I wanted to send my best wishes to everyone celebrating the holiday today.  Despite my kids being older, the bunny still came to the Turley house and left baskets overflowing with chocolates and candies, including a doggie basket for Luna.

We are “double dippers” who celebrate Passover and Easter. From our Jewish side, my wife made her Matzo ball soup and brisket. I grew up in a heavily Jewish neighborhood in Chicago and developed an addiction to the soup that is insatiable. Leslie makes everything from scratch and makes the best Matzo ball soup that I have ever had.

From the Catholic side, we will have my family’s traditional  lamb, cream spinach, and other dishes. We have an Easter Egg cake and other desserts to go with the horn-o-plenty left by the bunny.

Best wishes to everyone today and Happy Easter!

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  1. I hope everyone remember the rebirth Christian believers feel during this day. The day that Christ message was based in the historic writings of the early Jewish faith. Christ birth to his teachings, his resurrection and finally the accession to the right hand of God all in fulfillment of the scriptures. This is the whole of Christina belief. And for we today must internalize this day of our own rebirth and know the promise of everlasting life is for all of us and death of our body is just a necessary step or a doorway to our new life free of all suffering. God bless you all.

    1. And that’s the point it isn’t just a holiday…..it is ” the day” ….for the entire Christian s! The whole shebang. This is our day! Non your other family traditions matter! Unless you intend to coop p our day! Which is evil to do. If you don’t believe in Christ please don’t coop our day! You have all your own “religious ” holidays on your own…..why do you get out Easter too? Except to secularize easter. No – this is our Christian day. Not yours. But hey next cycle I’ll be doing time off for your sacred times….no doubt you all will call it offensive…. I’m going to do an early Easter egg hunt….on all your days…..no doubt you’ll report it as a hate crime! Oh well we are where we are. The factors want to take over easter? I’m take over their day….oddly they have one but won’t leave Christians alone on their day! They ask for nothing less than war really! So to themself nothing to any one else! The new religion! I won’t follow it! I won’t bow to the .5%…point five percent. I just won’t – they are bannanas! And the highway ain’t cutting it! You can do all your 007 shit all day long….and even if you own the radio stations….you still lose! Because the holy ghost has you all by the balls! Like why his 99.7 and 100.007 didn’t work! For everyone of them there are ten thousand americans! Who are not sardines and who are not wrong!

  2. Traditions are very important.
    Among families.
    In countries as well.
    And it seems more and more that we are losing our traditions.
    It was heartening to read that you get them from both the Catholic side and the Jewish side —

  3. Happy Easter and Passover to the Turley clan and all who celebrate at this time! Hallelujah!

  4. 🌼 Easter 🌼
    New Beginnings, What will Tomorrow bring?

    Under Trump you could believe that the next Day was looking up. The power of positive thinking.
    Under Biden, you don’t even like to lift your head, you feel like hiding. Because tomorrow might be worse than today.

    Pray for change, in a new and bright way. 🐇

  5. If there were no Easter, everything else would be a lie. Easter is key in understanding the creation of the Western civilization. Christendom replaced the Fall of the Roman Empire, and influenced Canon Law, Common Law, and the Founding Fathers of the United States, Bill of Rights and US Constitution.

    If one wishes to understand our current situation in the Western Hemisphere, particularly that of the United States, St Augustine’s monumental work, City of God, provides the answer.

    Easter Blessings to one and all.

    Here is a book that was written over fifteen hundred years ago by a mystic in North Africa. Yet to those who have ears to hear, it has a great deal to say to many of us who are not mystics, today, in America. The City of God is a monumental theology of history. It grew out of St. Augustine’s meditations on the fall of the Roman Empire. But his analysis is timeless and universal……In plain words — if you can accept them as plain — Christianity is the life and death and resurrection of Christ going on day after day in the souls of individual men and in the heart of society.
    – Thomas Merton, in the introduction to St Augustine’s City of God


  6. This Easter Please Remember The Jan 6ers and Their Families Who Have Been Severely Abused by Federal Judges in Washington DC

    Joe Hoft Apr. 9, 2023 9:15 am




    This Easter Please Remember Jan 6er Jake Lang Who Celebrated His Third Birthday in Jail without Trial


    The Gateway Pundit has many more stories detailing those Peacefully “Stop The Steal” Protest of J6 2021 in which they continue to be tortured as Political Prisoners by the DC Gulag & the Commie/Fascist of the US Court syetem.

    Where the hell is Kevin McCarty & CJ John Roberts? Nowhere!

    1. Oky1, I cannot agree with you more. As a 50+year member of the DC Bar, I mourn the total absence of judges with character, intelligence and guts. What happened to the right of speedy trial? What happened to cruel and unusual punishment? 3 years in solitary for trespassing? What happened to habeas corpus?
      I can only imagine what a REAL judge like Harold Greene would have done today.

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