents to make you a “real” person, or may we “abolish” them yet?

        3. Why is there no such thing ? Who decided you get to decide what the rest of us call a disease.

          The Spanish Flu did not come from Spain, but for over a century it has been called the Spanish Flu.
          How about the hong kong flue – was that real ?
          In the past we have the persion plague. the italian plague, the japanese epidemic.

          Guess what – people through there use establish names for diseases and bad events.

          Get over it.

          There is nothing wrong with China Flu, or Wuhan virus, just because you do not like those names.

          If enough people accept it – we could call it the GiGi flu – though I would think that applies better to the inflation caused by Biden’s massive spending.
          Or we could call it the Fauxi Flu – as he is responsible for funding its development.

          And the claim the virus came from a Lab is LESS Racist than it came from Chinese wet markets.

          You are working yourself into a lather over nonsense.

          The origins of Covid have been established to the same standards we use for criminal conviction.
          The odds of it coming from nature are near zero and declining.

          You are however correct that it was not LIKELY intentional.

          At the same time China did INTENTIONALLY spread it internationally.
          China shut down domestic travel to/from Wuhan rapidly.
          But they continued to allow international travel to/from Wuhan.
          This is why nearly all of italy was infected – before the virus left Wuhan for anywhere else in China.

          Finally it is likely that the development of the Virus was atleast partly funded by the US government.
          So there is alot of blame to go arround.

        4. How did Trump “cheat” to win the electoral college ?

          We now Know that the russian social media bots claim is completely Bogus.
          The FBI made twitter look for them several times – Twitter found no active Russian political bots involved in the 2016 election.

          But then yuou have not followed the revalations from the twitter files.

          So even Mueller LIED about that one.

    2. Thank you Dennis. Turley likes to intermingle “conservatism” with “misinformation”, as the following quote shows from the link provided above: “We have been discussing a comprehensive effort by the Biden Administration to blacklist or censor citizens accused of “disinformation” or “misinformation.” This effort includes dozens of FBI agents and other agency employees who worked with social media companies to bar or suspend accounts. It also included grants to academic and third party organizations to create blacklists or pressure advertisers to withdrew support for conservative sites.” “Disinformation or “misinformation” is not synonymous with “conservative”, but Turley tries to create the impression that it is. And the government doesn’t do the “censoring”–social media does. Pressuring advertisers to withdraw support from those who spread misinformation (that Turley identifies as “conservative” viewpoints, which is clearly not the same thing) is not improper. In fact, I avoid doing business with companies and/or individuals in Texas and Florida because of their governors and policies against LGBTQ people and womens’ rights. I will not vacation again in Florida until DeSantis is gone. Yes, the First Amendment doesn’t outright ban lying, because if it did, his employer would be out of business. But, should people of good conscience stand by and watch fellow citizens die because of lies about the safety and efficacy of vaccines? Turley thinks so. I agree, Dennis, public health affects everyone, and Trump’s lies helped push the US’s rates of infections and deaths higher, so maybe there should be a different set of rules when it comes to a highly-contagious disease that is novel.

      I’d like to know what Turley thinks of the one he’s paid to defend threatening the Manhattan DA with “death and destruction” if he gets indicted, and then, once again, fundraising over the perceived “outrage” of his being brought to justice. Is threatening “death and destruction” “protected speech”, even though it is calculated to incite others to harm a duly-elected prosecutor taking a case to the grand jury, which is what he was elected to do? I am not familiar with NY law, but I’ve seen interviews with attorneys who are and they claim that such threats are, in themselves, crimes. Turley hasn’t weighed in on this, and probably won’t. It’s not in the Fox playbook.

      1. Oh, my! What a surprise. Comradette NUTCHACHACHA, leech, dependent and parasite par excellence, and Dennis “the Menace” agree on the false, contrived and duplicitous propaganda, indoctrination and brainwashing verbiage they spew to the obtuse, unsuspecting “chumps” they are playing.

        1. NUTCHACHACHA’s motto: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

          “Free Stuff,” “Free Stuff,” “Free Stuff” everywhere!!!

          As long as Americans remain stupid, we get all the “free stuff” we want.

          It could happen; actual Americans could actually awaken with a terrible resolve.

          Yamamoto et al. felt the “resolve.”

          “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

          – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

      2. Does your hero Dr Fauci bear any responsibility for the failure of the US response to COVID?

      3. “I avoid doing business with companies and/or individuals in Texas and Florida because of their governors and policies against LGBTQ people and womens’ rights.”

        Gigi, do you know what you are talking about? Are you protecting women’s rights when men with penises are naked in the woman’s dressing room? Are you protecting women’s rights when women are competing against men?

        Woman are having their rights being taken away by fools. Is that what you want?

      4. Government is forbidden by the constitution from participating in censor ship. Especially political censorship.

        In the US LYING is protects speech – alleged misinformation and disinformation as well as alleged hate speech is all constitutionally protected.

        Government may not ASK to censor it.

        Further one of the revalations of the Twitter files is that much of what was censored at the behest of government did NOT violate Twitters terms of service.
        There is much communications between Twitters censors trying to figure out how to deal with govenrment requests – because they content flaged DID NOT violate Twitters TOS.

        As we managed to get into the rest of Social Media expect to find the same.

        Finally the vast majority of what government wanted censored turned out to be TRUE.

        I find it hillarious that the left tries to hang their hat on these idiotic claims that you can censor lies, and hate speech.

        When what the left wants censored is true, and not hate. But so much of what the left pushes is lies and hate speech.

    3. Dennis McIntyre, I have one question for you. Does the Covid vaccine keep you from getting covid? You and people like you told us that if we had the vaccine we would not get Covid. People like you said that five year old children would die in large numbers if they didn’t get the vaccine. I find it interesting that people like you who lied to us about the effectiveness of the vaccine now tell us about Professor Turley being a chump. What I notice is the chocolate on the corner of your mouth after you have eaten the big chocolate with nuts Chump Bar. If you would just look in a mirror you might be able to clean it up. Hear we have a man that allows no mirrors in his house.

      1. Thinkitthrough: To answer your Q. Neither Dr. Fauci, the CDC nor any other medical expert says a Covid-19 vac will prevent transmission of the virus. But what I can tell you from personal experience is that a vac will prevent serious infection and/or hospitalization. I never said the vac would prevent infection. You are a chump for thinking otherwise!

        1. Sure he did. “GET VACCINATED, STOP THE SPREAD” was the actual official message and it was CDC sponsored message. The President of the United States said it too, based on the CDC sponsored program to “STOP THE SPREAD”. Fauci even went door to door implying it to people, till they called him on it to his face. I saw the video. Insulting people and trying to whitewash govt propaganda doesn’t make him the chump.

        2. President Biden is on CNN townhall saying in July 2021: “You’re not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations.”

          So did Fauci, Wolensky, yadda yadda….all of them are on video.

          Then they all got Covid along with all the vaccinated — more than once….and quickly adjusted their “narrative.”

          President Biden is on video blaming the pandemic on the unvaccinated

          They all now know the “science” says it is the “vaccinated” who are spreading more viral load around.
          Which is why they no longer classify the vaccination status of hospitalized patients for statistics.
          Because they are vaccinated and they are the ones getting sick and hospitalized.

        3. On May 16, 2021, on CBS’ Face the Nation, Fauci said explicitly that vaccinate people are “dead ends” to the virus and cannot pass it on. Look it up.

        4. They (Fauci, don’t say it now, but they did say it then. In fact, much was said then that has since been established not to be true. It would have served us all much better if they had told us then all of what they knew rather than leaving to developing science to reveal what we all know now. Science is always a work in progress. As scientists we should expect Fauci, to know that. Why they did not allow for it discredits them and leaves us to question their motives. One might even think that they may well have had their own intentions.

          If you prefer, here is a video reading of the poem.

        5. Personal experience is not scientific.

          It is purely and by definition anecdotal.

          But then, that’s the M.O. of the “Dennis the Menace”/NUTCHACHACHA team.

        6. Your personal experience is not sufficient, nor is the information provided by the government. The best information was canceled.

          The Covid debate became political because of a power-lust by the Democrats. Our VP initially refused the vaccination and was vocal about it. If one person needed to be canceled, she would be at the top of the list. Joe Biden has been lying continuously about the vaccine.

          During the height of Covid, the Biden administration permitted illegals to enter without proof of vaccination. Today I learned that a speaker in April is not permitted entry into the country to give a non-political speech next month. She doesn’t have proof of Covid vaccination. I think most, even on your side, will agree that consistency is not a strong point for the Biden administration.

          1. I’ve a flood of info if/when I can. Cases of injuries & death are expected to keep spiking until mid to late 2024.


            4:54 min.

            Anthem For Justice!



            Mar 24, 2023
            Darrin McBreen
            Darrin McBreen

            Don’t Let Them Get Away With It! A powerful video montage chronicling the last three years of tyrannical COVID measures and vaccine mandates. Adapted from the poem by Margaret Anna Alice, read by UK-based medical doctor Dr. Tess Lawrie.



            5162% INCREASE IN EXCESS DEATH! – Australian Government Data Shows MASS Vaccine Death Toll!


            Mar 25, 2023
            World Alternative Media
            World Alternative Media



        7. Can we please stop the nonsense.

          “So even though there are breakthrough infections with vaccinated people, almost always the people are asymptomatic and the level of virus is so low it makes it extremely unlikely — not impossible but very, very low likelihood — that they’re going to transmit it,” Fauci said.

          Everything Fauci said has not been a “lie” – but almost everything he has said has been Wrong.
          And an awful lot of it has been LIES.

          I do not beleive Fauci knew he was wrong in 2020 when he said that the vaccine stops transmission. I do not think he was lying THEN.
          But He was Wrong.

          And those saying he did NOT say this are LIARS.

          This was in 2021.
          Fauci was all over the place claiming that the vaccine prevented transmission in late 2020

            1. There is actually nothing wrong conceptually with mRNA as a delivery vehicle for “medicine”

              I fully expect that we will see massive advances in treatment of many many things are a result of the Covid Vaccine.

              We also learned alot that benefited us from the Nazi experiments in concentration camps.

              The problem is not failure – it is FORCE.

              FORCE imposing solutions, FORCE hiding the truth.

              Where people are free to use FORCE against others. and where they are protected from consequences.

              We harm others often large scale, and we learn nothing from it

              Actually solving problems nearly always involved FAILURE – lots of it.

              The development of the Covid vaccine was a miracle – and should be credited as such.

              But it was evident that it was not going to work – before it was released.
              We may not have known all the problems – but we knew enough.
              And other problems were known but hidden.

          1. John,

            You have to see more of the facts before you keep commenting.

            I’ve seen a large amount but know many more are out there.

            The lawyers bring suits have a great deal.

            Law Prof. Dr Francis Boyle drew up criminal charges for Attempted murder & murder to show State AGs & County DAs of one way to bring cases since the Fed AG is completely unhinged & likely won’t do crap other then a protection racket.

            RFK jr & Robert Barnes are a couple of lawyers, among others, engaged in these matters I loosely follow.

            1. I am not focused on legal consequences.
              While I hope those take place. In most instances those cases will be hard to win.

              We do not generally criminalize – or even allow civil consequences for public officials who make bad decisions.

              This is one area where the Right is Wrong. Qualified immunity not only protects bad cops who violate peoples rights – which is a real but not huge problme.

              But it protects everyone in government.

              Fauxi as an example will be very hard to sue – even if you can prove fraud and bad intentions – because he would be protected by Qualified immunity.

              I harp constantly on free markets. In the free market if you F$%K up, you lose your job, you lose your customers, and depending on what you have done, you may get sued into oblivion by those you harm.

              In free markets good choices provide benefits and bad ones have consequences.

              In government bad choices rarely if ever have consequences.

              The moral hazard that you have when choices have no consequences is gargantuan.

              One of the many reasons for limited govenrment is because there are few if any consequences for bad choices in government.
              People do not even get fired. Often they get promoted.

              If there are no consequences for bad decisions that harm others.
              There can be no power to make decisions that harm others.

              1. With so much new info coming to the public all the time now many know the legal cases will take years, but if it’s vetted with the help of the public it will continue to help people know why & how to peacefully withdraw their blind, obedient support. They will in turn push the info/links/reports out to others.

                I run into someone currently in the Med Biz do just that. Their group is pissed that they were lied to by Fauci/NIH/CDC/Big Pharma, etc., & know it’s harmed people they’ve been around.

                Look at the example of Trump continuing exposing the old big media as Fake News. Now most everyone knows they are fake & being paid illegally by the Govt & agents.., Microsoft, Apple Google, Fox….. Even Prof Turley came forward a bit. And that sites like Infowars, Banned.Video & The Gateway Pundit, etc., were shown to be correct in most areas.

                Back on the Medical Industrial Complex they have almost completely destroyed the trust people had in them over this mRNA crap.

                Support was polled had dropped rapidly to 62%, but that was from last fall. I think it’s down even more now.

                I know I’m need to stop & go ahead & sign up with this new type medical services being run by people like Dr Peter McCullough. Free Markets for Meds/Schools right.


                Late last night I was listening to another round up report, 5th Circuit’s ruling among other stuff basically said that the Govt couldn’t mandate Fed employees & I think contractors to take the mRNA shots or even what has normally be considered vaccines because it Could Cause Irreparable Harm If It Was Taken.

                This seems like a big ruling, I’ll see it around again.

                Below 51:23 Min.

                GROUNDBREAKING: Dr. Mikovits Exposes the Biggest COVID Secret


                ·Mar 21, 2023
                The Alex Jones Show
                The Alex Jones Show


                1. Oky1

                  The left never hears the info that is harmful to their beliefs.
                  Even if by some miracle those on the MSM mention something that conflicts with their views – it will not get through.

                  The good news is they are a small fringe.
                  The bad news is that the MSM does not run a great deal of anything that challenges their preconceptions.

                  Most of the country is capable of processing the various competing an conflicting naratives and sorting out something that is close enought to the truth.

                  But to do so they have to have to actually hear everything.

                  As a result prograss is likely to remain SLOW.

                  The good news is once someone grasps that the left, the press, democrats are not to be trusted, they are not going back.

                  Regardless, this is a long slog.

                  Look here – there are posters like Gigi and Svelaz that are unlikely to EVER have a sane grip on reality.

                  But there are others that might eventually let go of false preconceptions – with enough evidence.
                  But they are not getting the evidence.

                  Just look at Covid – I still go out all the time and find people with masks on.

                  Where is there anyone who has not heard that “masks don’t work” ?

                  Further look arround here – there is still a very large segment of people defending policies that DID NOT WORK.

                  And they are not saying – there were good intentions but bad results.
                  There not even accepting that What inarguably failed failed.

                  Keep looking around – there are so many that are OK with the truth being censored.
                  They do not actually care.
                  They want government to take care of everything – make all the difficult decisions for them.
                  And they do not care if govenrment makes them wrong.

                  There are people like Gigi defending Biden’s foreign policy.
                  Forget Trump NO ONE has been worse in my lifetime.

                  Biden has done the one thing that we NEVER could allow to happen – he has China and Russia Allied.
                  He has china actually acting diplomatically on the world stage – they brokered a peace between Iran and the Saudi’s.

                  Biden has pissed of the Saudi’s.

                  We have The Brics, plus China, India, Russia, and much of the mideast seriously talking about trade that is not denominated in dollars.

                  If that becomes more than talk that will significantly disempower the US.

                  There are enormous advantage to the US from the Dollar being the worlds reserve currency.

            1. I recent preprint study from Norweigian scientists that appears to hold up statistically, but is unlikely to get published in major medical journals because the evidence is damning. Is demonstrating that it is the Covid Vaccination that is driving the massive increase in excess deaths.

              The authors gathered the excess death data from all European countries, as well as the vaccinate rates, number of boosters and made other demographic adjustments and found that the rate of excess deaths correlates strongly with the rate of vaccination. The statistical significance is very high.

              This does not mean that the vaccines themselves are causing the excess deaths – though that could be the case.
              One possibility is that the portion of the population that has chosen to be heavily vaccinated was also more prone to avoid hospitals durring the pandemic,
              and as a result have higher cancer, heart disease, … deaths for lack of treatment.

              Regardless. in 2021 and 2022 the death rate in all developed countries has gone up – in most cases 2 out of 3 excess deaths are NOT from Covid.
              They are from cancer, heart disease, completely unrelated health issues, as well as suicide, or violence.

              Regardless it is increasingly evidence that the public health response to Covid was HUGE mistake. That even if these policies had worked – which none of them did, that the unintended health and economic consequences DWARF any possible benefits.

              Lets be clear – Covid killed alot of people. But it did NOT F#$K up the world.
              We did that to ourselves.

              Covid is not responsible for the vaccine deaths, for the increased deaths from people avoidiung healthcare, for the loss of jobs, the destruction of the economy the inflation, the social isolation, the increases in suicides, and violence, for the rising anxiety and depression for the rise in drug use and drug overdoses, for the lost education of a generation of kids, for the inflation, and high interest rates.

              These and many other things are harms we inflicted on ourselves.
              These are harms that were AVOIDABLE.

              Covid deaths were NOT for the most part avoidable.
              The other harms were avoidable.

              Our govenrment and public health officials violated the Hippocratic oath – FIRST DO NO HARM.

              This was all a predictable failure of top down planning.

              I harp on the self regulating nature of free markets and free people all the time.

              It is self evidence that if a working vaccine had been possible – free markets would have delivered it.
              It is self evident that letting the markets work – keeping government OUT of Covid would have saved a few, but not mant people from Covid.
              But would have saved the entire world from many many many worse unintended side effects of policies that did not work and would have been net harmful even if they had.

            2. We are seeing some on the left – and here ranting that a great deal of the censorship regime was not political – because it was about covid misinformation.

              As if denying people the truth about Covid is somehow better than denying them the truth about the Bidens.

              I do not care Why you censored, or what you censored. I do not care if you are left or right or if you censored the left rather than the right
              I do not care if you were a private Social Media Company that the First amendment did not apply to.

              If you engaged in political censorship or censorship of Covid or any of myriads of other censorship of protected speech.

              You are a vile, immoral person and you are responsible for the great harm you have caused.

        8. “. . . says a Covid-19 vac . . .”

          Isn’t that cute — a sneaky lie. Instead of “said,” the pathological fabricator uses the word “says.”

        1. 1) It’s behind a paywall. Not paying to read NYT.
          2) He worked at NIH and NIAID under Fauci for 20 years. Give me a break.

          1. 3) Having worked for NIAID under Fauci for 20 years, not one word of his essay should be assumed to be anything but government propaganda, spin and lies.

          2. 4) Why is CDC, NIH, NIAID, FDA — still ignoring the safety signals from these covid jabs? They acknowledge HEART DAMAGE in young men, which is bad enough to take them off the market, but the totality of the data is SCREAMING about injuries all over VAERS and from data around the world that these shots are harming and killing people. Without question. Some of the deaths of healthy young people are documented in peer reviewed literature!!! Yet they IGNORE IT ALL. Why?

        2. @DavidSacks
          “Fauci funds gain-of-function research instead of protecting us, Nuland foments conflict with Russia instead of diplomacy, and the Federal Reserve prints money until inflation leads to an economic crisis:

          “They’re literally doing the opposite of what they are supposed to be doing… It should be easy to replace them because it’s so obvious they are failing, but you can’t because we can’t get honest media coverage of the situation.”

        3. There are two distinct issues involved here.

          The first is that we SHOULD be impressed by the speed at which the Covid Vaccine was developed.
          The technology available is incredible and the potential benefits – go far beyond vaccines.

          The Second is that IT DID NOT WORK. Further those producing the vaccines and those public health experts selling them to us KNEW or should have known that.

          I do not have a problem with the many problems that we have found that these vaccines had.
          I have a major problem with hiding them.

          Determining whether to get vaccinated is a risk benefit analysis and you can not do that without knowing ALL the facts.

          Each individual may not choose to gain the knowledge to do so. But most of us have someone we trust who does.

          With respect to Covid – most of those warning us – have proved right.

          Though the fact that the vaccine was going to be ineffective was knowable BEFORE it was released.

          You can calculate the effectiveness you need from a vaccine as well as the percent of the population you need to vaccinate to acheive heard immunity from the transmission rate.
          Today’s covid has a transmission rate of about 30 – NOTHING will stop that. nothing will even dent its spread.
          But the original Wuhan virus had a transmission rate of 2.8-3.5 – this is more than doubt the flu.

          To have worked the vaccine would have had to have been greater than 97% effective. With a half life of several years, and a vaccination rate of abotu 97%.

          NONE of these were even close.

          The vaccine was a valiant effort – but we KNEW before we released it – or should have, that it was not going to work.

          There are also other scientific errors related to the vaccine.
          It is turning out that the coating used to protect the vaccine/virus has prove a poor choicen and that has resulted in the vaccine “infecting” part o f the body that are harmful, without benefit.

          Next using the spike protein as the portion of the virus we sought to have people develop antibodies to was a poor choice too.

          First because the spike protein ALONE is toxic. And next because it is a highly unstable part of the virus which is ONE of many reasons that the vaccine became ineffective.

          The reason that infection provides far better protection against future re-inefctiion than the vaccine is because the body produces antibodies to many portions of the Covid Virus – not just the spike protein.

    4. Listening to different scientists than ones you listen to is a difference of opinion on whom to trust. Does NOT make it misinformation. One may be incorrect and will ultimately be determined. But could be your guys who are wrong.

      People should be entitled to live with their choice of opinions. Not be censored from receiving all data that would enable them to make a choice. Science is about different theories to find correct answer to questions. If all questions that don’t agree with me are squashed then science has not done it’s job of testing.

    5. Dennis – You quote Ralph Flaherty, White House “Digital Director” as writing to Facebook on 4/14/21: “the top post about vaccines today is tucker Carlson saying they don’t work.” When did Carlson say that the vaccines “don’t work”?
      Here is what he actually said on 4/14/21:
      “If the vaccine is effective, there is no reason for people who’ve received a vaccine to wear masks or avoid physical contact,” he said. “So maybe it doesn’t work, and they’re simply not telling you that. Well, you’d hate to think that, especially if you’ve gotten two shots. But what’s the other potential explanation? We can’t think of one.”
      So, it is “disinformation” or misinformation” or a “lie” to say that Carlson said that the vaccines “don’t work.” He was questioning their effectiveness.
      We were told by some, including the scientific genius, Joe Biden, that vaccines prevent both infections and transmission of the disease.
      We now that the vaccines do neither. The vaccinated can transmit the disease. The vaccinated can also contract the disease, or one of its variants:
      “There are still open questions about exactly how much less protection mRNA vaccines may be providing. Evidence of the downward creep of their efficacy is based in part on as-yet-unpublished data from Israel, one of the first countries to vaccinate a high percentage of its elderly.
      I can testify from personal experience. I had the mRNA vaccine and booster in early 2021. Since then I have had COVID three times.
      In addition to its lack of effectiveness, we now know that the vaccines are associated with elevated risks of cardiac problems, esp. for young men.
      What was Tucker’s crime? He was asking questions that should have been asked all along.

      1. edwardmahl,

        You might not have been made aware but this web log only allows two hyperlinks per comment. I edited your comment so that it would post. If in the future you wish the readership to review more than two links this may be accomplished by using multiple comments having two or fewer hyperlinks each.

    6. “But Fox hosts and others in the “anti-vac” crowd were peddling false claims about the vaccines . . .”

      You mean the patently false claims (among countless others) — spread by Fauci, the CDC, Biden, et al. — that the vaccines prevent the contraction and transmission of Covid?

      Is the Left completely incapable of self-awareness?

  6. If it is generally thought government might be in cahoots with other interests to suppress what people have a right to know and judge for themselves, one would think an investigation would be welcomed in order to get to the facts of the matter. Well, at least apolitical persons might think so anyway. Regrettably, however, it is our dismal fate that congressional investigations cannot be far less partisan. That they are always cast as either republican or democrat inevitably sets the stage not only for the rancorous process that ensues but for the usually unsatisfactory outcome as well. Those who are not locked-in followers of one party or the other and who can cross party lines at their discretion can only imagine how much better the Republic would be served if its elected representatives of both political parties would seriously and sincerely support congressional investigations into matters that are of rightful concern to the greatest numbers.

  7. So the guy from the government said “I still don’t have a good, empirical answer on how effective you’ve been at reducing the spread of vaccine-skeptical content and misinformation to vaccine fence sitters.” What he meant was, “I have been waiting for a long time to see your plan on how you will carry out my orders and my patience is running thin. If I don’t hear from you soon I will be forced to bring this matter to the attention of the Fuhrer. If you comply very bad things can be avoided. Per my request, I expect a response in the very near future. Is everything perfectly understood?” The farm animals at Facebook replied Bah,Bah, Bah while following the leadership of the head sheep commonly known as Mark Zuckerberg. Please tell the Fuhrer that we will try harder in the future so please don’t shear our wool.

  8. I fear JT continues to preach to the choir. I love to see his numbers 69Mil+ but I think it needs to spread wider. When I repost an article on FB, it never stays at the top, it gets buried. These are things I am concerned about. MSM isn’t advising people of what is going on. As JT says, the influence peddling and corruption are on both sides.

  9. Dear Prof Turley,

    At least we can be sure WH Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre will not speak to that from there.

    You could print this stuff – the whole TwitterFiles on gov. censorship – above the center-fold @ the New York Times .. . but who would believe them?

    *just kidding . .. the NYT is checking with in-house legal counsel and their many ‘anonymous’ sources in gov. who may be ‘familiar’ with these ‘matters’ for the ‘confirmation’ and objective ‘balance’ necessary for the awarding winning journalism the Times is known for.

  10. This is simple a deep state political operation, and as we know nothing will be done to the participants. They can break any law passed by a neutered congress.
    It is the new American way: “justice for yours, prison for ours”.
    Maybe Trump will build some gallows by the Washington Monument to remind the “state” who works for who.

  11. I saw what Tailgunner-Shultz did to Matt Taibbi, Its like she studied the McCarthy hearings to get the persona right. She was trashing the character of an award winning Journalist from Rolling Stone magazine, slandering his title as a journalist even. As I watched this Orwellian nightmare unfold on YouTube last week, I kept asking myself; “where are the republicans? why aren’t they speaking out against this slanderous and tyrannical attack on a published journalist because she didn’t like what he wrote?”. They were noticeably absent.

    I have not seen any video yet of your interaction with her but it doesn’t sound much better. Unbelievable she’d lecture a professor of law on speaking about the legal matters. It is sort of frightening, I hope you stood up for yourself a little better than Matt Tiabbi did, he seemed to just roll with her punches. I’d have told her to go jump in the lake and reminded her of the US constitution. Let the capital police drag a reporter away in handcuffs for daring to respond to a woman so obviously corrupt and tyrannical that she’d “reclaim her time” after each insulting lecture and threat to a private Citizen and journalist so he couldn’t even speak in his own defense. It was like watching one of those Nuremberg hearings BEFORE the allies won, when the Nazi’s passed railing judgements against journalists and political prisoners who dared to question or speak out against Hitler and the 3rd Reich. She railed and ranted exactly like the frothing at the mouth judges of the German courts, the only thing missing was him being carted away in handcuffs. Had he stood up for himself and spoke over her to defend himself, that may have happened. And if it did, I don’t see how the country would continue without some sort of uprising of factions unwilling to convert the United States into Nazi-like Fascist state where democrats are the only ones allowed to speak, and all others must kowtow to their almighty will.

    I’ll look forward to seeing your exchange with Tailgunner-Schultz. On a personal note, about 2 years ago I criticized your decision to join ranks with Fox news. In retrospect, I see now why you did. I didn’t see the writing on the wall. I still see Fox news for what it is (and was before and during the Iraq war and when national spying was first activated in 2003 with Bush’s “signing statements”) but I think I get it now why you did. I think you did it, because you knew that in this not-so-brave new world we find ourselves in, you’d never have been heard, anywhere else.

  12. I take issue with William Miller previously who asked a question about “would not a Republican Party do the same” and then with no supporting evidence presented, he assumes that this is correct and then starts to decry all of the government as being complicit. I have seen little evidence that the Republicans have done the same. They are too disorganized as a party to do it (so far). One democrat says something a then they all say it. With Republicans you can get about as many answers as there are Republicans.
    Term limits would be a start. Suppression of speech and opinion, right or wrong, is an act against the constitution which all federal office holders are obliged to take an oath to protect. They have failed their charge and/or been complicit in its near destruction. Revolutions have started over things such as this.
    My 1st question would be “Would you turn over your firearms to this government and place your safety in their hands, unreservedly?”. 2nd “would you allow an AI system, unvetted by any known and transparent public entity, to run amok on the internet?”. Especially AI Systems which have already been shown to be biased.

    1. It is a “would” the Republicans do the same, it is a “what” did the Biden Administration actually do commentary with the receipts.

  13. Well you have to give the Hard Woke Left credit. Their censorship efforts are truly broad and expansive and can quickly work through any little “speed bumps” like closing down their “Disinformation Governing Board”. Not a problem. They just give their new group a flowery new name like the Global Engagement Center and press on. They want to extinguish free speech in the United States. And they are getting a LOT of help from some Americans to achieve this. This is Communism 101. Thank you, Jonathan, for an excellent article.

  14. National Socialist Democrat WOKE Party and Big Tech today’s NAZIS.

    Remember the 2nd Amendment is the remedy for tyranny.

    1. The reason we have the 2nd amendment we can protect and enforce the rest of the constitution.

  15. All this from a Democratic administration, but does anyone seriously believe things would be any different under a Republican administration. The problem is that governments crave power, and power is achieved by controlling hearts and minds, censorship being an effective means to achieve these ends. Since both parties are complicit, it is incumbent upon the party out of power to act as watchdog over the party in power. Awfully inefficient. We need a better solution, but what is it?

    1. Yes, the Republicans can be bad too. The difference is that the Democrats have, for the moment, achieved a level of cultural dominance that is unusual in our history. Hollywood, the new media, K -12, higher education, etc. all lean Blue. As Andrew Breitbart once said, politics is downstream of culture.

  16. Silicon Valley has been awful pretty much since millennials like Zuckerberg took over, and indeed, is the most confused and reprehensible it has ever been today. This is behavior I would actually expect from unicorn millennials in the valley, though, so I’m not surprised, they do everything in life in this manner and refuse even constructive criticism or personal growth while they bang their feet and decimate all that is around them. They are ignorant to the point they don’t even know they are breaking laws until after the fact, and then their temper tantrums and more importantly, capital, and ‘influence’, absolve them.

    This is all very important to understand about society over the past few years: the impact of irresponsible or even outright immoral (in the legal sense) tech made by these whiny snowflakes cannot be underestimated. The founders in the Valley (I actually don’t count Gates, he piggybacked just like Zuckerberg, so did anyone that copied the concept of the iPhone) have gotta be rolling in their graves daily as their principles (personal, not political; snowflakes make no such distinctions. I’m not entirely sure they are capable of it, frankly. Linear, compartmentalizing, privileged sheep, the lot of them) were mostly the polar opposite from their heirs. It’s sad.

    The Valley used to be a fun, exciting place. It now more resembles hyperactive, attention bereft, again, privileged, children with no grounding in what is actually useful running amok, and management, government, and investors could give a toss due to their own ever growing coffers. That one is not going to end well, either, eventually.

  17. “When I testified on the Twitter Files, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) criticized me for offering ‘legal opinions’ without actually working at Twitter. As I have noted, it is like saying that a witness should not discuss the contents of the Pentagon Papers unless he worked at the Pentagon.

    A more-apt analogy might be that Wasserman Schultz was suggesting that a witness against the mafia isn’t qualified to testify against the mafia unless that witness works FOR the mafia.

    The really need to start implementing minimal intelligence and sobriety tests before allowing people to serve in Congress.

    1. I’m afraid that ship has sailed.

      *At the end of every congressional hearing, there be dragons!

      1. The website won’t allow me to upvote comments. It recognizes me for the purposes of posting comments, then pretends that it doesn’t recognize me for the purposes of upvoting comments. So please consider this an upvote.
        Anyway, I’m pretty sure the scheduling of hearings as concerns how long each member is given to question a witness is calculated to account for how long the average alcoholic can go without a drink.

  18. Republicans are banning books, banning drag and criminalizing being a woman of childbearing age but yea let’s talk about the made up story created by the party that threatened violence when it loses. Sorry Professor you’ve lost your legitimacy.

    1. Then go.

      At long last, leave.

      Your posts are full of comments “…lost your legitimacy…”

      But here you are.

    2. 1) Books are being removed from public schools, not from bookstores
      2) Minors are being restricted from drag shows. I am currently restricted from bringing my child to a ‘strip club’, however, why would I want to?
      3) Abortion, on this issue, you are correct, in some states
      4) Censorship of social media is a fact. This is evidenced by (Democrat) lawmakers complaining that the social media firms have not gone far enough

    3. Most parents approve of “banning” sexually explicit ‘how to’ picture books currently lining the shelves in school librararies.
      Parents bringing small children to watch sexualized drag shows is just bizarre.
      No one is “criminalizing being a woman of childbearing age.”

    4. Seems to me, Republicans are passing common sense laws that protect children from groomers.
      No one is criminalizing women of childbearing age.
      If the good professor has lost his legitimacy, then why, “Yesterday, Res Ipsa passed the 69,000,000 mark in views on the blog.”?
      His blog is very popular. He gets invited to speak across the nation and before Congress on more than a few occasions.
      I would say you lost your legitimacy, but you would of had to have some in the first place.

    5. I cannot help but speculate on the emotional maturity of one who labels themselves “Justice Holmes” on a legal perspective website. Then you make the bizarre statement “criminalizing being a woman”, et. You are likely someone who prefers emotional responses over logic.

    6. Justice Holmes: “criminalizing being a woman of childbearing age.”

      Chill, Justice. It’s outlawing or strictly limiting abortion in some states. Nobody is criminalizing women.

      Now, in many of these particular states, a majority of women support bans or strict limits on abortion. I’ve read most people nationwide who oppose abortion-on-demand are–wait for it–women!

      So should their opinions just be ignored? If you have enough votes for a constitutional amendment, yes, you can ignore them, but you don’t have the votes. You don’t even have enough votes for an abortion-on-demand act of Congress because the Democrats will never settle for 15 weeks (or even 20 weeks) because they want to keep abortion alive (no put intended) as a wedge issue.

      Justice Holmes: “let’s talk about the made up [sic] story created by the party that threatened violence when it loses.”

      What made-up story, Justice? And both parties have been guilty of political violence. The GOP is NOT worse about that.

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