Four Students Suspended After a Quran is Slightly Damaged by Accident


A West Yorkshire school in England is at the center of a controversy after four students were suspended for mishandling a Quran, which belonged to one of the students. The book was “slightly damaged” with “no malicious intent.” However, the school contacted the police, the Islamic Center, and others to address the matter. Reportedly based on an unintentional act, the punishment raises free speech concerns.

The incident at Wakefield’s Kettlethorpe High School reportedly involved an accidental damaging of the Quran.

Independent councillor for Wakefield East, Akef Akbar, called a meeting to discuss the incident as the school moved to suspend the four students involved. The Quran reportedly has a tiny tear and a smudge of dirt on some pages.

While Akbar reportedly claimed it was kicked around the school premises, the school denied that rumor.

Head teacher Mr Griffiths issued a statement:

“We would like to reassure all our community that the holy book remains fully intact and that our initial enquiries indicate there was no malicious intent by those involved. However, we have made it very clear that their actions did not treat the Quran with the respect it should have, so those involved have been suspended and we will be working with them to ensure they understand why their actions were unacceptable.

This morning, we met with our local Muslim community leaders, local councillors and police to share all the information we currently know, the action taken and the immediate steps we have taken to reinforce the values and behaviour we expect from every member of this school community to ensure that all religions are respected.”

I entirely agreed with the school that an intervention was warranted. Students should be told that the handling of religious texts must be done with respect on school grounds given the importance of Bibles, Qurans, Torahs, and other works to members of the community. Part of learning about citizenship is to learn about civility and respect.

However, I am concerned about the suspension as opposed to a discussion with the students and their parents. These students are allowed to bring religious books to school and an accidental or non-malicious act should not trigger such sanctions. While students should be asked to show greater concern for the religious beliefs of others on school grounds, this action enforces a higher degree of care often demanded from the religion.

Students should have a protected right to bring a religious book to school regardless of whether they believe in its teachings. Moreover, a non-intentional act of dropping or damaging such a book should be a matter for a warning or admonition, not a suspension. The action suggests that any student who drops a Quran would face a suspension of their education.

It seems unlikely that the mere dropping of a Bible would produce a similar response. However, even so, it would also raise concern over the enforcement of religious mores in a public school. While some may be offended by the lack of care for the book, this is reportedly the property of one of the suspended students.

While these students would have a viable constitutional claim in the United States, they likely have no such claim in the United Kingdom where free speech is in a virtual free fall. A man was convicted for sending a tweet while drunk referring to dead soldiers. Another was arrested for an anti-police teeshirt. Another was arrested for calling the Irish boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend a “leprechaun.” Yet another was arrested for singing “Kung Fu Fighting.” A teenager was arrested for protesting outside of a Scientology center with a sign calling the religion a “cult.” Recently we discussed the arrest of a woman who was praying to herself near an abortion clinic. English courts have seen criminalized “toxic ideologies” as part of this crackdown on free speech.

A couple was previously prosecuted for burning a Quran and posting the videotape in Great Britain. That would be a protected act in the United States.

This incident appears accidental involving a Quran that is the property of a student, not the school. Even in Great Britain, there should be some limitation on the level of sanctions in such a case. Otherwise, the school risks crossing the line from enforcing civility to enforcing religiosity.

117 thoughts on “Four Students Suspended After a Quran is Slightly Damaged by Accident”

  1. A typical Turley story where he assures you what happened while omitting facts that would let anyone see it in a different light. How many times did he tell us it was an accident with no context? Was he present? Usually he at least provides a link to a story but not this time. I looked it up for myself and read a few versions. Does Turley mention anywhere that the book was brought to school by one of the boys after losing a bet while playing Call of Duty? What was their intent with the Quran once it got there? What actually happened to cause the damage? Turley says it was accidentally dropped which I couldn’t find anywhere in the articles. The stories do relate the constant fear of Islamaphobia in England where the story took place. Based on the comments here, Islamaphobia seems to have traveled well.

      1. Young, I can do all of those things but there may be consequenses, just as there would be consequences if I did the same thing to the bible or an American flag. My point is Turley told us several times it was an accident with no documentation whatsoever. He does this type of thing all the time but is particularly egregious in this case. He’s counting on a predisposition to dislike Muslims to make his story work without anyone wondering what really happened.

        1. Enigma,

          There are no consequences if you do it to the Bible or the American flag.

          That is well settled law.

          It makes no difference if the Koran was dropped accidentally, thrown, or defaced. It is not a police matter in a civil, free society.

          It is a problem in a theocratic, totalitarian state, however, and that’s a point.

        2. “there may be consequenses, just as there would be consequences if I did the same thing to the bible or an American flag. “

          Enigma, there are consequences no matter what a person does, so your argument is meaningless.

          Are the legal consequences applied by the government or the school the same if one drops a Koran or a Bible? In this case, no. You will have to run away from the question because, as usual, you are stuck in a corner. You have no reasonable answer to defend your position.

        3. enigmainblackcom, were there consequences when Uthman burned all of the writings and copies of the quran before he published his version?

            1. Enigma,

              No, his assassination didn’t have to do with the Koran. More a matter of greed, power, nepotism and tribal favoritism.

              But if it did, do you approve of that and do you want to live in a society like that?

              Are you an Islamophil who forgives and tries to justify every atrocity?

              I don’t quite get the attraction of Islam for black people. Much of the slave trade, including the capture of slaves, was conducted by Muslims and even today black slaves are sold in Muslim Africa, but you never complain about that. Ayan Hirsi Ali lived in Saudi Arabia when she was young and if I remember correctly she didn’t feel particularly welcome there because she was black. I would have to read her book ‘Infidel’ again to be sure, but that is my recollection. She definitely felt more welcome in Europe until she was driven out by Muslims set to kill her as they had her friend and collaborator, Van Gogh.

              1. I don’t personally have an attraction for Islam but I get it. When the Nation of Islam gained in popularity it stood up for Black Americans. I remember the scenes when dozens of men in Black suits and ties kept the police from killing Black people at will. It was an alternative to Christianity, especially when you consider the role Christians had then is supporting slavery, the Black Codes and Jim Crow. Look at the White Evangelicals now, do they mean Black people any good?

                My comments weren’t intended to support Islam, but to ppoint oiut that Turley is telling a version of a story supported by nothing. I also pointed to the comments proving how prejudiced many of the people here are.

                1. Enigma: “I also pointed to the comments proving how prejudiced many of the people here are..”


                  Yes, yours always are prejudicial.

                  As for Christianity supporting slavery at one time, of course it did. All religions did and Islam still does. Slavery has been an element of human existence since before the dawn of civilization in Uruk.

                  Where white Christians since the Enlightenment have differed from 8,000 years of human practice is that they, pretty much alone, decided that it was wrong and should be ended. We didn’t create it. We inherited it. And we ended it. But your bias is coated so thickly I doubt you could ever show a flicker of gratitude.

                  Had your ancestors remained in Africa your life would likely be nasty, brutish and short and you might even be on the auction block in Libya.

                  Keith Richburg says in his book “Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa” that he originally had a chip on his shoulder like yours but after reporting from Africa he changed his mind and near the end of his book he said, basically, yeah, slavery and all that was bad but thank goodness his ancestors were brought to America or he would be in Africa.

                  Meanwhile, if you want to do something for black people [besides empty blabber] try to find a way to stop young black men from murdering each other in the inner cities that they have turned into filthy, trash-ridden hell holes. Black men are only about 7% of the total population but are responsible for more than 54% of ALL murders in this country. It’s a disgrace. The death toll is greater than in some actual combat zones but then, these days, where large numbers of black people live is a combat zone. Stop it.

                  It isn’t an accident that after making a fortune attacking white people, blacks like Rev Wright, Jackson, Farrakahn, etc move into predominantly white neighborhoods.

                  Read Richburg’s book and Ayan Hirsi Ali’s wonderful book. You might even find out how better off you are in this country.

                2. Enigma,

                  Here’s another thought.

                  Imagine a population of 5,000 male slaves in the Old South.

                  And then think of 5,000 black men in Chicago.

                  Which group would have a safer existence? Which group would have the higher murder rate, both as victim and murderer? Which group would be more involved in addictive substances, including alcohol? Which group would likely have the longer life expectancy, allowing for differences in the advances of medicine?

                  There are many other comparisons like that and they largely suggest that their lives were safer and longer as slaves than they are now roaming the streets at night like rabid animals killing each other.

                  I have already said slavery is wrong, but how black people live in places like Chicago, Baltimore, etc hardly seems an improvement.

                  1. You obviously have no clue what slavery was truly like in America. Black women were raped and endured forced pairings in order to produce the number of domestic-bred slaves at a higher profit once Jeffferson got rid of most of the competition from Africa. You should read his letter to George Washington telling him of the great return on investing in slaves and how a woman was worth far more than the best laborer. Black men were beaten into conformity, raped as well,Families were sold apart, any slave could be killed at will. Laws were changed . . . I’m going to stop here, not because I couldn’t go on but because it would be a complete waste of my time telling you a history you’ve been indoctrinated to disbelieve. Enjoy your day.

                    1. Enigma,

                      Tell me what slavery was like in Africa.

                      And tell me what slavery was like in America when free blacks owned black slaves–and there were many of them.

                      One man who earned enough money working on the side to buy his own freedom bought his wife for $700. After a bit he was dissatisfied and sold her for $750, making a $50 profit.

                      It was not unusual for slaves leading a safe and relatively comfortable life on a plantation to look down their noses on poor whites who owned no slaves and little or no land, referring to them as poor white trash because they lived hungry and precarious lives. More than one contemporary noticed that slaves on a large plantation lived better than wage earners in New England factories.

                      Families separated? Not always. Many plantations refused to separate couples. But look at how the same people live today, about 78% of black mothers are unwed and it is not unusual for them to have children from several men. Is that an improvement?

                      In any event, I wasn’t saying that slavery was good. Thanks to my people it was ended after more than 8,000 years. What I was saying was that as bad as slavery was, by numbers alone life for the same ethnic group is more dangerous and deadly now than it was then.

                      It used to be the case in some parts of the South that it was illegal to teach a slave to read, although I have read of instances where that was ignored without penalty. Yet now, despite spending millions on education black students still come out of schools functionally illiterate. Washington, DC spends more per pupil on education than any other place in America save one special school in Massachusetts and yet it ‘graduates’ illiterates at the bottom of the scale. Same in places like Baltimore. So what’s different from the old days?

                      If you really want to do something about slavery go to Libya and convince them to stop selling black people as slaves. That’s happening now. If you are serious about the issue the opportunity to end it exists now and there. But, of course you won’t.

                      Enigma, you are working on perfecting the art of whining and posing as a ‘victim’. You aren’t a victim. It may surprise and displease you, but you have never been a slave. And you are articulate enough to have benefited from education. Suck it up and stop whining and begin thanking God for having been born in America.

                    2. Enigma: “Who are “your people” by the way?”

                      I already said, Enlightenment people of European descent who concluded slavery was wrong and set out to bring it to an end. Something nobody in Africa thought to do. They wanted to keep selling their own people to us and opposed ending the slave trade.

                    3. “my people”


                      By the way, I got that usage from Eric Holder who referred to ‘my people’ while testifying as Attorney General in Congress. I was shocked since I assumed that as chief law enforcement officer in the country his people would be every American. But it wasn’t so. He was referring to the turbulent 14% whom he seemed to believe he was representing to the exclusion of the rest of us.

                      It is tragic that just as most of the country had embraced King’s desire for a society where we would not be judged by the color of our skin, your lot began demanding more of that discrimination in every arena.

                      Unfortunately for the country and all of us I think you may be getting that wish but not with the outcome you desired. Scott Adams’ recent declaration can give you an idea how that is working out. Even the liberals are giving up and that is a bad sign.

                    4. Enigma: “Eric Holder’s intent is fairly clear, who you mean is not. Who are your people.”


                      You aren’t usually this dense. I mean white people [and a very few black people] who shared the ideas of the Enlightenment and concluded that slavery was wrong and should be ended.

                      Your people in Africa never reached that elevated moral level and wanted to keep selling their fellows into slavery.

                      It was actually worse in Africa than just selling slaves. It was, I think, Richard Burton [great explorer, not the actor] who saw a captive from another tribe bound to a stake in a village he visited. A man came up and cut a steak off him for dinner. No refrigeration so keeping your dinners alive kept the meat longer. Idi Amin, it was reported, had human meat in his refrigerator so that was some advance: at least the guy was dead.

                      I wouldn’t expect any moral growth on anything, much less slavery, from savages like that and we haven’t had any. Even the technical improvements brought in by British colonists are rotting away and life is sinking back to, say, below the level of Detroit on it’s way down.

                      The Chinese might fix things up–for their benefit, not yours–but they don’t particularly like black people so I don’t know how that will turn out.

                    5. You’re going to have to define people, because a whole lot of people are considered white now that weren’t then. Whice wasn’t even a thing until after Bacon’s Rebellion. So who do you mean?

                    6. Enigma: “who do you mean?”


                      Don’t you understand ‘European descent’?

                      That is the principal ethnic group but I also said those who absorbed the Enlightenment so it includes a few others. It’s the ideas that count rather than the genes but those ideas were almost entirely the product of European people and culture.

                      Let’s turn it around and make it easy for you: black people didn’t do jack..t to oppose or end slavery.

                      The leaders of the revolt in Haiti took power and enslaved the black people under their control. Typical.

                    7. Those “enlightened people” including the United States crucified Haiti after the revolution and never stopped. Out of curiousity, what year did your enlightened Europeans end slavery?

                      Your version of history is so off we don’t have a common basis for discussion. You are dismissed.

                    8. Enigma,

                      On your slavery rant I have some thoughts.

                      I am certain that where I grew up the men who went to work each day had a very much higher risk of death, burning, crushing and poisoning than a similarly sized group of cotton pickers. Balls of cotton aren’t very vicious. They won’t burn you. They won’t poison you. They won’t crush you. They won’t kill you. You certainly never worked under those conditions and you likely never had an easy, clean and safe job picking cotton. Stop whining. It’s undignified.

                    9. I knew none of your thoughts would include when your enlightened people ended slavery. Your ignorance is showing in that yo apparently don’t realize that slaves did more than pick cotton, they were leased out to the railroads and used explosives to blast tunnels in Appalacia, they fought in the Navy during the War of 1812 they fought in every American war, and no the cotton balls themselves never killed anyone, the people who owned the fields had no problem with it.

                      Are you going to answer the one question I ask of you? when did your enlightened people end slavery?

                    10. Ending slavery was a lengthy process because billions of dollars and entire economic systems were tied up with it. It had deeper roots in history than the invention of money or writing. It was like trying to end pollution in the modern world or teaching black youths to stop killing each other.

                      However the vector for ending it here was set before the Constitution was adopted. The idea that it was wrong was growing year by year. France moved to end it and Wilberforce in England was behind efforts to end the slave trade and slavery itself. In the US the 13th Amendment in 1865 made slavery illegal here, less than 100 years after the Constitution was adopted and after a Civil War that cost the lives of about 600,000 white people. As I said before, mostly people of European descent and culture brought an 8,000 year tradition of slavery to an end. By contrast, your people did jack.. to end it. I think a little gratitude from you is in order.

                    11. ” I think a little gratitude from you is in order.”

                      There is no gratitude when one is addicted to entitlements,

                    12. Enigma: “If 1865 is your answer, what then were the Black Codes and didn’t they duplicate slavery?”

                      Stupid remark not worthy of you. Of course they didn’t ‘duplicate’ slavery.

                      S. Meyer is right, your people are addicted to entitlements. That’s why so many of you won’t let go of this issue.

                      In Keith Richburg’s great book he recounts a conversation with his very wise father in Detroit. He, Keith, wondered why so many Asians were opening businesses and ‘taking’ opportunities from black people. His father, whom I would like to have known, said the problem wasn’t Asians; the problem was black people who wouldn’t do anything for themselves.

                      I think the biggest problem black folks have is black folks and the culture of dependence and lawlessness and hostility to other people, White, Asian and Hispanic. Now your people are demanding separate dorms in college, separate classes, separate graduations, separate and preferred programs, separate existence and more of the rest of us are thinking, “Go for it. Stay away.” That’s where your constant demands coupled with prattling by limousine liberals has gotten us and it’s too bad. For a little while it looked as if King’s dream of a society in which race was not a factor was possible, but that door is closing. Meanwhile the daily slaughter of your people in Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans, etc, by other blacks continues without check and almost without comment as if rivers of blood in the streets were of no interest…and it isn’t to you because you can’t milk those murders for more money and benefits or an excuse to loot and destroy.

                    13. Yes, the Black Codes did their best to replicate slavery, often sending people back to the same plantations they were allegedly freed from. You can admit you don’t really know anything about them. When they were outlawed, we got Jim Crow which did it’s best to keep some of the same things in place. When Jim Crow was outlawed in the 1960s, we got new forms of voter suppression which is in full effect in 2023. You’re “enlightened” people are most interested in keeping power and definitely not sharing it. All the examples you provide are you justifying your predjudice against an entire people, and you want me to be thankful. I’m thankful I can pick and choose when to ignore you.

                    14. This type of thing, a lone white woman being attacked by a mob of blacks, is why we are seeing more of the Scott Adams effect.


                      There are scores of videos showing similar rabid lawlessness. In SF it seems attacking older Asian women is a favorite stunt. It is disgusting and repulsive.

                      I noticed that some media are hiding pictures and names so we won’t get ‘the wrong idea’. SF police department no longer releases mug shots because so many of the criminals are black.

                      Too late. Don’t need names. Don’t need pictures. The nature of the crime tells us who likely is behind it.

                    15. Enigma– “slaves did more than pick cotton, they were leased out to the railroads and used explosives to blast tunnels in Appalacia,”

                      So what? They were slaves. They worked alongside Irish under the same conditions and they were a tiny proportion of the total slave population.

                      When the work was done the Irish were on there own. The slaves returned to their plantations where they had food, shelter and safe and light work compared to what the Irish faced next.

                      As for working in a tunnel you, yourself, have never done it. Quit sulking and whining.

                  2. “By the way, I got that usage from Eric Holder”

                    You sound very confused. You condemn Holder, yet you model your own usage after his. Personally, when I condemn someone else’s usage, I don’t adopt it for myself.

                    1. That’s because you are a troll.

                      You can’t distinguish between my speaking for myself and Holder’s speaking as a sworn officer for the entire country and excluding 86% of the people because they happen not to be his race.

                      Were I in his place I would have been duty bound to make no racial distinctions and I would have kept to that duty and to my oath of office. That is why his comment in that situation shocked me. I couldn’t have cared less if he had said the same as a community organizer.

                    2. You clearly aren’t qualified for his position.

                      Apparently you believe that while under oath, Holder can only speak about the American people and not about Black Americans, even in response to a Congressman who was talking about Black Americans. Strange.

                    3. This why you have the ATS moniker.

                      If he had responded to a question about black Americans by referring to them as Black Americans it would not have been an issue. Same with White Americans so long as he remains in his role speaking for all Americans. It was when he chose to refer to them as ‘my people’ that he raised his banner on a hill separate from the rest of us. That he meant just that was shown by his subsequent divisive acts. He’s not one of us, dear.

                    4. ATS: “He’s not one of *you*, “dear,” but he’s absolutely one of us.”

                      Of course! I’ve always hinted that your cubicle was just a fee yards from his office.

    1. “Islamophobia” defines itself as an irrational (phobia) fear of Islam. Given the hate, intolerance, will to dominate and the oppression of women that Islam teaches, and its violent history of conquests & subjugation of peoples per Qur’an’s sura 9, esp 9:29, it is clearly rational to fear Islam, and irrational/ignorant to not fear it.

      Demanding that non-Muslims respect the Qur’an and treat their own copy as something sacred is just absurd.

      1. You can’t stay on topic can you. Just skip from one negative thing to another without sticking around for context. What year did your “enlightened” people end slavery?

  2. Islam is a totalitarian political system and should be outlawed completely. Islam is not compatible with a free society. All mosques and madrassas must be torn down. All non-citizen muslims deported immediately.

    1. Unlike a comment that goes against the narrative of The Swamp on Twatter, I don’t think that I will be banned from here by saying that the best way to get rid of Islam in America, other than enforcing the ban on it from 1951, is to douse every Mosque with a soup of dog and pig blood, some pig feces and a goodly portion of a cheap wine or beer! And don’t spare the homes either! Once the ground has been tainted, they have to move to a new location, where you do it all over again!! End of problem!!

  3. One of the main reasons our family packed up and said goodbye to England. The massive flood unfriendly immigrants.

    1. The problem with Islam: according to the Koran;

      A All creatures sin and are therefore imperfect.
      B Jesus is sinless and therefore morally perfect.
      C Therefore, Jesus cannot be a creature but must be eternal.
      D However, Jesus can only be eternal if he is God since there is no other being besides God that is eternal

      Such a screwed up religion

  4. Sounds like shariah law is starting to take a firm foothold on your country, England. Get them out while you still can. It’s not hateful to protect your own citizens from foreign invaders.

  5. The Bible is the only book that is Holy because it is Gods Holy Word. All the rest will burn sooner or later. So will the people, the nations and the governments that reject the Bible.

    1. You have your theology wrong. Christians do not claim that the Bible is the word or work of God. We know about the Council of Nicea. The bible is compiled and made by man.
      On the other hand, Muslims do make that divine claim for their Koran written in Arabic. (A Koran written in English is just a book for the Kafir).
      Sadly for Muslims, there are at least 32 different versions of the Koran depending on where you get your copy. The differences are often significant. Not a one has any claim to being “the original” as the Koran appears to be a revised and non-standardized work taking shape from between the 7th to 10th centuries much as Islam itself took shape. Notice that coins minted during the first several Islamic Caliphs appear to contain both Christian and Zoroastrian symbolism, a different shahada than currently proclaimed, suggesting that Islam as we know it today was not even a thing until several generations after the death of Mohammad (a likely composite character that never actually existed unlike Jesus of Nazareth).
      There was not even a Mecca in the time of Mohammad. Petra was the direction all qiblas of mosques pointed.
      Humans do human things.
      Islam makes all sorts of self negating claims of course.

      1. The Bible (also called the scriptures) is the word of God, and you have never heard about its value. That, “all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. 2 Tim 3:16-17. For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12 NIV

      2. All true. Surprisingly turned out that while one thought Muslims would be most worried about all scientific errors in the Koran, what really worries them are all these Koran variations because they were brought up to believe not one word has ever been altered in the Allah preserved Koran. In Koran 27:18, Allah says, “None can change his (Allah’s) words.” Koran 15:9 reads, “Verily, we (Allah), it is who have sent down the Koran, and surely, we will guard it from corruption.”

        Both Yasir Qadhi & Mohammed Hijab have admitted that many versions/Qira’ats exist – there are holes in the Standard Islamic Narrative (SIN). That contradicts Islamic teachings on its uniqueness & preservation.

        That Mecca is a fraud city has been well established by various scholars since Patrica Crone’s work in the 80s ( for which she had to flee Oxford under Muslim death threats).

        1. The Koran has conflicting statements. Later statements supersede the earlier ones, which are less violent. It is difficult to distinguish later from earlier because the Koran is not written in chronological order.

          The imposition of Sharia Law over people is both political and religious. Such imposition threatens societies that do not wish to live under Sharia law which creates second-class citizenship, or a Dhimmi status class.

          1. Meyer, Indeed. Islam has a Doctrine of Abrogation that cancels & replaces the chronologically earlier peaceful Mecca verses with the later written wαrlike Medina verses. It’s based on the intelligence insulting Q 2:106 in which Allah essentially says that he couldn’t get a lot of his verses right the first time, so if two are inconsistent then take the last (in time) to believe. Muslims are expected to believe that God needed to correct himself. Meanwhile this Allah unhelpfully lays out his Qur’an in order of sura length, which must have only confused Muslims until the chronology was worked out centuries later.
            This 2:106 was obviously devised to try to get around all the inconsistencies with many verses.

            Yes, Sharia (Islamic law) is horrible, especially oppressive to women, even permits no punishment for honor killing, or for a Muslim killing a non-Muslim. The official (Sunni) Sharia Manual “Umdat al- Salik ” (Reliance of the Traveller) certified in 1991 by the highest authority in Sunni Islam, Cairo’s AI-Azhar University, can be downloaded for FREE

            The Dhimmi status is for those Christians & Jews allowed to live after Muslim conquest. They have three choices: convert, be killed, or live & practice their faith under severe restrictions, such as no new churches or repairs, no crosses, etc. provided they pay the protection tax (Jizyah) and feel subdued, all based on Q 9:29 and enforced by conquering armies on most of Christendom up to their defeat at the Battle of Vienna 1683. Were it not for that defeat by Christian forces all Europe might have eventually fallen under Sharia, and hence ultimately perhaps America. Watch Mikhaila Peterson Reacts to imam Assim Alhakeem explaining Q9:29 –
            Bat Ye’or has written extensively on the history of Dhimmitude, see also the book “The Third Choice” by Mark Durie.

  6. One message that is unintentially conveyed is that possession of a Koran makes you liable to sanctions against you so you are safer not to possess such in the first place.

    1. The UK won’t be free again until people can burn a Koran publicly without being arrested, attacked, or killed.

      In other words, until they can do the same with a Koran that they can do with a Bible.

      1. Criticizing jews, muslims and non-white people in the U.K. will get you jailed or killed. Criticizing and attacking white people is perfectly fine. White traitors and jews did this. Better wake up fast, because hell on earth is on the way. And oh yes, Germany tried to prevent this, and bought you U.K. losers some time, but it is now time to pay your tab. Enjoy!

      2. As one British guy I once worked with would say:
        But…..”we have free Healthcare, makes me feel safe. ”
        He remains an idiot.

    2. One would have to be a disgusting coward to take & heed that message. IMO Everyone should own copies of and read the horrifying Qur’an, at least the non-abrogated Medinan suras like 2, 4, 5, 8, & esp 9. My recommendations “The Critical Qur’an: Explained from Key Islamic Commentaries and Contemporary Historical Research” by Robert Spencer, and the Abrogated Koran Translated into English by Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall (1875 – 1936)
      Arranged in reverse chronological order With commentary and annotations, which pdf can be downloaded for free.

  7. A Christian was arrested for silently praying near an abortion clinic in the UK.

    What would happen if a Muslim prayed in front of the same clinic?

    For that matter, what would happen if a Muslim baker in the US refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding?

    A crucifix suspended in urine was praised artwork.

    What would happen if an image of Mohammad were suspended in a glass of urine in the same location?

    Apparently cutting off heads and blowing up buildings really does inspire respect and devotion with Leftists. But they have always been rascals.

  8. As a matter of affirmative action policy, are we, the public, required by statute or political protocol to assimilate and agree with your perspicacious “view?”

    I am gulag-averse and, therefore, have a compelling need to know the orders of the local party political officer.


    “In my view, the actions of the [communist government] will not bring people closer together but only serve to encourage self-segregation as a matter of protecting oneself from such outsized punishment and [inequitable, unconstitutional, affirmative action policies].

    – pirategirrrl

  9. Wonder what the authorities would do if a copy of the Bible was burned? Food for thought.

  10. Biden’s colosal failure in global foreign policy sending chills to foreign leaders, they can’t trust the marionette with the mafia family

  11. As an atheist if you want to burn a copy of The God Delusion or God is Not Great, it’s your property. We care about ideas, no book is sacred.

  12. “I entirely agreed with the school that an intervention was warranted. Students should be told that the handling of religious texts must be done with respect on school grounds given the importance of Bibles, Qurans, Torahs, and other works to members of the community. Part of learning about citizenship is to learn about civility and respect.”

    Oh good grief. What if someone doesn’t want to treat the Koran with respect. After all, it, among other things, celebrates the rape of women of the conquered. Certainly, I am agnostic as to what people believe—I cannot think of a more pointless thing than to argue matters of faith–and I tend to follow the Elizabethan standard regarding religion. It’s a rough and tumble world out there, and yapping at kids for dropping a Koran is about as ridiculous a thing as I can imagine. My response to the administrator would be along the lines of, “Hmm, have you ever dropped anything?” “And so you’re punishing me for dropping a book . . . . Pusillanimous doesn’t begin to describe you.” “There, now you have a reason to punish me, and I have a reason to hold you in absolute contempt.”

    1. Indeed, the Qur’an that Muslims demand we non-Muslims respect does sanction the taking of captive girls during jihad as sex slaves in Qur’an 4:24, 23:6, 33:50 – called “Right hand possessions”. But it further spews disdain & even hatred toward all non-Muslims in Q 98:6, 69:4 and many other verses. Conquering Muslim armies have followed Q 9:29 for 1000 years which gives conquered & subjugated “People of the book” the right to live & practice their religion under severe restrictions provided they pay the protection tax (the Jizyah) and “feel themselves subdued” – else killed. Can read about it in Mark Durie’s book “The Third Choice.”

      Demanding that non-Muslims respect the Qur’an is just absurd

  13. The actions of the school — calling wider attention to what was otherwise found to be an unfortunate accident — far outstrip any careless behavior on the part of the students. Educators today seem hellbent on scoring points on the political Left, abandoning reasonable perspective. In my view, the actions of the school will not bring people closer together but only serve to encourage self-segregation as a matter of protecting oneself from such outsized punishment and public attention.

  14. Some of our major laws are consistent the teachings of the Old Testament and the Torah. For example, our laws against stealing and murder are reflected in the Ten Commandments. The first ten amendments to our Constitution recognize and protect but do not create individual rights that, according to our founders, were endowed upon us by God. In the 1800s, the movement to rid America of slavery was led by preachers. In the 1900s, the movement to guarantee civil rights was led by preachers. And, in the 2000s, the movement to rid America of abortion is being led by preachers. As long as our laws are enacted in an open and democratic fashion within the confines of our Constitution, the source of inspiration for those laws should not matter. Society will tend toward freedom over time.

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