Antifa Attacks “Protect the Kids” Protesters Opposing Drag Show

A “Protect Texas Kids” protest this week was attacked by counter-protesters outside of the location of a planned drag show that would reportedly involve children. The incident was caught on videotape and shows how Antifa routinely, even cavalierly, resorts to violence to silence those with opposing views. Any doubt as to their association from their signature black outfits and tactics was dispensed by this picture clearly showing the Antifa flag.

Despite the denial of its existence by figures like Rep. Jerry Nadler (D., N.Y.), I have long written and spoken about the threat of Antifa to free speech on our campuses and in our communities. This includes testimony before Congress on Antifa’s central role in the anti-free speech movement nationally.

The video shows a small number of members of “Protect Texas Kids” assembling across the street when Antifa arrives in their typical  black clothing, helmets and tactical vests. Some of the Antifa members were also carrying handguns and long guns.

About 12:50 p.m., a person later identified as Samuel Fowlkes, 20, approached the protesters with two other counterprotesters. After engaging them briefly, the protesters were sprayed with mace. In another signature move, Fowlkes then tries to flee after refusing to stop as other Antifa members obstruct police officers including Christopher Guillott, 33, who is seen swinging an umbrella at officers.

Meghan Grant, 37, is also shown charging past officers to join Fowlkes and Guillot before screaming at the law enforcement officials.

It is an all-too-familiar scene for those of us who have followed Antifa for years on our campuses or in political riots.

As I have written, it has long been the “Keyser Söze” of the anti-free speech movement, a loosely aligned group that employs measures to avoid easy detection or association.  Yet, FBI Director Chris Wray has repeatedly pushed back on the denials of Antifa’s work or violence. In one hearing, Wray stated “And we have quite a number — and “Antifa is a real thing. It’s not a fiction.”

Some Democrats have played a dangerous game in supporting or excusing the work of Antifa. Former Democratic National Committee deputy chair Keith Ellison, now the Minnesota attorney general, once said Antifa would “strike fear in the heart” of Trump. This was after Antifa had been involved in numerous acts of violence and its website was banned in Germany. His own son, Minneapolis City Council member Jeremiah Ellison, declared his allegiance to Antifa in the heat of the protests this summer. During a prior hearing, Democratic senators refused to clearly denounce Antifa and falsely suggested that the far right was the primary cause of recent violence. Likewise, Joe Biden has dismissed objections to Antifa as just “an idea.”

It is at its base a movement at war with free speech, defining the right itself as a tool of oppression. That purpose is evident in what is called the “bible” of the Antifa movement: Rutgers Professor Mark Bray’s Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.

Bray emphasizes the struggle of the movement against free speech: “At the heart of the anti-fascist outlook is a rejection of the classical liberal phrase that says, ‘I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’”

Bray admits that “most Americans in Antifa have been anarchists or antiauthoritarian communists…  From that standpoint, ‘free speech’ as such is merely a bourgeois fantasy unworthy of consideration.” It is an illusion designed to promote what Antifa is resisting “white supremacy, hetero-patriarchy, ultra-nationalism, authoritarianism, and genocide.” Thus, all of these opposing figures are deemed fascistic and thus unworthy of being heard.

Bray quotes one Antifa member as summing up their approach to free speech as a “nonargument . . . you have the right to speak but you also have the right to be shut up.”

Watch this video. This is Antifa.



224 thoughts on “Antifa Attacks “Protect the Kids” Protesters Opposing Drag Show”

  1. Common sense would dictate, when people in public present in full, riot tactical gear, brandishing umbrellas, carrying mace and guns, they are not wanting to engage in civil discourse.
    An approach by these thugs should be rightfully considered a violent event and dealt with immediately with overwhelming force that results in their unmasking, removal of all military garb and doxing.
    Why should law-abiding citizens put up with this nonsense any longer?

  2. “Sure we’ll have Fascism here, but it will come as an anti-Fascism movement.” ~ Huey Long

  3. The government can stop ANTIFA’s violent, unlawful assaults on innocents, or the citizens will stop them. ANTIFA and BLM as a government protected class, while “little old grandmothers” visiting the nation’s capital January 6th, 2020 are arrested, tossed in D.C. government prisons, and officially labeled “insurrectionists”, does not define a “democracy”. It defines an authoritarian socialist outlaw government, be it Fascist (a truer definition of the “private/public partnership” between left wing government entites and private businesses) or Communist (i.e. those who believe “the people” defined as the government elites, should own and control all property and assets now called “personal”), it’s one and the same result.

    Democrats and “many (RINO) Republicans” seemed to be concerned about a loss of “democracy” in America, defined by their unique lexicon, and of course “Insurrection” (a.k.a. civil war). The systematic, partisan, unequal justice which they promote, and “direct action” they sponsor via their so-called “NGO’s”, or organizations such as ANTIFA, leads to civil war. They cannot legitimately claim to be against something that they themselves promote. They only seemed to be concerned with the winners or losers, and more specifically, that only they are allowed to win.

    That dog don’t hunt. It’s ludicrous to believe that anything other than national disaster will result, because we, the victimized, the demogogued, America’s middle class and Christians, those threatened by their partisan Federal LEO’s and partisan “bill of attainder” type laws, WILL NOT SUBMIT. In whatever form it needs to take, we won’t back down.

    1. They appear as groomed LGBTQ advocates in too many cases that as in the wisdom story of Solomon would have the baby cut in half rather than admit the truth. Definitely a twisted, violent group who are tools of a Neo-Confederate movement that in their violent support of Sanger’s Planned Parenthood fulfill her racist goal of preventing Black, etc., babies. Lately they are facilitating the destruction of modern Suffragettes for Women’s rights with their support of Transgender movenent in sports, etc , and for public displays that would have previously been forbidden as lewd actions contributing to the delinquency of minors. That movement proposes mutilating children so their chances of pleasure or procreation are slim to none.
      Antifa are the stormtroopers of the Corporate Fascists, CCP, oligarchs, and globalists. Expendables pawns.

    1. Lets stop running and being civil. It does seem to work. They have no respect for people, property or the rule of law. In TX, could these individuals “feared for their lives?” One day, there will be a very bad outcome.

  4. Mr. Turley, let’s clarify something:

    It was originally written as “AntiFA” (note the capitalized F & A), which stood for “Anti- First Amendment.”

    The dubious ‘anti-fascist’ moniker is merely a misinfo tactic, to deflect from the Bolsheviks’ actual intent.

  5. So the hysterically openly embracing authoritarianism anti-democratic seditionist wing of the republican party, aka Trump supporters, are afraid of anti-fascists. Just proves, it’s who they are.

    1. So the hysterically openly embracing authoritarianism anti-democratic seditionist wing of the DEMOCRAT party, aka BIDEN supporters, are afraid of anti-fascists. Just proves, it’s who they are. There I corrected your insane statement. By virtue of attacking others violently because of their viewpoints of protecting children from monsters of Antifa are the definition of authoritarians and Fascists. That describes yourself.

    2. Any -rational- human being would look at those Antifa thugs and see them as intolerant black-shirt Nazis.

      Democrat liberals are the new NSDAP. i.e. National Socialist Democrat Activist Party

    3. And if Republicans got violent like democrats, you would be squealing like a pig. If not for double standards, democrats would have no standards at all.

    4. No, MAGA are not afraid of Antifa. But they don’t stoop to the depths of depravity and mayhem of the leftists.

    5. So, physically attacking, i.e. violently, those with whom you disagree is ‘pro-democracy’, then? Based on your asinine, sweeping generalizations above? Hmmm…..FAIL.

    6. Government Censorship is authoritarian.

      Antifa is FASCIST – but that is pretty typical of the left – confession through projection.
      Republicans are afraid of Antifa ? ROFL.

      Republicans are not afraid of Antifa – they are angry because idiots like you on the left seem to think that If a Trump supporter moves a bicycle rack or breaks a Window – that is Sedition. But When Antifa firebombs people murders people, throws rocks at people, maces people – that your OK with.

      If it comes to actual violent conflict, Antifa will not last 30seconds.
      But the Left, the MSM, Democrats and the Biden admin will once again be lying to everyone and claiming that it was evil Trump supporters.

      BTW Sedition does not mean challenging an election – Or Stacy Abrhams and Hillary Clinton would be wearing orange Jumpsuits.
      It especially does not mean challenging an election that EVERYONE now knows was Rigged.

      The Biden’s lied through their teeth, and Democrats, the CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, IRS, Knowingly covered for them AND influenced the Media and social media to lie and censor the truth.

      And we are supposed to believe that is the Only Election fraud the left perpetrated.

      Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive.

  6. As meaningless as it may sound: It’s much more meaningful to look what has not been written to find the (politically) intended narrative of a discussion. It can be enlightening to search this column’s comments for “politic, goal, tax, payer NLG, guild, observer, settl”.

    IF Professor Turley will be awarded with Tucker Carlson’s “Bronze Medal for Promoting Free Speech”, laudator Bill Barr will mention “Rea Ipsa Ioquitur” as one of his achievements. However, those who follow the monthly water level reports, will notice that Professor only references quantities (clicks, comments). In other words, it doesn’t matter what was posted, such as:

    * Thank you Professor/Jonathan/Darren for…
    * That he got fired was an employment matter, not a “free speech” matter.
    * Facts aren’t appoved, they a proven..

    Only for the sake of the argument:

    * Does it make a difference if Tucker has lost his show and his FN e-mail address but he still holds his contract?
    * Does that mean Tucker is more or less silenced until 12/24 and no serious competitor for whatever he will end up?
    * Will they negotiate exit packages – and after all is set and done: Will be there a non-disparagement clause?

    As every coin has a flip side, be warned: If go that path, you can’t play the babe in the woods anymore! .

    1. Remember Bill Barr did nothing to expose the corruption at the FBI while they worked for him and Hunter’s lap top was there and suppressed along with many other things, including the phony FISA certifications by his DOJ staff!

  7. I’ve noticed a trend in the talking points of the left. Gavin Newsom mentioned the banning of books in a speech and Joe Biden warned about Republicans banning books in his new campaign commercial. The leftist posters on this blog have echoed the same banning books warning. It’s seems strange that they will never say what books are being banned. Like Svelaz, when they are asked if they support pornography in schools they will never give us a straight answer. When you point out that these books are available for purchase on Amazon and have not been banned you never get an answer. Thinking that Svelaz, Gigi and Dennis McIntyre never mention a book that they have read why are they so concerned about a medium that they never take advantage of. Oh well, they got their marching orders from the top and they have their banners at the ready. They may someday find out that some animals are more equal than other animals. This phrase comes from a book that they are not familiar with because they have voluntarily banned it from their minds.

  8. In other news: ANTIFA just annouced its new, elite, Airborne Assault Unit.

    Antifa parrot-troopers–equity demanded these be trans or female soldiers–dropped onto a hostile landing zone to attack a group of school crossing guards who were Protecting the Kids.

    Wielding their Parrot-Handled-Umbrellas or PHUs they courageously shoved kids into traffic to avoid them being contaminated by fascist crossing guards.

    “The crossing guards were forcing these kids to walk between two white lines in the crosswalk, a symbol of the white patriarchy.” Said Antifa spokesperson Ms. Ann Thorp. “We confiscated their racist Stop flags and replaced them with our sacred cloth.” she said most vexillologically.”

    Unfortunately for recruitment and staffing purposes, the other requisite of acceptance into the Parrot Troopers proved to be an impediment, in that the typical cisgendered male from the ranks of the Allgemeine Antifa did not possess testosterone levels high enough for acceptance, leaving trans and female members to shoulder the burden.

    1. Darren, I know how to solve the crosswalk problem. Just paint the crosswalk like a rainbow and all the leftist will just fall in line. Don’t pay any attention to the glazed look on their faces or the yes master incantations.

    1. Or whoever (whom ever) is actually running the White House. He could not answer a child’s question today when the child asked him what was the last country he visited. (Hint:He was in Ireland two weeks ago.) The children answered for him. He was wearing an ear device At yesterday’s press conference and had to read from notes about what he had just said to the South Korean President a few minutes before and also had a cheat sheet to answer rigged questions. His schedule is empty most of the time. Something fishy is going on. The whole nation should be outraged!

      This is scary! Indefensible!

      1. E.M.
        Mind boggling that the DNC would run with him.
        It is going to be simply awesome to watch them try to run the campaign from the basement . . . again.

        1. Upstate Farmer,
          There is going to be a bait and switch or something nefarious that we cannot yet anticipate. They have something tricky up their sleeve.

          Yes, it is mind boggling.

  9. “What fresh hell can this be?”

    – Dorothy Parker

    Since 1860, it’s been all against Americans and freedom, and all for communism as state dictatorship, illegal aliens and perversions of nature.

    Obviously, the condition of America is “progressive.”

    Will America’s next “progressive” step promote and favor the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)?

    Seriously, with each new knock at the door, the Dorothy Parker asked, “What fresh hell can this be?”

  10. It appears Anthony Fauci is now denying he ever backed school closures so as to “protect children”. Randi Weingarten is doing the same. So it should surprise no one that those who claim that their actions do not harm children, did devastating things to our nation’s children. They should be held accountable for destroying, damaging, and causing health disparities to millions and millions of lives in America but especially children

    Fauci and the New York Times: Now he’s refusing to accept responsibility for promoting lockdowns

    Trillions of dollars and countless shattered lives later, now the country’s most forceful advocate for shuttering U.S. society is pretending he was inconsequential. To make his new case Dr. Anthony Fauci has chosen the friendly forum of the New York Times, which also isn’t eager to accept responsibility for panicked responses to Covid.

    Wall Street Journak

    1. Estovir: why don’t you save some of your vitriol and fake fury over “our children” for the one in charge, whose incompetence caused the pandemic to be prolonged and much worse than it had to be becaise he couldn’t stop lying? The recommendation for masking did NOT just come from Dr. Fauci.

      1. NUTCHACHACHA, may we end affirmative action, financial “assistance” etc., yet, or do you still need it?

        “I can never be a real person without welfare and affirmative action.”

        “I just can’t.”

        – NUTTY

      2. Oh don’t worry Biden takes as much blame too as Fauci but we can’t let Fauci off the hook.

  11. The police need to simply stay in the barracks and allow a free corps of decent citizens to deal with antifa.

    1. Chigurhs CattleGun,
      And that is where I fear this will go.
      Where one neighbor is shooting the other over what political sign they had in their front yard.
      Or, as we saw in the video, to what level will the violence go to?
      Clearly, antifa thugs have no problem going there.

      1. Clearly, antifa thugs have no problem going there.

        “Whenever one object exerts a force on another object, the second object exerts an equal and opposite on the first.”
        – Sir Isaac Newton in Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis

  12. Of course Nadler says that Antifa does not exist and Biden says they are just an idea. They don’t want it to be known that Antifa is the storm trooper brigade of the Democratic Party. You think I’m overstating it? You should recall that Kamala Harris said that the riots led by Antifa and BLM should continue to happen. You underestimate what they are willing to do at your peril. The question is did Antifa do their act in a district where a judge will let them off with a slap on the wrist like in Portland? You can rest assured that Kamala will be organizing to pay their bail like she did in Portland and Minneapolis. She gotta take care of those good Democratic solders.

  13. And now a word from our sponsors:

    “Looking for a warm, welcoming, and happy place for your young children? Look no further than your neighborhood Drag Queen Story Show. A safe learning environment is provided by black-clad, fun-loving, rioters with happy black rifles and anarchy flags who play fun games of Tag and King of the Hill with their best friends, your city police officers.

    Your kid will love the savory taste of wafts of spicy, capsicum flavored fun spray that our antifa ninjas tag their friends with. See who can win the umbrella fight between a 28 year old who still lives in his Mommy’s basement and your children, who can play too if they say the right word words.

    Fun loving, family safe: That is what Drag Show is all about.”

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